Best Fishing Wagon Cart with Rod Holders

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1. SeaSense Single Piece Holder White

SeaSense Single Piece Holder White

New Zealand made something. The loading limit is 300 lbs. The Railblaza C-Tug is the most versatile kayak cart on the market. Hardware for mounting 17-1/4" x 1-3/4" x 6-9/16"

Brand: Seasense

👤The rod holder is of decent quality. There's some leftover flash from the manufacturing process. I use a steel target stand with my portable rod stand. The dimensions are incorrect. The left to right length of the rod holder is 12 and 9/16", which is measured across the back of the mounting brackets. The center to center horizontal and center to center vertical distances are 7 and 1/2, respectively. The rod holder's vertical height is 10 and the thickness is 2 and 9/16". The rod holding tubes are 5" apart. The inside diameter of the tubes is 1 and a half, but they flare out at the top to 2 and a half. The slot for the reel stem is 3 feet wide and 9/16 feet long.

👤The package and description both mention the width is 17 feet, but it is only 13 feet in the package. I plan to mount it onto a milk crate, which is 13x13x11. Will be great to carry my kayak or even the pontoon to the beach.

👤I mounted them on my boat. I can put them in the holders on my boat. One less item to carry. Some of the reviews said they were bad. It depends on how you mount them. I love them and have no issues so far. Don't worry about my rods being damaged if they are on the floor of my boat.

👤Sea Sense Single Piece 3 Rack Rod holder was easy to install on my Lund. Rods are out of the way for rapid use. Durability is a test of time and use but have not tested longevity yet.

👤I was very impressed with the quality of this item. I store my fishing gear in a kayak milk crate and have installed these on it. The rod holders were a great addition to my container. I highly recommend it.

👤I like to organize everything when I go on the water. I put it on a cooler. I have scissors and fishing pliers in this place.

👤If you need a 3 place rod holder, this is a great option. The slots make it possible for the rods to lock in place and not just spin in the holder. It has everything you need to mount it.

👤The rod holders seem to work well for my boat. I use them for my spinning rods and dip net. The screws they came with appeared to be #10. The grip on my casting rod is too large for them to fit it. Check other reviews for the correct dimensions. The dimensions stated on the package are incorrect.

👤I gust y lo encontr a buen.

👤I bought this because it was cheaper than the name brand versions. The plastic is not strong. It broke while trying to put it in place. Get the real deal by taking some time.

👤I look like a pro now. When loaded, it was held up perfectly and easily. This should have been done a long time ago. I don't step on rods in my boat anymore.

2. Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Terrain

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Terrain

The wagon is easy to fold up with one hand and it is convenient to carry all of your garden needs. The large capacity interior of the outdoor utility wagon is perfect for storing camping gear, beach toys, snacks, and any other outdoor essentials. The frame can hold loads up to 150 lbs. The interior is approximately 36 inches wide and 21 inches deep. Storage in a car trunk or coat closet can be done with a wagon cart that folds to only 10% thick. The folded size is 31 48 x 21 x 4 x 9 " The 600D fabric is easy to clean so you can leave your messes outside. The workers of the CUP HOLDERS. There are 2 mesh cup holders near the handle. Ensures that your drinks and snacks are close by. The collapsible wagon has an adjusted handle for easy transport. It's perfect for drivers of any size. It's easy to carry gear to outdoor sporting events, concerts, trips to the park, and beach days. The wagon folds up for easy storage around the house when you are indoors.

Brand: Macsports

👤This was taken to Virginia Beach. I've been going there for over 10 years and have always had a hard time getting enough stuff for 4 adults to spend the day. This is the best wagon I have ever tried. The wide wheels pull over the loosest sand, and on the hard surface you don't know what you're pulling. It can fit under the van's back seat. I thought the handle would be a weakness, but it was perfect. It folds up to a small size and has an attachable cover. The only flaw I see is that it won't stand up if it's folded up. It's too bad there isn't a clip to hold them in place, maybe a small hole through the wheels that a rod could push through. You just have to put it against a wall. Highly recommend this cart. It was a great purchase.

👤We read reviews for months to decide which wagon would be best for us. I love this one! Everyone on the beach asked where we got it. There were people with wagons. They struggled. We made a good decision. It is still going well for us.

👤The wagon is not good in the sand. The handle broke away from the support bars on the wagon, the wheels folded underneath the wagon, and it was not usable for the day. If you don't qualify to return the wagon to Amazon because you're past the 30 day window, you'll have a hard time getting a return. Macsports has a one year warranty but when I submitted my claim, I was told my wagon is not their product. What? Stay away from Macsports.

👤When I received this, I was very excited. It seemed like it was well made. It broke on the first trip to the beach. The walk in the sand was long enough for me to want a cart. I can't believe it broke so quickly. You can see what we had in it.

👤It's a nice product. I'm using it on a beach. There are 2 portable chairs and umbrellas on the beach. It's not as easy as I wanted it to be. I have half the recommended cargo capacity in the wagon, which is a heavy wagon to begin with. I struggle.

👤The cart is great for the beach. The cart is light. It collapses in a single movement. It carried everything but the cooler, which was two chairs, sun shade, blankets, towels, cups, 2 kites, frisbee, sand toys. It was only a wish that the wheels had a softer tread. It's not the best for hard surfaces. It is very loud and lacks traction. It would be great if they made replacement wheels that were made of rubber.

👤We bought this wagon for beach trips. The wagon was used for 5 days in a row. It worked well. We let the sand and salt dry after we went to the beach. We went on another trip and the wagon fell apart due to rust. The wagon broke on the front wheel frame. We tried to return, but they just want to replace the wagon. I will update when the problem is fixed. It's the last thing you need while out of town for a beach trip, and this wagon could be a serious safety hazard for your young kids.

3. Rush Creek Creations Fishing Capacity

Rush Creek Creations Fishing Capacity

The size of theRACK is 23.19 inches. L x 2.56′′ W x 0.259′′ H is a premium storage solution for your fishing gear. A multi-purpose fishing pole storage system has 2 rod clips. The dual rod clip technology allows 2 freshwater rods or one saltwater rod. Four utility boxes are not included. There are padded slots on the base plate for rod handles. The rack is 22.83"L x 14.37"W x 23.74"H.

Brand: Rush Creek Creations

👤This is too short. The reels are the same height as the top rod clips, so it doesn't fit my saltwater rods. My micro rods are too thin and slip out of the rubber rod clips. The rubber rod clips are designed poorly, it is easier to pull the rods out than to put them in. I have to use two hands to put them in the clips and I only need one to pull them out, I would rather it be the other way around. The rod holder positions are too close together. I pull one rod off the rack and it pulls one of the rods next to it out of the rubber clip. If the clips held better, that might not be a problem. The rack is not as solid as it should be. It has good stability. It is questionable. I mean when I rock it backwards and forwards. It makes cracking noises when I do the same thing. It should have at least 6 bolts in the bottom and one more permanent shelf. The pieces that take the #8 screws should have been at the bottom.

👤I was impressed by the weight of the package, which usually points to a degree of sturdiness. Things went downhill from there. One could see that it was not cut straight. The rubber rod holders were not completely detached. The American company who "test and design" the products they market and sell don't monitor quality control was the first thing that came to my mind. I would send it back if it wasn't so hard to disassemble and repackage.

👤I was looking for a rod rack that would hold all my fishing gear. I was a bit skeptical when I found this because it didn't have any reviews. I'm glad I made the purchase. It is very easy to put together. You may need a drill for the screws. This product is amazing.

👤ZERO STARS is not an option and that's why I gave this product a 1 star. The vinyl surface was damaged in several places and buggered around one corner. The plastic edge strip was unglued. The rod clips are stiff and cheap. I will have to replace them with rubber clips. This is junk.

👤I've been looking for something similar in terms of rod/tackle storage. I put everything together in less than 10 minutes. There are a few screws that hold everything in place, and you need an Allen wrench to install the feet. The rack is too short to hold saltwater rods and the butt is too thick to fit in the rubber clips. It could be built a little more solid. I had to nail the rubber clips back in after one of them fell out. I am happy with the purchase. This product will last a long time for this weekend warrior.

👤I bought this rod because my other one that I was storing in my garage snapped in half one day when I reached over it to get something I spent around the same price on that rod rack as I did this one, and the differences are night and day. This product is so sturdy that it is easy to assemble just sliding panels in place and put the feet on with two Allen key screws, and it is also as good as a rock in the desert.

4. Navatiee Collapsible Removable Capacity Foldable

Navatiee Collapsible Removable Capacity Foldable

The handle makes towing large wheels easy and allows for traversing a variety of terrain. It's perfect for use at sporting events, concerts, trips to the park, beach, or simply around the house. The heavy duty folding wagon is made of iron and is very strong. The surface of the metal frame is anti-oxidation and resistant to oxidation, and it will not fade or rust when used outdoors for a long time. The unfold size is 35.5" x 19.5" x 22", which is 40% more than other wagons. The load capacity is up to 220 lbs (100 lbs), which can be effectively transported. The design of double bearing brings a max loading capacity and safety to save time and labour. It rolls smoothly to keep its contents out of the mud. The premium wagon wheels are made of superior PVC with strong abrasion resistance, silent shock absorber, wearproof, no drag marks, and enhance the impact resistance of the whole caster. TheRemovable Wheels Design. The design of four-wheel-retract makes it easy to disassemble and clean after you pass mud puddles, which makes your wagon take on a new aspect. The wagon wheels can be exchanged according to your needs to achieve the use of multiple occasions. This roomy and well-built wagon will serve you for a long time. Everyone would like to get a wagon with larger capacity, high quality and portable, their wagon could meet all their needs and be their best choice. The fabric is made of 600D fabric and is waterproof. The frame structure design is unique and doesn't require assembly. The fold size is easy to operate and transport. You are handy for lugging a load of groceries home from the store, hauling equipment to playing fields to help you simplify the transport of heavy loads, and decreasing your transportation burden. It is portable and can be used for a variety of activities, including family outings, gardening, outdoor concerts and movies, and sporting events.

Brand: Navatiee

👤The wagon is really nifty. It folds down and sets up quickly. You can either remove the wheels at the push of a button or store them with the wheels on. It was easy and smooth to move. It can hold up to 220 lbs. There are so many things that could be done with this, it's a great size to carry in your vehicle. I am very happy with this product.

👤I asked the seller questions. The person who responded each time was very nice. The answers to my questions were clear. The wagon is larger than I had expected, yet it collapses down in seconds, making it easy to store. I am disabled and live alone, so I was concerned about how much assembly would be required and if it would be too much for me to do myself. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was the entire process. The wagon should be spread open. 2. Attach the 4 wheels, without any tools, as they just have a post, already attached to each wheel, and you just click each wheel into place. 3. Drop the pad into the wagon. 4. You're done with the assembly. 10 minutes or less is the estimated assembly time. The wagon is strong. I gave my highest recommendation for this wagon, and I got it from the seller. This is a great wagon and the seller couldn't have been nicer, I wrote a lot of job performance reviews during my working years, but this really is a great wagon, and it sounds like a job performance review, for which I wrote many during my working years. The person from New Jersey is named Brenda.

👤A very convenient folding bike with a large extension size, the frame is a metal rod, and the wheel fixing frame is also metal, which is very strong. The car is easy to pull because it has two universal wheels and two fixed wheels. I recommend it for hiking and traveling.

👤We had an amazing campground last weekend and the folding wagon that we used was so easy and fast to prepare that we didn't have to worry about moving anything.

👤If you want to carry your things with you to the beach or if you want to do a house renovation, this is the product for you. I'm talking about 100 pounds of old paint buckets and wood that I'm removing from the baseboards in order to put down new baseboards. After removing 5 or 6 of the baseboards, I'm not going to be interested in dragging 100 pounds of wood to a dumpster to get rid of it. When I took this out of the package, I realized that I only had to remove the strap and put in the handle to pull the wagon along. If I wanted to collapse it, I reached down to the center of the cargo area, where there is a strap, and pulled up all the wheels. I put it in the back seat of my car. I found a use for my work as I do low voltage cabling. When you add the equipment that I have to bring with me, you're looking at over 100 pounds of useful portable gear that this wagon provides. I can put the center in a corner on the job site if I want to. This wagon is great for people who want to bring groceries home or give a ride to the family pet when they are out for a walk. It is possible to take this to the beach because it has 4 wheels that will support it, but it can get bogged down in the sand as the wheels are not fat enough to glide over the sand itself. It doesn't take much to steer, but you have to understand that wheels can only travel in a direction over the grass or the terrain allows them to turn easily. I would definitely buy this again, or as a gift for someone.

5. Zer One Duty Clip Rotatable Accessory

Zer One Duty Clip Rotatable Accessory

The package includes 4 x rod holders with 8 x nuts and 8 x screws. Non-SLIP design. The front fork has a front baffle to keep the fishing rod from sliding. It is possible to be inflexible and flexible. The head of the fishing rod can be adjusted in both horizontal and vertical directions. It is light and portable. It is easy to install on square boxes and buckets. Useful accessory: It helps reduce fatigue of holding a fishing pole.

Brand: Zer One

6. Generic Fishing Beach General Usage

Generic Fishing Beach General Usage

The shore fishing rod holder is very sturdy and easy to use. The 1/2 inch galvanized steel construction is durable. The design of the 4 pvc rod holders is a hand dolly type. The package dimensions are 18x14x9 inches and the weight is.5 pounds.

Brand: Generic

👤The product works as advertised. It's easy to assemble and perfect for fishing gear. I've been impressed with how much weight it can handle when I use this cart in a general role. The wheels are heavy duty and have made moving heavier objects over different terrain easier than I would have expected. I was able to put it together in 15 minutes. This was one of the best assembly required items I've bought in a long time. If the need arises, will definitely buy another one.

👤Assembly is required. Instructions are not as detailed as they could be, but enough information to get the job done. Close your eyes and pay attention to the pictures. Interesting design. I have only used it once. We will see how well it holds up in the salty beach environment. There is a suggestion to make a small circular pad for the front feet. Current feet are about 1 inch. sink into sand The handle could be 2” longer. The longer the handle, the easier it would be to pull the cart.

👤When I get the urge to go fishing, it took me a while to find something small enough to carry my tackle rods and chair. The cart is small enough to handle. It is light weight and can fit in the back of my SUV.

👤Instructions were easy to follow. It was obvious that it was made by someone, but no problems fitting the pieces together. Hope it lasts a couple years. It is expensive for what it is. The rod/pole holders are not on other carts.

👤This product is great for a lot of things. I use it for gardening as well. The assembly was easy to assemble. It is easy to push over sand.

7. SEACHOICE 89501 Storage Holder Plastic

SEACHOICE 89501 Storage Holder Plastic

The dimensions of the Mount are 4” x 2” x 2. Storage for three rods. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The plastic construction is durable. It's suitable for both spinning and casting rods. The size is 7 inches x 7 inches.

Brand: Seachoice

👤I don't think I should have read all the reviews because they are not true. I review my products to see what others are saying. The reviews for the product are garbage by the manufacturer. The foam insert is very stiff. I tried to put the old rods in the foam slot. I broke the rod tips. If this had happened to my rods, I would have to pay. I don't think these holders can hold a rod if they are too stiff to hold it. I should not have to shave down the foam insert because it's not safe for my rods. I am not sending these back because I am trying to attach jerry-rig rod holders to the sides of my bed liner to get my rods off the bed floor and out of harm's way. Please buy a better product if you want to mount your rods in your garage or house. Our rods are too valuable to risk breaking them or having to modify a product to be safe. I hope this will help my fellow fishermen.

👤I needed to replace some rod storage holders on my whaler. They were tired. I was trying to find a similar replacement at the common retailers and found this match on Amazon. I wanted to leave a review for one reason, regardless of how good of a match this was for me. Someone left a review saying they were too tight and you would break your rod unless you cut out foam. If you're using a standard 6 to 7' foot rod and reel combo, these work great. They need to be snug to hold your equipment. It takes two hands to get the rods in. The rods are pretty tight, but if you use two hands to slide them into position, you reduce the risk of damage to them by almost 100%. They were a bug on my boat even when I was in the harbor. I may need a new set after a while. I hope I'm fishing enough to wear them out. That is a good problem to have.

👤These work well. There's not much more to add. When installing scews, be careful. I put cracks in the gel coat of my fiberglass boat because I didn't check the first two screws carefully. Oops! I had to take them out, grind off the screws, and then move outside the boat to fix my mistake.

👤I don't have anything bad to say about the product, it's just that I couldn't use it on my boat. It was too big to fit in where I needed it to be. I think I should have paid more attention to the dimensions because it looked small online. I was surprised at how big it was.

👤I had rod handle holders in the cabin of my boat, but the rods themselves were on the shelves. The rods would fly because the ocean isn't always gentle. These were perfect. I added straps. Am holding rods. I have a thin one that is easy to modify and make into what you need. Hopefully the photos give you a better idea of your size.

8. Fishing Rod Holder Bracket 3 Pole Black

Fishing Rod Holder Bracket 3 Pole Black

There are two types of fishing pole holder. Both can be mounted on the wall of a garage or workshop to prevent damage. The Horizontal Style can be put on the wall to prevent injury to children. The 3-Tube fishing rod holder is made of high quality Eco- friendly plastic and is lightweight for freshwater and saltwater. The single fishing rod basket is 2 in. 3 tubular rod holders are all 1.8", 0.6" wide, and non rotating, and they protect your favorite rods from damage during transport or storage. A set can hold 3 fishing poles, the middle gap with lure hanging holes, and a place to store your pliers and other tools. You can install this fishing rod rack on your boat, kayak, car back, or anywhere you want. The fishing pole rack is easy to install and can be used on the boat or on the wall. The fishing pole rack is easy to install and can be used on the boat or on the wall.

Brand: Clio

👤The mounting holes are weak. I sent it back.

👤Muy prctico.

9. Sea Dog 325039 1 Three Pole Mount Holder

Sea Dog 325039 1 Three Pole Mount Holder

The task of holding the rod for a long time is tedious. Injection molded construction. There is a knife, pliers, and lure holder. Rods can be up to 1-3/4” in diameter. Rods can be up to 1-3/4” in diameter.

Brand: Sea Dog Line

👤I put this in my boat to make it easier to organize my fishing rods. I can keep rigged rods that are ready to go. It only took a few minutes to mount, the design locks the rods from moving, and it is heavy duty enough to last a long time.

👤The reel slots are too narrow to fully accept the neck of some of my reels, which are all ultralight rigs. The rod and reel stays put so no worries there. I would buy the product again.

👤The rod holder is perfect for my boat. It was very easy to install. This rod holder will hold up for a long time.

👤The front bench of the Jon Boat has rod holders across it. I'm using collapsible crappie poles. It is easy to transport when collasped and placed in the rod holders.

👤These were bought to use as a milk crate for kayak fishing. Inexpensive compared to other brands. I don't see myself having any issues with it. happy fishing!

👤I put this in a plastic milk crate for my kayak. A trip to the store costs $3.50. I was fishing. Excellent for my purpose.

👤I ordered 2 more of them. I own a bass boat and have 2 of these mounted on it. They have been around for over five years. The value is great. Fast shipment.

👤These will stand the test of time. Not much to say, great holders.

10. RollX Foldable Storage Balloon Wheels

RollX Foldable Storage Balloon Wheels

You get a foldable wagon, a storage bag, a base plate, and an accessory kit. They are dedicated to providing you with the best products and customer care. Don't wait any longer, just enjoy! RollX has a foldable storage wagon that is easy to carry and roll on the beach. A mesh compartment for your towels, buggie board, and more can be found in a 4-wheel cart. A beach umbrella holder is included. All your beverages are ready for refreshment when you have a covered zip cooler bag. It's easy to carry or roll around. Four large wheel design provides ample traction and stability. The frame is lightweight and durable. The cart is 28.74" W x 41.85" L x 37.8" H. Every unit has detailed instructions with guided Infographics. If you need additional support, please contact them.

Brand: Rollx

👤Great cart! The ease of use is something we love. It folds up nicely and can fit in the trunk. It can hold a lot of gear. We have packed it with everything we need, but still have room for more. The only way to travel through the sand is on the balloon wheels. It is easy to put the cart back on the two big balloon wheels and roll it through the sand. The other cart's wheels just don't move and get dragged through the sand, making it a miserable trip. The cart is great. We live in the area and visit the beach a lot. It seems to be sturdy so far. RollX has amazing customer support. We had a small issue with a part when our cart arrived and their customer service was amazing and overnighted us the part replacement so we didn't miss a day at the beach. It is great to know that they will take care of us if we ever need to call them again. The best beach cart we have owned so far!

👤Just returned from the beach and bought this to haul things over the sand. Was able to push it over the sand. The four-wheel drive beach had a lot of ruts and it needed to be pulled and it did so with little effort. It was easy to travel with about 50 lbs of weight, if you tilted it back on the balloon tires. I used the umbrella holder for my fishing rods. It is very easy to assemble and folds up nicely for storage. You get past the learning curve after a couple times when you un/fold.

👤They sent the wrong cart. I received a new cart after I called. Customer service is great. The cart is ok, but the wheels on the cart don't move freely. The carts can't fold because of the balloon tires. rust juice gets all over the cart and the trunk of your car. It is a lot of money for a good cart.

👤The cart rolls through the sand. It still performs great despite being overload by me. If you are a regular beach go-er that takes way too much stuff like my family, then this is a must have.

👤The bungee cords are missing. Please send them.

👤It is being used to take my beach chair and fishing equipment to the beach.

👤The best beach buggy for the elderly.

👤You can load it up and push it in the sand.

11. NovelBee Plastic Holder Side Mount Fishing

NovelBee Plastic Holder Side Mount Fishing

Most fishing rods have a single slot for pole holders. The rod holder is made of plastic. PP. Rod holder's overall height is 12:1. The rod holder has a length of 12-3/4". The inner diameter of the rod tube is 1-3/4". mounting screws included

Brand: Novelbee

👤It's easy to install and seem well made.

👤They hold your fishing poles.

👤Does what it is supposed to do.


What is the best product for fishing wagon cart with rod holders?

Fishing wagon cart with rod holders products from Seasense. In this article about fishing wagon cart with rod holders you can see why people choose the product. Macsports and Rush Creek Creations are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing wagon cart with rod holders.

What are the best brands for fishing wagon cart with rod holders?

Seasense, Macsports and Rush Creek Creations are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing wagon cart with rod holders. Find the detail in this article. Navatiee, Zer One and Generic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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