Best Fishing Vests for Men Orange

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1. Port Authority Value Fleece Black

Port Authority Value Fleece Black

F219 is a 13 ounce container. The cord pulls.

Brand: Port Authority

👤This vest was ordered. I'm 6 feet tall and my vest is too short. Returned vest. The seller paid 24$ for the vest and 12$ to ship it back to them. The return payment was 15.94 dollars. Read the fine print. 36 total got 16 back. I paid 20 dollars for nothing. The seller said there was nothing they could do. If you buy this and it doesn't fit, give it to someone who will fit. Don't return it. What a terrible experience.

👤This vest is a great deal. My wife says that it looks good on me, and that's important, because sometimes medium sized items fit me too small. There are inside and outside pockets. There is no logo on it. The fabric is thick and warm, but not as luxurious as some fleece. I'm very satisfied with the one I have, and I'm considering getting another one in black or grey.

👤I would rate this item lower because the company uses a different size for their product, but their customer service was outstanding and helped me get a refund for the product in a timely and professional manner. I wear a 2X in almost all tops, including a couple of other brand vests; this vest runs very small for a 3X so be weary if you think it will be tight, or want it to be roomier to wear it over some thicker winter clothing. You should buy a bigger size than what you would normally buy.

👤I can say this is one of the best I have ever had because I wear fleece vests frequently. It is warm, wind proof, has a warm Zipup collar, the full zip is good, two nice side hand Zipup pockets, and two sides that have a string drawn on them to keep the wound out. There are two inside pockets as well. The colors are nice.

👤It was high quality for a low price. The material is very warm. The waists have drawstrings to keep it from flopping around like vests. The lack of an upper chest pocket is all I have to complain about. The fit was good. It fits me perfectly, I am 6 feet and 235 lbs with a thick build and broad chest. Will get another in a different color. I like wearing vests because I don't like the feeling of coat sleeves on my arms, so I wear vests often. I dislike the vests that I have. They feel thin and cheap, don't have a waist drawstring, and all of them flop open at the zip, showing the inside pockets. This vest is superior to the Columbia in every way.

👤I like to wear these vests on a cold day. I was surprised by the quality of this vest. The fleece material is very warm and comfortable. There are six pockets, two for the front and two inside. I am very happy with this vest and it is quickly becoming a favorite. Excellent quality for an economical price.

2. UTG Hunter Sporting Orange Black

UTG Hunter Sporting Orange Black

UTG True Hunters Ambi Men's sporting vest, one size fits most, has sporty style, black colors and a handsome cut to complement different body builds. It is made of Synthetic Polyester with nylon mesh for most comfortable wear in hunting, shooting, and outdoor sports. 27" long front and back panel design with side elastic cords to fit S to M sizes and heat seal the ends. There are lots of well-designed pockets with generous storage for pistol, shooting essentials, empty shells and electronic devices. Quality UTG Zipper Pulls for good use; Stand-up Collar at Optimal Height; and Expandable Back Fold for Max Comfort.

Brand: Utg

👤I bought this vest for carry options, and on the belief that UTG products are good quality for a good price, as they generally are in my experience. It exceeded my expectations in a few areas, and disappointed me in others. The good price for a CCW vest relative to other CCW clothing makes it a good choice. A grey man. The inner pocket design is great. Stitching could be better than UTG product. The material is a type of material that is good for weather resistance and to hide printing, but the collar is not very comfortable on the neck. The vest will not fit in the designated chest pocket if it is a full sized M&P. You need to counterbalance it with heavy stiff on the other side, like leatherman surge, phone, and magazine. Would I buy it again? Yes! I did. I bought a grey one and a black one. If you want to carry a full sized handgun without looking tactical, this vest is an excellent option. Carrying the weight high in the chest area is more comfortable and less "floppy" than carrying a pistol low around the hem, as other options often do. The poor stitching and the irritation of the collar made for a one star rating. It is highly recommended at the price point of other similar options.

👤You can cinch it up or loosen it to fit your style. There are plenty of pockets; two, roomy hand warmer pockets, four front flap pockets (Velcro, minus1 star), two front zip up pockets, 4 inside zip up pockets and 2 more inside Velcro pockets. It has a game bird pocket on the back, but it's probably small for pheasant. The material is scratch resistant. I think I will wear it open during the early seasons, as it is heavier than most safety vests. You can open it from the bottom if you keep it attached. I would lose the hasp and loops on the outside pockets if I made a suggestion. Pulling a pocket flap to get to a game call may be the end of your encounter. The two internal pockets with Velcro work for licenses, wallet, etc. The back pocket would be increased in depth. I might un-stitch the two lower, outside, front pockets. I would have liked to have seen the large patch on the top pockets left out. They won't be functional for me, but they add unnecessary insulation. The vest is snug so I'll probably still use a holster, even though a large frame pistol barely fits in the top pocket, because I want to wear a backpack without interference. If you're carrying for protection, it might not be suitable because it doesn't draw easily. Overall, happy. This will be my go-to vest for muzzle-loaders and rifles.

👤I have used this vest to shoot clays. During the shoot, it rained off and on. I received a lot of praise for it. It is well made, has nice big pockets, and can be adjusted in size. A very clever design. I used the right shoulder pocket for both pads. It is very easy to trim them to size. It is a great vest.

3. Huntsman Outdoors Fishing Pliers Stainless

Huntsman Outdoors Fishing Pliers Stainless

It doesn't. Is it possible to fit? No worries! Let them know if you're satisfied. They are not until you are. The pliers have a solid no flex design that helps them maintain perfect alignment while the spring loaded jaws on the pliers are also a great fishing crimping tool. Corrosion resistance is built for all fishing environments. The frame of the boat is made of a high-hardness steel that makes it light weight and helps keep the boat's accessories resistant to rust. The arched palm and finger grooves on the grip make it the perfect split ring pliers, fishing line cutter or fish hook. The ribbed slip resistant handle is used for the removal tool. They are Sheth and Yard. The fishing pliers kit includes a custom molded belt loop carrying case with a strap and lanyard that can be clipped. Fishing tools are on the go. Their fishing pliers are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year free replacement warranty.

Brand: Huntsman Outdoors

👤I was shopping for items that would fit easily on my fishing kayak and found this item. Wow! I was amazed at the precision in manufacturing and the design of the packaging, but it was the attention to detail in the packaging that caught my attention. It will do almost anything you need to hold a fish, dehook it, or cut your line when fishing. There is only one thing missing, a magnification device. That's right! The set of fishing pliers was really nice. I recommend them to everyone.

👤I never got to use the snap ring tool because it was hard to attach or remove and I lost them in the water. It would work better if you didn't need to loan it to someone.

👤These pliers grab like a pit bull when you're trying to grab and remove the hook from an angry fish on the deck. The coil lanyard gives you the right amount of reach, and clips nicely to a belt loop or vest ring, thus avoiding the annoying and expensive "oh crap!" When you see your tool disappear over the side. Good design and materials.

👤I put this in my fishing tackle box and it was great. I love how it works, but I have to keep the plastic 'keeper' over my nose when I use it. I'll learn how to do this better in the future. I would recommend this to anyone looking for something like this.

👤I replaced my older steel needle nose pliers with these. I fish primarily saltwater and thought these would be a better option. They are also good for crimping on split shot weights. I was surprised at how light they were.

👤The finger grooves don't work for left handed people, so I am disappointed.

👤A nice pair of fishing pliers.

👤The product was made with high quality materials. These pliers are just as nice as the ones I have used twice as much.

4. Flygo Fishing Multi Pocket Photography Journalists

Flygo Fishing Multi Pocket Photography Journalists

Speed dry fabrics, lightweight, multi-pocket design, Anti-Pilling, Anti-Wrinkle. Multiple pockets allow you to place items in order. The vest is lightweight and zip up. The lined mesh makes you feel cool. It's great for any adventure. Before ordering, please check the size chart. Feel free to contact them if you have a question. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you. It is recommended to wash your hand.

Brand: Flygo

👤I don't want to put my hands in my jeans pockets or shirt pockets to get my things because I might be contaminated. When I get the change back, I put it in an outside pocket. Drop the vest where the residual virus will die if you mist the pockets with Hydrogen Peroxide or Alcohol. Extreme measure? Maybe. It depends on how vulnerable you are. The vest is made of good quality material and meshes. A high percentage of this vest is mesh. This vest does not have a tactical look. The pockets on this color are flat and other colors have gussets that allow the pocket to bulge out for more volume. The vest is lightweight. It is light. This will be more appropriate for those going into combat. Stay safe, see you on the other side!

👤I've been a fan of vests for a long time. I use them because I carry a lot of stuff. I need a good way to carry it. They aren't as good when the temperature is 90 degrees. I thought I would see what was out there in the way of a vest with the high temperatures this summer. This vest is right for the bill. The mesh construction keeps things cooler than my regular vest. Some of the pockets have flaps on them. You need to close the flap. The mesh can be damaged if you forget. If it sticks to the mesh there is a good chance it will damage it. I have had a few episodes and I am very careful to make sure the pocket is closed. I really like my new vest.

👤I bought this to wear. I wanted something that was light for warmer weather. I was very impressed with the way the vest was packaged and finished. It has a lot of pockets with different types of closures. It feels like it is not there for me. The mesh helps keep you cool. The flat pockets are well suited for thinner items. If you are planning on carrying larger items that are not flat, I would suggest getting one of their options with raised pockets. It is a good value and makes my days out in the field more enjoyable.

👤I use this vest for dog walking because it allows me to carry stuff on the days when the clothes I wear have no pockets or not enough pocket room. Key, phone, dog treats, waste bags, and so on.

👤In my case, it's accurate. They are putting the zippers in a way that is not what a man should be. The pool tab is on the right side of the jacket, but I forget it is for a man. Is it my main disappointment? Otherwise happy with it.

👤It is a good place to put stuff that is too large for pants pockets.

👤I liked everything about this vest, except the left-handed zip up will be hard for right-handed people.

👤This is not a vest that will be easy to beat. You can't expect the pockets to survive if you overload them. The mesh in the front and back makes it comfortable to wear. The pockets are small but they are fine.

5. Master Sportsman Pocket Fishing 3X Large

Master Sportsman Pocket Fishing 3X Large

The master sportsman fishing vests are the right choice for your next fishing trip because of their value, comfort and function. The 27 pocket design holds everything from tippet to fly boxes. There is a large back pocket, a front closure, rounder pockets, and a rod holder. The mesh back is for the air. The sport type is camping and hiking.

Brand: Master Sportsman

👤I need to have something to hold my controllers and batteries, and I have 3 custom made vests. I have a shirt that costs $100 and 3 fishing vests that cost $25 to $30. The fishing vests have problems with the zippers. The custom made vests are expensive. The shirt is not damaged. The vest is the best of all the garments I have. It is perfect. I ordered another. This will be my go to product in the future.

👤Maybe he didn't order it, but he suggested it. The vest is great for carrying things. The controller is closer to his midsection, which helps to balance everything, because each battery fits in the pockets on either side. The material is of good quality. We tried a longer, more lightweight vest before this one, but it was not as good as this one. His wires seem to be closer to his body. The clasp that holds the vest together is something he likes. The size was perfect.

👤This is a great vest. There are plenty of USEFULL pockets. The fit looks great and seems to be durable. Very impressed with the product. It will be great to use it on every fishing trip. I will be posting a video review on my channel.

👤I have ordered many fishing vests that were too small for my son, but he loves them.

👤I thought I was buying a cheap fishing vest that would be good enough, but this vest is well built and looks great. I'll never be able to use all of the pockets.

👤Very happy with it, it's true to the listed size. Very fast delivery.

👤I didn't like the idea of a short vest. The vest fit just fine.

6. Amazon Essentials Lightweight Water Resistant Packable

Amazon Essentials Lightweight Water Resistant Packable

This water-resistant lightweight vest with a stand-up collar and zip front is easy to wear in cold weather. The entire family can be dressed up with comfortable, quality clothing from Amazon Family. They listen to customer feedback and fine-tune every detail to ensure quality. The model is wearing a Medium.


👤I bought a large size of this vest. The way the vest is cut is baggy in the waist, which is not a flattering look for most of us. The baggy look can be seen in one of the models on the website, but not in the other. The color is nice, the quality is good, and the price is reasonable. I brought another brand's vest. Time to send the template for the large size back to the factory to be checked for form and shape.

👤I'm 6 foot 1 and weigh 175 lbs. I thought a large would be fine. I was wrong. It was like a tarp on me. I exchanged for a medium and it was perfect.

👤This is a very good vest. It serves well in the 35-50 degree range when accompanied by the appropriate base layer. It's perfect for my North Carolina winters. I haven't had a chance to evaluate the quality yet, but I think it's okay. The arm holes and waist hug the body, which makes it look more fashionable but also more effective for insulation. I wear them a lot. This vest is recommended by me.

👤Excellent fit. It's light but still holding its structure nicely. After a few minutes of wearing the vest, I can feel the warmth in my chest and back. Comes with a small pouch. The Amazon Essentials line is supposed to be a great value.

👤This was bought after a recommendation for European travel. Something light-weight and packable is what I need. I looked at the down version and saw a lot of negative reviews. This is the model I am trying. It is a steal for the price. I'm looking in the green. I was afraid that it was not too olive. I am 6'2', 170# and fall between a medium and large. The large fits me perfectly. Comes to my stomach. It could have been an inch or 2 more. I don't have an athletic build and this fits nicely on my shoulders and front. Neither tight nor loose. There are two generous interior pockets for gloves or scarves. There are two exterior pockets. All of the zippers seem to be smooth. It folds easily into its sac. Highly recommended for a travel garment that can be worn multiple times.

👤I bought 3 of these for my boyfriend and his two sons. He was going to wear his for the first time today and we noticed a large rip at the seam on the bottom edge. So disappointing. It would have been perfect if it wasn't for that.

👤I don't know if there are better vests out there. I have purchased several of these in this price range and this one is the best. It fits right, is not too heavy or light for what I wear, in and out of my car, in 40- 60 degree weather. I don't care for the fit of others material, it felt like plastic grocery bags. I will always look at Amazon Essentials in the future.

7. Flygo Pockets Leisure Lightweight Journalist

Flygo Pockets Leisure Lightweight Journalist

V-neckline, brass zip, sleeveless, front 3 "D" rings, straps on the waist. There are 16 pockets, two big and two small, with different size pockets outside and different size pockets inside. There are four cargo pockets inside. Can hold a lot of things, it's very functional. You can wear it in autumn, winter, and spring. It's great for tour or fishing. It's perfect as a casual outdoors vest, travel vest, sports vest, fishing vest, hunting vest, climbing vest, cycling vest, photographer vest, hiking vest, work vest, tactical vest, multi use vest, big pockets vest, plus size vest. You can choose from Grey, Blue, Beige, Army Green, and Khaki.

Brand: Flygo

👤Women carry their items in purses which are not allowed to be carried by men. Men have pockets. I earned the right to all the pockets in this vest because I am hypermale. I will use my wallet, ring of keys, bandana, face mask, loose papers and receipts, and my pocket knife. Many pockets are available for kittens.

👤I would rather wear this with all of the pockets loaded than a back pack. Car keys, wallet, phone, glasses, with multiple pockets to spare, are each in their own pocket. It's very comfortable with a canvass feel. I'm hoping to send this out as a Christmas gift to a couple of my friends. Is it possible to get gift cards? I'm not good at selecting sizes and a gift card will allow them to choose.

👤I just bought my first vest. The dark gray one is what it is. I like it. I bought a second one. The khaki one is this one. This one is very similar to the first one I got. The front part has the same cloth as the outer part. The inner pockets are very strong because of this. The zippers are strong. It's ideal for air travel since you can carry travel documents in it and then set the vest in a tray for inspection when passing through airport security. The vests are large. They are comfortable. I weigh about 180 pounds and am 5' 11" tall.

👤It is a well built vest, lots of pockets, and just what I needed, except for one thing, the zip was on the wrong side. That makes it awkward. The awkwardness was due to my need out and the fact that some people may think I am wearing feminine apparel. It's definitely not female garb. The thing is a mistake. I'm wondering if it's factory seconds that are being sold for top prices. Two stars is all it gets.

👤I bought this as casual workwear. The pockets on the mock T or T shirt are very handy for phone, wallet, etc. It's a good value and good looking. I didn't buy it for fishing, but I don't think it's strong enough to hold up outdoors.

👤I like everything but the left side zip up. It will work for wearing to the job, but expect to have to replace that.

👤Couldn't close this vest. I don't know if other XLs fit me. The main zip up is on the wrong side, it does not zip up, and I could not connect it to the other side. Terrible, slap-dash quality work!

👤The vest fits me perfectly, I am a big guy.

👤Muy fresco, la talla.

8. Hunting Hbufnha Orange Hunter Fishing

Hunting Hbufnha Orange Hunter Fishing

There is a light weight mat. The fishing vest is made of high quality nylon fabric and has a mesh that allows it to dry quickly. It's ideal for all seasons. There is a utility multi-pocket. The vest has tactical pockets. There are different sizes of pockets for storage. With the humanized D-rings, small hook, big back pocket, it makes your work more convenient and efficient. There is a multi functional vest. One vest for multiple purposes. It's suitable for fishing, photography, hunting, hiking, climbing, camping, and many other outdoor activities. The design of the outdoors. A sleeveless dress with V-neck style, water resistant fabric, mesh lining, smooth zip up closure and multiple pockets. It is easy to carry and wear resistant. The vest looks stylish and handsome. There are multiple colors and sizes available. It is a good choice for your daily life and work, as well as a great gift for those who work or play outdoors.

Brand: Hbufnha

👤The color is bright. There is a lot of pocket to store things.

👤Not even close. Returned.

👤The men's 3X is a snug fit and was ordered for a 3X woman. A great quality vest with lots of pockets.

👤Fue un regalo. The sale was de cacera. I dice that the material no est mal, pero a él le gustan telas ms gruesas.

9. Piscifun Fishing Backpack Adjustable Waterproof

Piscifun Fishing Backpack Adjustable Waterproof

All your fishing gear is well organized and safe with 17 interior and exterior storage pockets. The fly vest's main storage can be expanded to hold all your stuff. It's convenient and durable. Breathable mesh back allows the air to flow freely so you can stay dry. The water bladder helps keep you hydrated. The phone case is waterproof. The vest is adjusted to fit your size with a waist strap and shoulder strap that can be adjusted up to 18 inches. The material is waterproof and light. It's light enough for the whole day of fishing. There is an expatriate craftship. Sturdy straps, durable zippers, and sturdy buckles. Every tiny detail for the fly fishing vest is focused on by Piscifun. Don't worry, try it!

Brand: Piscifun

👤The impressions from the box were really good. I am an avid open face spincaster on the small river in Louisiana. The left hand zip caught me off the ground, but not a deal breaker. There are lots of pockets and there is a small mesh pocket inside them. I was able to get a small Plano in the larger pocket. There is a Plano box in the small front pocket. Both pockets have a small meah pocket. The tackle box pockets have nice pockets above them that you can access from the main compartment. There is one large comparison with acces from top and side. Behind the two main pouches is a place to store things. The plier area is not well designed. I had to put my hemostats in the small one. It is not a huge issue, but it has been mentioned in other reviews. The vest's back area is where it shines the most, as it has a large mesh pocket that is as big as a bottle of sunscreen. The 1st pocket was the same as before. There are two, side by side, mesh pockets that are approximately 10" deep and 2.5" wide. I was not even trying to hold the 6 cliff bars in the pocket. The 2nd pocket is expanding. There is more than enough room for my rain jacket, sandles, and the water bladder. The quality of the bag is good. The seams are not double stiched. The water bladder is not damaged. I prefer a wide mouth, so that I can put a small block in the bladder, but mine has not leaked on 3 outings. I'm 5'9" and barrel chested. There is plenty of strap for adjusting, but I had to make some adjustments on the side straps. People who are skinny may have a problem getting it snug. My wife is 135 lbs. She swam all the way down. I have had 3 outings with this vest. I haven't noticed the vest yet, that's a good thing. I have given it 4 stars as I don't know the long termDurability of the vest, but initial impressions are outstanding The Plano boxes and the suncreen bottle were added to the photo's with the siz reference. I bought a second one today. I bought this vest two years ago and it has done everything I wanted it to do and has held up over 1000 hours in the field. 100 days is 10 hours of fishing. The only thing I have done is fix the main zip. The sticking loosened and I made a few passes. When the first one loses the ghost, I bought the second.

👤This is the best vest I've ever used. The compartments are easy to access, and the ones that will wear out are not. It adjusts for any size person. It also has a loop that you can use to secure your rod, and a strap that you can use both hands on, which is something I've never had before. It's a must on hot summer days to have the water bladder. I've damaged my phone many times and the protective water proof phone case makes me less afraid. It's great to have a great vest at an affordable price.

10. Beat World Pockets Utility Military

Beat World Pockets Utility Military

The Men's Safari Waistcoat is a light weight gilet. The jackets do not run small. The sizes run a little large in the US and not in Asia. The left side of the zip up was marked with a sticker. The photographer jacket is worn by Hans Solo. Men's fishing vest and tool vest.

Brand: Beat The World

👤The bottom 3 pockets along the front share space, which is a pocket on top of a pocket. I need to separate my pockets for multiple devices. The buldge on both sides is unstylish when the bottom 3 pockets are filled. I would keep it if the pockets weren't sewed on top of each other. I only end up using one of the pockets because it doesn't look like an extra belly. It has 6 pockets. The fabric is not very thick. It should do well if you're not rough with it. I trust the sewing to hold up for a heavy item. A good vest for some. Think about the pockets near the bottom. Maybe it's for you if it doesn't bother you or if it's a piece of cosplay for you. People are happy about shopping.

👤I wear "L" to "XL" depending on the product's size. After reading the reviews, I decided to order a larger version of the product. It will be of great use on discounted airline trips where carry-on bags can be costly. The nylon does not shrink. I bought a set of corded pulls from eBoot to replace the metal tabs. The vest functions well regardless of that preference. Happy travels.

👤I know that the vest is made in China or somewhere, but I have trouble with it because of the zippers on the opposite side. Every morning I have to wear a shirt and tie while driving a school bus in the New York City Bronx. I carry my flashlight and seat belt cutter in a black vest. Two large pockets are on each side of the keys. One is open. I don't use the vest for warmth because I just carry my stuff. I'm not proud of my weight, it's 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465 I have a small waist. It fits for me. I'll see how long it lasts. That has always been the problem. I sewed snaps on. I have never been in my life at 61. Wife is sick. I wish they had buttons. China's zippers don't last very long. They get stuck,SEPERATE, but I feel that is how it is now. All USA is mostly imported. It's comfortable and handy. The silver zippers do not look like biker jackets. If Zippets and bottom of pockets last a few months, I'll buy again. It didn't last a week, but it's fine. The material attached to the vest became detached and looked like it was sung with a small piece of thread. The search looks nice. It would be nice if you could zip it. I take my stars back and give them to you for a week.

👤I spent hours online shopping for a travel vest that would make it unnecessary for me to carry a purse during my trip to southern Europe because I would be less likely to be pickpocketed. Neither of the vests my husband and I ordered fit us. I got him a vest that fit him just fine, but which I had doubts about, even in a smaller size. I gave up shopping for a vest for women because it was very expensive, not enough pockets, and only a limited selection of colors. I went back to looking for a vest that was geared toward me after I found out that one of the very well-known travel companies was selling "unisex" vests. This one is perfect as well as very reasonably priced, so I'm very happy I ordered it. I can fit my passport, a case for a few IDs and credit cards, and some cash in the inside zip up pouch, which is roomy enough for anRFID zip up bag. There's plenty of room for my large cell phone in one of the outside pockets, as well as a mini-charger in another, a folding scarf in another, and sundries like pocket size tissues, hand sanitizer, dental floss, etc. I like the fact that it's hip length rather than waist length. I can wear it in a variety of ways. I ordered a size L, charcoal gray, which will look great and like an "outfit" worn with jeans, a skirt or skort, yoga pants, a casual dress, even my waterproof black nylon overpants for boating and water recreation. I wear a large or extra large women's shirt. It fits great, I don't like tops feeling tight across my shoulders. The vest is comfortable even when it is zip up. I might take out the sunhat and scarf for our flight and put them back on as needed, but it's perfectly comfortable even packed with everything I need. I would like to see Amazon add women travelers to the list of people who will highly recommend this product. It's large enough to be useful and has the tunic length many women prefer.

11. LOOGU Multi Pockets Climbing Traveling Photography

LOOGU Multi Pockets Climbing Traveling Photography

The material is made of cotton and polyester and is suitable for all seasons. Humanized and practical design includes front 6 pockets and 7 pockets with velcro. It's convenient for storing cell phone, keys, tools, wallet, fishing gear, camera equipment and other essential things. They have changed the size of the fishing vest to US size for you to choose from, please don't worry when you receive a wrong size, they have changed the size for you. You can refer to the size chart from X- Small to X- Large. There are small errors due to different cutting processes. It's great for outdoor hunting, fishing, camping, photography, hiking, climbing, or any adventure. It's suitable for a variety of environments. They will reply to you less than 8 hours after you contact them.

Brand: Loogu

👤After washing the vest, I liked it so much that I wore it a few times to go shopping, keep extra gloves, wipes, cards, cash, and more in the pockets. Better than carrying a purse. It was washed alone today in a small, gentle, cool cycle. A portable washer. There were threads all over the machine and filters when the cycle was over. After every wash, filters are cleaned. The poor craftsmanship became obvious when I took it out. There were single stitched seams that were coming apart and threads that were tangled up in the zippers. If you want a vest that you never plan on washing, go for it, otherwise look for something American made at a trusted sporting goods or Army Navy store. Cheap and returning. Not spending money on a vest that breaks after one wash. There is no option to post a photo immediately. The manufacturer chart is accurate and true to size. Perfect fit, ordered size Small.

👤I have the largest size. I think I got confused with another one that was even bigger. I couldn't access the deep inner bottom pockets if I stuffed it empty. It sat on my hips and was funny. I just took it for a spin on a trip to Vegas. The overall width of my body was too wide to maneuver in crowded spaces because I couldn't zip it. It does fit a lot. I had a bag of electronics, a wallet, and a travel extension cord. My makeup case has 3 nip bottles. I was not using all the pockets. If you have no hips, this is a great vest, but if you have curves, forget it.

👤Good quality. I love the pockets. But the size is off. It was supposed to be a child's size. I ordered a Med and my husband could wear it. I ordered an extra small to fit my husband. It was disappointing to see that the extra small was too large, but I am keeping it to see if my son will like it or not. Adult sizes are larger than labeled.

👤Great vest! It was a nice fit. Don't wear the blue vest while shopping at Walmart. People think you work for Walmart. Employees wear a vest.

👤I ordered an extra large and was close to being able to zip the front of the vest. This is either misnamed or extremely small. The material is sturdy and well sewn, it would have been perfect except for the size. I will return it and look elsewhere.

👤Their chart was hard to understand. I bought a medium size men's fishing life jacket, so I decided to go with that size when purchasing this vest. The vest fit just as it was described. The vest was delivered two days early. Great buy, great value and a great buy. It's perfect for fishing.

👤He was surprised. He was very happy with the many pockets for his fishing gear. The quality stitching is great and the zippers work well. I'm making sure my husband has one of these for his birthday.


What is the best product for fishing vests for men orange?

Fishing vests for men orange products from Port Authority. In this article about fishing vests for men orange you can see why people choose the product. Utg and Huntsman Outdoors are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing vests for men orange.

What are the best brands for fishing vests for men orange?

Port Authority, Utg and Huntsman Outdoors are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing vests for men orange. Find the detail in this article.

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