Best Fishing Shorts for Men Long

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1. Columbia Permit Short 34x6 Inch Fossil

Columbia Permit Short 34x6 Inch Fossil

Rod holder, Vented, Utility loop. Sun protection with the Omni-Shade is 30 degrees. A multi-functional pocket.

Brand: Columbia

👤I'm 57 years old and the 34 fit perfectly for me. I have been wearing shorts most of my life, but I hated them when they came into fashion in the 80s, I liked them when they were 6-7 inseam, but I didn't like them when they were longer. These shorts are like old school shorts with decent pockets and dry quickly. I hope I can last until the fashion rolls around to shorts that are shorts in the mean time, I'm looking for what fits my needs. These are the ones that hold the line.

👤The shorts are great, but they are too small. The material is very durable and cool in the heat. The issue is with the size. I tried the 32 inch shorts with a 33 waist size. They stay up without a belt but are tight in the groin area. The 34" waist band was better for my groin but would slide down my butt after walking around with a wallet and keys.

👤I'm built like a cartoon character. If you hate shorts that go below your knees, then you will love these. I'm 220 lbs and love the squat rack. I bought a 6 inseam version and love it. The material is light and nice looking, which makes it good for hiking or picnicking. There are lots of pockets as well. I usually buy 34 waist, but I bought 36 and was happy. A 38 probably wouldn't have hurt. I don't like baggy and the 36 is slim fitting on me. I can't imagine a better short hike. I would buy a bigger waist size for you as they don't have a lot of give and will not expand with wear like cotton shorts. If you are 6' plus, I would go with the 10 inseam because they will look like rugby shots on you. I think the model is around 6'1, based on how these look on me. If you are an outdoors lover, you may want to buy an extra pair of shoes. Fishing, hiking, camping will likely wear out. I bought them because they are not heavy duty. I have worn a best short in the past. I'm buying a pair in every color.

👤I bought my first pair of Columbia's at a thrift store. I was very pleased to find that they are still available from Columbia and at a fair price, even though they have gone out of style. The design is good with functional and zippered pockets, and I love the "cargo" kind of leg pockets. I keep my cellphone there because it fits in my pocket and I don't want it to fall out. The waist has some expandibility that I appreciate. I've left my tapered waist somewhere over the years, they're made of a nylon-like material which is durable, lightweight, and quick-drying. The short inseam is what I wanted and they fit as expected. I don't like my shorts bagging around my knees. I'd recommend them if this design works for you.

2. MAGCOMSEN Shorts Pockets Fishing Tactical

MAGCOMSEN Shorts Pockets Fishing Tactical

Quick-Drying, Stretch and Breathable are qualities of the fabric. The nylon fabric is quick dry and will keep you cooler. There are 5 pockets in this capri pants, including 2 side pockets, 2 deep cargo pockets, and 1 zip up back pocket. The partial elastic at the waist will make you feel more comfortable. The shorts are athletic. The quick dry pants are perfect for hiking, running, camping, jogging, fishing, gym, casual shorts or work shorts.


👤I liked the shorts. I didn't like the price. I believe a made in china product should cost less. We need to get manufacturing and textile jobs back from China, we have given up too much to China. 2020 is when Trump will have a vice president.

👤I know they're men. I prefer shorts that are longer. I would literally wear them every day because they are so comfortable and lightweight. Most women's shorts don't have any of the pockets that this one has. Not a single person regrets purchasing these.

👤I like the fit of the shorts. I don't like the noise they make. The front pockets are deep, I like that, but I would prefer regular front pockets, they are not bad pockets. It depends on what pocket you want. I wanted long shorts to wear on my motorcycle to stop getting burnt by my tail pipes, and these are long enough to look good, and they do the job. I carry something. The 38s fit well with the elastic in the waist, perfect for a belt.

👤The quality was not great. It was also loud when I walked. The fabric was more like a swimsuit than walking shorts.

👤We expected these to fit. The first time he wore them, they ripped between his legs. Will not buy again.

👤It was very light and airy. It's a good idea to carry wallet and other items with you at the beach. The price is very affordable.

👤I got these because of the picture. They looked great on the model. I have a few pros and cons after getting these shirts. The pros are that it is very lightweight, has an elastic waist, and dries very quickly. The noise they make due to the material is a negative. I use these shorts as work shorts because they dry fast and are comfortable to wear. The model in the picture looks better than they do.

👤I read the reviews and found them to be light, quick drying, and comfortable, but I don't want to take them off. I looked down and saw that I was wearing them right now, even though I hadn't reviewed them yet. I found them to be comfortable and enjoyable to wear. They have always been dry and ready to leave.

👤It is difficult to find capri pants for men. I like them because they are not as casual as shorts. The capris I just bought are excellent. It was a perfect fit. The fabric is great. It's nice and light for summer. They came quickly as well. Very happy.

3. Billabong Mens Classic Hybrid Short

Billabong Mens Classic Hybrid Short

Cotton is 22% and nylon is 4%. It is made for land or water. The Billabong men's classic stretch submersible hybrid short can be worn as a staple chino short or can be worn in the water as your favorite pair of board shorts. Performance stretch fabric provides both comfort and performance on land and in the water. Classic sparring. This hybrid walk short is made with four way stretch micro-repel fabric and features a fixed waistband, mesh-lined pockets, and a hidden back right zip.

Brand: Billabong

👤They fit well and look great. I bought these for a trip to Mexico. I looked very stylish but they didn't make me look like I was trying to be 18 again. They were true to their size.

👤2 sizes larger TRUST ME. I have a 38/40 waist and 5.6" hips. I have worn board shorts all my life and they are very snug for a stocky guy like me. They fit perfectly and have an awesome feel. I can go swimming in them and then go out to dinner.

👤I have only had them for a week, so I don't know how they will hold up, but I really like them. I feel like I can give them places to go for things to do. It's lightweight, flexible and a bit refine. The must for me is to have a pocket with a zip to make sure that a small item stays with me. I like the color of the asphalt, but also have a variety of it.

👤They were given 4 stars because they are a tad shorter than the pictures. It's just short and comfortable.

👤The advertised 21 inches outseam is less than 20 inches.

👤The suckers were a little snug through the butt and hips. These aren't for you if you are more on the atheletic side.

👤My husband likes these shorts. I read the reviews and they fit perfectly. It's a great quality, comfortable and versatile to dress up or wear casually.

👤The fabric of the shorts is very stretchy. There is no stretching in the waistband. I was hoping for a snug fit there. That is the only complaint I have about the product. Additional comfort would be provided by a little waist stretch.

👤The shorts are comfortable and flexible. I bought these as a replacement for a pair that stood the test of time and brutality. I wanted to see how the new pair would hold up. These are shorter, tighter and have a plastic feel. I liked them when they were bigger and softer. The Rab Crank shorts are my new go to for all things active, but they're not quite the staple in my wardrobe.

👤The producto recibido is not new. Adems, asquerosamente vena en la bolsa del short un palillo con hilo dental sangrentado. Asqueroso... regale a alguien, porque ami me conservarlo.

👤I usually get what I would get for this size, but it's off for this one.

👤My husband loves them and they were a gift.

4. Amazon Essentials Loose Fit Performance X Large

Amazon Essentials Loose Fit Performance X Large

Roomy fit through the hip, thigh, and leg. The active stretch fabric is lightweight and absorbent. The draw cord is at the waist.


👤Stitch came out after 3 months.

👤Cheaply made. After 2 trips through the laundry the seams are falling apart because the material is too thin. Save money by buying a better pair of shorts. I don't think the item should have the Amazon name.

👤I have a 30” waist and these shorts are comfortable and good fit. They are comfortable and soft. I have a 30” waist and they fit great in the size that I am. I like the fact that the shorts have pockets, I don't like having pockets. I would recommend these shorts.

👤I wear shorts that are large. These are what I think of as 2XL or 3XL. They are measured across the waistband with no tension. The draw cord is not very helpful if you have to rely on it. These should fit a person with a 50-54" waist. If you wear a 38" waist, buy the Large and they will be loose and baggy, but acceptable.

👤The shorts are nice, but they take on everything. They should be a little more durable.

👤I was not expecting much from these shorts. I play basketball frequently. I was looking for a mesh-like short that could be used for a lot of activity. These shorts fit the bill. The large fit is perfect for me, I am 215 pounds. The shorts end above the knee. You can't beat it for $6 a piece. The pockets are deep enough to keep items from falling out. I would buy again.

👤I have a 38 waist, I ordered a large, great fit, and I am 6 feet tall. These shorts have the same silky feel as the Champion shorts, but they cost less, and I haven't washed them yet, but I do cold wash.

👤I was very skeptical about purchasing these as the only reviews available at the time, but I can say without a doubt that they match and exceed any other gym shorts that are brand name. I had a small issue with one of the pairs of shorts when I put things in the pockets that were close to me. The pockets are not aligned quite as well as they should be. I will definitely be buying more of these in the future.

👤J'ai beaucoup de ce produit. Je m'ais donc des produits de pitre qualité, je pensais pour l'instant. s'ils vont durer longtemps, il reste voir s'ils. Je ne recommande pas du tout. The finalement la qualité est trs médicocre.

👤These shorts are huge for my large size. They fall down even when I do up the drawstring as tight as possible. If I could get them to stay up, the material would be good for working out. Buy a smaller size than your normal one.

👤Es precisamente. My son is perfecto, he is ligeros para ejercicio, para dormir. Ahora, con el covid-19, a diario en casa. Is it possible to recomiendo ampliamente?

👤The husband says they are light and comfortable, but the waist is large. He has to pull the strings tight. I just bought him more larges because he doesn't want a smaller size.

5. Hanes Jersey Short Pockets X Large

Hanes Jersey Short Pockets X Large

The cotton-rich jersey blend is soft. The elastic waistband has a drawstring. 100% cotton. Heathers are made of cotton and polyester.

Brand: Hanes

👤If you are looking for premium, soft shorts, look elsewhere. The material leaves a lot to be desired. They feel like cotton material. After a few washes, hopefully they will be soft. They are still comfortable. I'm 5'11" 158 lbs and I ordered medium. The waistband is not tight. It is just right. The length is a little shorter than I would prefer, but they are fine. I bought them for the house. They are worth the $6.00 I paid. If this helped, please clickHelpful.

👤The product is made of cotton and polyester. 50% cotton, 50% polyester. This is false advertising.

👤I bought all three of them because I didn't know which was the best. All three are very similar. I bought a smaller size because of the stretchy waistband. I like the fit on all 3 and am glad I went smaller. I don't like baggy clothes. The Hanes are acceptable, but I preferred the Fruit of the Loom for deeper pockets and a more sturdy fabric. The three are fine for lounging or working out.

👤All Hanes, 4 pair, assorted colors. Every pair is a 50% blend of cotton and polyester. They'll make good dust rags, shame at the cost, these are premium dust rags.

👤Black gym shorts are very basic. The pockets are large and fit what I need when I work out, which is a cell phone and inhaler. There are pockets. The waist band does not interfere with the fit. The color does not run in the laundry when it is washed in white or lights. During light and intense workouts, breathes well. I haven't tested it in salt water, but it works well as a backup bathing suit. After 2 weeks of use and washing, stitching has not 888-405-7720 888-405-7720. The price is exceptional. My two boys and I were dressed for 15 dollars. I will have gotten my money's worth if they last 6 months. My shipping was free because I bundled these items with a larger order. I was very pleased with the packaging. There was a light plastic bag and no super strong shrink wrapped bags. The plastic bags are not good for toddlers or small children. If you want to return the shorts, be careful because there are no tags on them. If you are looking for shorts that are not too long or too short, this is the model for you. They are compliant with nearly any school dress code. Carrying essentials can be carried in basic pockets. I didn't see metal eyelets, so they should be okay for hospital, doctor visits, and the like, but please check with the provider first to make sure. I have no doubts about giving this product 5 stars.

👤These shorts aren't great, but they're exactly as expected, which isn't always the case nowadays. The fabric is not too thick or reedy. The number of threads is not high. The pockets are large. The shorts fit which, in my case, means I can order a size or two smaller than today's norm so I can approximate my favorite shorts from the '70s and '80s...and not the basketball / capri / flood shorts everyone seems to wear today. Short legs demand shorts. I hem these when I'm sufficiently motivated. They have a small inseam. I bought six more after sampling a single pair.

6. Wrangler Authentics Premium Relaxed Twill

Wrangler Authentics Premium Relaxed Twill

Relax fit. The cargo shorts sit at the natural waist with a relaxed seat and thigh. The short is made with an 11 inch inseam and will keep you comfortable all day. There is a quick-access vault. There are cargo flap pockets, back flap pockets, and slash pockets for easy-access storage. It's a great way to safely store your cell-phone, tools, wallet, and other items. The materials aredurable. These shorts are made from long- lasting cotton and are comfortable.

Brand: Wrangler Authentics

👤I wanted "cargo shorts." The military look without all that drilling, marching, and shooting is what you know. A fashion victory! Is that a fruit in my pocket? Yes! An orange. There is a pocket comb. There is an extra set of keys. My sunglasses! Totally prepared now! How many times have you been in a restaurant? I wish I had brought my own jar of mayonnaise. I own the jar of mayonnaise. That's not what I got. None of the pockets I have will hold a jar of mayo. I don't put my phone in sideways unless it wants to jump out because the pocket is barely deep enough for a sideways phone. The person who came up with this idea should be assigned to the company cafeteria, where people can get extra mayo in the paper cups. The pockets are not big enough for everyone. The form and fit are good. I would love to wear these shorts. They get an F for function. Look elsewhere for your mayo needs.

👤I purchased these for a week long trip to the theme parks and couldn't have been happier. I didn't have to put my items in a locker because I kept my wallet in my pocket and put my sunglasses in them. I was worried that the material would be heavy and make me sweat more in the heat, but it was just right.

👤I wear these shorts all the time. I have for a long time. I usually buy them at Walmart. My size 42 is not available there. Has not been since last summer. Do I want to shop at Amazon? Prices can vary. I think it's acceptable to have around $20 plus a little. I found my size 42 and it was in stock. Awesome. It takes 2 weeks for me to place my order. They forgot to send it. Someone gets a spanking in the back office and someone else gets to send it out. It arrived like 10 days late. I open the package to check the size because I expect evil mechanisms to play. It's over. It's a 42. Thank you. There is a I try them on a week later. Let's rephrase that. I try to put them on. I am too big to wear a size 40, but my old 42 is loose. Is this a new pair of shorts? I am close to closing the button. No way can I wear them. There is a If a real 42 is loose for me and a real 40 is a bit tight, what size is this? A 38 or 36? Do you mean with a 42 label on it? Relax fit, comfort fit, plaid or straight are some of the different models that come to mind. They should all be 42, not the smaller sizes. I don't like ordering online. I am torn if I should send it back. The next guy is going to get a spanking if I do. I think I will give them away. There are a lot of people in need. If you see a homeless man in NYC with cargo shorts hanging under his butt because they are too small, you know where he got them. I don't have a new pair of shorts.

7. Columbia Silver Ridge Cargo Fossil

Columbia Silver Ridge Cargo Fossil

Columbia's Silver Ridge Cargo Short has advanced technology that protects you against harmful rays as well as keeping you cool and dry. There areANDY features. The men's durable short has one zip-closure security pocket, side pockets with hook and loop closure, and mesh pocket bags for ultimate convenience and security. There are adjusted features. The active man has ultimate comfort thanks to a partial elastic waist and gusset detail. This short cargo is made of a classic fit for ultimate comfortability. Be safe and protected. The Omni-Shade blocks the sun's harmful rays. The UV absorbent yarns block harmful UV rays.

Brand: Columbia

👤I bought them from a store that rhymes with Prick's. I owned a few pairs a few years ago, and loved how lightweight they were. My past joy was replaced by anger, as my regular size was very tight in my man-junk area. I willed myself to wear these for an entire day, just to prove a point, though the reason is not clear. I saw a future of nylon castration, even though I was past my prime. It will make you angry if you have your testicles compressed. I'm always angry. Back at the Hall of Justice, I found that Amazon had a better price on several, but not all, colors. I found many recommendations to size up when I searched the word "size" in the reviews. I returned the undersized overgarment to the store that makes many men afraid of revealing how much they love it. I had to try the next size up before I left. I was surprised that they were a perfect fit. I have larger than average quads, bro, and glutes, but you didn't ask. Unless you have the legs of a bird, and you left your a$$ in your other pants, Size up, son!

👤These shorts are cool, lightweight and have a built-in belt. There is a The fabric has pros and cons, when wet, it dries quickly, and if the wind blows, it dries faster. There is a The fabric is so thin and small that it shows well your gender and religion. While stylish, be warned, these shorts will show your equipment down there.

👤I like Columbia products. They are light and dry quickly. Over the last 20 years, I have purchased at least 6 pairs of shorts. The shorts cut off the front pockets from the lowest possible depth. Why would they do that? These are shorts. Every time I sit down, my cell phone falls out of my pocket. I ran around in a panic trying to find my phone but found it in the last chair I was in or in my car seat. The stress of losing my phone is unbearable. I tried to put the phone in the lower front pocket, but it slaps on my thigh and then slaps the back of my leg. The lower front pocket is not the solution. I'm pretty sure that they have removed all pockets from men's skinny jeans and women's clothing. I don't want to buy a European Man Bag for myself. Columbia must state that they have changed the product that they have been selling for years. I could have returned it. I had washed it. I don't like returning things. I stop buying from that company. I will fool you once.

👤I own a number of Columbia products and I like them. The Silver Ridge Cargo shorts are light weight, have tons of pockets, and dry quickly when wet. But... I ordered a 36" waist, which says 36-38, but they are more like 35, and stretch a lot to get to 36, and no way they fit 38. The rear pockets are held with a small piece of velcro that doesn't secure tightly and twice my wallet has fallen out at a restaurant while sitting. I am doing it and it isn't as comfortable as you say. Please follow Izod and other people and put the zippers on your back pockets as well. I won't buy them again if they don't have rear pockets.

8. Amazon Essentials Classic Fit Cargo Silver

Amazon Essentials Classic Fit Cargo Silver

Roomy through the hip and thigh. The person is sitting at the waist. The cotton is soft and lightweight. Sits at the waist.


👤I like these shorts. The buttons on the shorts were mentioned by other reviewers, but it can be fixed by sewing on a couple strips of Velcro. The shorts are comfortable. I needed a pair of shorts that were practical and comfortable to wear biking and hiking. Women's pants don't have pockets because they're made to show off our butt, not hold a cell phone, keys, or anything else. I'm happy with my new shorts, I'm past the age of looking cute.

👤I was a little worried since some reviewers claimed that the buttons were hard to open or larger than the advertised waist size. I bought 3 cargo shorts and was very happy with them. Not a tight fit, but built solid, not flap, and sits a little above the knee. I am a waist 36, 6'1. I can use them without a belt and they are nice colors. Red is not blood red or bright, it is a slight red and looks like a jean blue. They look like regular cargo shorts but are made to last. I normally buy 38 so that I can use a belt with them, but was getting annoyed of not being able to use them without a belt that I went for exact size fit and was surprised they didn't hug the stomach and better fit overall. Less of a baggy effect but still loose on the sides. Will purchase more colors in the future.

👤The fly is the biggest problem before I talk buttons. The opening is less than five inches. Most openings are shorter than 6 inches. The fishing expedition becomes unbecoming when standing at the facility. I give the shorts a downward yank to position the fly. Some reviewers noted buttons coming off. I think it's because the buttons are thick. The sewing on these shorts is average, but they should double up on the button threads. Better yet, they should have buttons with edges that are not straight. I think they got a good deal on the fat buttons. Otherwise, the YKK zip up. The small teeth are still YKK. The new standard seems to be -5 belt loops. The standard number of pickets is 6. It's as advertised, or maybe a little over, for my 33" waist. If you leave the pockets unbuttoned, it's a good value. The lower front pockets have a double flap. They are very secure and difficult to open. Pickpockets beware.

👤I have been pleased with the shorts so far. The cut of them is nice, it hits slightly above my knee. The silhouette is trim and modern. The camo is green and brown, and the colors are nice. The fabric is lighter than most cargo shorts, which is great for when it is really hot out, but it is not known how this will affect durability. I am a professional automotive mechanic, and these things see tons of abuse every time I wear them. Grease, oil, fluids and chemicals are all used. They are washed hot every week. I will report back on how they hold up in the long run, this is not an ideal environment for them to be in. There is no 28 waist. I am not sure why Amazon excludes this commonly-worn size from their run of sizes. The market of young people and those with smaller frames is ignored. The item from return to fit well enough with a belt for wearing at work was a little smaller after its first hot wash. There are two more The front pockets are so deep, that if you clip a penlight, sharpie, and pen into the top corner of the cargo pocket, and have your phone in the same side, the two items will bang together annoyingly. It is something to be aware of, but most people won't run into it.

9. Dickies Loose Twill Cargo 32

Dickies Loose Twill Cargo 32

Cotton is 65% and Polyester is 35%. It is a classic fortress. This short is smart looking and fits in the seat and thigh. It has two cargo pockets for more storage. The poly/cotton twill is durable. There is a certain functionality. This short has a casual waistband, a hook and eye closure, and their signature tunnel belt loops for extra belt support. Quality and dependability are important. Quality, comfort, and value are what their shorts are made for. Their workwear products have distinctive designs with attention to detail, including easy carewrinkle resistant fabrics, roomy pockets, and sturdy zippers and buttons. The world's leading performance workwear brand, Dickies has been making quality workwear since 1922. Every day, all of the clothing from Dickies offers classic style and long- lasting comfort. They make jeans, outerwear, school uniforms, sports shirts, kids wear, hats, socks, underwear, boots, gloves, belts, eyewear, backpacks, bags, and much more.

Brand: Dickies

👤It was perfect. I wear a 38 but prefer a 40. It fits perfectly.

👤It is my style. I like it. Everyone has their own advice. Buy a bigger size. I took some pictures. I am a size 40 and bought a 42. It is not a belt.

👤I bought two pairs of shorts. I liked the Khaki colored ones. The material is strong and fits well. I ordered a black pair of them just a couple of days after I bought them, because I like them so much. The shorts are made with a thinner material and have a different style. The Khaki pair has a metal slide, the black pair has a button. The black pair has small thin loops that I can expect to break soon, while the Khaki pair has thick loops. I like both pairs. They are completely different styles. The description doesn't say that different colors are made in different styles.

👤I have been slacking on bike riding since I ordered the 32s a few years ago. I've gone up to 36. I ordered one of these in 36 and also got some new wrangler shorts in 36 because I am going to ride a lot this summer. These are in size 36 and the wranglers are in size 35. The only difference in 32s was 1 inch and the Wranglers were worn out. I don't know if it's on the Wrangles end or the Dickies end. I think a bigger size is needed at the 2 inch difference. wranglers run large and these are proper size, so why I am telling the measurements. It makes sense to me that 36's should be about 36 inches, but I don't think a lot of the measurement systems we use are accurate. I measured my old worn out 32 Wrangler shorts and they have a circumference of 34 inches. These are about 33 inches in size. These are new and my other shorts are worn out. They are likely to be the same size when they are new. The length shown in the picture depends on how tall you are and how high you wear them. I got these because I can't have bagginess in the crotch area when I ride my bike because I wear shorts that show half of my thighs. These shorts stop at my knees when I wear them high.

👤So far, so good. I have washed these shorts several times without any issues. It's difficult to find shorts that aren't too short for my boyfriend, who is 6'5". These fall below his knees, which is great. The pockets are strong. The pockets are not like the other cargo shorts. I like the metal latch above the button more than the button. The buttons come off. This is a better way to fit the waist for him, and they fit perfectly. We'll be getting more like that.

👤I got 3 pairs of imitations. They are not the same ones in the add pictures as the ones I ordered last year. They have different size belt loops, different color stitching, totally different stitched pattern, and they didn't have a wide white inner waistband with the Dickies logo. I didn't notice the differences until after I washed them. I had expected them to do the same. I had to have them for my new job at the time that this happened. The shorts I received are the same ones I took pictures of. The black and gray ones have the same stitching and patterns as the other ones, and the metal flat hook style latch.

10. Wrangler Authentics Elastic Utility Short

Wrangler Authentics Elastic Utility Short

Relax fit. These shorts are made to keep you comfortable through any activity, they are designed with a relaxed fit and comfort waistband. The shorts have a 10-inch inseam that hits right at the knee for all day comfort. A mid rise is at the waist. There is a collapsible pantyhose. Their innovative flex waistband is made with comfort in mind and is a good fit that moves and bends with you. Water repels. These shorts feature water-repellant fabric so they can keep the action going in the rain or shine. These shorts have you covered from campsite to yard work.

Brand: Wrangler Authentics

👤All of the reviewers seem to miss a few points or are just writing positive reviews because these "fit", but you're already on the downhill slope if you're purchasing "expandable" shorts. 1. The material feels like a nylon bathing suit and a 1980's t-shirt, and it's just downright strange. 2. If you sit in these shorts in a desk chair for a while, you start to get sweaty in the nether regions. I'm not sitting in a room that's 80 degrees. It's odd that they don't breathe when they wear shorts. The shorts were weird from material to comfort. My wife hated them because of the old man's elastic on the sides. Returned to Amazon.

👤These shorts are great for my son. The snap at the waist is more convenient for him than a button. The elastic on the sides of the waistband helps him with his weight fluctuations. The material is light-weight, perfect for hot weather, and does notwrinkle, even if not folded right away after coming out of the dryer. I bought one in every color. I am very happy with these shorts.

👤These are the most comfortable shorts I have ever owned, and they were designed by bad boys who put a lot of thought into them. The shorts are made of a material that is loose and cool. I usually keep my keys or ear phones in the two rear pockets with the small compartment in the front left pocket, because I don't have to worry about them falling out.

👤My husband is picky about his shorts because he works graveyard freight at a grocery store and needs to be able to bend and move but not have "Plumber's crack" going. It's difficult to find shorts that can do both because they're sliding down when you bend over. He has commented on how much he likes the shorts. We would order 5 if they had a button.

👤These shorts were not what I was expecting, and not in a good way. I love the style andDurability of the Wrangler products. I thought these pants would be the same. They were not. If there was no brand on them, I would think they were Hagger. They are like shorts for old men, very light weight and baggy with a ribbed neckline that is not readily apparent when you view the pictures for purchase. If you want a ribbed baggy pair of shorts, then these are the shorts for you.

👤The size of these shorts seems to run right on target. I'm a big guy with big legs and two pairs of shoes that fit well. The fit is very comfortable, but the legs are a little snug. The material is very comfortable in hot weather. I have not seen any issues with the fabric so far, but time will tell. I have had these for a while now and after wearing the various color versions I bought, I can say these are definitely worth the money. If you spill something on them, they will completely clean off with a damp rag, which is a good thing.

11. Outdoor Expandable Lightweight Resistant Fishing

Outdoor Expandable Lightweight Resistant Fishing

The fabric is machine washed. The fly has a button closure. Men's shorts elastic waist is suitable for most people and body shape. Men's casual shorts are made of high quality fabric and work overtime to keep you cool. Men's hiking shorts have a sun protection fabric that reduces your exposure to harmful UVA/UVB radiation. Men's shorts have 2 front slash pockets, 2 back pockets, and 2 thigh pockets with hook and loop closure. Men's summer shorts are mid and high rise, 3D cutting, suitable for daily wear, hiking, hunting, travelling, camping, fishing, mountaineering, biking, cycling.

Brand: Jessie Kidden

👤The shorts are not broken. The material seems water resistant but feels like a windbreaker to me. That will probably improve with washing. The depth of the front pockets is something I don't like. They stopped at the top of the leg's flap. The pocket depth is only 4. When you sit down, stuff tries to get out.

👤The shorts are well sewn and length is to the knees which is a good thing. The mesh lining of the pockets helps keep things cool. The material seems to last. It's helpful to have elastic gussets to allow for different waist sizes. The shorts have a basic belt with them. The value is for the price. The shorts need to be longer so they are easier to put on and use, and the zip for the fly needs to be longer so it is not short. The cargo pocket on the left side is not of good quality. The side cargo pocket and back pockets have a loud velcro closure, which is not good for long-term use, snaps or other type of closure would have been better. The belt loops are narrow, meaning how thick a belt you can put through them. The fabric belt that you use to carry a multi-tool is very thin and does not provide much support. A thick fabric or leather belt is more difficult to get through.

👤The material is thin, the leg openings are large, and the front pockets are shallow. Quality control may be in question because of stray threads. The phone pocket is nice. They are quickly dried. It is true to size. There is no brand name or number. I bought a pair that were returned. Yes, worth fifteen dollars. Explore other options. I bought a pair of shorts at the store. The value is much better with no flaws mentioned. Men's hiking shorts 10" waterproof quick dry shorts Tactical shorts for camping fishing outdoor activity

👤The leg openings are too wide and the legs are too long, but it is well made and the 34" waist is correct. I look like I'm wearing a skirt.

👤It is so funny to me when a product talks about a feature that is not available in another product. I keep them because they are comfortable.

👤The material is very thin. The length is not bad. The overall fit means the hips to crotch side to side is awkward. I looked like I had a wedgie in the front. They look terrible and are not like the picture.

👤It's a nice material for a hot day. I liked the stretch. The fit was fine but the length was a tad past my knee caps. Maybe that is what some guys are wearing with their man-bun, but I am not wearing capris. I could roll them up. Nope, returned.

👤There is no flexibility in the thighs. Even though the waist size is fine, it is very restrictive.

👤My husband liked the shorts. The fit is very good and he likes the fabric.


What is the best product for fishing shorts for men long?

Fishing shorts for men long products from Columbia. In this article about fishing shorts for men long you can see why people choose the product. and Billabong are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing shorts for men long.

What are the best brands for fishing shorts for men long?

Columbia, and Billabong are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing shorts for men long. Find the detail in this article. Hanes, Wrangler Authentics and Dickies are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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