Best Fishing Wagon with Rod Holders & 4 Wheels

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1. Hysagtek Vehicle Including Powerful Adjustable

Hysagtek Vehicle Including Powerful Adjustable

Hold up to 4 rods and there is no interference. Even if your car doesn't have four handlebars, you can install the vacuum suction cups easily without other tools. The size of the fishing rod brackets is 86.6in long, 1.5in wide, 5 rods and reels combo capacity, and the size of the Suction Cup is 2.2in wide, 2.6in high. Their fishing pole holder strap can hold up to 5 fishing rods, and it can keep them out of the way, never worry about broken rod tips or tangled lines. Make sure to pull the straps as tight as you can because the fishing rod rack works well. The strap above the buckle should be adjusted until the rod carrier becomes tight. Before you drive, make sure everything is locked up. The rod saver is easy to install. The fishing pole holder strap can save you a lot of space in the back of the car. The rod saver is easy to install. The fishing pole holder strap can save you a lot of space in the back of the car.

Brand: Hysagtek

👤If you don't have handles in the back of your SUV, you will need to modify it. I bolted a metal loop and attached it to my coat by running a zip tie from there. I cut mine so it was easier to attach the rods and it kept them up more. If you own a 4Runner, look at my pictures. I made a more secure solution because I heard the cups suck. The bolts on the coat hanger are not the same as the ones I used.

👤The harness was perfect for the car we used. We took 5 rods with us to the shore. I didn't need to use the cups. The car we put it in was a Chevrolet. I used it in my car. I bought another for my son. It works as advertised.

👤I improvised since my SIL car didn't have back handles, and kept the poles up off the floor so they didn't get broken.

👤The husband put it in his vehicle. It's easy to install and hold his fishing rods.

👤The cups don't work. They fall down with a small amount of pull. They fell down during the install without any weight on them.

👤This is a good way to store your rods. The cups they come with are not good. I had to buy replacements.

👤Works well. It's easy to install. Fishing poles are easy to access.

👤It works well for transporting my fishing rods. It's very easy to change to different configurations.

👤The car I put in was a newer model. It's easy to install. I tested the harness on 4 fishing rods. It worked well.

2. Rush Creek Creations REALTREE Fishing

Rush Creek Creations REALTREE Fishing

The components include fishing rods rack, mounting hardware. There are up to 16 rods in the stores and displays. The top and bottom plate are decorated with a camo pattern. The center post is the perfect height for easy accessibility. Soft rod clips that adjust to any rod taper are included with the caps on the base plate. The rack is 13.75"L x 13.75"W x 30"H.

Brand: Rush Creek Creations

👤I needed something that was small. I could organize my poles so they didn't get tangled up. Almost every spot has a pole and all but one has a reel. I have a couple of larger salt water poles that fit, but most of my poles are smaller for fresh water fishing. Great value! It is very functionable. Looks great! I was very happy with my purchase.

👤It's not as big as I anticipated. I bought this to hold all of my rods. The space between the platforms is too small for a large rod, so this will only hold one of my Saltwater rigs. My freshwater gear is perfect. The lack of scale in the pictures is the reason I'm not giving a 5 star review. I might buy a second one in a week or so and put it together with the first one. The way they made the product made it possible to add more pieces. They would be smart to sell a "fresh" and "salt" version of the product. The taller and thicker rods are held by the latter. I would have bought a taller model.

👤The rod storage rack is decent. It could be a bigger base and top to accommodate the rods. It is a little pricey for what it is. The rod clips are not very rubbery and we will see how well they hold up. The rod rack is not capable of holding 16 rods with reels attached. The bigger base and top would allow them to fit all the rods. I was only able to fit 12 rods. I will probably order another for my other rods. A lazy susan would make this a better rack to use. I will add one to it.

👤When my son came home for a holiday, I bought this to surprise him. The end of the rod is too short to catch the threads, so the first step is to screw the rod into the base. It would be very easy to assemble but not without the first step. I will be returning it, but not recommend it. It is not the quality I wanted.

👤The product has great potential, but it's not there yet. It is not possible to hold large poles and they fall out. If the bottom was deeper it would help, but I will have to add a strip of velcro on the upper portion to hold the pole in place. They are a mess. I would like a lazy susan on the bottom.

👤It's easy to put together. The rods were in a small space. I'd make sure you know about it. It's not real wood. It's round storage and it does not spin. Someday I might make one myself with real wood and a lazy Susan feature but for now it works.

👤My son put the poles in himself. He has a bad brain injury and simple tasks can be hard to complete, so we were really excited that he was able to do this on his own.

3. Burle Adjustable Polyester Combined ,Vehicle

Burle Adjustable Polyester Combined %EF%BC%8CVehicle

No tools are required for assembly. The high quality material is made of nylon cloth and has a soft rod cover. One size is suitable for all vehicles and holds up to 3 fishing rods, never worry about broken rod tips or tangled lines. The fishing pole saver holds your rods in place, leaves the rear seat to be used for sitting, and keeps your rods out of the way. It is easy to install. Attach the nylon sling to the bottom of the seats and hang it across the vehicle's headrests, it's a good fit for smaller cars. The rod holder is suitable for many occasions and can be adjusted according to car width. The rod holder is suitable for many occasions and can be adjusted according to car width.

Brand: Burle Withfab

👤It is easy to use. There is more cargo space when the rods are out of the way. The rods need to be of regular size so they can lie across to reach the straps. If you bring an extra long piece that is longer than the width of your car, that won't work either. I love it for what it does.

👤It works in my truck. We carry our 4ft poles if we stop if we see a spot randomly. They are in this handy holder off the floor and ready to go.

👤A good idea. The design might have been okay with higher quality velcro. The velcro barely worked. It would be the first thing to wear out if it had it. I had my wife sew a set of buckles on to prevent the weight of the light and medium spinner reels from causing the poles to pile up on the floor. These are great if you can sew or have someone do it for you.

👤This was easy to install and holds a few fly rods in the back of my pickup. I got only two stars because of the greasy mess on my hands. I didn't want this mystery material on my hands every time I went fishing, so I washed it and it started to fall apart. Over the course of a few months, it has come apart.

👤The product works well for multiple poles. We installed it in our truck. It's a great option for organizing poles.

👤Great product. It worked great for my husband's fishing poles. Would recommend.

👤Quality but expensive for what you get.

4. Greatfishing Fishing Holder Holderfor Wagons

Greatfishing Fishing Holder Holderfor Wagons

Application was made for the fishing man to store his fishing rods. It's easy to place and retrieve your fishing rods. The holder can hold 5 fishing rods and reel combine, and it can keep them out of the way, never worry about broken rod tips or tangled lines. Pull the straps as tight as you can. You can adjust the holder length according to the car width. Applies to vehicles with four handlebars. Be sure to have four handlebars, it's a good fit for SUV, Wagons, and Vans. Their product is portable and durable. It is easy to place and can be removed at any time.

Brand: Greatfishing

👤The idea of a rod holder made me smile. It doesn't work out in my car for a number of reasons. If I have the reels in the back, there is too much weight behind the straps, and the rods flex a lot. The reels in the front made it difficult to get in and out of the car. The strap in the front is low enough that if we were to get in an accident, or even break the strap, our heads would hit it, which seemed very dangerous.

👤If you are thinking about getting this for a Jeep, think again. Modifications will be required. The construction is poor with 2 of the 4 pads separated from the strap. The original thread was light and only passed through a few spots, so I am currently seeing the Velcro back on to the straps. The concept for this type of fishing rod holder is awesome, but the execution is not up to par.

👤I bought this for my SUV and it was worth the money. Even when loaded with 3-6 rods/reels, the straps stay tight across the roof. The product was worth the purchase. I recommend it.

👤There are pictures of one with and one with no velcro. Both came with a piece of cloth. I could have bought cheaper ones but I went by the pictures.

👤When your poles are disconnected, this works. The straps are too far away for me to justify using them.

👤The quality was good, but not as wide as the description says, so I will need some extensions for my vehicle. The seller reached out to make sure I was satisfied.

👤Good idea didn't work for my car. It is durable.

5. Rush Creek Creations Fishing Storage

Rush Creek Creations Fishing Storage

The Magreel Fishing Tackle Box is built with a thick rugged frame and has a storage solution for hard lures, terminal tackle, and tools. The molded latches keep contents secure. You can adjust the spacing of the rack to suit your rod length, and it holds up to 6 rod and reel combo. TheTILE FUNCTION: You can put your fishing rod and reel combo in your garage, shed, or other storage area. If you remove all the caps when storing your gear in a vertical position, you can stagger your rod and reel combo. Innovative design. The sliding track allows you to add, remove, or modify clips. Easy assembly. You can spend less time on assembling and more time out on the water with assembly. The size of theRACK isFFICIENT: Measures 18.21" L x 3.21" W x 1.46" H for a premium storage solution for your fishing gear.

Brand: Rush Creek Creations

👤It is a good holder for rods. Rods won't fall out if the clips are in the top. I wish it was a little longer as it cane with 6 holders but I can't store 6 in there without reels jammed in. Only holds 5 rods max and the holders move easily. There are 888-282-0465 all freshwater baitcaster reels. It works.

👤I found a way to use zip ties and a wire shelf to make it easy to move the fishing rods around in the garage. It's easy to install and the rods are organized.

👤This is exactly what I needed to test it. The ability to mount it on a side wall at the maximum height allows for minimal intrusion in the main area made the vertical mount perfect for a condo closet. The flipper upper rod holder is easy to use, it doesn't stress the rod. I plan to buy a second unit.

👤The install was easy, but you need to measure twice and use a level. You need to hold the fishing poles up to the wall before you mount them. Longer poles could hit the ceiling if you mount this too high on the wall. It's made of basic plastic and should hold up over time. I recommend.

👤The supplied screws are cheap and bend easily. The bit tops were drilled out after I bent one screw. The screws were cheap for the loss. The screws are the reason for the loss of three stars.

👤The design is not ideal for a boat. The pieces slide into the bar and are allowed to move a bit so that they don't rattle. It's fine for a garage or shed, but not for a fishing boat that wants to minimize noise and vibration.

👤I needed this for my rod storage. My only concern is whether or not the rubber tab closing off the opening will hold the rods in place as my boat crosses the lake. I mounted this in my boat in the vertical position and believe it should work, but I'm not overly confident that the poles won't bounce through the rubber tab at the top.

👤This is the best rod rack I have ever had and I have bought it three times. If you don't like the reels being bunched up, you can easily add another extension to your collection. The soft foam PCs on the top loops make it easy to get your rods in and out. The setup I have had is the absolute best.

6. Mac Sports Collapsible Outdoor Utility

Mac Sports Collapsible Outdoor Utility

Carry this cap everywhere you go. You can fold this top up and fit it into a purse, backpack, or carry bag with a portable and lightweight design. Even if this hat were to go with you for a swim, leave it in the sun for a minute or two. It will be dry in no time. The Large Capacity Wagon opens to a total of 43.7" x 20.2" x 22.5" and is set up in seconds. No assembly is required. The wagon is only 8 inches thick. A protective cover is included in the folded size of 29.5" x 20.2" x8". Lighten the load. The heavy duty frame can hold up to 150 lbs and the Durable 600D fabric can be cleaned easily. The functions include an easy to use handle, 2 cup holders in the front, and a rear folding table with 2 additional cup holders. It's easy to carry gear around the house and it's great for trips to the park. It isn't made to transport children. The tires are durable for a smooth ride. The 600 Denier fabric is easy to clean.

Brand: Macsports

👤Fantastic purchase. My six year old has cancer and gets tired when we are out and about. I had to use a stroller and wagon because my daughter is 20 months old and he is too big for a double stroller. My daughter has slept in it like a mini crib. It curbs great and works on even surfaces. It is much smaller than our jogging stroller.

👤My arthritic Greyhound went from wanting to go where she wanted to go with a limp and occasionally wanting to lose her use of her right rear leg and left arm in less than a day. Our problem was how to get her to the back yard when she needs to. She looks happier in the picture that was taken during her maiden voyage now that she understands. Mac Sports collapsible outdoor utility wagon has the largest interior we could find, and it's one of the many makers of collapsible wagons that come with different interior sizes and features. It seems sturdy and well built. The front and back of the wagon are made of U shaped handles that we attached leashes to help keep her safe and secure while we get used to using them. There are cup and cell phone holders on the back of the tray and two mesh pockets on the front. They are ideal to hold our extra paper towels and mutt mittens. The wide wheels make it easy to use with a heavy load.

👤The wagon was purchased for transporting pool gear. It is easy to fit in the back of our SUV. This is very light and folds up easily. It is easy to maneauver with the ease of the wheels. It has a cup holder that is just as convenient as laying out by the pool. This is very sturdy. We bought this one because another family had the same wagon. I am happy with this purchase. If you are doing this review in a helpful way, please click the button below.

👤We bought this to get our beach chairs, cooler, and beach bag from the car to the beach. The wagon fits all the items mentioned, and it isn't bad. The wagon can fold to a slim size, and we like the foldout table and cupholders. If I had known about the negative aspects, we wouldn't have bought this. The wagon is heavy when folded up. It's not easy to put it in the car due to the weight, and I have had to have my husband lift it. The wagon wheels in the front are wobbly. The wagon is difficult to pull forward because of the weird angles of the wheels. The wagon is awful in the sand. It pulls okay on the street and in the packed sand, but it's like pulling a heavy cart through quicksand. I wouldn't recommend this for beach gear.

👤For a product that is new. Look at photos. The box is open and filthy.

👤I love this wagon. I was worried what I was getting might not be large enough. It's perfect. I wanted one of these to be the same size and shape as the other baseball moms have, so I took it to the kids' baseball games. I love that it has a table on it to set drinks and things on, and the cup holders on my chair don't fit anything but a can in them. The other mothers wish they had the table, too, as I am glad I got the option with the table. The table folds up easily and doesn't take up a lot of room when it's folded, and the entire wagon folds up easily as well. My 6'1" husband can use the handle and the wheels are rubber, not plastic. The neutral grey color hides dirt well, if we switch sports teams, we don't have to worry about the color not matching. This folds up to a small size. I love everything about it, so glad we went with this option. The $10 more for the table was definitely worth it.

7. Berkley Tube Rod Rack Black

Berkley Tube Rod Rack Black

Stores 3 rods or combo securely. Attaching to the wall. It is durable and lightweight. Stores 3 rods or combo neatly and securely.

Brand: Berkley

👤The tube rod rack is a great addition to my kayak milk crate. I'm able to store additional poles and a net in the tubes because it's strong and lightweight. It was easy to put the rack onto the crate. I highly recommend this product or one similar to it, even though the rack isn't the cheapest.

👤It's a fishing rod holder that is attached to the surface with screws.

👤I am sure they will do the job. I could probably dremel a reel notch if I wanted to, but I probably would have preferred a reel notch. I used zip ties to attach the hardware to the Kayak crate.

👤I mounted this on a Plano V-Crate and it is a little floppy because of one set of mounting holes, but I'm happy with it and I recommend buying one or more of these.

👤I should've paid more attention when I bought this for my first kayak crate. The rod holders don't have slots for the reel which makes them less secure.

👤Works well! I wish it had the cutouts for the reels and a location to attach rod leashes, but for the money, you can't go wrong!

👤I'm happy it fit in the fishing cart. There's no cutout for the reel stem so the rods are held deep. It is still recommended.

👤They are overpriced because they were made from plastic. They do a good job. If you have a butt button on your rod, it won't fit in the tube because of the diameter of the tubes.

👤Excellent piece of kit does what it's supposed to.

👤It works well but prefer ones with "v" in front. I got a hand skil saw and cut them to accomplish that. You can do the same thing with a pcv pipe.

👤It can get crowded and equipment broken when 3 generations fishing at the same time, so it was ordered to install 2 to it. Even the younger generation used the racks because they were easy to use. We are going to get a few more for the pole fishers.

8. Zer One Carrier Fishing Transport

Zer One Carrier Fishing Transport

Save space. The rod saver is easy to install. The fishing pole holder strap can save you a lot of space in the back of the car. You can save space in the car with this fishing rod strap. It is made of quality nylon material, lightweight, wearproof, strong enough and won't break. You won't be difficult with where to put my fishing poles if you use theAdjustable Length. Hold the fishing rod. Well, well : Fishing Rod Rack Car Works holds the rods so they don't slide back and forth while driving. Pull the straps as tight as you can. Extra hook and loop is needed to tighten the rod. The hook and loop straps are long enough to hold the larger ocean boat rod. Designed to save your car space, it also protects your fishing rods from crashes. Designed to save your car space, it also protects your fishing rods from crashes.

Brand: Zerone

👤These should work well in some vehicles. I didn't have the correct handle spacing to make them work with different centers of gravity. I made a solution that works. Maybe I can put these on the wall in my garage.

👤I liked the idea of this product. The rear handle of my Ford Explorer was not able to allow me to attach the second strap. The metal seat belt ring on the ceiling was connected with zip ties. It has been well utilized.

9. Sea Dog 325038 1 Side Mount Holder

Sea Dog 325038 1 Side Mount Holder

The cart is 28.74" W x 41.85" L x 37.8" H. Every unit has detailed instructions with guided Infographics. If you need additional support, please contact them. Injection molded. Only the display packaging has the four #8 bolts.

Brand: Sea Dog Line

👤The value of the rod mount is what the five stars are for. I am not using this to hold a fishing rod yet. I saw the idea on the board I saw this idea for a flashlight mount while building a camping trailer. A person used a fishing rod mount to hold a flashlight. I could have purchased a single mount. The price for the 3 mounts was less than the single mount, so I decided to go with the 3 mounts. I cut off a mount with a hacksaw. I will put this on the trailer. The Maglite fits perfectly. I kept the slots with the mount to hold tools. I have 2 more Rod mounts that I can use for a flashlight, fishing rod, or other tool. These mounts are great for a few bucks.

👤It was perfect for my needs. The pontoon is not designed for fishing. No rod holders, seats facing backwards, etc. I use it for fishing and wanted the rod holders. I was on board with permanently attaching these because my wife was against it. I came up with a design using the Taylor Made Pontoon Boat Rail Fender Hanger/Adjusters and some machine screws. Made two of them. It works perfectly.

👤Sea Dog is a three pole side mount rod holder. It's okay. The black version was higher than the white one, but I like it for its price. All kayakers plan to mount it on milk cartons. I made a pole light that will sit with a flag and led light on top, so that I could take up the middle position. I like it.

👤A good pole holder. It was mounted in 15 minutes. I keep 3 poles next to the helm of my bass boat so I can get to it quickly. Good value at a budget price.

👤I bought this for my husband to use. It was easy to install. He has his fishing gear ready to go.

👤I ziptied this to a milk crate and used it as a pole holder for surf fishing. My friends laugh and then have to hold their pole in their hand while I am free from my hands.

👤The hole pattern of the rod holder is similar to the hole pattern of the screw hole holder. There was no need for additional drilling. Finding the perfect match was a pleasure, we're not averse to drilling fiberglass boats full of holes.

👤The provided hardware isn't enough to secure the Rod holder to the cooler when loaded with rods. The cooler was ripped off by the rod holder. The screws will be replaced with nuts/bolts.

10. Ayunwei Fishing Holder 3 Tube Storage

Ayunwei Fishing Holder 3 Tube Storage

The mallet opened: MAX. It was 1.97 inches. Before buying, please check your boat board size. The fishing rod holder is made of plastic and is lightweight for freshwater and saltwater. It is easy to install and comes with screws and nuts to mount on a variety of subjects. The middle gap of the 3-tube rods design allows you to hold fishing lures, a filet knife, pliers and so on. The inner diameter of the 3 tubular rod holders is 1.81". If you are dissatisfied with their fishing rod basket, please return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Brand: Ayunwei

👤I had to cut a few bolts off because the nuts got jammed on the treads when I tried to install it at the hardware store. It is difficult to install the tubes on the mount frame. It works but not the most turn key.

👤warning! These have to be put together. The 3 rod holders and 2 support structures are not the same. It has bolts and screws. They don't fit together well.

👤Black zip ties were used to secure it to the wagon. Didn't want to drill holes in the wagon frame, it would weaken it. But happy with the results. When time to fish, no more tangled rods.

👤The material is brittle. The snaps don't line up. Trying to assemble. Absolutely junk.

👤The parts had to be put in place with a wood clamp.

👤The material is easy to assemble.

👤I like that I can separate the rod holders.

👤This kind of rod holder has a less than simple way to put it together. It does what it says it will, but it has to be assembled and it was a lot harder for me to do since it came without instructions. The plastic is not very thick. I'm not sure how it will hold up after 3 years in the sun. I will have to wait and see. I would buy another one if I needed one. Pros: Works well with my rods, no weird/awkward fits, Sturdy so far, not super easy to assemble without instructions, what to watch I don't know how well it will hold up over time, but it is a good alternative to metal. It isn't the smartest but it won't break the bank.


👤Poor snaps. Some of the tubes broke. The tubes cracked while I was assembling them.

👤Couldn't find this product at a better price point.

👤He said it was a piece of plastic.

👤I'm impressed but it's hard to snap together.

11. Benuomi Vehicle Fishing Holder Adjustable

Benuomi Vehicle Fishing Holder Adjustable

It is adjusted. The rod rack can be adjusted from 29 to 60. The tension on the vehicle rod rack should be adjusted from both sides. There is a front and a rear strap in each pack of fishing rod rack. The fishing rod holder is 86.61 in length and 1.5 in width. The nylon material belt is easy to put in the vehicle fishing rod holder. The fishing pole can be firmly held, organized and protected in the car, which is convenient for transportation and easy to place and take out, to avoid tangling or breaking. Excellent way of managing space. The fishing rod will be neatly stored in the car with the pole stand. It's perfect for SUVs, trucks, wagons, vans, pickup, mobile homes, pontoons, garage, wall, and camper shell. The car fishing rod rack can be adjusted from 31 to 61 inches. The width of the vehicle can affect its length. Attention If you don't have four leash bars, you could purchase and affix cups to hold the strap. Make sure the cup is strong. Before you drive, make sure everything is locked up.

Brand: Benuomi


What is the best product for fishing wagon with rod holders & 4 wheels?

Fishing wagon with rod holders & 4 wheels products from Hysagtek. In this article about fishing wagon with rod holders & 4 wheels you can see why people choose the product. Rush Creek Creations and Burle Withfab are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing wagon with rod holders & 4 wheels.

What are the best brands for fishing wagon with rod holders & 4 wheels?

Hysagtek, Rush Creek Creations and Burle Withfab are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing wagon with rod holders & 4 wheels. Find the detail in this article. Greatfishing, Macsports and Berkley are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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