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1. ArtCreativity Fishing Colorful Bathtub Children

ArtCreativity Fishing Colorful Bathtub Children

It was tested for safety. Their toys are tested to make sure they are safe for children. The fish are 2.5” to 3” long. The case is large. Double the fun. Kids will have hours of fun in the pool with pool toys. This pack contains a set of two complete fishing net catch games, with each set containing one fishing net and 6 little fish toys in various vibrant colors. Let the fun begin with the release of the fishies. Awesome active fun is to keep the kids smiling as they take a dip or bath. Throw the fish in the water and challenge the kids to catch them all. The little ones will get to take their swimming and diving skills to the next level when they have a blast. 100% safe for kids. Their top priority is the safety of your child. This fishing game is made with 100% non-toxic and durable plastic. The little ones have fun in the pool or tub, so you can rest easy. Make that birthday or holiday one to remember with a great gift idea. They make fun summer toys for boys and girls and can be used as a fun activity at a party. The colorful packaging of every set sparks smiles at first sight. For kids over the age of 3. They stand behind their products with a 100% money-back guarantee. Are you not satisfied with these fishing net catching games? They can replace you or give you a full refund. You can fuel the fun risk-free by clicking on the Add to Cart button.

Brand: Artcreativity

👤Right to the bottom of the tub. The paint was missing on some people's eyes. It comes right off. Straight out the box, you can see the white fish eyes are off to the side. I wiped my finger with paint and it was fine. Poorly made and painted chips. They all sink right to the bottom after being tried in the tub. Not even a slow float. It's like tossing half dollar coins in the tub. It's terrible for toddler whos 1. They would float or at least half float. It was disappointing.

👤The nets are large enough for our 3 and 4 year old grandsons, but the fish don't float so they can't catch them in the pool. An adult has to dive to get them. We're using small floating things to catch them.

👤The nets are large. The fish in the set sink to the bottom of the tub. The kids can't scoop the fish with the net because they lie flat on the bottom. Disappointed in the whole thing.

👤My grandsons love playing in the pool with this. I can't find many pool toys for young kids. Hope it lasts for the summer, it's definitely a one season toy.

👤The net from one toy is not very well fixed, even though we have only used it once. I don't know if it will last. The fishes stay at the bottom of the tube and don't fluctuate in the water.

👤The weights for the fish are perfect for skipping.

👤We bought these for our kids to play with, but the fish are too young to dive for them, so we are not using them.

👤A fish sink. The product should be used in the bath tub.

2. CozyBomB Magnetic Fishing Pole Replacement

CozyBomB Magnetic Fishing Pole Replacement

There is a great option for a great kids gift, it is great for board game, educational toy, early development, holiday toy for toddlers, school classroom prize, kids intelligent learning toys, birthday party or festival, toys for 3 4 5 6 7-year-old boys and girls. Good for hand-eye coordination, colour recognition, and also math for 3 to 6 year-old boys and girls. The strongest magnets were selected for the best rod model. Risk-free trial with 100% money back guarantee. Within 30 days, a full refund. This fishing game is a must have for kids.

Brand: Cozybomb

👤The larger set includes two more poles and a lot of fish, so I ordered these poles to use with it. The hit of the night was it. It was hard to hook the fish in a couple of inches of water, but not so hard after a few tries, because kids loved them and it was easier than you would think. Ages two to 18 are what I mean when I say kids. Not a single pile malfunctioned the whole night, it was really fun. A great product for parties or just for kids to play with. Highly recommended.

👤I am teaching my English Language Learner this game. It is great for writing an essay about how to catch a fish. The only thing that is not great is that the fish on the poster are not the same colors as the plastic fish, so it is hard to find the points, and one fish is wrongly labeled as a sea turtle. It was fun to collect fish and sea garbage after I added metal objects like paper clips and scissors. The use of nets with one hand adds to the challenge.

👤The pole is strong but the hook came off easily. This product can't seem to get it right. This is my second pole. Make that second! There was no response from the seller.

👤The handle broke after I handed it over to my child. I expected this to last at least a week, but I wasn't expecting greatness. 5 minutes after purchase, the magnet broke off from the worm. It wouldn't be a good idea around small children. The entire fishing rod broke two days later.

👤I bought this for my preschool class so they could go ice fishing. It is simple and durable. Love it. Magnets are strong.

👤I have the fish, nets and poles. The water table game was great for visiting friends because of the extra poles.

👤I liked how they looked like a fishing pole, but small for the bath tub.

👤Both toy canes have been around for 2.5 years. It is reasonably priced.

3. Tikeciti Rainbow Kingdom Magnetic Fishing

Tikeciti Rainbow Kingdom Magnetic Fishing

We stand behind their products with a 100% money-back guarantee. Are you not satisfied with these fishing net catching games? They can replace you or give you a full refund. You can fuel the fun risk-free by clicking on the Add to Cart button. 35 realistic ocean creatures, 2 magnetic retractable fishing rods, 2 toy net, and a inflatable pool are included in the value package. It's possible to set up the inflatable pool anywhere. The play is free from the limitations of only playing in the bathtub. Educational significance. Magnetic fishing toys are popular with children. They will try to get the artificial fish in the inflatable pool when they pick up the fishing rod. They will continue to train their hand-eye coordination ability. This helps the development of intelligence. The fishing toy is made of high quality plastic. They are reliable and durable. The fishing rod is strong. It can catch small fish and not fall off. Sea animals are easy to catch in the bathtub because they are floating on the water. Children can identify sea creatures. It was fun in the bath. It's perfect for giving as a gift to children over 3 years old. Kids are excited to compete with their family and friends. It's a perfect birthday gift.

Brand: Tikeciti

👤I didn't like this one at all. Nothing worked right as the pieces fell apart. The small pool wouldn't blow up.

👤My three year old loves these under water objects and the pool that comes with it is a decent size. I was surprised by the quality of the product. Very interactive.

4. BESSENTIALS Magnet Baby Bath Fishing

BESSENTIALS Magnet Baby Bath Fishing

Solid construction that won't bend or twist. The baby fishing game is fun. The baby can adjust the line to hook the whales with a rotating fishing pole. Bessentials fishing toy set has a frog net for net fishing, which is an easy way for younger babies to play. Kids can play fishing game on the floor. The cute whales can swim in the tub, just flip the button and they can swim quickly, arouse the interest of the baby and keep them busy. The strong magnets on the bait of the toy fishing pole and inside the whale's head help strengthen kids confidence and develop hand-eye coordination. There is a drain at the bottom of the whale that will keep the inside dry, and you can let your baby play with peace of mind. The perfect gift for baby is a high quality bath toy made of high quality material and safe.

Brand: Bessentials

👤I bought these for my baby to have bath toys. My 4 year old and his dad love them and have fun in the bath with them. My 6 month old loves swimming in the bath with me and my 4 year old can't get enough of the fishing pole and how it catches fish. It is definitely worth it.

👤The set we bought for our granddaughter is very popular. The whales are cute. Everything seems to be well made and good value. She is enjoying playing with the whales and that is good enough for us. Highly recommended!

👤They are very durable so far. My 2.5 year old is obsessed with fish. She loves playing with this toy in the bath. If you spin the fins back, it makes it spin across the water.

👤There are great toys for the kids to play with.

👤These little fish are adorable. I bought them for my grandson so he could take a bath.

👤It was a present for my granddaughter.

5. CozyBomB Kids Fishing Bath Toys

CozyBomB Kids Fishing Bath Toys

Best gifts for boys and girls, great choice for christmas birthday gifts. Good for hand-eye coordination, colour recognition, and also math for 3 to 6 year-old boys and girls. TheMULTI-PLAYER game is designed for kids vs kids or parents vs kids. Let's go fishing and pretend to be at a carnival. Rules are included. It was a nice gift for kids. The best rod model has solid plastic and strong magnets. The water table and kiddie pool are perfect for summer parties. There are 15 kinds of toy fishes, 1 net and 1 pole. 100% money back trial, full refund within 30 days. This fishing game is a must have for kids.

Brand: Cozybomb

👤This item was purchased to use with a green screen for distance learning speech therapy sessions. There is a variety of ocean animals. I did not see many of the items shown. I got a variety of cheaper looking items, mostly fish. I received a cheap light yellow one instead of a red crab that was shown on the site, and the colors of the items didn't make sense either. I didn't have time to order another one from a different seller, so I had to make it work for my sessions.

👤This is a great set for little ones to keep busy with. If you want to use the water in the tub, I have a bowl in my kitchen. The fishing poles break easily. The first day my daughter got it, one came apart. It was disappointing that she is not rough with her things. It is a good purchase. Sometimes I can fix the pole but other times it is a lost cause. We ended up buying more poles.

👤The fishing pole broke and it was fun for the first bath. The toys don't stick to the magnet. They are taking on water. This is a cheap toy that you can buy for a vacation. It is perfect. You don't have to pack it if you use it at a hotel. Ha! For real. Don't buy this if you want a bath toy that will last. The customer service reach-out and concern from this company has been impressive. No hassle, they offered me a replacement or a refund. Very nice people! I might have gotten a dud on the initial purchase. I would give this company another chance because I like quality people and good customer service.

👤My 3 year old loved playing with the fishing pole for the first 18 hours. The fake worm that he casted fell out of the end of the line, and now we can find it, but our baby is in danger of finding it in the carpet, since it went flying somewhere, and we know how that goes. The fishing pole is cheap and the line is not working properly when reeling in both directions. The fishing net is small. The fish/sea creatures are holding up well.

👤The manufacturing isn't the little yarn from the fishing pole immediately ripped after one hard tug crazy even for a 2 year old to believe, as with the net expect the net actually ripped when all the fish where put in it which couldn't of weight more then.

👤This set is very nice and cheap. The pieces are small and the magnet is weak, but they entertained my daughter in the pool for a while. It comes with a variety of shapes and two worms. The fish pieces have a metal screw. I wouldn't use this set with children under the age of 4 because it's too risky for the screws to come loose and cause injury.

👤This is not what I expected. My child was really interested in fishing when we went all the time. I got this for her to play with the pole. It's all cheap plastic. I guess it serves it's purpose, but the string doesn't reel in. She just holds the pole in the stroller. This is not something I would recommend. I would not have bought it for that price if I had seen it in person.

6. Green Toys Submarine Watercraft Materials

Green Toys Submarine Watercraft Materials

The LEGO City Great Vehicles Diving Yacht 60221 toy boat set can be built with all other original LEGO building toy sets and LEGO bricks. The submarine toy is made from recycled plastic milk containers. It is safe for the earth and your child. It's suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. A toy submarine utility is a pool toy. The kids can explore the terrain at the bottom of the tub. The water toy has a spinning rear propeller that helps in offering stability. It has a classic handle with wide mouth opening which will allow the kids to enjoy pouring and scooping. The toy is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The cabin of the submarine can be opened. To clean the toy, use mild baby soaps or shampoos. As your child likes playing with the toy, try to clean it as often as possible. This toy is not packed with harmful plastic substances, plastic films or twisted ties. It is printed with soy ink.

Brand: Green Toys

👤I like green toys. I have 4 boys and I love picking out their toys. The toys are made from milk cartons. There are no chemicals with the word "BPA" or "PVC" in it. It was made in the United States. The packaging is made of cardboard and it is 100% recycled. They don't use wires or pins to secure the item in the package, just the way the cardboard is folded and secured holds them very well. Excellent packaging! There are no sharp corners. The design is baby friendly. They make pink and purple cars and trucks for girls. If the submarine is forced underwater, it will take on water, which is great for hair washing and rinsing off of the body. My grandson is 16 months old. The tugboat floats, loads and pours, but I like the way the yellow submarine works, it seems to be a more predictable pour. The plastic on the sides of the "port holes" is backed so that little fingers are less likely to get caught. I will be buying more green toys in the future. I hope the company goes far. I want to buy them as baby gifts. It's a Tub toy that you didn't know you needed until you got one.

👤My son loves this toy so much that I ordered one for a friend. It's a nicely made toy with good attention to detail. The little holes are partially blocked to prevent kids from getting their fingers stuck in there, and the top bit opens up on a hinge so that you can clean inside, or get out any toys your child manages to stuff into the'mouth'. The propeller spins if you drive it fast. It's simple for a baby but open-ended and cool enough to be a fun pool toy as kids get bigger, since it can either float on the surface when empty or sink/dive if you push it down so it fills with water. This has gotten the most play out of any of our bath toys, and seems to resist getting slimy and gross. It doesn't trap bathwater inside. I can see it lasting through multiple kids without a hitch after a long time of water play. Very sturdy and well made. I think the Green toys line is good, but this is my favorite.

👤My 5 year old loves this submarine both in and out of the water. It is larger than I was expecting and he tried to get it to sink so he wouldn't have to dive after it, but it didn't sink. It floats very well. He likes that the top opens so he can hide his action figures. It is very well made. Sturdy.

👤This toy is great. It sinks and floats. Poor water out. It was fun. My toddler likes it. The blue part will be lifted up. My daughter likes to stick her foam toys through the spout and I couldn't figure out how to get them out. I was able to lift the top. It was wonderful.

7. CozyBomB Magnetic Fishing Carnival Summer

CozyBomB Magnetic Fishing Carnival Summer

The sword bag is lightweight and can hold all your equipment. Good for hand-eye coordination, colour recognition, and also math for 3 to 6 year-old boys and girls. TheMULTI-PLAYER game is designed for kids vs kids or parents vs kids. Let's go fishing and pretend to be at a carnival party. Rules are included. It was a nice gift for kids. There are more than 10 colors and 30 kinds of toy fishes animals. The best rod model has solid plastic and strong magnets. Gone fishing game set! Risk-free trial with 100% money back guarantee. Within 30 days, a full refund. This fishing game is a must have for kids.

Brand: Cozybomb

👤The little fishing set is cool. The fish have small screws on them. I like that feature because it makes fishing more difficult. It's great for building spatial skills. The fishing rods telescope is easy to store. They aren't made of steel, but if they aren't used for sword fighting, I had to stop one before it started. They should hold on. The bag is a bonus.

👤This set is great. You have to get close to the fishing pole to see the fish with the sturdy screws that attract magnets. The fishing poles work well for a toy at this price point, but they are not as durable as the fishing poles. We had to re-tie the worm back on a few times, this is expected for a toy and an aggressive 2.5 year old. Would recommend.

👤My kids loved playing with it. It's really fun to watch. The product is excellent and the shipping was fast. The video is in Spanish.

👤We bought this for my 3 year old to use in the bath or pool. What a hit. The mesh tote and the variety of animals were great, and the fishing poles collapse so it can all be carried together. The fishes have not been damaged. If there was any feedback, we would like the contact to be a bit bigger so that catching the fish is easier, but otherwise it is great. We have contests to see who can catch the most poles and net. I will see if we can add photo's to the set.

👤My 5 year old likes the fact that the fishing looks like a reel. The animals are large and cute. They are made of cheap plastic and hollow in the middle. My kids enjoy this set very much in the bathtub and pool, and they hold up very well. It was worth it for the price. The backpack helps keep everything together when they aren't playing with them.

👤These fishing kits are adorable. I bought 4 sets for a fishing themed birthday party for a 4 year old boy. We'll throw the fish in the wading pool and let the kids fish during the party, then each child will take home a pole, plus approx 15-20 fish and or sea creatures, as favors. Our almost 4 year old and his 20 month old brother both love them, and we tested them out with them. I expect these to be a big hit with the guests at the party.

👤My kids use the pool because they float. My kids have to wear a life jacket because they can't dive under the pool toys yet. These were good for what we wanted.

👤I bought this set for the fishing rod as an office gag-gift and it was laying about when the grandkids came to the house. My wife, Grammy, let them play with it. The kids liked the extendable rod and noises it made, and the fishing rod has a nice long string. She's never seen a better set. I'll be ordering a new set soon.

8. Cibolar Dinosaur Light Up Christmas Preschool

Cibolar Dinosaur Light Up Christmas Preschool

We design every toy to the highest quality standards and to nurture minds and hearts. If there is a problem with the baby montessori toys, you can contact them and they will give a solution within 24 hours. Dinosaur bath toys are made of high quality rubber. It is easy for a baby to grasp. They're fun for children and durable, so that you can be sure that the children play. The glowing dinosaur bathroom toy is cute. It helps to improve children's coordination and imagination. The best tub toys for infants to toddlers. Dinosaur bath toys are bright and light up into cute appearance that will draw the attention of your kids. children who do not love bath, fall in love with it. Dinosaur bath toys are perfect for dinosaur themed birthday parties gifts, and are also great for Easter baskets. It's perfect for bath toys and gifts. The batteries of the bath toy would last more than 3 months if you used them the way you use them.

Brand: Cibolar

👤These dinosaurs are adorable. I bought these for my nephew. He likes dinosaurs. I wanted him to have a fun bath time because he is his favorite. The light up dinosaurs can be placed into the water or if you hold them with your hand they will light up. The water is a great place to have fun.

👤I got for my niece. She fell in love with it. Her mom wanted a set for her. My niece is playing in and out of the bath.

👤My grandson likes to light things up. Outside the bath you have to give it a tap to keep it lit up. I think he enjoyed them a lot.

👤I would give them five stars, but one doesn't work. It does not light up. I don't know if the battery died in shipping or something. My boy likes to splash them in the bathtub.

👤They aren't meant to be that way.

👤They are fun to play with.

👤They were cute when they came out of the box, but only one of them lit up. Very dissatisfied. Especially for the price.

9. Boon Building Bath Pipes Toy

Boon Building Bath Pipes Toy

A gift for kids. The learning toy is suitable for toddlers. It's perfect for a baby's birthday, Christmas or Easter. The baby bath toy set comes in five shapes that can be used individually or together to make a chain. It makes bath time fun for babies and toddlers. 5 pipes with unique shapes and functions. The recommended age is 12M+. It is made without any of the harmful substances.

Brand: Boon

👤They looked great and got some attention for a while. They were very hard to clean and even after a bath and a few times soaking in bleach and water they still had a film inside which looked slimy. There are many areas where one can't reach with a brush. I threw away some of the moving parts last week.

👤My 15 month old loves them. They have mold after 3 months. The rubber part of the mold has a cup in it. The water was put in a dry area out of the bathtub after every bath. I can't reach the mold with a q-tip, and I don't know how to clean it. I want to give them back to her but need to clean them first.

👤If they are in the tub, they work partially. I tried sticking them to the wall tile, but they would fall in 10 seconds, I tried different tiles in the kitchen and the flooring, and it seems they only work in the bathtub. If you fill up the bathtub they get submerged, that defeats the purpose of making cool elaborate designs. The product is sturdy and has a good look. The main flaw is that it doesn't stick to the bathroom walls.

👤The first time my grandson played with these toys, he ended up in the ER. If the cup is wet, they're easy to stick on the inside of the tub. They're difficult to pull off. He was sitting and it was hard to get the toy off the tub wall, so it popped off and catapulted him into the end of the bathtub. He was knocked out for a while. He is in the ER. His vitals are good. They'll observe him for 4 hours while he gets a CT Scan. His mom was helping him arrange the toys on the tub wall while I was on the phone. His mom could not stop him from hitting his head. These toys are fun to play with. There should be a warning on the box. His mom is throwing something away. Even if you tell them not to pull on it, they might try to pull it.

👤I was going to give this a 3 star review because of the impractical positioning of the pipes. The orange one was so close to the wall that the wheel couldn't spin, so the white one was facing directly into the wall. The one with two spouts only worked one side. Guys. You can change the pipes. Give a little twist between the translucent and solid portions until they are in optimal position. It was too late to child-test, but now they seem to work perfectly. Next bath time, we will give them another shot. Some reviews say they could use a bit better suction, but still only 4 stars.

👤I bought this because I wanted my 4 year old to play with it in the kitchen sink or the bath. We have a problem getting him out of the bath. We opened the box about an hour ago and he was standing on his stool. The tubes are of high quality. The fans and flippers add to the entertainment. It's better than the ones on my toothbrush holder. My 4 year old is rather inventive so he figured this out by himself, and the tubes/pipes kind of connect. Thanks to this and Amazon's fast delivery, I'm relaxing with a cup of coffee right now, as my 4 year old is completely preoccupied with his new water machine.

10. Dinonano Magnetic Fishing Pool Toys

Dinonano Magnetic Fishing Pool Toys

Sitodier provides best products and customer shopping experience with creative ideas and exquisite technology. They offer a two year warranty on all products. If you purchase with more confidence, you can get a full refund within 30 days. Multi-player interaction and competition is what the Maker todler Water Toy is designed for. Let's pretend to play a carnival together. The game instruction and rules are included. Bring a water table for toddlers. Good for hand-eye coordination, color recognition, and other skills. There are pool toys for kids and gifts for kids. The kids are learning outdoors. There are more than 10 colors and 30 kinds of toy fishes in the bathtub toys. The best rod model with solid plastic and anti-corrosion strong magnets was selected. The water table and kiddie pool summer aquatic party favors are a perfect match. If you're dissatisfied with your purchase, you can get a full refund within 30 days. Today is the day to start your hobby.

Brand: Dinonano

👤The fishing set is cute. The fishing poles wind and the kids have to reel in the fish. The nets make gathering the fish after the bath fun. We've only used it in the bath so far, but there are so many fish. I think it will be fun in a pool. I don't recommend for younger kids that still chew things, but they've all stayed in and my kids play pretty rough, because there are tiny screws in the fish for the magnets. My kids like the clicking noise that the reel makes.

👤It's easy to wrap a gift. If you enjoy fixing the problems, you should shop for something else. The rods break easily. The line needs to be tied back on, the tips need to come off, and the magnet fell off in the first 5 minutes. I experienced the same aggregation when I took my kids for fishing. The collection of fish has held up so far, but we only gave it to our kids within the last hour. I normally don't review items this quickly, but instead of a toy that makes you happy, the only joy I can find is the manufacturer who made money by cutting corners. Disappointed.

👤The pieces are light. The fishes have magnetic pieces. There is a small magnet on the bottom of the worm. The nets and rod are working. The rods can be stored collapsed. My son wants to know the names of all the fishes, so this will be a challenge.

👤I liked this. It's a great set. The worms attached to the fishing pole didn't work with my 2 year old. He liked to swing it around when I wasn't around, but he broke the tip of the worms where the magnets are. I was able to fix it with super glue. I don't have a working worm and he's rough with his toys, so I need new worms. Please let me know where I can get more replacement worms because I want to buy them. It works well when it isn't broken, and my kids had a lot of fun with it. They killed the worms as they played with it. It's funny. Please help! I need more.

👤These are cheap. I gave them to the kids for the baths. They were to replace an older tub fishing set that was worn out. The little fish are poorly made and the poles don't stay tied. I will only use the bigger fish if I can fix the poles. I want to wear this one out, but they haven't done that in a year. I might just donate them to Goodwill and look for better tub toys.

👤I bought this fishing game for our grandson because it can be used on both dry land and water. It has a lot of fish and sea creatures that are fun. The fishing rods work well. My grandson has used this a lot and we saw his dad playing with it even when he wasn't here.

11. CozyBomB Kids Pool Fishing Games

CozyBomB Kids Pool Fishing Games

Introduce your children to fishing or fishing with your family. There are special kids fishing rod, youth fishing combo and adults fishing gear. They have something for everyone and all levels of experience. Make fishing easy and enjoyable is their goal. Good for hand-eye coordination, color recognition, and also math for 3 to 6 year-old boys and girls. TheMULTI-PLAYER game is designed for kids vs kids or parents vs kids. Let's go fishing and pretend to be at a carnival. Rules are included. It was a nice gift for kids. The best rod model has solid plastic and strong magnets. The water table and kiddie pool are perfect for summer parties. There are 35 kinds of toy fishes, 2 nets, 3 poles, 1 instruction sheet, 1 pool and 1 set of pool repair kit. 100% money back trial, full refund within 30 days. This fishing game is a must have for kids.

Brand: Cozybomb

👤The kids enjoyed playing with the fishing set, but the fishing poles were not the most durable and one fell apart within the first hour of use. I wish it would have lasted longer because the kids had a blast playing with it. We used a different pool because the one that comes with it was shallow and small.

👤I don't know what will spark the imaginations of my four toddler grandkids. I'm sure they'll love some things, but they'll be duds. I bought this because I didn't have any pool toys and thought it would give them something to do while they were splashing around. They have had more fun with it in the house. They play for hours, and the best part is the clean-up. When buying a toy, I take clean up into account. This is a nightmare to clean because it has so many parts. I found the magic. When they finished playing, I said no. There are little fish all over the place. They have to be put back in the ocean. The tots went into a frenzy to get all the pieces and put them in the pool. There is a I guess that's another thing. I was not expecting the small pool. It was a pleasant surprise that I didn't notice when I ordered. The pump broke before I started inflating the pool, but that wasn't a big deal. It was easy to blow up the pool for this old grandma. The pool can be used as a float in the pool for the toys, not the kids, a dry "ocean" in the living room, or filled with water for a fun outdoor fishing experience. I want to have a fishing rod for each of the two toddler grandsons I have coming next week, so I ordered another one. The quality of this was better than expected and it has kept the kids busy for longer than expected. I'm happy!

👤You need to buy a net or basket to hold them. Make sure to check them. The poles have magnets in them. They used screws. The fish has screws in it. When I opened them, I found a few loose ones. Be aware of that.

👤My 2 year old loves the game. I would purchase this again for my nieces and nephews, or as a gift. She has been playing with it all week. We were racing to see who got the most points. It is easy to clean. I have already used inside and outside. There is a beach towel in the house. Two of our rods are broken. The yellow handle on the winder came off. We have to screw it back in. Once we have a tiny screw driver, it's easy to fix. I believe my husband stepped on the end and the magnet popped out. It is definitely worth the price. I am still happy.

👤I bought this for my 8 year old son to play in the pool, he saw it and wanted to play right away. It was easy to set up and he was able to catch the fish. We had a family challenge when it came out of the bag. We all loved it. I think it will be a hit at our house.


What is the best product for fishing toy bath?

Fishing toy bath products from Artcreativity. In this article about fishing toy bath you can see why people choose the product. Cozybomb and Tikeciti are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing toy bath.

What are the best brands for fishing toy bath?

Artcreativity, Cozybomb and Tikeciti are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing toy bath. Find the detail in this article. Bessentials, Cozybomb and Green Toys are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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