Best Fishing Weights Sinkers 4 Oz

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1. Bullet Weights Fishing Sinker 4 Ounce

Bullet Weights Fishing Sinker 4 Ounce

The SANWEAL team strives for 100% customer satisfaction. They are happy to provide you with a satisfactory solution within 24 hours if you have any problems. The product is called fishing effluent. No batteries are required. The country of Orgin is the United States.

Brand: Bullet Weights

👤The heavier range of egg sinkers was what I needed. It is hard to find this size. $10 for 4 of them is the best I could find. I have used other lead egg sinkers and they seem to be as good as these. I will use a lighter leader with a circle hook on the other end to cast a country mile and catch some big catfish, then I will put them on the pole side of my swivel with a bead to protect the knot.

👤The shape seems to help them sink faster. The larger center hole makes it harder to peg it with a rubber stopper.

👤Egg weights are the most durable I have used.

👤Each of the lead was at a reasonable price. Going to order more in different sizes.

2. Bullet Weights Cannonball Sinker 4 Ounce

Bullet Weights Cannonball Sinker 4 Ounce

The components were included. Fishing Terminal. The country of origin is El Salvador. The color name is multicolored.

Brand: Bullet Weights

👤The order was received fairly quickly, however, they only had 12 in the box and they were 8oz. Huge! Why! This is what the description said. Someone couldn't figure out the difference. The CB 150 Cannon Ball Sinkers are 1 1/2 ounces. The other label was left visible and the other label was placed over it. The top label said they were 1 1/2oz. Someone needs a scale.

👤This is a single 16oz cannonball sinker. I ordered 3oz cannonballs, but they were not what I received. There is a sticker on the item tag that says 3oz sinker 26pcs. I was annoyed that someone read on the order sheet that the item was supposed to be 26 pieces, but it was only one hunk of lead. Don't buy returning item.

👤AMAZON was unable to ship them to any location in Maine. I tried four different addresses and got the same message. They were sent to a friend in another state. Maybe it's because of the lead content. I like these because they are easy to hook up to a high/low rig and less likely to catch on the bottom when fishing ledges off of the Maine coast.

👤The weights are cast in brass. The five I received ranged from a low of 16.2 to a high of 16.4 ounces. The weights were packed in a USPS envelope and received within the promised date range.

👤I used the brass ring to make monkey fists. It is lead so heavy that they are round. Here you go if you need a round ball. It can be used for fishing. They are heavy.

👤A pack of 8 were ordered. I was concerned by the other reviews. I got all 8. I didn't fall out when I picked it up and bounced it by the other eyelet, but I'm not too worried about it. All the others are close. I was shorted 1 oz from my order because each weight is 9 7/8 instead of 10 oz. Does it matter? I gave 4 of 5 stars because of this. If I could find fishing weight like this in a store, I would pay more.

👤Pack of 3 with 32 oz weights. I got all three. I was shorted 6 ounces from my order because each weight is 30 ounces. I don't care about that. I think it's still worth it.

👤Slow shipping rough line.

3. Bullet Weights Fishing Sinker 6 Ounce

Bullet Weights Fishing Sinker 6 Ounce

Do-it is a mold that can be removed. No batteries are required. The product is a fishing hook.

Brand: Bullet Weights

👤If you read a review on fishing weights, you shouldn't have hobbies, because things weight so much.

👤A quality product and a good price.

👤I wanted to use them in a weighted heaving line. They worked well. My friends enjoyed them as gifts. I made them more round by pounding them on each end. I knew that these met my expectations when I went in. It arrived on time. These sizes were not available in the area.

👤What is there to say about the lead weight? Buying bulk lead is more expensive than casting your own. A buut is not an issue for this usage.

👤Like it heaps. The casting job was very clean. It's not hard to go fishing.

4. JSHANMEI Pyramid Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

JSHANMEI Pyramid Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

The country of origin is El Salvador. The design of 888-282-0476. The bait can be taken down to where big fish are. Drop sinkers are used to attract bigger fish. Works great on fast currents. Premium material is used to make the weight of the pyramid. A smooth metal ring makes it easy to cross fishing line. Unique design. The profile makes it sink quickly. When fishing in sandy waters, the weight of the sinker can make the water muddy. It's great for all types of fishing, in both freshwater and saltwater. For example, the bass, drum, Croaker, and many other species. You can choose the size according to the water flow speed and the weight of the bait.

Brand: Jshanmei

👤It only had 12 in it. Not happy at all. It was supposed to have other sizes. They showed up and no one was able to contact them again.

👤They look like they will work well.

👤No fue lo, todas fueron del mismo.

👤I was short changed by two because they look nice. It arrived with 18 instead of 20. Not happy about that.

👤I thought it was a little expensive for lead weights, but it is a steal. It comes with a handy little tackle box and one of those little eyelet things. Definitely worth it!

5. Bullet Weights Fishing Sinker 2 Ounce

Bullet Weights Fishing Sinker 2 Ounce

The sinkers rig and lure are in this kit. No worries about messing up lines. It is possible to meet all your needs if you only need to buy once. The components were included. Fishing Terminal. El Salvador is the country of origin. A pound of bank sinkers is packaged in a poly bag. The lead bank is in a tear drop shape.

Brand: Bullet Weights

👤I like fish. I buy a product at the store and it is cheaper than what I buy at the store. The weights apply to different settings. It's worth buying.

👤They do what they are suppose to. Buying in stores is cheaper than ordering them here.

👤It gets the job done and is affordable.

👤I only got four weights from my package.

👤I prefer this type most for surf fishing, it's a no-brainer for the rugged or smooth terrain under the breaking water.

👤They are good weights for fishing. I would buy again.

👤There is a chunk of lead. They fly.

6. Amersumer Raindrop Fishing Weights Streamlined

Amersumer Raindrop Fishing Weights Streamlined

There are 4 sizes of 1oz, 2oz, 3oz and 4oz. Different needs are met by multiple sizes. The size option will affect the quantities. Their fishing weights are made of high quality lead, which is durable and can be used for a long time. This package includes 10g raindrop shape weights and 10g raindrop shape weights, that's a great deal. Raindrop designs make it easy to drop fishing weights into the water. It's better to submerge to the deep water quickly than to stick at stones. Cause waves and very stealth. The fishing weight kits are very easy to carry around. You could use them in fresh or salty water. If your product doesn't perform as expected, you can request a replacement.

Brand: Amersumer

👤The well came before the day. It's pretty much lead sinkers.

7. Bullet Weights Fishing Sinker 4 Ounce

Bullet Weights Fishing Sinker 4 Ounce

The product is called fishing effluent. No batteries are required. The country of Orgin is the United States.

Brand: Bullet Weights

👤They ordered 2 packs of these along with some glow sticks. I opened the package and saw this state of the contents. One bag was completely sealed. The other was completely sealed off. Will not buy again. There is a big hole in the box and I am missing 2 sinkers. What a rip off.

👤The discs are good for the price. They work. It sinks when you put it in the water. There was no issue there. The eyelets for these lures are very strong. It is not going to break off on you. This is the best deal I've seen on Amazon. You only need 1 and 2 ounces for most applications, and 16 and 8 for others.

👤The price is great and will work. This is not new technology. The quality is good and the price is the best point. I also ordered a scale at the same time I ordered these. The pack of weights were used to test the accuracy of the scale and either the scale is off or these weights are off by an average of 1/16 of an ounce per weight. It's a 50% chance of either one being wrong. The new scale is likely to be inaccurate. I would recommend these.

👤The best compromise is between the other designs. Pyramids catch more seaweed than Cannon Ball, but stays in place better. Attach my sinker with a clip. The coin sinkers are easier to attach. The only complaint is that they are more expensive. Since the last time I bought them, the price has doubled. They are good, but not good enough to justify the price.

👤Came on time and worked well. The plastic bag is going to get damaged once and awhile but that doesn't mean the weight won't work as it should.

👤I bought these because they were the best value for the buck. The weights seem good quality for the price, I weighed them on my scale and they were all over 4 Oz. I received my package today and only 3 weights were in it. The packaging says 4-Pack. I only received 3. I could have bought them at a local store at this price per weight. If customer service fixes this in a timely manner, I will change my review.

👤My set was finished by these weights. My wife says that the Kokanee won't stand a chance. She doesn't mean that in a good way. I am taking it in that way. I think that's correct. I've never used that much weight in a trolly before. I am happy to think I will reach the bigger fish now that I know I have been too shallow. I'm ready for that.

👤These are more resistant to snagging than many other shapes. I can leave the same lead on and go fishing even if I am drifting, fishing from the bank or on anchor. The wire eyes allow me to attach them to a slide, which is crucial to my slightly modified version of the Santee Cooper rig.

8. Stellar Fishing Weights Saltwater Freshwater

Stellar Fishing Weights Saltwater Freshwater

It comes with a line clip that allows you to change your weight size without having to re-tie. Fishing drop sinkers can be used to take your bait to the big fish. Drop sinkers are used to attract bigger fish. Due to pyramid design, fishing sinkers hold in strong waves and current. You need these pyramid sinkers for fishing. It's great for all types of fishing. For example, the bass, drum, Croaker, and many other species. There are different sizes of 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, and 5oz. The size option will affect the quantities.

Brand: Stellar

👤Amazon is not responsible for any last item or items they shipped a different address as it is not yours, so be careful with what you order.

👤It is a sinker people... What more can I say?

👤The product is the same as advertised. The only complaint I have is that the eyelets have burr from the process. It cuts your fishing line. Prepare to buy a steel leader or grind it down with a Dremel.

9. JSHANMEI Saltwater Fishing Casting Assortment

JSHANMEI Saltwater Fishing Casting Assortment

5 pieces per pouch is offered by the Water Gremlin egg sinker. The egg assortment kit is packed in a sturdy plastic box. Premium material. The weight of the sinkers is made of pure electrolytic material. The design reduces resistance in the water. Good shock resistance and long performance life are some of the qualities durable. They help to get into the water quickly. The egg sinker weight is hard and firm for the easy drop to water. It is easy to pass through the hole without burrs. Fishing gear is a must-have accessory in your tackle box, it's perfect for making rigs and it's designed for deep water fishing.

Brand: Jshanmei

👤I am very impressed with the case the items came in. One cannot get excited by a lead egg sinker. This is the case. Each compartment has a single snap shut lid. The whole case is not spilled out when searching for one sinker. Nice touch.

👤Good quality. I liked that it was in its own box. It was heavy. I moved over to my bait box. The product has a great value.

👤Heavy weights with small holes.

👤The gram scale has cheap and accurate weights.

10. FREGITO Sinkers Weights Removable Fishing

FREGITO Sinkers Weights Removable Fishing

These no paint fishing weights are a perfect small gift for your family or friends who love fishing. They will be happy to upgrade lead weights. The sizes are engraved to quickly choose the right weight. There is a large amount of fishing weights. The 5 sizes are 0.2g 60pcs, 0.25g 50pcs, 0.4g 40pcs, and 0.6g 30pcs. The diameter of the box is 2.75inch. It's convenient to store and carry. It's great for changing situations by adding and removing weights. The fishing line is not broken by the lead sinkers. Control float residual buoyancy and adjust line state.

Brand: Fregito

👤That's great, there are 5 different sizes. The needs of the chub through the fishermen are suited by the sizes. Some are lighter than the tag I tie. I'll put 14 on at a time.

👤Their size is very small. Everything is fine with them.

👤Finding the perfect weight for small lures is very easy with these split shots. Normally, I use a split shot and drag the lure on the bottom, but there are some that keep the bait at the center of the water level. I've caught many panfish using this method, and it's perfect for fishing things really slow. Really nice split shots. They are easy to remove and have a good design.

11. DongciTACi Sinkers Fishing Assorted Saltwater

DongciTACi Sinkers Fishing Assorted Saltwater

There are 5 sizes of 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, and 5oz. Different needs are met by multiple sizes. The size option will affect the quantities. The application is for something. The assorted weight assortment is perfect for fishing. SMOOTH: The inner plastic core hole in their egg sinkers kit can protect your fishing line from being damaged. It's practical. The weight of fishing groups is increased by the oval sinker. Each fishing weight is standard and all the lead egg sinker are made of pure electrolytic lead. Well package There are 5 sizes of 0.18oz/ 15pcs, 0.32oz/10pcs,0.49oz /6pcs, and 0.71oz/6pcs. There are 83 fishing accessories in a fishing tackle box.

Brand: Dongcitaci

👤I use it for fishing. I like the design of the inner plastic core channels. I love using braid line and this smooth plastic core channels can protect my line from damage, there is no sharp edges to cut my line. I recommend it for braid line fans.

👤The egg sinkers are uniformly shaped. The weights are required to drive shallow-running lures to depth.

👤My husband's tackle box now has these sinkers in it. He will use them on our vacation next week.

👤Exactly what I ordered and on time.


What is the best product for fishing weights sinkers 4 oz?

Fishing weights sinkers 4 oz products from Bullet Weights. In this article about fishing weights sinkers 4 oz you can see why people choose the product. Jshanmei and Amersumer are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing weights sinkers 4 oz.

What are the best brands for fishing weights sinkers 4 oz?

Bullet Weights, Jshanmei and Amersumer are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing weights sinkers 4 oz. Find the detail in this article. Stellar, Jshanmei and Fregito are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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