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1. Columbia Backcast Water Shorts 6 Inch

Columbia Backcast Water Shorts 6 Inch

Be safe and protected. The Omni-Shade blocks the sun's harmful rays. The UV absorbent yarns block harmful UV rays. Sun protection is built-in. Columbia Men's Super Backcast Water Shorts have a built-in protection against sun damage. It's a quick-drying fabric that keeps you cool and dry when you're out of the water. These shorts are made to swim and have a quick dry fabric that makes them comfortable all day. There are multiple purpose short Cut for a classic relaxed fit with an elastic waist and use with belt loops if you want. The shorts offer a wide range of options for summer wear. TheANDY features include quick dry fabric, elastic waist with drawcord adjustability, interior mesh brief, zip closed back security pocket, two hand pockets, and cargo pocket. They are comfortable on land.

Brand: Columbia

👤Yes. You've been looking for these shorts. If you've been looking for shorts that are comfortable, hardy, functional, long lasting, easy to clean, and classic looking, then that's what you're looking for. I can't imagine not owning a pair of these because they are so useful. They look like a pair of khaki shorts, but they're not going to rip, tear, stain, or become soaked in sweat, so you can do anything in them. You can go to class, jump in a lake, do yard work, and then eat all in the same day. They are dry in 5 minutes. Blood, wine, and toothpaste are stains. All of these are washed out with a short scrub of a wet towel. I wear these shorts for a while. They are clean and dry. They look great, come in a variety of colors, and are in style. They are the most versatile shorts. I am 6 feet tall. 170 lbs with a 32 waist. I can wear a medium 6” inseam, but they can be a little short for my long legs at times. The medium 8” is baggy around my thighs. The small 8” inseam is the best fit for me. They fit nicely around my thighs and waist and are long enough but not too long. The net was cut out. They are more comfortable that way.

👤I have a stable job. I have given up caring about what I wear. The mesh net allows me to freeball, keeping the boys cool and dry during the summer. They don't look cool, but it doesn't matter. Your water bill will drop if you look cool. Why? Because you don't have to wear underwear, your laundry loads will be cut in half. If you just want to be comfortable, this is the recommendation.

👤These shorts don't feel like a cheap bathing suit and are a great cheap alternative. I used the long pair to cut the net out of hiking. I wear a size medium in any kind of pull on shorts or sweatpants and a size 34 with a belt in normal pants, but I purchased the size small for these and they fit perfectly, I am 6'3 and 170ish pounds, and I wear a size medium in any kind of Baggy leg opening. Lifting my legs up high is nice. The side pockets are big enough for a wallet or phone, and the deep hand pockets are nice. I bought a second pair of 6's to swim in this summer. They haven't arrived yet. If I had bought a pair of baggies, they would have been ten dollars cheaper.

👤A man. These shorts are great. I wear them casually at home and at the grocery store. They're great for wearing outdoors, like to the lake or beach. If they get wet, they will dry quickly. They are easy to clean. They're strong. They're lightweight, versatile, and comfortable. They're affordable. I have a few pairs of them. I don't think there are any cons here. I'm very pleased with the shorts from Columbia.

2. Columbia Brewha Short Stone Inseam

Columbia Brewha Short Stone Inseam

The product is for outdoor recreation. The clothing is sporting goods. Quality wear. The country of origin is Vietnam.

Brand: Columbia

👤I'll be glad to evaluate future designs for older men who are used to comfortable, well-made, functional clothing and don't care about making a fashion statement. We have a lot of money and would like to get our clothes back. Middle-aged men who are willing to spend more than $17 at the local department/clothing/grocery store are in a crisis situation. The Columbia cargo shorts are in the photos for a long time. I was excited to see the Columbia Men's Brewha short because it looked almost identical to the one I'd seen in production. Forty bucks isn't a great deal, but it would have been a great value for more shorts like I have that are getting on in years. I found that Columbia has become a follower of the skinny craze. The first photo shows how much fabric has been removed from the seat. There are things that bind. I'm 5'6, 175 LB and the dark pair of Mediums are very comfortable, but the new ones that are going back from whence they came are not. What is the first word in the Cargo Shorts phrase? There is cargo. Abandon the hope of carrying capacity here. The old pockets are deep at their shallowest area toward the side of the shorts, while the new ones are only 6 inches deep. The pocket photo shows the unsatisfactory shortening of the pocket. I wouldn't want my phone or keys in those contraptions. Forget the useless thing called a beverage pocket. I was able to jam a half-liter water bottle in, but not while I was wearing them. Columbia replaced the rugged YKK zip on the right in the photo with a delicate YKK zip that is about a third the size of the old one. If you like skinny suits and buy "cargo shorts" for fashion and not the ability to comfortably carry much, these may be a good fit for you. If you enjoy cargo shorts, look elsewhere. I wish I could recommend that place, but it's not. The fabric on the old and new pair feels the same, but that's after the old pair has had an untold number of washings. You have either been warned or encouraged. My job is done.

👤I just got these shorts and love them. I wore my old ones to school, work and camping and they are good for the outdoors. The D ring is great for hanging keys on. Several years ago I found Columbia shorts almost exactly like this in a store, but they were women's, and they were great shorts that lasted a long time. I need a new one. None of the other shorts had the pockets these have. The rope loops are a nice detail, and I like the two smaller front pockets. The front pockets are deep so that things don't fall out. I like the extra elastic pocket in the back, and the zip up pocket in the back. The phone pocket is hard to find these days and is something I use a lot. The D ring is useful to clip your keys to so they don't get lost, which is a great feature that, surprisingly, not many other hiking/ The shorts have been outside. The material is soft. Normally men's medium fit just right, so I bought these in medium. They are a little loose, but still good for when I'm lazy and if I wear a belt. I am 5'6 and weigh 150 lbs. They are just as comfortable as my old ones and feel a little softer. They can fit a range of sizes because of the partial elastic in the back. I ordered a small thinking it would fit better than my old women's shorts, but the small is too small. I am giving them to another pair of medium. I loved the old shorts and these are the closest thing to them. I will probably buy a third pair before these disappear.

3. Lazy One Separate Bottoms Loungewear

Lazy One Separate Bottoms Loungewear

Men's sleep wear. Who says you can't be warm in the winter? These pajama shorts for men keep you warm and comfortable all summer long. These pajamas are made from cotton and let you sleep cool. Men's sleep shorts are sexist. Each pair of pajama shorts has a lot of graphic designs, from bears to fishing to labs. These shorts are great for sleeping or lounging around the house. There are large pockets. The men's pajama shorts have plenty of pocket space so you can keep your phone on hand. The loose fit of these shorts makes them great summer pajamas that keep you cool. The men's sleep shorts are machine washable and made from pre-shrunk cotton, so they are easy to care for. Just wash them and then tumble them dry. Sleepwear is a great gift to give to someone you love. These men's sleep pants are a great gift for your dad, grandpa, husband, boyfriend, brother, and more.

Brand: Lazy One

👤These are huge, not only the waist but long. My son usually wears a large in basketball shorts but these were too big.

👤I love these shorts. They are soft and have been added to my work from home clothing rotation. If you want even more room, I recommend buying a bigger size. They fit to the size. I'm usually medium. I bought a big one. I would like to buy an XL for more room. The only concern I have is that the drawstring may eventually get pulled in on one side and become hard to get out, but I could just be worried from past products I've bought that did that. Not this brand. The quality seems durable and will hold up well in the wash.

👤My husband and I had a pajama party recently and he never sleeps in PJs. He was in need of some sleep shorts, so I went to Amazon. I was wondering if I could get a pair of mens sleep shorts for $20. The cute prints made me dive in. I'm glad I did. My husband is a big fan of his. He put them on and slept in them. He said they are very comfortable, he loves the length of them, and they have a button and pockets. He got 2 more pairs last night.

👤My husband is not a small guy and I brought these and two "jammy" pants for him. He likes to get into his "comfy" clothes and chill during the evening. These are very nicely made and fit him perfectly. I've washed them several times and so far they've kept their colors and haven't shrunk. The material is soft, not thin or flimsy, but a little heavier. My husband loves the shorts and pants I bought for him. I would definitely buy these again.

👤Wait! The labs are wearing pajama shorts. That is just perfect. I sleep with a Lab or two every night so why not wear Lab covered shorts as well? These bottoms are soft and comfortable. Fit is perfect for me. I will be buying more pairs.

👤I got the XXL because I am a 44 waist and I like my lounge shorts loose and baggy, but it was too tight for me. When you open them, the elastic is small and you say to yourself, "These are gonna be tight, which they are." They leave impressions on your love handles. If they were soft jersey knit cotton or bamboo, they would be ok. If you like a snug waistband that will never move, then go for it.

👤Teens can be hard to buy for. Everyone wears pajamas. I like that the pajamas are light-hearted and not too babyish for teens. Anyone with a sense of humor will appreciate the patterns. My teen is very happy because I put these shorts with a navy top to make a set. The shorts are made of soft cotton and have not shrunk or faded in the wash. My son is a long and lean 125 lbs.

4. Columbia Backcast Short Fossil Large

Columbia Backcast Short Fossil Large

The Columbia Kids and Baby Backcast Boys are short. The brand value is Columbia. The color value is Bright Nectar.

Brand: Columbia

👤My son is 15 years old and is very self conscience about his appearance. If I could be so lucky, I would know that he is lean and muscular. His Dad was also bothered by it, but he filled out to make a handsome 6'1 180 lbs. My son is being told to give it time. He's not really a youth size and small men swallow him. These Columbia shorts are perfect and I have been lucky enough to fine a few that don't work. I can't say it enough. It's hard to find them. I have ordered every color I can get, but I still prefer the darker colors. The material is very good and he has room to grow. Even though we don't have much need for Columbia, these have made us huge fans. Are you a fan of the PFCG line? Highly recommend!

👤These shorts are very popular with my boys. They have mesh inside. They can be swim trunks or shorts. My boys wear them the same way. I bought a large for my boys.

👤It fits as expected. It arrived in a timely manner. I had to cut the mesh liner. Columbia created the pockets separate from the undergarment mesh, so they are still functional.

👤My son is 2 years old and I bought him an XXS. I was expecting them to be! If they fit him perfectly, I will roll them up. They look similar to the adult Columbia shorts.

👤Excellent material and quality. My son wears a youth large but these were big on him.

👤Kids are wearing nice beach shorts. It is larger than all of Columbia. It should be put off for a year or two.

👤He liked the color.

👤13 year old loves. Good length! It was very nice. Good quality for church camp.

5. Columbia Sportswear Terminal Tackle Shorts

Columbia Sportswear Terminal Tackle Shorts

The material is 9% elastane. The technology is advanced. The Columbia Men's PFG Terminal Tackle Short has a water and stain repellence fabric that protects against harsh stains and liquids and protects against harmful sun rays. Two side pockets, two back pockets, and a zippered pocket are featured to secure smaller items. There are adjusted features. A partial elastic waist allows for free movement.

Brand: Columbia

👤The fabric is awesome. It is very stretchy and comfortable. There is a bottle opener and fishing line cutter. There are deep pockets. There are drain holes in the front pockets. They look sharp! Run small. Next size up. I am a 32 and 34 fit me perfectly. I don't like the idea of the tool attachment line next to the zipper pull. You have to wrestle with them to find the right one. There is a single stitch in the leg seam. Not sure if that will hold up. Button rear pockets? Come on! Those should be made of fabric. The double belt loop in the back makes it difficult to put a belt on.

👤I have many backup pairs in each color, and these are the best shorts I have ever owned.

👤This was a great buy, I ordered a pair of them previously and they were small and did an exchange on here and they were in the store within 2 days.

👤The husband loves wearing shorts. He no longer has to worry about the sweat marks in his previous cotton khaki shorts. The attached can opener has a bonus. He never knows when he might need it. It's funny.

👤The bottle opener in the right leg pocket is a negative. It is the only way to remove it. I'm not sure why this wasn't a set of line snips. 1 star.

👤Cmoda y Fresca, el material, is perfect. La compra was a satire.

👤Very nice shorts. The fishnet pockets dissipated as soon as I put them on. The style is the same in pants. They may be bought directly from them, but mine came quickly. The reviews speak for themselves. One of my favorite brands.

👤The first time I wore them, I had a hole. The stitching was torn apart. I was very disappointed.

👤These shorts are great for comfort and fit well.

👤The material is light and comfortable. Great product.

👤Terminal trackle iso en Columbia, acabado, excelente, cmodo, and so on.

👤A pesar de ser portado, super.

6. Amazon Essentials 2 Pack Loose Fit Performance

Amazon Essentials 2 Pack Loose Fit Performance

Roomy fit through the hip, thigh, and leg. The active stretch fabric is lightweight and absorbent. The draw cord is at the waist.


👤Stitch came out after 3 months.

👤Cheaply made. After 2 trips through the laundry the seams are falling apart because the material is too thin. Save money by buying a better pair of shorts. I don't think the item should have the Amazon name.

👤I have a 30” waist and these shorts are comfortable and good fit. They are comfortable and soft. I have a 30” waist and they fit great in the size that I am. I like the fact that the shorts have pockets, I don't like having pockets. I would recommend these shorts.

👤I wear shorts that are large. These are what I think of as 2XL or 3XL. They are measured across the waistband with no tension. The draw cord is not very helpful if you have to rely on it. These should fit a person with a 50-54" waist. If you wear a 38" waist, buy the Large and they will be loose and baggy, but acceptable.

👤The shorts are nice, but they take on everything. They should be a little more durable.

👤I was not expecting much from these shorts. I play basketball frequently. I was looking for a mesh-like short that could be used for a lot of activity. These shorts fit the bill. The large fit is perfect for me, I am 215 pounds. The shorts end above the knee. You can't beat it for $6 a piece. The pockets are deep enough to keep items from falling out. I would buy again.

👤I have a 38 waist, I ordered a large, great fit, and I am 6 feet tall. These shorts have the same silky feel as the Champion shorts, but they cost less, and I haven't washed them yet, but I do cold wash.

👤I was very skeptical about purchasing these as the only reviews available at the time, but I can say without a doubt that they match and exceed any other gym shorts that are brand name. I had a small issue with one of the pairs of shorts when I put things in the pockets that were close to me. The pockets are not aligned quite as well as they should be. I will definitely be buying more of these in the future.

👤J'ai beaucoup de ce produit. Je m'ais donc des produits de pitre qualité, je pensais pour l'instant. s'ils vont durer longtemps, il reste voir s'ils. Je ne recommande pas du tout. The finalement la qualité est trs médicocre.

👤These shorts are huge for my large size. They fall down even when I do up the drawstring as tight as possible. If I could get them to stay up, the material would be good for working out. Buy a smaller size than your normal one.

👤Es precisamente. My son is perfecto, he is ligeros para ejercicio, para dormir. Ahora, con el covid-19, a diario en casa. Is it possible to recomiendo ampliamente?

👤The husband says they are light and comfortable, but the waist is large. He has to pull the strings tight. I just bought him more larges because he doesn't want a smaller size.

7. Under Armour Graphic Shorts Academy

Under Armour Graphic Shorts Academy

The fabric of the University of Arkansas Tech has a more natural feel. The material dries fast. The elastic waistband has internal drawcord.

Brand: Under Armour

👤They are thin, but won't show your wiener.

👤What else are you going to wear to the gym? Are you talking about jeans? Too restrictive. Is that khakis? You would look weird. Nothing? You would be arrested. Everyone else wears shorts, unless they wear leggings. I had to accept that as someone who has worn jeans every day of their life, and never let their legs see the sun light, or feel fresh air, this was a hard truth. My friends pointed, laughed, and screamed at the sight of my legs after the jeans came off, and I suffered through all of it. The shorts are comfortable and sit around knee-level for me, but I haven't actually measured my height for years, so give or take a bit. The waist was just fine, and I wore it with the elastic tie, and it was just fine after I tightened it down. They are very light and don't restrict your legs. I think it's my fault for doing leg day because they tend to ride up on the rear, giving me a bad memory of the wedgies I never received.

👤My husband is going to the gym for a new year, new me type thing and I got him these in two colors. I got him a big one. They fit his body weight. He wanted me to include that they still fit at 175.

👤Way to thin for me. The first thing my girlfriend said when I tried them on was "Nice outline". It's not appropriate for lounging around the house.

👤We haven't washed them yet, they are falling apart, and my husband wore them one time. The seams are falling out. What a let down.

👤I'm not happy with the product as my underwear is visible through the shorts.

👤The shorts were not as long as expected. My husband likes to hit the knee with basketball shorts. He's 5'8" and these sit right above his knee.

👤These shorts are a little see-through for men and are made of a thinner material. It's a must that there is compression underneath. Work for pj's.

👤Sotto consiglio di un'amico. No molto leggeri, il sudre tende ad asciugarsi, sono grazie al. I pantaloni porto la 48, perci ho dovuto fare il reso ed acquistare una. Se soddisfatto della recensione clicca il pulsante.

👤These are a bit revealing due to being tight around the crotch area. The price was good and only used for home workouts. It would probably not wear out of the house. Look great and comfortable. It wouldn't be a good idea to run, more of a workout short.

👤I'm a 44" waist so I went for the XXL as per the size chart. They are a little baggy and need to be tied up, so I could have gone for one size down. They are a great length and comfortable, so I would buy them again just one size down.

👤I have two pairs of shorts in a month. They are some of the most comfortable shorts I have ever owned. Buy them. You will not be disappointed.

8. Adidas Active Athletic Shorts Sport

Adidas Active Athletic Shorts Sport

The adidas brand mark is on the left leg of the wearer. The Aero Ready logo is on the back right of the waistband.

Brand: Adidas

👤My child has thighs and butt. It's hard to find shorts that fit an 11 year old without going up in size, the waist is too big and the legs are too long. These are great! We ordered a big one. They are large in the leg and fit around the waist. The Large would have been better for him, so we will probably keep the large for reserve. Excellent quality basketball shorts!

👤These shorts are perfect for my son. They are easy to keep clean. I ordered a big for my child. He is 120 lbs. They fit him perfectly. The adidas shorts stay clean because of the white accents. I order them every year.

👤The quality is decent but the large comfortable fits an adult of 160 lbs. The are bigger than men.

👤The white is too thin. Completely see through! My son loves shorts and these were a joke. Send them back. Our adidas brand shorts are much thicker than the white and different link ones. These are thicker than the Amazon white athletic shorts. He wanted to work with leggings for running.

👤Son loved them. He is 12. About 89lb.

👤The adidas label on the shorts is upside down and they fit as expected. How crazy is that? If it wasn't for that, I would give it a better rating.

👤These shorts are soft. I wanted to spend less on them than they are. They are well made and attractive. My son is 10 years old and he has a nice loose fit around his thighs. It's perfect for playing in the heat.

👤Can't believe these are for kids. I have a 29-30w. These fit perfectly. The adidas men are small. The second pair will buy more. The adidas men are small for less money. Score!

👤My son is in size large. I was worried about them being too big because I read that adults were able to fit into them, so I was concerned about them being too big. He tried them on and just tightened the waist knot, they fit perfectly. He loves them and they look great. Good quality. The reviews calling them huge are probably from people who don't realize that the style of shorts is supposed to be loose fitting, so it would look silly if an adult squeezed into them. I'm really happy with my purchase and will be buying him more of them in the future because he says they're super comfy.

👤My son's basketball shorts are soft and comfortable, perfect for his gym class.

👤I put this item in the store for an exchange on March 17th.

👤My grandson loves them and wears them all the time.

👤The shorts in the picture I ordered are not the ones I received.

9. Real Essentials Pack Performance Basketball

Real Essentials Pack Performance Basketball

The mesh active shorts are perfect for running, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, or just everyday. Loungewear. 9 inch inseam is a stretch Waistband with internal draw string for a comfortable fit. Smooth, lightweight, fast drying mesh for superior performance and comfort. Convenient storage can be found in front pockets. Ultraviolet rays can affect your skin.

Brand: Real Essentials

👤I received these for my son. The loose threads on the side seams were not a problem since they made the shorts look a bit cheaper. I washed them and followed the instructions on the tag. The first pair I took out of the washer was the one that went back into the hole I couldn't get out of. There was a huge ball of thread. The shorts are cheap and there was no other damage. My son doesn't really care for the drawstrings so I'm going to cut them off. I have 3 stars because they seem like good shorts for warmer weather. The loose threads remind me of an ear of corn.

👤These are cheap and didn't last a week of easy play. The seam was completely different from one side to the other. These are not worth the money. If I could, I would send them back. Save your money! They run small in almost 2 sizes.

👤I received 2 of the black and red shorts, but the white ones are missing. The size I bought is between 8 and 10. My son is 8 years old. By the time he's 10, this tight waistband will probably not be very comfortable. These are not ideal to wear at school if you need them for that, and they are a bit see through as well. I'll send them back.

👤Four of the shorts were the same size, but one pair was smaller in the leg and waist. The stitching on the shorts is bad and the stripes on the sides are crooked. I don't recommend buying these for anything other than playing in the mud.

👤It was bought for my son. The crotch seam is not sewn together correctly and they split open. A 12 year old boy is in a gym class. I have a sewing machine that I can use to repair and reinforce. I shouldn't have to do that to new clothes.

👤My son wore the first pair twice. He's never had that happen in shorts. The second pair lasted a day. They are very thin and cheap to make. You can see underpants through the material of every pair. These are of poor quality, so I think they would be good for temporary clothing. I don't think they are worth the money spent. I could buy cheaper at Wal-mart.

👤It seems cheap. The size is small.

👤The review has been updated. I bought these for my boys a month ago. Since then they've been washed a few times and I have no complaints about the strands coming loose when I take them out of the wash. It happens to all clothes. I'm not worried. My boys go through clothes quickly. I think they are perfect for them. I was skeptical because of all the bad reviews. I was scared that I would have to buy more since I bought so many. That's not the case for me. Their material is thin. I got what I paid for. My boys wear them all the time and they have no complaints. Very happy with them. I bought these before I read reviews. I regretted buying them after reading the reviews. When they arrive, I'll take a close look at them. I wouldn't have bought them if I had read the reviews. We are here! I looked closely at these shorts. The material is very light. I compared them to other shorts my kids have and they are definitely cheaper. I found a few strands of string that were not damaged, but I didn't worry that they would come undone. I'm worried about how they will do in the wash. I ordered the correct size and didn't find any holes. I like them and my kids like them. I ordered another set of shorts from the same seller and they will arrive in a day. I will update my review after I wash these and receive the second order of shorts.

10. Pack Athletic Basketball Performance Clothing St

Pack Athletic Basketball Performance Clothing St

The material is 10% Spandex. The elastic band waist is for comfort. Skin is protected from the harmful rays of the sun. The fabric is machine washed. The material is lightweight and quick-drying. All sport acitivies, and everyday loungewear are perfect for dry-fit printed shorts.

Brand: Real Essentials

👤The shorts are fine, but they are big. Would order the size down. Don't size to fit in. Had to return for a smaller size.

👤Great! We've been buying shorts like this for a long time. The nylon fabric is comfortable. We will continue to buy if they don't raise the price too much.

👤These shorts are the best I have ever bought for my boys. They are very thin, but not see through. It's perfect for summer. My son is very picky when it comes to clothing, but he loves these. I will buy another pack. Yes, five pairs? Can't beat that!

👤I ordered these for my grandson. Both of us love them. It's great for the summer here in Vegas. Great value!

👤My son is going to hang out at home. They are very thin. They're not the best of quality because of the print. I let him wear them at home to be comfortable, but I wouldn't let him wear them in public because they look flimsy. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤These are too large for the average child. I think they'd fit a young child. Some reviewers have claimed that they are see-thru. The material feels good. Good for casual wear. They fit me perfectly, I'm 6' tall with a 32" waist.

👤It's nice in the waist. They are a little longer than I thought, but it is better than it was. The material is a little thin, but it might help in the summer.

👤The long shorts my grandson likes are long enough to please him. He keeps the shorts on despite the big waist. I agree with the length of the shorts on him. I wish other boys' shorts were the same length.

👤La tela tienes recomendables.

11. Adidas Youth Parma Shorts Black

Adidas Youth Parma Shorts Black

The pitch is calling. These shorts are for junior soccer players before a training session or kickabout. The lightweight fabric keeps you dry. It's made using recycled materials, part of adidas' commitment to help end plastic waste. Drawcord on the waist for a different fit.

Brand: Adidas

👤We don't mind that they fit a little big. The fabric is great. They fit my son well. Will purchase them in more colors. My son is 3 years old, 37 lbs, and the XXS fit a little loose. I would definitely recommend them.

👤My daughter is 7 years old. I bought a medium size short for her. The pink is not transparent. The length is a little short. I can tie the strings inside to make her tighter. I had another small order for her, but it was too small for her legs. It had to be returned.

👤The price was the only good thing. It fits as expected, but it's really thin and hard to see. We decided to keep it because my girl will be wearing tights underneath, but this is really thin fabric and your underwear will show. The picture says it all. Is this really an authentic Adidas product?

👤Sometimes Adidas can be hit. My son who made his cloth really likes the feel and size of these, they are short and nice. He is an average size 8 1/2 year old, and I ordered him a medium -size 10/12, or 12 so he could have room to grow. He has a thin waste with the beginnings of a 6 pack, so slender in case you are wondering for your child. I hope our review is helpful.

👤These fit well. They were comfortable and were true to size. They are see through. You could definitely see through the legs, but you couldn't see underwear. I returned them. I paid $9 for them, but my son cannot wear them outside of the house.

👤I needed shorts for my daughter quickly. I should have been more thorough in reading reviews. These are sheer. I can't put my 8 year old on the basketball court unless she wears bicycle shorts. So disappointed! Don't bother with these in the first place. I couldn't submit my review with zero so I only got 1 star.

👤My daughter is 12 years old. She uses them for soccer. She is 90 lbs and the large fits her perfectly. Some people said these are not black and white. You would have to be very careful to see what's happening. She doesn't wear anything except her undies and we haven't had any issues with her. They're a long way down to just a few inches above her knees.

👤I thought buying the black color would be a good idea, since they were being super thin. I couldn't do it because they are so thin. If anyone would keep, it would be a good idea to wear spandex shorts under them. These were returned.

👤No especificar, para nio ped un L y me lleg un mini short. No tienes descripciones! Mal.

👤La tela sumamente delgada. L, parece talla chica.

👤No se ponen en el departamento de nios, pero no me quiere personal.

👤Mal, lo compré pensando para adulto y resulta para nio, la publicacin no lo especificaba. Solicite devolucin y jams.


What is the best product for fishing shorts youth?

Fishing shorts youth products from Columbia. In this article about fishing shorts youth you can see why people choose the product. Lazy One and are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing shorts youth.

What are the best brands for fishing shorts youth?

Columbia, Lazy One and are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing shorts youth. Find the detail in this article. Under Armour, Adidas and Real Essentials are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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