Best Fishing Tshirts for Men Long Sleeve

Men 25 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Timberland PRO Blended Long Sleeve Charcoal

Timberland PRO Blended Long Sleeve Charcoal

Next to skin. There is a built-in 30+ UPF protection. Side-seam construction. The work shirts, work pants, jackets, shirts, and more are made with the quality you've come to expect from Timberland PRO.

Brand: Timberland Pro

👤I love this shirt, but it's not the right size. I wear a size medium in most of my shirts. The timberland pro is 5%. I had no idea that these shirts would be so large on me, because I wash new clothes immediately. Medium fit me perfect, and aren't baggy, and my arms fit perfect without being too snug. They are too big and baggy. I ordered a small shirt that fits my medium. I don't have enough money to order a small long sleeve shirt. I would think a small would fit. Love the craftsmanship and the material.

👤A nice shirt for work. My husband wears a lot of carhartt, so I got him a few shirts. He prefers them over the carhartts. They are softer and have more room on the side. They fit well. My husband has long arms and the regular xxl was long enough for him without having to size up. The price is better than carhartt. Win!

👤The 2X fits me perfectly, I'm 6'1 220 lbs and most of the weight is in the stomach.

👤I have quite a bit of gear from Timberland PRO. I bought three of these shirts to have a nice cotton baseplate. They are very comfortable. It's great for work or casual wear. I don't like long baggy shirts. I understand that they should be larger. I weigh 170 lbs. I have bought all of my shirts in small and have been satisfied. If you want a baggy feel, I would recommend you to wear your regular size.

👤For the last three years, this has been one of my work shorts. It has been washed many times. It looks a little rough now, but it is still being used. The size seems to run bigger than usual. I can order shirts that are large. There is a sleeve on the big side of the shirt. I gave it a hot wash and dry to shrink it. I did, but not much. There is a shirt on the baggy side. I go down one size if I order the same shirt.

👤I don't like how thin it feels and it's not comfortable. I thought I should try it after seeing it for the price. It fits larger than my usual size. I am between sizes L-X. Since it is a work shirt, they usually run larger so I chose the large and it doesn't seem like it will shrink. If you have a large you should get a medium or large. If you have an athletic build or have larger arms, it will do.

👤The shirt is snug through the waist, but I like it. I bought a large and read reviews that said they ran big. I wear a 44 shirt and 38 pants, and the belly is too snug to be comfortable, though the rest of the shirt fits perfectly. The material is warm and comfortable.

👤It is nice but be careful. It will fit perfectly if you wear L order M. Overall happy.

2. Gildan Cotton Jersey Sleeve Safety

Gildan Cotton Jersey Sleeve Safety

Safety colors and dark Heather are 100% cotton, 50% cotton, and 1% cotton. A double needle collar. The neck and shoulders are tapped.

Brand: Gildan

👤I have been very happy with the shirts I have bought from Gildan. I bought the gray heather after that. It's 50% polyester! That is what the poorly written description means. If there is any safety colors, you can find them in this better formatted fabric content information. Dark Heather is 50% Cotton and 50%Polyester. Sport Grey is made of cotton and Polyester. 99% Cotton / 1% Polyester.

👤I like to wear Gildan shirts. I prefer the men's shirts. They are made better than women's t-shirts and they fit better for me. The price is good.

👤I wear them as tops. Like certain pants for sleeping. The shirts are long and I have to stay down all night. The arms are covered with a cuff on the sleeve. The fabric is perfect. It's enough for warmth. I'm a woman over 65. It was perfect for my purpose.

👤I needed all cotton shirts, long sleeves, and white fabric for working in the sun and heat. The cuffs keep the sleeves from blocking the use of my full hands. I bought a larger size than I wear to account for the fact that these have not shrunk much after many washings. The modest price allows me to purchase several every year because I use these for work. A high quality shirt is a real bargain.

👤The shirt is coming apart. This is how the package ended.

👤The medium was too small for me. I usually wear a medium, but it might have shrunk. If you know what I mean, I don't like how it tightens at the wrist. I'm pretty sure it was said in the review. I didn't notice. They aren't bad. I ordered 2 for school, but they vanished after school ended. I recommend a large if you are going to buy a medium. Maybe. If you are borderline medium, then definitely order a large, but if you are just getting into a medium, then order a medium. Ya know? Quality isn't bad, it's just Shrinking a tad.

👤If you're hoping to wear this over another short-sleeve t-shirt, or use this as a sort of pajama top to lounge around the house, you might want to consider going up a size.

👤I can not stand along the underside of the arms. The t-shirt in the listing picture has no seams on the back of the arms, but the product delivered definitely has uncomfortable seams on the underside of each arm. The neck is wider than other t-shirts.

👤A woman who wears size medium in women's wear fits in the size medium. I like the long sleeves with cuffs and the longer length of this shirt. My back is covered even when I sit. I wear these T-shirts for everyday wear around the house with a warm cardigan over top. It's the best way to keep warm in winter. The blue colour of this shirt is a bit too bright but that's no big deal for something I am just wearing around the house. The fabric is a bit thicker than most T-shirt fabric, which is what I like about it. I will be ordering more.

3. Columbia Terminal Tackle Heather Charcoal

Columbia Terminal Tackle Heather Charcoal

Be safe and protected. The Omni-Shade blocks the sun's harmful rays. The UV absorbent yarns block harmful UV rays. There is an item called "omni-wack." The ultimate technology for managing the outdoors. The fabric of Omni-Wick quickly absorbs the sweat from the skin, keeping you cool and your clothing dry. Sun protection is built-in. The Columbia Men's Terminal Tackle Heather Long Sleeve Shirt protects against sun damage. It is a quick-drying fabric that keeps you cool and dry. The fishing shirt is made from a quick-dry material that is compatible with the water. The long sleeve tee shirt is built for comfort in any adventure and is classic fit.

Brand: Columbia

👤The husband loves them. He is 6ft, Slender, and the medium is perfect. They are true to size and drifit material. He has one in every color. We don't dry these shirts because the writing on the sleeves will start to come off after awhile.

👤A great shirt. It was bigger than expected. Size down.

👤It's great for a lot of things. I own several and get a bit warm over a cotton shirt. There are excellent long sleeve shirts for spring and fall. If you want it to be loose, I would buy a bigger size. Everyone will find the sleeves long. I think this is said in many of the comments.

👤I would expect these shirts to get reviews on the internet. I like them. They aren't expensive and a stain isn't the end of the world. The white ones are great for the end of a day in Long Beach. The arms are tight enough that they make a great lower layer, and they don't get in the way when you are paddling. If a piece of hot ash falls on them, they melt.

👤I sweat in hot weather. The top I wore during my recent trip to Disney World kept me protected from the sun, absorbed water and had a cooling effect when drying. I bought a white one. Highly recommended!

👤I liked the shirt and ordered a few more and they went up in price. I am happy with the purchase. I sat on the lake in the sun for hours and my skin was protected. The sleeves are long and come down to my wrists. I usually have a different problem. The size was perfect.

👤If you don't own a Columbia shirt. Just buy it. You will not be disappointed. They are a bit baggy, but they provide excellent sun protection and are soft and comfortable.

👤I ordered a blue and gray one. The blue one was larger. I don't understand why the same shirt was different. I returned it. The shirts are great but the size discrepancy was odd.

👤La compramos para un regalo. Especial para alguien. Lleg con envoltura original. Recomendable!

👤The playera is una, con la calidad Columbia, esfresca, el problema tiene es una talla menos.

👤La calidad is a color solido solo, comprende una talla mas, ser mas ancha, y un par de cm larga.

👤relacin calidad/precio

4. Baitium Fishing Shirts Hooded Protective

Baitium Fishing Shirts Hooded Protective

Whether you are riding the waves at sea or off casting off a dock, this sun protective material is perfect for you. What else could you ask for? Their shirts are made from recycled materials and they use 15-20 recycled water bottles per shirt. You are making a huge difference as well. QUICK DRY AND BREATHABLE- You heard that right? Their custom material is light and airy, and will keep you protected from the sun's harmful rays. They know you are going to need this because you are almost guaranteed to get wet. Did they not mention that it is Breathable, you will smell less? Tired of shirts that are baggy to fish in or too tight to move? They are. They can assure you that these shirts will fit comfortably and give you the optimum range of motion so you have some wiggle room to reel in that goliath you have always wanted! MODERN design is sure to please. You can purchase this for yourself or as a gift for a dad, grandpa, boyfriend, uncle, brother or any other family member. They designed these shirts to look good and feel good at the same time. This item is perfect for a gift or for yourself. It doesn't. Is it possible to fit? No worries! Let them know if you're satisfied. They are not until you are.

Brand: Baitium

👤Thanks baitium, it's comfy and fit.

👤I sometimes get lost while putting on the mask. My head always finds its way through. I am on my way to get my hair fixed.

👤Excellent product! My grandson is a guide in Wyoming.

👤When I had a question about the product, it was very helpful. My son is a fan of the shirt.

👤This is the best of both worlds. It's one shirt that will rule the world. ha! This is a classic pullover style hooded shirt that can protect you from the sun and the cold. Something far better than I expected and one that steps up in spades! The material is soft against the skin. There were no issues with loose threads or poor stitching. This shirt has the ability to provide that extra layer of protection from the sun and the water. It is lightweight and doesn't create excess heat. Material and cut are not tight or clingy. It is as if the fabric wants to move with you. The outside elements bring on cold weather. The shirt will surpass expectations. The hood is a bit loose and can be worn over a ball cap or visor. Wind can get inside if there are thumb holes on sleeves. The built in face screen is the best feature of all. This provides protection whenever one needs it. This falls around the neck when not in use. In the midst of a epidemic... This type of design can lend protection on a whole other level, and this built in face shield really can come in handy! A lot of thought went into the design of this shirt. The price is $29 and nothing is worse than that. I recommend this shirt without hesitation. This info can help you make a decision. For 18 years, the XL was ordered in white. He has an active but not overly athletic build. He uses this more than outings on the lake.

👤This is a nice shirt that is well-made, breathes well in the Southern heat, protects me from the sun, and it does all that I need it to do. Fishing is fun. Even with sunscreen on, I get burned so a shirt like this is a necessity. I wish I didn't have to wear sleeves. It is the only way that I can be sure that I won't hurt myself after. It is great but not cheap.

👤Really like this shirt. It has everything a fishing hoodie needs, including thumb holes, face mask, front pocket, etc. The graphics layout is on point and the material is great. The logo on the front and back is really nice. Very nice looking. It fits. It's possible to have a hair small. It's not worth going up a size. I should be fine because it shouldn't shrink. I got their standard long sleeve. This is a better shirt than that one. It's nice, but not as good as a thin one.

5. Champion Sleeve Performance T Shirt X Large

Champion Sleeve Performance T Shirt X Large

The shirts are closed. The jersey is 100% polyester. rapid dry fabric. Excellent UV protection is achieved with a 50+ UPF rating. The collar is smooth.

Brand: Champion

👤I was looking for a T-shirt for hot days. I wanted it to reflect as much sunlight as possible. In August of 2016 I bought four different brands because the descriptions and reviews on Amazon can't show everything. Here is a comparison of the four shirts, showing the brand, size, weight, price, source and country of manufacture: Champion Double Dry (men's "small"); 148 grams; $13.06; from NY Lingerie; made in El Salvador. The 141 grams of Hanes were made in El Salvador. Dri-Equip is made in China and is available from Joe's USA. The Sport-Tek is 163 grams and was made in China. The above prices are paid for each shirt, because I obtained the free shipping option. The Champion and Hanes shirts arrived in 6 days. All of the shirts were measured before they were laundered. After tumbling dry with low heat, the measurements were virtually unchanged. Since the size charts on the Amazon site are not particularly informative, here are some actual dimensions of these shirts while lying flat. For my slim frame, the small shirts fit well, and the medium shirt seems a little big. All of them have sleeves and torsos that are long. I'm happy that the sleeves don't stop short of my hands. All seem a little larger than they said they were. All are soft and drape well. The weave pattern of the fabric is visible under a microscope, which shows that all four shirts are made of the same fabric. The stripes are visible when placed tightly against a striped surface. The Champion shirt is close to the other three. All four shirts are constructed in the same way. There is only one shirt with visible markings on the outside: The Champion name at the back of the neck and logo on the sleeve. The shirts claim to be absorbent. I haven't had a chance to compare the cooling and sweat-wicking qualities of these shirts. It would be difficult to do a test objectively. I did a water wicking test by observing droplets of tap water applied to several places on each shirt, and there were clear differences. Here they are ranked in order of how fast the water droplets are absorbed into the fabric and how much they spread out. The first two were more absorbent than the second. The first two may have an advantage in how fast sweat can evaporate water if it behaves the same way. The main differences between these shirts seem to be price and ability. I don't have a favorite yet, but I consider all of them to be good values, especially considering the technical and technological achievements that were necessary for their manufacture.

👤I wanted to post a picture because someone asked if it was see-through, and everyone said no, not even in white. If you're sweating and it's clinging, it's a bit more revealing, but not really noticable at a glance. It is supposed to be cool in the hot weather. The sun isn't peeking through the small pores in this shirt, which is my concern. The sleeve/body length is perfect, but it is loose which is good for air flow. It doesn't have the stretch to be a comfortable size as a tight compression shirt. I can't say it's my favorite shirt like it, design-wise, but it's probably 80% as good as my old favorite which costs at least 300% what these go for. I need to put some miles on it before I can talk about performance.

6. Columbia Thistletown Sleeve Charcoal Heather

Columbia Thistletown Sleeve Charcoal Heather

Cotton is 33% and Polyester is 67%. The Columbia Men's Thistletown Park Long Sleeve Crew Shirt is made with their signature UPF 15 fabric that helps to block harmful UVA and UVB rays as well as keeping you dry and cool on the trail. There is an item called "omni-wack." The ultimate technology for managing the outdoors. The fabric of Omni-Wick quickly absorbs the skin's warmth and keeps it dry. The fabric is soft on the skin and allows for a comfortable fit. The style isTILE. The crew neckline and long sleeves of this shirt make it versatile for everyday wear. Their signature Columbia logo is built to last. It's what distinguishes them from others. They use only the highest quality materials. This is a garment that will last for many years.

Brand: Columbia

👤A military woman gets sunburnt easily here. Depending on the area, it gets around 120+ when deployed. I was at a base where we could wear civis after work. 1. Not wanting to draw attention to myself and 2. Trying to stay cool and not get sunburnt. Wanting to look decent, this shirt was perfect. I got it in three colors and wish they had more. I wore it when it was warm and cold at night. I now wear them as travel shirts, jamma shirts, and to do things around the house. These shirts are great. You have to hands down.

👤My husband loves the Columbia Terminal Tackle shirts and has worn them for years. I thought, "Maybe he will like these shirts, they are a lot less expensive." "No." Absolutely fail. They are soft but not silky. The Thistledown is made of a thin T-shirt like material, which my husband does not like. If you carry a few extra pounds in the torso, the Terminal Tackle is more forgiving. The fit of the Thistledown shows the bulges very clearly. The Thistledown points out that my husband is 10 pounds over his ideal weight, but he looks great in his Terminal Tackle shirts. I returned the Thistledown and bought more Terminal Tackles. We love the Columbia brand and find their clothes to be a little pricey, but they are easy to care for and look good for a long time.

👤I own three Thistledown shirts. They are the top of my wardrobe. I like the light-mid weight shirt. 75. I only wear clothing that works for me. The Thistledown is the best of its kind. It feels like cotton. Another great product from Columbia.

👤Returned this item. It was not a big enough size to be tagged as a large one. I have several other Columbia shirts that fit as expected but this one was either mis-tagged or the size was off.

👤It's a good fit and washes well. Husband has had some of these for a long time. I added a few more to his collection. He wears them for a variety of reasons. I love them! Not tight, regular fit.

👤The shirt is very high quality. I am very happy. Good quality is harder to find these days. Good job Columbia.

👤I ordered a few for my boyfriend and after they came in, I ordered some for my dad and bf's dad. They are very soft and still windy. My boyfriend goes through a stick of deodorant a week and they never have pit stains. They fit true to size for anyone wondering.

👤The long sleeve is very thin. You can wear it at home or on the sunny days. Why do I need it in the summer? The material seems to be 100 percent polyester.

👤The fit was great, and it didn't shrink in the dryer. I bought 3 more.

👤The supplier sent the wrong size shirt.

👤Je m'attendais.

👤Cmoda y Fresca, talla un poco.

7. Jerzees Mens Adult Sleeve Medium

Jerzees Mens Adult Sleeve Medium

50% cotton, 50% ipe. Heavy weight jersey shirt. The collar should be laid flat for added comfort.

Brand: Jerzees

👤This is a nice long sleeve t-shirt. The construction quality is very good. It's not a heavy weight shirt. I would like it to be, but it is not. It is not a paper thin shirt, it is in the middle of a heavy weight T shirt and a cheap-o T shirt. You will be satisfied if you buy it with the intention of keeping the sun off your arms. I wore a long sleeve T and a heavy weight short sleeve T in the cooler weather. I ordered the medium and it was small. It would have been too small if it had been washed and dried in the dryer. I sent the medium back. The large fit me perfectly. I'm 5'11+ with a 44 chest, 33 waist and 185 pounds. This review will help you. The review should be given a vote. Thanks!

👤It turned out better than I thought after I bought it for my partner.

👤I am a 155lb female. I got a small in both colors. It works well. The shirts are thin. Not very thick. It was expected that the white would be a bit see through.

👤When the weather cools down, I buy a long sleeve t shirt to wear outside. It's nice and light. The fit of this shirt is spot-on for the marked size, which makes it stand out for me. I am a perfect size medium with an athletic build, but sometimes I get stuck buying a large because the medium is too tight across my chest and shoulders. The large is always too long in the body and arms, which makes it look sloppy. The Jerzees shirt is just right for me. This brand will be my go-to brand for this type of shirt.

👤The shirt was a good size. It was a little roomy but not big of a deal. I'm assuming I can shrink it since it's 50% cotton.

👤I needed a long sleeve shirt that was roomy enough to cover my behind, and these are the ones I found. The light weight of the 50/50 blend and the fact that it's not heavy make it better than my heavy cotton shirts, which are light enough to dry as I hike, but get heavy with sweat. Three of the four shirts I bought sprung a hole in the same place, the seam on the arm right by the cuff. The whole cuff came off when the seam opened on one of the unravelings. I put a few stitches on the seam near the cuff on the others.

👤I think they're a little snugger, but I love the fit. The shirt is meant to be a form-fitting shirt and not tight at the arm pits. Very nice. The sleeves of shirts and tops made for women are always too short because I am a tall woman with long arms. My go-to for decades has been a men's size small. The shirts seem to be breathing well. I am active in an area that is cold and I want a long sleeve shirt that is not too thick that I can't cool off in the cold. These are perfect. They have a soft feel, not nylon-y. I want these to stay new looking, but I think the instructions are wash/dry. Quality shirts.

8. Carhartt Signature T Shirt Original Heather

Carhartt Signature T Shirt Original Heather

Cotton is 60 percent and Polyester is 40 percent. Solids are made of 100% cotton. Heather Gray is made of cotton and polyester. A crew neck and cuffs. The construction is side-seamed.

Brand: Carhartt

👤It's not original Carhartt, it's bad quality, and it doesn't have the logo on the back of the neck that distinguishes them all. Carhartt clothes are good quality and have prestige. Those who sell these imitations don't like the brand... I was hoping to wear the t-shirt for the Christmas holidays. Very disappointed.

👤The one's made in Haiti and Mexico are fine, but if it's made in Guatemala it won't have the Carhartt logo on the back of the neck.

👤I received the shirt and knew I had been hit. The material was wrong, the logo on the neck was off, and the color was off. I received a fake carhartt.

👤It's like wearing a dress. Someone had to pry it off of me after I ordered Medium. It was always ordered large and fit perfect, and could fit in a medium if something had changed.

👤It is similar to a dress. I weigh 200 lbs. I like buying tall shirts because they are too small for me. I ordered two of these and they went down about 3 or 4 inches from my knee cap. Did not shrink. I've ordered Carhartt shirts before and they usually fit perfect, why is this different? I have to return these and maybe order a normal size because I think it's for 7' tall giraffes.

👤I've been buying Carhartt clothes for years and their shirts were always worth the extra ten bucks. I'm disappointed but it's the same old good stuff, the shirt I received is too thin and the material isn't thick like they used to use.

👤I needed a good work shirt and after hearing good things about Carhartt I thought I would give them a try. When I received the shirts I ordered, I was really disappointed. The Carhartt shirts were soft, but the shirts were so itchy they were hard to wear. My skin felt like it was getting a rash from the material they used to make the shirts. Carhartt shirts were being made in Haiti and not in America, and it was no longer an American company. It doesn't make a difference if it's made in other countries, but if you wear one of these shirts, you'll know it's made in America. I will return the shirts I ordered. Don't buy these shirts. You won't get a quality item from the Carhartt.

👤When you turn 40 in the U.S., the government will put the prescription medication "Noasitol" into your drinking water. I still have a long torso despite my butt being all but gone. What does this mean? I have to buy 3x TALL shirts to keep small children from laughing at my crack exposure because my pants won't stay up even with a belt. This shirt is great. I'm 6'2", 44" waist and even with a long torso this shirt keeps me legal when I'm out in public and the wife said I made a good decision to buy it. Can you believe it? The wife said I made the right decision. I wish I had recorded it because it was worth twice the cost.

9. BALEAF Lightweight Protection T Shirts Fishing

BALEAF Lightweight Protection T Shirts Fishing

Breath freely and dry quickly for all day comfort, thanks to lightweight and quick dry fabric. The sun's harmful UVA/UVB rays can cause skin damage. Flatlock seamlines reduce chafing and increase comfort. Baleaf long sleeve shirts are lightweight and fitted without being too tight. Full range of motion is provided by the ranga sleeves. It's great for a day of athletic workout, fishing, sailing, swimming, hiking and any other men's favorite sports.

Brand: Baleaf

👤Normally I wear Columbia but for the price, I thought I'd try these. The shirt is nice but not as good as the Columbia. The neck is tight for me. I'm tall at 6'4". Maybe I should have ordered 2xl. The sleeves are long. The company contacted me about my problem and sent me a xxl shirt as a compliment. They will take into account my complaint in the next update. I think this is going above the call of duty. Most companies don't seem to care about their customers. Each time I wear this shirt, I will remember this act. Thanks again for a company made up of working people that care about their customers.

👤I bought this for my son who is 50 years old and has a lawn service. I gave it to him yesterday. He said he would try the long sleeves. He went about his day after putting it on. He asked me to order another one. He usually wears a large size. I ordered a large one. The little bigger fit made it easy to work in. He liked the coolness more than the sun hitting bare arms. Highly recommended!

👤This works well. My husband took this shirt to avoid getting burned on the Caribbean cruise we went on. It was like a CHARM. Even though he uses a lot of sunscreen, he is still red. The backs of the hands were the only thing that burned this time. He has an old shirt from REI that may have lost its sun protection over time because he burned a little through it. This one didn't allow anything to pass. Very happy with the product.

👤This is his favorite shirt. It protects him from the sun and keeps him cool in Arizona. A spark from a grinder caught his outer shirt on fire, but this shirt didn't melt, singe or burn, saving him from potentially severe burns.

👤I bought this shirt to wear to the pool so that I don't have to wear so much sun screen. The fit is similar to most medium shirts I own. The material is light and comfortable. I wear a long-sleeve shirt because it protects my skin from the sun's harmful rays, and I would wear a short-sleeve shirt. I wore it for 3 hours at the pool and didn't see any additional tanning on my skin. I am going to Mexico next week and I hope the UPF 50 holds up. I do some running, but haven't worn it yet, but I know it will keep you cool, as it is very absorbent.

👤It's easy to stain. After two days of use at Lake Mead, my white shirt has a dirt ring around the neck and a bad sunscreen. I tried to treat the stained area. The center chest area was stained by salsa. It's frustrating that the material locks in stains so quickly. The shirt is decent for the money, but it has more trouble soaking wet than other brands I've tried. It would be a good buy if you aren't going to be wearing this while swimming or wading. One option would be to purchase a smaller size but it would be snug when dry. I gave this one a try and will keep them for dry activities, but the search continues for an inexpensive water shirt for lake and pool days. After 4 days at the lake with no sunscreen applied to the area, I had no signs of sunburn or tanning.

10. Gildan Cotton Sleeve T Shirt X Large

Gildan Cotton Sleeve T Shirt X Large

A large 6 oz. per sq. The fabric is made from US cotton. The collar and bottom hem are double-needle for long- lasting comfort. All the comfort you want is delivered in the classic fit. The right thickness is needed for year-round comfort. It's great for sleepwear or weekend wear. There is a variety of colors in multiple pack sizes.

Brand: Gildan

👤I got a good fit and they were great value. The fit is good as I have a slender build and am 5'8" and 155 lbs. They are simple and comfortable. They can also wash easily. I would recommend these shirts.

👤I like shirts that are loose on me. I wear a medium. Very comfortable.

👤I ordered a pack of two. The quality is okay for the price. The material is light and rough. I would buy it again because it's good for outdoor work. I did a test for fun. One shirt was kept as received and the other was laundered twice, to make sure that each shirt was the same. It was worn for 6 hours. The second cycle is a hot wash. The first, low temp laundering resulted in most of the shrinkage. It's within the range of a typical Men's size Large, although not particularly roomy. I would measure a favorite t-shirt for fit.

👤There's an update at the end of the review. The material is a bit heavier than I expected, which is a good thing. It's heavy enough to keep me warm on the chilly mornings, as an elderly retired person living in a rest home. I ordered another pair of shirts in Black because I liked them so much. We're also made in the Honduras and arrived on time. The blue ones were made of 100% cotton and had the same quality stitching. One of the male nurses saw the shirts that were inexpensive and good quality and ordered himself some. Do yourself a favor and get to it if you are considering buying these t-shirts. I'm pretty sure that I'll be ordering more of these. This is a note. There is a short update! I bought 2 more in black. It was on time. My other ones were made in Honduras. I'm sure these will be as good as the blue ones because of the same quality and care of the stitching. Another update! All the shirts are brand new in 2020. The colors are locked in. They keep me warm.

👤I don't know how these shirts get all the great reviews, but I have not had any experience with them. I bought 4 if they were based on the reviews, but they are already fading and coming apart at the seams after only 3 wash/wear cycles! The comfort of the material is good, but the workmanship is poor. I can't recommend these shirts to anyone.

👤This is the perfect fit for the price and I love it. I need to wear long sleeves when I go outside to avoid sun exposure, and these fit and feel very comfortable, and I bought the larger size expecting it to shrink nicely to a good size fit for me. There is a If you are bigger around the waist than the chest/shoulders, this shirt might work, but at the price, I don't expect the neck to hold its snugness for a long time. The chest/waist are a typical American fit, but not so billowy. I would re-order as I will only wear this around the house and yard. You should order a larger size.

11. Salty Crew Tailed T Shirt X Large

Salty Crew Tailed T Shirt X Large

There is a refuge in the sea.

Brand: Salty Crew

👤After washing the shirt, it shrunk to a perfect medium size, even though I was a medium and had to order a large size. They do shrink if you order a bigger size.

👤It was bought for my partner. It is slightly loose, which I anticipated. He likes it. It is a cotton material that is true to male size.

👤The sleeves were too short. I have a medium size. This one was almost 5 inches shorter than my other long sleeve shirts.

👤A great shirt. After the first wear, the sleeves get loose. I have to take them up.

👤The shirt is very thick and well sewn. The screening of logos is done well. In the near future, I will order another style.

👤I'm in between the two. It is huge. I would have ordered it.

👤The material is soft and the color is sweet.

👤Just what I needed. It was familiar with the crew. Great shirt! I need more colors.

👤Im Lieblinglabel ist die Jungs und Mdels bestellt. Stay salty.


What is the best product for fishing tshirts for men long sleeve?

Fishing tshirts for men long sleeve products from Timberland Pro. In this article about fishing tshirts for men long sleeve you can see why people choose the product. Gildan and Columbia are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing tshirts for men long sleeve.

What are the best brands for fishing tshirts for men long sleeve?

Timberland Pro, Gildan and Columbia are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing tshirts for men long sleeve. Find the detail in this article. Baitium, Champion and Jerzees are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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