Best Fishing Waders for Men Waterproof

Men 25 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Frogg Toggs Breathable Wading X Large

Frogg Toggs Breathable Wading X Large

It is waterproof and is perfect for long days fishing. The DriPore 2 Gen technology construction is sealed. There is a storm hood with a storm flap and rain gutter. There are sleeve openings and shock cord waistbands. There is a fly box pocket on the chest.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤I don't like the hood and collar on this coat. They are in the way. Fishing in rain may be useful, but not for an average rainy day. When you zip the coat all the way up it rubs under your chin and neck, which is very annoying to me, especially if I'm out on the stream casting, moving my head and shoulders, and you can't roll the hood up or remove it when not being used. The elastic waist causes the coat to ride up when I raise my arm, but it could be the draw string is too short. I like theay out of the pockets because they are placed in good locations and easy to get to. I like the drab color of my fishing gear. I got a small size. I like to fly fish in January and February, so I could wear layers under it, but the jackets are not front to back, it could be because of the waist being tight. I already have the jacket, so I'm not sure if I'll return it. I wouldn't have bought this jacket if I had tried it on in a store.

👤I was looking for a lightweight shell that would allow me to walk the dog in and work from home. We get a lot of rain and wind in New England. The jacket I received was late but wouldn't zip up. The process to send it back was easy and a new one arrived three days later. The process was very easy. I like the jacket, but it is not designed to handle daily use. Within a month, it had become very dense along the interior arms, sides, and shoulders. I ripped up a pocket on a branch about a week after I started wearing it. It is waterproof and can be washed off. I wear it in the rain and in the snow. It blocks the wind. If you want something for short trips or occasional use, this is a great jacket. I don't think it's a good idea for the whole winter season.

👤I like the jacket. The main chest pocket threading has come apart. There is a My phone and car keys are in that pocket. I get a few waves when I'm fishing. I can't have my phone and keys wet. The sewing was disappointing. The arms are wet at the cuff. I keep my back dry by keeping out wind. A big fit. I wore it for an hour or two every weekend. It took 6 weeks for it to fall apart.

👤I can buy a rain coat for 30 dollars, but a smaller wader jacket costs a hundred. I don't need a lot of pockets. The jacket has 4 pockets. The jacket feels like it's been sewn together. Even after a storm, it feels dry.

👤I've run in several variations of rain coats and not one kept the water off and allowed for air. The answer is this coat. While they can keep the water off, the liner of the coat will keep your body heat exhausting, and no matter what you do, you will be miserable. A coat that is breathing.

2. Bassdash Strength Fishing Hunting Waders

Bassdash Strength Fishing Hunting Waders

The heavy duty model is constructed with 600 denier nylon fabric out layer that resists thorns and abrasion, while the inner PVC coating ensures they remain 100% watertight. The ripstop plaid fabric has been improved in strength and elasticity, and is heat sealed on the inside, which makes it more resistant to water. The mesh lining makes it easier to take off the wader. Three-dimensional cutting makes it easier to bend the knee, while the front leg seams allow unprecedented mobility and eliminate seams in critical inner leg wear zones. Other features include elastic suspenders for maximum comfort, a belt with a quick-release buckle, D ring gear attachment on waist tabs, and anatomically engineered boot feet with deep tread. Every pair of the waders is tested for maximum performance and designed to protect itself from water in the sea, in lakes, rivers, marshes, and more.

Brand: Bassdash

👤100% transparency. These are the real things. I own 4 chest waders and have owned many in the past. The most heavy duty waders I have tried are by far these. Even though they are small, they don't feel bulky. I try to take care of my gear, but I have a lot of it and I am confident it will last through the long haul. I will cut the boots out and wear them as rain bibs with waterproof boots underneath, because I feel they will wear out long before the actual waders. I really want to rate them at 5 stars, but I can't because of 2 reasons. The boots could use a little insulation, with the waders being so HD they will naturally be a touch warmer. Reason 2. People like me are not comfortable with the size. I wear a size 10 shoe. I need a large to fit their chart, but it's not what I received. There would be plenty of room in these if I were a big beer gut and stood 6'3". Adult sized feet are still needed for the size. It's important to pay attention to the foot size, and know at least the Large size. It's still worth the investment. My friends will be suggested by me.

👤I read reviews about the Large Long Feet and ordered them. I am 6'2” and weigh 220, I have an 11 1/2 shoe size. The biggest shoe size for a large is the LLF10-11, which is why I got it. My feet are tight and the waders are large. They are a little baggy but usable. The LLF would fit a man with a big frame. The shoe size is a match to their descriptions, but the waders are 2 sizes above what is listed. The large is too big for me and a medium would be better. I would fit a Medium Long Feet 11 but they don't offer it. There is a chart that shows a Large Long Feet but it is not in the options to purchase. If you are reading, you need to adjust your size and offer larger shoe sizes for most people. I was expecting a lighter material, but the waders are heavier than I expected. I was hoping for a lighter material because that can be good for long term use. I already have a pair of waders for fishing. I'm not sure if I should return them. If you are lucky enough to fit their size, these are good quality waders, but they don't have the correct size for me and most people.

👤Lack of boot sizes leads to bad fit and excessive material. I had to order a size that I could swim in to get a boot that fit me. I ordered a size 12 boot and it is closer to 13 The boot openings are narrow and I had to put my sweats in my socks to keep them from getting above the boot. I am an average sized guy, 6 foot, 200 lbs, 46 inch chest, 34 inch waist, 32 inch inseam, and size 12 shoe. I had to fold the excess material over when I was swimming inside the waders because I had to pull them to my back. The waders appeared to be made of quality materials and looked good, with solid seams, good tread on the boots, and waterproof pockets. The mesh interior helped prevent them from sticking to you. I was expecting a better fit for the price. I will be looking for a more form fitting option after returning them.

3. Foxelli Grey Nylon Chest Waders

Foxelli Grey Nylon Chest Waders

The Foxelli chest waders for men with boots have all seams sewn in and are 100% waterproof, so they don't leak a drop. You can enjoy your outdoor activities longer if you have comfort. Stay dry and happy! The Foxelli chest waders are easy to put on and take off, are lighter than rubber waders, and provide all the flexibility you need while fishing or duck hunting. Move without restriction! Their wader boots allow for good movement and don't make you heavier. The Foxelli fly fishing waders fit like a dream. The suspenders have elastic that can be adjusted to find the perfect fit. The inner pocket of the youth sward is for storing small fishing equipment and belongings. The anti-slip sole of their fishing waders for men with boots gives you the best traction on muddy or slippery surfaces, so you don't need to buy wading shoes. They are easy to put on and take off. They keep you strong on your feet, without sacrificing your comfort, during any hunting or fishing adventure. Don't worry about missing the 30-day return window. They offer a 120-day, no questions asked return. They will make sure to take care of that if you don't like it. Buy with confidence.

Brand: Foxelli

👤The male is 6 feet tall and has a shoe size of 11.5 US. The design could be better. I would have liked to see a front pocket, a belt, and some insulation, but I guess you get what you pay for. I think these keep me dry from the ocean water, but I never dry when it's cold outside. I feel like there's a leak when the condensation builds up. I am a US 12 and purchased a US 11. I wear these with the thick Carharrt winter boot socks. These are comfortable to move around in.

👤I live on a river and it goes over the bank often. I need a way to walk through up to 3 feet of water to get to things. These are great. They are comfortable. It's easy to wear and keep dry. They have a pocket. They fit the bill. There are a few things to note. They aren't insulated. They get cold quickly in cold water. I can only stand waist deep water that is 40F for about 10 minutes. It is a good idea to invest in stirrup long underwear or pants. It will keep your pants from going up. Very happy with them. I should have bought them a long time ago.

👤I've never worn anything like that before. My summer exercise routine involves running around my pool while cleaning it. I decided to protect myself from the cold water while continuing my routine because the temperatures dropped so quickly this year. I enjoyed a dry, productive session in my pool despite the sensations at first. I was impressed that it was easy to put on and remove the waders. I'm completely satisfied with this purchase.

👤I was skeptical when I first got these because they were the cheapest boot foot chest waders on Amazon, and I am not a small guy. I weigh 220 lbs. I was expecting a low quality product. This is roomy and comfortable and seems to be of high quality. It's not fancy, but it's waterproof and will get the job done for my fly fishing excursions in my local creek. It came with patches for repairs and a waterproof pouch for the phone that has a lanyard to wear around your neck, as well as a small chest pocket. They have a 2 year warranty via Facebook messenger. I don't know how that works, but I think it's a great product for the price if you want to keep your dry, and they say no matter what they replace the waders with, you'll still be dry. I would buy again.

👤Really like the waders. I bought these because I had to trap some animals. I had no problems after wearing 5hem through some light briars. Everything was dry after I was in water up to my chest. I ripped a small tear in the top of the leg while setting one of my traps. They advertise that flex tape. I'm good to go again. The waders fault was not my fault. I would recommend them. Value is good.

4. HISEA Neoprene Fishing Bootfoot Waterproof

HISEA Neoprene Fishing Bootfoot Waterproof

The entire family is protected from the water with the classic series brown/green neoprene boot-foot waders. Whether you are fishing, hunting, camping, riding ATVs, or even just playing outside, these waders would protect your clothing and provide an extra, insulated layer for added warmth. Warm and flexible 4.5mm neoprene construction traps and holds your body heat to shield you from the chill of the water, while the padded knees add extra durability for longer wader life. The extra solid and durable ozone-resistant rubber boots come lined with 200 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation to keep your feet dry and warm, and they feature cleated soles for better traction. The exclusive Water Intrusion Resistance (WTR) processing will help prevent water and dirt from getting into wader, and the 100% waterproof design features with armor weld, double-stitched with high-heat sealed seams. Every wader is filled with water and hung to dry. The wader is ready to be shipped. The user-friendly features include nylon wading belt and nylon shoulder straps with quick-release buckles. A large hand-warmer pocket is included in the front pocket. Wader has 3 D-rings for hanging. Each wader comes with a waterproof phone case and a hanging belt. You can choose between brown and green colors. These waders are designed to keep warm and dry. It's best for fishing adventures, hunting, farm working, or any messy situations. Pick the right size if you don't know the size CHART. A one year quality assurance is back by the US.

Brand: Hisea

👤It was a great bang for your buck. The waders look great. Nice thick material. They feel good. The boots have a thick sole and are heavy. I bought the waders for my husband, and he says they feel great. The men's 9 was bought by us. He wears a size 9.5 in street shoes and he thinks he would be able to wear a pair of thermal/wool socks. These fit him well because he is 5'9" and 170 lbs. I tried them on and they were good for anyone with long legs. We can just hang them outside to air out and they will smell like rubber. We haven't hunted yet. I will update once he has! Yesterday was 42 degree weather and hubby went duck hunting. His legs were completely submerged in the water. He said he was warm and cozy all day. I have already recommended Waders to others.

👤I have to change my review. When I bought them last fall, I loved them right out of the box. Between fall and winter, I had very little use. I want to go fishing in the spring. The problem is that the waders leak. I don't see any visible damage so it's hard to assume that it took some sort of physical damage to account for the water. The liner in the boots is unglued, which makes it hard to put on. I wanted these to be great waders, but it looks like I may have to find something better.

👤I haven't used them yet to see if they are water tight or durable. I like the design and fit, I am 5'7" and 150 lbs. I purchased a size 9 pair of socks because they fit perfectly and have plenty of room in the boot for multiple layers of socks. I used to buy size 10 waders that were loose and made me walk through mud quickly, but I found that they were too small to fit in my suitcase, so I used to buy size 8. The overall size of the 10 for waist and heigh was not ideal for my lean body shape. The lanyard that came with the case was great. I think it will be very useful when I am fishing in the water and need to take a video or picture and won't have to worry about dropping my phone or getting it all nasty. The MOLD was the only issue I had with this purchase. The straps that go over your shoulder and belt were completely covered in mold when you first got them. It was very upsetting. I hope the seller can explain the issue to me so that I don't have to deal with it anymore.

👤When I got them, they were hysterical. I was very disappointed to pull them out of the box and see that the straps were full of mold. The smell was overwhelming. I have to figure out how to get them back to Amazon. What a mess. I missed my fishing trip because I didn't order soon enough.

5. Hisea Hunting Neoprene Insulated Durable

Hisea Hunting Neoprene Insulated Durable

The lining is made of synthetic rubber. The most durable and protective waders are designed for active outdoorsmen. If you are playing outside, playing hunting, fishing, camping, or just playing outside, these waterproof waders would protect your clothing and give you an extra layer of warmth. DURABLE & STURDY is made of warm and flexible 5mm neoprene laminated to nylon jersey and stretch liner, it holds body heat and provides 100% waterproof protection for you. The rubber boots come with cleated soles for better traction and 1600 gram 3M Thinsulate Ultra insulation to help block out the cold. They made sure the exclusive Water Intrusion Resistance processing would help prevent water and dirt from getting into the waders, and that the armor was double-stitched and visible. The chest bootfoot wader is filled with water and hung to dry. The waders have a list of user-friendly features that make them a dream team. The next Cabo EVO(S) was authorized. Pick the right size if you don't know the size CHART. It handles even the toughest work and sports situations. Each wader will come with a phone pouch and one year of quality assurance, which they love.

Brand: Hisea

👤I had high hopes for the waders, armorflex, 1600gm thinsulate, the light in the pocket, and the dry bag for your phone. I chose these over a similair pair from a major outdoor retailer, but the shoulder straps are terrible, what purpose does it serve? The shoulder straps never stayed on my shoulders, it shows a cross strap on the back in the picture, but mine didn't have one, and the first hunt my groin area was wet and my left foot was completely soaked. I barely waded that long. Poor seam seal must be the problem. Setting up for a return.

👤I bought these for my daughter. The person just turned 14. The boots seemed to fit. The seams are of good quality. I regret not inspecting them when I received them. There is mold on one of the buckle straps and the back cross strap. The on/off switch for the chest pocket light strip has been broken. I ordered them early and held on to them for the right occasion, even though I had the chance to return for a pair in better condition. The return window has expired. When you receive the product, inspect it. We didn't find any aborbant in the packaging.

👤The seams at the boot were separated. There was no question that the boots would leak. I tried them out because I was curious. If I tried to walk very far in them, they would come apart. The fit of the shoulder straps was odd. All of these were cheap and low quality. I returned them and paid more than twice as much for a name- brand.

👤I bought a 11 size shoe for myself because I thought I would have enough space to wear an extra big sox. When I put them on the boots they fit snug with a normal sock and the rest of the overalls were too big. It did not match the chart at all. It felt like the size 11 was for a 7'2" man and I am 195 lbs. The shoulder straps wouldn't stay on my shoulder if I closed them as tight as possible. I noticed that the listed distance between the waist and overall length is 7. A man's tarsal is not more than 7 feet long. Right there, that should have been a red flag. I didn't think an exchange would fix the issue so I sent them back.

👤The waders are very warm. They do what they are supposed to do. They are meant for larger people than me. The boots fit me well but the wader portion was made for someone with a 50" belly and 7 ft tall. The straps are too long even with the cinched up. The excess material in the belt caused the waders to bunch at the waist. I took one star off for being a craftsman. The pockets were exposed and everything I put in them came out with glue on them.

👤I have had it out a few times, but never deeper than waist water. The only thing that doesn't like it is the straps. There are 2 dangling flaps behind your shoulders, and you will have padding flaps underneath the straps that will just slide off the side. The straps are too high, so you have to dance to get the back side of the strap to go over your shoulder. The buckle is secure even though it is high for me. The best pair of waders I have ever owned are these. The stitching looks great. I would buy again.

6. TRIPLE TREE Hunting Waterproof Bootfoot

TRIPLE TREE Hunting Waterproof Bootfoot

TRIPLE TREE Chest Waders were made of nylon with two-ply waterproof fabric. 100% waterproof reliability is ensured by waterproof boots and reinforced stitches. Water intrusion resistance is used to seal out water and dirt on the water. It's wear-resistant and comfortable. The boots are made from a material called polyvinylchloride. The cleated design enhances slip resistance and stability. Thickened soles help protect your feet from being scratched by rocks. Handle even the toughest work and sport situations with dry and warm clothing. The waders are 40% lighter than traditional rubber ones. It is easy to fold, so you can walk in the water and fit into a backpack. The design is user friendly. It can be adjusted according to your height. Personal belongings are organized in a flip-out chest pocket. The application is wide. The chest waders are specially-protected for your adventures. This is a notice. If you need to wear Thick Socks, please choose one size larger than usual.

Brand: Triple Tree

👤Excellent waders. They are doing a good job of cleaning out my pond. They are hot but no leaks, that is to be expected.

👤Wow! I bought them for my father and brother. They are farmers, they cross rivers and usefertilizer. They like the quality of it and they don't get wet anymore. They said it is very comfortable. They have been using them for several months and have no issues. I will definitely recommend it.

👤It was great for what I paid for them.

👤The boot are better than I thought. Excellent forwade fishing.

7. OXYVAN Neoprene Realtree Bootfoot Waterproof

OXYVAN Neoprene Realtree Bootfoot Waterproof

OXYVAN Fishing Waders with boots are made of 4.5mm neoprene and have excellent insulation properties. The fishing waders have great material, stretch liner and triple-finished seams that are sewn, glue and taped, and they can keep you warm while you are hunting and fishing. OXYVAN hunting waders are easy to put on and take off, and designed to make sure you don't have any obstacles while hunting and fishing. The chest belt has a quick release buckle. Double-layer knee pads have reinforced padding for added protection, and a thickened and flexible shoulder strap helps you release the pressure on it. OXYVAN fishing waders are damage resistant and 100% water proof because of the double-stitched and visible bonded and taped seams. Every waders will go through a serious of tests to make sure there are no problems of quality and leakage. OXYVAN neoprene chest waders have 600 Gram 3M Thinsulate insulation. It is very comfortable and can be worn without socks. The cleated soles provide better slip resistance. The Realtree MAX5 camo helps hide you better, 4.5mm neoprene and 600G rubber boots can trapping and holding body heat to protect you from extremely cold weather, and the chest pocket doubles as a hand warmer.

Brand: Oxyvan

👤This was the best investment I made for a fly fishing trip. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, these waders are a great alternative. The pros are 1. $ 2. I need to be dry for at least 4 hours. The shoulder straps are comfortable. On the rocky boulder river bed, boots have good grips. The material dries fast. My toes are pushing to the tip of my toe, and it's very uncomfortable, so I recommend getting a larger size. I had to add an insole to my boots so I can stand longer. After 8 hours, my clothes start to become damp. I'm not sure if this is going to happen. Maybe I should get the bigger ones. If you don't want the tie to get loose, you need to make a knot. The pocket is too small.

👤These were taken out for duck hunting. The weather was cold, 38f morning to 55f noon. The walk was 1.5 miles and did not get overheated. I was in the blind all day. The boots are ok for the hike and they fit as expected. I would order a bigger boot to make the hike a little more comfortable. I would recommend this for duck hunting. We will see how it does on cold days.

👤These are the first ones I've gotten online, and will be the last. They arrived on time and worked perfectly. I spend a lot of time on his deep water. I'm comfortable doing it now. I came back in the house dry after our property flooded again last week. I recommend these to anyone.

👤The sizing chart was dead on. I wear a shoe size 10 but 9 in this was perfect. I only took it out once but for an hour I was in waist deep water. I didn't get cold. There was good grip on the boots. They were a little sloppy but that is expected. They're comfortable going over rocks. There were no leaks! Stitching and glue look good. The only thing I can say is that the crotch rubs around a little more than I would like. I can't complain because I don't see how to design around that. It is the nature of the material they used. They are easy to misplace. It was a perfect fit with the jacket. It was 32 degrees outside and the sun was not shining. When I stopped moving, I got a chill. You can't beat it for $109. My friend is in the market and I will recommend these to him. I don't know how long it will last but I will update if things change. I was worried about an off brand but they are awesome in my opinion.

👤This is a great product. The material is thicker than I anticipated. I got a size 9 because they fit my feet great, I have a shoe size 9. I got in the water and everything got tighter because of the water displacement. It might be a good idea to get a bigger size than you wear. It can get cold after a while if you wear thick socks. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a cheap pair that is good quality.

8. UPGRADE Fishing Waterproof Lightweight Bootfoot

UPGRADE Fishing Waterproof Lightweight Bootfoot

TheChest wader is made of new double-layer and waterproof material (70D nylon and PVC), providing thermoplastic stitching and welding techniques, no risk of leakage for staying in the water for a long time. You can move through the water more freely and feel less tired when fighting with big fish with the lightweight and flexible fishing wader. You can take it on/off easily with theAdjustable H-back web suspenders and quick-release buckles. It is possible to release your shoulders with upgraded widened straps. The pockets are great places to keep your stuff. They can help you solve your drying problem. More secureShoe soles are made of a non-slip surface to protect you from the water and rocks. The lighter material will help with balance control. Multi-purpose WadersUPGRADE flexible chest fishing waders can keep you dry and warm when you are fly fishing, gardening, duck hunting, pond cleaning, farm working or any other messy situation you would meet.

Brand: Upgrade

👤I thought I was buying a lower end product. I have a quality product that works better than expected. The fit is good. I can get on and off quickly. The insulation in the above ground pool was tested and I never felt cold. I would recommend this product to anyone who asks.

👤The customer service they provided was amazing despite the fact that these waders did not work for us. They quickly returned my money after seeing my review. This was unexpected and beyond what some companies do. I have changed my rating to 4 because I think you should try these waders and see if they work for you. They will work with you without any questions asked if they don't please let them know. Great customer service. It is light to wear but can rip easily. We are on our knees a lot in the plumbing industry. This material does not allow for this type of work. Within an hour.

👤I have 3 grievances. 1. On the second day of wearing, while wading in a marsh, they got a rip in them from a plant or stick. This is bad luck and shouldn't happen to most people. 2. Sometimes boots are hard to fit into because of the way they are folded. Over time, should improve. 3. One of the straps on your neck can be a problem. This is very annoying, but not useless. If I hadn't gotten ripped on the second use of my waders, I would be 4 stars.

👤I have been using the waders daily for a couple weeks now. They keep me dry, which is what they're supposed to do. They are on the short side. I'm 6 feet tall and the inseam of these waders is not very effective for me. The crotch of the waters is tight against me and the belt is still at my buttocks. It is ok to walk in them but it is difficult to climb up the river bank because of how tightly the legs of the waders are. I could have used more on the inseam of the waders.

👤Over the years, I have owned a number of waders. I will need these for getting into my pond. They came with a waist strap and hook to hang up your boots after use. They feel great on my feet. I will take care of them after they are used.

👤We received our wader's. I was very happy with the purchase. Appropriate price range for the quality. Good quality for our purpose. It is packaged and fits to the size. Put them to the test to see if they work. I was dry and comfortable all day. Not suitable for mucking around in swampy areas, but great for dock setting and fishing as being in the water constantly will keep you cool. Would purchase again if necessary, but not for a long time. The price is excellent for the quality of the Wader's, so I will give this a 5*.

9. Vinlas Waterproof Fishing Cleated Outsole

Vinlas Waterproof Fishing Cleated Outsole

The hip waders are 30% lighter than traditional rubber ones and still have their strengths. Their rubber boots are made from a mix of nylon andPVC and are waterproof. A cleated sole provides additional traction on a slippery surface that is necessary for fishing or hunting in muddy and wet places. Waders by Vinlas are great for fishing, hunting, farming, gardening, and so on. There is attention. If you have large feet, please choose one size larger than usual.

Brand: Vinlas

👤They were supposed to do this before duck season and early duck season when the water was low. The warm start of duck season made these great to wear.

👤Not for heavy use. It was cheap and flimsy.

👤I ordered a 14 just to be safe and comfortable, yet it's very tight and my toe is crammed inside, it's not realistic. It was useless for me.

👤We bought these for myself and my spouse. Excellent seller! Excellent shipping! We ordered a bigger size because they fit amazingly well and they are comfortable as well as waterproof. I would highly recommend it.

10. Mountalk Durable Waterproof Fishing Waterworks

Mountalk Durable Waterproof Fishing Waterworks

When compared to other 70D upper fabric insulated waders, the upgraded 2-ply nylon & PVC waterproof waders use a thicker canvas, which makes them scratch- resistant 3 times more. A 100% leaking test before packing makes a waterproof function in your fishing, hunting or other water activities. The strap is 1.5 times wider. Friendly Design - back suspenders with quick fastening and release, built-in flip-out pocket, anti-slip tread pattern, and lightweight, makes it easy to work safely and easily. It is designed to keep you dry and warm when you are outdoors. Please refer to the size chart for the Waders sizes. If you have a quality issue, please contact them.

Brand: Mountalk

👤These waders were too large for a 5' 4 female. They measure 49 inches at the waist. I think they fit someone up to 250 lbs. The belt helped, but there was too much material to be comfortable. I've purchased 5 other pairs of chest waders that are the same style. The thick material is more durable than the other brands I was looking for, and I really liked the boots. The boots had a good sole. The boot felt like it was steel toed by it. I wear a size 7.5 in womens and the M5/W8 fit me well. I would probably add a thin insert to the boots to make them more comfortable.

👤I wouldn't have thought that I would buy something like this. I did. I had a great time using it. I hiked The Narrows in Utah. The fit was good. We had clothes on. The shoes were comfortable. I liked the suit. Buy it!

👤I ordered a size 11 for my husband and a size 5 for myself to wear while I work in and around the pond. The whole outfit is stiff and hard to work with because it is one-piece garments. The material is made of plastic. I am short with large calves. The area of the leg at the top of the boot was not large enough to fit my calves. I couldn't put the boots on. The boots will be too large if I order a larger size. We are keeping him and returning his. I received a credit to my account after they were delivered. The customer service was good. Will see how they hold up.

👤This is the 3rd exchange I have had with this product. The difference in sizes is not significant. It is not a good quality. The hangers are missing. It's not a big deal, but I'm tired of being lied to. Purchase something made with a little more money. There is an update. The first fishing trip. There is something wrong with how these are sewn. I can barely bend my knees. It's difficult to sit down with the waders. Very bad quality.

👤It popped a small leak on the back of the left upper thigh on the 6th trip, but there wasn't much damage. Not a big leak. It soaked a large part of my leg. The boot was slightly moist and there was no significant water in it. It was a small leak but not much water for 4 hours in the water. I normally don't write reviews but this item has impressed me. I was looking for a bargain pair of waders and this pair stood out for its use of canvas fabric. The main worry I have for bargain waders is that they will leak or rip from the cheap material. I thought my feet and pants were wet when I first tried. I was surprised when I took it off. I was dry except for my sweaty clothes. 2nd trip. It was still great. 3rd and 4th trips. I went clam digging in the sand, kneeling on sharp rocks and hip deep in the sand. I cut my hands on the barnacles and this wader held up. Went for another shore fishing trip. Very pleased with this. The only problem I have is that the upper leg portion of the boot is hard to fit in pant legs. Roll the waders all the way down to the boot seam and pull them up. I received a second pair as a gift. Hope it is leak free. I got a pair 1 size up from my normal shoe size, and it has enough room for a pair of thick socks, which you'll need as this has no cushion.

11. TideWe Cleated Neoprene Waterproof Bootfoot

TideWe Cleated Neoprene Waterproof Bootfoot

If you don't know the size CHART, choose the right size. The 3.5mm neoprene upper with a tough poly / jersey shell and stretch liner and triple-finished seams makes it extra solid and durable, you will always have peace of mind that your waders will perform while out in the waters and woods. The TideWe waders have armor welded double-stitched and sealed seams, and are made of 100% waterproof material. 800 Gram 3M Thinsulate ultra insulation makes your feet warm, and the boot tread pattern provides you with better balance and traction. The simple design of the neoprene suspenders and loop attachment allow you to pull the waders on and off easily. The chest hand-warmer pocket has a small pocket inside to keep things dry.

Brand: Tidewe

👤The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the outstanding camo pattern. These were amazing because of the high quality print. I was very pleased with the comfort of the boot after putting them on. There is a lot of cushion and support. The size was correct. The shoulder straps were very nice. My last pair had plastic clips that were difficult to open. It is very easy to attach the shoulder straps with these. The wide band on the shoulder straps is something I like because they have given me back pain in the past. I was more satisfied with them once I was able to use them. They have great traction in the water and the waders kept me dry. The last pair of waders that I bought cost me more than twice as much as the TideWe ones, and were not as good as these. I highly recommend these if you are thinking about buying a new waders. Topnotch. Completely satisfied and very impressed.

👤I'm so happy with these. The quality is a little better than I thought. The cellphone case is waterproof. I ordered my normal size but was swimming in the boot. I could not walk out of the boots. I ordered a size 8 and they fit perfectly. I put on my wool socks and they fit perfectly. If you have wide feet, I would suggest ordering a smaller size.

👤I wade the cold trout streams of southeastern Minnesota all the time, I walk through bushes and trees. My last pair of neoprene waders fell apart after only a year, but these are so much nicer and half the price. I love the camp patterning for hunting and stealthy fishing in clear water, the boots are durable even walking through sharp rocks, and the extra padding on areas that get more wear, love it. You need a pair of waders that are hard on your gear.

👤I was looking for a sturdy pair of waders. The seams were put together well. There is plenty of room for adjustment and they are comfortable to wear. Your feet have a good chance of being warm in the cold water with 600 grams of Thinsulate. The slip resistant tread on the bottom will help you stand on rocks and trees. I am very happy with these waders.

👤I stayed warm and dry on opening day thanks to these waders. Some brands cost twice as much as nice brands. The job is done and the pattern is good. A little taller than the boot size. It's easy to fix with a little extra velcro. Two pairs of thick socks are needed to keep your feet from moving. Overall, very happy. I cleaned mine after the hunt. I think they will last for a long time. Update Nov 10, 2018? The weather in these was warm and the hunt was fun with a thin base layer of leggings. My friends were a little annoyed that they spent 3x as much in one case as they did for the price. These are the ones that get the job done.


What is the best product for fishing waders for men waterproof?

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What are the best brands for fishing waders for men waterproof?

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