Best Fishing Tackle Backpack with Rod Holder

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1. BASSDASH Fishing Backpack Resistant Outdoor

BASSDASH Fishing Backpack Resistant Outdoor

Breathable sponge mesh on the back and shoulder straps make it easy to carry. It was comfortable to carry. The backpack has two separate compartments, one for personal items and the other for more gear and utility boxes. There are multiple inside pockets, a front mesh pocket, a plier pocket, a hard molded sunglasses case, and two side pockets for accessories or small trays. The shoulder straps can be hidden when used as carry bags. The mesh back design has an ergonomics and is padded for a comfortable fit. The dimensions of the bag are 15”L x 10”W x 15.7”H.

Brand: Bassdash

👤Have you ever wanted to carry a fishing bag? Have you been on the fence about getting one? Is there a more convenient way to carry your tackle while you haul it to the lake or boat? You can now. This is a new tool in my arsenal and it has been an amazing purchase. There are four, count them, four 3600 boxes. You can keep your hard baits along with your plastic. It has been a very convenient way for me to get from here to there. Talk comfort? This feels great on the back. The shoulder straps fit well. This pack also includes a chest clip to make it easier to put the shoulder straps together if you want to take everything with you to your favorite lake or river. The padding on the back has been very nice. Do you want to talk about the look? Are you serious? How amazing is this in the camo? Two beverage holders that are out of the way when you are not using them are one thing that is hidden. There are many innovations in this pack. Why didn't they think about it? It is up to you. I'm buying another for a gift. It is time to add to the cart. You won't be sorry if you click the button. Enjoy.

👤The backpack has a lot of room. A month ago, I took this back pack out fishing. It worked out great! I thought it was a little bit heavier. It is not a deal breaker. Storage to make up for that. The rod slots worked well since I always move around and use multiple rods. I used the gear I swapped out for opening day for dove last week. It was durable for hunting as well. Enough room to eat lunch while on the hunt, and to keep my 3 mojos safe. The back pack is versatile for fishing and bird hunting.

👤I'm happy with the quality. The bag would have been perfect if some small improvements had been made. I carry a water bottle and thermos with me. The front storage area should be a little deeper. I still think this product is great. The price at the time of purchase was great, and if it stays in that range, I may buy another one.

👤I have owned a lot of tackle boxes and backpacks, but this one is the best. The material is weather proof and reliable. There is a lot of room for everything and it is very comfortable. Quick grabs for your glasses. BassDash has outdone themselves on this one, so I highly recommend this product to anyone out there. I have a lot of gear for all the types of fishing that I do, and this one fits all of those needs, so you don't need to bring anything else with you!

👤I needed an upgrade from my previous one so I bought this fishing tackle backpack. I could fit more tackle and personal items in the bag with room to spare. There are many places to put things. The mesh material on the back of the backpack helps with sweat and it is very comfortable to wear. I love that it has a glasses case so that I can keep them out of harms way. The tackle boxes that I received were made with a plastic material that was good quality. I have never had a tackle bag like this before and it is my favorite. I definitely recommend this purchase.

2. Rodeel Folding Fishing Portable Carrier

Rodeel Folding Fishing Portable Carrier

The portable fishing pole holder is perfect to store fishing rods, fishing reels and other fishing tackle. Jhua fishing rod bag is a great gift for elders who like fishing. The dimensions are 61in* 7.9 inch. The bag can hold more than one rod inside and two outside, as well as tackle and equipment. It is built for rough use and tough weather conditions, and it is made of 600D Polyester material coated with a hydrophobic PVC layer that repels water. The fishing pole case is portable and can be used for hand and one shoulder carry. It adds both beauty andDurability by sewing delicate and smooth thread. There are multiple storage compartments for everything in the professional fishing bag. It's great for fishing. A simple yet practical companion for fishing fans is a great gift. A perfect gift for a family member.

Brand: Rodeel

👤I was able to fit my rods in this bag. My rods are easy to carry and I can strap them to the roof of my car if I need to. I was able to fit two smaller fishing rods in the bag for my child. I would have liked more color options in this bag.

👤I bought this case for my husband as a Christmas gift, and he loved it. The case is easy to use and can hold multiple rods.

👤Quality! I have the fishing poles ready to go. This bag is great. It was very worth the money. It will be much easier to transport it because of the secure rods inside.

👤It was worth it! When you are ready to go fishing, grab and go.

👤Great product! It's much easier to haul tackle and poles.

👤I can stick the rods in with out having to separate them.

3. Lunkerhunt LTS Tackle Backpack Grey

Lunkerhunt LTS Tackle Backpack Grey

A handy work surface and large padded shoulder straps are included in the fishing backpack. The construction eliminates frustration. There are 2 rod holders. It's designed for quick access to your gear. Fast-entry openings are splashproof. TPW-coated waterproof fabric was used.

Brand: Lunkerhunt

👤I was not impressed with this backpack. It won't stay upright when set down. Many of the things you would normally take with you have no space for water bottles or storage. The poles are too short for you to be able to go up and over them. The way the storage is, you have to use the boxes. All of my hooks and swivels are mixed together inside the box because the box lid didn't seal tight. I will definitely not buy this bag again and I am considering returning as it was not enjoyable. There were design issues with the product.

👤Everything is tidy. Well designed. The weird map area would be better used as a waterproof area. I would like a couple of attachment loops. The pack is great to take on trips. It seems weather resistant. trecking is easier with the rod stowed.

👤The backpack is awesome. There are more pockets than you need. The rod holder pockets are my favorite.

👤I will not say this is the best tackle bag ever. We all have our own preferences for what we want in a bag. I wanted a bag that could carry a net or a second rod, and it had to be waterproof. My first impressions were not great. The trays are not great. They don't have hooks, snaps, or beads. Safety pins, film canisters, and pill bottles can be used to group these. The strap on the side of the rod/net is very useful for a single one, but short for two items. The strap above can hold two poles. There is room for more trays. One Plano 3-28 can be easily inserted. An additional Plano 3-28 can be convinced to enter if you turn the trays ninety degrees. One Plano 5-20 can be stacked on top and still have the flap to clasp. If you modify the straps to be longer, a second and third can be forced. I went for a folding/rollup plastics binder instead of the second and third 5-20s. You can hang various tools with the loops on the side. I hang a water bottle and two Plano Double Sided Stowaway trays. This bag is not the best. There isn't a best bag. It's up to you to decide what you need and if this bag can meet it. It would be great if it does. Hopefully my description will give you some ideas of your own. I like this bag.

👤The bag pack is decent. The tackle compartments are my favourite part, but they do not stand straight. If you want to be organized, it's good.

4. Elkton Outdoors Rolling Waterproof Removable

Elkton Outdoors Rolling Waterproof Removable

Bass, trout, Walleye, Northern pike and Salmon are all deadly. It was designed for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and Father's Day. The overview is about what happened. It's easy to get your fishing gear to your favorite spot because of its durable, waterproof, light, and convenient qualities. The dimensions are L 15.7" x W 9.6" x H 18.7". There are a lot of stories. There is a padded top storage compartment, five 3600 size tackle trays, and 18 compartment tackle trays to fulfill your organization and storage needs. This fishing gear roller is made to be tough and will help keep your fishing gear in great condition. It's easy to carry a rolling tackle box with the shoulder strap and the handle extended. 4 rod holders make it easy to get everything you need to go in one shot and keep your fishing rods in great condition. 4 rod holders make it easy to get everything you need to go in one shot and keep your fishing rods in great condition.

Brand: Elkton Outdoors

👤Just wow. The bag is of the highest quality. It feels like I got my money's worth. You can choose what size of storage you want for your fishing gear, the compartments have little dividers. I don't know if you can see in the picture, but the top compartment's dividers are made of velcro and can be adjusted. You can put your name on the bag if it gets lost, because it has an identification slot on the top. You can transport it in 3 different ways. I didn't know it had it until I got it. I haven't tested the poles yet, but I'll let the person who bought them try them out. Will let you know. I still think this is a very high quality tackle box.

👤The box was waiting for me and I was very excited. An avid ocean fisherman, I was looking for a rolling tackle box that could handle both bottom fishing and tuna gear. The Elkton is short. The slide in storage boxes can't handle larger lures like the Rapalas for tuna. It will work for an overnight offshore trip but you have to carry extra bags for larger reels, lures, and jigs. The Elkton looks well built. The 4 rod carriers are a plus. It would work well for freshwater bays and estuary trips, but not where things like tarpon, snook, permit are present. Will be going out on an overnighter soon and will report on how the Elkton was able to cope. I have some "humble pie" to eat. I put the contents of my bag in the Elkton. 99% of it fit. The bag was not able to fit the lures. The top compartment might be able to hold a few such lures. It's a plus in my book. I took my first trip with the Elkton. I am very pleased with the layout and design. Everything I needed for my trip is in the pullout box compartment. The top compartment was large enough to hold my fishing gear. A good but.

👤The wheels are too small and don't move. Why don't we make a heavy duty transportation system with big, meaty wheels? I want to figure out how to put the new rubber on so it can go over terrain. It is relatively small. A fisherman that has a lot of tackle wants something that will transport his gear. I don't want to have to sacrifice some items because it's not tall enough for tackle organizers. I will give it the nice material from it. The rod holders have enough depth, but the reel handles don't have a slit, so rods with shorter butt-ends will shift around and lean out at an angle.

👤Standard trays don't fit in there for changing out tackle for different things. The top and bottom trays are very difficult to get out of the bag as the corners of the openings trap them. It could be 10% larger. It's built like a tank from materials that are very strong. The roller feature is awesome and it's very well constructed. The amount of storage on it is not adequate. I have a Plano guide series bag that is so useful that I only have to put my surf and fishing gear in another box, and it's so useful that I store all of my freshwater gear in it. I ordered this thinking it would be more storage than it is, but I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for. It's kind of an expensive bag for that, but I might use it to store my surf and troll gear. Design misses the mark because of the quality and materials.

5. Mouhike Waterproof Shoulder Backpack Crossbody

Mouhike Waterproof Shoulder Backpack Crossbody

Can hold up to 7 trays. The mouhike fishing backpack is made of high density anti-tear nylon fabric and has good water resistance, high abrasion resistance and durability, suitable for any freshwater or saltwater fishing trips. The large capacity pack has a main compartment, front pockets, and two external pockets for holding accessories to keep it neat and organized. The fishing pack has rod belts and shoulder straps to hold your fishing poles. It can also be used as a crossbody bag. The back pack is 15 x 9.4 x 5.9 inch. The 1.96Ib is a large storage space that is great for organizing fishing tools and accessories. Various usage The backpack is designed for fishing. Breathable and padded shoulder straps give you ultimate comfort no matter where you go.

Brand: Mouhike

👤It would be great if it had more pockets.

👤Overall, I like it, but this is my first tackle backpack. It has enough to keep the basics in place, but doesn't have a ton of individual compartments or pockets. The material and zippers seem to last a long time. You can either use it as a traditional backpack or use the single cross-body strap. It comes with three straps, so you don't have to use one of the regular straps as the cross body strap. I got a set of tackle divider boxes. They barely fit into the main pocket. The two of them make it hard to zip all the way shut. You can fit other items in the main pocket if you just use one.

👤To find where the fish are biting, it is necessary to keep moving along the bank. If there are no fish, I move. This requires a hand to carry the box. The backpack style tackle bag leaves my hands free while I move around. I plan to wear it on the front. The material is tough and should hold up for a long time. The seams are sewn well and the hardware is of good quality. The third shoulder strap is interesting. There are two shoulder straps, but there is a third one in the middle. This is to carry the bag over one shoulder. There is a pocket on the back of the bag that can be used to store the unused straps. I'll store the middle strap when it's front-mounted. The bag has a handle loop at the top that can be used to carry it like a handbag or hang it. There are two D-Rings on each strap. There are lots of pockets in the bag. One of the side pockets is intended for fishing piers and the other has a strap for securing and carrying a fishing rod with a stabilizing strap that can be hooked onto a shoulder strap. There are a couple of pockets in the interior compartment. I think I can access the interior compartment when I carry it in front. This will hold the gear in place. The front flap can be opened completely if I need to. The bag design is flexible enough to hold all the fishing gear I need. It will make a nice day-pack if it's not used for fishing. I think this bag will be used a lot for shore fishing.

👤This backpack is made of solid materials and has interesting features, but no documentation to tell you how to use it. I think it is small, but not as small as my work back pack that I carry my laptop in. As you can see in my photos, this pack looks like a tactical pack and an office pack, with some of each, and a baby backpack. I have never had to carry my iPad mini with me while fishing, but this pack has a place for it. It doesn't come with plastic boxes for organizing tackle, but it does have a hook pad near the top. It has a lot of loops and straps, and a patch that mimics many of the tactical rigs for adding hook and loop or clipped items. The shoulder straps can be stuffed into a pocket on the back of the bag if you just use it as a tackle bag, which is a feature I like. I think it's the way it's supposed to work. I would have liked to know how to use it and if this was the only use for it. There are a lot of loops on the bag. If they prove to be a nuisance going through brush and such, I'll have to figure out how to eliminate them. This pack is an ideal size for tossing a few of my self-supplied plastic tackle organizers bait bottles or can extra reel. A break down pole is on the outside. A day-fishing trip. It's not enough for being the tackle box or carrying a lot of a lunch. It is well built and is good enough for the above uses.

6. Ghosthorn Fishing Tackle Backpack Storage

Ghosthorn Fishing Tackle Backpack Storage

100% satisfaction guarantee. TRUSCEND makes and sells the fishing lures kit. Customer service and product quality are their responsibility. Don't buy counterfeits from third-party sellers. They will reply to your questions in 12 hours. The fishing backpack is made of 1000D nylon and has a rod holder. The fishing backpack has padded shoulder straps which can be easily changed from a fishing backpack to a fishing sling shoulder bag. The fishing bag could be adjusted to fit different needs for a fishing trip. The large size of the lures, pliers, 3600 TACKLE BOX, wallet and phone is big enough for you to keep your daily fishing gear. The tackle backpack's front pockets are designed to easily hold tools while fishing. The side pockets can be used for things like a water bottle, small tools, keys and fishing license. The water-resistant fishing backpack is made of high density nylon fabrics with extra firm stitches. You can take this fishing tackle bag to any freshwater or saltwater fishing trips. The front MOLLE webs of fishing backpack are designed to hold pliers, clippers, hooks and etc. You can hold your jacket and hat in the middle of the clip buckle. Two rod bets on the side and a patched belt are used for fishing rod storage. They will provide a 1-year warranty to replace any faulty fishing bag in their product, 30 days no-hassle return and customer support from Ghosthorn.

Brand: Ghosthorn

👤A lot of attention was paid to the details of the tackle bag, which is compact and nice looking, and has plenty of room for tackle boxes and attachment. I quickly put two Plano tackle boxes into the two main compartments and could probably put another box into the outer most compartment if I wanted to. The bag can be used as a sling bag at tight fish spots where I can't put the bag down. The bag has a lot of hanging hooks on all sides except the back and 17 D-shaped hanging hooks. Even though the bag is small, I can hang all kinds of accessories on it. When I climb down a steep slope to get to my fishing spot, I look for a tackle bag that doesn't get in my way. Two thumbs up!

👤I bought this for my son and he absolutely loves it. This is the best bag I could have gotten for him. It is so comfortable for him to wear everything he needs. It has great ways to strap on other bags. It can turn into a bigger bag. You will love this bag. You need to buy this bag.

👤The pack is small. It's big enough to fit in a couple of plano 3600s in the large compartment, but that may be all it has. The other pockets are hard to get to. You can't see what's in there because they don't open all the way. They have a pocket sewn in vertically in the smaller compartment, but the zip opens only on the side. The pocket is sewn closed so that it won't open. How are you supposed to find anything in there? Hope for the best, dig around and see what you can find. The straps seem to only serve an aesthetic purpose. It looks cool. It will work if you want it for the larger pocket. If you want easy access with more storage, look elsewhere. Some poor design choices. I have to say that their customer service is top notch, even though my thoughts on the bag have not changed. They contacted me immediately to try to remedy my unhappiness with the product, and to discuss changes to the bag in the future. It's nice to see a company stand behind their guarantee.

👤All 5 stars are from the first look, so I'm writing this as a 1st impression viewpoint. I needed a small backpack to hold all of my surf gear for short trips to the surf. I had a big Plano lure box and a bag that I lugged around. There are two Planos in the middle, one medium and one small. I have a pocket space for leader matrial and a pouch for my phone and wallet. I am using my perch pole as a small pole holder, but it looks like I could carry it on my back. There is a surprising amount of storage areas. There are a lot of places to attach carabiners. Tools can be tucked into the back of the room. I like the construction. Time will tell how well the zippers will hold up in the salt environment. This pack is easy to carry as a backpack or shoulder pack with a decent room.

7. KastKing Backpack Waterproof Protective Camouflage

KastKing Backpack Waterproof Protective Camouflage

The shoulder strap was included. Waterproof and resilience are important. The fishing tackle backpack with rod holders is made of tough high-density Oxford fabric for exceptional long-term performance and reliability. The rain cover is water resistant and will keep your belongings dry. The bottom is covered with waterproof non-slip materials and there are two non-skid pads on the bottom to keep your bag in place. The top compartment has a Soft Plastic System and 20 pockets for your soft plastic lures, which makes it easy to access and keep track of. The fishing backpack has pockets and storage areas that help you stay organized. The versatile pockets allow you to carry all the essentials for a day of fishing. There is an adjusted main complaint. The large-capacity storage compartment is in the fishing backpack. There is a foldable padded partition in the middle of the main storage area. The clapboard can be folded down on the main compartment to get two smaller storage spaces. The upper layer holds clothing and snacks, while the lower layer holds tackle boxes. The fishing tackle backpack has a cushion for superior back support. The foam-padded shoulder straps are easy to adjust to fit your height, and are Breathable for better comfort. The reflective stripes on the straps keep you safe at night. The handle design of the Oxford fabric makes it easy to hang your bag on a rack. It's perfect for any activity outdoors. This bag is specially designed for fishing enthusiasts and avid anglers and can hold all your fishing gear. This large storage waterproof backpack is perfect for hiking, camping, sightseeing, exploring, cycling, working, or other outdoor sports. Men and women love camping.

Brand: Kastking

👤It has a waterproof rain cover, plenty of pockets for your cell phone, water bottle, pliers, sunglasses, and 2 portable fishing combo, and it's perfect size. Plus 4 people.

👤I ordered a bag. The bag is great. It was small. I got this and it's bigger than the day tripper I got and I still have the main compartment empty and side pockets to fill. The bungie cord style on the day tripper is better than the Velcro rod holder straps. The day tripper was small on me, and I felt weird. The lady in the video is a small girl and the backpack is large. It would be great if it had a big pocket on the back of the main compartment. This is a great backpack.

👤I think this bag looks great with lots of storage options. I have owned multiple products from them. I think you should pick one of these up.

👤I was looking for a fishing backpack when I came across the KastKing Bait Boss Fishing backpack. I read the description and decided to buy it. The backpack was well packaged and delivered perfect. The plastic bait containers with the kastking logo on them feel sturdy and solid, and I saw them when I opened the box. I was amazed at how many pockets this backpack has. The sunglasses pocket on the top of the phone is large enough to hold my phone and keys, and the side pockets are large enough to hold my phone and keys. There is a secret pouch on the backpack carrying strap. That's how much thought was put into this backpack for storage. The backpack material looks and feels good. I like the kastking logo on the front and the american flag on the side. I like the zippers and the pulls. The backpack is made of high quality material and the zips are orange to match the backpack's color. I will be trying out the fishing pole holders on the backpack to see if they can hold the fishing poles snug and tight. Every backpack has a drink holder on it. The KastKing Bait Boss fishing backpack is a must have for everyone. I will be filling it up with fishing gear and hitting the water for some big fish.

👤The pack was well made. Can't wait to wade fish this summer. I have a Walmart brand pack and it never worked. Hopefully they hold up.

👤The bag has a lot of pockets to hold your stuff. I use it for fishing. It's convenient to hit all of your tackles on your shoulder. It is waterproof and durable, which is a plus when you are at the beach. Love it very much.

8. NUFR Backpack Shoulder Water Resistant Stainless

NUFR Backpack Shoulder Water Resistant Stainless

5. If you have a problem, please contact them, they will reply within 24 hours. Their backpack and sling bag is large enough for you to keep your fishing gear, wallet, phone, keys, and any other accessories safe. There is a left and right pocket for water cup/bottle and tools. The fishing rod storage belt is designed for the bottom. The water-resistant and resilience is made from high quality, water- resistant high density nylon fabric with extra firm stitching to stand up to the different uses and fishing styles of their customers across the world. The backpack of the competitors is more durable than the one that has the buckle and double zippers. You can take this tackle bag to any fishing trips with their abrasion resistant materials. The lightweight fishing bag can be quickly changed from a backpack to a sling shoulder bag and vice versa due to 2 left/right exchangeable,adjustable shoulder straps and a waist strap. It could be adjusted to fit as a chest bag, handbag, fishing tackle bag, and travelling bag to satisfy different needs for a fishing trip. No matter where you decide to go, you'll get ultimate comfort with theIQUE INNOVATIVE DESIGN. It's easy to carry and relieve shoulder fatigue. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Don't hesitate to contact them if there is a problem, they will focus on high cost performance and provide a true satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Nufr

👤My husband was shopping for a tackle box and came across this one. I bought it because it had good reviews. He can't wait to use it again. It's small enough to fit a couple tackle trays in the big pocket and everything else in the other pockets. The whole pack has two tackle trays, a bag of bobbers, a jar of power bait, multiple utility knife/tool, and straps his fishing pole and net to it. There is a pocket about cell phone size in the bag. It's convenient when hiking up to a lake. You strap it on and go. It keeps everything in one place so you don't have to worry about being hands free.

👤It was cheap and small. Would not work for me. Don't expect anything special with the pliers or the extra straps. They were cheap. Plano or Penn are trusted brands. A quality tackle bag or tackle box is something that you can buy once and use for a long time. There is no need to buy a disposable version of this bag. Returned it.

👤I use this for my art supplies. It has a lot of pockets to make it easy to carry my paints, colored pencils, markers, and sketch books. It's comfortable and can be carried in many ways.

👤If it was bigger, it would have been a five star. It was small for my liking but lots of pockets and nice attachment spots.

👤It is a lot smaller than I anticipated. A great size for a child. The material is very strong. Well-made. Our son likes it.

👤I use it for hiking and camping.

👤I went fishing but it broke before I got there.

👤Loving this bag. There are many compartments. It seems to be of good quality. I like to show it off.

9. Magreel Fishing Tackle Backpack Waterproof

Magreel Fishing Tackle Backpack Waterproof

The backpack is protected from being scratched on rocky ground by Rugged base pads. There is an exit 86 sewer sewer. The fishing tackle backpack is constructed with 1000D high density nylon and is strongly wear-resistant and water-resistant. The 86 sewing procedures offer 20% more water resistance. It is possible to adjust the back panel and mesh padded shoulder straps to fit your back and shoulder curve well, relieve bearing stress and reduce sweating. Sturdy and flexible: that's right. There is a clapboard in the main compartment. By collapsing it, you will get more room for bigger gears. You can get the 4X 3600 Fishing Tackle Boxes from the front trapdoor if you open the lower compartment. SECURE & ORGANIZED: The reflective strips on the sides of the fishing backpack are designed to protect you. 2 mesh pouches for holding dirty items, 2 large side pockets with dividers, and 2 front pockets are all included in the exterior. There is a main compartment and a waterproof pocket in the interior. It is a protection and vulnerability. Four sturdy feet on the bottom are offered to prevent being scratched from rocky and stiff ground. The backpack is perfect for camping, fishing, travelling, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Brand: Gonex

👤I gave this to my husband so he could go fishing. The backpack is easy to carry. It doesn't hurt your shoulders if you wear it for a while because it has thicker straps that distribute the weight evenly. I like the pockets. There are 4 storage boxes. The V shaped design of the containers only allows crank baits to fit in them and I don't like that. It would be great if some of the containers were different shapes so that more of a variety of baits could be put in them. I only used two of the boxes that came with the containers I bought. It has a full of room and a collapsable divider. The backpack is made of water resistant material and it has a waterproof area to put your phone in. Will be using it all the time.

👤I didn't know they made that. I saw a kid on a bike with a pole in one hand and a back strapped to him. I had to have it. Found it here and ordered it. I'm happy. I live on a lake with a short walk to my pier. A tackle box like this saves me an extra trip as I take my dogs, poles, and full tackle box. There are 3 poles and a dog. I have a single trip with this on my back. Storage on top for the clumsy things was included. This box idea is for quick lure changes because of the cell phone pocket and pockets on both sides. The seams are tight and the zippers are easy to open. I was worried about how it would feel to be fully loaded after 3 fusion back surgeries. The trip was very easy for me. Being tugged along by 2 dogs definitely helps. If you need an upgrade, take a look at this box. This is a great invention for young and old people. Fish on!

👤There are no directions for how to use the tackle cases in the box. I have no idea how to properly store my tackle in the included cases because they are different. I like the paperwork and instructions that come with the product. Is it possible that it could be a great backpack tackle box? I need to see how to use the included cases. I don't know how to use this tackle, so I put it in a box.

👤The bag is fine. The tackle boxes are only in name. The curved floors of the compartments are good for storing sand. I cannot use the included ones at all if you order your own trays. I gave them to my toddler to play with.

👤This is a must have for your fishing equipment. Excellent quality materials. The Magreel fishing tackle book bag is light and comfortable. There is a lot of storage and organization. Different color tackle boxes make it easy to identify the lures you are trying to catch. It is absolutely amazing and makes your hands free to carry your poles, nets or other equipment, with out having to worry about fumbling around with a big awkward tackle box.

10. OSAGE RIVER Fishing Backpack Storage

OSAGE RIVER Fishing Backpack Storage

It's comfortable and comfortable. The backpack has a padded back and shoulder straps. The design of the backpack will make you feel better and reduce sweating. Features a sternum strap to distribute pack weight more evenly, and a contoured shoulder straps with mesh for maximum comfort. It is essential for balance when walking over slippery rocks or along a river if you have a hip belt. The side loops allow the fishing rod to be slid through the loops with the line guide facing out. The main storage compartment has square seams for easy tackle box storage and internal pockets, as well as 2 external pockets that can hold bobbers, a tape measure, and more. The backpack dimensions are 18 inches long, 12.5 inches wide, and 9.5 inches deep and are constructed with 600D nylon.

Brand: Osage River

👤All the PRO's outweigh the CON's. It's convenient to have everything in one kit. The backpack has no accessories, they must be purchased separately. There is Hella space, double zippers on all outside pouches/compartments, a reasonable price, light weight, many big n small compartments and durable fabric. There are some things that are CONS: Poor back/padding support for those 6' and taller, side secure straps needs better grip on their teeth. I shouldn't complain about the price, but there is room for improvement. I would be happy with a medium size pouch.

👤I don't know how this thing has a 5-star rating. I tightened the bag on my second trip and one of the side straps tore. The chest straps fell off on their own. The side straps are already tearing. The strap buckles are not strong enough to hold them. The hatchet was lost on the trail after a small hatchet slipped between two straps and loosened. The product is poor and the stitching is weak. It is cheap and thin. The price was too good to be true, and you get what you pay for. One of the more expensive bags is in the spring.

👤As a disabled man who is too stubborn to retire his love for fishing, I find this item allows me to carry all the tackle I need, while freeing my hands for my cane and a fishing pole or two. The fishing backpack is highly extendable. Due to the portable nature of the pack, it has expanded my fishing range and area, and the pockets and enclosures leave me searching for more gear to add to its contents, it holds all the items one would need for a great weekend of fishing.

👤This is the bag to carry if you want to rightsize your tackle. There are three 3700 trays in the last main pocket, soft plastic in the middle pocket, and terminal tackle and tools in the remaining pocket. Waist and chest belts are a plus.

👤Good quality for what you pay. A star is taken away by plastic zippers. They had to be fixed immediately and they had to remove their clothes. It fits all my stuff and has nice side pockets for my knife and net. It's great for hiking to a fishing spot.

👤It's better than my old backpack, but I haven't had it for a while. This pack is better than Basspro junk because of the zippers and storage. It's large enough for my trout gear boxes. Powerbait jars, plyers, and more. The pack has a lot of loops that are small for anything not sure why they are there, and little to no storage on the outside of the pack.

👤The backpack is awesome. I use it for surf fishing and taking my fishing gear out on my kayak. Works well! I would like it to have a better rod holder system because I don't do fly fishing. It's still great! The best backpack I have ever owned was built by you. There are bonus points for camo.

11. Sucipi Fishing Backpack Outdoor Water Resistant

Sucipi Fishing Backpack Outdoor Water Resistant

Quality assurance and lifetime professional customer service are offered by their fishing baits. Feel free to contact them at any time. Within 24 hours, their friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you. The material is high quality. The fishing bag is made of 600D Polyester and is ideal for rough use in tough weather conditions. The fishing backpack is separated by a partition and has a large compartment that can hold a lot of stuff. W is 8.6in. You can put something needed in the H room for the big tackle. There are multiple storage compartment and exterior pockets. There are three external pockets for storing your daily items with quick access and two side pockets for organizing your gear. The left pocket has a water cup. The two fishing rod straps on the right and the maintenance pockets at the bottom are designed to hold fishing rods. There is a sunglasses bag at the top that you can put your glasses in. No matter where you go, the thicker padded back with the breathable design and padded shoulder straps will give you better comfort. You can use a whistle on the chest strap in an emergency. You can get a free fishing pliers if you buy this fishing tackle backpack. The backpack is multifunctional. The backpack is a tackle bag. It's perfect for hiking, camping, travel, sight-seeing, and so on.

Brand: Sucipi

👤The backpack has a lot of pockets. Excellent clippers and comfortable! Would recommend! The fabric is light for walking in the woods and the black is very nice.

👤I've been looking for a quality fishing backpack to hold all my gear and leave my hands free to hold my shiner bucket. I fish a lot of places up in Rhode Island that you can hike a distance to and this backpack is the real deal. It's comfortable, sturdy and comes with a pair of utility pliers. I keep the top storage area available for a sweatshirt or lunch. The bottom storage has five tackle boxes in it. Not 4 like advertised. I can swap out the boxes and gear for anything I need. Either freshwater or saltwater. Most of the zippers have a pull cord. The rubber feet help protect it. The shoulder straps have holes for things like key rings. The paracoards seem to work well. I recommend this fishing backpack to everyone I know who fishes because it is the best on the market. I've done my homework and this one doesn't let me down. Do not hesitate to order it. You will want to give it a 10 star rating.

👤The bag was bought to carry essential fishing equipment. It's helpful when trying to find good spots to fish by the rivers. It has enough space to hold what you need. There are lots of pockets for storage. I have only had the bag for 2.5 weeks and so I can't say a lot for its longevity, but it has held up well since I bought it and I've been fishing almost everyday. The upper section and bottom section of the main compartment are separated by a flap lined with velcro, which I wish they just separated. If the bottom isn't packed with items or lure containers, it will fall to the bottom. I've been putting lighter stuff at the top level. The bottom half of the main compartment is not in a good shape. It's the most annoying part of the bag and I knew of it before I got there. I keep 6 types of lines in the upper half with rope and tape, and I place two lure containers at the bottom. The bag sinks in when I have to take out a container because of the lines in the upper half of the bag and the extra rods. My husband made a wooden box and put it inside to help keep the bag upright. I can fit 3 containers at the bottom and have no problem with taking them out or putting heavier items in the upper compartment. The makers could change that for later models. I bought the bag because it fit what I was looking for, but I knew of the other cons before I did.

👤The bag was even better because there were more hidden compartments for small storages. It's worth every dollar you spend. There are four extra pockets in the work that are great for small random items. I went from carrying two back packs to just this one after ordering this bag.


What is the best product for fishing tackle backpack with rod holder?

Fishing tackle backpack with rod holder products from Bassdash. In this article about fishing tackle backpack with rod holder you can see why people choose the product. Rodeel and Lunkerhunt are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing tackle backpack with rod holder.

What are the best brands for fishing tackle backpack with rod holder?

Bassdash, Rodeel and Lunkerhunt are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing tackle backpack with rod holder. Find the detail in this article. Elkton Outdoors, Mouhike and Ghosthorn are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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