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1. Hisea Neoprene Waterproof Breathable Insulated

Hisea Neoprene Waterproof Breathable Insulated

The most durable and protective waders are designed for active outdoorsmen. The 4.5mm chest waders are waterproof. These waterproof waders are ideal for protecting your clothing and providing an extra layer of warmth in cold water or mud. It's made of 4.5mm neoprene laminated to nylon jersey and stretch liner, and it's strong and durable, so you can stay out of the water. The rubber boots come with cleated soles for better traction, and are lined with 600 grams of 3M Thinsulate Ultra insulation to help block out the cold. They made sure the exclusive Water Intrusion Resistance processing would help prevent water and dirt from getting into the waders, because they were 100% waterproof. The chest bootfoot wader is filled with water and hung to dry. The wader is ready to be shipped. The waders have a dream-team list of user-friendly features, starting with a hand-warmer pocket, which is move-free, and 8 shell holders on the front of the waders. There is an authorized next corona. Pick the right size before purchasing, if you don't know the size CHART, you'll end up buying something that's not the right size. It handles even the toughest work and sports situations. Each wader will come with a phone pouch and one year of quality assurance, which they love.

Brand: Hisea

👤I got these yesterday. I am very impressed with the quality. I like the pattern of camouflage. The lined inside makes them easy to put on. There are extra rings, pouches, and other things. They are thought out. I'm 66 years old and I'm six feet tall. I ordered a size 12 because I didn't want to have problems getting into the boot or have them be uncomfortable, even though I wear a size 11 boot. I could have ordered a bigger size. The boots are soft and comfortable. The coat would have to be worn over the waders because they are close to the chest. My previous waders had a very stiff boot that made me uncomfortable and it was made by another manufacturer. The belt is placed too low for me. The belt sits like a hip hugger when the waders are pulled into my crotch. I wouldn't normally wear a belt with waders, but I would have tried it. I will remove the belt. The design of these waders should make them warmer than non neoprene ones. When compared to other offerings, they are a great value. I was hesitant to buy them because of few reviews. I am happy that I did. I hunted turkey in the swamps of central Florida. I used them to get the boat to the swamp islands. They are comfortable, easy to get on and off, have good cleats on the boots, and don't leak. They could be repaired with wetsuit cement if I ever tear them. Still very pleased.

👤I bought based on the reviews. I couldn't agree more after trying them on. They are very cheap. Cheap materials and even seams. The thinsulate logo on the boots makes me think they are fake, but I can't prove it. There is too much material in the crotch and it folds over itself and feels like a 2x4 pinched between your thighs. The shoulder straps are loose and the pads are flopping around making it very annoying. I have a size 11 shoe. I ordered the 11 boots and they fit, but they weren't worth the problems with everything else. I returned them. I can get the base Cabela's model for the same price. I think I will get a pair of lacrosse.

👤The quality of the chest Waders is very good and they are very affordable. There is a The good thing about the insulation factor is that it can be used to keep you warm while standing in cold water or to keep you cool while being fully exposed to the sun. I'm pretty sure these waders would keep you dry and comfortable on those miserably cold wet days. The hand warming pockets are large and easy to fit gloved hands in. I used the 8 Shot Shell holders this morning even though I was not hunting. I was throwing a few lures at the Largemouth Bass as I carry the lures I prefer in some clear plastic tubes which were easily accessible and secure after slipping them into the shot shell holders. There is a pocket inside the waders that could be used to keep other items safe. There is a The 600 gram Thinsulate Ultra insulation and the cleated rubber boots will keep your feet warm and dry while standing in an ice cold trout stream. There is a I recommend the HISEA Chest Waders to anyone who wants to remain warm, dry and comfortable in a wet environment, whether they plan to use them for Hunting, Fishing or any other activity. Happy hunting and fishing. There is a person named Burt.

2. Bassdash Strength Fishing Hunting Waders

Bassdash Strength Fishing Hunting Waders

The heavy duty model is constructed with 600 denier nylon fabric out layer that resists thorns and abrasion, while the inner PVC coating ensures they remain 100% watertight. The ripstop plaid fabric has been improved in strength and elasticity, and is heat sealed on the inside, which makes it more resistant to water. The mesh lining makes it easier to take off the wader. Three-dimensional cutting makes it easier to bend the knee, while the front leg seams allow unprecedented mobility and eliminate seams in critical inner leg wear zones. Other features include elastic suspenders for maximum comfort, a belt with a quick-release buckle, D ring gear attachment on waist tabs, and anatomically engineered boot feet with deep tread. Every pair of the waders is tested for maximum performance and designed to protect itself from water in the sea, in lakes, rivers, marshes, and more.

Brand: Bassdash

👤100% transparency. These are the real things. I own 4 chest waders and have owned many in the past. The most heavy duty waders I have tried are by far these. Even though they are small, they don't feel bulky. I try to take care of my gear, but I have a lot of it and I am confident it will last through the long haul. I will cut the boots out and wear them as rain bibs with waterproof boots underneath, because I feel they will wear out long before the actual waders. I really want to rate them at 5 stars, but I can't because of 2 reasons. The boots could use a little insulation, with the waders being so HD they will naturally be a touch warmer. Reason 2. People like me are not comfortable with the size. I wear a size 10 shoe. I need a large to fit their chart, but it's not what I received. There would be plenty of room in these if I were a big beer gut and stood 6'3". Adult sized feet are still needed for the size. It's important to pay attention to the foot size, and know at least the Large size. It's still worth the investment. My friends will be suggested by me.

👤I read reviews about the Large Long Feet and ordered them. I am 6'2” and weigh 220, I have an 11 1/2 shoe size. The biggest shoe size for a large is the LLF10-11, which is why I got it. My feet are tight and the waders are large. They are a little baggy but usable. The LLF would fit a man with a big frame. The shoe size is a match to their descriptions, but the waders are 2 sizes above what is listed. The large is too big for me and a medium would be better. I would fit a Medium Long Feet 11 but they don't offer it. There is a chart that shows a Large Long Feet but it is not in the options to purchase. If you are reading, you need to adjust your size and offer larger shoe sizes for most people. I was expecting a lighter material, but the waders are heavier than I expected. I was hoping for a lighter material because that can be good for long term use. I already have a pair of waders for fishing. I'm not sure if I should return them. If you are lucky enough to fit their size, these are good quality waders, but they don't have the correct size for me and most people.

👤Lack of boot sizes leads to bad fit and excessive material. I had to order a size that I could swim in to get a boot that fit me. I ordered a size 12 boot and it is closer to 13 The boot openings are narrow and I had to put my sweats in my socks to keep them from getting above the boot. I am an average sized guy, 6 foot, 200 lbs, 46 inch chest, 34 inch waist, 32 inch inseam, and size 12 shoe. I had to fold the excess material over when I was swimming inside the waders because I had to pull them to my back. The waders appeared to be made of quality materials and looked good, with solid seams, good tread on the boots, and waterproof pockets. The mesh interior helped prevent them from sticking to you. I was expecting a better fit for the price. I will be looking for a more form fitting option after returning them.

3. Frogg Toggs Cascades Bootfoot Cleated

Frogg Toggs Cascades Bootfoot Cleated

The upper is made of 2-ply rubber and 300-denier polyester. Seams are taped together. The boots have a steel shank. The web belt leash has locking quick-release buckles.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤I needed some boots for a fishing trip. I had been fishing for trout for over a year when my boots cracked. I took a chance on these boots and they held up. To get to one of my favorite spots, I had to walk about a mile through a path with tree limbs, rocks, and roots. I didn't slip on the smooth rocks I fished on. I tripped over a root while walking back to my car and fell on some rocks. My left knee was cut and bleeding, but the boots were undamaged. I don't know how they would hold up over many trips like that, but they did the job for me.

👤I wear them for work. I like the construction of these boots. My upper thighs are not too big. I mention this because I read in a review that the tops are tight, big sized people and those wearing thick insulated pants should not order these boots. If your waist size is under 38 and you are wearing thick work pants or un-insulated genes, you should be fine. I am buying a second pair for the same price. At this point I have worn them doing moderate heavy work and will update this at the end of the season in 2022.

👤I have exchanged them 2 times and they still leak. I can not give any stars.

👤Both boots cracked after 8 months.

👤I've put a lot of miles on them. They should be stored in the shade or inside a pickup cab to prevent them from being sun-baked. There is no better hip wafer for money.

👤Exactly what my husband wanted. He uses them for fishing. He was saved from falling.

👤On a recent fishing trip, it worked great. It is very comfortable and durable.

👤My husband uses them for salmon fishing and he is happy with them.

4. Night Cat Waterproof Breathable Lightweight

Night Cat Waterproof Breathable Lightweight

The nylon fabric is coated with a two-ply upper fabric that is strong and waterproof. The boots and pants are integrated so that they don't leak. Breathable and lightweight, keep you dry. SkidproofDurable boots with anti-slipping outsole let it stable while wading. The anti-abrasion technology increases the service life. It is suitable for different shape body because of theAdjustable waist belt and H-back suspenders. It is easy to put on and take off with the quick release buckles. It is possible to carry some small items in the front pocket. Care and Prompt Customer Service. After using fresh water, hang it in the shade to dry and not expose it to the sun. If you have a workmanship problem, please contact them first for a solution.

Brand: Night Cat

👤I had to leave a review on this pair of waders because I was a bit skeptical at first. I think the low price made me second guess myself, but I am now a spokesman. I got another pair of name brand shoes from my girlfriend last year and they were very large and made me look bloated. I tried them on right away after they arrived in the mail. They fit perfectly. I'm a size 12 and 36 waist, they are light weight and I love the side straps for further adjustments. A pair of slim fitting waders are what they are. My brother and girlfriend should get them. I can't wait to hit up the rainbow trout on the river road in January, I need good looking lightweight gear here in Texas. It was a good experience fishing. Thank you.

👤This is a great product. I did some minor work on the Jeep just to get a feel for them after I got them. The thick socks fit well with the boots. I tend to run very hot and sweat a bit as I wore them around in 70 degree temperatures, that is what it is to be expected. The first day was very comfortable and the size was good, even though the wife had a few laughs. All of the mobility is there. I have no leaks so far and will update as they use the hunting and fishing trips that are planned.

👤I was shopping for something that I didn't know what I needed. I live in an area with a lot of creek, rivers and swamps and wanted to go fishing for panfish and bass in the fall. I found these because of the great price. They arrived a day early, took them out and they are very nice and well designed. All the seems were very thick and tightly sewn. I found a mesh lining inside which seems to add a huge level of comfort as I think sweating inside without them would not be a great time. It's not cold here yet. I can tell these will protect against the cold water in the late fall. They fit perfectly, the shoes, legs and waist were all perfect. The boots are heavy enough to wade in when the water is faster but light enough to not hamper walking. It's a pity that the slick bottom boots wouldn't work here because of the slippery mud. The water proof design of the pocket and the zip up design make it perfect for keeping my phone and fishing license document. I am very impressed and recommend this set to anyone who is new to waders, they lack a lot of thoughtful design and are much higher priced.

👤There is a video of a night cat. Getting my money's worth is definitely something I want. There is a full boot, rubber lined and fabric outside. It holds warmth very well. I did not go wrong giving them a shot.

5. Brown Fishing Wader Cleated Outsole

Brown Fishing Wader Cleated Outsole

The construction is heat welded and sealed with a free insole. The weight is 30% lighter and more durable than rubber. More flexibility and less chafing than rubber wader. The traction out sole of the boot works well in mud and sand. They have enough room for a bigger thigh if you order the same size with your shoe size.

Brand: Duck & Fish

👤These hip waders were purchased by me. I thought that my review could help other people who are considering the product. Light weight, easy to get on and off, seems durable, but question how well the snaps will hold up. They look okay. The foot is large for me. I ordered the 11 because I wear a size 10. I wore a pair of insulated boots and 2 pairs of socks. There is plenty of room there. There is no cushion for your feet. I added some leftover wading boot inserts to make them more comfortable. I haven't tried them yet, but they should take up some space and give you a better feel for your feet. The boots are wide at the upper portion of rubber above the foot, which makes them easy on and off. I compared it to a set of chest waders of similar material, and this pair of hip waders measures one inch more than the chest waders across the rubber above the foot. Hope this helps you. Tom.

👤If you want to wear at least two pairs of very heavy socks, I would recommend ordering one size smaller. I ordered my normal size 13 and have over an inch of sliding room.

👤The boots arrived in a timely fashion. They look nice. I tried them on. When I took my feet out, the insoles were stuck to my feet, causing them to tear. I haven't tried the boots in water yet. I have to buy insoles for a new item. They should make a few trips before something happens. Not even 60 seconds after getting them.

👤The cut is easy on and off. I love these animals. I use them to cross streams for hunting. When I get to the other side, I take them off and hide them. All season, no leaks. It's comfortable enough to walk in without blisters. I was expecting them to be a little large, which they are. Good traction on rocks. Hope to have them for a long time.

👤I ordered these because I was worried about how they would fit in my thigh. These were the best option. The boot portion of the wader is very high and I couldn't get them to pull up over my calves. I've had many pairs of boots over the years, but these were the strangest I've ever encountered. I couldn't get them to pull up properly even with sweatpants on. I am going back.

👤If you are sitting or driving, they will not fold down and stay in place. I tried on these in June. August 6th is today. I put them on to find the problem. I don't think the boot tops will hold up. I will cut the top off and use them as knee high boots since my return date is long past. If you want to leave your hip waders up all the time, this is the boot for you. I wish someone would have worn me.

6. TIDEWE Breathable Insulated Insulation Waterproof

TIDEWE Breathable Insulated Insulation Waterproof

The nylon shell is Breathable and Warm. The 120g of insulation is quilted form uniform warmth. The 1200 gram Thinsulate insulated boot has a chance of keeping your feet warm. 100% waterproofTideWe feature double-stitched and sealed seams, as well as polyurethane-coated leggings, all of which give extra protection and make sure there is no leak. Premium quality material guarantee and 3 layer fabric construction provide superior durability and performance. 600D Reinforced Shin is found in the knee and seat area. TideWe added a steel shank between the insole and outsole of the boot to provide added support andDurability to the sole. The boot tread pattern provides you with better balance and traction on wet and muddy surfaces, and the boot is easy to take off. The simple design of the suspenders allow you to pull the waders on and off easily. Hand-warmer pockets keep your hands warm. You can keep your stuff dry with a front storage pocket. The belt that holds the 12 shells is easily accessible for quick reloading.

Brand: Tidewe

👤I chose these because of the positive reviews. I only use these for duck and goose hunting. I usually wear a size 9 shoe, but I went with the 8 in these waders because they have plenty of room with heavy pants and wader socks. The chest area was snug. I'm built like Barney Rubble. My main hunt partner wears a brand that rhymes with a common yard tool and is about twice the price, but the Tidewe waders had all the features he had. My last hunt was in the snow and wind. There is a bug in a rug. My hands were not the same as my story. Highly recommended for the cost and features. I only had four hunts this season. They walked a lot of public land river bottoms and heavy brush and still look new.

👤I think the postal service is to blame for the trouble I had getting these delivered. The waders are very comfortable. I ordered a size 12 waders and they fit perfectly. They come all the way up to my arm pits. I'm 5'11 and 245 years old. Even with my heavy duck hunting coat on, they fit around my belly and chest. We had to bust the ice for a decoy spread and the waders kept me warm and dry. I am happy so far. The test of time and multiple uses will tell if they are durable.

👤The chart is way off. I measured myself to the chart and ordered a 10 because the boots were too big for me to fit in the right way, but then I had to return for a 12 because they were too tight. I will have to wear my old waders this weekend because I don't have time to order new ones. Not a happy customer!

👤My frog toggs waders failed in less than one season. This is a heavy wader, so I'd try it out. It seemed pretty durable. They were tried on. I ordered the size 11 boot because I am 6'2" and 35" inseam. The boot was loose, but the socks and insoles were ok. I took them out for a test run and the range of motion climbing on some trails, river hunting, was tough. It was not long enough. When I took them off, they were wet from the leak. Not good. I packed them up and sent them back because I didn't think the fit was good. No one makes our size of waders.

👤The fit is good and I ordered a size 11. The body has good fit with the waders. The boot is large. I think it will fit. I like the shell holders on the belt because I can move them to my non-shooting shoulder if I wade in deep water. The quality of the box seems low. The boots were slightly different in appearance and it appeared that glue was dripped across the front, making me question the quality of the material. Not something I would have expected given the money I spent. The glue on the seam where the boot meets the wader was sloppy and appeared to be applied in places. I don't know if I'll be able to chance these in the field. Will update this review if they hold up.

7. TideWe Children Neoprene Waterproof Insulated

TideWe Children Neoprene Waterproof Insulated

Before buying, please remember the size chart. The build of toddler and children is the same at the same age. Please check the chart carefully. Versatile Kids Waders are great for more than just fishing, they are great for more than just hunting, camping, riding ATVs, gardening, or playing near wet environments. The 3.5mm neoprene upper has a tough poly, jersey shell and stretch liner and triple finished seams that make it extra solid and keep water out and heat in. reinforced knee pads and a thickened shoe vamp are added protection. Better balance and traction on wet and muddy surfaces is provided by their rugged boot tread pattern. The simple design of the shirt makes it easy for your little one to take off the waders. The belted waist and fully-adjustable arm straps allow these waders to keep pace with your little fishing buddy as they grow.

Brand: Tidewe

👤These are my first chest waders and they are amazing! These were the right size for me, as I am 5'3" and couldn't find women's waders short enough. The boots are bigger than expected, which is perfect for wearing thicker socks, and the size chart is perfect. I wore them with only leggings underneath and was warm in the 50 degree weather while sitting in camp after dark. To make the boot bottoms a little bit stiff, and to buy some thick felt insoles for warmth, is my only suggestion. I am buying a pair for my son as well.

👤If you are getting them as a female. I am a small female. 120lb 4'11" I wear a size 6. I got the correct shoe size and the other measurements were correct. The rest of the shoe part was small. I am the same size as most kids wear that shoe size. They were starting to tear just walking and sitting. Wasn't in the woods.

👤I bought two pairs of waders for my children as a Christmas gift. I had to return the pair because of the concern of leaking where the pant leg meets the boot. I could see where the boot was pulling away from the neoprene, and the seal didn't seem enough. I still have concerns about the same problem as I can see where the boot is pulling away from the pant leg, even after I received a second pair. If the seal issue was not present, I would give these waders a 5-star rating and recommend them to all of my friends with little duck hunters. They seem to be well made. The quality of the boot and the reinforced knees are what I like the most. Maybe a quality check before shipment could do the trick.

👤My daughter is going to love these waders. I was looking for a set of waders that were cost effective and durable, and these are exactly that! They are soft and comfortable, yet they are very durable for wading through heavy rocks and wood. The pocket is great for snacks and the straps are great for a growing child. I will be buying more for the other children in my family.

👤I bought a pair for my daughter. She loves them. I have been looking for a year for someone who made kids' waiters. I am proud to back a product that I have finally found. The quality is the same as my waders. The glue and patch material were brought with them. It's hard to buy regular waders that supply this.

👤The upper pocket could have been a bit bigger and the stitching wasn't as durable as it could have been, so this didn't get 5 stars. After duck hunting, some of the stitching came loose. Not terrible. In some areas, the stitch started and stopped. I used permatex ultra black for waterproof outerwear fixes. I used this in the areas that the stitching was coming loose. These are perfect for kids. I would like to see TIDEWE glue all the stitching and seams on the outside and inside. I would pay more money for this feature. It would be worth the extra money to make the product 5 stars.

8. Magreel Hunting Fishing Waterproof Bootfoot

Magreel Hunting Fishing Waterproof Bootfoot

The dual-layers construction of 70D nylon and PVC makes the waders 35% lighter than traditional fishing waders, which makes it easy to walk in the water and fit into any backpack. It is wear-resistant and comfortable. The boots are resistant to wear and slip. Thickened soles help protect your feet from being scratched by rocks. It can be adjusted according to your height, thanks to the waist belt and chest drawstring. Convenient wearing is offered by the H-back shoulder strap. It is handy to keep your phone, keys, lure and other small items in a front pocket. Strongly waterproof. Well welding techniques and reinforced stitches keep you dry and warm. Before packing, each wader has to test their waders to make sure they are waterproof. The chest waders are specially designed for your adventures.

Brand: Magreel

👤These are very easy to get on. They are comfortable to wear. The size was exactly what I wanted. You just need to put your weight around your waist.

👤Have had no issues with the pair of waders. The boots are very sturdy and have no issues. When you are in the water, the waders aren't insulated so you will cool off in the water. It is similar to standing in the water without getting wet. This isn't a problem for me as I mostly will use in the summer where cooling off will be nice, but that does mean these wouldn't be good for winter. They seem very strong and have not had any issues with leaks. I like the pocket on the front, but be careful not to fully submerge it, I can put my phone or pliers in there. I would recommend these waders, they are great for this price. They had a repair kit in case of tears. It seems to be good. The fit was a little big, but I like the room. When you are in the water, I recommend getting a bigger shoe size than you think is best, because the material on your legs will push if you get a bigger shoe. You will be sure to have enough space. I would recommend them.

👤I received my waders today and they were absolutely amazing. I am 6 feet 2. I was able to fit into the waders. I was fishing in the water with no water inside my waders. Excellent footing. If you want to fish the shores with boat launches closed, this is a must buy.

👤My husband tried on 6 different brands at 4 different stores before I surprised him with these waders. None of the others fit him, and they cost more than he was willing to pay. I took a chance after a good bit of online research. After reading the reviews, I ordered a bigger boot for him. They fit in with a lot of room to bend or squat. They are comfortable. The boots are large, but it is easier to remove and they are good with socks. He tried them out in the water and said they kept him dry. He was a bit chilly, but he plans to wear pajama bottoms when he goes out next. Unless you have waders, wade fishing is too cool to enjoy until about mid-May. For our purpose, these are adequate, but not great for someone fishing in cold water. The material is light, and we don't have rocks or brush to deal with punctures, which makes them lighter. I have only used them once, but they are perfect. If there are problems, will update.

👤I fished for smallmouth in a creek yesterday. I'm very happy for 27 bucks. Don't expect something great for what you're spending, but they do the job. The boots are not comfortable. I felt the rocks in the creek. The deeper you go in the water, the worse the wader's effect is on your body. I guess it's due to the pressure. I'm almost 6 feet tall. I wear a size 14 shoe in Nikes and a 14 in these. I can't wear sweatpants under them because they are tight around the legs. The water was very cold and I was warm. I think it would have been too cold if it was winter because you can't get enough layers to fit under these. I suggest long underwear. I sweated a bit when I walked up the creek. I'm very happy with the money I spent. I feel like I got my money's worth if they last two or three more trips. Don't expect some amazingly comfortable wader's for what you're paying. I don't want to use these for a fishing trip where I'm going to be walking for miles. I would recommend them to a weekend warrior who wants to see what wading is all about. If you enjoy wading, you could always invest in a better quality wader, which I will definitely be doing in the future.

9. HISEA Fishing Breathable Stocking Without

HISEA Fishing Breathable Stocking Without

The new KeepDry Stocking-foot Chest Waders for men from HISEA are light and comfortable, and they are a great price. They want you to be as comfortable as possible while fishing or wading, and that's why they've designed the waders to be waterproof and Breathable. The waterproof waders combine a lightweight micro denier upper with a 100% waterproof & breathable membrane that locks out water while allowing body hydration to be escaped. The lightweight design gives you a great range of motion and portable experience. Each wader comes with a bag. 3-ply polyester construction provides incredible wear resistance. The wader's knees and seat area are reinforced with tough 420D fabric and attached to the wader's gravel guards to increase the wader's durability in key areas. The 4.5mm high-density neoprene stocking feet fit feet better for all-day, waterproof comfort. The KeepDry Breathable Stocking-foot Wader has a chest pocket with waterproof storage and fleece lined pass through pocket for maximum storage. The chest Molle Hanging System is easy to use. The two-tone ergonomics cutting neoprene booties fit perfectly and are designed to prevent bunching. The X- Back elastic suspenders have a D-ring in the back to attach a net or other gear, and comes with attached belt loops and wading belt. Every waders is filled with water and hung to dry. The wader is ready to be shipped. Quality assurance is backed by them.

Brand: Hisea

👤In a perfect world, it would be nice to buy a waders just one time and fit perfectly. If this review helps, please help those out there by clicking on the Thumbs Up. I'm 5'7" tall and weigh 165 lbs. My shoe size is 9' and my inseam is 29'. The chart on the wader is off. I thought the waders would fit on me, but they didn't. If you are a stocky person, height of 6'8" would fit you well, especially if you have long legs. The neoprene footies have a bit more space for wide feet. How low the belt line is is an annoying problem. The rear belt strap is at the top of my butt crack, which is annoying, because the belt line is just above my hip. I only use the belt strap through the side because it would feel very uncomfortable. The material is great and the front pocket is large, which is a plus for me. You can put a pack of hand warmers inside the soft fleece for extra warmth on cold mornings. I had to remove the triangle plastic from the back strap because I didn't like it. I don't think these are made for people with big feet and low hips, they seem to be for people with long legs and big feet. When you get a pair and try it on, don't think I tried to warn you that there are some pictures that might help you. Thank you for reading this review, have a great summer and winter, and enjoy your fishing. It's a good thing. I returned 2. The gift card was easy to use, and the pair of unfitting pantyhose were returned to the store.

👤I needed a new pair of clothes. In the past, I spent hundreds of dollars on big brands. The were great. I read the reviews and decided to take a chance. I'm very happy and excited that I did. I got a great deal that made you feel good. These are comfortable and flexible with a large outside chest pocket, a large hand warmer pouch lined in fleece and an inner pocket for money and such. The booties are bulky and not very comfortable to fit into my size 12 wading boots. They offer a small amount of insulation for the surf. In the river where I fish for hours, I only wore a light pair of underwear and was comfortable all day. They are easy to get into and fight off the bushes. The size is a bit large. The large was perfect, lose but not baggy, I'm 5'11" 195 lbs. In the winter, there is room for larger clothes. My friend 6'3" bought the XL and they fit well. If you want to try these out before buying the more expensive brands, I would highly recommend it. You can always return them, but I bet you will be surprised. I don't usually review. I thought they deserved it. Kevin.

👤Even after several all day fishing trips, the product didn't leak a drop. I wore the waiders with the boots. Bomb proof comination. The duck and fish are Neoprene. It's possible to buy it on Amazon.

10. Frogg Toggs Cascades Bootfoot Outsole

Frogg Toggs Cascades Bootfoot Outsole

The security pocket is inside. The Wader is made of 2-Ply 300 denier poly. The boot has a steel shank. The suspenders have quick release buckles. The chest draw cord can be adjusted.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤I ordered these for my son because I hoped they would get through this year. He was very comfortable in them and they surprised me with their durability. He is a big 12 year old. My son wears a medium men's shirt and a 31/30 pant. There are 7 shoes. Guys keep that in mind because these fit him very well. He had a small baggie. He couldn't have gone smaller in the waist. I would not recommend a bigger waist for the size 8 boot. I agree with others that he uses a lot of water, but I think it is due to sweat. They are warm. I recommend them for the money. They were able to survive him sliding on rocks.

👤What a waste of money. We took our dock out of the lake last fall. We stored them in our garage. They cracked all over the boots when they were put back in. A poorly made product. This is a total waste of money. So disappointed.

👤My husband received this purchase as a birthday gift. I bought the exact pair 2 years ago and he wore them once and was disappointed that the size is not what he should be. He is still the same weight, but these are way off or irregular. I need to return them because they are too small. Thank you, Mishelle Layner.

👤I bought these last year. I thought there was a small leak when I wore them last year. I put them on for the second time and they leaked. There were three major leaks. There are two above the right boot and one on the front of each thigh. I was in the water for 20 minutes and both legs and socks were soaked. I hung them from the boots. These are not very good. Don't waste your money.

👤Expect a couple of things from these. The fit me calves are a little tight and I worry that if they start to leak it will be right there where they end up crinkled a little bit. The crinkles start to hurt if you fish all day. They leave you feeling damp, but it's a bad feeling when you first take them off. The legs fit great.

👤These are well made and lightweight. The water in the Great Lakes is very cold in the spring. I bought another pair for $49.95 at a Michigan retailer, and they are also carried in many major retailers. It's worth shopping for them if you like them.

👤It was perfect. My husband asked why I bought a bigger shoe than his standard size. He wears a 9.5 after reading the reviews. I got him the 10. He likes the fit. He doesn't have any other shoes inside. He has been in the water this winter and does not feel the cold. This fit our budget as well. Highly recommended.

👤Here is the deal. I am 5 years old. It is like trying to wear a condom. Men and women don't try to put on shorts. I folded them up and put them back in the box after they ripped out a lot of leg hairs. Hope this helps.

11. Vinlas Waterproof Fishing Cleated Outsole

Vinlas Waterproof Fishing Cleated Outsole

The hip waders are 30% lighter than traditional rubber ones and still have their strengths. Their rubber boots are made from a mix of nylon andPVC and are waterproof. A cleated sole provides additional traction on a slippery surface that is necessary for fishing or hunting in muddy and wet places. Waders by Vinlas are great for fishing, hunting, farming, gardening, and so on. There is attention. If you have large feet, please choose one size larger than usual.

Brand: Vinlas

👤They were supposed to do this before duck season and early duck season when the water was low. The warm start of duck season made these great to wear.

👤Not for heavy use. It was cheap and flimsy.

👤I ordered a 14 just to be safe and comfortable, yet it's very tight and my toe is crammed inside, it's not realistic. It was useless for me.

👤We bought these for myself and my spouse. Excellent seller! Excellent shipping! We ordered a bigger size because they fit amazingly well and they are comfortable as well as waterproof. I would highly recommend it.


What is the best product for fishing waders size 14?

Fishing waders size 14 products from Hisea. In this article about fishing waders size 14 you can see why people choose the product. Bassdash and Frogg Toggs are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing waders size 14.

What are the best brands for fishing waders size 14?

Hisea, Bassdash and Frogg Toggs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing waders size 14. Find the detail in this article. Night Cat, Duck & Fish and Tidewe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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