Best Fishing Stuff Under 5 Dollars

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1. Bomber Slender Jerbait Freshwater Accessories

Bomber Slender Jerbait Freshwater Accessories

It's suitable for furnace controls. Bomber Fishing Lures are used for fishing. The diving depth is 4 - 8 feet. All freshwater game fish. Bomber Fishing Lures are used for fishing.

Brand: Bomber

👤I don't work for Bomber and I don't post reviews. This lure saved my trip. I fished this lure in the Amazon. The lure crushed the fish. I had a lure from an earlier trip that stayed in the box in favor of top waters. It was a mistake. I used this lure and jig the entire trip to Columbia BC, because the fish were holding deeper. I caught a lot of Peacocks and catfish. Book Alan Zaremba in Las Lagunas if you want to get this lure. I ordered a bunch for my next trip and am excited to use them locally for big tarpon and snook.

👤This thing is huge. The trip was canceled due to the Corona virus. I might be able to catch a muskie on it.

👤Junk disposable lure. The hooks are a lot stronger in the heavier duty saltwater version. I think I should have bought one with cheap hooks. I could have replaced the hooks if they straightened out. I caught a Musky with this lure and it stretched out one of the eyelets in the joint that holds it together. How cheap is this thing? How is it possible that a steel eyelet can almost get straightened out and my 50# line doesn't break, when I'm only using 50# PowerPro braided line? I will show you how that is possible. It is only possible when you use the bottom of the barrel.

👤The picture shows a 40in striper on the Black Bomber, as well as multiple other sizes.

👤I had trouble finding the lure. The item was in perfect condition and the price was great. The perch pattern and Northern lights pattern were purchased by me. The northern lights are on fire.

👤After about 30 casts, I caught a broken lure on the Virginia Beach surf. Maybe it is faulty or I should expect to be hit by a surf board. I am not happy about it. I used a 10 Ft. Medium heavy penn prevail. It was cast well, floats and swims as far as I could tell.

👤I fish salmon. The fish like them but they take a toll on the lures. If you want to use a quality snap swivel/ball bearing combo in front of the bomber, best advice is to put a good ball bearing up the line. Every once in a while, you will have a split or hook. It is well worth it. I have changed out the hooks and rings on many of the lures.

👤Well made and reasonably priced.

👤The lure that arrived was not the same as the one in the picture.

👤Good lure with metallic finish.

👤Ich verwende diesen Wobbler, an den Steinpackungen der Elbbuhnen. The Lauftiefe was von ca. 40 - 80 cm ist er hierfr. Bereits bei geringem/langsamen. Schlge ist das Rute o.. Einfach langsam. The drillinge is a bit scharf. It was der Zeit. Die Umwelt ist das ja unbedingt. Ggf, austauschen. Die Flugeigenschaften beim Auswerfen begrund des geringen Gewichts. Ihren Einsatzzweck ist es aber, da fr me. In den USA sollte man etwas Zeit bringen, da das paket beim Zoll liegt. Fr ist jedoch der Preisvorteil. Wobbler ist mal 20 euro.

2. Southwire 64267101 White Bell Wire

Southwire 64267101 White Bell Wire

It's great for use in construction and landscaping. Southwire doorbell wire used single conductors. Uv-resistant for indoor and outdoor use. It's suitable for low voltage battery or transformer circuits. It's suitable for furnace controls. It's suitable for furnace controls.

Brand: Southwire

👤I use this wire when sewing masks. The wire can be used to form over your nose to keep your breath from getting in the way of your glasses. It will break in the washing machine. When we come in from an errand, we put it in a container with laundry-soapy water and soak it for a few hours. Hang to dry.

👤It would have been better if the wire had more twists. Next time, I would look for wire that had an outer sheath. This product was a decent compromise because I only needed about 10 feet.

👤The wire was working as it should. I installed my first doorbell as a do-it-yourselfer. I didn't like the plug in ones. It was a video camera doorbell. I put a wired chime in the transformer. It is easy to bend and snake through small holes. I had a lot for my application. Couldn't be happier.

👤It is wire, what can you say? It was copper wire. It bent easily. I fished inside my walls. The video doorbell is wired on the opposite side of the door now that I have done it. A better view of people coming and going. I am happy I chose a quality wire.

👤50 or 60 foot lengths are more reasonable because this is the place where the doorbell button and transformer are usually located.

👤I like the simplicity of this piece of copper. The kind that flares is useless because they break off and stick inside your fingers, and when they strip off on the floor or carpet, you can step on it and it goes in your skin like a splinter. This kind does not do that. It is solid copper.

👤The product comes with two wires. It's more for wall installations. I needed more of a finished look because my wiring is visible in my closet. The product is solid. Returned it for a full refund.

👤It was a perfect way to fix doorbell wires. There were wire nuts and electrical tape under the siding. Like other reviews states are 2 separate strands of wire. I cut the length and added twists to it to catch it behind the siding.

👤It's a wire. It works with electricity. It worked for my doorbell. Wow. Was. I was amazed.

👤I used to hook my doorbell up to a transformer. There were no issues. See other reviews for more information. The price for such thin wire is not great.

👤I had to extend my door bell from one side to the other. When hooking up the new wire to the old wire, the new wire snaps every time, even though the hooks worked fine. Will have to replace something else.

👤It worked well for my purpose to connect a transformer to a Ring Doorbell Pro Unit.

👤It works! I had to make it work with 5 extra wires because wire was short for what I needed.

3. Crocs Jibbitz Charms Multicolor Small

Crocs Jibbitz Charms Multicolor Small

You can personalize your Crocs with the help of Jibbitz. Crocs shoes were sold separately. Crocs charms are authentic. It was designed by Crocs. A pair of Crocs can hold charms. Attach the Jibbitz to your shoes' holes. You can trade with friends to make your look your own. It is a perfect gift for men and women. Also great as a party favor. Not a toy. Not for children under 3 years of age.


👤The number 1 was given to me. I am very disappointed with what I have to do with returning it.

👤There is only one letter with this product. The letter fit the holes well and was good quality. The description made it sound like you would be getting more then one letter, but that was not the case.

👤The product was dirty. It looks like it has been used.

👤I don't know how we're supposed to get this on the Crocs. The holes in the Crocs are larger than the one on the back. I tried to force it in, but it wouldn't go. Croc charms were supposed to have backings that came off.

👤I've bought college letter jibbitz from this company before, once at the croc outlet store and once from Amazon, but I don't know what the deal is. I lose my letter jibbitz from the holes of my crocs at the end of the day twice. It's great to be able to say your nickname with your shoes. When you look down a few hours later, they're gone, that's not fun. I don't recommend the brand of jibbitz letters.

👤My daughters collection has a great quality and cute addition.

👤I think it was a good value for the money, but when I unpack it, it was blackened and scratched, like it had been used. I'm not sure if it was just a scratch during shipping or something, but that sucked. I was able to scratch off most of it. I am sure she will still love it, it is a cute gift.

👤It was out of the packet when it arrived.

👤Only one arrived. I had an order for x2 on October 26, 2020. OK. One at a time. Still waiting for the 2nd one. I had to wait one month for the first one because they didn't know when it would behipped.

👤The jibbitz are fine but they don't fit into the holes on Crocs.

👤The standard of material used was good.

👤The item was dirty and had to be cleaned even though it was in a plastic bag.

👤If you buy these, you'll have to check if they stay on if you wear them a lot.

4. Ergodyne Chill Its 6700 Evaporative Polymer

Ergodyne Chill Its 6700 Evaporative Polymer

Not a toy. Not for children under 3 years of age. Tie closure for a custom fit. It is easy to be activated by soaking in water. Up to 4 hours of hydration. Just re-wet. It's great for use in construction and landscaping. It's great for use in construction and landscaping.

Brand: Ergodyne

👤It feels slimy to the fingertip, but not to your neck. A reviewer suggested hydrating less for less cooling. If you are going to be in such hot, sweaty circumstances that you are going to want to shower anyway, it is highly recommended. The tubular neck wrap is more comfortable. Dropping 1 star due to the slime factor will be updated if less hydration makes a difference. If you have access to water, or if you are just a little hot, huachnet is useful. After 1 hour of hanging in my laundry room, it is cold and dry. There is a good amount of crystals. The 6700CT felt like a stiff wet towel and did not impress. I would pass. The red is the 6700 and the blue is the huachnet. They are upside down. I don't have time to fix it. I bought 3 cooling neck wraps filled with crystals many years ago. 2 of them are in a beautiful pattern and have a wooden bead that I can slide up and down to quickly tighten/loosen the wrap; I would have loved to buy more of these. I can't find them anymore because I don't know where I bought them. The 3rd one, without the bead, did not have as many crystals in it, and it ran out of cooling energy very fast. I decided to buy a replacement because I already know that not all neck wraps are created equal, so I'd better try to find one with more crystals. I decided to buy the "Ergodyne Chill- Its 6700 Evaporative Polymer Cooling Bandana - Tie Closure" because a reviewer explicitly said it had more crystals than most. I put the Chill-Its 6700 and the Huachnet in a bowl full of cool water for an hour, which is1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 I got distracted while I was busy. They were both very large after an hour. I realized that the gel had not spread out completely when I squeezed it out to fill the neck wrap. The dimensions of the gel section were 16" x 1.75" and 1.25" x 1. I didn't notice a difference in the gel when I wore it later. I hung all 3 neck wraps in my laundry room after thoroughly wetting the Chill-Its 6700CT. I checked on the neck wraps after an hour. The 6700 was very wet with a surface slimy substance, the 6700CT was dry to the touch but still plump and cool, and the 6700CT felt like a wet towel. They stayed like that for about 6 hours. I had to wipe my finger on a paper towel when I touched the slimy 6700. I put them on after 6 hours. I didn't want to put on the 6700 because I was so grossed out by it. It was easy to put on and provide a cooling effect. The neck wraps I own are very similar to the Huachnet. If you take it off on a hot day, the heat of your neck will be dissipated and you will be able to cool off. If you don't take it off, it becomes annoying. It felt like a heavy tube around my neck, which was what I expected. When I touched it, it felt like a wet towel around my neck. Not great. I didn't think it would last long. I wiped the 6700 with a paper towel to try and get some of the gunk off, but it didn't work. It was very strange. My neck didn't care about the sliminess at all. I kept it on for a while and the 6700 cooled me down. I think the increased surface area helped with the cooling effect and it felt more comfortable around my neck than the Huachnet. My neck was slimy when I took it off. I used a wet paper towel. The reviewer who said that the 6700 had more crystals than average warned that the effect would be reduced by not overhydrating the crystals, so if I soak it for a shorter amount of time, it seems likely that I won't have so much slime.

5. Triple Fish Test Leader Fishing

Triple Fish Test Leader Fishing

Professional quality at prices you can afford is perfect for adventure travel, expeditions, sailing, hunting, and any other outdoor activity. You want to keep personal items dry, so large is the amount of dry items you can hold. Go crazy, stay dry, have fun! You can order yours today. Portugal is the country of origin. The package dimensions are 5.1" L X 5.1" W X 0.75" H. The package weight is 0.13 pounds.

Brand: Triple Fish

👤I used the clear fishing line to hang my planters from the ceiling. It worked well. I wanted a clean look. I have had it hung for a long time without any issues. Highly recommended!

👤It is easy to fit through bead holes. It works better at a nicer price. It is very easy to knot. If they are going to be used with heavier pendants, they are great to use for bead necklaces. The line feels very secure with a lot of valuable pieces. The way the line is packaged makes it easy to keep straight and store. Highly recommended.

👤I use it for fishing. I use it to hold the bait in place and put through my soft plastics. 40lb test is for my hooks. The baits are kept from sliding off and give you a longer lifespan. The mono line will keep doing the job even when it gets old.

👤It's not all clear, has markings to measure length. Useful for the intended purpose, but not if you expect it to be clear for other purposes.

👤It's lightweight, strong and invisible and I love it for decorations.

6. Eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

Eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

24 hour hydration includes shaving cream with vitamins C and E to support healthy skin. If you want to smooth it out, shave any time of the day and use wet or dry. Natural shea butter and oil are found in the shave cream. There are notes of sweet pomegranate and watery lotus blossom. Clean Skin Care is made without harmful substances. It's a free ofgluten

Brand: Eos

👤I shave a lot and my skin is sensitive. There is a Even after the dang stuff is washed off, no fragrance, no cruelty, and no moisturizes. I want to keep this stuff for 5 dollars. I would love for EOS to make a body lotion like this. If you throw some in the shower wall, it will stay, but it is a con if you are super tidy. I have sensitive skin and this shave cream is the best I have used. I have tried a lot of things, but won't go into detail there. Ok. People are saying it's too thick. Is it alogging razor? It's time to rinse it off. Maybe there is something better, but I haven't seen it. For 5 bucks, you get a cruelty free and sensitive skin friendly item.

👤This cream is thick and doesn't spread across the body in order to work like a shaving cream. It's so thick they couldn't open my razor. It's like putting on a heavy cream. It clumps up into a mess in the tub as it forms thick white lump in the bath water. Disappointed. Will not be buying it again.

👤My daughter and I both have dry, sensitive skin and this shave cream has a nice light scent and doesn't cause either of us to break out. The reason we won't purchase again is because of the wasteful packaging. Even though I felt there was some left, the pump wouldn't pull any more product out. The product was in the bottom that the pump couldn't grab. Please redesign the packaging.

👤The product is amazing. It works well. Some reviews on this seem to be half-baked because there are complaints that it doesn't foam. It states that it's non-foaming. It's more like a smooth and silky liquid. It takes a while to break the habit of using foam, it's like using castile soap instead of washing, you're used to lathering. It's better to see your legs since you can see the hair underneath. It's a lovely scent and I love it, it's no joke, I have all 4 of them and I love them all equally. This stuff isn't hype.

👤I've never used stuff like this before except for a tanning salon product that costs more than this does. I decided to try it out after I had a promo code. It is very smooth. It smells great! Smoother shave! The skin is softer after shaving. You only need a couple of pumps per leg. I like to get deals on things when I'm not sure if I will like them or not, because my kids are grown and I don't know if I will like them or not. I will buy more of this. If you shave your legs and bikini area every time you shower, it's the only reason for not 5 stars. I might need to stretch it out more. I could probably use a little less. It's a good thing. I'm not a great writer.

7. Berkley BTLCFG Coated Grip Gloves

Berkley BTLCFG Coated Grip Gloves

It's perfect for the young fisherman. China is the country of origin. The package is 1 inches in height. The package is 1 inches in length. The package width is 1 Inches. The grip is designed for a ladies hand.

Brand: Berkley

👤I am very grossed out by touching fish. I used to have my ex-husband touch the worms and fish when we fished but now he is not around, I am on my own. I try to be a good mom and take my kids fishing. I can't touch that stuff. These gloves work well for me. I was able to hold the fish without getting jabbed by the fin because they are a bit "grippy". I got the hook out. Don't get me wrong. I was still grossed out by all of it, but it made me realize that I can still go fishing.

👤I wasn't expecting much at all since these were very cheap. The grip is ok and the color is nice. It depends on what kind of fish you're working with. I work with live fish and they are very slimy. The gloves will protect you from the fish's spines, but the fish will coat the gloves in a slimy substance so you won't really have a good grip on the fish. If you take off the glove while it is wet it will be difficult to get the wet glove back on, and it is a very uncomfortable feeling having cold wet fabric plastered to your hands. The reason I'm saying this product is okay is because it offers some protection for your hands, and I think they would be useful for handling dead or less slimy fish.

👤We love catfishing. She didn't like holding them for pictures because her hands were too small. She couldn't hold them. These fixed the problem. She digs in the net as soon as we get em and she holds them like a pro even when they are rowdy and kicking. I can see the issue with the collecting on them. She just rinses them in the river after every fish.

👤I got a pair of gloves a few years ago that were great for moving into and out of an apartment. I used to work in an office and these gloves protected my manicure when I dealt with large boxes and the grip was great while walking up and down stairs. I started working for Amazon as a delivery driver because I am in between jobs. I ordered another pair of gloves because I forgot about the ones I bought a few years ago. I cut a small hole in the thumb and pointer finger so that I could still use my phone and scanning device. My skin is very dry in the winter and it would be difficult to handle over 100 packages/shift. I cannot recommend these gloves enough. These are great when you need to get a grip elsewhere.

👤I like to go fishing with these gloves. I don't mind touching a fish without them but it makes it so you don't get all slimy or have to rinse it off after fishing. It's perfect for grabbing a panfish and not getting poked by the fins. They are easy to wash off if they get slimy. They are more of a preference than a neccesity. It's not too thick or bulky. I got my mother pink ones.

8. Xhope 30pcs Simulation Fishing Floating

Xhope 30pcs Simulation Fishing Floating

Artificial corn baits attract fish to bite. An excellent choice for freshwater and saltwater fishing, rivers and lakes, reservoirs, ponds, streams,ocean boat fishing, ocean beach fishing, lake fishing, do you want to catch carp? Fishermen who like to make their own lures can use 30Pcs soft baits. TPR material is used for long-term preservation. If you are not satisfied with the product, don't hesitate to let them know, they will solve your problem asap.

Brand: Xhope

👤Great bait! Don't expect one or two pieces to float a heavy hook. I use two pieces and it sinks very slowly. The corn is sitting up off the bottom of the hair rig. I have caught at least 40 fish on this pack, and I still have a few left. So long lasting baits. On occasion, they fling off.

👤The two were caught about 90 minutes apart using this bait on a hair rig. Already planning to buy more. They should have sold a 60 piece pack. I caught my friend with a hair rig, in-line feeders and pack bait. About to order more.

👤This is very good. I wish there was more in the package, but it does what it says. It smells like popcorn and is sturdy even after being poked with a hook or needle. I have caught a few fish with this on a hair rig.

👤It looks like corn and stays on the hook. I have not gotten a single bite or nibble from this after using half a package. It didn't cost more and wouldn't buy again.

👤After fishing a few places with lots of small fish that steak your bait, I pulled out fake corn and started using them. I like that I am not sitting there waiting for a bite only to discover your bait was stolen an hour ago. It doesn't work well by itself. It works great if you keep real corn.

👤It floats. Probbaly won't make your hook float. It should work well on a hair rig. It smells like sweet corn. Will update when I try them.

👤I like these because they stay on my hair rigs for a while. They smell like sweet corn. I don't like that they make them too small to float hooks. Maybe tiny hooks will work. Or putting a few pieces on. I think they should be larger so they will float, instead of being the exact size of actual corn. It's not like a fish would be suspicious. Maybe I should have had some boilies. Not bad at all. 4 stars.

👤It feels like a gummy bear. Doesn't lift a single size 6 hook. It doesn't last past a single bite. The fake corn I buy from Korda is made of a high density foam that is almost impervious to damage. I don't think the guy used their corn product in the video clip they uploaded, it's very confusing. He used fake corn.

9. Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

This teether is perfect for assisting in the eruption of front, middle and back teeth. Nuby's PurICE technology provides gentle cooling on baby's gums when placed in the refrigerator. The easy grip design is ideal for little hands. It combines exercise for young hands, teeth and gums. 3 months and above; free from the harmful effects of BPA. 3 months and above; free from the harmful effects of BPA.

Brand: Nuby

👤It is a good idea to put this in the refrigerator and wash it with soap and water. The bad reviews and photos of melted key rings with slime oozing out of them are posted by people who say that they have used the product by either freezing it or heating it through boiling or a bottle sanitizer. The package instructions state that neither of those are acceptable. Some reviewers suggest using chlorox or any other household cleaner on it.

👤This sounded like a great idea, but it comes with a statement to rinse the baby's mouth well and throw this away if the baby's teeth cut into this teether which would release the fluid inside. I threw it away because I wouldn't give to charity something that could cause harm to a baby.

👤My twins love the bright colors and chew on the many teaching surfaces. It's made well. I don't think it will come apart no matter how much they fight for them. One teacher they love makes a sound they love, but this one is chewier. I keep mine in a bowl of ice water in the fridge, they don't stay cold long, but the twins love them cold.

👤We didn't have to buy additional teethers because we cut the key ring open and used the three keys separately. I bought a set from both Amazon and the baby store. We have 6 teethers in the house and car. Our child likes these more than other teethers we tried and they fit in the mouth better than others. It is easy to clean.

👤The baby user was reviewed. It's a translation: The ring format makes it hard for a young man like me to eat a frozen piece. I need my mama to hold it for me. I wish it lasted longer than it does. It is a good toy to play with. It has a lot of color and texture. I think it is a good buy.

👤I bought 2 of these for my home daycare who are busy with teething. When they chew on them, I put them in a bag in the fridge to keep them cool. They should not be put in a freezer. The babies seem to like them, and when they are not chewing on them, they are banging on the surfaces to enjoy the noise they make. There is a The colors are bright. There are little bumps on the handle that holds the keys together. It makes it easier for babies to hold it.

👤There is a Handheld size of tethers. The ridges and feelings of your little ones teether can be seen in the photo. They are easy for babies to grab, and colorful, but they don't stay warm. Within 2 minutes they are warm again after being in the fridge for days. That is generous. The gel inside of them doesn't work very well. They are microwaveable and safe. My baby doesn't care for them.

👤I wish they could be taken off of the ring individually. My baby is three months old and loves chewing on these but they are a bit heavy and awkward. She would have an easier time if I could take one off and give it to her. Hopefully she will like them when she's a little bigger.

10. LUSHAZER Fishing Weights Sinkers Plastic

LUSHAZER Fishing Weights Sinkers Plastic

The country of Orgin is the United States. 1. 100 pieces of the Split-Shot Sinker are in a plastic box. The packaging is different from the picture. 2. The weight of Lushazer is made of pure lead and has a high density. The round design reduces resistance fall into water. The soft shots with central cut will not break the braided fishing line. It's great for changing situations by allowing you to add and remove weights, and it's also great for meeting fishing friends in any waters. 4. After market research. TheSinkers and Weights are small in the package. The product is designed for small design. The fishing line did not change during use. The product design is easy to carry. 5. If you have a problem, please contact them via the customer service email and they would be happy to solve it.

Brand: Lushazer

👤The picture makes the product look bigger. The box of weights in this package is so small that you would have to use half of them to get the weight you need. Don't waste your money. If I didn't throw them in my tackle box I would send them back for a refund but I would most likely throw them in the trash. The value for the money is not worth the product that you get and the ease of use is pretty much non-existent because if you drop one of the weights in this package you have lost it forever. I like buying things to go fishing. I have never seen or bought weights that looked like the ones I received. I don't think they are able to work or do anything good for the weight that you need. I don't see any use for this fishing product on a body of water that is not moving pool, if you're fishing in a swimming pool with no boats or current, or any fish that you tend to catch, then I don't think you should use this fishing product I would like to get a refund.

👤The weights are fine, but the plastic box didn't contain them during shipping. I had to sort the weights because the whole thing was in a plastic bag. One of the weights got wedged between the main box and lid, bending the lid. I tried to heat the lid a bit and get it back into shape, but I don't trust it to hold these weights, so I put them into some small bags I had. These range in size from panfish to trout fishing. The 2nd largest is a #3. There is a They're 5 stars if you don't care about the box.

👤There was no warmth in these as the review stars asked, with that being said, I think there was a better scale for measurement and size used to advertise these. I am pretty sure that the smallest size is not enough to feel an object with our fingers. The 2 largest sizes are useful for casting two sinkers and not having to worry about bobber or tight line needs. I will use the rest as a substitute for my hamburgers at the next picnic.

👤Why did the seller blow up the product photo so that it looked bigger than it really is? I could have purchased a better fish weight set at walmart or sportmans wearhouse. Don't buy it.

👤Oh my gracious! My husband bought the tiny hooks for the weights. He didn't read the description carefully. Please read carefully and beware. You pay for what you get. It was a good laugh. The speck next to the hook is a weight. When we opened them, it gave us a 1 star for laughter. I updated my review because I used the bigger ones to catch some perch. I added a star for that. Just read carefully what you get in the set.

11. Generator Multi Species Excellent Replacement Glowsticks

Generator Multi Species Excellent Replacement Glowsticks

Size 0 to 6 are available for your selection. Works for all kinds of fishing. It was designed for the Bandit Generator. Under low-light conditions and stained water, the bandit generator has points at the front and back to illuminate the lure and call fish far away. Don't get caught in the dark when you're ready to light a generator. Each pack contains 4 glow sticks.

Brand: Band-it

👤Fast shipping. The item is as advertised.

👤If you fish at night, glow sticks are a plus.

👤The price is better than anywhere I've looked.

👤The glow sticks inside the body bait will work crazy in dark water. For the walleyes. Great action on the lures. These lures are recommended by me.

👤I expected the refill requirement to light up the lure.


What is the best product for fishing stuff under 5 dollars?

Fishing stuff under 5 dollars products from Bomber. In this article about fishing stuff under 5 dollars you can see why people choose the product. Southwire and are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing stuff under 5 dollars.

What are the best brands for fishing stuff under 5 dollars?

Bomber, Southwire and are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing stuff under 5 dollars. Find the detail in this article. Ergodyne, Triple Fish and Eos are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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