Best Fishing Vests for Men with Pockets

Men 9 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Bassdash Fishing Pocket Waistcoat Adjustable

Bassdash Fishing Pocket Waistcoat Adjustable

The suspension system has a custom fit. The padded air mesh shoulder straps are the ultimate in comfort. There are 18 total pockets with different design functions for everything from fly boxes to thermometers. You can carry all your gear with the D-ring on the back, rod holder loops, knife lash tab, and a variety of attachment loops.

Brand: Bassdash

👤I've been fishing for a long time. This the first vest I have owned. I wanted a camouflage colored vest. The color isn't perfect but it will do. It's a vest that's sold. It is very well made. The quality of the pulls is good. The pockets are not the same as a traditional vest. Large lure boxes cannot be held in the pockets. You may have to downsize. The back storage pocket is large. The pocket layout is good and the size adjustment ability is excellent. If you adjust your coat, it will fit perfectly in the winter. I'm a big guy and the straps have a lot of room for adjustment. It's not perfect but it's a good vest.

👤I use this vest 3-6 times a week and it seems like it's ok for the amount of use it has, but it does have a hole in the pocket that the threads gave out in, but it's on the inside of my license, so it's not a problem I would rather it didn't happen and the main zip is plastic witch, it feels cheap, but still holds up with no issues. I wear it for 4-5 hours at a time and it will stay light as you load it with gear. It's a good deal for the price and has plenty of pockets for everything I've needed so far. I wore a hoodie under the vest and a carhartt style jacket over the vest to make it easy to access my compartments, and it was also comfortable for having this vest on and still easy to access.

👤I decided to try a new vest for a trip to CO because my old one was ripped half way up. Not the most effective vest for fly fishing, maybe better for bass or from a drift boat. The larger fly boxes will not fit in the most used front pockets. You end up putting the box in the back. It felt like there were not enough small pockets for floatants. I used to have the pockets on my vest.

👤I like the vest because it frees up my hands and I don't have to wear a backpack. The vest has some stitching issues, and the pocket on the back for a hydration pack is small. In the picture, you can see that the pocket where my flybox is separated from the larger pocket up the vest. The threads have come loose so it is essentially one big pocket. The fact that the threads have ripped after only a few uses is very disappointing.

👤This vest is very comfortable. It is very light and durable. The back is made of mesh to help with heat. It has many different places to keep your gear. It's important that you stay organized when you're at the water. The handles on the zippers make it easy to open and close. It's very easy to fit in with your body because of the straps on the shoulders and sides. There are pockets on the inside. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is constantly on the move. It makes your life easier.

2. Anglatech Fishing Trout Equipment Adjustable

Anglatech Fishing Trout Equipment Adjustable

It's a good idea to keep your fishing gear and equipment organized. The perfect fit can be achieved with adjusted shoulder and waist straps. Breathable mesh back allows air to flow freely so you can stay dry. Premium materials keep the vest small and light.

Brand: Anglatech

👤I am a fly-fisherman with over 30 years on the water. The last vest I wore was stained and had fallen off, it had been sewed so many times that it was time to replace it. As any fly fisherman knows, you get attached to what you have used, and that is the standard. The GS will be burned on a pyre-fire in the backyard. I ordered 4 different vests, with the intent of comparing them, choosing one, and paying the penalty to return 3 of them. This is an important decision. I compared with 1 other person. The Anglatech Fly Fishing Vest Pack 2 is for fly fishing. Pack 3 of the Fishpond Wasatech. The Fishpond Gore Range Tech Pack 4 is for use in the Gore Range. I was skeptical because this sucker is a bargain. The quality seems decent, the pockets seem roomy, but my largest C&F box was tight. It is lightweight. I love the water bottle holder, but how is it not on every vest? If your line gets caught on the water bottle, it will be a risk I am willing to take. One size doesn't fit most. I am not a slight man, but this thing is huge, even after cinching all straps as far as they would go. The most important factor here is not mentioned by the other reviews. I think anyone less than me will not fit in this vest. I put 5 fly boxes in it to fill up the space. It could work, but it is dangly. The pop down work areas are nice, but I don't like my own boxes and didn't want to move flies to the foam holders included, rendering the pop down function useless. Only my smallest box (3.6”x4.8”x1.2”) fit in the two compartments that you can remove the foam holders from. The holder is nice, but I would still use a zinger, so it is less necessary. Too big, return! This vest is similar to the Fishpond Gore Range, and if you are a big guy, this is a great option. The Fishpond Wasatech Pack was expensive. My most expensive vest tried more than the Simms Guide vest. That is a bold statement. The water bladder shown is not included in the ad. There is no mention in the ad that it is not included. For nearly 200 bucks? bladder should not be shown in the ad. I am 5'8" 170 lbs and have cinched all the straps all the way down, this fit me well, although the straps were hanging a long way out, and would need to be cut and sewn to keep out of the way. I put 5 fly boxes inside to make sure it's the right size. It was comfortable. The holder is nice, but I would still use a zinger, so it is less necessary. The pop down work areas are nice, but I don't like my own boxes and didn't want to move flies to the foam holders included, rendering the pop down function useless. The Anglatech Fly Fishing Vest Pack is the only box that fits in the two compartments that you can remove the foam holders from. The back part of the vest is heavy and bulky, and my net stuck out at a 20-degree angle, making it difficult to reach the handle. The loop should be lower. The net may be hard to reach if the back has gear in it. If you have a nylon mesh net, the back of it will catch your mesh when you need it the most. The back of the vest is my biggest complaint, it makes it bulky and I think the foam would make my back sweat. It looks like a nice quality vest. I will come back after a few outings to update. The Fishpond Gore Range Tech Pack was expensive. The second most expensive vest tried, even more than the Simms Guide vest. That is a bold statement. I am 5'8" 170 lbs and have cinched all the straps all the way down, this fit me ok, but still a bit big, although the excess straps were hanging a long way out, and would need to be cut and sewn to keep out of the way. The Wasatech has excess straps and you have to tuck them in. The Fishpond Wasatech pack seems a bit bigger. If you are skinny, this vest will float on you. It is also very front heavy, which may be alleviated with your net hanging on the back. I put 5 fly boxes inside to make sure they work. The holder is nice, but I would still use a zinger, so it is less necessary. The Wasatech pack has a similar front. I like my own boxes and didn't want to move flies to the foam holders included in the pop down function, so I'm not a fan of the flip down compartments with foam holders. The Anglatech Fly Fishing Vest Pack is the only box that fits in those two compartments. The nylon mesh is all over the back of the pack. It doesn't happen often, but an unfortunate cast can leave a fly embedded in the nylon thread, making it hard to get it out. The Fishpond Wasatech has almost no mesh on the back. I decided to go that route, even though it cost more. There is a This thing was expensive, as you would expect from Simms. I bought a vest on sale and tried it. It would have been the most expensive. The design was very close to my old vest. It seems like quality is excellent. Good neck padding and nice stitching. I'm 5'8" 170 lbs and a size medium fit well. Positive, Simms has sizes for their vests. I put 5 fly boxes inside to make sure it's the right size. It was comfortable. The vest is not long so you can get up to your belly button. The vest is high on your body, making it hard to get to the highest pockets inside. The vest should be longer with more room and lower position. Not a huge problem, but a worry for me. The vest has two built-in zingers, which is nice, but they are coil-kind, which I don't like. Four loops are provided to hang anything from the vest. There are no loops on the side to hang anything. The back compartment is nice. I decided to return the vest because I didn't like it. If you are a deep water wader, this may be the vest for you.

3. Breathable Multi Pocket Outdoor Travelers Photography

Breathable Multi Pocket Outdoor Travelers Photography

The US Size is X and the M is M. The size of the tag is ASIAN, it is smaller than the US size. Look at the guide for the best results. It is made of nylon and mesh. The vest's design makes you feel cool in the warm weather. There are multi-pockets that hold everything you need for outdoor activities. Great for any adventure.

Brand: Lieshezhe

👤It would be nice if the clasps at the front could be adjusted just a little. I don't know if I could put a sweatshirt or jacket on under it. I haven't used it yet. The pockets look useful, since I'll be using them to carry my phone, keys, and a small screwdriver when I ride my trike. I don't want to wear it open and have it flapping around, so the tightness should only be an issue at the beginning. I usually wear a Size 48 business suit, but sometimes I wear an X, sometimes an X-, sometimes an X-, sometimes an X-, sometimes an X-, sometimes an X-, sometimes an X-, sometimes an X-, sometimes an X-, sometimes an

👤The fit is good because previous reviews have advised to go 1-2 sizes larger. The quality of the material was better than I expected, but I expect to have to repair a seam or two over time. There are so many pockets. I am using this to carry camera gear because it's easier to organize and get at than a backpack or a fanny pack. I don't know if it will be a problem if I have another layer, but I'm not expecting it to.

👤I had a bad experience with a pick-pocket specialist in Barcelona. I wanted to wear this vest under a windbreaker because I wanted to keep my money closer to my body. The vest was well designed with many pockets just like the picture shows. I would probably wear it inside when the windbreaker became unbearable.

👤2 uno en talla L y otro XL. Agarrar tallas ms de mi talla normal, pero debido a los reviews. L me quiere un poquito nada ms, pero cmodo.

👤This is what I wanted. I bought one for myself and then bought another for my wife. It's perfect for me, it has plenty of pockets, different sizes and it's secure, so I can take it to Africa to go on a photo expedition. Light weight and compact, well constructed. It's not the most stylish piece of clothing, but it's great to carry things in different sizes and shapes and not have to worry about keeping them organized. For the price, this is amazing.

👤A nice vest for a reasonable price. You should follow the sizing instructions. The Chinese size runs small.

👤It's perfect for fishing, hiking, and dogtraining. Its light and sturdy. It has a lot of pockets with different materials. You can fit keys, phone, treats. The back can be either mesh or solid. I love it!

👤I bought a cotton vest years ago at a fly shop. As the years go by, it will prove to be a great value. I think it will do okay, looking over it's zippers.

👤Le gilet parfait pour promener le chien. J'adore. et je l'ai beaucoup de couleurs histoire de coordonner. The vest is perfect for walking the dog. I have it in different colors to fit my outfits.

4. BASSDASH Ultra Lightweight Fishing Portable

BASSDASH Ultra Lightweight Fishing Portable

A 10-pocket design has multiple interior and exterior storage pockets to keep your tackle organized: one large chest pocket for fly boxes, and another one with an open mouth for water bottle or zoom lens. There are two smaller pockets for fly boxes. There are two mesh pockets for leaders. The padded shoulder straps provide ultimate comfort. The sternum strap has a buckle that can be adjusted for a perfect fit. Other features include reflective stripes, loop side of hook-and-loop to attach fly patches or stickers, molle web gear lash, rod holder or accessory attachment loops, D-ring on the back to attach a fishing net, and holder for floatants or sinkants. The FV08 Chest Pack vest is ideal for the short session fisherman who wants to travel light, but still have a good time, and is perfect for use with waders or for fishing in warm months.

Brand: Bassdash

👤This is not a fancy vest. It's like a few pouches for tackle boxes. It was held together with just enough material. This is not a full vest. I fish ponds and backwater areas and wanted a lightweight grab and go vest to hold a few small boxes and my accessories. This gets 5 stars. I only had it for a few days. It seems to have been made. If someone is comparing this to a full size vest, it probably gets 2 stars, but what it is intended for is what I think. I was looking for that and I love it. For someone who is looking to carry several tackle boxes with a lot of gear, this might not be the right item for them. If you want a very light weight that feels like a couple of tackle boxes hanging on a strap, this might be your ticket.

👤The straps are positioned awkwardly so the vest can't sit on your shoulders and chest. Look at the pictures. The straps are too short. The vest is too small and uncomfortable. Returned!

👤The vest I ordered came with patches but the other didn't. It's not really a big deal. I paid for them. The product is great.

👤It is lightweight, compact and just right as a ladies fishing vest. I don't like lugging around a back pack or large vest, this one is what I need.

👤So far, so good. I wade fish deeper then the belly button.

👤I ordered these for my husband. His fishing needs are carried in many packets. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

👤My old vest used to get wet, but this one is not, and it was great for fly fishing. I love it!

👤The product is too heavy for me. It's great for travelling overseas as it can serve as another bag, without being counted as one of your hand carry.

👤If you ate under 10 years of age, one size fits most.

👤I needed this for my metal detecting. Light weight pockets don't get in the way. Highly recommended. Will buy my girlfriend when it's back in stock.

👤The product is amazing. Something adds to your outfit.

👤I was trying to find an alternative to my large rectangular wallet and a 1 liter water bottle that I could use for leisure fishing in the hot summer sun, and this is it! It's very minimalist, has many straps and has just enough pockets for my snacks. I can't wait to use it outdoors.

5. Mounteen Fishing Adjustable Breathable Outdoors

Mounteen Fishing Adjustable Breathable Outdoors

The level of competition is high. This vest is made of high quality light mesh fabric and premium rip top hawaiian shell to stay sweat absorbent and light weight. It is possible to store goods with fishing rod holder. You need more accessories in your life, so you need to store them in a large and extendable area. There are four chest pockets, four front pockets, two inside pockets, and one side mesh pocket. You can put your fishing accessories in different pockets. A perfect fit for almost any person is offered by the shoulder and waist straps. The back and shoulder are home to reflective elements that are used for life saving.

Brand: Obcursco

👤People laughed at me when I wore this to the banquet.

👤If you don't want to spend the extra money on better quality vests, this is an okay vest. There are some issues with this vest. One advantage is that it is very flexible and can fit almost any frame. It's difficult to adjust when it's on because the straps are behind the shoulder. On a small person, you would end up with a lot of strap hanging out. The main zip is on the wrong side, which is similar to women's clothes in the USA. The pull-strings are poorly crafted and low quality, the zippers are not smooth, and the unfinished hems inside the pockets cause them to hang up a lot, as noted in several reviews here. It's worth what I paid for, but it needs improvement. I won't buy this again. I would recommend that people spend the extra money to get a better one.

👤I just bought a new canoe and wanted to buy an angler. I bought this vest because it looks great with so many pockets and the price is great, but I didn't read into the details because I was in a hurry. I immediately realized that it is not a personal flotation device. The seller mentioned the product as a life jacket on the site, but I didn't know where to find it. I tried wearing it on top of a cheap life jacket that I have around the house, but I thought about returning it to Amazon. It works well on the life jacket. I now have a life jacket with so many pockets that I can carry all my fishing gear. I have a few pockets left. The number of pockets in my modular vest is close to the number of pockets in other vests. I can leave my cheap inner life jacket aside and wear only my light and comfortable fishing vest when I'm not fishing from my canoe, and it's a great thing. I don't need to buy 2 sets of gears for each jacket, or move my gears from one jacket to another, because I already have them. I can wear this vest on top of my winter jacket if it's cold outside. I look forward to my next fishing trip because I love this modular approach. I bought this jacket with my own money and did not receive anything from the seller for reviewing it. I wanted to share my thoughts on this gem.

👤It's exactly what I wanted and it's very flexible. It isn't something to keep you warm, but as far as comfort goes, it can be awkward. The two chest pockets are not always in the way. You're able to work around it and get used to it, but if I was just going to fly, I would want something slimmer. I use this for mobile fishing where I don't want to carry a large tackle box or bag. I wear a backpack with other things and it would be too much. I'm able to carry a lot of tackle in it with little effort. There are lots of pockets to carry things. If you need a lot of mobility, loading this thing with tackle is not a good idea. The quality seems decent and it holds up on my body.

6. Flygo Lightweight Outdoor Fishing XX Large

Flygo Lightweight Outdoor Fishing XX Large

Features include a regular fit, v neck, solid color, pockets, and lightweight. In summer hot days, the mesh on the back makes you more cool. There are multiple pockets. The work safari fishing vest has 15 different sized pockets. It is a versatile vest that can be used in the summer and fall. The styles are Style 1 & 2 and Style 3 and 4. Zip fly, regular fit, stand collar, solid color, mutiple pockets, zippered pockets, brass zippers, lightweight, breathable, mesh lining, 01 style back is also can be removed to become mesh back. A jacket can be used as a fishing vest, hiking vest, hunting vest, volunteer vest, work vest, military vest, bird watching vest, or river guide adventures vest. All items are US size, please check the size information in the product description.

Brand: Flygo

👤It is hard to find a decent fishing vest for ladies, but this one is pretty nice. It is a nice medium fabric and I think it will hold up well with lots of zip pockets. The men's reviews were all I had to go on about. I ordered an extra small. I wear size 10 pants and S-M shirts. It does fit a bit snug when zip over my blue waders, but don't tell my husband he was right! If you are my size, you might want to size up to a small because it is a great fit for me. I am not a busty gal. I didn't have a hard time zipping it, it's just that it's a bit snug. I highly recommend. I will amend my review if I use it this weekend.

👤You can watch video and see pictures. The product is good, but don't expect it to last forever. Order 2 sizes up. The back part is secure at the bottom of the vest.

👤I'm 5'8" with a muscular build and wear a 42 suit jacket and large size T-shirts. I needed a new vest to hold my gear. The photos are lighter in color because of my flash. I ordered a vest based on the size chart. The dark bluish/slate toned gray color is very pleasing compared to the khaki color. It was perfect in length. It has more room in the arm pit and in the body for maneuvering. The mesh fabric liner allows for good air flow on the back even when carrying a back pack, as the back can be folded away to allow for better air flow. There are lots of pockets, but the fabric is thin and requires both hands to hold down the pockets to put something in or out. Single hand operation would be possible when holding a camera or fishing pole if the fabric was much stiffer. Large items can be held in the pocket pouches. They are baggy and messy, not a clean cut look compared to the small pockets. The product pictures are stuffed so the pockets look full. There will be no baggy looking pouches if they are made of stretchy material. The thing that is odd is the zipper. The pull on the right side of my jacket's zippers is found in the US. The left side is where this is located. This is the biggest complaint I have.

👤I can have it mended, but I was not happy with the stitching, I just hope it's the only spot I find like that. It has an interesting back panel that rolls up if you get too hot, that was a nice feature. The color was a bit darker than I anticipated but will be fine with that. It's nice to be fit and feel good. It's comfortable. I'll have to have it repaired the first day I get it, but I was going to rate it higher.

👤I wanted extra space in the jacket so I could fit my camera equipment in the pockets, so I went with a 3X size. The jacket should have a 57.48 inch bust according to the chart on the product page. I'm a 52" bust. The extra 5 inches would be fine. I think someone put inches and centimeters together. It's more like 38 inches. Chinese made, Chinese size. There is a It just wont fit in the jacket. Too bad. Returning it and going with someone else.

7. Flygo Outdoor Fishing Travel Pockets

Flygo Outdoor Fishing Travel Pockets

It is made of nylon and mesh. Light weight, quick-drying and durable. It is comfortable to wear. Enjoy your time on the water. Humanized and practical design. There are 16 functional pockets- front 6 vary sized zip pockets and 7 vary sized velcro pockets. There are 2 pockets on each bottom. Meeting your outdoor leisure and work carrying needs such as cell phone, keys, tools, wallet, fishing gear, camera equipment, etc. Possessing these vests can make you different and fashionable. This vest is a perfect gift for yourself or your family. There are OCCASIONS. Excellent and useful for a lot of outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, camping, climbing, and working.

Brand: Flygo

👤My son had an LVAD implanted. He needs to be tethered to 2 large batteries and a controller box 24/7. The vest that came with the device was terrible. He hates looking like he goes fishing all the time, but it is great to have these devices that he needs. He has room for his cell phone and money in it. The product is nice.

👤This is my shopping vest. I don't have to carry my purse in, I have a pocket for my keys, one for my card, one for my phone, and one for my wipes. It is wonderful for my purposes, but it is not expected use of the vest.

👤I am small and the extra-small size fits right. I live in Las Vegas, where it can be hotter than 105F, so I wanted a vest that was light and portable. There are many pockets.

👤It is a good quality but it is small. I wear a 3XL. I couldn't zip up the vest, and the zip popped out when I bent forward. If you are a bigger guy like me, this won't fit you.

👤This thing is not even to belt level and looks too small when the rest of it fits. I will return it. The left side of the zipper is not the right side. It looks like be well made. If it wasn't for the above, I would probably keep it.

👤A cool, comfortable summer weight vest is accessible and has pockets to carry a camera, diabetes snacks, and even a sun screen.

👤I bought this for my husband because he needed a new one, he's had his old one for 13 years. He wanted a vest that was light in weight and had more pockets for trout fishing. The price of the zip up is a little high but he loves it. It's a good buy for the price. He wears a large outfit. I bought him a large. He thinks it would have been too tight. I'm happy with my purchase.

👤I teach art. I wanted a vest that had a variety of pockets. I chose the mesh back option to keep comfortable.

8. Magreel Comfortable Multi Pockets Adjustable Reflective

Magreel Comfortable Multi Pockets Adjustable Reflective

The chest has 2 large zip pockets and 2 mesh pockets that are convenient to hold fishing lines, fishing lure kit and other fishing tools. The hanging design includes 3 D-rings and a hook. It's comfortable to wear the chest buckle because it makes it fit you well even with the zip open. The waist and shoulder positions can be adjusted. The whole fly fishing vest is made with premium zippers that are smooth, strong and long- lasting. The front and back of the fishing vest have reflective stripes that make it safe to fish.

Brand: Magreel

👤I bought this vest to use on set instead of carrying a set bag because I am a makeup artist. It is brilliant! Everything I wanted it to be! My bag would slip around when I touched up models. I have everything at my fingertips now that the best is in place. I love it! Think outside of the box with this item. It has many uses other than fishing. I pulled the Trigger and bought it. It is light and comfortable. It's easy to clean.

👤These vests are very light. I thought they were life safety vests for kayaking. I had to return them. They were made well for the purpose. I would keep them if I were a fisher man.

👤It is good that there are lots of pockets. I wore a few times in the hot weather. It's nice to be able to put things in a pocket that can be fastened to prevent loss. My main concern was that the vest would be too long and that it wouldn't fit around my knees, but that wasn't the case. The length is perfect. It was a great purchase.

👤The vest is wonderful. My husband wears it while flying. Extra handheld radio and other emergency equipment is in it. The quality is great and the wear is comfortable.

👤Excellent quality for a reasonable price. The size can be adjusted.

👤I returned this product because it was very thin and not what I needed for camping in the wilderness.

👤Returning. Not what I thought it was. For a big person. It is a sloppy fit because of the extra long straps.

👤This product is worth the money because it is well made and easy to tear. I use it daily since I retired and have nothing else to do.

9. Zhusheng Pockets Photography Breathable Waistcoat

Zhusheng Pockets Photography Breathable Waistcoat

Light weight: Travel fishing vest are made from a lightweight fabric blend that is designed to offer a minimal amount of waterproof protection, it is the ideal vest for those early morning starts. It's impermeable and durable. The Poplin style vest is thin, the Linen style vest isventilated better, and the Mesh style vest has lots of mesh in it. The jackets are wellventilated anddurable, so the wearer remains cool and comfortable all day. There are multiple pockets. You can store all your possessions in the fishing vest with 16 different sized pockets. Ensuring that your hands are free to focus on what you are doing. It is a versatile summer vest. There are OCCASIONS. The lightweight jacket is ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities from hiking to camping, travel to photography, climbing to hunting, bird watching to river guide adventures, as well as work to daily casual, etc. There are multiple colors and US sizes. Flygo fishing vest has a wide range of classic and traditional colors as well as various US sizes and styles. You can easily find a suit that suits you and your family or friends. This vest is a thoughtful gift for anyone you want.

Brand: Flygo

👤If you order what you think is your size, it will be too small. Order it in two larger sizes. This is an excellent seller for me. They sent me one that was perfect. I rarely read the reviews of new sellers. I read all of the reviews. I want to see the company's character. I would like to see how they resolve problems. They resolved the problem with grace and kindness. This is your vest, it's for fishing, photography, or any other reason you need lots of pocket.

👤The design of the vest is really nice. It has a lot of pockets and is useful when fishing to carry things with you. I ordered a larger size because of other reviews, but I could have ordered my normal size. On the central California coast, I wear a jacket under it and it is still big. I only wore this three times and the main zip up stopped working. Since I don't wear it for looks, I'll probably use a "Jury Rig" to keep the front fastened so I can keep using it. There is an update. The seller sent another vest and apologized for the faulty one. The customer service is worth five stars.

👤I need to carry around two large batteries and a controller for my heart pump to work because I have an LVAD. A vest is $109. I bought this vest to see if it would work as well as the LVAD vest, and found it to be better. I have one inside pocket for the controller and one for the battery. The other battery in the outside pocket allows me to zip up the vest with the only wire showing being from the outside battery to the controller. I have pockets for my phone, cash, keys, and a pill box in the other pockets. I'm sure this vest would be great for a photographer or fisherman, but it's even better for an LVAD patient who wants to carry his batteries and controller with him. I will be getting more in the right colors. The vest has only one downside, the wrong side zip. It is on the left, where male clothing usually is, but it still functions well. It is a small price to pay for the benefits.

👤Due to this order, I will not order anything from Amazon that does not come from overseas. This vest was too small for my wife, who is 100 lbs. I gave it to the young neighbor because he thought it was cool. I will buy a properly sized vest from a bricks and mortar store after trying it out, but I will find a properly sized vest elsewhere. The limits of on-line shopping were demonstrated.

👤I bought this vest for my business. It's better to load the vest than to carry the case and tripods. It saves me trips either to the car or up and down stairs. I read the other reviews and bought the x large, a size larger than normal for me. I have used cotton before, but not as much as this one. It lasted for 4 years and I use it about 6 days a week. Due to heavy use, my wife has had to sew many torn areas. I live in the south US and the vest I wore was terrible in the heat. I was soaked when I finished my shoot. I saw this vest and it was less expensive than the one I have. I decided to give it a try. I carry two flashes in the large pockets. The vest is not as hot as the heavier cotton one, but the puffy pockets on the bottom hold things that are not in cotton. I'm not sure if it will last as long as my other vest, but the construction and zippers seem well made.

10. ZACX Fishing Gripper Upgraded Muti Function

ZACX Fishing Gripper Upgraded Muti Function

The Plusinno Fishing Kit is a great gift for any beginner or addictive fisherman. Special for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Father's Day, and more. The fish grip is upgraded. ZACX improved the length of the EVA Foam Handle to 4.3inch for this classic T-handle grabber, this new fishing lip with ergonomics to enhance hand strength and reduce fatigue. The new design fishing pole. The new aluminum fishing pliers are hollow out and machine cut for reduced weight. CONVENIENT OPERATE- It is easy to use by one hand and comes with a lanyard which prevents accidental loss. These pliers and grippers are extremely light and are ideal for freshwater and saltwater environments. The best gift for fisherman. A cool gift for someone who fishes. Style A Package: 1x fishing tool set, 1 fish lip gripper, and 1 fishing plier with sheath.

Brand: Zacx

👤I started to see rust on the split ring after using the pliers for the first time. They were washed and dried at home. After a few days more rust appeared among the pliers. The grippers haven't had any issues yet but it hasn't been a week. After light use, the pliers are no longer line up at the end. I wouldn't recommend them if I had received a defected item.

👤This fishing tool makes catch and release very efficient. It's so easy to catch a decent size fish, grip him, remove the hook, get a quick measurement with the tape, snap a fish-selfie. It works well with big catfish. They are often very lively and flapping around. I've been using them for the last 3 months and they work perfectly.

👤You cannot beat the price. I have used the best fishing pliers for 12 years. They are designed and made well. They are lightweight and solid build, comes with a case to protect the pliers, I love the pliers case and lanyard, as many fishmen, I often lose my pliers and lures when I go fishing, but I will never lose my pliers again with them. The pliers are a multi-tool that includes cut lines,move hook,tie lines,split ring,adjust lures and other accessories. I used the pliers to cut my braided lines and they worked well. If you're smart, you'll find more uses for it, which will improve fishing efficiency. I have used those tools in fresh and salt water and they work well. The life of the tools can be extended by using fresh water to clean metal equipment. I am happy to share my experience as a fisherman. Guys, fish on!

👤If they were not able to cut my braid, I would immediately send them back. The pliers did it without any problems. The grips have holes to cut down on weight. I use them to hold my hooks. The separator works with larger split rings. You can use your finger for that. The length of the pliers is long enough to get into the fish mouth to release the hook. The pliers are great.

👤The plier is light and sturdy. I was going to use it for a number of salt water fishing trips, but did not rinse or anything, so far no rust has appeared. The plier has bite force along the length. It hangs nicely on my belt or in my pocket. I love everything about it.

👤I have been using these for about 3 weeks now, and I want to tell you the best. The pliers they selfs can cut bread, and they have a bump on the tip that makes it easy to pull the deepest hooks. The grips are very comfortable. I picked up a 10 lbs weight and swung it around. This angler recommended it to wrap it up.

👤These are very well-made, with excellent fit, finish and quality. I like how the faces and cutting edges on the pliers are replaceable and come spring loaded to stay open. They come in a nice gift box and have a nylon holster for the pliers. I'm not sure what to think of the fish holder, I'm a beginner fisherman and buying his first kit. It's made stoutly and grips my finger to convince me that if you held a fish by the lip, it wouldn't fall or be able to pull out. I haven't used them yet, so I didn't rate them as durable. I'll update this review after a few uses.

11. Gihuo Outdoor Pockets Fishing Vest(Khaki M)

Gihuo Outdoor Pockets Fishing Vest%EF%BC%88Khaki M%EF%BC%89

The fabric is water resistant. It's easy to keep your belongings in multi pockets. The back can be hidden to make a mesh vest. It's a good choice for a father's day gift.


👤There are toothpicks in the picture and a sales receipt I found in the pockets when I tried it on. I would like it if I didn't come like this.

👤I like this vest and quality, but I can't zip it because it's too small for me. That's fine for me.

👤This vest has been used for a long time. I use it for Christmas light installation for 15 weeks. It does well in the rain and snow and in the hot sun. I wish we were YKK brand and more burly. It's not the strongest. It's a great product for the price.

👤I'm training a puppy with this vest. The two main pockets are great for food and treats. I zip them partially closed so they don't spill when I move around. The main pockets hold a lot of stuff. The remaining pockets will be useful when training advances to tracking and other things that require storage. The vest is made to fit. So far, the zipper works well. The application works as well as I could have hoped, and the price was better than most other options.

👤Does what it says. It was well made for the price. The back section rolls down when it's hot. I sewed it inside a vest I have owned for 40 years so that I could carry a 10" tablet.

👤The product looked ok. It was too short on me and looked like a dorky toy. I returned it.

👤I bought a smaller size in black because I liked this vest so much. My first vest was khaki and it was a size M. The black color stained other fabric. I'll return this one.

👤Good quality and design, light wear that is comfortable and convenient, and good quality! Just order your regular size.


What is the best product for fishing vests for men with pockets?

Fishing vests for men with pockets products from Bassdash. In this article about fishing vests for men with pockets you can see why people choose the product. Anglatech and Lieshezhe are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing vests for men with pockets.

What are the best brands for fishing vests for men with pockets?

Bassdash, Anglatech and Lieshezhe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing vests for men with pockets. Find the detail in this article. Bassdash, Obcursco and Flygo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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