Best Fishing Shorts for Men Quick Dry

Shorts 25 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Columbia Mens Blood Shorts Fossil

Columbia Mens Blood Shorts Fossil

The nylon rip stop shorts are made with blood 'n Guts stain repellant. Stay protected from the sun. You won't get soggy because the fabric dries fast.

Brand: Columbia

👤Over the past few years, I have exposed my five current pair of shorts to a wide variety of insults. The shorts have a pocket for everything I need to carry, even a special slot for eyeglasses, which keeps them out of my shirt pocket. They remove solvent "Goof Off" from the paint and laundry spotter/stain remover from the pockets. The fabric is short, but they are assembled durably. Considering the continuing value, they are reasonably priced. The plackets are easy to remove using a seam ripper, as they are not damaged in the process. Columbia, please don't stop these shorts.

👤My husband liked that these were long enough for a grown man and not low enough for him to fall down.

👤Thin material is easily stained. My husband works as a server.

👤Love them. I wish you had the other colors in my size.

👤I prefer my O'neill shorts for comfort. The belt loop corners are almost sharp, but the stitching leaves something to be desired. It's hard to find shorts that don't go to the knee, I like the different lengths. These are shorter than the typical board shorts. They don't stain or rip easily because of the Ample space in the pockets. So far, so good.

👤I prefer the Blood and Cuts II. If you wear a lot of Columbia shorts or pants, you probably know that a lot of the performance ware can fit a little tight; however, these (and the II's) fit more like a traditional short. I am active and played soccer. I have strong legs and butt and these feel better than most other Columbia Silver Ridge and whatever model I'm wearing at the moment. Just above the knees is the inseam. Light is one of the Pros. It was dry very quickly. The back pockets are the biggest con and reason I like the II's better. The pocket is a traditional pocket with a little velcro. This makes them look better. Depending on how I've been sitting, I can find my wallet on the ground. As a kayak guide, I would recommend both active and every day use.

2. Mossy Oak Standard Fishing Shorts

Mossy Oak Standard Fishing Shorts

8% Elastane. The design: The shorts are made from a blend of stretch material and are powered by Hydroplex Technology. COMFORT AND BREATHABILITY: Up to 30% reduction in body surface temperature can be achieved with the use of advanced moist wicking, which also provides 40+ UPF protection. It is possible to achieve dependability. These shorts are ideal for all outdoor activity and are made of a stretchy material that is easy to wear. It's perfect for fishing, hiking, exercising and also look great for casual wear.

Brand: Mossy Oak

👤These shorts are light and comfortable. The inseam is just above the knee, my only concern. My normal pant inseam is 29 to 30 so I would prefer a shorter one. If you're a normal 36, then you can wear 7 shorts. I think the photos are of that situation. I only gave them a four star rating because they are an outstanding product. The bottom of the pockets would not work with shortening them. Medium is a perfect fit for my waste. I like the stretch material for it's comfort and easy movement. There is a I would be interested in seeing it.

👤I bought these and some shorts for the donkey. I only wear these now after hiking in both. They look a bit better and are more comfortable. I would like them to be 1 inch longer. There are lots of pockets to hold things in. It's very absorbent as well.

👤These shorts are perfect for the heat and humidity, I'm an APer at Disney world. I could tell the difference between Chino shorts and these when I wore them to the parks. It's a great fit. I'm 33 and I have a M. It seems like quality is so good. Love all the deep pockets. It's a good buy for hit climates and all day wear. I'm writing this review because I'm about to buy another pair for more use.

👤I wanted to like these because of the material performance and colors, but the "beverage pocket" was a surprise that wasn't mentioned in the description. I don't know what they look like other than Renaissance bloomers or something that a pirate might wear.

👤These shorts are great. I bought them to wear kayak fishing gear and they are 10 times better than the Columbia and Magellan pairs that I already own. Light weight and well drained. The "flex" portion gives added comfort while kayaking and is a great feature.

👤The elastic band in the back made these shorts too small. They are perfect after cutting elastic and re-doing them. Would have sent back, but it was no longer in stock. Where there is a will there is a way. They are wearing them now.

👤I love these shorts. It's very lightweight and comfortable. I'm a big boy and the fit was perfect. These are not big and baggy. Even if they last 6 months, they were still worth the purchase price.

👤I was going to go hiking in very hot and humid conditions on my vacation. They could not have been better.

3. Little Donkey Andy Stretch Camping

Little Donkey Andy Stretch Camping

The material is 5% Spandex. The fabric is lightweight and stretch for comfort. The body is fresh and cool all day long. The stretch fabric is lightweight and four-way for comfort. Water repellence finish dries quickly to stay dry. You are protected from UV rays. Part elastic waistband with belt loops for flexibility and easy storage.

Brand: Little Donkey Andy

👤I bought these for my son to wear on the field trip. He would be on the water rides. I was pleased with the light weight material, the deep pockets, and the belt for the carabiner. I asked him how long it took for his shorts to dry, and he said it took less than an hour. Kids had to wear wet clothes most of the day. He wore them for the field day, which had water sports, and it was really hot. The shorts are light and comfortable. I will probably buy him a couple more for the summer because he likes them.

👤I ordered the Little Donkey Andy Men's Stretch Quick Dry Cargo Shorts in a Men's XXL and they came true to size, unlike some other brands I've seen on Amazon. I didn't rate them for Durability since I just got them, but they seem well-made, with no obvious flaws in stitching, hardware, or fabric. They look good in a mainstream way, but they aren't reaching for urban hip or flash. They're roomy but not baggy, and the stretch is enough for hiking over large rocks. I know of sacrifice resistance for rapid drying. I've had good luck with lightweight, quick-dry pieces in hot weather. The grey web belt with the black shorts I ordered is an attractive subtle contrast to the black, so these shorts look fine for casual wear. The squeeze-to-release buckle is light, but strong. The leg cargo pockets are large enough for a small phone, but you may want to check the phone's dimensions. The pockets are 6 in/15 cm square. Change, pens, etc., can be sneaked out of a car seat or chair if the front pockets are not closed. The R hip wallet pocket has a zipper closure, but I'm told that pickpockets don't find them deterrent. The introduction to this apparently Chinese active-wear line was positive. I'll likely order other pieces from them if they function as well as they look.

👤They're lightweight and good for a hot climate like I live in. They exhale. They're comfortable. They were worth it. There is a There are a couple personal nit-picks. The top front pockets should not be closed. No stars were deducted. The rear pocket? I wouldn't notice if they had two. But... This rightie seems to be on the wrong side of things. It's a good thing. I was taught to keep my billfold in my left rear pocket when I was a right handed MzE It has always seemed logical for a right handed man to be there. I don't need to use my dominant hand to get my billfold. I use my left hand to retrieve and my right hand to do the delicate work that required coordination. The process of flipping through notes, removing card, and so on. Not a big deal. I'll make sure to note the rear pocket arrangement when I buy a pair of shorts. I will take a star off for cheaping out and only providing one rear pocket. Keeping my billfold on the right requires reaching back with my right hand, retrieving it, placing it in my left hand, and doing the deed with my right. One more step. I don't notice things like that because I am a gentleman. It's a good thing. There is a So... I will keep it in the left front.

4. JINSHI Outdoor Lightweight Sports Pockets

JINSHI Outdoor Lightweight Sports Pockets

The shorts are lightweight and fit for any body type. The security pockets are zip- closed. It is suitable for any circumstance. It is a good choice for indoor and outdoor activities. Such as walking, running, gym, traveling, hiking, or at home. The material is quick dry and lightweight. Keep you comfortable all day. Allowing to take less clothes when traveling. Solid color. It is fashion and simple. It's great for the spring and summer. It is machine washable. Women leggings pants are perfect for hiking, running, yoga,jogging, lounge, cycling,skiing,camping,fitness, travel, or other outdoor activities.

Brand: Jinshi

👤These are amazing gym shorts and I know this may be odd. I like shorts over pants when I work out. I don't like tights, short shorts, and swimsuits in certain poses, and I don't have a flattering barbie shape, so I don't like them. I want to go to the gym in shorts that will hold my phone, ID and a key, and hide my ugly thighs, because I work out in peace. There was no such item in the women section. I ordered a size down from what I would in women's and they fit perfectly, they fall just above my knee. I might look a little off. It's nice to be able to stretch and work out while maintaining coverage of essential areas and having pockets for my stuff with zippers so everything doesn't fall out. Nice over pants for the bicycle underwear.

👤These are a basic pair of shorts. I have 3 pairs of shoes that are comfortable. I wouldn't wear these to the gym, the material is similar to swim trunk material. I have worn these things. Water sports are the best use, they are quick to dry and have nice pockets. I wish the zippers pulled top to bottom. It is difficult to pull a zip up on a side pocket. The waist ties don't disappear into the waist band when you wash them. I like the elastic and it saves me from having to carry a belt on trips and end up with dry shorts and a wet belt. I wear mine a little baggy and they are a little below the knee. There was a little adjustment needed when biking and hiking, but a tighter fit might eliminate that issue. They would be even better if there was a side pocket for a cell phone. This is a light weight that is good for outdoor use.

👤I hiked in Utah in the 90 degree heat and bought these. They were perfect! It almost feels like you are not wearing anything. It's nice and stretchy. I bought a few of them. They look great!

👤You can picture the cheapest material in your mind. Now make a pair of shorts out of that material. You have these shorts? The care tag is only in Chinese and the tag is 5X large. If you were wondering, the " Large" does fit me, but I got depressed because I would be a 5XX Chinese dude. I looked at their chart and it looked like my waist size was lined up with the Large that they offered. You can't beat what you get for the cash. I'm fine with what these are. If you are one of the "em" that has to have name brand stuff that runs you Grant or Franklin, then you should scroll past this page.

👤I'm pretty impressed with these. I was looking for a comparable offering from Nike, Addidas, or another big name brand, and found these while browsing. I ordered an x-large and it fit perfectly, even though I was listed as a large. Stretchy materials are very comfortable in hot weather and can help keep you dry. I loved my first pair so much that I got two more in different colors and it still fits well. The elastic waistband holds well to your waist, so you don't need to worry about sagging pants, but the internal string allows an even more secure fit. It's not that big of an issue that the zips work well. I will say that the booty pocket is not worth much. I don't worry about my phone falling out or my wallet being stolen. They are great for working out, great for every day use, great for running, and for the guys they make your junk look bigger.

5. Billabong Mens Classic Hybrid Short

Billabong Mens Classic Hybrid Short

Cotton is 22% and nylon is 4%. It is made for land or water. The Billabong men's classic stretch submersible hybrid short can be worn as a staple chino short or can be worn in the water as your favorite pair of board shorts. Performance stretch fabric provides both comfort and performance on land and in the water. Classic sparring. This hybrid walk short is made with four way stretch micro-repel fabric and features a fixed waistband, mesh-lined pockets, and a hidden back right zip.

Brand: Billabong

👤They fit well and look great. I bought these for a trip to Mexico. I looked very stylish but they didn't make me look like I was trying to be 18 again. They were true to their size.

👤2 sizes larger TRUST ME. I have a 38/40 waist and 5.6" hips. I have worn board shorts all my life and they are very snug for a stocky guy like me. They fit perfectly and have an awesome feel. I can go swimming in them and then go out to dinner.

👤I have only had them for a week, so I don't know how they will hold up, but I really like them. I feel like I can give them places to go for things to do. It's lightweight, flexible and a bit refine. The must for me is to have a pocket with a zip to make sure that a small item stays with me. I like the color of the asphalt, but also have a variety of it.

👤They were given 4 stars because they are a tad shorter than the pictures. It's just short and comfortable.

👤The advertised 21 inches outseam is less than 20 inches.

👤The suckers were a little snug through the butt and hips. These aren't for you if you are more on the atheletic side.

👤My husband likes these shorts. I read the reviews and they fit perfectly. It's a great quality, comfortable and versatile to dress up or wear casually.

👤The fabric of the shorts is very stretchy. There is no stretching in the waistband. I was hoping for a snug fit there. That is the only complaint I have about the product. Additional comfort would be provided by a little waist stretch.

👤The shorts are comfortable and flexible. I bought these as a replacement for a pair that stood the test of time and brutality. I wanted to see how the new pair would hold up. These are shorter, tighter and have a plastic feel. I liked them when they were bigger and softer. The Rab Crank shorts are my new go to for all things active, but they're not quite the staple in my wardrobe.

👤The producto recibido is not new. Adems, asquerosamente vena en la bolsa del short un palillo con hilo dental sangrentado. Asqueroso... regale a alguien, porque ami me conservarlo.

👤I usually get what I would get for this size, but it's off for this one.

👤My husband loves them and they were a gift.

6. Columbia Sportswear Terminal Tackle Shorts

Columbia Sportswear Terminal Tackle Shorts

The material is 9% elastane. The technology is advanced. The Columbia Men's PFG Terminal Tackle Short has a water and stain repellence fabric that protects against harsh stains and liquids and protects against harmful sun rays. Two side pockets, two back pockets, and a zippered pocket are featured to secure smaller items. There are adjusted features. A partial elastic waist allows for free movement.

Brand: Columbia

👤The fabric is awesome. It is very stretchy and comfortable. There is a bottle opener and fishing line cutter. There are deep pockets. There are drain holes in the front pockets. They look sharp! Run small. Next size up. I am a 32 and 34 fit me perfectly. I don't like the idea of the tool attachment line next to the zipper pull. You have to wrestle with them to find the right one. There is a single stitch in the leg seam. Not sure if that will hold up. Button rear pockets? Come on! Those should be made of fabric. The double belt loop in the back makes it difficult to put a belt on.

👤I have many backup pairs in each color, and these are the best shorts I have ever owned.

👤This was a great buy, I ordered a pair of them previously and they were small and did an exchange on here and they were in the store within 2 days.

👤The husband loves wearing shorts. He no longer has to worry about the sweat marks in his previous cotton khaki shorts. The attached can opener has a bonus. He never knows when he might need it. It's funny.

👤The bottle opener in the right leg pocket is a negative. It is the only way to remove it. I'm not sure why this wasn't a set of line snips. 1 star.

👤Cmoda y Fresca, el material, is perfect. La compra was a satire.

👤Very nice shorts. The fishnet pockets dissipated as soon as I put them on. The style is the same in pants. They may be bought directly from them, but mine came quickly. The reviews speak for themselves. One of my favorite brands.

👤The first time I wore them, I had a hole. The stitching was torn apart. I was very disappointed.

👤These shorts are great for comfort and fit well.

👤The material is light and comfortable. Great product.

👤Terminal trackle iso en Columbia, acabado, excelente, cmodo, and so on.

👤A pesar de ser portado, super.

7. Columbia Sportswear Grander Marlin Offshore

Columbia Sportswear Grander Marlin Offshore

The material is 9% elastane. Be safe and protected. The Omni-Shade blocks the sun's harmful rays. The tight weave construction blocks harmful UV rays. There is an item called "omni-wack." The ultimate technology for managing the outdoors. The fabric of Omni-Wick quickly moves the sweat from the skin into the fabric, where it can evaporate in a matter of seconds. Sun protection is built-in. The Columbia Men's Grander Marlin II offshore shorts have a built-in protection against sun damage. It is a quick-drying fabric that keeps you cool and dry. There areANDY features. These fishing ready shorts have a hint of give with two front and back pockets and a side pocket to keep small items secure. Columbia's attention to detail is what sets their apparel apart. Only the highest quality materials are specified. This is a pair of shorts that will last a long time.

Brand: Columbia

👤These shorts can take you to a casual restaurant, a walk, or a boat trip. They look better than other sports shorts. The fabric is comfortable. It's great for travel. I hang them to dry after they wash. The fit is perfect and I don't want to change the size. They're true to size.

👤I liked these shorts. I bought them in two different colors because I loved them so much. Columbia sportswear could not be more wrong even though they say you cannot again. I recently wore shorts to play golf. There are stains on them when I took them out of the washing machine. I don't know where they came from. The stain did not come out after I washed them. It spread as a matter of fact. The price doubled since I bought them and they are ruined. Maybe Columbia needs to have more accurate descriptions. Just sayin.

👤I like Columbia shorts. It is not possible to buy additional pairs that are the same as the original purchase. Even though they have the same name, they are different. They have different styles, material and sizes.

👤My husband likes to wear 2 pairs of these shorts. I can't say they have any. They are light and don't make as much noise as some shorts. It is true to size.

👤The product runs small. This brand usually runs on the larger size so it was disappointing. Return and plan to get a larger size.

👤Columbia items are better fit and comfort and I always go one size up.

👤These shorts are really cute. They fit well, are lightweight and can be dressed up or down. They have survived a bit of rough treatment already. I think they'll wear out in several years.

👤I love this style. A little above the knee, not too tight, not too loose, just right for golf or night on the town. It's lightweight and sheds heat. It's perfect for shades or readers.

8. Columbia Big Tall Washed Short Crouton

Columbia Big Tall Washed Short Crouton

Columbia Men's Washed Out Short is made of soft 100% cotton that feels good on the skin. There areANDY features. Two side pockets keep your smaller items safe. There are adjusted features. No matter the activity, a partial elastic waist and gusset detail allow for a comfortable fit.

Brand: Columbia

👤I wear a 34 on every other shorts, but these are very thin and will wear down, the waist size is off, and I wear a 32 on every other shorts. These are cotton shorts and they are hard to find without going to other material which I do not like, they are relaxed and dry quickly, and I find them hard to find without fishing or yard work.

👤There is an update. These shorts are not made for outdoor activities. Simple act of sitting on an outdoor bench will leave dirt stains. The flimsy material will be destroyed by washing to often. The packs of 10 should be used like disposable gloves. What makes these shorts so good is what makes them not worth the cost. I am 5 feet 7 inches tall. Stocky build. The waist fit was perfect. The material is not light. It's great for hot golf days, beach or anything outside. The light material seems to be good for stains. They simply fall apart if you wash them often. These were bought twice. Won't purchase again.

👤These were perfect for my husband, he's about 5'8". I initially thought the pant leg was a little wide, but once on they look great. He looks taller since the shorts are shorter. I would recommend a shorter guy.

👤I have two pairs of shorts. I bought the first pair of India Ink in June 2020. The lower corner of the front/side pockets started to tear after a couple months of casual wear. The shorts are still usable because the tear stopped at the seam. May 2021. I decided to buy a second pair. I've only worn the second pair a few times and today, while crouching, the front ripped completely out. I'm talking from the top of the seam to the bottom of the leg. I'm outside the return window and they are not usable. I've tried uploading a picture multiple times, but have been met with an error.

👤I got them for my boyfriend. He loved them. They're great for the outdoors because of their material and price. The material is not wet. If the shorts get wet, it will dry quickly. He's usually 36. I ordered 38 and 10. His goal is to gain weight, so they fit well with some wiggle room. Nothing could be done with a belt. I took a picture while he slept. The shorts fit him above the knees, but not too short.

👤I ordered two pairs of shorts from columbia, one fit fine, the other not at all. You should order a bigger size. The fabric is light and has pockets.

👤I have bought these shirts many times in the past and have been very satisfied. A pair of shorts have a high crotch. It's time to look for another brand.

👤My husband is very hard to fit in these shorts. He doesn't like long shorts. This pair fit him perfectly, he uses a size 34. The material is very light and dries quickly. I would recommend this shorts.

9. Pudolla Hiking Outdoor Fishing Camping

Pudolla Hiking Outdoor Fishing Camping

The material is 98% nylon, 12% spandex. Hiking cargo shorts are multi-pocket. The total of 5 pockets give a lot of storage, 2 side zip pockets and left thigh zip pockets are secure. There are cargo pockets in the back and right thigh. Breathable stretch fabric makes it a free movement. Features that are lightweight enhance for summer. Classic hiking shorts have button closure with zip fly. The elastic waist with 2'' belt loop offer more flexibility for a personalized fit. The water repellency of the UPF 50+ outdoor shorts is great for hiking and summer travel. Mens summer travel shorts. You can choose from hiking, camping, climbing, trekking, travel, fishing, beach vacation or the outdoor activities you want.


👤I love the function of utility shorts, but have a hard time finding ones that are lightweight and stylish. You can wear these shorts as everyday shorts, to the beach, with a polo, or even to workout. If you go up/down 1-2 sizes, the back is partially elastic, so you can wear them with a belt. I would order a smaller size if I was sure. I might order Medium next time, since I plan to buy a couple other colors.

👤I had an issue buying these because of the unknown brand name, but I've bought 3 pairs so far because of their side zip cargo packets, elastic waist, belt loops and material. They are easy to find and dry with the wind. I'm 5'7" 175 lbs and wear 34 X 30 and bought medicine. They're snug at the waste, but they're not too large.

👤The shorts have the right amount of elastic so a belt is not needed even with a wallet and a cell phone. I like the stretch that they have. The double stitching around the crotch area looks solid. I'm 6 feet and 200 lbs and it fits me perfectly. They stretch with me when I do my tai chi. I would buy these again.

👤I really like these shorts. They are great for workout shorts as well as outfit shorts. They are light weight and comfortable. They make doing yoga easy. I would recommend these shorts to all athletes. They are fantastic! They dry fast as well. There are pockets. Really awesome!

👤Not a fan of elastic waists but the band is wide and hopefully will hold up. The fabric stretch and weight is perfect for me. Stitching and pocket detail seem reasonable. You can order two more.

👤These shorts are very practical. I was worried about the size of the pockets, but they are the right size for my phone and wallet. The material is not as comfortable as I would have liked. I bought two pairs of these shorts and am happy with the purchase.

👤I put three more shorts in my cart. I weigh 180 lbs. I wear a 34” waist. They fit me well, I bought the large. I use a thin nylon strap belt and it works well. The pockets are perfect. The nylon cord pulls on the zippers are a bonus. The quality is excellent. Purchase them now.

👤These shorts are very comfortable. I bought them for the dry-ablity. We wash our laundry ourselves when we're on extended vacations and we need to take clothes that will dry quickly. These fit the bill. Went on a 21 day trip without having to spend a day at a laundramat.

👤I like shorts that have pockets that allow me to carry my things. I like shorts that go down to the knee and they are comfortable to wear. I have already bought two more pairs after this.

10. Palmyth Protection Resistant Saltwater Freshwater

Palmyth Protection Resistant Saltwater Freshwater

7 total pockets are lined with plastic nylon and have a place for everything from pliers to knives. Two slash hand pockets, two rear cargo pockets, one left leg cargo pocket, all three of these large pockets keep your essentials safe and accessible. You can't fish on the water for long when it's wet and cold. A pair of water-repellent shorts is needed to stay dry. Their fabric repels water, keeping you dry, and it also repels water, so you don't have to clean it. Performance Fishing Short: MythIce 4-way stretch fabric shields your skin from harmful UV rays and has properties to minimize odor. It's cooler than most shorts you've ever worn because of MythIce, a technology that creates a strong cooling effect when coming in contact with sweat. The hidden waistband is flexible and Breathable to keep you comfortable on the water all day. You will never want to fish without this multi-purpose fishing. Different fishes are embroidered on different colored shorts belt loops. The Multi-Purpose Fishing Short is great for inshore, offshore, freshwater, and saltwater fishing. It is a great gift for anyone who loves fishing.

Brand: Palmyth

👤A size 42 was bought. I have a 40 to fit lose while fishing.

👤The shorts are waterproof. It's good for fishing, boating and kayaking. I might try them in a swimsuit. They are small. I am 215 lbs. I have average size legs and wear a 36 waist. I ordered the large size. The upper thigh area is snug with these. You can feel the shorts on you in the back and front of your body. They are stretchy. I would avoid them if they were bigger than this.

👤Everything pointed to these being true to size, and the seller said that the size corresponds to 38-40. There is a I wear 38" pants, and the pockets are very small due to the stretch. This was purchased in March but not worn until May due to a cold spring. My fault is that I didn't try them when they arrived. Be careful!

👤I ordered these fishing shorts for my trip to the Carolinas. I ordered a xxl because I am on a cusp size. It is perfect for a 38-40 waist. If you accidentally get in the water, the material dries quickly. The overall length is below the knee, which is the style I prefer. These shorts have deep upper pockets that will not let my phone fall out when I sit down on rough water, unlike other brands that fit my phone. My wallet is in a dry bag and it fit in the back pocket. I was curious about the reinforced cargo pocket, but it did a great job of protecting my leg from fishing hooks. It fit my multi tool and razor knife just fine when my brother in law decided to take a swim. I have turned these fishing shorts into multi use shorts for household chores because I am very impressed with them. Will be grabbing a few more pairs for the big fishing trip in August.

👤I have every top brand on the market, and these are the best fishing shorts I have ever owned. They have the same perks as the high priced brands, but my favorite thing is the fit. They have a hidden elastic band that allows them to stretch and give around the waist while still looking cool and trim, and they fit well in the seat and crotch. No baggy butt! I feel comfortable and fashionable in a fishing short. I bought a pair in every color.

👤The shorts are drying quickly. The photo was taken with dried salt water. Their roomy, flexible waist band is nice and allows easy movement without binding, backpockets hold a passport size wallet, front pockets are shallow and not deep enough keys and change fall out. The back pocket's Zipper broke. I think it's one star because of the broken zippers and the shallow front pockets, both big issues on a boat. I will return them.

👤My boyfriend had a fishing trip today and I wanted to order these shorts for him. The order arrived on time, but it was the wrong color. I received a tan color after ordering black. The reviews said to order a bigger size, and I did. My boyfriend really liked the reinforced pockets and I will re-order them. The black shorts look really nice and the corrected order was received. I purchased this jem for my boyfriend because they are lightweight and have reinforced pockets. I like to surprise him with fishing gear. These are true to size.

11. Mossy Oak Standard Fishing Anthracite

Mossy Oak Standard Fishing Anthracite

The material is 98% nylon, 8% spandex. The mens fishing shorts are made from 92 percent recycled material. The double-lined seat is made of nylon/8% spandex blend. They have a comfort fit elastic waistband, button fastening, and fly and belt loops. It was quick dry. The lightweight fabric repels water and dries quickly to keep you comfortable and dry while outdoors. Two Slash Hand Pockets, Two Rear Buttoned Pockets, One Right Leg Cargo Pocket with Hook and loop Tape Closure, and Two Zipper Thigh Pockets on the Left are all multi-pockets. One small hip pocket on the right side.

Brand: Mossy Oak

👤I bought these for a fishing trip and have been wearing them ever since. They are comfortable and are a good length for my legs. Most shorts I buy are long and go past the knees for me, as I am SALVAGEDATA I am not going to post a picture of my pasty legs.

👤I shop for fishing shorts that are light, dry and easy to wear in a hot climate. These Mossy Oak shorts are half the price of shorts that fall apart within a month. Love them. They are not actually 7. My life is fine if my knee gets caught on the shorts getting on and off the ATV, but if that happens to me, my life is going just fine. I will be buying more of these shorts. Highly recommended.

👤I admit these are probably not for me. I am not a fisherman. I didn't go below 3 stars because it might be on me. Trying to be fair. It was good. There are lots of pockets. It is nice. My biggest issue is that it came wrinkled. I am not sure why they have to look like they are crumpled up. Too much branding is next. These shorts are less versatile because of these two things. I like to travel so I can pack less. There is a lot of pockets, but not an assortment I like. If I was into fishing, this is a perfect set. The left thigh pockets were not useful. I would like a bigger pocket. There are pockets with flaps to keep things in. I got a good color. I wanted to keep them. Not as good as similar shorts.

👤Mossy Oak makes good products. They last well under sports, hunting, and fishing. These shorts are lightweight and comfortable. The seat is double-stitched. I ordered four pairs because they were comfortable. The first, second, third, and fourth pair all began to fall apart within a few weeks. The back pockets are not true pockets. The pockets are made from the same material. Fishing out your wallet and other items at the bottom of the shorts makes you look stupid. Mossy Oak has good products. This is not one of them. Save your money and learn from my mistake.

👤The shorts were purchased based on the description. I used it to travel so that I could wash them out at night and they wouldn't get wet in the morning. I washed them in the sink after they were put to the test, thinking it would be easy. I could have worn them because they were almost dry in the morning. I will order another pair for wearing around town because they were comfortable. The back pocket button holes should be cut vertically rather than horizontally. I don't have a problem unbuttoning the pocket, but I have trouble buttoning it back up. There is a minor issue.


What is the best product for fishing shorts for men quick dry?

Fishing shorts for men quick dry products from Columbia. In this article about fishing shorts for men quick dry you can see why people choose the product. Mossy Oak and Little Donkey Andy are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing shorts for men quick dry.

What are the best brands for fishing shorts for men quick dry?

Columbia, Mossy Oak and Little Donkey Andy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing shorts for men quick dry. Find the detail in this article.

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