Best Fishing Waders for Women Plus Size

Women 10 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. HISEA Upgrade Waterproof Lightweight Bootfoot

HISEA Upgrade Waterproof Lightweight Bootfoot

Pick the right size before buying. The most durable and protective waders for active outdoorsmen are the Hisa upgraded keep-dry bootfoot cleated chest waders. It is rugged and soft, and it was approved up to 10% lighter than traditional nylon. The Next Generation nylon fabrics are 2.5 times higher in knitting density than common nylon, and they are laboratory approved. The exclusive Water Intrusion Resistance (WTR) processing will help prevent water and dirt from getting into wader, and the Next Generation nylon & PVC 2-Ply upper has visible high-heat taped seams. Keep on! The upgraded waders has a dream team of features, starting with the X-back elastic fullyadjustable suspenders for quick and easy take it on/off, it also keeps the straps on your shoulders and allow maximum mobility, 2 front D-rings for accessory attachment, and a waterproof chest pocket. Each wader comes with an attached wading belt, a waterproof phone case and a hanging belt. It's best for fishing adventures, hunting, farm working, or any messy situations.

Brand: Hisea

👤First inspection and use. Wow, I have to say. I am very impressed with the quality of these waders. I was going to go north to fish this weekend and needed to order something quickly. I wanted to use the neoprene. We're out of stock in my size. Reviews for these were good. I took a chance, it's hard to find a waders under $50. These arrived in 2 days. I thought I had gotten the neoprenes when I looked at the box. A patch kit, a phone holder that can connect to the bibs, and an instruction sheet were all included. I only have about 2 hours in these, but so far so good, I wasn't able to get out fishing as much as I wanted. The fit is perfect, I like the snap belt, and the top has a drawstring. I might invest in some cushion insoles, since I forgot heavy socks. I was trying to get a stuck lure and I was up above my waist. The pants to boots seem small but I'll see how they hold up. I'll try to update more on wear and holdup when I get north for the salmon run. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for a great bargain. Fish on tight lines.

👤The first time I tried to use them, they leaked a lot. I used them to wade into the pond, where there were no rocks or anything that could have damaged the boots. The boots are very heavy. Within a few minutes, there was a small amount of water in both boots. They are useless if they are not waterproof. I received a refund after reporting the problem to the company.

👤I run a cheerleading program. We have a rubber duck race every year to raise money for our program. Every year, I wear waders. It is a new pair every year. Occasionally it rains and it is a tad murky, but we stir up the dirt a bit. I don't like things that touch me that I can't see. Waders are my safe place. The waders leak every year. I am soaked by mid-race. There are parts of the creek where it is almost chest deep. It is over with the rain. The chest is deep. Not this year. The Hisea Waders were amazing. There were no leaks! I was not hydrated. Each year, I bring a change of clothes, but I don't have to use it. I was in the water just shy of the top. And. They are pink. I bought my bestie a pair. I didn't need to reenforcement that the products from Hima are superior but they are cheap and good quality. They are excellent for Rubber Duck Wrangling. Add that to the list! Thanks for a nice day!

👤I read reviews prior to buying these waders, and read comments of the fit not matching the size. The fit is perfect for me. I weigh 270 lbs. I bought the waders in a size 12 because I wear a size 12 shoe. They fit my age spread. I suggest that you wear long pants when you get into them. The bare legs make it difficult to put on, since they stick to the inside. Long pants will fix that. The Oregon coast is where I like to surf fish.

2. TideWe Bootfoot Waterproof Fishing Hunting

TideWe Bootfoot Waterproof Fishing Hunting

Please match the size selection to your normal shoe size. If you need to wear Thick Socks, please choose one size larger than usual. The waders is lightweight because of RUGGED nylon with two-ply upper fabric, which makes it easy to fit into a backpack. You don't feel tired when fighting with big fish. 100% waterproof reliability is guaranteed by the waterproof boot attachment and taped seams. Water intrusion resistance is used to seal out water and dirt on the water. The H-back web suspenders have a flip-out chest pocket and top draw cord. They can help you solve your drying problem. The phone case is water proof. It is designed to keep you warm and dry when you are outdoors. Please refer to the size chart for the Waders sizes.

Brand: Tidewe

👤The belt is elastic at the chest opening. The hip belt can be worn as hip or chest waders. - I don't think these will stand up to a good hit, but they will stand up to everything else. It was tested by walking through a forest and brook. It is easy to wear for a long time. A man who bought the size 10 was 6 feet, 160 lbs. These are large and tall. The back cross strap would go back of my neck if I were a few inches shorter. The straps and elastic would allow you to wear the waders even if they were shorter. The smell of these does not linger long. If I leave them in my hot car for a while, the smell will go away. I expect these to last a few years without issue, which is more than expected, and is more than the ones at this price point. I reviewed a pair of chest waders.

👤Let me speak for the big guys like myself. I am a size 42 in the waist and 32 in theseam, but I was skeptical if this would fit me. You can tell I am a big guy by that measure. Even with some room to spare, these TideWe Bootfoot waders are awesome. I use them for mudding with my ATV and don't use them for fishing. They keep me dry when I'm in the deep water. The material is good. I think the quality is good for the price. I went up a size on the boot so I could fit thicker socks. I think they were trying to get rid of them because they only came to 39.99. Great purchase!

👤They were a great price and I ordered them for myself and my boyfriend. I thought we would try it out to see how much other waders cost. The boots are a little bit shorter than some of the other ones, they don't come over my calf, that's the thing that I like about them. This was important for my boyfriend and I because we are a little bit larger in the lower leg. The rubber boot came all the way over the calf and didn't stretch, so some other waders didn't work for us. They have enough room for shorts and T-shirt in the summer, and feel very sturdy. They are sturdy but not heavy. They had a place to keep your phone dry. This item is perfect for any level of fisherman.

👤Disaster response was used for search and rescue operations. The most important part of the waders was that they kept my legs dry and free of toxic chemicals due to the floodings. The front pocket was not very useful to hold a multitool, compass, and seatbelt cutter. I needed to redo the belt through the loops every time I put it on. The suspenders and belt helped for a good fit. I had to remove the belt from the Suspenders in the event of overflow as it was difficult to unbuckle 3 of them. The material of the boots was decent and they held up perfectly.

3. UPGRADE Fishing Waders Waterproof Hanger

UPGRADE Fishing Waders Waterproof Hanger

TheChest wader is made of new double-layer and waterproof material (70D nylon and PVC), providing thermoplastic stitching and welding techniques, no risk of leakage for staying in the water for a long time. You can move through the water more freely and feel less tired when fighting with big fish with the lightweight and flexible fishing wader. You can take it on/off easily with theAdjustable H-back web suspenders and quick-release buckles. It is possible to release your shoulders with upgraded widened straps. The pockets are great places to keep your stuff. They can help you solve your drying problem. More secureShoe soles are made of a non-slip surface to protect you from the water and rocks. The lighter material will help with balance control. Multi-purpose WadersUPGRADE flexible chest fishing waders can keep you dry and warm when you are fly fishing, gardening, duck hunting, pond cleaning, farm working or any other messy situation you would meet.

Brand: Upgrade

👤I thought I was buying a lower end product. I have a quality product that works better than expected. The fit is good. I can get on and off quickly. The insulation in the above ground pool was tested and I never felt cold. I would recommend this product to anyone who asks.

👤The customer service they provided was amazing despite the fact that these waders did not work for us. They quickly returned my money after seeing my review. This was unexpected and beyond what some companies do. I have changed my rating to 4 because I think you should try these waders and see if they work for you. They will work with you without any questions asked if they don't please let them know. Great customer service. It is light to wear but can rip easily. We are on our knees a lot in the plumbing industry. This material does not allow for this type of work. Within an hour.

👤I have 3 grievances. 1. On the second day of wearing, while wading in a marsh, they got a rip in them from a plant or stick. This is bad luck and shouldn't happen to most people. 2. Sometimes boots are hard to fit into because of the way they are folded. Over time, should improve. 3. One of the straps on your neck can be a problem. This is very annoying, but not useless. If I hadn't gotten ripped on the second use of my waders, I would be 4 stars.

👤I have been using the waders daily for a couple weeks now. They keep me dry, which is what they're supposed to do. They are on the short side. I'm 6 feet tall and the inseam of these waders is not very effective for me. The crotch of the waters is tight against me and the belt is still at my buttocks. It is ok to walk in them but it is difficult to climb up the river bank because of how tightly the legs of the waders are. I could have used more on the inseam of the waders.

👤Over the years, I have owned a number of waders. I will need these for getting into my pond. They came with a waist strap and hook to hang up your boots after use. They feel great on my feet. I will take care of them after they are used.

👤We received our wader's. I was very happy with the purchase. Appropriate price range for the quality. Good quality for our purpose. It is packaged and fits to the size. Put them to the test to see if they work. I was dry and comfortable all day. Not suitable for mucking around in swampy areas, but great for dock setting and fishing as being in the water constantly will keep you cool. Would purchase again if necessary, but not for a long time. The price is excellent for the quality of the Wader's, so I will give this a 5*.

4. Dark Lightning Breathable Insulated Stockingfoot

Dark Lightning Breathable Insulated Stockingfoot

It's lightweight and Breathable. Heavy duty and high quality. The front water-proof pocket is convenient. The fit is comfortable and the design is great. There is no risk to buy. Please contact them if you have a quality issue.

Brand: Dark Lightning

👤I decided to return the nylon/pvc boot waders that I purchased. They were very hot and they didn't allow good movement. The straps on my shoulders were trying to slip off, but I had to tighten them so they wouldn't give me a wedgie. The waders have no problems. The shoulder straps are elastic and they allow great movement. There is a night and day difference. The hand warmer material is very nice and the front pocket is large. The mesh on the front is not stretchy, but it seems to be ok. I will update my posting after I return from my fishing trip. I will be hiking in rough terrain. It should be a good test. I would recommend this product to anyone. The extra large fit is perfect for me, as I am 6'2” 230 pounds. I am very happy with the waders. They did well. It was very comfortable and there were no leaks. I hiked up and down the river for three miles at a time, but I was not sweaty. I went through thick brush and they held up. I liked the hand warmer pocket. I have no negative comments about them. They seem to last a long time. Time will tell.

👤Very impressed. I decided to try these after puncturing a more expensive set on a stick in the woods. I was very impressed. I used them for trout fishing that was a lot of walking through woods and streams. I would buy them again and not waste my money on sets I've been buying for years at 3x this price because they held up better than I expected. I wear felt boots over the socks, not sure why everyone doesn't wear boots of some type. I think they are a bit smaller than most brands. I wore thermals underneath and a heavy sweatshirt and it was a perfect fit, even though I didn't have much room to spare. I liked the tighter fit and didn't find it restrictive. I would definitely buy these waders again because I am satisfied with them from a guy that fishes a lot and travels through rugged woods to get to the streams.

👤If you are a fisherman who fishes to catch fiah and doesn't show off some brand name gear, look no further. I've used them all spring. They hold up well. It's nice to have so many pockets.

👤The size of the waders is a significant problem so I rated this transaction low. After carefully taking all the relevant measurements, I scanned the chart provided and selected the size I wanted, then increased it by 2. I couldn't get them on because they didn't fit. One measure was too large, the other two were too small and the third was too small. I returned them. I don't recommend buying these waders until the company redesigns the measure ratios and makes the product to the specific ratios of a typical person. I'm 5'7", 200 lbs and ordered a large.

5. FISHINGSIR Bootfoot Waterproof Insulated Breathable

FISHINGSIR Bootfoot Waterproof Insulated Breathable

Pick the right size before buying. The Keep Dry Chest Waders were made of nylon with waterproof fabric. The next generation nylon fabrics have a knitting density of about 2. It is 5 times higher than common nylon. They are certain that the Water Intrusion Resistance processing will help prevent water and dirt from getting into the wader. Go on! The Keep Dry Chest Waders come with H-back suspenders, high-quality quick release buckles, 2 front D-rings for accessory attachment, and a flip-out chest pocket to organize personal belongings. FISHINGSIR Keep Dry Chest Waders were designed to keep dry and warm.

Brand: Fishingsir

👤I'm a PhD student in biology. I stepped into an illegal beaver trap while wearing these waders. The trap got through the middle of my foot. My foot did not break even though the boot broke. The EMTs had to cut my boot off so the waders wouldn't survive. The waders kept me dry through the high swamp water. The waterproof phone case that came with the waders allowed me to have my phone on me when I was out of town. I am a 5'5" female with 135 lbs and ordered a size 6 that fit as well as I could hope for. I will definitely be ordering another pair for my next season even though I'm out for the rest of the field season. Don't wade alone and stay safe out there. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I got these for a place where people ride four wheelers and get muddy and dirty. I didn't want to get a neoprene one. These fit perfectly. I weighed 160 lbs and had a foot size of 6-7. I got the men and women. They fit me perfectly. They did a great job all day. It came with a phone pouch and patching glue. These are a good investment. I liked these better than my academy waders. I was able to stay cool. I wore a lot of layers for riding around in 40 degree weather. These boots were thin and durable. I am happy. Everyone was asking where I got them. I told them here. You have a loyal customer. I have gotten these no problem. Still going strong. There were no tears or rips.

👤Why did I purchase this? I can go fishing with my husband. I'm serious. So. I had to return a pair of waders I bought because they were too tall. There is no issue with quality. I ordered the full wader "suit" because I thought I would need to return it as well. Nope! I'm 5'1", 175 pounds, 12-14 pant, 16-18 shirt, and I'm a person. These are the waders that fit me. I ordered the size 6 because I wear a 7 1/2 shoe. I have not had the chance to use them yet, but I was thrilled that they fit. The quality is decent for the price. Compared to waders purchased from sporting goods stores. I will update if there is an issue after wearing. It is a little heavy and it isn't that comfortable, so I gave it a 4 and not a 5 stars. There is an update! I wore them all day. We fished for 8 hours in Lake Isabella. I was completely dry. I recommend it very highly because I got used to it. Be sure to wear "booties". I felt every single rock on my feet. There were no holes in the suit. My husband wants one now. I'm going to order it soon.

👤The first time these boots were used for fishing, they leaked. They leaked the first time they were worn, and worse than the first pair. I don't want to patch boots that are new. Returned for the money. Will not purchase again. Going to go with a well known brand.

6. Frogg Toggs Action Jacket XX Large

Frogg Toggs Action Jacket XX Large

Made with Frogg Toggs, it is lightweight and waterproof. The jacket has an open-waist design and a tuck-away hood with E-Z Push cord locks. The front zip has a storm flap that keeps water out. The hand warmer pockets have been designed to provide added comfort and storage. The range of motion is improved by the ranga sleeves.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤I bought this rain jacket for my backpacking trip. I didn't have the funds to go crazy on a high end jacket, but I didn't want to be caught without one in a bind. Didn't get a drop of rain, so I took the jacket out west. However- We see rain more than we don't in Ohio. I wear this jacket all the time. The thing is amazing. I stay completely dry.

👤I tried the large because I wanted a little extra room to wear over clothes or a sweater, but it was too big for me. It was perfect returned for a medium. I use this while hiking or riding ATVs and wanted to be able to wear it over other clothes and the medium is perfect for that. The quality is much better than I thought. It is very stiff but I kept rolling it up in a ball and it loosened up a bit after wearing it for the first time. I weigh about 150-150 pounds.

👤I wear a size 16 or 18. I ordered the xxl size to make sure there was enough room over clothes. The jacket was not tight in the shoulders and upper chest. The jacket could not be zip up because it wouldn't meet in the middle, but the sleeves were a little long, but not bad. It was too small in the hips and lower waist. I was disappointed. I needed something light and compact to store in the motorcycle for my husband and I both love Frog Toggs.

👤This was not the same as my Frogg Toggs Rain jacket, which is comfortable, works and feels great. This one was very similar to a brown paper grocery bag. It was large in the chest and shoulders and tight around the waist. The jacket was not what I was looking for.

👤When I found this jacket, I was excited, but I was disappointed when I got it. It looks cheap and doesn't fit at all. I ordered a size up just to be sure and there is no way I can close this thing. When you can't close the jacket, what use is it? I will purchase hiking gear and clothes locally after learning my lesson. Cheap Chinese merchandise with a poor fit doesn't do you any good when you are backpacking or hiking.

👤I have worn the jacket a few times in the spring. The jacket is waterproof. I washed the jacket according to the instructions, but I can't figure out why it still has an unpleasant odor. When I wear it out, I will have to spray myself with Febreeze. It would be great if the jacket had a sewn in tag so I could dry it after wearing it.

👤The rain jacket is very nice. The material is very thin. It's holding up even after a month of wearing in heavy downpours. The inside does not sweat. It's not warm so need to layer up. The material is not very comfortable but you get used to it. Hopefully it lasts.

7. Frogg Toggs Bootfoot Chest Outsole

Frogg Toggs Bootfoot Chest Outsole

The boot has a felt outsole. The upper has a waterproof boot attachment and 100% taped seams. H-back suspenders with quick release buckles. The chest pocket has a top draw cord.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤I bought these for trout fishing. I decided on the 13 boot size, but I should have gone larger. The waders came up to my waist by a couple of inches. Returning these and going with full length neoprene. The torso is more likely a good fit for someone who is 5'5” than 6'3” because the shoes fit fine.

👤They are light compared to the neoprene ones. The felt soles are a game-changer for someone who is clumsy. If you have thick socks in the cold water, you should get a half size bigger than your normal shoe size. I have tried to catch theses in my cast but have yet to pierce the waders.

👤The calf area is too narrow for a big guy.

👤It was funny to see him trying to put them on. He is happy now that they seem to fit.

👤The first day my boyfriend wore them, they leaked. His right leg was wet. I bought Frog Toggs for him because I heard good things about it. We were both very disappointed in them.

👤This is a great purchase. I bought the cloth soul and not the cleats. The comfort of the waders was very good.

👤I try to avoid Made in China items. I was disappointed to learn that these were made in China. Otherwise, it would be a 5-star item.

👤The straps could be a bit stronger. The felts work well on slippery rocks. They are a good buy if they hold up.

👤Good for the price. Have used it a few times and have no issues.

8. Frogg Toggs Bootfoot Cleated Outsole

Frogg Toggs Bootfoot Cleated Outsole

The boot has cleated soles. The upper has a waterproof boot attachment and 100% taped seams. H-back suspenders with quick release buckles. The chest pocket has a top draw cord.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤I bought the waders in the middle of June so I could go fishing on the Kenai river in Alaska at the end of July. I noticed my left foot was getting cold after a couple of hours in the river. After leaving the river, my left boot was full of water so they were useless for further fishing. I had to buy some neoprene waders in Soldotna to keep fishing. I returned home from Alaska last night hoping to exchange these for future use, but I found my return window closed. It was very disappointing! I didn't give them any stars because there wasn't an option to give less than one star. Maybe it was just the pair I had that was faulty, but they came very close to ruining the trip!

👤Waders run very small. It was made in China. It's a problem that you have to order according to your boot size. I didn't want to sit in these waders because I would tear the ass out of them. Will give them to my nephew.

👤I used these for fishing in Alaska. I ordered a size 10 because I wanted to double up on wool socks. After fishing for over 10 hours a day for 4 days, these kept me dry. The only downside to using these waders with rubber boots is that the water pressure squeezes hard on your feet when the water is waist-high. The pressure from the water was ok.

👤I bought these a year ago and have worn them a number of times, but they are leaking. I kept them indoors. Disappointed. My last Frogg Toggs leaked after a couple of years, but lasted longer.

👤I fished in my local lake 3 times. The first trip was what I needed for the few trips I do before getting the boat out. They sprung a leak on my left thigh on the second trip because I was folded for shipping. Water came in at least 5 different places on the third trip. The legs from my toes to my belt were soaked. I don't know if I got a bad pair of shoes or if they are not designed to be in waist deep water for more than a few minutes. I will most likely be buying a different brand of waders after returning them.

👤There were no leaks when I fished a cold spring river for walleye. What do you want from a pair of waders? Don't buy these if you're looking for something to spend a lot of time in, or if you're going to walk a lot on dry land to get to your destination. If you need to put in a pier or just spend a few hours in a river or marsh now and then, this is a good use of $40.

👤The Frogg Toggs worked well for me. I am a below-the- knee amputee and ordered a larger shoe than I normally wear. It was easier to get my artificial leg into the Frogg Toggs. I keep them on my boat in my garage and today I found a mouse chewed a hole in the heel. Oh, /sigh. I will be ordering a new mouse as the manufacturer is not to blame for the mouse chewing on the heel.

9. Frogg Toggs Bootfoot Cleated Outsole

Frogg Toggs Bootfoot Cleated Outsole

There are boots with cleated or felt soles. The upper has waterproof welded boot attachment and waterproof taped seams. The belt leashes have elastic stride flex and quick-release locking buckles.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤I don't write reviews. I wanted to give some clarification after using them for two fly fishing outings, so I am taking my time to do so now. I grew up fly fishing with my dad and grandpa in Idaho. The canvas hip waders were only worn by us. I was looking for a couple of pairs of them this year and found some cheaper ones. I've used them for two fishing trips. They are not a rule leak. If you get a pair that leaks, return them for another pair. The boots are not as supportive as the canvas waders. I highly recommend following others' advice and buying some running insoles. Are they necessary? The bottoms of your feet will be sore after a day of fishing. I woke up the next morning with my feet sore after my first trip out with them. No more sore feet were added after the running insoles were added. They hold up well to walking through brush, crawling over downed trees, sliding down a rocky embankment, etc. I haven't yet puncture mine. They are easy to put on and take off. You can pull off the canvas ones with one hand. They don't breathe, that's what makes them waterproof. They are not as well insulated as the canvas waders so you feel the water more. They run true to their size. I wear a size 11 shoe. I ordered a size 11 waders. Hope this helps! I have switched from the canvas waders to these.

👤I have fished in these boots a half dozen times and walked many miles a day while fishing and can honestly say they are very comfortable, even though they are a size too big. I would recommend these boots to anyone who is against them. If you buy these boots, make sure you size according to actual foot size as I generally go between a 9 and a 10 depending on manufacturers, my actual size is a 9 and I picked 10's when I bought these boots. I can only imagine how comfortable they would have been if I had picked the correct size. I am happy with Boot as they get me off the banks and into the water closer to where I wast to cast.

👤The water feature of the koi pond requires cleaning. The pond is lined with rocks. Very slippery! The felt bottomed waders were perfect for me. I did not slip once. I wore knee high boots and was sure I would meet my demise trying to clean the pond. I noted in at least one other review that the felt soles start to come off after a few uses. I only used mine for two days. There are no problems yet. Time may tell. I didn't want to pay a lot as they aren't used that often and will get trashed My old knee high boots were more expensive than these. I was safe and dry in the waders. The straps/fastex buckles are durable. The boots of the waders are comfortable. I bought high quality insoles that I used to improve the support and comfort. I wore them all day for 2 days in a row. It was comfortable. If I were fishing, scrambling on stream banks, hiking in to streams, they might be less comfortable. For cleaning a pond right out my door, they work great. They fit me well. Not long or short. So. Why only 3 stars with all my positive comments? These perform at a 4-5 star level for light duty. But OmIGOSH! They stun! I was surprised that no one had complained about it in other reviews. I would give them 0 stars based on smell. The smell is strong and pervasive. I am not sensitive to odors, but these are in a class all their own. I couldn't bring them inside the house. The jeans I wore made the smell worse and now smell the same. I can never wear jeans again because of the smell. My washer and laundry room now smell after I tried to wash it out. I hope those will go away soon. The jeans will be kept in the garage next to the waders. What is in these things that make this smell so bad? I was afraid to wear them into the pond because I was wondering how much chemical is in the water. It is that bad. I would pay twice as much to avoid this smell again. It is not good to inhale. March 2021. The smell went away from my laundry room. It lingered for a few days. The smell in the garage lingered for a month or so but has been gone for a few months. I will try to keep the review up to date once I reopen the pond in May. We will see how bad they are. I am not sure if I would feel right wearing these into a lake or stream as an avid outdoors person.

10. RUNCL Chest Waders

RUNCL Chest Waders

If you want a better fit, you can watch the video titled "how to choose the perfect fitting chest waders" in the photo section or video section, and then check out the size chart to choose the best fitting waders with boots. The fishing waders are lightweight and durable, made with a reinforced nylon outer layer and ripstop PVC inside. All internal seams of the waders for men or women are sewn with extra-wide seam-seal tape for 100% watertight reliability, locks water out, and keeps you fresh. A wading belt prevents flooding and the waterproof chest waders are fitted with high sides and a drawstring top. The foam board hooks lure or flies; a chest pocket with a splash-tight seal for license, keys and valuables, together with 2 flip-out side pockets, offers quick access to frequently used items, saving valuable moments on the water. The boots are built-in. The heavy-duty booties have non-slip grippers on the bottom of them to keep them from shifting inside boots, and are shaped for all-day comfort. If you need to wear thick socks or have wide feet, they recommend choosing one or two larger sizes.

Brand: Runcl

👤I am 6'1" Wear a 40 jean on most days. I carry my weight in my gut. I ordered the largest size they have. I tried them on after they came in the mail. In east central Alabama the temperature is 92 degrees with 372 percent humidity. I was sweaty and the rubber liner stuck to me as I tried to put them on. The top of the waders hit just above my belly button after I rolled them up over my belly. I looked like a big pack of jimmy dean breakfast sausage because the belt loops were so tight. I couldn't bend over in them without busting every seam. The boots were large. I was not concerned about that part. They seem to be decent for the money. They are very light. If you have a good stout and a can of crisco, you can get in and out of them.

👤I don't know how I've been fishing without them. They keep me warm and nice. I don't have to change my clothes for the ride home anymore. When I'm done, slip them on over my clothes. Love that they have pockets. No need to worry about getting the tackle bag wet. It's enough to keep my essentials on me. There are 3 pockets. Left pocket for my soft baits, right pocket for my hard baits, waterproof middle for my phone/leader, and small box of terminal tackle. The left/right pockets hold 2 bags of soft plastic. I usually wear a 7.5 shoe, but I went with a 7.

👤I have been using a great quality fishing wader that is light in weight and has non slip boots so you don't fall while walking around while fishing. If you hit something in the water, you don't have to worry about getting wet because they are abrasive resistant, which is my new favorite go to waders.

👤I put my hand inside the pocket and felt how much space there was. I was very careful to insert my hand into this pocket. I tried to zip the pocket closed but it ripped even further. Imagine standing in the surf and a small wave hitting your leg, tearing the wader open. The seller is bombarding me with emails asking me to take the review down, assuring me they changed manufacturers, even though I got my refund with no hassle.

👤I was impressed with the fit, the heavy gauge of materials used, and the quality of the construction of the waders. It has performed perfectly so far, I've used it twice. The boots on the feet are very tight, which is the reason I did not give it 5 stars. Even though I bought it a bigger size, it is still a bit tight, and after about an hour and a half in the water, my toes were starting to hurt a bit. If you decide to purchase these waders, I recommend you choose at least one shoe size larger. I don't have long toes or wide feet. The lines are tight.

11. OXYVAN Waterproof Lightweight Fishing Bootfoot

OXYVAN Waterproof Lightweight Fishing Bootfoot

The OXYVAN Fishing Waders for Men with boots are made of 70D nylon and PVC mixed material and have a welded seam, which makes them 100% No Water Leak. The OXYVAN chest waders are more flexible in water and lighter in weight because of the new 70Dnylon and PVC material. There is no chance of falling out when you bend or lie, and the inside pocket with hook and loop can store your belongings. OXYVAN provides free hooks and Oxford bags to users. A non-slip sole with a thick material keeps you safe in the water, lighter material and belts help with balance control, and there is a belt for every position. Adding a reinforced shoe vamp will protect you from punctures. The OXYVAN hunting waders have a tread pattern that gives you better balance and traction on wet and muddy surfaces. OXYVAN drapes are suitable for most purposes, they are suitable for fly fishing, duck hunting, working in your garden, cleaning your pond, farm working and other messy situation you would meet. For one month, after-sale service is guaranteed. Send emails and take pictures if the waders are not good. They will help you find a replacement. You can receive the new waders soon.

Brand: Oxyvan

👤The first time I wore them, they leaked in the crotch. The poorly sealed seam was obvious when I felt the leak when I got to crotch depth. I think I can seal them up because it wasn't a bad leak. The seller contacted me and sent me a new pair. I can't test them until late April or May next year when the lakes open up, because it is winter. You can't beat customer service. I will update the star rating after testing these, and will do so based on what happens. Pair #2 was completely waterproof, so things up.

👤I wore them for a day in the pond. The boots were big and the mud sucked at them. The looseness of the fit puts stress at the seam of the fabric and boot. This is the smallest size they have. I wear a size 7 women's. I'm going to see if I can get a snugger fit with a pair of water shoes inside. The leaks are small. I don't know where it is coming from. Not enough for a full boot of water but definitely a leak somewhere in both boots around the same time period, which I find weird after a few hours of wear. I am pulling weeds in a foot of mud. I fell in and the high wasted draw string was perfect for my 5'2” frame. I was covered in mud on the outside, but dry and clean on the inside, after I got back onto my feet. The boots would be perfect if they were a better fit. They seem to be 1-2 inches bigger than a women's shoe size. I need to know if the soles are coming apart or if the boots have been compromised. I will have to figure it out. Maybe duct tape can help? There is a hanging belt that snaps together to hang the belt up from the waist. I like the waders.

👤I took out a dock and boat lift on the lake wearing these. I had to bend over a bit to wrench the wheels up. I ripped the suspenders that were attached to the wader. The stitching doesn't seem to be reinforced strongly after looking at it. There was not a lot of resistance on the suspenders when bending over. These should be okay for limited activities or standing straight up and down in the water. I don't recommend these for working in the water.

👤My husband was kept dry. It was warm in the ice water. He was out for a while. The perfect solution came quickly.

👤I bought these on sale because I was looking for a pair of rubber waders to upgrade the rubber ones I received years ago. I wouldn't want to put too many clothes on under these. They should be good for the money if you wait to get in the water.

👤There is an update. These didn't make it two years of moderate use. The tiny leaks in one leg didn't affect much at all. For no apparent reason, a gusher opened up in the other leg this week. It wasn't that cold yesterday, but sitting in the marsh with one foot completely soaked and in about 2 inches of water was less than pleasant. I didn't expect much for the price, so I wasn't upset. I got what I paid for. Will it last more than 4 to 5 times as long? Maybe, maybe not. These are ok, but look at them as semi-disposable and not something that will last you a long time. The Waders were a great choice and they were sized as described. The boots aren't special, but they don't cost much either. They do a good job for a good price. You've come out ahead if they last a couple seasons. You can get something that lasts twice as long. You will pay four times the cost.


What is the best product for fishing waders for women plus size?

Fishing waders for women plus size products from Hisea. In this article about fishing waders for women plus size you can see why people choose the product. Tidewe and Upgrade are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing waders for women plus size.

What are the best brands for fishing waders for women plus size?

Hisea, Tidewe and Upgrade are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing waders for women plus size. Find the detail in this article. Dark Lightning, Fishingsir and Frogg Toggs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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