Best Fishing Shirts for Men Short Sleeve

Men 6 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Costa Del Mar T Shirt Dark Heather XL

Costa Del Mar T Shirt Dark Heather XL

Machine wash cold, inside out. Do not bleach. Don't dry clean. It was tumble dry. On low setting, iron inside out. Regular exercise. The men have a cut. The cotton is 6 ounces.

Brand: Costa Del Mar

👤Everything was perfect. He was very happy with his anniversary gift.

👤This shirt is made of good material and feels great. To be thick and to be thin. I'm over 200 lbs. The sleeves were short and the large was a little tight. I swapped it for the larger one and it fit perfectly.

👤Good camo for hunting fish.

👤The shirt is a little longer than most.

👤It feels very cheap, and they charge him $6 to return a t shirt. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤Well made shirt and really nice. I ordered a 3X and it says a 3X on the shirt, but it doesn't fit like that.

👤The sizes were spot on.

👤My son loved the shirt and will buy it again.

👤La tela es sper. La talla viene un poco ms holgada. Amamos las playeras.

2. Carhartt Workwear Short Sleeve T Shirt Heather

Carhartt Workwear Short Sleeve T Shirt Heather

Cotton is 60 percent and Polyester is 40 percent. Side-seam construction reduces twisting. There is a left-chest pocket with a Carhartt label.

Brand: Carhartt

👤I'm 6'3 and 205 lbs. This shirt is the size of 45 normal size t-shirts and is embroidered with the words "L tall" on it. I called a house meeting in the living room because it was so huge that it was compared to a normal XL. I have enough material left over to make drapes, so I could use this shirt as a cover. You would need a team of people to fold this shirt, the way they fold the american flag at center field during halftime, even if you could buy a commercial washing machine. One or two cottonpickers' entire lifetime of work would be contained in this single XL shirt if cotton was still being picked by hand. It's bigger than it is.

👤Normally I wear a large shirt. I ordered the large. It was too big. I ordered a medium. I ordered a small because the Medium was the same size as the large. The Small was the same size as the Medium and Large. All of them are the same size, but only one is marked with S.M.L.

👤The sizes are different from other manufacturers I've purchased from. My shirt was larger than what was indicated on the label. This thing is a regular fit, but it's ridiculous because it goes all the way past my knees. The shirt is so large it's gross. It looks terrible, but it would be dangerous to work in because of the loose fabric, which is just begging to get caught on anything and everything. I've loved Carhartt stuff for a long time, but something has gone seriously wrong with their design and manufacturing. I will never buy this brand again.

👤I was not disappointed with the Carhartt shirts I purchased to be embroidered. Hunter Green is pictured on top of Carbon Heather, Dark Cobalt Blue, and then the navy, all Carhartt brand and original fit. The size large men's is 24 inches under the arm and 32 inches long from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the shirt. The Carhartt is an inch wider, longer, and the arms are way wider as a result of the Guilden shirts. Excellent quality. They hold up well with heavy use and heavy washing.

👤The shirt is not 100% cotton and is not the lightest color, but it is shown on the label. You sent me Desert grey. The other two made in Haiti and Mexico were rough.

👤I weigh in at over 200 lbs. I've been buying an XXL for 35 years, and it's not no XL at all. The thing was large but had an extra large tag. The ad photo is deceiving, showing nice longer short sleeves. These were standard short, goofy sleeves that poke out at the ends. The false advertising on Amazon is getting worse. It's easy to return a product, but it's happening more and more lately where the ads are just flat out false and here again with the Carhart shirt, maybe just hoping people say, oh, screw it, and keep it.

3. Bassdash Protection Fishing Sleeve T Shirt

Bassdash Protection Fishing Sleeve T Shirt

The material is 84% Polyester, 16% Spandex. No matter what your day brings, a loose cut and four-way stretch fabric ensures total comfort and freedom of movement. Your skin is protected from the sun's harmful rays. The sweat wicking fabric helps keep you dry and comfortable while hiking or fishing. The mesh back and under sleeves keep you cool in the heat. It's great for casual wear in most places, and it's updated to suit most body shapes.

Brand: Bassdash

👤I really want to like this company. They have a pretty sweet logo, but I've returned both items I've purchased. It looks like Kriss and Ezekiel had a baby and it flunked out of belly-shirt design school, but we don't know what they were trying to do here. It's a see-through shirt. I don't know what they were going for. If you had a lower back tattoo, this would be a great way to show it off. Maybe next season they'll make a v-neck to show off. What were they thinking?

👤I fell in love with the shirt. It was very comfortable. It's perfect for the Florida heat. I took it out of the package and it had folds in it. Its normal. I put it on a hanger to dry after washing it. The fold lines were still visible in the front and back when washed and put in the dryer. It was put on a hanger. There are still lines. It's very visible too. The lines are still there after I tried a few things. You can't wear it anywhere because it looks tacky. It would be perfect without the permanent fold lines.

👤I didn't expect much when I bought this. It is a great shirt. It fits nicely. It is a nice shirt and is big around the neck.

👤The mesh does provide some heat relief, but it's not awesome. The neckline is a little odd. A reasonable shirt. I recommend going up one size, it's typical of Asian fit. 3x is like a 2x.

👤I bought this shirt for someone. It's comfortable and it fits great. It washes up well and stays in its shape. I bought him a different color.

👤I ordered 3 more colors for the shirts. I now have 6 different colors of these shirts. The Huk tee shirts cost twice as much.

👤I ordered this for my husband to take with his family. He is excited to try it. The cloth is very absorbent and feels nice. It is as pictured.

👤Light weight shirts are great. I took a star off because I had to return them all and order a bigger size.

👤The shirts I ordered from this seller are the best of true to size and the wind blows through them to keep you cool.

👤My husband is a big fan of them. Three of them were bought in different colors. He uses them for work while working in an office casual setting. They wash well.

👤The boat is lightweight and very comfortable for hot summer days.

👤The T-shirt is very high quality. I wasn't sure if it would be the quality I was looking for. I'm happy that I got it, and it's the perfect birthday or Christmas gift.

👤Beach wear is a great way to prevent sunburn.

4. Amazon Essentials Slim Fit Short Sleeve Medium

Amazon Essentials Slim Fit Short Sleeve Medium

It's close to the body for a slim silhouette. Poplin is soft, durable and cozy.


👤I'm 5'7" and I bought one for a Hawaiian themed party. The Medium size shirt with'Large Floral' design looks good and fits nicely. Wife-approved!

👤This is a nice shirt. It's good for the price. The shirt itself looks pretty good, but I have a few criticisms. It is too wide. I'm 6 foot 3 and have an athletic build, but I don't find shirts that fit right. If you are tall and small, this would fit you. There is too much space in the front of the shirt for it to look good on me, so a slimmer version of this would be great. I know that this type of materialwrinkles after washing. If you don't mind ironing your clothes after every wear then great, but I got tired of doing this with other shirts I ordered. Not resistant to wrinkling. It smells bad out of the package. It's worse than most of the basics items I've gotten. Not bad I will not be keeping this because it doesn't look good on me.

👤It fit perfect to size, just get what you think you should be wearing, if you want to send it back and get a different size, you can do that, but they don't know their own weight, so I ordered large and xl just in case it ran. The perfect fit was an xl, people are not happy with it.

👤I really like this shirt on my husband. He is particular about what styles he wears, so he took a chance. He wears either a medium or large. He is 5'9" and 175 lbs and has a neck size of 16-1/2". He wore this on a warm day and was able to stay cool. I'm going to dry clean it to make sure it doesn't shrink. I want to preserve cotton like this one.

👤I thought I'd give it a try because I've never purchased Amazon brand clothes before. It is a sharp shirt. It is comfortable and fits well. It looks nice. It's a slim fit, so I keep it in my pocket. It was true to the size. This fit is perfect, I wear large everything. I would definitely recommend this style to you.

👤I bought this for my husband for a Hawaiian party. He was praised a lot. I think he is 5'9" and 180 lbs. I got him a medium, his standard size. He said it was a little tight on his arms. I think it looked great. Quality and fabric.

👤I was able to get a slim fit shirt from Amazon. The palm leaf pattern is a trendy fit and style that I wanted. The shirt is light. It is great for hot summer days. The material will get softer after one wash, but it felt a little rough on my skin when I tried it out. It looks like the shirt will last for a while, because of the vibrant colors. It was a good purchase.

👤Medium is a perfect build with a 165 lbs athletic build. I don't like button downs because they are either too tight or too boxy. I have been trying to find a perfect shirt for over 10 years. I bought one in every pattern.

5. Under Armour T Shirt Heather X Large

Under Armour T Shirt Heather X Large

The fabric of the University of Arkansas Tech has a more natural feel. The material dries fast. A new fit and shaped hem. The relentless pursuit of innovation and passion for design is what Under Armour is all about. Where did they start? An idea to build a superior T-shirt started it all.

Brand: Under Armour

👤Unless you're trying to show off your body, go one size larger than you normally wear. If I raise my arms, I'm 6'3 and 295.

👤I didn't find my new favorite brand or shirt.

👤This was recommended in one of the online running blogs as a higher quality shirt that doesn't bother you. The North Face "Better Than Naked" line is my usual point of comparison. I was hoping that the Under Armour was going to be close to the Target brand, even though I understand that those are priced much higher. The $10 offerings from Target are pretty much the same quality as the under armour offerings. The material is light and moist, but clings to the body and has a rough texture. At the end of a 6 mile run in this shirt, I started to feel a bit of a sore neck. I can't recommend this shirt because it didn't work out, one of the main reasons I got it.

👤The black is from the store and the red is from the seller. Both of them are medium. It is a dress. The size is off. If you're going to buy it, I suggest buying smaller sizes. I will be back.

👤I love these shorts for working out, lounging, and as an undershirt. I have some that are many years old and still look perfect, and they are not cheap white cotton undershirts. They don't smell bad from their body odor. Is it worth it? Yes, most definitely.

👤Fit perfect. The cut is flattering. The fabric is light and soft. I usually dislike shirts that aren't 100% cotton, but underarmour is an exception. After wearing and washing, they get more comfortable. I have a couple of shirts that are years old and still look great.

👤The fit of this shirt is good, as it is good length and fit in the body. The quality of the fabric seems to be lacking. The shirt has a few small pulls in it's fabric, and I've only worn it 3 times. I've never had an Under Armour shirt that was easy to pull. I wonder if this is a real shirt or a fake.

👤The teal shirt was purchased from a store called Kohl's while the black shirt was purchased from a store called Amazon. I thought I was getting a good deal on a shirt, but I think it's a fake. The black shirt has its logos falling off and the white shirt has its logos washed and dried the same way. The teal one is as good as new. Don't buy this shirt unless you're willing to replace it every few months. I was disappointed.

👤This t-shirt was disappointing. I bought the exact same t-shirt from Under Armour a couple of years ago and wanted to get another one for work outs. I could feel the difference in the material. The one I bought from Amazon has a different look than the one I bought previously. The logo is not the same. My previous purchase has a raised logo while the Amazon one is flat. I wonder if this is a fake or if the ones made for Europe are of a lower quality. You can pay a little more and buy directly. Will return this top for a refund.

6. Hurley Textured Short Sleeve Button

Hurley Textured Short Sleeve Button

The button up is a classic fit. The heat transfer is at the left chest pocket.

Brand: Hurley

👤I was not happy. The fabric is light and airy. Unless you're a man with a methhead, this shirt might not fit you. I'm roughly 200 lbs. If I lose a bit of weight, I get the XL, which is almost everything I get in that size. This shirt? I look like a spongebob trying to break out of my skin. I'm sure it will stretch out for me eventually. If you're a guy who usually gets the bear, you may want the XXL.

👤I bought these for my 50th. I'm a tall broad shouldered guy. I washed and dried them to get rid of the smell. My belly shirt is now XXS. Chinese garbage was cheap. Beware!

👤I tried it on for fit and comfort and it was good, but I am frustrated with the transaction. The return window closed yesterday, July 26. I am wearing it for the first time today and I notice that there is no button hole in the collar. The shirt has a sloppy appearance because there is no hole in the button. Shame on me for not thoroughly reviewing the shirt.

👤The shirts were labeled. They were either cut to be 2xx or not. I was disappointed. They were given to a clothing bank for needy people. I was told those that received them were very thankful.

👤It fits perfectly for someone who is used to shirts that are shorter. The fabric is beautiful and I've received a couple of nice comments on it. The online description fails to mention that the shirt is not Wrinkle-free and is 100 percent cotton. Do not dry clean, care instructions say. I was looking for a shirt that said "every day"

👤It is a nice looking shirt, but I should have paid more attention to the reviews. I bought the XXL because of the reviews that it runs small but is still tight. I own other brands of button down shirts, and they fit perfectly. I believe this is a slim fit shirt that isn't marked slim fit. It is a nice shirt. My son is 14 years old.

👤Not worth sending back was under size 1-2. It was either a medium or large. Another rag in the garage. I ordered a Van Hussen, but it was still smaller than my other shirts. Stores don't carry short sleeve dress shirts.

👤I ordered this for my 29 year old son, one of several, he loves it, but he doesn't like wearing a shirt he doesn't like while streaming in front of hundreds of people. Would order again from this seller.

👤Tiene bastantes defectos: el patronaje es enorme, regular, and a pesar de serdn. No, no, no No recomiendo.

👤Me llega la camisa en forma pero vi detalles.

7. Columbia Thistletown Short Sleeve X Large

Columbia Thistletown Short Sleeve X Large

Cotton is 33% and Polyester is 67%. The technology is advanced. The Columbia Men's Thistletown Park Short Sleeve Crew Shirt is made with their signature UPF 15 fabric that helps to block harmful UVA and UVB rays as well as keeping you dry and cool on the trail. The signature logo is. The Columbia logo is featured at the chest. The fabric is soft on the skin and allows for a comfortable fit. The style isTILE. The crew neckline and short sleeves of this shirt make it versatile for everyday wear. Be safe and protected. The Omni-Shade blocks the sun's harmful rays. The UV absorbent yarns block harmful UV rays.

Brand: Columbia

👤I can hide my beer belly with these t-shirts. I'm able to date girls half my age again because of the slimming effect. Thank you Columbia!

👤They're an excellent "travel" t-shirt. They can be washed in the shower and hung up to dry. I carry a lot of things in my bag, but I have to cut down on what I carry during trips. They're lightweight and Breathable and are great for active hiking andbiking. I bought a couple about 4 years ago and found they held up well, but I would recommend leaving them out to dry. The medium size is a perfect fit for me, as I'm 6'2” at 185 lbs. It hangs well. The shirt in the photo is red.

👤I ordered a few Columbia Sportwear shirts after taking my measurements and looking at the manufacturer's website. The shirts are perfect upon arrival. All the shirts were washed and dried according to the instructions, but they were no longer fit. If you buy a bigger size, you risk throwing money away.

👤I love these shirts. I sweat a lot, but there's no real delicate way to say that. I had to stop wearing cotton shirts between May and September because summer is miserable for me. I don't care for the way they feel, but I started wearing athletic-style shirts. I bought a shirt a year ago. I now have five. They're a bit expensive, but they're worth it. They wear well. They don't feel like an athletic shirt because they are so fast to dry. A great shirt for summer.

👤I bought two of these shirts for a hiking trip. I wore the same shirts for 5 days during hikes. They didn't absorb perspiration like a cotton shirt would. They say I first wore these shirts and they still hold up. I would recommend this product.

👤The UV protection is great because I work in Florida, which gets warm. Very happy. I will be buying more with my next paycheck. Don't shrink if you dry them for a long time. Before washing to maintain protection, you should read and understand the instructions.

👤Just received today, not happy at all! I noticed the logo on the front was discolored when I opened the package and took the shirt out. The tag less type in the shirt is off center and completely misplaces. There is a stain on the back of the shirt as well. Complete rip-off! I was expecting REAL Columbia products at a lower price.

👤This was my go-to shirt for a while. The shirts were thick but soft and made with the Columbia logo, which makes them last more than 50 washes. The shirt is cheap and thin, and the Columbia logo will disappear after 10 washes. When a brand does this, they always sell out. They never bought Columbia again because they abandoned their loyal customer base.

👤When my husband is bending over, there are shirts that are long enough to cover the belt line. I am not sure what it is with regular sizes, but maybe they shrink too much? My husband loved the fit of these. He is really buff, so should fit most men just fine, but the sleeves were a little fitted around the cuff. We bought two more.

8. ONeill Traveler Short Sleeve Shirt

ONeill Traveler Short Sleeve Shirt

The 24-7 line is designed to function both in and out of the water, providing a comfortable layer between you and the elements. This slim-fit tee can be worn over a swimsuit or with board shorts, but it's not skin tight. It feels great against your skin. It's possible to lounge around or be active with the fit of a strategic seam placement. The body is 3.5 inches longer in tall sizes. Provides a cooling effect and protects against sun fatigue.

Brand: O'neill Wetsuits

👤I bought three different colors of the same shirt from the exact same Amazon product listing, but they were not the same product. The grey shirt and the ocean blue are both 5 star products and feel great, silky smooth, just the right thickness, and slightly reflective. The collar was printed with 92% spandex and a loose fit. The white shirt was not the same as the other shirts and was a 2 star product, the material was rougher and the collar was not reflective. The shirts look and feel different due to the fact that nylon and polyester are not the same material. The product listing on Amazon doesn't tell you which version of the shirt you're looking for. It is difficult to know if the differences are due to the different colors being made by the manufacturer, or if the different colors are actually replicas. If you prefer rougher materials, I would advise you to return any shirt that says on the collar that it is made of nylon. It makes a difference in feel and quality.

👤I bought this for a surf trip and the shirt I received had no tie loop. The lack of loop didn't make the shirt worthless, but it did make it a PITA when I had to pull the shirt down after riding a wave or duck diving. I ended up with surf rash due to the shirt moving around while paddling. It was due to the fact that there was no loop to secure the front of the shirt to my shorts that I wore a looser rash guard. The shirt was fine. The sun protection was good. It was dried quickly. The photo and product are not the same.

👤Excellent quality with a loose fit. When did our clothes become tight? I would use body paint to showcase my curves. I love this shirt because it keeps the UV rays out of my fair skin and dries me faster than a puddle of water.

👤I have an O'Neill shirt that is 85% spandex and 15% polyester. That one is a lot more comfortable. The fit was perfect for a loose fit. I'm 5'9" and 220 lbs. It is not tight. It feels a little rough. Will look for O'Neill in the next purchase.

👤Don't count on swimming in it all day as the shirt floats up. I wear a medium but could not wear a small on this because it was a loose fit, but the medium was fine. Be warned, the arms and neck instantly turned yellow from the sun.

👤It is a bit snug but not skin tight. What I was looking for. The material seems to be of better quality than typical polyester.

👤I'm 6 foot 5 inches and 260 pounds. The XL is perfect. The muscles in my chest and arms have been removed. The spare tire is hidden. I bought two of these for a trip. I'm taking in 10 days. I will adjust my rating when I return. So far, I'm pretty happy with the purchase.

9. Columbia Bahama Sleeve X Large Collegiate

Columbia Bahama Sleeve X Large Collegiate

Be safe and protected. The Omni-Shade blocks the sun's harmful rays. The tight weave construction blocks harmful UV rays. COMFORT AND BREATHABILITY: There are hidden vents at the shoulders. A quick dry shirt is a good option for any outdoor activity. A relaxed, lightweight fit make this fishing shirt the ultimate choice for casual days outside as well as for activity out on the water. There areANDY features. The short sleeve fishing shirt has two chest pockets that can be used for storing. Columbia's attention to detail is what sets their apparel apart. Only the highest quality materials are specified. This is a garment that will last a long time.

Brand: Columbia

👤I'm 6'2” 200 lbs and the shirt is one size larger than normal, so I read the reviews before buying. I bought a Medium and it fit perfectly with room to spare, I tried the Large on in store and it looked like a tent on me, but I'm happy with Medium for sure. You have to iron it or throw it in the dryer for about 10 minutes to get the wrinkling out, other than that great shirt!

👤I have a lot of short sleeve shirts. The material is good for hot weather. I'm 6' 215 lbs with an old man stomach, and the large fits like most XL shirts. I almost canceled the order because I accidentally ordered it. I am happy that I didn't cancel. The fit seems to be a bit snug. The material is very nice and cool despite being a bit thinner. The pocket flaps give a different look at times. I wear the shirt tail out all the time. I don't know how long the white will stay clean. I would like to have a few more colors of the Bahama II. Columbia is a great brand. Thank you for fast delivery.

👤These nylon shirts are awesome. It's great for warm weather travel. It can be washed out by hand. If the weather isn't too humid, they will drive overnight. If you don't ring them out, hang them wet, and smooth out the fabric with your hands, they are presentable to wear without ironing. The back yoke is open. If you go in the drink, the front breast pockets have drain holes in them. The collar is button-down. . There are so many colors to choose from. I've received a lot of compliment from friends and strangers when wearing bright colors. The shirt's color will fade slightly after repeated washing, but you could minimize this by not machine washing. The slight fading is not a big deal for a casual shirt. You won't have that issue with white or some of the dark colors. The shirts are light to pack and can be rolled into packing cubes. I hope Columbia keeps making them. These shirts are a bit large. I like my shirts a bit loose fitting, so I usually purchase them in Large, but in the case of these Bahama II shirts, I ordered them in Medium and they fit perfectly. It's still loose fitting, but not big. You should order a smaller size than you wear.

👤I like adventures, but I don't like heights. I bought this shirt because I was going to a seminar in the mountains. Everyone believed that I knew what I was talking about when the conversation turned to adventure. I like to wear a shirt when I travel. It is good on airplanes. I wear it when I go fishing. I know the shirt to wear if I ever really adventure.

👤I've been buying Columbia shirts for at least 15 years and have some that are still going strong. In the last few years, I have bought a number of shirts which began to fall apart after only a few months of wear. The "Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II Short Sleeve Shirt" is the latest. I just bought a rip in the back from the package, which is 1/2 inch long. Columbia quality has dropped over the past few years, very disappointing for a brand that was once a great one. This will be the last item I buy from Columbia.

10. Red Kap Industrial Regular X Large

Red Kap Industrial Regular X Large

Look professional, every wear. A lined two-piece collar with sewn-in permanent stays and button closure ensures you are always looking your best. There is a light weight. This regular fit shirt is lightweight and made for all day comfort. The button front is a classic look. This shirt has 7 buttons from top to bottom and is timeless. There is aOCKET ORGANIZATION. The Industrial Work Shirt has a pencil stall on the left pocket so you can keep your pen and pencil handy at all times. The button front is a classic look. This shirt has 7 buttons from top to bottom and is timeless.


👤Great shirts! Unless you are over 77” tall, don't order the Long/Tall. I returned the long/tall for a regular size after ordering it first. I wear a size Medium in most shirts. The shirt is the perfect length and will stay tucked all day. I held my fingers at my belt while taking my picture. The regular size is below the belt.

👤This shirt in a large fits me like a medium. I prefer these shirts over other short sleeve work shirts. They are appropriate for Texas summers. The top snap button makes it easy to wear them out of the dryer. If you want to avoid returns on this item, my advice is to order one for size and then order more.

👤My husband likes these shirts. They are easy to remove and hold up well. It takes a long time for the starch to break down so if you don't wear an under shirt it may rub your nips. The structural integrity of the shirt is what my husband loves about these brands, they are thin but still have good breath. He is afabricator so they hold up well to splatter and grinder sparks. They also heat press.

👤My husband wears a shirt that's larger than the size chart says he should be, but he wears a shirt that's smaller than the size chart says he should be. One of the reviewers who was similar to my husband's height/weight said he bought 3XL, so I bought 4XL. I knew 3XL was too big when I saw the third photo of my husband. The metal snap button at the top was something I 888-276-5932 It looks tacky and cheap to have a first/top button in my first photo. The quality of the stitching was poor, and I was afraid it would come undone in the first wash. The fabric is very synthetic. The price was correct. They had a lot of good color options. I had to return them because they didn't meet my expectations.

👤I thought the material was thinner than I had thought, but I was surprised to see that the "sizing" or "starch" I am used to getting with these is not on these. For over 40 years, you learn the product from wearing them. The quality is still good and the cost is less than I usually pay for them. It looks nice and will last through the abuse of mechanics grease. Fit is perfect. Red Kap has a cut that makes him a good fit for fat or skinny people. It is a good uniform look. There was no man showing through. A neat appearance.

👤These shirts aren't useful. They have a strong smell, either from being on a boat with fish on it or from a chemical smell. The fit around the shoulders feels like it would rip if you reached forward with both arms, and it's uncomfortable to have material around your shoulders and pits. The length and fit around the chest, back, and stomach were good. When I unbuttoned the shirts, every single button caught on a piece of string in the hole. The caught strings had to be handled carefully. Poor attention to detail when sewing. The shirts look nice, but they have some problems. It might take care of the shoulder fit if I went up a size. I think the rest of the shirt is too large. I'm 6'5" and 250 lbs, which might explain some of it, but I've had other shirts that fit fine. Maybe I should find them again.

11. Amazon Essentials Regular Fit Short Sleeve Medium

Amazon Essentials Regular Fit Short Sleeve Medium

Through the chest and through the waist. Poplin is soft, durable and cozy.


👤I bought a Large and it was printed with a "X" on the tag, but it was not an X. I assumed that "classic fit" and "large" would be the same as every other "classic fit" and "large" I've ever bought, even though the Quality Control is obviously lacking. I couldn't get my arms around it. I weigh 180 lbs. I felt like I was trying to fit in the shirt of a child. A waste of money. Amazon's "fashion merchandiser" cannot be trusted until they do their job. I am an American living in Kuwait and it's not worth my time or money to return it. This is the second time that this problem has happened with "Amazon Essential" shirts. There is no consistency with their size. Amazon has to keep an eye on their sweat-shops or they will be fired.

👤I tried out Amazon's "Prime Try Before You Buy" Program and I have to give it a double thumbs up because I was tired of my old T-Shirts. Even though they don't require ironing, the clothes fit great and I love to put creases in everything. If you give Prime a try before you buy a shot, you'll be amazed. I'm not an employee of the company. I am a proud AMAZON PRIME MEMNBER.

👤The hubs, who is 6 feet and 1 inch tall and weighs about 215 lbs, fit a large size perfectly and looks great in it. It can be dressed up or down and is very flattering.

👤I liked everything about it except that I couldn't wear it due to being too large. I'll swap for a smaller size, but beware! My chest is 43" The large is 41-43" and the small is 44-47". I thought I'd get the XL to have a little breathing room so I wouldn't be tight to my skin. The large is huge! The chest area is 50.5", which is in the range of XXL.

👤I wear brands like Calvin Kline and Kenneth Cole. I bought a large one in the Amazon brands to see how it would fit. The bag and shirt smell like spoiled fish, and it looks like the bag was chewed into. The seam quality of the shirt is ok. I will buy a smaller size to see if it fits.

👤I was surprised that the shirt I bought as a birthday gift was correct, as I mentioned another shirt for size on the website. The shirt is light and nice for the warm state we live in. If you're looking for a high-quality shirt, this might not be the right purchase, but it seems like a great everyday shirt!

👤I bought my son a camp shirt. He's 6'1" and has a shirt that still tucks in nicely. It's a comfortable fit without being too small. It is true to size and buttons are not gapping. The blue on white pattern of this shirt is very flattering. It was a great purchase. I like to shop at Amazon.


What is the best product for fishing shirts for men short sleeve?

Fishing shirts for men short sleeve products from Costa Del Mar. In this article about fishing shirts for men short sleeve you can see why people choose the product. Carhartt and Bassdash are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing shirts for men short sleeve.

What are the best brands for fishing shirts for men short sleeve?

Costa Del Mar, Carhartt and Bassdash are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing shirts for men short sleeve. Find the detail in this article.

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