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1. HISEA Fishing Breathable Stocking Without

HISEA Fishing Breathable Stocking Without

The new KeepDry Stocking-foot Chest Waders for men from HISEA are light and comfortable, and they are a great price. They want you to be as comfortable as possible while fishing or wading, and that's why they've designed the waders to be waterproof and Breathable. The waterproof waders combine a lightweight micro denier upper with a 100% waterproof & breathable membrane that locks out water while allowing body hydration to be escaped. The lightweight design gives you a great range of motion and portable experience. Each wader comes with a bag. 3-ply polyester construction provides incredible wear resistance. The wader's knees and seat area are reinforced with tough 420D fabric and attached to the wader's gravel guards to increase the wader's durability in key areas. The 4.5mm high-density neoprene stocking feet fit feet better for all-day, waterproof comfort. The KeepDry Breathable Stocking-foot Wader has a chest pocket with waterproof storage and fleece lined pass through pocket for maximum storage. The chest Molle Hanging System is easy to use. The two-tone ergonomics cutting neoprene booties fit perfectly and are designed to prevent bunching. The X- Back elastic suspenders have a D-ring in the back to attach a net or other gear, and comes with attached belt loops and wading belt. Every waders is filled with water and hung to dry. The wader is ready to be shipped. Quality assurance is backed by them.

Brand: Hisea

👤In a perfect world, it would be nice to buy a waders just one time and fit perfectly. If this review helps, please help those out there by clicking on the Thumbs Up. I'm 5'7" tall and weigh 165 lbs. My shoe size is 9' and my inseam is 29'. The chart on the wader is off. I thought the waders would fit on me, but they didn't. If you are a stocky person, height of 6'8" would fit you well, especially if you have long legs. The neoprene footies have a bit more space for wide feet. How low the belt line is is an annoying problem. The rear belt strap is at the top of my butt crack, which is annoying, because the belt line is just above my hip. I only use the belt strap through the side because it would feel very uncomfortable. The material is great and the front pocket is large, which is a plus for me. You can put a pack of hand warmers inside the soft fleece for extra warmth on cold mornings. I had to remove the triangle plastic from the back strap because I didn't like it. I don't think these are made for people with big feet and low hips, they seem to be for people with long legs and big feet. When you get a pair and try it on, don't think I tried to warn you that there are some pictures that might help you. Thank you for reading this review, have a great summer and winter, and enjoy your fishing. It's a good thing. I returned 2. The gift card was easy to use, and the pair of unfitting pantyhose were returned to the store.

👤I needed a new pair of clothes. In the past, I spent hundreds of dollars on big brands. The were great. I read the reviews and decided to take a chance. I'm very happy and excited that I did. I got a great deal that made you feel good. These are comfortable and flexible with a large outside chest pocket, a large hand warmer pouch lined in fleece and an inner pocket for money and such. The booties are bulky and not very comfortable to fit into my size 12 wading boots. They offer a small amount of insulation for the surf. In the river where I fish for hours, I only wore a light pair of underwear and was comfortable all day. They are easy to get into and fight off the bushes. The size is a bit large. The large was perfect, lose but not baggy, I'm 5'11" 195 lbs. In the winter, there is room for larger clothes. My friend 6'3" bought the XL and they fit well. If you want to try these out before buying the more expensive brands, I would highly recommend it. You can always return them, but I bet you will be surprised. I don't usually review. I thought they deserved it. Kevin.

👤Even after several all day fishing trips, the product didn't leak a drop. I wore the waiders with the boots. Bomb proof comination. The duck and fish are Neoprene. It's possible to buy it on Amazon.

2. Gonex Neoprene Waterproof Breathable Insulated

Gonex Neoprene Waterproof Breathable Insulated

Gonex kids are made of 4.5mm neoprene and are 100% waterproof. The chest waders' seams are sewn and taped for solid and durable use with a three-layer fabric that combines a waterproof/breathable layer in between the inner layer and jersey shell. The Gonex kids neoprene waders' boots can keep your feet warm in cold weather. The possibility of being pierced is reduced by the strengthen of the vampire. The sole pattern can give you better grip. Their waders feature double-stitched and sealed seams, and all of these give extra protection and make sure there is no leak. The padded shoulder straps can be adjusted according to height. The suspenders have a precise fit and are comfortable to wear. Fishing with boots can trap and hold body heat to protect your kids from extremely cold weather while hunting, fishing, camping, farming, or riding ATVs.

Brand: Gonex

👤A river full of less then good anglers is where I fish my walleye. I'm not easy on gear. I had every make of waders along the way. These are budget waders. They claim they are 4.5mm thick, but my cabelas super mags are noticeably thicker, but these are decent. It doesn't have the resistance of some of the higher end brands, but it is a great choice. The lines are tight. Big cast, big fish, big time.

👤I bought this set for my son. He said my feet felt funny. There are actually two left boots. How does this pass quality control?

👤I gave these to my husband for Christmas. He has used them a few times and said they are really warm and kept him dry while walking through the pond.

👤The fit of this product was perfect. My son is going to go duck hunting.

👤I was not sure how I'd fit my husband, but it fit perfectly. He was happy.

👤The size chart is correct. Waders kept him warm and dry in the lake.

3. OXYVAN Waterproof Lightweight Fishing Bootfoot

OXYVAN Waterproof Lightweight Fishing Bootfoot

The OXYVAN Fishing Waders for Men with boots are made of 70D nylon and PVC mixed material and have a welded seam, which makes them 100% No Water Leak. The OXYVAN chest waders are more flexible in water and lighter in weight because of the new 70Dnylon and PVC material. There is no chance of falling out when you bend or lie, and the inside pocket with hook and loop can store your belongings. OXYVAN provides free hooks and Oxford bags to users. A non-slip sole with a thick material keeps you safe in the water, lighter material and belts help with balance control, and there is a belt for every position. Adding a reinforced shoe vamp will protect you from punctures. The OXYVAN hunting waders have a tread pattern that gives you better balance and traction on wet and muddy surfaces. OXYVAN drapes are suitable for most purposes, they are suitable for fly fishing, duck hunting, working in your garden, cleaning your pond, farm working and other messy situation you would meet. For one month, after-sale service is guaranteed. Send emails and take pictures if the waders are not good. They will help you find a replacement. You can receive the new waders soon.

Brand: Oxyvan

👤The first time I wore them, they leaked in the crotch. The poorly sealed seam was obvious when I felt the leak when I got to crotch depth. I think I can seal them up because it wasn't a bad leak. The seller contacted me and sent me a new pair. I can't test them until late April or May next year when the lakes open up, because it is winter. You can't beat customer service. I will update the star rating after testing these, and will do so based on what happens. Pair #2 was completely waterproof, so things up.

👤I wore them for a day in the pond. The boots were big and the mud sucked at them. The looseness of the fit puts stress at the seam of the fabric and boot. This is the smallest size they have. I wear a size 7 women's. I'm going to see if I can get a snugger fit with a pair of water shoes inside. The leaks are small. I don't know where it is coming from. Not enough for a full boot of water but definitely a leak somewhere in both boots around the same time period, which I find weird after a few hours of wear. I am pulling weeds in a foot of mud. I fell in and the high wasted draw string was perfect for my 5'2” frame. I was covered in mud on the outside, but dry and clean on the inside, after I got back onto my feet. The boots would be perfect if they were a better fit. They seem to be 1-2 inches bigger than a women's shoe size. I need to know if the soles are coming apart or if the boots have been compromised. I will have to figure it out. Maybe duct tape can help? There is a hanging belt that snaps together to hang the belt up from the waist. I like the waders.

👤I took out a dock and boat lift on the lake wearing these. I had to bend over a bit to wrench the wheels up. I ripped the suspenders that were attached to the wader. The stitching doesn't seem to be reinforced strongly after looking at it. There was not a lot of resistance on the suspenders when bending over. These should be okay for limited activities or standing straight up and down in the water. I don't recommend these for working in the water.

👤My husband was kept dry. It was warm in the ice water. He was out for a while. The perfect solution came quickly.

👤I bought these on sale because I was looking for a pair of rubber waders to upgrade the rubber ones I received years ago. I wouldn't want to put too many clothes on under these. They should be good for the money if you wait to get in the water.

👤There is an update. These didn't make it two years of moderate use. The tiny leaks in one leg didn't affect much at all. For no apparent reason, a gusher opened up in the other leg this week. It wasn't that cold yesterday, but sitting in the marsh with one foot completely soaked and in about 2 inches of water was less than pleasant. I didn't expect much for the price, so I wasn't upset. I got what I paid for. Will it last more than 4 to 5 times as long? Maybe, maybe not. These are ok, but look at them as semi-disposable and not something that will last you a long time. The Waders were a great choice and they were sized as described. The boots aren't special, but they don't cost much either. They do a good job for a good price. You've come out ahead if they last a couple seasons. You can get something that lasts twice as long. You will pay four times the cost.

4. Caddis Taupe Affordable Breathable Stocking

Caddis Taupe Affordable Breathable Stocking

The item package is 38.354 cm long. Sport boot is a product. The package weight is 3.7 pounds. The country of origin is Taiwan and the province of China. The package width is 27.686. The item package height is 13.716 (Cm).

Brand: Caddis Wading Systems

👤I bought these for my husband because he is a famous brook trout and salmon fisherman. He was skeptical because the material was so thin. The way these waders held up was incredible. My husband has put over 100 miles on these things. He is the kind of fisherman who will drive way out into the middle of nowhere and then walk through a forest of trees and bushes to get to the creek and rivers that no one fishes. That's how he gets the big brookies. He's a gladiator fisherman. I have watched him traverse over logs, wade through rocks gravel beds, climb up and down river banks, and fish all day in these waders as if they were second skin. He wore them on his quad or dirt bike to get to backwoods trails, and then hopped into a river. They have been through a lot of weather and elements, and have held up well. He was impressed. He's got a large social media following and is always posting pics and videos, giving Caddis a shout out for being so durable that they can last over 2 years in his world. They have begun to leak in the footies where the seams have begun to erode. It's expected with the miles he's put on them. We're about to buy a new pair. He's a big guy with a lot of muscle. The large size was perfect for him. We absolutely recommend.

👤I have used various Caddis waders for over 20 years and have not had an issue outside of normal wear and tear. They have a wide range of sizes. My wife and I are both in the "medium short stout" category. Caddis is the only manufacturer that has us covered. The loose fit allows for fleece undergarments and sweats. We got 4 good seasons out of our last set of waders here in interior Alaska, so we decided to use the same again. We reuse our old waders by cutting off the neoprene booties and using them in conjunction with muck boots and slickers on our trips to wet, rainy Valdez.

👤Finally, hope! It looks like I found the winner after shipping various waders back and forth for nearly a month. There are so many choices. You should report the noise from the floor. It's not the inseam you would use to buy pants. I called the company to find out if the legs were too short. The Redington rubber sole boot is a perfect match for these. I wear a size 13 shoe. The stocking foot is small enough to fit in a room. I had to order the L vs the LSS because I didn't know the inseam measurement. L is not a purchase option at the moment, so I ended up with the LS.

👤I will give my statistics and size of the water pants I ordered, because it seems important. I'm 6' tall, 195 lbs, 33" inseam, 45" chest, size 11.5 shoe. I was surprised by how big the waders were and ordered the Large. I thought I would have to send them back. They were a great fit. The stockingfoot boots are a little wide for me. It was a lot of material to squeeze in there, but just loosen the laces a bit and it all works out. I fished in them for 6 hours today and they were very comfortable but not as warm as my neoprene set, but I am not going to complain about being a little cold in 48 water with just a pair of socks, jeans and a t-shirt on. The waters in Michigan are quite cold. It was very impressed for less than $80. When these eventually wear out, ordering another set is necessary.

5. TIDEWE Breathable Insulated Insulation Waterproof

TIDEWE Breathable Insulated Insulation Waterproof

The nylon shell is Breathable and Warm. The 120g of insulation is quilted form uniform warmth. The 1200 gram Thinsulate insulated boot has a chance of keeping your feet warm. 100% waterproofTideWe feature double-stitched and sealed seams, as well as polyurethane-coated leggings, all of which give extra protection and make sure there is no leak. Premium quality material guarantee and 3 layer fabric construction provide superior durability and performance. 600D Reinforced Shin is found in the knee and seat area. TideWe added a steel shank between the insole and outsole of the boot to provide added support andDurability to the sole. The boot tread pattern provides you with better balance and traction on wet and muddy surfaces, and the boot is easy to take off. The simple design of the suspenders allow you to pull the waders on and off easily. Hand-warmer pockets keep your hands warm. You can keep your stuff dry with a front storage pocket. The belt that holds the 12 shells is easily accessible for quick reloading.

Brand: Tidewe

👤I chose these because of the positive reviews. I only use these for duck and goose hunting. I usually wear a size 9 shoe, but I went with the 8 in these waders because they have plenty of room with heavy pants and wader socks. The chest area was snug. I'm built like Barney Rubble. My main hunt partner wears a brand that rhymes with a common yard tool and is about twice the price, but the Tidewe waders had all the features he had. My last hunt was in the snow and wind. There is a bug in a rug. My hands were not the same as my story. Highly recommended for the cost and features. I only had four hunts this season. They walked a lot of public land river bottoms and heavy brush and still look new.

👤I think the postal service is to blame for the trouble I had getting these delivered. The waders are very comfortable. I ordered a size 12 waders and they fit perfectly. They come all the way up to my arm pits. I'm 5'11 and 245 years old. Even with my heavy duck hunting coat on, they fit around my belly and chest. We had to bust the ice for a decoy spread and the waders kept me warm and dry. I am happy so far. The test of time and multiple uses will tell if they are durable.

👤The chart is way off. I measured myself to the chart and ordered a 10 because the boots were too big for me to fit in the right way, but then I had to return for a 12 because they were too tight. I will have to wear my old waders this weekend because I don't have time to order new ones. Not a happy customer!

👤My frog toggs waders failed in less than one season. This is a heavy wader, so I'd try it out. It seemed pretty durable. They were tried on. I ordered the size 11 boot because I am 6'2" and 35" inseam. The boot was loose, but the socks and insoles were ok. I took them out for a test run and the range of motion climbing on some trails, river hunting, was tough. It was not long enough. When I took them off, they were wet from the leak. Not good. I packed them up and sent them back because I didn't think the fit was good. No one makes our size of waders.

👤The fit is good and I ordered a size 11. The body has good fit with the waders. The boot is large. I think it will fit. I like the shell holders on the belt because I can move them to my non-shooting shoulder if I wade in deep water. The quality of the box seems low. The boots were slightly different in appearance and it appeared that glue was dripped across the front, making me question the quality of the material. Not something I would have expected given the money I spent. The glue on the seam where the boot meets the wader was sloppy and appeared to be applied in places. I don't know if I'll be able to chance these in the field. Will update this review if they hold up.

6. Ouzong Durable Comfortble Breathable Stocking

Ouzong Durable Comfortble Breathable Stocking

The stocking foot waders are 100% waterproof. It works well in all weather conditions to keep you warm and comfortable. The suspenders and belt have quick release buckles. One inner and one outer chest pocket. The highest quality material with a durable Poyester that allows perspiration through, but keeps water out.

Brand: Ouzong

👤They look like a decent pair of waders for the money. They are made for tall people, but didn't realize it. The guide said it was ordered according to it. The suspender straps don't allow them to be adjusted enough and they dangle off the shoulders even when they are sinched all the way down. They didn't have the wading belt, which was another disappointment. Will be returning them.

👤I am 5 feet 10 inches tall. I can wear jeans and a sweatshirt. The boys fit great when sitting. They are holding up to everything I have done to them and have been used 25 times in the last 2 months. There is not a leak in sight.

👤The straps were too long and I had the same problem. Without modifications, they would have been below my waist. I removed the intermediate straps so the front buckles could hook up. They fit perfectly after that. I used these for about 10 days in Alaska and they were perfect. I made a hole over the left knee when I knelt down. It was easy to fix once I got home. I was kept dry and comfortable. I'm 6' tall and 12 feet tall with a size of 12 feet. It fit great. I used these as the "boots" over the neoprene foot, and they worked well in a size 13 for keeping my feet warm.

👤These are the best for the price. Why spend money on other brands when you can use it to pay for the name? I used them in Texas. They work the same as the name brands. I could use a 1/2 extra in the toe area, but they are true to the size chart. I weigh 180 lbs and have a 10 1/2 or 11 shoe. I ordered the accordion from the chart.

👤If you are at least 6' 9" tall, you can adjust the straps to be usable, but you can't keep the waders up. To work, they would need to be shorter. There is a major design flaw.

👤The length of adjustment on the straps is the only complaint I have so far. They seem well constructed and don't leak. It was made for a man over 6 feet tall. Time will tell if they hold up.

👤My daughter uses these in her float tube. She used them all season and they performed well enough for me to buy them instead of the expensive ones I usually buy.

👤The waders are doing their job. They kept me warm without any extra layers. The footies are big and warm. I went bigger on my boots. The overall size fits. When the time comes, I would buy them again.

7. Caddis Attractive Breathable Stocking INCLUDE

Caddis Attractive Breathable Stocking INCLUDE

The 2 Tone Taupe stocking foot Breathable waders have double knee's, a new Quad pocket, and attached gravel guards. It works well in all weather conditions to keep you warm and comfortable. CaddisDry technology allows perspiration through, but keeps water out, and they use the highest quality material with a durable Poyester outer. The feet are double taped to make sure they stay dry. The boots should be purchased separately. The family of waders has more adult sizes than any other series. Most body sizes are addressed here. Refer the indications section for help selecting the right size. If you want to make a short stout, subtract 3 from the inseam.

Brand: Caddis Wading Systems

👤I have owned Cabela's $100 breathable waders and other name brands such as FrogTogg Canyon. The FrogTog waders fit like a garbage bag, but for a backup pair they may work well. For an older rounded out fart like me, a little more room is probable better and there is a string stap inside the body of the wader which helps wrap it to your profile. The construction of the wader looks good, but the belt is not. I have been spoiled by previous quality waders that have nice belt loops on the wader. The belt is very poor quality, and these waders are the cheapest I have ever seen. The belt clip is hard to release and will fall apart after a couple uses. This is a safety issue for me and I will probably use a belt off of an older pair of waders. I decided to give this wader a try on the river and will do a follow up review on the results. The initial wader review is useful for those who are looking for a good quality cost effective wader. I would not have chosen this option if I had known of the fit and belt quality.

👤I had to return them. I wanted them to be a little loose because I am only 54. I couldn't get into them because they were so tight. Above my waist. I tried wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but they didn't fit. Caddis, your size charts are way off.

👤I thought I had found a pair of waders that fit my body type. The stocking feet are almost clown sized. I wear a size 11 wides and I bet these would fit a size 17 comfortably. It was almost like clown shoe size. What is happening? I'm going to return them because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to fit them into wading boots. It's almost comical that I can fold the stocking feet back over the front of my feet. Oh, *ugh*

👤The look and feel of these waders is really nice, but they started leaking after about 12 full days of use. I believe the leak is from the crotch where the tape appears to be falling apart. I bought them a year ago, so I can't return them. I used them for a Salmon fishing trip in Michigan for a full 3 days. Over 3 fishing trips in Pennsylvania, about 9 more times. The trips were done over a 3 month period. I thought my leg and crotch were getting wet because of the sweat build up. I went on my annual Salmon trip to Michigan this year and it was wet all 3 days, soaking wet in one leg. It was warm, so I wasn't cold, but it was annoying to have to dry my wader pants and socks after fishing. I got some good use out of them, but I was hoping for at least 3 years or at least have them as a spare. I'm going to stick with Cabelas for now. They took back a pair of waders I bought three years ago and gave me my money back because they were leaking. You can't beat the customer support.

8. Frogg Toggs Breathable Stockingfoot X Large

Frogg Toggs Breathable Stockingfoot X Large

Gravel guards with hooks. 4mm double-taped boots. The elastic belt has quick-release buckles.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤The 2.5 layer membrane has not been provided. The upper part of the shoe is covered by fabric, which is higher than you might think. The M wader has an exact weight of 243 g. My pair is over 500g. Size M is okay for 30 inch inseam, and a bit snug for 9 feet. It's not very good for a long walk. Can be used with other sandals.

👤Most of the waders seemed questionable as to if they would fit me, so I was hesitant to order them. I wear a size 15 shoe. I bought the larger size and they fit perfectly. I wore a pair of thick wool socks and blue jeans. The stockingfoot part was snug at first, but it fit my foot just fine. I have a pair of size 16 Simms wading boots, between the socks, wader stockingfoot, and wool socks I was able to walk around comfortably for an extended period of time. The jeans were a little baggy, but the waders fit over them, and they were not overly loose. The "inseam" of the waders seemed to sit perfectly, and the sides with belt loops were not too short. I will be walking in the river in shorts as fall comes in, so I will be trying these out in the water. I believe these waders will work out fine and are perfect for wading shallow creek and rivers.

👤Every year I take chest waders to AK and never get water above my knees. I want to have more room in my luggage, but it's small. The kind of fishing I enjoy will be helped by these waders. I will wear these on the boat during bad weather. My foot size is 10, so I went for the large that starts at 11. The fit is perfect.

👤I like Frogg Toggs. Use their rain jackets. The fit of the waders was perfect. Inseam is not to be used. I don't like that they don't breathe well. When I wore them, they were in the 60s, and my pant legs were sweaty. This was after a long day of fishing. They are lightweight and functional so far. I might consider Frogg Toggs if I am in the market for waders. It is easy to take off after a day of fishing. Their longevity will be the next test.

👤A good fit with the socks is the most difficult aspect of buying stocking foot waders. I waited with apprehension but they arrived, fit well, seem durable, and are great so far. Hope they are durable but fit and look good. The stocking foot is the same size as the waist waders. I recommend these because of the great size.

👤I've been using these hip waders a lot and they are comfortable and cool. I was glad to get them for fly fishing. They make me want to replace my heavy boots with lighter wading shoes.

👤These are great for fishing small streams when it's cold and wet and for wading through the weeds to get there. Highly recommended.

9. Frogg Toggs Breathable Stockingfoot XX Large

Frogg Toggs Breathable Stockingfoot XX Large

The upper is waterproof and protects knees and shins. Water-resistant chest pockets. The large Dura-Span chest pocket has a hook-and-loop closure. The gravel guards have a rubber-coated elastic opening and are non-rusting. The suspender has release buckles. The chest pocket and chest draw cord are locked. Sand and storage bag is lightweight.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤There are two reasons not to buy these waders. Number 1 is that they are very low quality and the neoprene feet seams go out after a couple uses. If you buy from a seller on Amazon, you void your warranty and the seller won't take them back for a replacement. You can save time and money by buying a nice pair of waders from a store with a return policy.

👤13 months after I bought them, they looked like they were leaking. The warranty lasts for a year. I don't wear them every time I go fishing because I don't get many days of use before they leak. I'm trying to get some goop on the inside seam to see if it helps.

👤These are nice. It fit me perfectly and was comfortable to fish all day. I am 6'2 and 235 lbs. Fleece lined pockets keep your hands warm when it is cold. That is a nice feature to have. The guards that go around your boot are too small and hard to pull down, so if I was looking for something to complain about, I would say that's it. They should be tight. These are so tight that no pebbles can get in. It is a pain to get them around the top of your boot. I have a size 14 wading boots. I am not sure if that would make them any bigger at the top. Good waders and a good price.

👤The medium was ordered based on the chart. I am a 32 and the inseam was fine. The waist and chest were accurate. The bootie size was off. I wear a 9 on the foot size chart. I had a hard time flexing my toes because it was so tight. The quality and construction of the waders was very good. This pair was exchanged for a large.

👤The features are more expensive than other waders. The waders performed well. It was very comfortable and there were no leaks. There are plenty of pockets to go around. There is a The style and colors are modern. Climbers have no problems climbing up and down the river bank. The river has been there for more than 20 hours. Frogg Toggs nailed it!

👤I'm 6'2" and 220 lbs. I ordered l and XL and thought I would fit well. The collar was too small for the size of the XL and the neoprene sock was too tight. It was time to take them off. I sat on the floor and worked them past the ankle with both hands. I haven't used them in the water yet, but I would think after a few uses and pulling them off when wet, the sock is going to rip right of the wader. I didn't bother with the L size.

👤I used to rave about frog togg, but they are not the same. I want to know what happened to frog togg.

👤The waders are good for most of the time. The shoe size is off. I wear a size 9.5. I went with the large size off the chart because it was tight on my feet. Should have bought it. The shoe lace clip pulled off when I put some tension on it. I would return these for a new pair and larger size, but there isn't that option. .

10. Clearwater Mens Wader Regular Medium

Clearwater Mens Wader Regular Medium

Men's waterproof pants have a nylon shell over a nylon tricot liner and full toes-to-chest waterproof protection. The updated botanical pantyhose have integrated gravel guards to reduce collection and drag. The elastic zip storage pocket has a stretch panel that makes it easy to reach at the chest. On cold mornings, theKANGAROO-STYLE HANDWARMER POCKET keeps you comfortable. These chest waders are easy to convert to waist-high on warm days. The modern fit eliminates traditional wader bulk. The Clearwater Men's Waders (2TZX) are the perfect waterproof yet breathable waders for your next fly fishing adventure.

Brand: Clearwater

👤The waders were purchased just under a year ago and are leaking crazy. About 6 months ago, I did a large repair to the inner thigh using a UV aqua seal. There are more leaks near the left knee and the right stocking foot. I fished these waders for 125 days and still feel like they should have lasted more than a year.

👤I used them for a week. I had to walk some trails out of the water, which were not too hot or restrictive. It works great in the water. Would buy again.

👤I have had many different types of waders over the years, but I think I found my new favorite one. They are comfortable and built to last a long time.

👤You wont be disappointed by it.

👤The product is great so far. It fits well and is warm.

11. LANGXUN Lightweight Breathable Children Waterproof

LANGXUN Lightweight Breathable Children Waterproof

Kids chest waders are great for more than just fishing. Stay comfortable on all kinds of outdoor adventures, like hunting, camping, riding ATVs, clamming, playing snow and water, jumping in Muddy puddles, gardening, or playing near wet environments. Enjoy the things they enjoy. You spray them off and hang them up. Both boys and girls can wear it. The upgraded nylon with two-ply waterproof fabric was used in the chest waders. It is laboratory approved up to 15% lighter than traditional nylon waders, which makes it rugged and much softer. The highest quality material that allows perspiration through keeps water out. Children can dress more comfortably and be more flexible outdoors with these designs. The nylon fabric used in the fishing waders is 2 times higher than common nylon. It makes the wader more durable. Kids can keep their body warm even if they wear them for a long time. The high quality anti-slip rubber boots provide extra support and a snug fit, stopping any slipping in the mud, and a reinforced heel protectors helps support and protect your chi. It is easy to wear elastic shears. The design and quick release buckles make it easy for children to take them off quickly. The belt and shoulder strap allow the waders to fit with the growing kids. The front of the waders has a storage pocket. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The chest waders are waterproofed before they are sold. They are filled with water and hung to dry. They offer an exclusive one-year warranty if there are any quality problems, and they can accept refunds if there are any quality problems.

Brand: Langxun

👤I am a small woman and these fit well. I love the belt. It makes me look like I have a waist and not just a big blob. Excellent quality. The bottom of feet are not slippery. It was thick enough to keep me warm.

👤I thought these would fit because they came in kids sizes and I am too small for one size fits all. They do. I am 5'1" and weigh 102 pounds. I clean my small ponds and got these to wear. If I loosen the straps that give me enough flexibility to bend my legs, it will be easier to climb down into my ponds. They were warm when worn over jeans. I wouldn't want to try and hike any distance in them.

👤These are a good pair of waders. My son loves them and they are more comfortable than the neoprene variety. He has worn them a few times and so far there are no leaks. I think they will last a long time. Outside of that, they extend his time on the water and enjoy the outdoors. I was wrong. He outgrew them before they lasted. I think he wore them in the water four times, and now there are leaks in the seam where the pant meets the boot. A kid's fishing trip is over before it starts.

👤My son will go fly fishing with me. They fit him well with some room to grow and are waterproof, so he can wear warmer clothes underneath. If you want to get your kids into wade fishing, these are for you. The top of the boot to wader seam appears to be well done and I have no doubt that it will hold up for a long time.

👤My daughter has worn these a number of times while we have been clamming. It seems like it is keeping her dry. I can't tell yet, but it might be an issue. My daughter appears to be damp after taking them off. It is possible that the rain could be to blame for the dampness, as the weather has been rainy each time we have used these. I will update after a few more uses. No major leaking was definitely the case.

👤We visit my in laws ranch with a large pond when we live near a creek. We decided to buy these to give us time to get used to the water and mud. They work well. He is happy that he can run around without being worried about getting wet. To clean them of mud, we just hose down. I highly recommend.

👤I bought these for myself. I am 125 lbs slim build. The 10/11 was bought by me based on the customer questions. The packaging was great. The fit was terrible. The boots were too big for me and the crotch hit my thigh. The chest hit where it was supposed to and the straps had plenty of room. I am not sure if anyone built the way these waders are made. If you have short legs and a long torso, you might be okay. Thankfully, the process of returning them was very easy.


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What are the best brands for fishing waders breathable?

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