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1. BN Bait Needle Open Eyed

BN Bait Needle Open Eyed

Approx. 2.5 cm / 2.2 cm is 1.0 inch.

Brand: R&r Tackle

👤The R&R tackle bait rigging needles are reviewed. They are a change from metal needles. This is a good innovation and these will eventually break.

👤The plastic is weak. The rigging line is barbed and doesn't want to be released.

👤It's perfect for baiting small baitfish or rubber lures, it's economical, well made, and fast delivery.

👤Excellent customer service. The products are first class. No reason to use any other bait needles. R&R is the way to go if you want to be a true fisherman.

👤The rigging needles are thin but sturdy and have an advantage of not being damaged. I will buy this product again.

2. Comsnows Holder Storage Fishing Accessories Containers

Comsnows Holder Storage Fishing Accessories Containers

The lift out liner makes bait retrieval easy. The ruler is molded into the lid and has a gasket for water-tight seal. The worm bait box is hard to break. Store your live-bait securely and at hand with a vented lid. The dimensions are 4.33" x 4.33" x 2.95". It is easy to clean with soap and water. This storage containers will save you a lot of trouble.

Brand: Comsnows

👤Have used many times. It keeps worms dry. We put ice on the other side. They are wiggly all day.

👤I put this in a Father's Day basket for my husband who loves fishing. He is an amateur, but loves it. He usually fishes with worms and occasionally with shrimp, but he used to use a basic cardboard container until he got this! He loves that it keeps his fishing bag neat, and that it comes with tweezers to handle the little buggers. It came with 2. The price can not be beat. Excellent quality!

👤2 were shipped. It is made of plastic and has a magnetic door. It is small and not made of styrofoam. This works perfectly for my needs. It comes with a bag that will keep the lid from opening. I can put insulation in a small box. The compartment is divided into 2 sections so I can put ice in one of them. I did not like the cork boxes that were large and problematic to clean.

👤This little contraption is one of the best things I have ever purchased. I use it for garlic a lot. I have used all types of garlic apparatus's, but this is the best.

👤Being sent to units was very nice. This item is impractical. It is already small and I have barely enough room to grab the worms. I think the size is okay, but get rid of the dividers inside. It would be different if they were removed. I think the size of the unit is acceptable, but please get rid of the silly divider that makes the unit barely functional. Unless you are using tweezers.

👤The lid is a little loose when you put it on, but as long as you keep it upright it will work as you would think.

👤Don't waste your money. It is cheap and small. China has plastic. The lid broke on the first day. The plastic is not strong. It is similar to a dollar store, but for a lot more. It is just junk from China.

👤I bought this bait holder for my dad as a gift, and he loved it! He likes to get his worms from a small worm bed, which he usually puts in an old coffee container or cup. I like this bait holder because it has a handle to carry and is small enough to fit in most tackle boxes. It was even better for the price because I didn't realize it came with two.

👤Cuteee! I hope the scissors are included.

3. Fishing Spinnerbait Salmon Spinner Tbuymax

Fishing Spinnerbait Salmon Spinner Tbuymax

A great last minute gift is the best fishing gift. The large size fishing lures set has a heavy weighted body to catch big fish. Each trout lure has bright colored strike-attractor sleeves. The packing box makes it easier to use. Both freshwater and saltwater rooster tail fishing lures are used. The blade has a premium quality. They are designed for bass fishing and trout fishing. Bass, trout, Walleye, Northern pike and Salmon are deadly.

Brand: Tb Tbuymax

👤I was going to Colorado to fish for trout. The lures are larger than you might think, which is not great for catching trout. The "feather" pieces don't act like they do on more expensive lures, on a rooster tail brand the whole thing rotates and really attracts the fish, these aren't very good. I got some Panther and Rooster tail lures and was catching them left and right after. I will not be buying off brand lures anymore after buying these. Save your money and get a few Meps or Martins.

👤I caught a nice 21inch trout with these at Lake Arrowhead in California. I only caught a fish on the first day of fishing. In the spinners defense, there were about 12 people fishing with every type of lure imaginable, and only one person caught a fish with a worm.

👤These are built to a high standard. The hook, spinner, shaft, and swivel are all strong. The rooster tails are chewed up after a single use. The action is spinning. It spins better the faster you reel, which isn't ideal. I used pro gel smeared on it and varied my reel speed between slow and fast to get the best results. I caught a few trout on one of these. The colors you get will be different. You might not get the ones you see. The carrying cases are nice. Overall quality was good. How well do they work on their own? The cheap price has a value of 5.

👤The rivers work as well as mepps for a quarter of the price. You don't feel bad if you lose a rock or tree. When the time is right, will buy a new set. It looks like a mepps and a vibrafox clone.

👤They have a variety of colors. They are a tad light. I've caught Grayling and Lake Trout. I wish they were a little heavier so they wouldn't sink. I've learned what application to fish them in and got bigger ones for more current or depth. Good buy for money.

👤Out of 10 lures, 5 are either faulty or not functioning. Look sturdy, well designed but useless in action. I used all 10 spin bites within a week of active fishing, but 5 lures are just swimming in the water, not rolling and spinning at all, I think bad construction or something. These are not the same as Mepps lures. Three lures are all with signs of rust, three days left after first use. 8 out of 10 lures are out, and 3 of them are not SPINNING. Have I said no? Stay away! This is the trash.

👤The temperature was 65 degrees, the water temperature was 55 degrees, and there was nothing on the line to make the lure deeper. A trout was landed with a weight of 8 ounces. These are what I was looking for. I didn't change the speed of the retrieve because I didn't want to lose the lure in the submerged tree or bushes. The same set was purchased for my grandson.

4. OriGlam 100pcs Fresh Fishing Plastic

OriGlam 100pcs Fresh Fishing Plastic

The soft plastic tastes like a fish and is more attractive to the game fish. The material is high quality. The fishing lure is made of soft plastic. Good quality can provide a safer guarantee for your life and also increase product life. Good feature. The fishing lure is a living creature that will attract fish to bite. It is easy to carry and use. The Fishing Lure is good performance. You can buy it with confidence. The natural reflection of a panicked baitfish will be better to attract the target fish. It is suitable for various kinds of fishes.

Brand: Origlam

👤Works well for small fish. I haven't tried to double up for the boys yet. Excellent quality. Doesn't rip easily.

👤The project got a bunch of fish.

👤These are smaller than I thought, but they're good for fishing.

👤I was looking for a great product and it was a good seller.

👤The look is similar to wax worms. They should hold a hook. I thought I would try these out because my son doesn't like real bugs. The box they came in was nice. We will have fish dinners in the future if some big fish fall for them.

👤There is no attention to detail. You can see the cuts between the worms. Theworms are very greasy and not only that. It's still cheap. I find misleading information very frustrating.

👤The product doesn't work.

👤The lures aren't impregnated with a fish smell and aren't glowing either.

👤The product arrived on time and hooked a fish on the first cast. They look real.

5. WINOMO Plastic Lifelike Earthworm Fishing

WINOMO Plastic Lifelike Earthworm Fishing

It can be easily attached to the fish hook. They will be vivid in the water if you hang them up to a fishing hook. The design grabbed the attention of the fish. A tool for fishing. Approx. 2.5 cm / 2.2 cm is 1.0 inch.

Brand: Winomo

👤The color is killer. The texture is also so. If they get hot, they will melt. I'm not talking about the heat in July. I'm talking about heat.

👤I love fishing. I had to pick one up to make sure they weren't real.

👤They could not be used as bait. They were misleading about how small they were.

👤These worms are very large. I don't think they are big enough to catch a bass. I am going to try to catch a bluegill with 3 worms on a hook.

👤Live worms, be careful slip out of your hand.

6. Strike Master Augers Bait Puck

Strike Master Augers Bait Puck

We ship on Monday, Friday, and Saturday. The package is 14.224 cm long. The package width is 7.112 cm. The package is 3.302 cm high. Product type: fishing equipment

Brand: Strikemaster

👤minnows are preferred by some fishermen who use live bait. One of the best live baits are moth grubs called Waxies. These hockey puck sized bait containers are similar to chewing tobacco cans, but instead of getting a pinch you get some bait. This is the original product that you want. Highly recommended, great stocking stuffer for that hard water fisherman.

👤I only found 3 small holes inside the screw part and one on the lid, but I read that they were breathable. I added another 4 to 5 holes in the lid to make sure it wouldn't stop air from entering, but it looks like it wouldn't work.

👤The bait pucks are life saving. You can no longer lose bait in your pocket. It is very durable and worth the money. I like the different colors for quickly picking bait.

👤The bell works at storing bait. Doesn't blow away in the cold wind of ice fishing. It's easy to keep the wax worms alive with the Ina front pocket. No wood shaving will fill your pockets. Don't mix the storage container with the dip container.

👤They can be used for ice fishing and live bait. It keeps them fresh and solid so they don't get crushed by the plastic cups. Use for summertime as well.

👤The color difference of the bait pucks makes it easy to remember which bait is in which puck. Waxies are usually put in yellow and spikes are in red.

👤Needed 1 for mom and 1 for dad. Hope they don't forget these in their pockets. The perfect size for all bait.

👤The screw on the lids make for less mess and prevent spills. It's easy to keep bait warm while ice fishing.

7. 50pcs 1Inch Fishing Worms Silicone Maggot

50pcs 1Inch Fishing Worms Silicone Maggot

A lifelike fishing frog lure can be pulled over thick and heavy matted weeds and can drive fish crazy to come out of water to strike. The weight is 0.25g/pcs. There are bags. The design grabs the attention of fish. Strong attraction to fish can be used in fishing. Garanntee is a brand new and high quality item.

Brand: Milepetus

👤They work for my craft project.

👤Excellent grubs. To get a hook through.

👤I bought it for my grandson. He was very excited, but so far no success with the product.

👤They arrived. The head color is not what I was expecting but the size is good. I will see how they work. The delivery was slow and I gave it 3 stars.

👤The heads look like they are black in the picture, but they are not.

👤It was the same as they changed!

👤Will look at how they work. Red is not black as expected.

👤I thought they were going to be black heads.

👤I was a bit skeptical at the beginning, but they landed a nice 11lb 9oz carp using these, so can't complain.

👤The container they come in was very nice.

👤il silicone usato per le "camole" troppo duro, diverso dalle finte camole, morbidissime e facili sia da inserire.

👤There was no smell, no fish, and a hard feel. The fish can't bite.

8. TRUSCEND Fishing Swimbaits Freshwater Saltwater

TRUSCEND Fishing Swimbaits Freshwater Saltwater

There are multiple storage condominiums and accessory pockets. The main pocket has 3 components that help clarify your stuff. You can store your daily necessities in 3 external pockets. The left pocket has the water cup/bottle and the right pocket has the tools. It is fashionable and durable for both adults and kids. It is the best choice for outdoor life enthusiasts. TRUSCEND "Shad Paddle Tail Bait" is made from high quality materials from Japan and is more realistic and attractive. The Japanese design of the soft plastic fishing lures mimics erratic baitfish action. Truscend fishing bait can be used for long casting and slow sinking. The soft body swimbaits have a perfect kicking action. You can easily cast the fishing bait into the fish. Life-like action. The bass fishing lures have a special 3D paddle tail that gives off turbulence, ultra- realistic patterns, life-like halographic eyes and solid wire through construction to ultra-sharp BKK back hook. The Top Hook is made of wood. Its weedless nature makes it easy to catch it through all types of cover. The 3.5in freshwater fishing lure is the perfect size and ready to take on multiple hits. The Truscend lure is an essential paddle tail lure for fishing, it can be used to target bass, trout, Walleye, pike, salmon, redfish and many more. 100% satisfaction guarantee. TRUSCEND makes and sells the fishing lures kit. Customer service and product quality are their responsibility. Don't buy counterfeits from third-party sellers. They will reply to your questions in 12 hours.

Brand: Truscend

👤The hooks pointed down made it difficult to work the baits on the bottom without getting hung up. What is the solution? The magic is attached to the magnet, and if you flip the hook upside down it will put the barbs against the sides of the body making it weedless. The hooks will probably be painted to match the color of the building.

👤I like the baits. They looked good in the water. The hooks will get caught.

👤The fish love these lures. We have a lot of northern pike in our lake.

👤If you want to bait a more timid fish or sit in the strike zone longer, you have to have a fast retrieve because this thing only barely dives. There are a lot of positive reviews of people who haven't used this. If you haven't used it, don't review it, it's like buying a car and praising it, only to find out that it doesn't crank.

👤I do well fishing and never have a dull day. It is like a battle ground since I started using the Truscend soft bait. I feel like a pro when I catch fish that give a great fight. I have never had so much fun. Great lure!

👤For the price, there is amazing quantity. The swim action is good for the lure. It is made of strong material. I like the selection of colors it came with.

👤Today, I caught 3 largemouth bass. Great, Wrks great. It is a mid-depth lure and is light enough to be in top. You can control how deep it goes by holding your rod and speed. The magnets work great. The magnet got lost and should be buried a bit deeper. Great idea. Looks like a real fish.

👤I caught two largemouth bass with this lure in about half an hour. The orange tail is the lure. The fish has mostly it in its mouth. The soft nature of the material makes it a great lure but probably won't last long. Would buy again.

👤My 9 year old son and I caught a pike on the first trial after it was delivered in the afternoon. The picture tells more than words.

👤I haven't used them yet, but they look good and should catch some fish.

👤Good will try them for pike,pollack,trout,perch,bass. Life is like water.

👤If you leave the ships together, they will not mix with other plastic and they will not look good. The fish are attracted to the lures.

👤Good value strong hooks were purchased.

9. Frabill Aerator Storage Portable Capacity

Frabill Aerator Storage Portable Capacity

The hose hole in the lid can easily be filled with water. Frabill has been trusted by fishermen since 1938. Includes: portable aerator, air hose, air stone, power source and two batteries. The aerator clips on the lid to turn the interior into a thriving oxygen-rich environment. Lift-out net liner is used for bait removal.

Brand: Frabill

👤We've used thin bucket setup and it's improved over bare styrofoam. If the aerator hose hole was put higher up side or even through the lid, it would be less likely to leak. Also need to seat frame of internal bait net in recess in lid or it will gap and increase leak.

👤I bought this for my father in law for Christmas and he said we're glad we didn't buy a round one. If minnows are put in a bucket they will die. The insert that lifts out made it easy to grab the minnows. He's used it twice and loves it.

👤I thought it would be smaller. Will. It can put more than two dozen minnows.

👤The minnow bucket has a good battery life. The pump motor is quiet and doesn't have a lot of noise. The air stone does not put out as much volume as I would like. It does a great job of keeping minnows alive. I kept a pound of medium Tuffies alive for three days.

👤I used this for the first time a few days ago. The shrimp were still lively all day. The snapped lid is not waterproof. The bait guy put too much water in it and the bubbler will leak water under the lid. I put a beach blanket under it to keep the salty water out.

👤I would like it to be deeper so the minnows don't jump out. That's a lot. I do love it, but I wish it was deeper, it works great, but I just wish it was a dozen. I'm happy that it works for me. It has been used about 5 times.

👤A couple uses off the motor. They need to make a plug in so you can leave it running overnight.

👤I use thought styrofoam buckets when fishing. I lost my minnows when I met my share of spill long water. This is great! It is not water tight. It is better than the foam buckets. It keeps the water from freezing during ice fishing.

👤The aerator didn't last a month, but the bait bucket is good. When I tried to use it again, it wouldn't work. I assumed the batteries were dead but after changing them out for new ones, it still wouldn't work. I was referred to the manufacturer by Amazon. A representative from Frabill replied to my email and agreed to ship a new aerator to me. I am still waiting for the new aerator after this all happened last week. Frabill didn't give me shipping information so I can't track it.

👤I love it! It works great to keep minnows.

👤It works if it is in the boat. Most of the water came out when you traveled to a back lake.

👤Maybe a little bigger. Someone will add a cooling unit. It would be perfect.

10. Eagle Claw 181F 4 Baitholder Fishing

Eagle Claw 181F 4 Baitholder Fishing

All types of fishers have the highest quality gear. It is trusted for strength, reliabilty, and durability. Quality and field tested to make sure you can compete with the best. Sport type: outdoors. It's great for fishing with live bait.

Brand: Eagle Claw

👤I've been using Eagle Claw hooks for 30 years. They're my go to hooks because I can go anywhere and they have a variety of useful things. I have never had a mechanical failure due to the hooks. I had the hook snap in 2 different places 4 different times this year. I had the hook break at the base of the bend twice. Twice I had the hook break between the barb and bend. I don't usually fish for large fish. The average trout is less than 3 lbs. I don't recall having hook failures in the past. I'll chalk this up to potential lot issues or quality control, but if this continues, I'll have to switch to another brand. The performance to price ratio is one of the reasons I've been faithful to Eagle Claw. If spending more will cause me to fail, so be it. Eagle Claw still mass produces hooks that are easy to get a hold of. Smaller hooks are hard to find. I think use them because of their relative quality and the fact that almost any outdoor retailer will carry them.

👤I have different sizes of these hooks. The pack I received had hooks that were stuck to each other. I don't know how to separate them. One of them had a bent tip. I can't complain about price but I'm disappointed that some of them are not usable.

👤The bait holder hooks are 888-282-0465 and they work great. The tips are sharp. The rest is up to the fisher person.

👤The only hooks I try to use are great.

👤Excellent quality. The eagle claw is a good brand.

👤Nice hooks. I was expecting them to be bigger.

👤The product worked well, and had a nice delivery time. It seems to hold up, it looks like it is well made. I will order another one. Give some away for Christmas gifts.

👤When you attempt to remove the hooks from the fish mouth, they break.

11. 250 Live Mealworms LARGE Free

250 Live Mealworms LARGE Free

The product is 1.1 ounces. Standard shipping will arrive in 2 to 5 days. If your temps will be above 85 degrees, they will ship to your local post office. They ship the same day when you order before noon. This product is small. They ship on Monday, Friday, and Saturday.

Brand: Bassett’s Cricket Ranch

👤There is no way that these are large mealworms. I always order them for our sugar gliders straight through a bug farm but took a chance, wrong move. If you can see it in the picture, I will include it for reference.

👤I have a full grown Bearded Dragon and he was hard to pick up the tiny meal worms because they were so small. There were only 178 in the batches. I was told that it was Amazon's fault because they have tried to remove the large from the title 20 times. Really? My dragon was able to eat them in 4 portions.

👤Adding to my review again. The worms are coming in a container with a lid. No more crunched paper in a bag. It will be stored in the fridge. It doesn't get better than this. The worms are still alive for months. I need to add to my review. Continue to be impressed with the quality of this product. Getting the worms into the container of wheat Bran was not easy, as they arrived in a bag filled with crumple paper. The product was high quality and it was worth the challenge. The latest order came in a plastic container with worms. A big improvement. Thank you for doing that. It is amazing. I would give this product more than 5 stars. I highly recommend them. The meal worms were bought at the end of October. We still have some. We have a few that are still alive, and very few that have died. Will be ordering more soon. We received the order. I punched some holes in the carton. I put the worms in with wheat and kept them in the fridge. This has saved money and made many trips to the local pet store. I have found that most of the worms are dead when they are young. They are expensive.

👤The mealworms were presented in a cup when they were delivered late. My first thought was that there was not enough space for the mealworms to survive the delivery. The worms were the smallest I've ever received. My son thought it was a snack for Zilla. One week after delivery, his large female beardy finished them!

👤I only have to order them online twice in the last two years and both times they arrived in great shape. They are better looking than the pet stores. The last order lasted a long time in the fridge.

👤They arrived quickly. Positive reviews made me purchase from this seller. I did not get 250 and they were not large. The ones that died were attached. I took care of them in the hopes they would grow. I fed my glider 5 worms a day for three weeks, but I didn't count them.

👤I only got 2 orders, but they were not large as I am used to. These were small and difficult to scoop out 1 by 1 for my adult turtle. It was torturous for both of us. She's 6 13 in., and usually on feeding day 25 large. I had to dump them all on the first and second occasions.


What is the best product for fishing worms live bait?

Fishing worms live bait products from R&r Tackle. In this article about fishing worms live bait you can see why people choose the product. Comsnows and Tb Tbuymax are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing worms live bait.

What are the best brands for fishing worms live bait?

R&r Tackle, Comsnows and Tb Tbuymax are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing worms live bait. Find the detail in this article. Origlam, Winomo and Strikemaster are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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