Best Fishing Weights Kit

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1. YEXPRESS Fishing Assorted Pitching Flipping

YEXPRESS Fishing Assorted Pitching Flipping

The fishing line is not broken by the lead sinkers. Control float residual buoyancy and adjust line state. The Bullet Lead Weight Kit has 5 different size worm fishing lead sinkers. Their bullet lead weight sinkers are made of high quality lead and can be used for a long time, saving part of the money. Different weights can be selected according to different waters, and they provide 5 commonly used sizes to quickly connect various fishing hooks. The shape of the bullet can reduce the chance of gettingentangled with stones or rocks. They can help you bring bait to places with a lot of fish. The bullet shape is easy to fall into the water. The round hole has no burr, which makes it convenient for the fishing line to pass through.

Brand: Yexpress

👤Not a complex product. They are used for dead weight. I use them for hobby products where I'm trying to add weight, so the variety of sizes is handy. You have to ask the fisherperson how they do their job. They fit my needs.

👤It is what was advertised. Thank you. Jan Jarrell.

👤Looks good, have different sizes.

2. FREGITO Sinkers Weights Removable Fishing

FREGITO Sinkers Weights Removable Fishing

These no paint fishing weights are a perfect small gift for your family or friends who love fishing. They will be happy to upgrade lead weights. The sizes are engraved to quickly choose the right weight. There is a large amount of fishing weights. The 5 sizes are 0.2g 60pcs, 0.25g 50pcs, 0.4g 40pcs, and 0.6g 30pcs. The diameter of the box is 2.75inch. It's convenient to store and carry. It's great for changing situations by adding and removing weights. The fishing line is not broken by the lead sinkers. Control float residual buoyancy and adjust line state.

Brand: Fregito

👤That's great, there are 5 different sizes. The needs of the chub through the fishermen are suited by the sizes. Some are lighter than the tag I tie. I'll put 14 on at a time.

👤Their size is very small. Everything is fine with them.

👤Finding the perfect weight for small lures is very easy with these split shots. Normally, I use a split shot and drag the lure on the bottom, but there are some that keep the bait at the center of the water level. I've caught many panfish using this method, and it's perfect for fishing things really slow. Really nice split shots. They are easy to remove and have a good design.

3. SILANON Fishing Weights Sinkers Removable

SILANON Fishing Weights Sinkers Removable

Fishing sinkers are great for freshwater and salt water fishing. Drop sinkers are used to attract bigger fish. There are 215 split shot fishing weights assortments with different sizes. Fishing split shot weights are made of high density pure lead and have a streamlined design that reduces the resistance fall into water. The fishing sinkers with central cut will not break your fishing line. It is easy to use the fishing line, split weights and fishing plier. The fishing line should be placed in the slot of the sinker. Make sure the shot weights are fastened by squeezing them with a plier. The split shot sinkers are packed in a pocket-sized round box for easy removal and storage. The box's diameter is 2.6inch. Great weights for bass, catfish and crappie can be used in saltwater freshwater.

Brand: Silanon

👤It is impossible to open the container.

4. FishingPepo Fishing Removable Accessories Equipment

FishingPepo Fishing Removable Accessories Equipment

The well package includes 5 sizes lead weights of 0.25oz/ 9g, 0.65oz/ 18g, 1oz/28g, and 1.4oz/38g/2pcs. 100 pieces of Split Shot Sinker are in a plastic box. They will give away lure pliers. Attach, remove and reattach. Adding weight to your fishing line is quick and easy. It is easy to put on the line and will not come off, they are nice fishing accessories for you to adapt to different water areas by adding and removing the weights, they can match well with diverse fishing hooks and fishing lines. It's great for rigging up your fishing gear. The fishing weights keep your bait in the strikezone. Round shape did not cause hang ups. The fishing line, weights and plier need to be prepared. The fishing line should be placed in the slot of the sinker. To make sure it's fastened, squeeze the sinker with a plier. The surface is polished to make it brighter. For use in salt water, high-speed trolly, jumping boats, offshore fishing, etc., and you can share with those friend Fishing Sinkers in other waters.

Brand: Fishingpepo

👤I didn't like them because they are hard to put on and come off easily, and the pliers are for kids. I don't recommend it because it's very small.

5. Fishing Weights SANWEAL Removable Including

Fishing Weights SANWEAL Removable Including

You can choose the size according to the water flow speed and the weight of the bait. There are 5 sizes of Split Shot Fishing Weights, including 35, 30 and 30 ounces, and 20 and 20 ounces. A variety of sizes will help you catch fish. The fishing weights have been enlarged. Their split shot fishing weights are made of pure lead, with high content, and the smooth and polished surface makes it more lustrous. These fishing sinkers will not hurt your fishing line. It is easy to use and remove the fishing weights from the fishing line. It is easy for the children to get the fishing line set for them while you are fishing. Storage is portable and easy. The fishing weights are packed in a small and exquisite plastic box, which is convenient to carry when fishing. The box is odorless and tasteless. The SANWEAL team strives for 100% customer satisfaction. They are happy to provide you with a satisfactory solution within 24 hours if you have any problems.

Brand: Sanweal

👤Would have given 5 stars. They were not in the package with the other items when I ordered them. Since they were a couple of dollars, I didn't want to call so I just ordered. Second one arrived quickly and did a great job.

👤These were purchased to weigh down train cars that were light.

👤Exactly what I wanted.

👤It's easy to apply, but not easy to take off.

👤These are lead and so useless.

👤The package is not as big as you would think.

👤Good assortment would buy again and recommend.

👤The product pictured was not what it appeared to be. There was a small package. I was expecting bigger ones.

6. Thkfish Fishing Weights Fishing Sinker B Teardrop

Thkfish Fishing Weights Fishing Sinker B Teardrop

The package has 20 pieces for 3 ounces. Do not do things that get spotted. The shape of Fishing Weight allows for a smooth retrieve. Work well and come through rocks and wood. This is a great technique for fishing. To use and effective. Drop-shotting is fun and easy. The waterdrop shape round is best on mud and sand bottoms. Drop shot weight. Slender weights design makes it easier to enter when casting. Drop shot weights are designed for fishing. The rocks have Slender weights in them. The bait is lightly shaken to attract attention as the weight is dropped vertically to the bottom. Light line and spinning equipment is preferred. You can feel every pebble, twig, or change in bottom composition with waterdrop and ball shape weights. Waterdrop shape and Ball shape weights are great for muddy ground. The pinch style line clip allows the angler to change their weight size or leader length without having to re-tie. Sharp hooks and high strength are what they are. The Drop Shot Rig has a wide-gap design. It is possible to put on just peg on your line without tying it. Drop shot fishing is great for pike and bass. Fishing weights are wonderful. The set is great for fishing trips. Drop Shot Weights are an excellent addition to a tackle box. The material is lead and steel. There are three choices: Slender Shape Weights (Total 246g/7.67oz), 28pcs Teardrop Shape Weights (Total 246g/7.67oz) and 103pcs Drop Shot Rig Tackle Box (Total 338g/11.92oz).

Brand: Thkfish

👤The item was received on the day. The majority of the sinkers did not move freely. They ended it binding, and it wasn't easy to rotation. The most annoying thing was where the line passes. 99% of the eyes were crimped, which meant the sinker did not slide freely. It was supposed to be a free rig or a way to just pass over the line. The sinker was stopped from sliding smoothly. I had to use a slim piece to widen the gap. I'm glad I inspected the item now instead of finding it in the water. This is supposed to make my fishing experience simpler.

👤There was a neat little box with these drop shot weights in it. I used one of the weights all day yesterday and it never came off or cut the line. They kept cutting my fluorocarbon leader because I had well known brand weights. I'm very pleased with the purchase and will buy again when I need it.

👤Good quality and a good number of weights. It would have been better if it was labeled in ounces. I think so.

👤I have a bunch of expensive stuff in my tackle boxes and bags, but I have to admit that this inexpensive little kit from thkfish is pretty dang nice. The hooks are sharp.

👤I wanted to fish around rocks. They don't get hung up as much as the weights. They fished around rocks. I fished a tournament and only got hung a few times and was able to jig it up and down to get free. The box has different weights.

👤Quality drop shot weights at a good price.

👤They are cheap and sink. What more can you ask for?

👤The hooks were rearranged when the package was opened. I don't have the correct set of hooks after seperating them. There was a random hook.

👤The top verarbeitet. Ihren Zweck is Erfllen. Halt an der Angelschnur bombastisch. Empfehlung fr jeden Angler! Den Preis unschlagbar!

👤Im Angeln DropShot Rig ist das Einsteigerset. Hab ist 2 mal. Die Bleie ist gut gehalten und beim bern Boden. Fr ist das Einsteiger. Ich ist beurteilen. The Set war vollstndig und die Lieferung ging schnell.

👤Preisleistung stimmt. Man ist die Bleie innen. Hnger ist die Schnur. Wei, wei, wei Fr die anderen.

👤Piombi non sono rubostissimi ma fanno degnamente il loro lav.

👤The hook holes have a slight gap, so if the hook pops off the line with a standard drop shot tie Weights are nice but have lost a few fish. They would buy again but only as a starter set.

7. JSHANMEI Fishing Weights Eco Friendly Assortment

JSHANMEI Fishing Weights Eco Friendly Assortment

The bullet shape is easy to fall into the water. The round hole has no burr, which makes it convenient for the fishing line to pass through. Iron material. The fishing sinker is made of iron and is eco-friendly, anti-rust and enduring for a long time. Good performance. The fishing bait can be sunk deeper down the water with the help of the 180 rotation of the sinker. Water drop skimmers help reduce resistance in water, good for casting and fast sinking. The sleek surface is ensured by finemachining, it wouldn't harm the fishing line. There are multiple sizes. The fishing kit has different sizes in one box. There are 54 pieces, including 3.5g-20pcs, 5g-15pcs, 7g-8pcs, 10g-5pcs, 14g-3pcs, and 21g-2pcs.

Brand: Jshanmei

👤The weights are balanced and the size is right. I don't like spending a lot on things that will end up in the weeds. Would buy again.

👤Even after washing and soaking multiple times, the smell ofchemical is still strong.

👤The collection is great for every need.

8. Fishfun Tungsten Anodized Laser Engraved Sensitive

Fishfun Tungsten Anodized Laser Engraved Sensitive

There is an assortment of weights in sizes 1/16. 1/6OZ-15pcs, 1/6OZ-20pcs, 1/6OZ-15pcs, 3/16OZ-15pcs, 1/3OZ-10pcs, 1/6OZ-5pcs, 1/2OZ-3pcs. The high density, more compact than lead, is not stuck in the cracks. The fish don't notice the smaller splash. Casting in the wind is more precise than flipping and pitching your lure. No chip or fade. Their black tungsten weights are different from painted ones in that they are black and will never chip or fade. The weights are made to hold up against the most heavy-duty flipping and pitching applications. No fighting. The inside of the boat is polished and free of inserts to allow easier line threading. There are no sharp edges outside. Free Swimming and Sensitive is perfect for Texas and Carolina rigs. Whether you are fishing wood, rocks, sand or clay bottom, you will get a better feel for what your bait is doing with a twimmer. These no paint fishing weights are a perfect small gift for your family or friends who love fishing. They will be happy to upgrade lead weights. The sizes are engraved to quickly choose the right weight.

Brand: Fishfun

👤Each product has a size that is stamped on it. Getting away from using lead has environmental issues as well. The product was very good.

👤I fish with soft plastics almost exclusively, and I like using the smaller weights of tungsten instead of the lead ones, they seem to be more durable.

👤The weights are on the side of it. It's easy to see.

👤Very nice weights. Will buy again.

👤The weight I chose to flip with was perfect, no chips even after flipping around rip rap and trees. I would recommend it to anyone.

👤It seems to work like every other weight.

👤Small for weight does not catch much grass. The cost is only an issue.

👤It was exactly what I needed. These did not fail because they are a tungsten weight.

9. Hilitchi 150 Pcs Luminous Freshwater Saltwater

Hilitchi 150 Pcs Luminous Freshwater Saltwater

If you don't like their glow fishing beads or have any questions, please come to them. They will solve all the problems for you. Within 90 days, you can get a free replacement or refund. Quality pure brass is used in fishing weights and sinkers, it has high abrasion resistance, high aging resistance, good shock resistance and long performance life. They help to get into the water quickly. The fishing beads have a strong attraction effect. If you want to find out more about the fishing supplies they sell, please click on the product description. The fishing sinkers have a good casting distance and can be used as a good conjunction with a fishing lure or hook to increase its rate of sink. You can choose between 5 different sizes of fishing sinkers. The smallest 0.06oz for applications in shallow water to the biggest 0.35oz for fly fishing applications, or considerably more for deep sea fishing. Fishing weights have great sensitivity. They are a smart chic shape and golden color, which makes them easy to drop down to water. It could cause less waves and almost noiseless if you cast the line into the water. Quality manufactured, no sharp edges or anything to cut the line and holes are large enough to allow the fishing line to pass through. Different kinds of sinkers are very tight to the line and don't come loose easily. They are great for bait. They have good quality fish hooks and are manufactured to a high standard. Harvest fishes and have fun. If you want to use it in the future, buy one kit and spare it. They have different sizes for you to choose from. If you want to get away from the busy work life at the weekend, grab this kit and have some quality time with your family or alone. Happy fishing, happy life. If you have any questions, please come to them. They will solve all the problems for you. Within 90 days, you can get a free replacement or refund.

Brand: Hilitchi

👤I didn't notice it at first, but as I put the new braided line on it started to fall apart. I slid the weight and it was raspy. They had burs after I inspected the weights. Every single last one! The little weight kit is nice, but beware the burs.

👤I bought them for homemade spinner bodies. I might use the bigger rig.

👤I have a favorite size for spinner bait bodies. I have used at least a few of them. They all look great because of their weight.

👤It's easy to use. I didn't worry about the weight causing problems on the line because my setup was easier to prepare. Will buy again when necessary. Good for those who have to use weights with lead in them.

👤Lead free weights are good, but beads aren't.

👤Shinny fish will follow the texas rig and attack it.

👤Good quality for Carolina setup or just a slide.

10. Qunweidi Fishing Weights Sinkers Upgrade

Qunweidi Fishing Weights Sinkers Upgrade

You can choose the appropriate size according to the water flow speed and the weight of the bait. The upgraded version is: It is easier to fix it on the fishing line with the novel design. The fishing weights with ear keep your bait in the strikezone. The quality snooker kit is made of high quality materials and won't hurt your fishing line. There are wide applications. You can change the fishing equipment you use. It's perfect for fishing in the water. It's easy to converse. The split shot fishing weights are small. It's easy to take and you can put it in your pocket. Customer feedback is very small in the package. They aim to provide full customer satisfaction. Please contact them if there is a problem.

Brand: Qunweidi

11. Pheanto Fishing Accessories Including Fastlock

Pheanto Fishing Accessories Including Fastlock

We want to make sure you have a good SATisFACATION. Good quality is what the Bullet-Weight Fishing sinker kit is made of. The fishing accessories kit has a weight of 258g. The package includes: 1.8g (1/16oz). There are 6pcs, 3.5g, 8oz, 10pcs, 4g, and 5g. There are 10 pieces, 6g and 5oz. Also, note: The fishing line, fishing lure, and fishing hook are only for reference. Please see the picture and description of the fishing tackle kit. The best combination for fishing includes treble hooks, off-set hooks, drop shot hooks, bullet weights, drop shot weights, jig heads, barrel swivels, fastlock snaps, fishing beads and, best combination for fishing! Their hooks are made from the best material with salt water resistant coating, which will help you catch more fish without worrying about losing them. 7g jig head hooks and different sizes of off-set hooks are suitable for all sorts of fishing. It's easy to catch fishes with enhanced strength treble hooks, which are much more durable than other similar products. There are 156 pieces in a box. The fishing gadgets box is easy to fit in your fishing seat box, backpack and vest's pocket. The best gift for fisherman!

Brand: Pheanto

👤The case is small enough to fit in a tackle box or bag and is good for travel or backup. I left something at the house last weekend and it saved me. The basics are covered well enough for the money.

👤I was going to return it because it was too small. I decided this was the right thing to do after seeing my guy carry his big tackle box. Everything was in it. It's light weight and you don't have to carry heavy tackle boxes anymore.

👤Everything in the kit will get the job done, even though the hooks are larger than I expected.

👤You are probably looking at this as a fishing set. I was just looking to get a bunch of tackles. This is garbage. If you want to avoid this set, buy some weights and hooks. It was a mess in the box.

👤I can't wait to use it.

👤I use this terminal tackle all the time. The hooks are nice and sharp, I have been slamming fish with this tackle and have had no issues.

👤El producto bueno, pero los transportistas, lo dejan en un lugar inseguro nunca, me salga por ellos a correr detrs del carro.


What is the best product for fishing weights kit?

Fishing weights kit products from Yexpress. In this article about fishing weights kit you can see why people choose the product. Fregito and Silanon are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing weights kit.

What are the best brands for fishing weights kit?

Yexpress, Fregito and Silanon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing weights kit. Find the detail in this article. Fishingpepo, Sanweal and Thkfish are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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