Best Fishing Weights Sinkers Pyramid

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1. LUSHAZER Fishing Weights Sinkers Plastic

LUSHAZER Fishing Weights Sinkers Plastic

The country of Orgin is the United States. 1. 100 pieces of the Split-Shot Sinker are in a plastic box. The packaging is different from the picture. 2. The weight of Lushazer is made of pure lead and has a high density. The round design reduces resistance fall into water. The soft shots with central cut will not break the braided fishing line. It's great for changing situations by allowing you to add and remove weights, and it's also great for meeting fishing friends in any waters. 4. After market research. TheSinkers and Weights are small in the package. The product is designed for small design. The fishing line did not change during use. The product design is easy to carry. 5. If you have a problem, please contact them via the customer service email and they would be happy to solve it.

Brand: Lushazer

👤The picture makes the product look bigger. The box of weights in this package is so small that you would have to use half of them to get the weight you need. Don't waste your money. If I didn't throw them in my tackle box I would send them back for a refund but I would most likely throw them in the trash. The value for the money is not worth the product that you get and the ease of use is pretty much non-existent because if you drop one of the weights in this package you have lost it forever. I like buying things to go fishing. I have never seen or bought weights that looked like the ones I received. I don't think they are able to work or do anything good for the weight that you need. I don't see any use for this fishing product on a body of water that is not moving pool, if you're fishing in a swimming pool with no boats or current, or any fish that you tend to catch, then I don't think you should use this fishing product I would like to get a refund.

👤The weights are fine, but the plastic box didn't contain them during shipping. I had to sort the weights because the whole thing was in a plastic bag. One of the weights got wedged between the main box and lid, bending the lid. I tried to heat the lid a bit and get it back into shape, but I don't trust it to hold these weights, so I put them into some small bags I had. These range in size from panfish to trout fishing. The 2nd largest is a #3. There is a They're 5 stars if you don't care about the box.

👤There was no warmth in these as the review stars asked, with that being said, I think there was a better scale for measurement and size used to advertise these. I am pretty sure that the smallest size is not enough to feel an object with our fingers. The 2 largest sizes are useful for casting two sinkers and not having to worry about bobber or tight line needs. I will use the rest as a substitute for my hamburgers at the next picnic.

👤Why did the seller blow up the product photo so that it looked bigger than it really is? I could have purchased a better fish weight set at walmart or sportmans wearhouse. Don't buy it.

👤Oh my gracious! My husband bought the tiny hooks for the weights. He didn't read the description carefully. Please read carefully and beware. You pay for what you get. It was a good laugh. The speck next to the hook is a weight. When we opened them, it gave us a 1 star for laughter. I updated my review because I used the bigger ones to catch some perch. I added a star for that. Just read carefully what you get in the set.

2. Stellar Pyramid Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

Stellar Pyramid Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

Gourami is a manufacturer of fishing tackle. If you have any questions, please contact them and they will help you to deal with them. The variety pack includes 2 ounces, 3 ounces, and 4 ounces of fishing weight. Fishing drop sinkers can be used to take your bait to the big fish. Drop sinkers are used to attract bigger fish. Due to pyramid design, fishing sinkers hold in strong waves and current. You need these pyramid sinkers for fishing. It's great for all types of fishing. For example, the bass, drum, Croaker, and many other species.

Brand: Stellar

👤The circle to attach the leader has broken.

3. Stellar Pyramid Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

Stellar Pyramid Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

The water drop shape weight can be applied in freshwater and saltwater, which can help you get your fish baits down to other fishing area and attract more fish. Fishing drop sinkers can be used to take your bait to the big fish. Drop sinkers are used to attract bigger fish. Due to pyramid design, fishing sinkers hold in strong waves and current. You need these pyramid sinkers for fishing. It's great for all types of fishing. For example, the bass, drum, Croaker, and many other species. There are 8 sizes of 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 5oz, 6oz, and 8oz. Different needs are met by multiple sizes. The size option will affect the quantities.

Brand: Stellar

👤It was purchased to test the fly rod. A lot of filing is required to be consistent. They were used because of the loop. The shape helps to not get snared in saltwater.

👤These weights are well worth the money, and you won't go wrong buying them.

👤They worked well and held their product.

👤I use the best weights.

4. Bullet Weights Fishing 32 Pack 2 Ounce

Bullet Weights Fishing 32 Pack 2 Ounce

50 pieces bulk pack, keeps tackle box supplied. It's great for all types of fishing. The lead bank sinker has a tear drop shape. It's a must for every tackle box. A pound of bank sinkers is packaged in a poly bag. 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 ounces are available.

Brand: Bullet Weights

👤They hold your line down. Better value on line than in the stores. Will buy again when I run out.

👤Just as advertised, it's very simple. It is recommended. The price was decent. It's great for bottom-fishing rigs.

👤The job is done for the least amount of money. These were cheaper than any of the bullet weights on Amazon when I was shopping for them. The catfish in my area don't care what you use.

👤These little weights are perfect for trying out a technique of bead looming that requires weighted warp threads. I couldn't pass them up because of the low price. The braiding of cords that need weights should be used a lot.

👤I like the size. The little one was perfect. It should not get much.

5. Minitimi Casting Fishing Raindrop Assorted

Minitimi Casting Fishing Raindrop Assorted

There are 7 sizes of sinkers in the multi sizes kit. 1OZ-1pcs, 1/3OZ-2pcs, 1/2OZ-3pcs, 1/3OZ-5pcs, 1/3OZ-8pcs, 3/16OZ-15pcs, and 1/6OZ-20pcs. Nice shape. The raindrop shape fishing gear has little splash, it reduces the chance of sticking at stones or woods, and it is less rocky. The application is for something. You can use the surf casting weights for saltwater and freshwater fishing, such as lake fishing, bank fishing, beach fishing, and light sea boat fishing. It's practical. The dropshot rig weights help increase the weight of fishing groups. The streamlined design helps to reduce the resistance fall into water. The material is material. The hanging ring on the trolly is made of pure electrolytic lead and will not hurt your fishing line. The fishing assortment weights set has 5 different weights.

Brand: Dongcitaci

👤I like to use as little weight as possible when fishing in the river. There is a nice selection of weights in a box. The price and quality are fair.

👤I am happy with these so far. This weekend, it was used at a lake and SF Bay. There were no issues. I like the case that comes in. It's easy to store and organize. I like the different sizes. The eyelets are easy to thread through. The crab caught my bait, seaweed, and some rocks. The bait/hooks were lost. But was able to save the weights. I am happy about that.

👤A few catfish have been landed on them. Also a drum!

👤I haven't used it yet, but they seem to be good quality.

6. ICE SEA 25 50pcs High Strength Stainless

ICE SEA 25 50pcs High Strength Stainless

Fish finders with a snap. 25pcs sinker sliders with nice snap. Don't cut your fishing line if you change the size of your sinker.

Brand: Ice Sea

👤The product description doesn't give a clear picture of the strength in a way that I found helpful, most colors are listed at "110 lbs test", what's that? I went fishing with a pack of these and used 6oz and 8oz canon ball weights. The description said "Fishing Line Sinker Slide With Duo-lock Blue High- strength Sinker Slider,Stainless Steel snap kit; mine were black and not blue." I was impressed with the snap, but I found the plastic eye connecting it to the slider to be very easy to break and my weight would go flying. I gave the item 3 stars because they didn't say that it was or wasn't good for casting 6oz lead balls, but having used a lot of different sliders this is the first one that broke with as much ease as I felt these do. Lighter application, maybe using 3 oz weight or less, and they may perform fine, but I'd consider what's in line with your casting path.

👤The product was total crap. When I took it out of the packaging, it looked cheap. The plastic snapped easily with 30lb mono. It is stronger than 12lb mono. I don't trust it with a 3oz weight surf fishing which is what this product is used for. The metal clasp is strong but not as strong as the weakest link. Don't waste your money on this!

👤Love them. I put a bobber stop on my line and threw a couple of plastic beads, followed by a weight slide and a couple more beads. I attach my rig to the line. I am ready to go! The plastic slides are the weakest point of my rig, meaning that when I hang up, I can break the slide and not lose anything.

👤These work well. They had a strange thing in the bag with them. It looks like a smoking device, that doesn't belong with these.

👤I fish the Ohio River with these. It can be difficult to keep your fishing gear working on the shore in the Ohio. These are very durable and do well in the ocean as well. I use them with 3-6 ounce leads and they seem to work well. The price for the package number was reasonable.

👤I haven't used it yet, but I think it's good enough to keep your weight off the line and keep you from cutting it after a few throws. I thought they would be bigger. The snap part is flexible enough to fit in a small compartment of a tackle box.

👤I use egg weights, they are made very well. I lost one do. I only had egg weights. These would have been great. I may use other weight types more often.

👤To soft even for light weight sinking. I don't like this, seller needs to give weight it can handle.

7. Bullet Weights Pyramid Fishing 4 Ounce

Bullet Weights Pyramid Fishing 4 Ounce

It was made in the United States. Product type is fishing hook The package is 8.128 cm x 5.842 cm. The package weight was :0.949 lbs.

Brand: Bullet Weights

👤They are easy to use. Stay on the ground when the wind is calm. They are easy to cast. Even or heavy rated rods. When you are bottom fishing, stay on the ground. Even on conventional reels, it's easy to tie on and cast. They do tent to move with the wind if it is high.

👤Good product. The description of size is not correct for 3oz, but 4oz. There is a The right product was delivered by Amazon.

👤I mark a circle in the picture to make it look like someone returned the sinkers with the minor. It was sent with a bubble cover. I am not scale the weight.

👤The package was labeled that way after being ordered. The package contained four 3-oz weights. Will keep them as extras, but was disappointed to have to order 4 ounce weights.

👤I pick the ones that are oval. I love them!

👤I gave up trying to get the correct weights because I couldn't get the correct ones.

👤The weights arrived on time and looked good. Looking forward to throwing them out.

👤The loop is in place. What else do you want? I think so.

8. South Bend PYR 4 Pyramid Sinker

South Bend PYR 4 Pyramid Sinker

The package weight was :0.949 lbs. The package is 2.8 cm in length. The package is 9.9 cm in width. The package is 15.9 cm high. Product type: fishing equipment

Brand: Southbend

👤I know they are for fishing. They work well for holding down the light weight pretty material that I put out in the gazebo. I pinned 4 panels on each side of the fence so that I don't have to go back to the other side of the fence when the wind blows.

👤I have a landing pad for my drones. Instead of using spikes. The spikes are just a pain because you couldn't use them to hold it. I usually wont fly anyway, but the spikes would hold better in higher winds. They are bad. In 15mph winds and under, using 3 of these holds my pad down. I wanted them to do that.

👤It's hard to get some sinkers.

👤The packages arrived after a long wait. It was supposed to be a 1 week delivery. I'm going to post another review after trying it.

👤I have never seen these in action, but they seem to always hold my bait to the bottom, even when they are 80 yards away from me. Good quality.

👤What's not to like? The bottom of the surf is held in by great sinkers. Make sure your rod is rated for the weight of the bait and the weight of the sinker.

👤I had expected more run off material like brands I have ordered in the past, but it was just the way it was.

👤They are what they are. No more, no less.

👤Exactly what I was looking for, for half the price charged locally.

9. Thkfish Fishing Weight Sinkers Pyramid

Thkfish Fishing Weight Sinkers Pyramid

There are design shears. The design of the pyramid is easier to navigate. Pyramid shape sinkers are a good choice for fishing when the water is sandy or muddy. Keep it in place. Fishing drop sinkers can be used to take the bait to the big fish. Don't let the bait drift in place. Pyramid Sinkers cast well, sink quickly and don't damage the line. Pyramid Sinkers are perfect for freshwater and saltwater. The flat sides of the pyramid shaped sinkers prevent movement and it is designed to be buried on soft bottoms. It worked well on your salt water rig. Pyramid Sinkers are used for surf fishing. It works well in strong currents. It's possible to have multiple sizes that meet your needs. There are different sizes of 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 10pcs, and 7oz. Different sizes meet different needs. The strength of the current and the weight of the bait determine the weights that you choose.

Brand: Thkfish

👤I only got 7 pieces of the 10 pieces I ordered. They missed 3 pieces. It was very disappointing. If I still get the same issue, I'll have to return it and fund it again.

👤I was disappointed to find that one of the sinkers wasn't in my order. Not a big deal. I will have to steer away from this vendor if this is a recurring problem.

👤The package only had 9 bad deals.

👤Only 9 of the 10 weights were received. The product is great, but beware.

👤I only got 4 of the 5. They are good weights.

👤It was perfect. Just what I needed. I like the bags that come in. It's great for safe handling.

👤I received only 9 of the 10 that the website said was there, one was missing. This shortage is not a big deal, but I am not comfortable with it. Seemed that this issue was faced by other buyers as well. If that is the case, I would not buy from this vendor.

👤Fast shipping. Excellent product.

10. FREGITO Sinkers Weights Removable Fishing

FREGITO Sinkers Weights Removable Fishing

These no paint fishing weights are a perfect small gift for your family or friends who love fishing. They will be happy to upgrade lead weights. The sizes are engraved to quickly choose the right weight. There is a large amount of fishing weights. The 5 sizes are 0.2g 60pcs, 0.25g 50pcs, 0.4g 40pcs, and 0.6g 30pcs. The diameter of the box is 2.75inch. It's convenient to store and carry. It's great for changing situations by adding and removing weights. The fishing line is not broken by the lead sinkers. Control float residual buoyancy and adjust line state.

Brand: Fregito

👤That's great, there are 5 different sizes. The needs of the chub through the fishermen are suited by the sizes. Some are lighter than the tag I tie. I'll put 14 on at a time.

👤Their size is very small. Everything is fine with them.

👤Finding the perfect weight for small lures is very easy with these split shots. Normally, I use a split shot and drag the lure on the bottom, but there are some that keep the bait at the center of the water level. I've caught many panfish using this method, and it's perfect for fishing things really slow. Really nice split shots. They are easy to remove and have a good design.

11. JSHANMEI Pyramid Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

JSHANMEI Pyramid Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

The country of origin is El Salvador. The design of 888-282-0476. The bait can be taken down to where big fish are. Drop sinkers are used to attract bigger fish. Works great on fast currents. Premium material is used to make the weight of the pyramid. A smooth metal ring makes it easy to cross fishing line. Unique design. The profile makes it sink quickly. When fishing in sandy waters, the weight of the sinker can make the water muddy. It's great for all types of fishing, in both freshwater and saltwater. For example, the bass, drum, Croaker, and many other species. You can choose the size according to the water flow speed and the weight of the bait.

Brand: Jshanmei

👤It only had 12 in it. Not happy at all. It was supposed to have other sizes. They showed up and no one was able to contact them again.

👤They look like they will work well.

👤No fue lo, todas fueron del mismo.

👤I was short changed by two because they look nice. It arrived with 18 instead of 20. Not happy about that.

👤I thought it was a little expensive for lead weights, but it is a steal. It comes with a handy little tackle box and one of those little eyelet things. Definitely worth it!


What is the best product for fishing weights sinkers pyramid?

Fishing weights sinkers pyramid products from Lushazer. In this article about fishing weights sinkers pyramid you can see why people choose the product. Stellar and Bullet Weights are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing weights sinkers pyramid.

What are the best brands for fishing weights sinkers pyramid?

Lushazer, Stellar and Bullet Weights are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing weights sinkers pyramid. Find the detail in this article. Dongcitaci, Ice Sea and Southbend are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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