Best Fishing Shoes Women Waterproof

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1. Rogue Wave Shoe High Performance Fishing

Rogue Wave Shoe High Performance Fishing

Huk is a performance- engineered, technical gear designed to fuel your passion and pursuit no matter where you fish. The Huk Rogue wave fishing boot is made for all kinds of nasty conditions, with full neoprene and rubber upper construction. huk's tread pattern gives a lock down on wet and slippery surfaces. The micro-channel openings allow water to escape while the lugs are engineered to grab in all directions. If the weather gets nasty, a thick 8mm modlded EVA footbed will keep your feet dry. The pull-straps on the fishing boots help you get them on in both wet and dry conditions.

Brand: Huk

👤I sent them back because they were too small and looked brighter than the picture showed. I paid 100 dollars for these shoes and only got 75 dollars back. The fee is 25$. If I had known that, I wouldn't have bought them. Not happy!

👤They charge me $20 for a return because I'm too small. They accused me of damaging the boots. They were the one who sold me the boots. Terrible customer service! I used to like Huk. I will never buy huk again.

👤I am standing in water. I am a huge fan of muck boots but wanted something shorter and lighter and heard great things about these huk's. They go great with my uniform, I got the blue. They still look good when they wear shorts or pants. I ordered a smaller size based on the reviews. I usually order 10 1/2, but I ordered 10. They fit perfectly. It was very comfortable straight out of the box. I have put a couple of days on them now and am not disappointed. The first night I was soaked, water ended up in my boot. I assumed it would happen from time to time. After I got them off, they dried out quickly, but still smelled like new. If they hold up for more than 6 months, I will probably stay with this brand. You will read about it here if it isn't.

👤I bought these boots for my boyfriend. He loves the brand Huk. Depending on the shoe, he's usually between 10 and 11. I bought a size 10 and they fit perfectly. It arrived sooner than expected.

👤The boots are comfortable and I like them, but they faded after a few days of use. I bought them for our yearly trip to Captiva, FL because the weather in November is unpredictable. I wanted to wear boots on the boat because it can be warm in the afternoon and cool in the mornings. After only a few days of wearing them, they had faded a lot. I only wore them for the morning and they never got wet, but apparently they can't survive a few hours of fall sun without fading. I am very disappointed in what they cost.

👤I love them. I ordered a 12 and tried them on and they fit right. I expect these to wear well on the boat because they look good. I hate gear failure and will update my review if they fail early.

👤The company is junk. I sent them back because they didn't fit right after I bought them. They charged a $30 restocking fee. Don't buy.

👤My husband ordered these on feb 27th for work, he cleans pools. They are leaking from the bottom of the shoe. I am so disappointed because they are fishing shoes made to be in/around water. $90 is gone. So disappointed. There is no way to contact the seller to see if there is a way to fix the situation.

👤I had to return my Huk because it was too tight. If you wear a size 11, you should order a Huk size 12. Not sure about the other sizes. An excellent boot. A very excellent boot. These boots are made to last. 100% quality.

2. Columbia Newton Waterproof Hiking Cordovan

Columbia Newton Waterproof Hiking Cordovan

The technology is advanced. The Columbia Men'sNewton Ridge Plus II waterproof hiking boot features a lightweight, durable midsole for long lasting comfort, superior cushioning, and high energy return, as well as an advanced traction rubber sole for slip-free movement on rough ground. There areANDY features. The waterproof full-grain leather and mesh bootie construction of this boot makes it comfortable and worry-free to savesay' There are adjusted features. The lace-up closure on theNewton Ridge Plus II waterproof hiking boot is flexible and secure. The style isTILE. The men's waterproof hiking boot has contrasting color combinations and soft mesh exterior. It's called OMNI-GRIP. The multi-terrain traction system matches compounds and treads to environments. Solid footing is ensured on ice and snow with a dual-zone winter tread pattern.

Brand: Columbia

👤I bought these boots for work. I work as a night watch person on a horse farm, where it is not unusual for me to walk 5 to 10 miles in an 11 hour shift each night. After a couple of weeks, I found these boots to be not as comfortable as I had thought. They became very uncomfortable when they broke down. They are not waterproof, I walk through many lanes, turnouts, fields, and if the grass is the least wet from rain, my feet are soaked in a matter of minutes. If you are looking for a waterproof hiking boot, look elsewhere.

👤I found the boots comfortable but not waterproof. I need waterproof boots when walking into wet areas because I walk miles a day as a locator. On the other day, my toes were wet after walking in tall wet grass. I thought my feet got wet from my jeans getting wet in my boots, but I realized my toes were wet on both feet, so there appears to be a problem with the tongue and boots. I found them to be tight to use foot pads when I first put them on. I thought I would break them in by wearing them around the house for a few days. I found them to be a bit tighter around the foot arch for my liking. They are not worth the money if they are not waterproof.

👤I had high hopes for these boots. My feet were dry and cool. I never had a problem getting into the boot. After about 3 weeks, everything seemed perfect but then there were issues. I don't put my shoes on anymore because the back of the heel is digging into my foot. It is very thin if it only lasted a month. The shoe lace tabs are made of cheap aluminum and bend very easily. I had to use a pair of pliers to bend them back so I could fit the shoe lace in. It would be great if they made some simple improvements to this boot. I won't buy these again.

👤The review has been updated. I have had these boots for 9 months and have to lower the rating to 1 star because of their poor quality. The rubber on the toe of one boot is chipping off and the other boot is coming loose. The boots are comfortable but not durable. _______________________________________________ I am in the military in Afghanistan and my favorite pair of boots, Vasque Sundowner GTX, which were resoled prior to deployment, failed me, the sole came off, I guess I used the wrong cobbler. I ordered a pair of Columbia Men'sNewton Ridge Plus II WP Hiking boots because I needed them for my deployment. I am very satisfied with my first pair of Columbia boots. It only took 9 days for them to reach me. When I put them on, they felt great. I was a little nervous after wearing them for a while because I felt a rub on the bridge of my toes. The boots fit perfectly with the Fox River Dry Maximum socks I wear. I wore them the rest of the day and the next morning when I put them on they fit perfectly, but the rubbing was gone and they seem to have broken in in a few hours. The boots are not hot at all and I am at a temperature of around 120 degrees. The recap was done. The boot size and width fit perfectly, the boots "broke in" in a matter of hours, they are not hot and seem to be unreliable. I would recommend this boot for it's size, comfort and style. If they don't hold up well and they are tested, I will update the review. I gave them a 4 star because I have never been to Columbia before.

3. TideWe Waterproof Durable Neoprene Hunting

TideWe Waterproof Durable Neoprene Hunting

Before buying, please remember the size chart. The sizes are for men. The CR Flex-Foam is waterproof and hasabsorbs impacts. Keep WarmHeat-resistant insulation prevents body heat from escaping, and returns up to 90% of your body's warmth. It was -4F/-20C to 50F/ 10C. The CR flex-foam boot is lightweight and completely waterproof, with 15-way stretch nylon to make your feet stay as comfortable as possible in your extreme setting. If you have a question, please contact them at the first opportunity, they will be glad to help.

Brand: Tidewe

👤I like the heal feature and the boots are great. I went to use them today because I had them sitting under the back seat of my pick up. I pulled out my boots and found the heels were not the same as before, as I was going to do some pressure washing. It is an easy fix, but the manufacturer needs to test their product for what they are intended for.

👤I am very impressed with this second pair of TideWe muck boots. The grip provided in wet or icy conditions is amazing and I love how comfortable they are. I used my other pair for ice fishing, and they were great. I have worn these boots in the summer and they were very comfortable. I would recommend these boots to anyone. My other boots are in good shape. I wanted a pair for hunting and fishing.

👤The boots are very comfortable, but they are not durable. I wore mine twice and on the third time, the top portion of the boot separated from the boot part. The rubber was walking in a very mild brush. If you only use these for light activities that don't involve walking in brush or stubble, then they might be ok. I would suggest looking at other options.

👤I've had Wal Martians for 20 years. Within 2 weeks, air bubbles from the seams, threads coming undone, and the tread on the bottom ripping open.

👤I have a pair of Muck Glacier Pro that have been through hell with me and I'm looking to replace with something that is more lightweight. This seems to fit the bill. I don't think it will hold up as well as the Muck. The rubber sole is almost half the price of a Muck. The neoprene is not as thick as in the Muck, but it doesn't require you to size up. It's lightweight and flexible, but we will see how long it will last. Once I use in real-world, I will update.

👤These boots are very comfortable. I tested how water proof these boots were and they kept my feet dry. I'm looking forward to that this winter and fall. I enjoy the comfort. They are a well made boot that will get a lot of use and look like they will hold up well.

👤I got a new pair of boots. Awesome boots. There is a good fit, plenty of traction and water proof. I would recommend these boots to anyone who is looking for water proof boots.

👤Excellent quality and comfortable boots are what they are. They are well built. The size chart is the only issue. I wear a size 10 shoe or boot in all the other brands. I ordered a men's size 10 and it was too big, loose and floppy for my feet, even with thick winter socks. I got a size 9 after returning them. It would still be a little large if it weren't for the thick socks.

👤I bought them to work in the cold and muddy weather. I was a bit hesitant as they are made of a thick material. They do not have additional insulation on the sides. They are great! They are comfortable, warm, and work in snowy conditions. The sole is thick and has good traction.

4. Dunlop 8908608 Comfortable Protective Footwear

Dunlop 8908608 Comfortable Protective Footwear

TideThey's rubber boots are great for flooded areas, snow, mud and more. TideThey's rain boots will fit your needs whether you are working, hunting, fishing, camping or even playing in the rain. The comfort rating is (-4F - 68F)/. The steel toe is certified by the company. Moderate chemical protection is provided for food processing. The best in class TPU insloe for all day comfort. The next generation safety-loc outsole has canals for easy decontamination.

Brand: Dunlop Protective Footwear

👤The boot is made with high quality materials and the outsole is perfect for the upper portion of the boot, so I should give a positive comment about materials and workmanship. The manufacturer has good process and quality control. Before making this purchase, I measured both feet and read customer reviews to find the right size. My effort fell a little short of the goal. My normal boot size is either 10 or 10.5, and my running shoes are always size 11. Murphy would have it that size 10 was too large for this purchase. I think so. There is more room in the toe which is not a bad thing. During the push-off phase of every step, the heal of the boot fails in its ability to prevent my heal from lifting out place. My heal continued to slip out of its spot even with the winter socks. The heal quarter lacks the proper shape and rigidity to prevent heal rise. If I wore a size 9 boot, the vamp would be too tight around my wide feet, and the toe wouldn't have enough room to wear thick socks during cold weather. I'm debating whether or not to return the boots, or just keep them and suck it up, since I'm pretty sure I'll leave a boot behind in the mud.

👤I was surprised with this budget boot. I was looking for a steel toe/waterproof boot that was light and similar to the traditional fisherman boots. I have a high instep and wide feet, so I don't usually buy footwear online because it almost never works out. These boots checked all my boxes, and they come with a very comfortable insole as well. I can slip them on and off easily since the opening at the top of the boot is wide, and the bottom of the boot is snug enough to keep my foot from sliding around in it. There is no surprises when you order your regular size. Couldn't be happier and have recommended them to my crew.

👤I wear a 10-10.5 depending on the boot style and grabbed a smaller one, it worked well. I have gone through 4 pairs of boots in 2 years as an industrial painter applying protective coating both water based and high VOC. Even expensive boots get demolished if it isn't the pint, if we use thinners concentrated toluene and acetone. I can scrub these clean with thinner to remove anything that sticks, and it has no effect on the material itself. The Tyvek suit is elastic and can go down and over, since the boot height allows it to grab onto ridges around the ankle of the boot. These are a saving grace if you do similar work and destroy regular boots.

👤These boots are the best. My 10 year olds rain boots are over. My kid wears boots almost daily for going in the pasture to take care of livestock and chooses boots for other outings because they are easy to put on. I was happy to buy these in their smallest size, which was 3, because I thought they would fit in kids boots. The boots for the kids are expensive and flimsy. The sides are taller and they are super comfy. My child can do more. My husband is a big fan of his pair. He does construction work. He likes that they have more padding and hug his feet, instead of his foot getting stuck in the cement or mud. He had been looking for good boots for a long time. He bought me a pair too and I love them when I take care of the cows. We will get them some when they grow up. I wish they had more feminine colors, but I prefer being practical. We can tell which pair belongs to whom by different colors. I will probably spray paint. 5 stars!

5. SOBASO Water Shoes Drying Barefoot

SOBASO Water Shoes Drying Barefoot

The open mesh upper of the water shoes promises quick drying and comfort. Easy put on and take off: Non Slip outsole promise reliable traction, elastic lace allow you to adjust your shoes easily, without worrying about lace falling. Light weight and foot protection. A lightweight rubber sole offers foot protection. It's perfect for beach and water sports. There are multiple sacramentals. It's suitable for water park, water hiking, surfing, beach activities, yoga, daily walking, sailing, parasailing, boating, kayaking, fishing, travel, etc. Brand REGISTERED SELLER: They're always here for you if you have any questions, they know that requirement is different for everyone, so please feel free to contact them if you have any questions.


👤I bought 2 pairs of these for my twins because they only had Vans when we were going to Zion to hike the Narrows. They both liked the look and feel of the shoe. We hiked 11 miles in the river and while there may have been a few complaints, they were not about their shoes. These were well worth the money. If you are going to hike in some terrain with water, it's good. Great price too!

👤The shoes held my feet firmly enough when hiking on land and they were light and easy to wear. I used this for a water hike through a river, climbed some big rocks, and climbed some dirt hills; all applications were successful. The shoes guys are great.

👤I ordered a 7.5 and they fit perfectly. The soles are so comfortable. The quality is great for the price. I might buy more after buying two pairs. I trek through water while wearing these hiking shoes.

👤I hunt in the mountains and in the beaches. These are great for nature adventures. I bought my husband two pairs of shoes. He was walking in the river this past weekend. He said they were comfortable. These are the best water shoes I have ever purchased. I am not getting a bonus for writing this but I am buying a couple more pairs because I love them. I don't like trying to find an equivalent. I read some reviews where people were not happy that the shoes didn't last long. Although they are made well, they are probably only going to last a season if you hike through water holes. Don't listen to Karen or Richard because that holds true for most of the water shoes on the market. I think you will love them.

👤I bought these along with the L-RUN Athletic Hiking Water Shoes. I was looking for a trail to hike in Hawaii to find waterfalls. I was really hoping for the SOBASO because of their more rugged tread and larger holes in the mesh. They didn't fit in the house. The bungee was cinched down tight, which caused the mesh to overlap. The fit at the top of my foot was loose. I found the heel to be the biggest downside. The back of the shoe has a dip in the heel. I could see it being an issue on the terrain, or on the creek banks, where the heel is slipping off. The other shoe was better for it's size. It's more like a shoe. I will keep them and return them. I will write a more detailed review after I get out and walk with them.

👤We spend a lot of time walking in the river. The shoes are great for traction in the river and on the rocks, a thick sole to protect your feet from the rocks, and great comfort. I don't have enough ankle support, but my ankles are old like me, so that's the only downside for me. I think it would not be a problem for younger people. I wear socks with my river / water shoes to keep out small rocks, and I highly recommend these over other river / water shoes. I bought a second pair for my husband as well.

6. Muck Insulated Extreme Conditions Hunting

Muck Insulated Extreme Conditions Hunting

The shaft is from the arch. The boot opening is around 17 The 8mm neoprene provides comfort and flexibility, along with excellent waterproofing, shock absorption and heat retention properties, and adjusts to your foot shape to resist blisters and chafing. The fleece lining of the boot is soft, durable and provides exceptional warmth in extreme cold; 2mm thermal foam under the footbed provides extra warmth; comfort is rated from -60 F to 30 F (-50 C to -1 C).

Brand: Muck Boot

👤I loved these boots and I wanted to. After 6 weeks of hunting from an enclosed deer blind, we decided to walk a field for pheasants,CRP grass and camo, but the camo color wore off almost to a Snow White color? Come on! This should not happen for over $200 bucks. Not after a short time. Would order again. I'm reluctant!

👤I used these boots for tree stand hunting and they were very cold. I don't think this boot is going to keep my feet warm. The camouflage begins to wear right off the boot. The boot is advertised with fleece lining. I can't feel any and have a liner on my socks. The liner is a thin (2mm) innersole. The boot started to break after a few uses. I liked the hirise of the boot, it was cheap and I could walk a mile or so into the woods. I have a pair of boots that I love, but I am disappointed. I was expecting a warm boot.

👤A piece of garbage! I used to like the quality of muck. I bought this pair the same as the last one I bought a few years ago, but on the third day both boots started leaking, I wore them on a 7 day hunt. I walk to my stand. We had 3-4” of snow and I walked through 2 water puddles. It seems to be leaking at the sole. This is my second pair in 4 years. The sole came off the last pair.

👤This product fits EE wide feet according to the description. Absolutely not. Before I leave my house to go to the gas station, I put EE wide feet on. I turned my truck around to get my feet off my feet because they were so bad. I gave them to my Fiance, who wears almost my size, but has narrow feet, and they fit her well. I had to make an exception on these because I almost never write comments on Amazon. There was a total false advertisement.

👤I read a few reviews about this item, and though I normally wear an 11 mens in most boots, I read the size chart and found that the boot was not available in half sizes, so I ordered a thirteen. I have wide calves that fit well. Highly recommend this boot!

👤I decided to give them a trial run in the snow and cold. My feet were the warmest part of my body when I wore them twice to remove snow. I went ahead with the purchase even though I couldn't find the insulation rating I was looking for, even though the comfort temperature range was described. I'm glad I did. The babies are protected from the cold. I have wool blend socks that I am sure helped. I am looking forward to hunting and having warm feet. I ordered a bigger size and they were fine. I am happy that the purchase paid off and I would recommend them to anyone. I had no problem removing them if there was a negative. I hope the camo color stays on as it wears off. It's a good thing that fingers crossed.

7. Crocs Mens AllCast Rain Black

Crocs Mens AllCast Rain Black

Everything you want in rubber rain boots and nothing you don't. The waterproof rain boots for men are a great way to keep your toes dry. No leaking men's rain boots means no more leaks. The rubber boots men need in the garden, on the shore, or at the muddy job site are available in a variety of colors. What size should I buy? They recommend ordering a size up to the next largest whole size for the roomy fit of these rain boots. COMFORT and CUSHION are related. The men's boots are made with Crocs Comfort for all-day comfort and lightweight support. These water boots for men are lightweight and waterproof. There are ribbed pantyhose for men. The Crocs AllCast waterproof boots keep your feet dry even if you hail a car or get caught in the storm.


👤I have been wearing Croc boots for a decade. The first pair lasted about 6 years. If Crocs hadn't decided to glue heels to the boots, they would still be fine, even though they are coming unglued. My boots were molded in one piece. I decided to buy Crocs All Cast. I ordered size 11 because I had been in this size for 4 years. So they returned them. Size 10 was too big and 888-270-6611 The jury is out because they haven't walked in them except for a few minutes. The yard stick is 13 ins away from the wall, the boots heels are flush against the wall, and the 3 styles of Croc boots have been in use for 10 years. The Allcast size 10 boot is longer than the other pairs. Crocs has changed their definition of what size 11 is. Wouldn't you think that mens shoe size is different? Is 1 a standard size? Not at Crocs. If I didn't like my 2 older style of boots so much, I would have given up on Crocs, because the older boots are perfect around the farm and for long walks on the beach. Crocs doesn't pay attention to their men's shoes, preferring to focus on women and children shoes.

👤I wanted to wear this boot. The sole is the right size for my foot. I would have returned it for a bigger size, but I couldn't get my foot into the boot. No way, no how. The design of the upper part is so thin that a normal foot won't fit. If you're listening, redesign this because it's exactly what I need for wet and wintry weather when I can't wear my normal Crocs.

👤I have been doing this for 8 years and I have never worn boots like these before. I am a lawn technician and I am walking on lawns all day and these are by far the most comfortable boots I have ever warned against. I don't think it's a big deal that they are a bit of a pain to put on but I will sacrifice a few seconds to have some comfort.

👤The shaft opening is small but I was able to get them on. The rear of the shaft has a finger hole that helps. The scrubs folded over to fit into the opening. By any stretch, bluejeans and wool sox are not. The boot is snug, but I have too many big boots. These Crocs are very durable. I ordered 11 because my shoe/boot size is 10. I tried them on with two pairs of winter sox. I got them on.

👤I own a small farm and wear rubber boots to perform farm chores. I decided to try these boots because of their no seam construction and the fact that I have several pair of Croc shoes and sandals that I like very much. The boots were great the first day. The toe room is very comfortable. They were very difficult to put on the next day. There is no liner to these boots, even the cheap $10 rubber boots you can buy at the big name store has this. The liner is a felt or nylon type material that is fused onto the rubber to allow the foot to slide in and out of the boot. You have to powder the insides before using them. Crocs could release a boot without knowing what it was doing.

8. Western Chief Waterproof Printed Pouring

Western Chief Waterproof Printed Pouring

The shaft is from the arch. The boot opening is 15.3 inches. The Western Chief Women's Printed Tall Rain boots are made with rubber which is waterproof. The handmade construction prevents weak spots in the seams and allows them to make fun designs. The lining of the boots is soft and cotton blend to give it's comfort. These boots will keep you warm and dry. They use comfortable EVA in their boots because standing on your feet for extended periods can be hard. The insoles are easy to clean and replace. Their women's boots are made with a slip-resistant lug outsole that helps provide traction on wet surfaces. You won't be washing the treads in these boots. MEASUREMENTS The shaft is from the arch. The platform is 75 inches and the heel is 75 inches. 25 inches.

Brand: Western Chief

👤I bought these to take care of my chickens during the rainy season. There was a crack in the seam from the boot to the sole after three weeks of wearing them. I can't return them because the window closed before I could. I only have three weeks to enjoy them, that's not good for this boot. I am a little disappointed. If this is read by Amazon, they will allow me to return them. It was obvious to me that it was a manufacturing defect.

👤I got these boots for the garden. The yard is muddy all year long because it is shady. They fit okay, but they are not as comfortable as previous economical boots. I think the rubber is stiff or something, which makes them feel a little clunky when I walk. They do this flip-flap thing around my ankle when I walk, and they are shaped a little oddly around my foot. They were the cheapest that I could find and had a good review rating. I paid for it. I think they are worth $20. I am going to try a different brand when these wear out because of the rubber around the ankles cracking. These are good, but I want more. I will let you know how long they last. I wore these a lot in my muddy yard. They have become more comfortable. I was holding up well to my yard work. I read reviews myself and write honest ones to help others. I know how helpful they can be. I hope my review helped you.

👤These boots are not strong enough for me to wear. The side of the boot was cracking in a few places after only 4 months. The foot pad comes out when you take your foot out of the boot. Water stains can be seen on the interior of the boot, as well as the covering on the foot pad. I don't walk in water, so I only use these to clean out an animal pen. The boots are not waterproof, but they are water resistant until the sides crack. I love the fit, so I will order one more pair and see how they hold up. I hope my next pair lasts longer.

👤I like the rubber boots. I wear a size 6 M. I have short legs. I put them in the last hole. There is a lot of room to put my legs inside the boot. It was only worn in the house for a while. I bought them for gardening. It's too cold for me to do that at the moment, but I will try them out in the next few weeks. I read a lot of different reviews. Some said too large, others too small. I took a chance when I grew tired of going from one company to the next. When I go outside and actually use them for gardening, the true test will come. I am very pleased at the moment. The polka dots are adorable. I still like cute things. I think I will look stylish preforming some dirty work. I will feel safer. I am deathly afraid of snakes. I bought them because of that. They come up higher than others. I am from the South and I think that snakes do in my yard.

9. Merrell Siren Edge Waterproof Navy

Merrell Siren Edge Waterproof Navy

Made in the USA or imported. Water is sealed out by a waterproof membrane. The lace is traditional. The tongue keeps out debris. The mesh lining is Breathable.

Brand: Merrell

👤I bought these shoes to keep my feet dry on my walks with my dog. I walk in the mornings when the ground is wet and I have always thought that Merrell had lightweight shoes. They are lightweight but not waterproof. My feet were wet on my first walk. They leaked at the top of the shoe just above the toe on both shoes. I will keep them because they are comfortable, but only when the grass is dry.

👤The description states that the women's Siren Edge 3 is not waterproof. I bought these for my daughter so she can keep her feet dry. She told me that her socks were soaked on the first rainy day. She wore them outside and can't return them. Don't waste money on this garbage. Instead of buying from Amazon, you will be buying directly from the manufacturers' website. She bought a pair of boots from the website and is so happy because her feet are dry.

👤A great shoe. I have had the non waterproof style for many years and have never fallen apart. Merrill inserts were never comfortable for me and I wear my orthotics in these. These may be too tight if you have a wide foot. My foot is average and I have to wear a thin socks.

👤My 4th pair is great for traveling since they look decent with a pair of yoga pants, and can be used for hiking and walking. It is comfortable and stylish. I have hiked up to 12 miles and my feet are still good.

👤I love that these look like sneakers, but they are too tight for me and I have no use for them. Went up a half size which seemed doable. It should have gone up a full size. My foot was throbbing after 3 or so miles in Iceland. These will be short jaunts around town now that I can't return.

👤This is my first pair of Merrell's, but I am very happy with the brand. It makes me nuts that I have struggles with overpriced shoes having no support. These don't fall in that category. Even for my high arches, they have great support. I am very impressed since it is my first pair of hiking shoes of any kind and how different they feel on the foot. When I first tried them on, I was a little worried that they would be too snug, but they fit perfectly and I don't have to wear regular sneakers on the trails. They fit even better as I broke them in. I haven't tested the waterproof qualities yet, but I have not noticed any issues on my hike.

👤I had the siren edge 3 for a month and it fit and felt great. I enlarged it from 7 to 71/2. The waterproof version of the siren edge 3 is much tighter in the ball and toe area than the siten edge 3 is. I ordered a new color for the siren edge 3 because I was not crazy about the other colors, but I hope it fits as well as the one I own. The width for toes and ball of foot of the waterproof version of the siren edge 3 was not good. I ordered a medium width in both versions of the shoe.

10. Timberland Mens Maddsen Hiker Black

Timberland Mens Maddsen Hiker Black

The shaft is from the arch. The Heel is about 1.5 inches. The platform is about 1 inch. The boot opening is around 8.

Brand: Timberland

👤These are not authentic shoes. The seams are not straight, the glue is not applied correctly between the shoe and heel, and the smell is awful. There is no real leather smell here. Shame!

👤I wore these boots twice and they fell apart. The sole separation from the boot is shown in the photo. It took about a month to get these. The support is lacking. The boots were great, I put new insoles in them. I wore them on the hike. The sole of one of the boots ripped off on Day 2. Very disappointed! I've put the soles back on. The rest of the rubber is no longer laminated. After about 10 days of wear. Absolutely junk!

👤I bought these shoes for my husband because he was going on a hiking trip. We probably hiked 20 miles over a week's time, but they held up well. My husband continued to wear them while he worked outside on the weekends. The shoes were falling apart by early November. I was expecting these to last for a year or two after I paid for them.

👤I was surprised to see that the first pair I owed was made in Vietnam. They lasted 7 months. When I went to order another pair, I found that all the websites I tried were sold out. Amazon had my size. The shoes were made in China. The fit was slightly bigger than my foot, and not the same as the first pair. The laces are longer than they need to be. The right shoe does not stay tied. The shoes are water proof. I wish I had another pair of shoes that were made in Vietnam as they fit better. 10/08/18 The laces are undone when the shoe lace comes undone. They don't stay tied when they get wet.

👤I bought these boots because I wanted to support timberland. They made a statement a few years back that their boots were more than just a fashion statement. The sole of the boots is coming away from the boot, this leaves them less waterproof than they should be. I noticed a void in the application of the glue when I inspected the boots, but I didn't think it was a problem. The boots did not hold up. Maybe these boots are better suited for a runway. They aren't for a blue collar worker or outdoor enthusiast.

👤I'm a meat dept manager with large feet. I've thrown everything at them, but these fit perfect. My fat butt is about 315 grams and these are very comfortable. My work environment stays damp, they get blood, oil, grease, and some pretty darn powerful cleaners on it, so far so good. Despite the constant abuse, they have lasted 9 months and have not fallen apart. If you want to go, get some mink oil and rub it down every month or so.

👤Not durable. I loved these for a while. It was very comfortable on the trail. The seam has only been used for 5 months.

11. Dunlop 8677611 Lightweight Protective Footwear

Dunlop 8677611 Lightweight Protective Footwear

The design is 25% lighter than classic boots. The BAY-LOC outsole has channels to repel water. The pull tab is easy to use.

Brand: Dunlop Protective Footwear

👤I wear these boots every day to work on our dairy farm. The tread was great and no one was slipping on wet surfaces. I could work in them with my insoles. After just 3 months, the tread is worn down and there is a hole at the back of the boot. These boots are good if you don't wear them a lot.

👤Yes, it's waterproof. If you plan on wearing these for more than an hour, I suggest buying some insoles. These are cheap and thin insoles.

👤I work for a union. These work well. Go off and do it easy. You have to wear an 11 1/2 and be ordered a size 12. They fit.

👤The first pair of rain style boots I ever purchased was a different model and was ordered in a size 11. The fit of most of the footwear I purchase is perfect. I can not describe how large they are. I felt like a 7 year old when I put on the 11. I thought ordering a size 10 would work. My heels are always lifting up as I walk. The size 9 would have been fine, but I don't care anymore. I tried to fill up as much free play as I could, so take this warning seriously. They run fast. You might want to go 2 sizes lower.

👤I've found that extratuff and muckboots keep up. I recommend that you get a pair of Dr Scholls inserts. There is an update. The left boot fell apart after a month after it began to rip along the feet. Despite the lack of longevity, the boot is still a great one.

👤I wanted to leave the boots outside by the back door so I could slip them on easily when walking my dog. They were great for that. Since they are all rubber, they didn't oxidize due to being left outside. The finger holes at the top make them easy to pull on. After 8 months of daily use, that part broke. I am impatient so I pull them hard. I found comfort and fit once I put an insulated foot in. I ordered an 11 and they were a bit loose before that. One of my boots is always flopped over when I leave them, the rubber shafts are a bit flaccid. If I wasn't abusing them so much they would probably have lasted longer, because they were great for daily use. Steel toe was good for wood splitting.

👤These boots are really nice. They have a raised spot where your ankle bones are to prevent them from rubbing against your body. The grip circles at the top make pulling them off easier. The toes are roomy and they are comfortable to walk in. I am a women's size 10 shoe. The men's size 8 was just right for me. I put my shoes in my feet. I have worn them many times and they have not leaked. A hard rain can easily get in between the boot and pants, and then your feet can get wet. This is not a fault of the boot. They aren't meant to keep pouring rain. The plastic they are made of has a strong off-gassing chemical smell, but it's not a flaw or defect, it's the nature of the material. I have a very keen sense of smell and this smell was a big annoyance. As the boots brush against your pants, the smell can transfer onto them. The smell is likely to transfer onto any porous surface they come into contact with. If you are concerned about the smell transferring onto the floors and items in your home, I recommend that you store these boots in a box by themselves, on a mat, or on concrete. The smell of the boots is not noticeable to you. The smell of these boots is not a deal breaker for me, and I still love them! You can work in the yard, wash your car, go hiking, attend a creek stomp event, go fishing, or whatever you want, with these boots. Pun intended. Your feet will stay dry as long as the water remains beneath the grip circles. I am amazed by the value of the money. The reinforced toes are nice, and I like the thick treads. Thank you for making this great product!


What is the best product for fishing shoes women waterproof?

Fishing shoes women waterproof products from Huk. In this article about fishing shoes women waterproof you can see why people choose the product. Columbia and Tidewe are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing shoes women waterproof.

What are the best brands for fishing shoes women waterproof?

Huk, Columbia and Tidewe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing shoes women waterproof. Find the detail in this article.

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