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1. Dreamoni Fishing Necklace Cremation Keepsake

Dreamoni Fishing Necklace Cremation Keepsake

The necklace is made of 304L STAINLESS STEEL and is allergy free. They can engrave your message on the Fish Hook Pendant. The names and dates are initials. Select "Silver-customize" or "Black-customize" and then click on the "Customize Now" button. You can add the message to the cart by filling it in. Before placing an order, please check the engraving content. The fish hook height is 41mm x width 19mm x thickness 7mm, the chain length is 55 cm, and the color is Silver, Black. A small pinch of ashes is the Fishing Hook Capacity. The heart is not hollow and there is a small reservoir under the screw cap. Sentiment has no measure. The sentiment is the same regardless of the grain of ash or sand or strand of hair. You can put ashes in easily with the pin and funnel. Perfect gifts for the person who lost their love, their family, friends, pet, cat, etc.

Brand: Gredstar

👤This was not very expensive. I didn't keep my hopes up that it would be nice. It shows that something doesn't have to be expensive to be nice. I bought 2 for my uncle and cousin to put my mom's ashes in. I had it engraved and it came out great.

👤I got these for myself and my other children because we would always have him with us. The quality is great. My kids cried when they got them for Christmas. The company engraved my son's name on it, which makes it even more special.

👤The necklace is sturdy. The necklace is not light weight and it is solid except for where the ashes go. The necklace chain will tarnish after a while, but I am happy with the price of the product. You can see in the pictures that the customization turned out perfect. I would definitely recommend it.

👤My brother died in November. He liked to fish. He always said he was going to fish in heaven. I looked at a lot of choices and thought this was the one. I bought a Christmas ornament with the same saying. Live it! The hook is bigger than I expected.

👤Junk! This one was bought and not broken for a week. I don't have a way to get my dad's ashes out of my broken necklace. The broken piece is the circle piece that you use to open the necklace.

👤A nice urn pendant. The seller sent a whole new pendant after the seller asked for a replacement screw. Very much appreciated.

👤This product was very disappointing. I ordered it for my aunt to keep her young sons ashes in it and it has ruined and she has a rash.

👤The necklaces I bought were better than I expected. The chain is not very thin and can easily be broken. The necklaces are long. They are not that awkward length where you can't wear them. Highly recommended.

👤It was ordered for my sister-in-law. Her Dad passed away before I did. I ordered 4 Ash necklaces, but they weren't due until September. It came after I ordered it. She liked it. It is large but nice.

👤It was easy to fill compared to other ones. It is a nice chain.

2. Serenity Large Beautiful Adult Cremation

Serenity Large Beautiful Adult Cremation

When you've lost a loved one, you need a high quality urn to hold their ashes and act as a fitting tribute to the love you shared. The cremation urn is handcrafted to give your loved one's remains the best quality. The adult urn is 11 inches tall and 7 inches wide. The capacity of 200 cubic Inches can hold the remains of a 200lb person. The adult urn is made from brass. A funeral urn for human ashes is a fitting tribute to your love one's life. It is a touching gift for your family who would like a lasting reminder of the deceased. The cremation urn is hand-crafted with a Stunning Red Finish and is made with superior craftsmanship and materials that ensure the ashes of your loved one are completely protected and given the utmost of respect. Trupoint Memorials is a company who cares for you, your family, and your late loved one. If you're not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund.

Brand: Trupoint Memorials

👤The funeral parlor had this Urn for over $200. All of their Urns were over $200. I couldn't believe it when I saw it on Amazon. I don't know if there is a difference between the funeral parlor I ordered and the one I received. I like it. It was packaged with dignity and seems to be a metal covered in ceramic. Many thanks to the seller.

👤I purchased this product for my husband who passed away a year ago and he hasn't even been gone yet, and the urn is so bad that the red paint just continues to fall off, I have no idea how it can continue. I never heard back. I don't recommend this product.

👤Excellent quality and craftsmanship. I bought this for my dad. It looks similar to the picture shown. I would buy it again. The outside of the box was mishandled. It said that there was an urn inside. The box had a large gash. styrofoam and bubble wrap was used to package it. I took some of the red paint off of the lid because it was hard to remove. When you put the lid back on, you can't see it. We are very pleased and I am sure that my dad is as well.

👤I like that this urn is not very big, but it is very elegant. I wanted to keep a small portion of my best friend's ashes, and this is the right size. The urn is sturdy and well made. It is a good weight so it is not a lightweight trinket. I was impressed with the design and workmanship. I would definitely recommend it.

👤It is a cute souvenir for a loved one. I bought 2 different styles, but I couldn't decide. This one was just as good as the one I chose. I love the box it comes in.

👤I brought 2 of these for my sister and we are very happy. Theses are pretty and solid. They looked like royalty. The red is gorgeous. I love it! I like the material and style of the box, but I don't like anything that can hold lint. The other brands had boxes that held lint. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The urn is red. It was delivered quickly and with care. There were no issues with the package. The shade of red that my grandma loved the most was bright red. Thank you for making our family happy.

👤I am very pleased with this purchase for my mother, the quality is superb and the picture is better than the description.

👤Very happy with the purchase! The product was delivered on time. The screw on top is nicer in person than pictured. Wouldn't hesitate to buy it back.

👤My fathers and father in law ashes were purchased. Nice and heavy.

3. Bronze Cross Beautiful Small Keepsake

Bronze Cross Beautiful Small Keepsake

A wonderful and respectful tribute to your late loved one. These mini keepsake urns are a great way to remember the wonderful life your late loved one lived and shared with his/her family. You can give your family a piece of your late loved one by sharing their memory. Your loved one's presence will be felt by each of the family. The high quality undergarments are made to stand the test of time. These mini brass urns are small. They are sturdy and feel substantial. These are small keepsakes that fit in the palm of your hand and hold a small amount of remains. The finished product has a beautiful bronze finish. The mini cremation urn was handcrafted by professional artisans. The bronze finish on this memorial urn gives it a religious and heavenly look. This bronze finish will make you feel like your loved one is at peace wherever he/she is right now. It was created to stand the test of time. The mini urn is made from the highest quality materials that were carefully handmade to create a durable urn that will stand the test of time. You can carry the memories of your loved one wherever you go with its size of 2.7 inches. You can get a full refund if it's made for your satisfaction. They are a company who cares for you and respects you and your need for assurance and peace during this difficult time, and they created this mini funeral urn for your satisfaction. Trupoint Memorials will give you a 100% full refund if they don't live up to your expectations.

Brand: Trupoint Memorials

👤We're not all the same. It was a cross, but some of the work was poorly done. It looks like they tried at first, but the other two looked like a kid carved the cross. That was the only thing I disliked about it, the seal was good and the shipping was fast.

👤I like these. They are pretty. I was disappointed that the individual pouches didn't come with the purchase.

👤It was nice for the price. It's nice to have matching urns.

👤These are very nice. Excellent quality.

👤The mini urn is very beautiful.

👤Just as pictured. Fast delivery and no flaws.

👤The urns met expectations. The top screws on. I bought one for each of my siblings. Everyone thought they were perfect.

👤It's a good price at a time like this.

4. Eternal Peace Lavender Small Keepsake

Eternal Peace Lavender Small Keepsake

A lovely and beautiful URN for your loved ones' remains. The set of mini urns is a beautiful tribute to your late loved ones. It is a thoughtful way to remember and comfort your loved ones who have died. You will be very peaceful as your loved ones rest in this beautiful urn. The high quality undergarments are made to stand the test of time. These mini brass urns are small. They are sturdy and feel substantial. These are small keepsakes that fit in the palm of your hand and hold a small amount of remains. Your heart will be warmed by the beautiful LavENDER POLISHED FINISH. You will be proud of the quality and warm design of this handcrafted urn. The materials used are handcrafted and make a beautiful tribute to your loved ones. There is a case and four Velvet bags. This beautiful and comforting case is perfect for carrying, storing and safegaurding all 4 urns until you are ready to pass them out to their final owner. They will not put their logo or company name on your urn or urn case. Trupoint Memorials is a company who cares for you, your family, and your late loved one. Return them for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

Brand: Trupoint Memorials

👤I'm happy to have a beautiful urn to hold my Mother's ashes, she would have loved it, and the interior was purple, her favorite color. My brother picked out an urn that was 3 times the price of the one my mother was cremated in. Thank you. I now have a place for my mother in which to stay. I am sure that they are resting in peace.

👤It was a sad time in my life. This is a nice urn. My father keeps my mom's ashes in a larger urn at his home. I bought this to bring some of my mom's ashes with me. I will add some of my father's ashes to my mom's when she joins me. The urn is pretty. It feels expensive. It looks like a small version of the larger ones I've seen before. This is a good resting place for my mom and dad when they are older. It could be used for a lock of hair or some of a pet's ashes.

👤The urn is beautiful and has a top that screws on, that was a relief. I used the urn for my mother's ashes and I was very happy that they sent it in a beautiful box with a black bag to carry it, I am very happy with my purchase.

👤The costs for urns at the funeral homes and other online sites were so high that my mother would not have wanted them. We were worried this wouldn't ship until June. Thankfully these came very quickly and matched the ones ordered for my mother's ashes. This was a great way to get these quickly and at a great price during this time of chaos. Adding to the stress is the death of a loved one. The mini urns were lavender and silver. The prices are amazing. The service was fast and the quality was great. I'm still dealing with many of the hard issues that come with death. The order was easy to use and low stress. I will use them for pets and other family members. I would like to thank the people who helped with my shipment. I appreciate this more than I can say.

👤It was a heavy, solid feeling. The screw top lid needs to be secured. lavender was painted on the inside. It has an artistic look to it with an etching on the outside. The shipping box was wrapped in 3 layers of bubble wrap. There is a black velvet bottom and a blue velvet bag. I think it will look great among the flowers for my mom's memorial service.

👤If you know what your own wishes are, you should purchase an urn from an outside company such as Trupoint Memorials. The delivery was fast and cheap, and it was exactly like the description. The most important part is the company's assurance that if you don't like it, you will get your money back. You will not be disappointed. It was reassuring to work with a company that delivered excellent customer service, despite what I went through with the original funeral home.

5. MEMORIALS 4U Shades Classic Keepsake

MEMORIALS 4U Shades Classic Keepsake

100% secure shopping is guaranteed. If you have a further question, please no hesitate to post it into "Customer Questions & Answers" at the bottom of this page or contact them in e-mail, they will reply you in 24 hours. The Beautiful KEEPSAKE URN Set is a Genuine Hand-crafted product that is elegant and meets the highest quality standards. The perfect lacquer coat is used to preserve the brilliance of the token keepsakes urn. The Mini Urns are suitable to carry a small amount of ashes and the set comes in a beautiful storage box. There are two shades of marble, each with a volume of 3 inches. The mini urns are easy to maintain and come with a threaded screw on the lid.

Brand: Memorials 4u

👤I was hoping to find something that would work for me and my 3 kids, when I found these mini urns. The picture for them was meant to be, because they came in all of our favorite colors, so it was like a sign. My kids and I now have my mom with us. They were in a beautiful box when they arrived. They were more attractive in person than in the picture. You can see the approximate size, I will add a picture of my urn with my review. I am very happy with the purchase and it was worth what I paid.

👤I was worried that the mini urns would be too small, but after I received them they were perfect. The size is large enough to hold some of the ashes. The colors are perfect. I can't say enough good things about this product. They are more than I expected. You can't go wrong with this company. I would like to thank you for giving my kids and their families an urn that will hold a piece of their dad. The person is named MH.

👤Excellent choice for those who want to keep their loved ones ashes. I was able to take them to my funeral director, who took care of filling and commented that they were of excellent quality. There is no chance of metal being knocked off a display area and broken.

👤I had to order a second set of urns. The metal bands around the first ones were too poor to hold my dad's ashes, and they were a different design from another manufacturer. I returned them and ordered something with no engraving. I'm happy with these ones, especially for the cost.

👤When my mother died, I had to give jars of her ashes to family members. These are well made. I gave these away in her honor.

👤My mother's ashes were spread to her sisters after she died. They are small urns. It's perfect to hold some ashes for someone you love. They are the perfect size for tables.

👤I liked this product. The colors are attractive. The screws are securely in place. It was on time. The set was the same as pictured. It was too light for my liking. It doesn't feel like real stone or ceramic. This design is what I was looking for, and it fits the bill. I bought another style set that was much better than this one, so that may have influenced my review. I was happy with my purchase.

👤The product is very reasonable for its price. I would definitely recommend them.

👤I bought this set after my Dad died. Four daughters and four mini urns. A felt pad on the bottom makes the quality very stable. Very happy.

👤They were perfect for a spot on a shelf or in a curio cabinet and the colors were beautiful.

👤Very nice. What I wanted to give my husband was his family and children. Thank you.

👤Prompt delivery. These are a perfect size. Will be a great memory.

6. Foreverlane Beautiful Keepsake Handmade Individual

Foreverlane Beautiful Keepsake Handmade Individual

There is a beautiful ring that honors the life of your loved one. If you want to keep your loved one's ashes close to you, you can purchase an urn from Forever Lane that will hold the ashes of your favorite person. Their small urns are engraved by old-world artisans from India with fine details and a glossy finish that is hard to miss. It is small and lightweight. A small amount of pork is a graded contribution. Their cremation urn for ashes is a beautiful addition to any part of your home where you want to keep the memory of your loved ones alive. It is possible to hold up to 3 ounces of ash. The dimensions are 2.25" W. You can only carry 2.5 lbs of memories with you wherever you go. Excellent quality stethoscopes for human stethoscopes. The erns are made of the highest quality rust and resistant matel aluminum that is proven to pass the test of time and will always be securely stored. Their metal cremation urns have a threaded lid cover that provides an impenetrable seal and can respectfully hold the ashes of any adult. The set of mini urns come with a premium velvet box and 4 velvet pouch. The box is perfect for carrying and storing all the mini urns for human ashes. This URN will leave you with a full refund. You, your family, and your late loved one are in the care of a company called Forever Lane. If you're not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund.

Brand: Forever Lane

👤I wanted my daughters ashes to be beautiful. I can see it in the light when I take it out. The spirit of water is present to me in these blue marble urns, as we both share a deep love of the ocean. The lid is firmly shut and it feels very sturdy. I got the smaller companion urns so that I could take her to many of the places we shared and share her ashes with. From the bottom of this grieving father's heart, thank you so much. My daughters spirit is honored by this urn.

👤I bought the brown urns a week earlier. Depending on how fine the cremation is, they hold about 3-4 ounces. The brown ones were so nice that I decided to buy the blue ones. I can smell a musty smell to them immediately after the blue one arrived. I can still smell them when I walk by after having them out for a few days. I am sad that these have a bad smell. I hope they don't smell anymore after some work.

👤When my sisters passed away, I bought a set of mini urns for my children. It was exactly what I was looking for, matched very closely to her burial urn, and this beautiful set of 4 came in a nice velvet box with individual velvet bags to store them in until the kids are ready to have their urn. They are pretty and appropriate for both children and adults. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I bought this for my sister's ashes. I had to return it as it would be large, along with the mini urns to share my sister's ashes. I missed the return date because I was still in shock and grieving. I need to return the item. I'm helping with the costs of burials. Please make this right with me. There is nothing wrong with the item, it is still boxed and I'm looking at it daily. Help!

👤The Urn is beautiful. Purchases for a person who loved the water. It looks like a beautiful piece of art.

👤The urn looked a bit more golden brown in the photo. There was more chocolate and white. I was going for a sand look, but this isn't that, so it will have to be returned.

👤It was perfect for my husband's memorial service. It came a day early and was even better in person. I looked great with the flowers.

👤If you pick one up at the mortuary, you will pay double. It has a beautiful finish and is well constructed. I can't comment on how well it fits.

👤This is a beautiful urn. The colour is bright. It was the colour of my sister's skin, so there was no other choice. We had to have this one. It's gorgeous.

7. Fishing Urn Necklace Jewelry Cremation

Fishing Urn Necklace Jewelry Cremation

It can be engraved, you can choose the option of engraving date, name,letter,heart, and promise on the locket pendant. It's perfect for gift giving occasions. It's a good gift for your family, friend or yourself. The materials are aluminum, stainless steel. Anodized aluminum personal cremation urns are waterproof. A wonderful memorial and cremation collection. It is suitable for gift giving.

Brand: Cremation Permanent Urn

👤I bought 2 of these to hold my father's ashes. The amount came fast and as pictured.

👤The product had two holders for the remains. Our father will always be with us when we are driving, so we hung it from our mirror.

👤The picture shows it is smaller than it is. The boat was not part of the necklace. My chain broke. I was going to replace it anyways. I'm still excited to put my uncle's ashes in it.

👤The lil pendant broke off after only a month. Does the job.

👤You are paying for the charm. It has nothing but an urn, no funnel, and a small spoon.

👤I might just put the cute little thing in my car.

8. Serenity Black Beautiful Small Keepsake

Serenity Black Beautiful Small Keepsake

Sharing your loved one's ashes with your family and friends is something they love to do. These beautiful solid brass urns will stand the test of time, and you can take comfort in that. You can be proud of the decision you have made when you look at these. Quality urns are made to stand the test of time. These mini brass urns are small. They are sturdy, durable, and substantial. These are small keepsakes that fit in the palm of your hand and hold a small amount of remains. A Stunning Black Finish. The superior craftsmanship and materials used to make this cremation urn ensures the ashes of your loved one are completely protected and given the highest level of respect. A protective case and 4 velvet bags are included. This beautiful and comforting case is perfect for carrying, storing, and protecting the urns until you are ready to pass them on to their final owner. They will not put their logo or company name on your urns or urn case. Trupoint Memorials cares for you, your family, and your late loved ones, and these urns will leave you completely satisfied. Return them for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

Brand: Trupoint Memorials

👤The urn is perfect for my stepdad who died in 2020. We had to take an emergency trip to Tijuana because of the hours being cut, the cremation urns were going to hundreds, and we had little money because of the Pandemic. After a few days on Amazon, I saw this. It was meant for him. It is very heavy and shipped quickly. He was brought home last week. Thank you.

👤The mini urns are very well made. I put 5 stars on the light weight option, but I don't think they should be. I bought 8 of these urns and am going to buy another one. I put one of them in a shadow box and I might take a small part of my husband with me as I travel this year. Each urn has a bag.

👤During a time of crisis, you don't want to worry about things. It was promised on Monday. I was happy it arrived on time. You don't want delays when everyone is upset.

👤I was very satisfied with my purchase of a beautiful urn. We paid 4 times more for an urn for my mother than we paid for it. It was probably more expensive to begin with but it can be a money saver if you provide your own Urn. The urn looks high quality and expensive. The Urn was made in India. I wish Amazon would post the country of manufacture.

👤The urn is lightweight and the finish was excellent. The gold toned band set off the black. This was for my husband's funeral. The same item and quality will cost hundreds at funeral homes. I'm very happy with what I got.

👤It was worth every penny. The pattern is beautiful.

👤The Mini-Urns were so well made that I decided to get a pack for anyone who might want some of me for remembrance... If Cremation is your destiny, then check out this seller's many styles.

👤I was looking at the selection at the crematory when I bought this. They had the same one for twice the price. I ordered it with my phone.

👤Petites conjugates surs et magnifiques. J-attendais.

👤Beautiful work. The right size.

👤I had to return it because it was not the right size. I would like it to come in a variety of sizes.

9. EDENSTAR NEXTG Memorial Handcrafted Perfection

EDENSTAR NEXTG Memorial Handcrafted Perfection

Trupoint Memorials cares for you, your family, and your late loved ones, and these urns will leave you completely satisfied. Return them for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. You can share a small funeral urn with family and friends. It's in the palm of your hand. It was made from brass. The color is lovely. The top is very secure and the bottom is felt-covered to protect furniture. The velvet case is beautiful. If you are dissatisfied with the product you ordered, they will give you a replacement or refund. They will take care of you if you let them know. 3 inches tall and holds 3 inches of ashes or 3 ounces of human ashes. Made from solid metal.

Brand: Edenstar

👤I ordered 2 sets and they arrived on time. One set had no blemish, but the other had a few small spots on the red urn lid. I'm not going to spend the time to get it back because they aren't big enough. They look and feel good. I would have rated it 5 stars if it wasn't for the quality control issue.

👤These are gorgeous. I have a son and grandson that are getting one. I would like to have one for my husband's brother.

👤I received my packages. These are beautiful. My mother passed away and I really wanted something special for my family and these will be just what I wanted.

👤Well made, super nice. The urns will not make you disappointed. The maker's logos on the felt box and urn bags are the only thing that would get me to give five stars. Not appropriate.

👤They are small and beautiful. Each of my children and husband received one. They can have or use them. They don't need to make a decision. It's done.

👤It's just beautiful! My husband and father died in December and I have a small part of him.

👤One of the green urns had a flaw in the color coating that was very visible. The others are lovely. It is a musty smell to packaging. I had to store them in a porch to get rid of the smell. I am happy with them, they are a good purchase.

10. VNOX Keepsake Cremation Minimalist Necklace

VNOX Keepsake Cremation Minimalist Necklace

You will be able to enjoy this bracelet for a long time. Perfect*GIFT is a perfect memorial gift for your friend and family. You could give them to different family members or your friend as a gift, wear the same one with your bestie(s), family, to show you care for each other. The product is made of high quality 316L steel, which is stronger and more durable, and will never fade, rust, tarnish, corrode, stain, or turn skin green. 100% secure shopping is guaranteed. If you have a further question, please no hesitate to post it into "Customer Questions & Answers" at the bottom of this page or contact them in e-mail, they will reply you in 24 hours.

Brand: Vnox

👤I intended to use the pendant. The chains were sturdy and well made. I ordered a second set because I was so happy. My kids and grandkids are wearing theirs. My son and grandson play basketball, and my grandson plays jujitsu daily. The necklaces have held up for over a month.

👤The bar is nice. I haven't put ashes in yet. I am not sure how durable the chains will be, they are a bit thinner than I thought. I was disappointed that they didn't come with the boxes. They were in plastic bags. If they really do not come in boxes from Amazon, they should advertise.

👤These are larger than they look. They are very nice. I bought these for my siblings when they lost their mom. I think they will love it.

👤I bought these to give to my family to honor my father's memory. Everyone loved them. I know my dad is resting and watching over us. Definitely recommend this item. Excellent quality.

👤My husband's ashes were used.

👤These are what I wanted.

👤They were nice and hold my grand momma's ashes well.

👤I gave these to my Dad's siblings. They loved them.

11. Biodegradable Friendly Cremation Urns Scattering

Biodegradable Friendly Cremation Urns Scattering

Their cremation urns for human ashes adult are designed to be a beautiful work of art for your loved one's funeral, burial or cremation, as they are unique as the LIVES THEY SYMBOLIZE. A beautiful soul deserves a beautiful tribute. Their designers are dedicated to creating their designs with you in mind, allowing them to create designs that hold meaning. There are three different sizes: Large 12”H x 5”W x 5”W, Medium 10”H x 4”W x 4”W, and Small 8.5”H x 3”W x 3” Eco-friendly, airport ready. Their Scattering Tubes for human ashes are made from all natural paper components and are earth friendly. The lid slides off, a tab is pushed, and the ashes can be gently shaken from the tube. The tube can be recycled once the ashes have been scattered. SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED. At your time of grief, they want you to be completely satisfied, and they understand that sometimes a customer may change their mind about a purchase. Due to the personal nature of the cremation urns, they cannot accept returns after they have been used.

Brand: Commemorative Cremation Urns

👤This is decorated beautifully, but it's a big cardboard fireplace match container. All of the ashes would fit inside the large urn used to scatter 25% of a 200lb male. The quality is a 5 and the value is a 3, but this is a cardboard tube with shipping at $20 for a small tube. If necessary, I would buy again.

👤The urn arrived damaged. We were able to turn the damaged part to the back so it wouldn't be noticed. The funeral director told us to glue it down. Disgruntled for paying $60.

👤We will scatter my brother's ashes after the service. The urn is perfect for that purpose. The flag is special because he was a veteran. The colors are striking. This is what I was looking for.

👤It was purchased for my father in-law. All the family thought it was beautiful.

👤The product was larger than anticipated. Not suitable for me.

👤It was bigger than I expected.

👤Great look at it. I thought it was small, but it was larger than I thought. I am very happy with it.

👤We were looking for something and this was perfect.


What is the best product for fishing urn set?

Fishing urn set products from Gredstar. In this article about fishing urn set you can see why people choose the product. Trupoint Memorials and Memorials 4u are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing urn set.

What are the best brands for fishing urn set?

Gredstar, Trupoint Memorials and Memorials 4u are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing urn set. Find the detail in this article. Forever Lane, Cremation Permanent Urn and Edenstar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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