Best Fishing Shorts for Men Quick Dry Cargo

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1. YAXHWIV Tactical Waterproof Breathable Included

YAXHWIV Tactical Waterproof Breathable Included

Make sure the item you ordered is sold by YAXHWIV. The material is 80% Polyester and 20% nylon. Ten times stronger than cotton. The texture is lightweight and comfortable. It is waterproof and dustproof with the PTFE membranes. To find your perfect size, please measure your waist and correspond to the following size chart. US 30-33W, US 33.5-36W, US 36.5-38W, US 38.5-40W, US 40.5-42W, US 3XL. Features 1 There are metal zippers. 2. Extra-wide belt loops (60mm) are needed to fit a variety of belts. Strengthen the crotch to make it more flexible. 4. Multiple pockets with Velcro tapes allow for more space to hold essentials. When and where to wear. The times are casual. 2. There are a lot of outdoor activities and sports. 3. There are places that are hot and humid. Do not iron, wash in the shade, and do not tumble dry. Does not include belt.

Brand: Yaxhwiv

👤If you have pencil thighs, you must get them.

👤My husband likes tactical style shorts. They were good with everything. From t shirts to collared shirts. It's perfect for summer. The shorts are waterproof and great for hiking. The belt comes with the elastic waistband. There are locks of pockets that have been opened. I may have to order other colors soon because he likes these so much. Good material! There is a small order of a size or two up. They are perfect after that.

👤I decided to go up a size because of the measurements, but I wear a size small in shorts. I'm glad I did because the shorts that I have that are similar to the ones in the XXL fit just as well. The shorts are comfortable to wear, even when I'm out and about doing things. I wore these on a deep sea fishing trip and they were perfect for the trip and afterwards we went on a small hiking trip on some islands nearby. The belt came in handy because of the wiggle room in the shorts, but the fit was good and I was happy with it. I was able to keep everything in these shorts and not have to worry about it falling out. The shorts were comfortable and made me feel good, but they never ripped or tore me off during that trip. They're as comfortable as ever and seem to be my go to shorts when I'm grabbing a pair. They don't shrink when I put them in the dryer and they are a lot better than some of my other shorts.

👤These shorts are great. They have more pockets than a regular pair of shorts. I expected them to be a little longer but they are a little tight in the waste and I washed them before wearing to make them less abrasive. I will keep them and use them frequently.

👤After the window closes, cheap fabric will rip. I didn't wear them until after Christmas. The first pair ripped the first time I bent over and the second pair ripped the third time I wore them. The extra cargo pockets are useless if I can't wear the shorts with the rip in them.

👤My grandson likes cargo shorts. The stitching is done well. There are plenty of pockets. The crotch area is reinforced. They have a small elastic area in the back of the waistband that allows you to sit or bend over and not get all tight on the stomach area. They are not dry.

👤I bought these for my son to wear. He still plays hard as a teenager. These are different from the clothes he wears. It's a nylon type material. It's strong. The guy shreds his denim shorts, but they still look brand new. The material is very strong. It's strong, durable, dries fast and is resistant to stains. The fit is good, but you should order a bigger size if you want to be safe.

2. Columbia Silver Ridge Cargo Short

Columbia Silver Ridge Cargo Short

Sun protection with the Omni-Shade is 30 degrees. The advanced evaporation of the Omni-Wick. Do not use fabric softener, machine wash cold gentle, wash separately, do not bleach, remove Promptly, iron low, do not dry clean.

Brand: Columbia

👤I love Columbia sportswear clothing. These fit well in the waste, but they were too tight in the thigh and buttocks. This made the front pockets look weird. They would be five stars all the way if they were slightly larger. If you do squats or leg press on a regular basis these shorts will not fit around your butt and thighs. The only shorts that fit well in the butt and thighs are the ones from Lee's. The pockets were stuck out in strange ways in the picture. I tried a Chinese brand and it was the second best. The Lee's fit perfectly. Those are the best bets if you've got a big butt.

👤I gave these shorts to my husband this past weekend. He was in dire need of some good shorts, so it was an early Fathers Day gift. I read the reviews after I ordered them in his regular size. Many people agreed that they were short but most of them had to go up one size because they seemed to run a smaller size. I ordered two pairs for him. I measured up one size. The 2 pairs that worked were the larger sizes. I was glad to read the reviews. He loves the fabric because it's very lightweight and it has a good ability to absorb water. It helps to keep you dry and not sweaty when the humidity is low. Columbia has a variety of sizes and colors to choose from. I would like to give a shout out to the vendor that fulfilled my order. I received my order quickly and it was processed quickly. I would like to thank the service very much. Hope this helps someone who reads it.

👤I bought these shorts for my husband, who is slim. They fit him well, but did not fit him well in the inseam. When new, the shorts are 9.5", but shrink to under 9 after a few washings. The shorts are light and my husband liked them for hiking. The seems in the rear have begun to pull out. The inner mesh pocket is sewn directly to the outer material. If the threads come out holding the pocket, it becomes useless. Columbia Sportswear is supposedly tested tough, but not so much! Columbia requires that the item be shipped back to them for evaluation after I contacted them. They need to evaluate their design. They seem to be too delicately made for a hiking short.

👤Based on the stated measurements, Shorter than I anticipated. If you don't wear them with a shirt long enough to cover your nads, the thin material definitely prints, which is a minus. The pockets are small and made of a mesh material, which will likely wear through with regular use, and will catch hold of anything small enough to fit into the holes. I will keep them as shorts around the house because they were cheap. I have a 40 inch waist after buying them in a 44. They fit me like 42. P. S. These aren't made for black butt.

3. Hiauspor Outdoor Lightweight Resistant Tactical

Hiauspor Outdoor Lightweight Resistant Tactical

The material is 92 percent Polyester, 6 percent Spandex, and 2 percent Pvc. The customer said that their shorts have belt loops at the back. 2 buttons and zip fly closure The fabric is lightweight and four-way. Men hiking shorts have soft fabric that makes them more comfortable. In the summer, the features that keep you cool are moist. The quick dry shorts with quick-drying fabric have a built-in protection against harmful ultraviolet rays.

Brand: Hiauspor

👤This is my first review and I am very disappointed. I can't wear a belt with the two loops in front. These pants were purchased for hiking. They have a lot of pockets, they are comfortable, and they are Breathable. All of the amazing pockets are useless because they don't have belt loops and the elastic waist makes them fall off if I have both my wallet and cell phone in them. Since I can't wear a belt on these, I can't wear them for hikes longer than a few miles. The pants are so close to perfect that they are almost useless. Very disappointing.

👤I bought these shorts for rainy days in Florida and for long bike rides when I can wear them. I decided to take them to Disney World to see if they were comfortable. I brought extra shorts in case I had to change. Wasn't even close! The shorts were light and comfortable, but heavy enough to protect from the elements. On a rainy day at the parks, people were walking around in the heat. The pockets are large and in great locations. The side straps are easy to adjust. It is a trade off that the double snap and velcro zip keeps them on securely without sacrificing quick access for bathroom breaks. Overall, it was 10/10. I wear a size 40ish waist in most pants and will be buying more in additional colors. I bought the 38-40 3XL because they fit well and have some wiggle room if my diet goes south.

👤The MFR sent me a new pair of shorts, the ones with belt loops in the photos are a newer model that should be in stock now. I wore shorts for a few hikes in Utah and they were very comfortable. It was nice and light. There are 2 belt loops on the back. They are not actually there. I like to have a belt to support the weight of bear spray since elastic pants are just going to stretch. It's pointless to put bear spray anywhere that's hard to get to.

👤I like that these shorts are comfortable and versatile. The seam came apart after wearing once or twice near the crotch region. The manufacturer contacted me and sent me another pair of shorts. I don't know how well the new ones hold up because I haven't worn them yet. I liked that they contacted me to try to fix the situation, and that they care about their work. I got a big increase. Thanks.

👤I live in a state where the hills and valleys are prone to rain so I get damp and wet when I hike early in the morning. Hikers know that wet hiking pants make the hike miserable. The price of these pants is worth it. The pants have a good amount of pockets for things you want to keep in them. The pants are water resistant, but if you get wet in the rain it will be in the pants. These pants define everyday pants. These pants will satisfy your needs when you are outside. These pants have the same comfortability as my 5.11 pants. Heavy use on these pants will make them light.

4. Columbia Backcast Shorts Fossil Medium

Columbia Backcast Shorts Fossil Medium

Be safe and protected. The Omni-Shade blocks the sun's harmful rays. The UV absorbent yarns block harmful UV rays. Sun protection is built-in. Columbia Men's Super Backcast Water Shorts have a built-in protection against sun damage. It's a quick-drying fabric that keeps you cool and dry when you're out of the water. These shorts are made to swim and have a quick dry fabric that makes them comfortable all day. There are multiple purpose short Cut for a classic relaxed fit with an elastic waist and use with belt loops if you want. The shorts offer a wide range of options for summer wear. TheANDY features include quick dry fabric, elastic waist with drawcord adjustability, interior mesh brief, zip closed back security pocket, two hand pockets, and cargo pocket. They are comfortable on land.

Brand: Columbia

👤Yes. You've been looking for these shorts. If you've been looking for shorts that are comfortable, hardy, functional, long lasting, easy to clean, and classic looking, then that's what you're looking for. I can't imagine not owning a pair of these because they are so useful. They look like a pair of khaki shorts, but they're not going to rip, tear, stain, or become soaked in sweat, so you can do anything in them. You can go to class, jump in a lake, do yard work, and then eat all in the same day. They are dry in 5 minutes. Blood, wine, and toothpaste are stains. All of these are washed out with a short scrub of a wet towel. I wear these shorts for a while. They are clean and dry. They look great, come in a variety of colors, and are in style. They are the most versatile shorts. I am 6 feet tall. 170 lbs with a 32 waist. I can wear a medium 6” inseam, but they can be a little short for my long legs at times. The medium 8” is baggy around my thighs. The small 8” inseam is the best fit for me. They fit nicely around my thighs and waist and are long enough but not too long. The net was cut out. They are more comfortable that way.

👤I have a stable job. I have given up caring about what I wear. The mesh net allows me to freeball, keeping the boys cool and dry during the summer. They don't look cool, but it doesn't matter. Your water bill will drop if you look cool. Why? Because you don't have to wear underwear, your laundry loads will be cut in half. If you just want to be comfortable, this is the recommendation.

👤These shorts don't feel like a cheap bathing suit and are a great cheap alternative. I used the long pair to cut the net out of hiking. I wear a size medium in any kind of pull on shorts or sweatpants and a size 34 with a belt in normal pants, but I purchased the size small for these and they fit perfectly, I am 6'3 and 170ish pounds, and I wear a size medium in any kind of Baggy leg opening. Lifting my legs up high is nice. The side pockets are big enough for a wallet or phone, and the deep hand pockets are nice. I bought a second pair of 6's to swim in this summer. They haven't arrived yet. If I had bought a pair of baggies, they would have been ten dollars cheaper.

👤A man. These shorts are great. I wear them casually at home and at the grocery store. They're great for wearing outdoors, like to the lake or beach. If they get wet, they will dry quickly. They are easy to clean. They're strong. They're lightweight, versatile, and comfortable. They're affordable. I have a few pairs of them. I don't think there are any cons here. I'm very pleased with the shorts from Columbia.

5. XKTTAC Outdoor Lightweight Stretchy Camping

XKTTAC Outdoor Lightweight Stretchy Camping

The hiking shorts have a reflective design with 6 pockets and 4 big and deep side pockets. The reflective strips help keep you safe when hiking in the early morning or late evening. The shorts have an elastic waistband that will hug your waist better, and help this shorts in place. Breathable fabrics help keep your shorts dry and it has water-resistance ability. You are protected from UV rays. These shorts use lightweight and stretchable material which can offer more comfortability of movement to you. The tactical shorts are made for most outdoor activities and sports. You can make them your daily attire.

Brand: Xkttac

👤If you want a comfort fit, move one size up to the larger size, and buy the larger size for a more relaxed fit. If you want something that is more fitted, go the other way as there is enough elastic on the waist to accommodate. The fabric is very strong and soft. There are lots of different pockets, including many with zippers, and there are adjustment belts on the side. The risk of something falling out of the front side pockets is low. I used this for outdoor activities when the temperature was over 100, and it felt very comfortable.

👤There are two things with these shorts. The design is very odd. There is a small pocket in the front of the bag that is useless because it is 1/2 the width of the flap. You can't fit your hand into it. You can see the side of the cargo pocket with a 45 degree angle. That's a huge pocket with tons of space, but who wants to reach in from a weird angle? The design is stupid. If you return these, they have disabled all of the options for reasons that you would want to return clothing that doesn't fit, poor material, etc. Since they have disabled all legitimate return options, they will charge you to return these.

👤I've never owned shorts like this before. It's great for sports, working out and casual outings if you look good and feel great. I had to return my first two orders to get a size L because the chart suggested a larger size. It's probably been the right size for me all along, but other fabrics didn't stretch enough to handle squats or mountain biking. I have always had baggy shorts. If you load the pockets, the shorts will stretch a little at the waist and slide down. I didn't find the waist straps to be useful, but a wide nylon belt works very well. If you're trying to decide between two sizes, go with the smaller one as the stretch will accommodate your needs. I have noted a small residual stretch over many uses. The pockets are well thought out, especially the thigh ones that make it easy to access your wallet while driving. I replaced my black golf shorts with the same color. No one notices the black accents. A fellow club member ordered the same pair because he liked them so much. I now own 3 pairs of black, gray, and green shirts that are worth the price, which is about half of the other pairs I've previously bought that are collecting dust in the closet.

👤It's really comfortable but it's not good because there's no back pocket. I am flustered trying to find a place to keep my phone or keys. The pockets are so deep that you have to dig around for specific items. I tried 3 on in the same niche and price range and they were the clear winners. The semi elastic waistband is super comfy. I recommend ordering a bigger size so you can use the waistband. I thought the reflective pockets looked tacky from the photos, but they don't seem to be noticeable at all. The pants would be perfect if they had a back pocket.

6. Columbia Silver Ridge Cargo Fossil

Columbia Silver Ridge Cargo Fossil

Columbia's Silver Ridge Cargo Short has advanced technology that protects you against harmful rays as well as keeping you cool and dry. There areANDY features. The men's durable short has one zip-closure security pocket, side pockets with hook and loop closure, and mesh pocket bags for ultimate convenience and security. There are adjusted features. The active man has ultimate comfort thanks to a partial elastic waist and gusset detail. This short cargo is made of a classic fit for ultimate comfortability. Be safe and protected. The Omni-Shade blocks the sun's harmful rays. The UV absorbent yarns block harmful UV rays.

Brand: Columbia

👤I bought them from a store that rhymes with Prick's. I owned a few pairs a few years ago, and loved how lightweight they were. My past joy was replaced by anger, as my regular size was very tight in my man-junk area. I willed myself to wear these for an entire day, just to prove a point, though the reason is not clear. I saw a future of nylon castration, even though I was past my prime. It will make you angry if you have your testicles compressed. I'm always angry. Back at the Hall of Justice, I found that Amazon had a better price on several, but not all, colors. I found many recommendations to size up when I searched the word "size" in the reviews. I returned the undersized overgarment to the store that makes many men afraid of revealing how much they love it. I had to try the next size up before I left. I was surprised that they were a perfect fit. I have larger than average quads, bro, and glutes, but you didn't ask. Unless you have the legs of a bird, and you left your a$$ in your other pants, Size up, son!

👤These shorts are cool, lightweight and have a built-in belt. There is a The fabric has pros and cons, when wet, it dries quickly, and if the wind blows, it dries faster. There is a The fabric is so thin and small that it shows well your gender and religion. While stylish, be warned, these shorts will show your equipment down there.

👤I like Columbia products. They are light and dry quickly. Over the last 20 years, I have purchased at least 6 pairs of shorts. The shorts cut off the front pockets from the lowest possible depth. Why would they do that? These are shorts. Every time I sit down, my cell phone falls out of my pocket. I ran around in a panic trying to find my phone but found it in the last chair I was in or in my car seat. The stress of losing my phone is unbearable. I tried to put the phone in the lower front pocket, but it slaps on my thigh and then slaps the back of my leg. The lower front pocket is not the solution. I'm pretty sure that they have removed all pockets from men's skinny jeans and women's clothing. I don't want to buy a European Man Bag for myself. Columbia must state that they have changed the product that they have been selling for years. I could have returned it. I had washed it. I don't like returning things. I stop buying from that company. I will fool you once.

👤I own a number of Columbia products and I like them. The Silver Ridge Cargo shorts are light weight, have tons of pockets, and dry quickly when wet. But... I ordered a 36" waist, which says 36-38, but they are more like 35, and stretch a lot to get to 36, and no way they fit 38. The rear pockets are held with a small piece of velcro that doesn't secure tightly and twice my wallet has fallen out at a restaurant while sitting. I am doing it and it isn't as comfortable as you say. Please follow Izod and other people and put the zippers on your back pockets as well. I won't buy them again if they don't have rear pockets.

7. Outdoor Expandable Lightweight Fishing 6013 Khaki

Outdoor Expandable Lightweight Fishing 6013 Khaki

The fly has a button closure. Men's shorts elastic waist is suitable for most people and body shape. A lightweight dry fit short works overtime to keep you cool and comfortable. Men's hiking shorts have a sun protection fabric that reduces your exposure to harmful UVA/UVB radiation, elastic wear, water repellence, and dry fit. Men's shorts have 2 front slash pockets, 2 back pockets, and 2 thigh pockets with hook and loop closure. Men's summer shorts are mid and high rise, 3D cutting, suitable for daily wear, hiking, hunting, travelling, camping, fishing, mountaineering, biking, cycling.

Brand: Jessie Kidden

👤These were purchased for an upcoming trip. I was looking for something that would be dry and comfortable. The initial impression was that they are very thin. I have some shorts that are better and still dry fast. What should be fine for me was measured and ordered. I will say that they fit. Like my other shorts. I realized the only stretch on these pants was in the elastic waste as I tried to walk. The fabric is almost completely stretched out. The shorts pull on the back against the back, so I can't even take full strides. If I tried to take a big step or run, the crotch would get torn out. It gets worse as you put things in pockets. The waist would be too large if you went up a size or two. It's supposed to come with a belt, but mine didn't. These shorts are not cheap and are missing parts. The loop where the button goes through has a lot of loose threads, which makes it hard to remove. Quickly decided to return them. Picked up a pair of wrangler quick dry shorts for $10 less, and they are much better.

👤I don't like the nylon pants as much as the polyester ones, so I would have given 5 stars. It's just personal preference. They don't feel as rugged as the nylon ones, and they don't feel as soft, so if you like that, these would be the pants for you. There is nothing wrong with the product that was delivered to me.

👤I said I was fit. I heard that they were perfect for 36. I don't like the belt unless you can cut it to size, I have not figured it out yet. I have a pair of shorter ones that are a different material. I use them for the Jet Ski because they dry well, but they are the reason I looked for them. I can walk down the street to a restaurant. So 4 stars.

👤This seems to have been poorly made. I couldn't unbutton it from the package because the unraveling button hole threads were wrapped around the button. It's coming apart and hasn't worn yet. Going back...

👤The fabric is made of patiens. Not very thick. It seems durable. The back pockets are small enough to not hold my wallet. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤It was almost like wearing nothing. Light weight and great fit. My waist is a 37 and I have to keep it tight and loose. These are great for swimming.

👤The shorts I received were not what I ordered. I ordered the same shorts in a different color. They were too big. If you want the stretch to compensate for a larger waist, you should order a smaller size.

👤These fit like surf shorts and I'm not super short. It was 4 inches below my knees. It was too long to hike in. I was very disappointed in the fit.

👤There is not enough material in these shorts to step over tall objects. I don't think you should get these.

8. Wrangler Authentics Premium Relaxed Twill

Wrangler Authentics Premium Relaxed Twill

Relax fit. The cargo shorts sit at the natural waist with a relaxed seat and thigh. The short is made with an 11 inch inseam and will keep you comfortable all day. There is a quick-access vault. There are cargo flap pockets, back flap pockets, and slash pockets for easy-access storage. It's a great way to safely store your cell-phone, tools, wallet, and other items. The materials aredurable. These shorts are made from long- lasting cotton and are comfortable.

Brand: Wrangler Authentics

👤I wanted "cargo shorts." The military look without all that drilling, marching, and shooting is what you know. A fashion victory! Is that a fruit in my pocket? Yes! An orange. There is a pocket comb. There is an extra set of keys. My sunglasses! Totally prepared now! How many times have you been in a restaurant? I wish I had brought my own jar of mayonnaise. I own the jar of mayonnaise. That's not what I got. None of the pockets I have will hold a jar of mayo. I don't put my phone in sideways unless it wants to jump out because the pocket is barely deep enough for a sideways phone. The person who came up with this idea should be assigned to the company cafeteria, where people can get extra mayo in the paper cups. The pockets are not big enough for everyone. The form and fit are good. I would love to wear these shorts. They get an F for function. Look elsewhere for your mayo needs.

👤I purchased these for a week long trip to the theme parks and couldn't have been happier. I didn't have to put my items in a locker because I kept my wallet in my pocket and put my sunglasses in them. I was worried that the material would be heavy and make me sweat more in the heat, but it was just right.

👤I wear these shorts all the time. I have for a long time. I usually buy them at Walmart. My size 42 is not available there. Has not been since last summer. Do I want to shop at Amazon? Prices can vary. I think it's acceptable to have around $20 plus a little. I found my size 42 and it was in stock. Awesome. It takes 2 weeks for me to place my order. They forgot to send it. Someone gets a spanking in the back office and someone else gets to send it out. It arrived like 10 days late. I open the package to check the size because I expect evil mechanisms to play. It's over. It's a 42. Thank you. There is a I try them on a week later. Let's rephrase that. I try to put them on. I am too big to wear a size 40, but my old 42 is loose. Is this a new pair of shorts? I am close to closing the button. No way can I wear them. There is a If a real 42 is loose for me and a real 40 is a bit tight, what size is this? A 38 or 36? Do you mean with a 42 label on it? Relax fit, comfort fit, plaid or straight are some of the different models that come to mind. They should all be 42, not the smaller sizes. I don't like ordering online. I am torn if I should send it back. The next guy is going to get a spanking if I do. I think I will give them away. There are a lot of people in need. If you see a homeless man in NYC with cargo shorts hanging under his butt because they are too small, you know where he got them. I don't have a new pair of shorts.

9. Marolina Outdoor H2000011 001 XXL Nxtlvl XX Large

Marolina Outdoor H2000011 001 XXL Nxtlvl XX Large

Huk is designed to fuel your passion and pursuit no matter what. Where do you fish? Next level is 10. The short fishing protects your skin from the sun's harmful rays and is quick drying, so you don't have to worry about it all day. Technical performance fish short. The Next Level has a full featured short with a back yoke, a back pocket, plyer and cargo pockets, and a crotch that is scuplted for maximum mobility. There is a multi-patterned long. These shorts will make your day a little better and will always have you at the ready to fish, on the boat, dock or just hanging around town. Cotton/polyester blend allows air to pass through and let your skin breathe.

Brand: Huk

👤If it wasn't for the manufacturing inconsistencies, these huk 10.5 shorts would be the best shorts on the planet. The black shorts have a gray outlined zip. Those are true to size. The others in Bangladesh are too small. I've been buying shorts for two years. I own 11 pairs. At the end of last year, I had a problem getting the correct size. Take a look at the pictures. I don't know what to do. This is a serious problem. I won't be able to give them as gifts if I don't get the correct ones. Life isn't tough enough right now. If huk fixes this problem, I will be happy to withdraw this review.

👤All the tine is required. The golf course is in Hawaii. The waist is perfect. Also wellventilated.

👤When I sent a pair back, I gave a review to Amazon. I love the Huk brand shorts. They are being made in different locations that don't use the same measurement. No quality control! I own 13 pairs of Huk shorts. There are 7 pairs for work and 6 pairs for play. The Huk shorts from Bangladesh are smaller than the ones from the Huk factory. You should study the pictures. The shorts are different in size. This is a big concern at $50-$60 per pair. You can tell the true size of the shorts by the gray material on the black shorts, and the black material on the smaller shorts. Before I buy or recommend Huk, I need to know the size of the problem. D.G.

👤I was happy that one person had mentioned this, but it was still not enough. I wear a 38 in those that run big, but I fit in any size 40 short or pant. I should have been an X. I went to an XXL after reading the review. They fit in the waist thanks to the elastic. They are TIGHT! I have a butt, but they are too small. The pockets are exposed due to the amount of stretch required, but I could wear them. If they were fitted correctly, they would be incredibly comfortable and offer a lot of flex in them, but I would have to send them back for an XXL because they were wrongly tagged.

👤I ordered two of them in different colors. One is made in China and the other in Bangladesh. I would guess the ones from China are fakes. The China tags had different tags and no spare button.

👤Huk, what's going on? I've been wearing Huk's NXTLVL Men's Short for years and have always been very comfortable. My old ones are starting to grow gills and fins, so I needed some new ones. When they showed up, I couldn't get them on, it was a size medium, so I ordered a bigger one. I thought maybe it was a mistake, so I returned and ordered a pair in the next size up, along with a pair in the XXL where it was really sloppy. The old ones were made in China and the new ones were made in Bangladesh. I sent them back because I noticed that there was barely any fabric on the pockets and there were loose threads, not acceptable on $60 shorts. I contacted Huk and 800-381-0266 I don't understand why companies change things that work. Please return to your normal size and send me some new shorts. I'm not the only one who's disappointed by the deal, read the reviews. Fish on.

10. Wrangler Authentics Performance Comfort Granite

Wrangler Authentics Performance Comfort Granite

The material is 94% nylon, 6% spandex. Relax fit. The cargo shorts are made to keep you comfortable through any activity. The shorts have a 10-inch inseam that hits right at the knee for all day comfort. There is a collapsible pantyhose. Their innovative flex waistband is designed with comfort in mind and is comfortable to wear. Natural range of motion is possible with stretch fabric. Quick drying. These cargo shorts are built to keep you dry when there is an unexpected rain, or when the grass is not green.

Brand: Wrangler Authentics

👤The waist size on these shorts is perfect, I didn't expect them to be as large as they are. The cuff of the legs come down almost like capri style pants.

👤I bought a pair of cargo shorts from a local Target store, model NT980GT. I like the fit and the side pockets. When I found out that they were no longer available, I went back to the ZM980GT model of the Wrangler "Authentics" cargo shorts. After looking at the pictures and comparing them to my outdoor series pair, the pockets, stitching, etc, appeared to be the same. I bought them in hopes they were. The newer Authentics version is a little different than the discontinued ones. They're about an inch longer. I prefer where the shorts sit above my knee, even though it's not a huge difference. The second thing I noticed was that they are a little less room around. The waistband is less stretchy. They went cheap on the new zippers. The cheap floppy zipper heads are just annoying to me because they are better than the lock-down ones on the outdoor series. Both shorts are lighter in color than Granite. If I didn't already have the older version, I wouldn't know about the slight differences, and I would be happy with these shorts. They are just as comfortable, made with the same nylon/spandex mix, and seem just as well sewn together. The only gripe I have is the zippers. It's still very comfortable and well fitting.

👤Why are they hard to find? Perfect summer shorts for concealed carry. It's comfortable, durable, and plenty of pockets, without looking like you're going on a trek through the Amazon. I bought a pair last year and now have 3 more. It will be foolish for Wrangler to stop making these.

👤These shorts are the most comfortable I have ever owned. They fit and look great. The size is perfect on these. The water dries very fast. They are great for work or any time. On hot days, they are very cool. I have many pairs. I wish they offered more colors. The pocket design on the new ones has been changed to the most useless design I've ever seen. They should have kept them and not ruined the product.

👤I like that the cargo pockets look neater than the flaps ones. The front pockets are too small. It's too shallow where my phone comes to the top of the pocket, and it might fall out when I sit in a recliner. The back and cargo pockets are usable. I have new shorts that are used for yard work.

👤It was a nice fit. It's good for the summer to have quick drying fabric. The main pockets are shallow. I put my wallet and phone in the zip up pockets, which is a bit more secure, but I would have preferred a deeper main pocket like the other Wrangler cargo shorts. I'll keep wearing these, but I'm not sure if the pockets will keep me from buying again.

11. Jessie Kidden Expandable Lightweight Resistant

Jessie Kidden Expandable Lightweight Resistant

The belt has a zip with it. Men's shorts with partial elastic waist are suitable for most people and body shape. Breath freely, comfortable, with elastic wear, water repellence, wear-resisting, and breathe freely. Men's casual shorts using high performance wicking fabric for outdoor sports, lightweight short features Omni-Wick technology that pulls water away to keep you cool and dry, suitable for most men, boys or teens. Men's hiking shorts have a high level of protection against the sun. High quality fabric for outdoor sports. Men's shorts have 2 front slash pockets, 2 back pockets, and 2 thigh pockets with zip ups. Men's summer shorts are mid and high rise, 3D cutting, suitable for daily wear, hiking, hunting, travelling, camping, fishing, mountaineering, biking, cycling.

Brand: Jessie Kidden

👤Stars cannot move legs more than a small shuffle. The waist is elastic, but the rest of the shorts have no stretch at all, making it impossible to squat. The page says 100% nylon and the tag on shorts says 100% nylon.

👤The shorts are made for people with small frames. The shorts were too tight for my waist size, so I had to return the first order. I ordered the next size up and they are still tight, and pull when I bend my knees up climbing a hill. I can't use these anymore after 6 months because my wife can't repair the broken zipper. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤Beware. Some of these are nylon. Some of them are really good. You won't know what you get until it arrives. The nylon ones are terrible. There was no stretch. It was a poor choice for active wear. 1 out of 5 stars. The spandex ones are good. 4 stars. Average 2.

👤I have nothing good to say about these other than they are lightweight and cool, but not too heavy or warm. There were loose threads. The left pocket is decorative and less than an inch deep. The fabric is not stretchy and I can't imagine doing a hike or climb with them that involves high stepping.

👤The shorts were too big. Not true to size. I ordered a size 32 for my son and they were very large. I would suggest ordering a smaller size. I should have bought a bigger size.

👤Excellent quality fabric. There were no issues or thread falling off. The belt is difficult to adjust. It was waterproof for most of the time. I would like to have more elastic waistband.

👤These are cheap and overpriced. I wish I had remembered to return them. I've seen better shorts in vending machines. I would not pay $3 for these. What a rip off.

👤The shorts are light and comfortable. The stretchy waist is snug but not too tight, and the fabric is light and free. Also in a bright color.

👤Junk. As soon as I opened the package, it was obvious. I wore the Chisey pocket zipper once and it failed. On the side of the line. This is the first time I tried to return an Amazon purchase and it was painless. Thanks to Amazon. There is a person named Gerry.

👤I am unable to return it because the return window has closed even though I received it today. I click on the picture in my order and it takes me to women's pants, even though these are listed as men's shorts.


What is the best product for fishing shorts for men quick dry cargo?

Fishing shorts for men quick dry cargo products from Yaxhwiv. In this article about fishing shorts for men quick dry cargo you can see why people choose the product. Columbia and Hiauspor are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing shorts for men quick dry cargo.

What are the best brands for fishing shorts for men quick dry cargo?

Yaxhwiv, Columbia and Hiauspor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing shorts for men quick dry cargo. Find the detail in this article. Xkttac, Jessie Kidden and Wrangler Authentics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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