Best Fishing Toy for Toddlers 1-3

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1. CozyBomB Kids Pool Fishing Games

CozyBomB Kids Pool Fishing Games

Introduce your children to fishing or fishing with your family. There are special kids fishing rod, youth fishing combo and adults fishing gear. They have something for everyone and all levels of experience. Make fishing easy and enjoyable is their goal. Good for hand-eye coordination, color recognition, and also math for 3 to 6 year-old boys and girls. TheMULTI-PLAYER game is designed for kids vs kids or parents vs kids. Let's go fishing and pretend to be at a carnival. Rules are included. It was a nice gift for kids. The best rod model has solid plastic and strong magnets. The water table and kiddie pool are perfect for summer parties. There are 35 kinds of toy fishes, 2 nets, 3 poles, 1 instruction sheet, 1 pool and 1 set of pool repair kit. 100% money back trial, full refund within 30 days. This fishing game is a must have for kids.

Brand: Cozybomb

👤The kids enjoyed playing with the fishing set, but the fishing poles were not the most durable and one fell apart within the first hour of use. I wish it would have lasted longer because the kids had a blast playing with it. We used a different pool because the one that comes with it was shallow and small.

👤I don't know what will spark the imaginations of my four toddler grandkids. I'm sure they'll love some things, but they'll be duds. I bought this because I didn't have any pool toys and thought it would give them something to do while they were splashing around. They have had more fun with it in the house. They play for hours, and the best part is the clean-up. When buying a toy, I take clean up into account. This is a nightmare to clean because it has so many parts. I found the magic. When they finished playing, I said no. There are little fish all over the place. They have to be put back in the ocean. The tots went into a frenzy to get all the pieces and put them in the pool. There is a I guess that's another thing. I was not expecting the small pool. It was a pleasant surprise that I didn't notice when I ordered. The pump broke before I started inflating the pool, but that wasn't a big deal. It was easy to blow up the pool for this old grandma. The pool can be used as a float in the pool for the toys, not the kids, a dry "ocean" in the living room, or filled with water for a fun outdoor fishing experience. I want to have a fishing rod for each of the two toddler grandsons I have coming next week, so I ordered another one. The quality of this was better than expected and it has kept the kids busy for longer than expected. I'm happy!

👤You need to buy a net or basket to hold them. Make sure to check them. The poles have magnets in them. They used screws. The fish has screws in it. When I opened them, I found a few loose ones. Be aware of that.

👤My 2 year old loves the game. I would purchase this again for my nieces and nephews, or as a gift. She has been playing with it all week. We were racing to see who got the most points. It is easy to clean. I have already used inside and outside. There is a beach towel in the house. Two of our rods are broken. The yellow handle on the winder came off. We have to screw it back in. Once we have a tiny screw driver, it's easy to fix. I believe my husband stepped on the end and the magnet popped out. It is definitely worth the price. I am still happy.

👤I bought this for my 8 year old son to play in the pool, he saw it and wanted to play right away. It was easy to set up and he was able to catch the fish. We had a family challenge when it came out of the bag. We all loved it. I think it will be a hit at our house.

2. Little Tikes Splash Water Table

Little Tikes Splash Water Table

The package includes aumbrella base and two couplers to fit both 1.38" and 1.8" poles. The water table is fun and durable. Before releasing your fish with a splash, catch, collect and count them. The fishbowl should be filled until it tips over. The critters can be thrown onto the spinning lily pad in the center of the table. Includes a fishing pole, water cup, and net.

Brand: Little Tikes

👤The water bowl is fun. The dog likes it. The kids love it. There is a The water table is easy to drain. There is a plug at the bottom. I use a bucket to water the plants so they don't get flooded. The table has something different than what is shown in the picture. The design of the fish and the Lilly pad have been changed. I thought the Lilly pad would spin when water was poured down the slide. There is something to watch out for. It's very easy to launch things very hard and fast out of the launcher. It's hard to catch fish with the fishing pole. The reel makes a clicking noise, but it doesn't wind up the string. Only decoration. The legs might be a bit stronger. They twist when you move the table. It might be a problem on the ground that is not smooth. It's easy to align them.

👤This is a gift for my nephew. It came so fast. I took a picture of it at my door, because I was so excited. This is my nephew's first Christmas. He won't be using it right away. When I excitedly posted my picture of the box on Facebook, every mom had a positive comment about how this is the toy to have when you're a kid and how their kids can't get enough of it! I was warned to put the towels down if I use it inside. My sister's reaction was the best part. I am the black sheep of the family, a huge grinch, and I rarely put any effort into Christmas if I stick around. Miss Christmas was unable to find this toy and I came through! I scored this amazing toy because our bond as sisters has been restored by her baby. 24 mothers approve! You can't go wrong!

👤I bought this table for my son. The directions could have been more useful, so we assembled it with moderate effort yesterday. The table began to pour immediately. I worked to find a solution since I hate returning items. I avoided caulk as I read that it wouldn't work. I used electrical tape and a large mixing bowl to catch the water from the leak. This is an out-the-box experience recorded in the attached video. I apologize for the quality. I will have to come back. Please stop the headaches.

👤My kids love this table. They both love fishing games. It has a cute pole and animals to catch, a catapult that launches, and a slide and lily pad. I wish the lily pad spun a little better when the water is on it. It is easy to assemble, other than the plug. I had to have my husband plug it in because I couldn't get it. There was a hole under the lily pad that was supposed to hold a piece. The piece came with no hole. It works just fine without it. The toy seems to be good quality.

3. ALEX Bath Beep Stickers Multi

ALEX Bath Beep Stickers Multi

Excellent service. They do their best to satisfy their customers. They will give you the best solution in 24 hours if you let them know if you have any problems. Soft foam pieces stick to tile walls. Drive on a roadway with a variety of vehicles. There are 38 tub stickers and a fishnet storage bag. It is recommended for children 2 years of age and older.

Brand: Alex Toys

👤What a difference this has made! Our son doesn't like taking a bath. He kicked and screamed so we had to carry him to the bathroom. I knew this would be good because he loves cars and trucks. I have to take his hand and follow him to the bathroom since we got this. There are a lot of cars in this set. There are 17 vehicles, including a police car, mail truck, fire truck, bus, taxi, dump truck, ice cream truck, school bus, and some traffic signs and street. The foam is thick enough to stand. My son sticks them on the wall and on the ledge of the bathtub. This is still my son's favorite bath toy. He plays with these almost every time he takes a bath. These cars are used to make up stories.

👤I always look for cute bath toys for my grandsons. These were perfect. There is enough for both of them to play with. They keep them entertained for a long time. The boys are learning about different vehicles and the purpose of each one. They stick well to the sides of the tub or the glass door when they are wet. The net that comes with them is perfect for storing. I keep them on the wall for future play. It was very easy to clean up. They play in the pool.

👤My two year old is having fun in the bath. This set would be a great gift. My daughter doesn't seem to tire of the foam pieces on the sides of the tub. I think they are fun. It comes with a lot of vehicles. I didn't expect the bag to stick for us.

👤My kids love playing with bath tub stickers. They come with a little net bag with cups for easy storage. They don't mold. That's a victory for me when it comes to bath toys.

👤We had a hard time getting the toys we had for bath time with our son. These are great! We have a tile surround in our bathtub that is not smooth and still sticks. It's easy to put on and take off. He drives them around the tub after taking them off. Getting him out of the tub is the only problem. We're happy, he's happy. Highly recommended!

👤My toddler likes these. He wouldn't get in the tub. They encouraged him to sit and be washed. He likes to build roads and play with vehicles. The foam is sturdy and colorful and has survived a few bites. Would purchase again.

👤My kid has only had these for a week so I can't speak to their longevity, but they are his favorite bath toy. He takes the tractor to bed with him every night so he can play with them.

👤We got these for our son's 3rd birthday and he absolutely loves them, and he takes a lot of showers and baths and plays with them. It's always convenient to have a storage bag with you when you clean up. A great bath toy for the kids.

4. Cocomelon Musical Bedtime Plush Tummy

Cocomelon Musical Bedtime Plush Tummy

It is suitable for little boys and girls 24 months and up. The plush doll is based on a popular character from the educational series, CoComelon! The sound box needs to be switched to ON. Listen to his 7 sounds and phrases. The plush plays a clip of the nursery rhyme "Yes Bedtime!" Soft plush is great for cuddling. Wipe with damp cloth. Your little one will be helped to fall asleep by this friend. The Teddy Pillow plush comes with the Bedtime plush.

Brand: Cocomelon

👤My daughter loves it, I pre ordered it back in the day, but it is now overpriced. If it was that expensive, I wouldn't have bought it.

👤It is very hard to be careful in this part. And. It hurts really bad if a child hits them. When it came forward, my daughter was holding her feet and hit me on my buttocks. Be careful.

👤It's sad that prices are so high, because we all want our kids to have one. If you still want to get one, I can tell you that it is an adorable toy. Light weight and good size to carry around and play with. It looks likeJJ. The bear is printed on thin fabric and leaves a lot to be desired. I am happy with this toy. The price and bear are the only complaints I have.

👤In July, I pre-ordered JJ for my toddler at a cost of $20. He arrived after an additional delay. My son won't put him down. My son is happy and entertained by the fact that my son doesn't do a lot. I think this little guy will be with us for a long time. Absolutely worth the money. I can see that the prices forJJ have more than doubled on most sites due to high demand and limited stock. Unless you are desperate for this item, wait until the price goes down before ordering. Yes, it's $20. Absolutely not.

👤I ordered 2 dollsm and they were cheap and poor quality.

👤My two year old loves to play with toys. He arrived with a kid with sticky stuff on his head. I had to scrub many times. The batteries are on the back and the on off switch is on the back. My son saw me do it once and now he keeps opening it. My son thinks that it is a winner because of the fact thatJJ comes with us.

👤My daughter loves this doll. She loves it so much that we ended up getting her a couple of them. It is a perfect replica for younger kids. The material used on Barbie dolls is hard plastic, so it is important for parents to think before they buy. When our daughter swings the doll around, it hurts since our daughter has a big head. A couple times, her head has made contact with it, and she cried. The doll is loud and I couldn't find the volume control. If the intended use is for playing songs before going to bed, I wouldn't recommend it. I would like to hear at least one full song. There is a song with a few words and the rest are just words. The push button should be larger in the future. There is a small circle button inside the plush body. Younger toddlers may have a hard time finding and pushing a button. My daughter is getting frustrated because nothing is playing. We love the doll and will buy it again if we lose it. This is a must have for any Cocomelon fan.

5. Kids Toys Stem Dinosaur Toy

Kids Toys Stem Dinosaur Toy

3 Pack Take Apart Dinosaur toys are free to fly and include 3 types of dinosaurs. The multi-color realistic design helps attract children's attention. There are great learning toys for boys. The construction dinosaur toys can move the joints of the head, hands and feet to make different poses. Children can use their imaginations and creativity to make a special dinosaur. There are perfect educational presents for kids. It is easy for kids to understand and at the same time improve children's hand-building with the Free to Fly Take apart toys set. The Free to Fly stem dinosaur toy are made of non-toxic material. The edges are smooth. Various funny dinosaur shapes can be made with the 3 dinosaur parts. Dinosaur gifts for boys and girls are amazing. Highly recommended for kids younger than 3. It's perfect for Christmas, Children's Day, birthday,Thanksgiving Day, and Easter.

Brand: Free To Fly

👤My son and I have been playing with these dinosaurs. He has enjoyed playing with them after putting them together. The little screws were put in by him. The dinosaurs were put together by looking at the pictures on the box. The instructions were hard to understand. As far as mixing the colors goes, some of the parts are interchangeable. We haven't interchanged colors yet. My son has been playing with these dinosaurs since we put them together.

👤I bought this for my grandson. I thought this would be perfect because he is into dinosaurs and tools. You get a kit of dinos, a drill, two bits and directions, but it was difficult to figure them out. The problem is that you have to build the separate parts of the dino before you can build it. Plastic screws are used to secure parts that are difficult to hold. My grandson lost his patience and I ended up assembling one. He liked it after it was put together. Maybe this would be better for young children.

👤My grandson was thrilled with the gift and we had a lot of fun assembling them. He said how much he loved building these with his family.

👤My granddaughter is 4 years old and loves my tools. I thought this was perfect for her birthday because she was talking about dinosaurs. She needed a lot of help to put it all together but still likes to take a piece off and put it back herself.

👤I wish the third dino came with the correct pieces because my 5 year old boy loves them. One of the dinosaurs had two left-sided bodies so it couldn't be put together. My boy loves the other two and can mix and match them on his own.

👤The product is good. It is hard for the minimum age requiered kids to assemble some pieces. It might be better for a 4 year old.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter who loves to take things apart. I got it as a special deal on Black Friday, but I would buy it at regular price. The toy comes with a toy power screwdriver and regular screwdriver. It was easy for the 10 year old to help their little sister because it was not a directions box. It comes with 3 dinosaurs, my granddaughter put them all together, and now she can put them together again and again. Surprisingly good quality and a great toy. A gift that can provide hours of fun is definitely giftable.

6. Magnetic Fishing Games Toys Kids

Magnetic Fishing Games Toys Kids

It's perfect for giving as a gift to children over 3 years old. Kids are excited to compete with their family and friends. It's a perfect birthday gift. This Fishing Games set includes many functions, such as dolphin leap, fish race, fish swimming, fishing rod, catch fish, magnetic drive, sings, animal/vehicle sounds, melody, and so on. PCS fishing toys include 10 fishes, 3 Dolphins, 2 Pole Rod Net, Fishing pool, track accessories and etc. The game can be made more real by adding water to the fishing pool. Product Size: 17''*12'',Package Size: 12''*12''. It is an ideal gift for your kids, suitable for Christmas, New Years, birthday and party gifts.

Brand: Siairo

👤This is adorable and cool. Above and beyond what I expected. It's not hard to put it together. I had trouble with the dolphin and where they needed to go was all I could think about. It comes with a pole and a net for little hands who can't use it yet. My little one enjoys playing with the net and it has been a big hit. Music doesn't stop so that's a plus for my nerves. 5 stars! Thank you for the neat product.

👤My granddaughter is 3 years old. She liked it for a while. The paddles that are supposed to pick up the fish did not pick up. They are flat and thought they would be useful. The pole was used for fishing. They should have given two poles instead of two paddles. Hopefully she continues to enjoy. The dolphins were on the slide.

👤I received a bad product. It seems to have a short in the wiring. I have to hold down the toy to work. My daughter received this as a Christmas gift. I would really appreciate a full refund. Highly dissatisfied. Thank you to the seller for taking care of my problem in a timely manner. The English version works just as well as the replacement. Again, thank you.

👤The upgraded version of " gone fishing" didn't have any rules for a game. I guess it's just a toy. Major disagreement.

👤It works well and is fun to watch. My daughter likes to catch fish by putting water in it.

👤It was a piece of trash. Can't come back inside of the window. "Fashing Game" was the spelling for fishing. It's so boring.

👤It is a cool toy. You should make sure the spelling is correct on the labels. That was disappointing.

👤Fast shipping and a great price. I bought this for my grandson. He loves watching the dolphins go up and down the slide. A great toy.

👤I purchased this as a gift and have yet to use it. The box was undamaged and it was always a plus.

👤There are some neat features to this game, but there are also some things that are disappointing. Good: Large pond with lots of fish and 3 dolphins Pond is waterproof, so you can have even more fun. The cord is included. The instructions don't say whether it needs 1 Amp or 2 or more, the fish doesn't fit on the slide, and the dolphins plug isn't included. The instructions are limited. Hope you're doing well with puzzles. There is a The motor and mechanism under the pond is so loud that it drowns out the songs and stories. The slide is not meant to be dismantled once it's assembled. It's hard to store and the slide is vulnerable to damage. The decals don't seem to be waterproof, and probably use a water-based glue, so using this with water will destroy them in short order.

👤We have a fishing game. I didn't expect much from this one. This game gives us a pleasant surprise. The assembly is easy to do. I am not going to test the claims that it is waterproof because I think water will make the toy last longer. It isn't rechargeable. I thought that it could work after I charged it. Plug it in while playing or install 3 AA batteries. I installed batteries. It is fun to watch the little fishes. Three year olds can get the fishes. The speaker is pretty bad and you can play music by pressing buttons. It is very enjoyable for a 3 or 4 year old. Very cute!

7. GOODLOGO Bathtub Toddlers Waterfall Birthday

GOODLOGO Bathtub Toddlers Waterfall Birthday

There are 5 characters that squirt water. The Bath Toy is a great educational gift for toddlers, to help in the development of mental and coordination abilities of babies. Children can learn about mechanical movement by filling the bathtub toys with two cups and showering to drive totary gear and create a waterfall. Love to take a bath. The toy for toddlers is a waterfall station with rotating eyes, pipe outlet, totary gear and rotating propeller functions. Flow, fill and spin. Kids can play a game while taking a bath. The bathtub toys for toddlers and boys are fun. Four features: safe, non-toxic, no batteries and smooth edges. The toy for the bath tub is made of plastic and is safe and fun for boys and girls. The edges of the bathtub toy are smooth and won't hurt children's hands. The Bath Wall Toy has two strong cups at the backside that you can attach to the tub or smooth wall in the bathroom. You can play it on any place you want. Excellent service. They do their best to satisfy their customers. They will give you the best solution in 24 hours if you let them know if you have any problems.

Brand: Goodlogo

👤One day, my one year old decided he hated the bath. He tried to escape even though he screamed bloody murder. I had to take baths with him to get him clean. I bought this based on other reviews and the low price point, I'm glad I did, my son loves the bath toys, the foam numbers and letters, and the squirty animals. He loves this little toy. I have to pour the water in, he doesn't want to but he loves watching it go. While I clean up his other toys after each bath, this one stays stuck to the wall so it will be ready for the next time.

👤My 12 month old loves watching how this bathrobe toy works. After re-sticking it many times, it finally stayed. The trinkets that come with it are cute, but I had to provide my own "tip cup" to dump in the tops for it to work because the provided ones have drain holes. It was a great buy.

👤My grandson and I love this. It sticks to the side of the tub. It work well. It's the same as pictured. I thought it would be bigger, but my grandson loves it. The only thing I would change is that you pour the water into a container. My grandson makes a 'hat' for the character. It doesn't function as something you can pour water into. This is really nice, so 5 stars.

👤I tried to stick to my tile wall and tub after opening it, but it was too late. It would fall off after a short time. I tried to make it stick by cleaning the surface throughly before reapplying and dry/wet the surface. I gave up at this point because nothing I did made it stay in place. I am an avid online shopper who always looks for a good deal when buying a product, and I read all the reviews before I buy it. This is the first time in my life that I have been so unhappy with a purchase, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I paid $10 for this to sit on my towel rack, but I also bought a similar bath toy at Ross for $5 and it sticks to the wall. Don't waste your money.

👤I would take a half star if I could because it loses its suction on one side every now and then. My daughter loves it and it works well. She loves pouring the water into the cups and trying to catch the water as it comes back out of the holes. The most expensive bath toy shutters are worth the money.

👤The concept is simple. I would like to see the funnels attached. The one on the left distracts my son from his goal of pouring water in. Around 6 months, the right cup gave out. It still works. I have to remove it every day. I don't mind buying my kids toys that are plastic, but I want them to last. I want to make sure this doesn't go to a landfill.

8. Magnetic Toddlers Alphabet Preschool Educational

Magnetic Toddlers Alphabet Preschool Educational

It's a great way to spend time with friends and family. It was designed for kids. Their wooden fishing game is always fun. The interactive fishing toy is a great learning tool for toddlers and allows them to develop important skills. How does it work? Their fishing game puzzle has a wooden board with a lot of colorful fish pieces. A special pole is needed to catch fish, and it must be used by a toddler. High standards. The motor skills toys for toddlers are made out of wood. Smooth edges and surfaces make it more safe. The wood is painted with a non-toxic dye. The magnetic fishing game was designed to help toddlers develop important skills such as hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and color recognition. It can help to improve kid's imagination and problem-solving abilities. There is a fun presentation. These amazing toys for 4 year olds are a great gift for your son or daughter, nephew, grandson, or your kid's best friend. The fishing toy is a great option for learning and having fun at the same time.

Brand: Nashrio

👤My grandson loves it. He will be able to use it for a long time. We are using the fish to teach colors and the alphabet, because he likes catching fish.

👤A toy for a young child. My son doesn't sit still no matter how much I try. I bought this for him to teach at home and he sat through for at least 10 minutes at a time looking for the letters or numbers I asked him to fish for.

👤My little boy was very excited when we got this. We thought this would be a good way to help with the alphabet and number recognition because he loves fishing. I would definitely buy this again because it is good quality. The 9 doesn't match the color on top of it. This isn't a big deal for us. I am ordering a wooden puzzle storage rack. This will fit in nicely, which is a bonus for me. I would buy it for a gift as well.

👤My grandson loves alphabet and number fishing. It would be nice for it to have a pail or something to hold the fish you catch. He likes to set the hook, then he pulls it hard and the fish go flying! I think it's funny.

👤The game is cute. A lot of the fish get stuck in place so when my toddler tries to pick them up with the magnet, some of them are too tight and won't come out. It can be frustrating for a little one if the fish won't come out because the magnet just detaches. The little magnet that you use to catch fish came off the pole.

👤This product was small and the magnet did not work very well.

👤Nice as an extra gift, not a main gift, small, disappointed by the size, fun but small scale, would not buy again.

👤My grandsons are 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 years old. I bought extra poles so they would have one. There was a competition when both fished. I was worried that pieces would get lost. It might be a better game to play to learn letters and numbers.

9. IPlay ILearn Magnetic Educational Preschool

IPlay ILearn Magnetic Educational Preschool

Kids can carry the travel toys and enjoy it anywhere. The toddler toys are perfect for parties, indoor or outdoor. 100% money back guarantee. There is a risk-free trial. Within 30 days, a full refund. The scale counting and fishing 2 in 1 toy includes 45 fishes, 2 fishing rods, numbers 1–10, 12 double-sided math cards, 1 scale, 1 Hippo base, and 1 sticker. Kids will enjoy a fun learning game set. While the fishing pool slowly spins with lovely music, the fish open and close their mouths as they move. You can use a fishing rod with a dangling magnet to catch fish. The rotating pool increases fishing fun and challenge and helps develop kids eye-hand coordination. The math counting toys with a cute Hippo shape, colorful fish and flash cards can make kids curious. The scale balancing game helps make the idea of numerical numbers visible, encourges them to recognize numbers, learn math, addition and subtraction, and more through matching the number of fish on the scale. The game can help kids with math, problem solving and critical thinking. The four function buttons are used to play songs, melodies, story-telling, or vehicle and animal sounds. Kids game experience gets more fun with this addition. The balance counting fishing toy is a great gift for kids. Both are suitable for playing at a party or home. A great gift for a birthday, Christmas, or Children's Day.

Brand: Iplay, Ilearn

👤A great learning toy. My kids like to play with the weight. Adding and recognizing numbers along with less and more are included in the cards. Fishing game brings a lot of fun to them.

👤We have been trying to teach my toddler his numbers and their value for a while now so this little game is a great learning experience because he can still have fun fishing, while learning how many fishes he needs to balance the scale.

👤I bought it for my nephew. The scale was messed up when it opened, but my sister in law contacted the company and they were able to replace it. I hear the kids like it.

👤The toy is fun. Our kid loves matching the number of fish on one side of the scale with the correct number on the other side, it's easy to fish with magnet.

👤This board can be used to teach a variety of things. I bought this for my granddaughter and she loved it. It works well for learning math and motor skills.

👤It is too hard for a 3 year old. 7 year old had trouble until they got on the fishing rod. The fish are not as large as typical fishing game pieces. The fish don't stay open for long. The rods being articulated isn't a good thing. The magnetic end makes it difficult to pull out a fish. Pick this up if you need a rigged carnival game. You'll make your money back. This is not a game for young kids.

👤The machine was stained green and the screw fell out when I opened it. Some of the fish don't open their mouths while I play the game. A winner's catch is going to fall off if there are more than 8 fish in the scale pans. I'm returning this and looking for other options.

10. TOP BRIGHT Magnetic Preschool Catching

TOP BRIGHT Magnetic Preschool Catching

You can use these magnetic toys to help develop visual spatial skills, counting, and color recognition. While your 2 years old girl and boy's fine motor development involved basic things like grabbing, reaching and raking, they are ready to take fine motor skill to the next level as they grow and gain more control over their hands, fingers and The montessori toys are a great way to help boost this development and improve the fine motor skills of the 2 year old girl and boy. The montessori toy is good for fine motor skills. 2 year olds are ready to learn and explore through play, their imagination is expanding and they enjoy creating their own pretend play adventures with toy. It is a good entry toy and gift for preschool, simple and easy to play, designed with a nature theme story to attract kid to play for a long time. A good fine motor skill toy will help the little kid in your life grow and connect to the world, but mostly, it will bring a smile. The catching game is fun. The toddler need the help of the mother bird to find the worms hidden in the tree hole. Use its mouth to grab the worm. Feed the caught worm into the baby bird. The toys for 2 year old girls and boys can be used to catch worms upright and upside down, which are both great ways to play. A toddler can grow up while playing. This set has a fine motor skill toy for 2 year old girls and boys. The fine motor skill toy for toddler is made of high-quality wood and has bright pain. Parents are more at ease if there is no smell. The design of the worms can be assured as 2 year old girl and boy gifts because the size of the worms has been tested to prevent toddler from suffocation. Toddler and parents' satisfaction is always Top Bright's mission. They will make it right if your child is not inspired by this toy. You are covered for replacement or refunds.

Brand: Top Bright

👤It is easy for a kid to push the worms too far in and they get stuck. To remove the worms, you have to remove the whole toy. This design is terrible for a toddler toy. Since it is too late for us to return it, I taped the bottom of the holes up so my toddler can still play with it.

👤I use this toy in my sessions as an occupational therapist. The size of the bird that you hold is perfect for kids. The children have to learn how to use the toy successfully. Light pressure and controlled movements are needed to pull each worm out. They need to work on eye coordination to feed the baby bird. They need to work on pinching and eye coordination to put the worms back in the tree. The children are interested in this activity. The worms are small. I think they could pose a hazard to children who are prone to mouthing toys. One worm was missing from my toy. For a $20 toy, it should have all of the pieces. It is a good quality toy.

👤I had high hopes for this toy because it seemed great for pretend play, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. The worms don't have a way to stay in the holes. I assumed they would click in. All of the worms fall out if the tree tips. The magnet on the bird isn't strong enough to hold the worms. The worm falls to the ground when you pull it out. I didn't show my son because I knew it would be hard for him. It's a cute idea and it would probably be good for someone who doesn't need help with their skills.

👤This is used by my guy during his therapy sessions. We bought one for home play because he loves it so much. He has not had any issues using the game without the tool. He had no problem plucking the worms with his fingers when he was tired of using the woodpecker. My older children love this game as well.

👤My two year old loves this. She has a corner table with toys that have small colorful pieces so I can make sure they don't go missing. She can combine them by size or colour. Since the goal is to feed the bird, littles should be supervised while playing with this. It took a few weeks of hard hits to the floor and one immersion in a bucket of water, but it still looks great and functions perfectly. I would like it to be a little heavier so it wouldn't slide around so easily, but then it would hit the ground harder and the toddler wouldn't get frustrated by it. She uses it as a log and as a tree.

👤I bought this item for the two year olds that I work with, since it seemed like a perfect toy. Every child who used it accidentally pushed the worms too hard with the baby bird. The worms became stuck in the trunk and had to be taken apart with screwdrivers. A child needs to be very delicate and gentle to apply the pressure to the baby bird to make sure that the worms don't get stuck in the tree trunk. Two year olds are light handed. Total disappointment. I would like to get a refund so that I could buy another toy.

11. CozyBomB Magnetic Fishing Game Kids

CozyBomB Magnetic Fishing Game Kids

The kiddies will be happy when these ducks come home. Every time they play with it, they will love you for it. It is a perfect gift for infants, babies and toddlers. Good for hand-eye coordination, colour recognition, and also math for 3 to 6 year-old boys and girls. TheMULTI-PLAYER game is designed for kids vs kids or parents vs kids. Let's go fishing and pretend to be at a carnival party. Rules are included. It was a nice gift for kids. There are more than 10 colors and 30 kinds of toy fishes animals. The best rod model has solid plastic and strong magnets. Gone fishing game set! Risk-free trial with 100% money back guarantee. Within 30 days, a full refund. This fishing game is a must have for kids.

Brand: Cozybomb

👤I was not happy with the product but the seller reached out because of my comments and issued a refund. This is the type of seller that one would like to deal with. The seller cares about his customers and wants to keep his products and services. I would buy from this seller as they value you as a customer and will make it right at the end of the day, even if I wasn't happy with the item. My rating was changed from a 2 to a 5 because of superior customer service.

👤They've lasted about 10 baths so far. One of the fishing poles broke when we pulled it to its full length and the other one fell off when we opened it. My kid can't get those out because the screws are tight. Some of the white/clear plastic pieces that make the toys fell out. I put all the bath toys in a bath with a solution of water and vinegar to cut down on mold, and these seam great in it. My kid has bit 2 of them and thrown one of them 3 times, but none have been pierced or broken yet, so some of them are durable.

👤I like what you get with this set. A lot of things to catch, two fishing poles, two nets, and a water-resistant bag to keep it all in. The quality is not as good as I had hoped. My main concern is the fish. The fish have small screws in them for the magnet to grab, and it is a magnetic set. I worry about those coming out when my kid steps on them. They are made of plastic. The fishing poles are not bendable. The tip snapped off in 2 days. I like this set for the price because there is enough for two kids to play together.

👤It is almost impossible to catch a plastic fish with a magnetic fishing pole because the screws are on the narrowest part of the fish. The two poles have small parts that are difficult to break. The fish are made of cheap plastic. This is the worst purchase I've ever made. Don't buy!

👤I bought this set for my niece and they absolutely love them. The fishing folds are easy to put away and the toys are easy to play with. I bought it for a bunch of my friends with children. It was fun for a low price.

👤My 5-year-old grandson and my nephew and niece loved fishing. I was unsure of what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. He carries a carry-along bag with him everywhere he goes. This is a great game for the pool, the bathtub and the house. I wish I'd bought an additional game so that everyone could have their own rod.

👤The product didn't meet my expectations for quality and some of the pieces had black marks on them. I was hoping the fishing pole would cast. Plan on getting the item back. The company reached out to me to help with the refunds. I upgraded my 2 stars to 3 because of their customer service.


What is the best product for fishing toy for toddlers 1-3?

Fishing toy for toddlers 1-3 products from Cozybomb. In this article about fishing toy for toddlers 1-3 you can see why people choose the product. Little Tikes and Alex Toys are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing toy for toddlers 1-3.

What are the best brands for fishing toy for toddlers 1-3?

Cozybomb, Little Tikes and Alex Toys are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing toy for toddlers 1-3. Find the detail in this article. Cocomelon, Free To Fly and Siairo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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