Best Fishing Umbrella Lures

Umbrella 6 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Yum Yumbrella Ultralight Colorado Multi Lure

Yum Yumbrella Ultralight Colorado Multi Lure

It's not uncommon to catch more than one fish at a time. They are great for other species. Anything that eats shad will pass this up. The flash mob is ultralight. The illusion of a school of baitfish was created. Even inactive fish can be hit by poukes. Bass, stripers, and other game fish are suspended. Sport type: outdoors.

Brand: Yum Lures

👤Very small. Not effective at all.

👤OK fishing lure. I find it better to troll then cast.

👤The fish like these. Depending on your state laws, you may have to adjust the amount of hooks you use. You can change them as well.

👤The water looks awesome, not caught anything. This is the rig that I am on. Light weight and small. I keep it on a 6 foot by 6 inch heavy bait cast rod and 65 pound braid power pro line, but not hooked yet, because it looks deadly swimming back to me. I think it's time to turn this review around. We'll see. Make sure there is a space between or you won't see me in the videos.

2. MadBite Multi Color Irresistible Sticky Sharp Heavy Wire

MadBite Multi Color Irresistible Sticky Sharp Heavy Wire

3D eyes and hair help increase visibility. The new MadBite Bladed Jig assortment has an irresistible vibrating action that is tournament proven to catch bass and a wide variety of fish throughout the year. It's great in clear water or low visibility. Even in tough conditions when other baits don't work, MadBite Bladed Jigs can be used with or without soft plastic trailers. Silicone skirts are soft and supple and are available in a wide variety of colors to imitate natural forage and add incredible action and movement to your lure presentations. Blue with Black, Summer Craw, Green Pumkin/Orange, White/Chartreuse, and a Sexy Shad are some of the colors available. Jig heads are hard painted to prevent paint chipping and all match the shirt colors. The needle point hooks used in the MadBite Bladed Jig are black nickel plated. Even with the most violent hook sets, the heavy wire hooks will stay strong even in heavy cover conditions. Money Saving 5 pc and 3 pc Multi-Colored Kits include the best performing bladed jig colors for use year-round to save you even more money. All MadBite Jigs are packed in plastic storage boxes to keep them organized and ready to fish. Color and action are critical to catching more fish but equally important is using the correct weight of lure to ensure your bait is working at the correct depth. The most common weights for MadBite Bladed Jigs are 12 oz. and 3/8 oz. It is important to have a nice assortment of colors in both weight ranges to be sure you are prepared for any conditions you will face.

Brand: Madbite

👤I finally got out fishing this past weekend to try my new fishing lure. I've never had a blade with a jig. The 1/2 oz size was the one I bought to use in shore and pier fishing. I was at the fishing pier. South side. I started with the jig with the orange/yellow/speckled skirt using my baitfeeder. Between the wind, the reel, and a 1/2 ounce jig, I was able to make decent casts. I couldn't see the jig in the water. On the third cast, bang! I set the hook after the fish hit it. I caught a second fish after changing my jigs to the yellow color. I caught my third fish a few minutes later. The fish I caught were in the 2 to 5 pound range. I was pleased with the ability of the jigs to catch fish, so I will recommend them to you. Give them a try, they are not expensive.

👤The jig is very well designed. If I want to fish a bladed jig, it has to start vibrating as soon as I start retrieving. That is important when targeting bass. One of the easiest ways to get bass to react to a bait is to use a bladed jig. If the blade isn't doing what it's supposed to right away, I won't get a bite. Having the bait vibrate as soon as I start my retrieve is crucial to getting the fish to react and take the bait. The MadBite bladed jig does a great job of that. It is heavy enough to fish through some thick cover. It costs half as much as other brands, and that makes it a must have.

👤I want to discourage anyone else from trying these because I am having great success with them. I like the blue one the best on pike, bass and walleye.

👤The action from these is good. As you are reeling them in, you can feel the energy. You have to pull the skirts up quite often because they slip off and get matted. The hooks are sharp and I'm able to keep them from dragging the bottom while fishing. I haven't caught anything yet, but I had a few people chase it in and out.

👤I bought these because of a special promotional price. These are nice because they seem a little smaller. You have to give a hard twitch to get the blades to start vibrating. These start vibrating right away. I can feel them vibrating as they sink. I am pretty impressed so far.

👤The quality of the jigs is very good and the colors on the jig head and skirts are also good. Their swimming action is just as good if not a little bit less than my Z-man chatterbaits, but for way less. It's sad that there aren't more bladed jigs like this one.

👤The jigs are very nice. The hooks are sharp. They come in a nice plastic box. I will definitely be using these in my lure rotation.

3. Yum Yumbrella Wire Multi Lure Kit

Yum Yumbrella Wire Multi Lure Kit

Sport type: outdoors. Super wire is heat treated. Mud Minnows and three eighth ounce jigs were included. Even inactive fish can be hit by poukes. Bass, stripers, and other game fish are suspended.

Brand: Yum Lures

👤The product blew out of the back of my boat.

👤I lost one of the jigs because of the safety latch that held the jig on pop loose.

👤The price is crazy compared to others.

👤The rubber fish are very stiff and the rig is nice.

👤This thing looks great in the water and it's great to catch two fish at a time.

👤Salt NYC caught bass right away and it was good for its design.

👤I use barbless hooks to catch fish with these. It's great for bass or trout.

4. Umbrella Trolling Frashwater Saltwater Swimbait

Umbrella Trolling Frashwater Saltwater Swimbait

Each set can hold a fishing pole and 2 drinks, for YETI rod holder, for RTIC rod holder, and can work with all casting and spinning fishing rods that save your space while fishing, boating, camping and more. The Alabama rig is revolutionary. The revolution was completed in a matter of hours. Only half of the boats that took part in the fishing competition could catch more than 10 pounds, and Paul Elias caught 26 of them. The next morning, he caught 20 pounds of fish, before the other boats got to eat it. The camera clearly showed the man throwing something. The fishing rig is made of an umbrella and has soft baits connected to a wire. Simulate a group of bait fish and largemouth bass in the water waiting for the chance to chase the fishing group. The Alabama fishing rig must have a heavy rod, thick wire, and a hard-skinned reel. The baits of the fishing rig are parallel to each other and do not interfere. Problems have been solved by this fishing squad for hundreds of years. The time for bass fishing fans to wait for the bass to attack the bait may be reduced from a few hours to 10 minutes.

Brand: Gll

👤You have to bend across each other oddly to set up wires that come out of the head. It looks like blades are on the wrong arm. The head is very light. I thought it was foam. I am not sure if it is. The paint is chipping off of the head everywhere after it was cast in the water. I used upside down for most of the day. I wish I would have spent my money on a better product. I will try to return it.

👤One of the rigs came with a broken arm, so I'm giving this 3 stars. I can't find the company to ask for 1 I already have the other setup, so I can only return the whole package.

5. ILure Alabama Umbrella Salwater Stripers

ILure Alabama Umbrella Salwater Stripers

Product type: fishing hook 1. Great product. The Alabama Rig had 8 willow leaf blades. It's great for Sand bass in open water, a good product worth the money, held up well while striped bass fishing. 2. Excellent improvement The blades would stay in place, 9in from the tip of the head to the end of the arms, which allows you to spread out the arms to ensure that the swim baits are seperated enough to ensure the "schooling effect". Works well. He is a bit heavy when loaded with lures, so use a long stiff pole and chunk it. 4. Great gift. The Alabama umbrella rig can be given to a brother or nephew. 5. The price is great. If you have a problem, just write to them. Alabama Rig has a 1-year warranty. You have nothing to lose. Please buy now.

Brand: Ilure

👤The blades spin great and you can't beat the price. I cut the center hook down to half its length and put a spinner blade on it, because we can't use three hooks. My best two at a time were a three and a half.

👤I haven't fished the rig yet to see how it performs or how well it is made. The willow blades should not be in the center arm. The blades should be on the outside arms. To make it uniform, you need to place an outside arm in the center and bend the center arm to the outside. The rig is in an unnatural shape because of this.

6. Sea Striker 4 Arm Umbrella Rig

Sea Striker 4 Arm Umbrella Rig

There are different colors and sizes available. It's ready for any saltwater action. Can be used by all skill levels. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Sea Striker

👤I saved a lot of money making my own rigs.

👤There is a place mid arm to add more hooks. The umbrella rig was built for stripers.

👤A lot of plastic bags are now out of the bay after my rig sprouted.

👤These are great for teasing. Hold on to the lures if you set them up 6 to 8 inches from each hole.

👤He hasn't used it yet, but he's excited to do so

👤Un producto prctico.

7. Strike King Squadron Umbrella Pumpkin

Strike King Squadron Umbrella Pumpkin

The coffee-scent salted swimbaits are from the 5KVD. The jigheads are color-coordinated. Black nickel hooks are wide-gap. For bass fishing.

Brand: Strike King

👤The swimbaits tails were made to have a weird action because of the smashed packaging and the missing jig head swimbait hooks. The full set was supposed to come with them, but in the posted photos it shows it coming with them. Not pleased with the purchase.

👤Haven't used yet, but it's nice.

8. Strike King Titanium Willow Gizzard

Strike King Titanium Willow Gizzard

Bass, stripers, and other game fish are suspended. You can imitate a school of baitfish with umbrella rigs. The wire is stiff for more stability. The willow leaf blades on the ball bearing swivels add flash and attract fish. It can be rigged with a wide variety of lures. Titanium wire increases the action of the lures.

Brand: Strike King

👤These are great, but they don't last very long. I get about 25 fish before the wire breaks.

👤The titanium wire makes open hook swimbaits catch on it. The flashmob jrs work better than the swimbait hooks.

9. Fishing Vault Alabama Umbrella Included

Fishing Vault Alabama Umbrella Included

The fishing weights are selected. There are four weights to choose from: 1/6oz, 1/2oz, 1/3oz and 1/6oz. The package includes five bass jigs. They worked well for large mouth bass. 24h friendly customer service. If you have a problem, please contact their customer support. Everything you need is included. There are 8 willow leaf blades from the tip of the head to the end of the arms. The picture shows the Swim Baits and Jig Head. BASS can't keep doing what it's doing. A school of swimming. The bait is a natural shade of Shad. Any time of the year, Grey, White, and Black colors are great for water clarity. The size is ADEQUATE. It is possible to spread out the arms so that the swim baits are seperated enough to ensure the "schooling effect", if you have 20 cm from the tip of the head to the end of the arms. It looks like a school. The willow leaf blades emphasize the effect of the school. Gets bass attention from a long distance. You can catch more than one at a time. It's not uncommon to catch more than one fish at a time. They are great for other species. Anything that eats shad will pass this up.

Brand: Fishing Vault

👤The best rig there is this one. I have purchased this product 3 times. I lost 2 by hanging them on the bottom of the lake. I have been going too deep to catch a big fish so I will need to go a little more shallow. It's a great product. I haven't used it in a long time.

👤I bought this rig a few weeks ago to try my luck at Striper fishing, it was very easy to use, hassle free, and worked great, I was able to catch 2 Striped Bass on it before I got it caught on something down deep, this was my first Striper fishing The set up for catching big Stripers was great.

👤The hardware that came with this rig is really nice. Hardware from Amazon is cheap with chrome peeling off. The hardware on this is better. It sinks at a good pace and casts well. The only way it could be improved is if it came with two baits instead of just 5 hooks. It would be legal in states that only allow 3 hooks on a line.

👤Everything you need to rig it is here. There is a If you have any brains, it is very easy to use. It is a 13 minnow school. I wouldn't sugar coat anything, would buy again.

👤A good rig. It comes with everything. The blades don't stay in place as well as they could. I've caught some large stripers up to 30 lbs on it.

👤These work great for Striper when I fish Lake Lanier.

👤There are 800-361-3020 The free spinning clips were set in the bend of the wire. Not giving the flashers a chance to do a rotation around the wire. The sides that can't rotation are causing an equal drag. There was a lot of weight to get down in depth. Casting into the 11mph wind with 20lb braid and keeping good accuracy was no problem. Swim baits have nice colors. Maybe there is better quality control before they are packaged.

👤When I saw this picture on my order list, I thought it was a baby crib. I wondered why my husband would buy something like that for a baby. Maybe he lost his mind. Is an ugly side chick into weird stuff? I asked what he was thinking. Another fishing thingy... great! Whatever.

10. 5pcs Alabama Umbrella Fishing 7in16g

5pcs Alabama Umbrella Fishing 7in16g

It's practical, high strength, small size, convenient to carry and storage, suitable for soft baits and crank hook. bait accessories are perfect for fishing. The operation of the whole bait was affected by the reflective degree of the blades. The whole team was more attractive after polishing the blades. BASS can't keep doing what he's doing. The compact umbrella rig with four shiney blades is easier to attract fished predator. The fish head is 18 cm 8in16g and has 3D eyes. Five strong steel arms make it suitable for a variety of soft baits. The product is sinker free. It's convenient to rig it with a variety of lures. It's not uncommon to catch more than one fish at a time. They are great for other species. Anything that eats shad will pass this up.

Brand: 666

👤When I move spots to get lucky, I wanted these to troll behind my yak. They have enough weight to stay under. They can be bent out to get larger. When I'm done pulling them together, I use a large swivel. I don't have hooks everywhere. This is a good starting point if your interest peaks and is a good value. The end of the world in terms of cost to replace if one gets snared.

👤There is a small crimp that holds the willow blades in place. The crimp was off on one of the items. It crushed the arm. The umbrella broke when I tried to open it. I have fished with the other two.

👤It was as advertised. These are sturdy enough for any freshwater fish that I encounter, even if I am not an experienced a-rig user.

👤I've caught a lot of fish with these rigs.

11. Bassdash Alabama Castable Umbrella Bluefish

Bassdash Alabama Castable Umbrella Bluefish

If you have a question about the umbrella fishing rig, they will resolve it within 24 hours. The ability to attach up to 5 lures to a single line creates the potential of catching more than one bass at a time. The toughest wire connections and strong snaps ensure flawless performance on big fish. The rig is a five wire Alabama style lure that has four blades on each arm to create a bigger school of bait and to produce flash and vibration. The five super wire arms fan out of a molded plastic lure head, which ensures that the wire arms never break free. The Bassdash rig allows the angler to cast and retrieve slowly, so that they can throw minnows, grubs or spinnerbaits at the same time.

Brand: Bassdash

👤The swivels were very light and not double locking. They were broken in half on my first outing.

👤I paid a cent for it. I have used them 5 or 6 times this year and haven't had any issues, other than the paint chipping off the heads.

👤I have never used one so I can't compare. I believe that you should pay for a good rig for what you are paying.

👤These are inexpensive and well made. I use them a lot and have held up well.

👤Looks good. It is not legal in some states.

👤It held up better than other rigs I have used. It has quality blades and snaps. Other rigs have cheap components.

👤J'ai hate de l'essayer, en attendant l'objet est conforme a l'annonce.

👤The price of 1 unit was what got three for. Also fast delivery. Thanks.

👤They look good, got to wait for the spring to try them out.

👤The spinner gets tangled when I cast it.


What is the best product for fishing umbrella lures?

Fishing umbrella lures products from Yum Lures. In this article about fishing umbrella lures you can see why people choose the product. Madbite and Gll are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing umbrella lures.

What are the best brands for fishing umbrella lures?

Yum Lures, Madbite and Gll are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing umbrella lures. Find the detail in this article. Ilure, Sea Striker and Strike King are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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