Best Fishing Yoyo Hooks

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1. Fishing Hooks,10 Portable Freshwater Seawater

Fishing Hooks%EF%BC%8C10 Portable Freshwater Seawater

The fishing hooks are made from quality steel and are tough to catch fish with. No bending, no escape. Different fishes need different hooks. You can get various fishhooks targeted at the fishes. You can become the star fisher by using 10 different sizes of hooks. It is much easier to penetrate with a mechanically sharpened hook. The barb helps you catch the prey and take it to your hand. The hooks set comes with a box. It would be a great gift for fishing lovers. Their fishhooks are made of strong carbon steel, these don't rust stay sharp and meet the standards, high quality angler gear for all types of fishers, which will significantly increase your chances to cre bigger fishes. Cautions: There are strong fishes that every fisher might encounter, it takes your bait and hook even with leader. Their fishhooks box has 10 sizes and 500 hooks to ensure the pleasure of fishing continues. After sales guarantees are provided by manufacturers. If there are any problems with their products, they will fix them for you within 24 hours. Rest assured to buy!

Brand: Ruguo

👤Have you ever felt deceived? Look at the sizes. I could use the largest sunfish. The rest should be for arts and crafts. It was like ordering doll furniture.

👤I didn't like how small they were.

👤A set of hooks for flies. The hooks are shaped in a funny way. The hooks are heavy for dries. The gap is wide and the shanks are short. They are a good value for the price.

👤I should have looked at the larger sizes. These are very small. I can't use most of them. It seems to be of good quality.

👤The biggest hook is a normal hook. The rest are small to catch. The hooks are not in the picture.

👤The hooks are small. The box looked nice. Think you can only catch Minners with these hooks. Yes! Still like them.

👤I haven't fished yet but I am tying leaders. They seem undersized, but they will work. Lottahooks for money. The image shows twelve. I was supposed to get sixes. Oh well...

👤I combined these with other fishing gear to make fishing kits. It's great to have a variety of sizes of fish hooks. I'll buy them again.

2. Octopus Hook Fishing Beak Circle Hooks Freshwater Red Black 100 50 Pack 2 Black Size 50 Pack

Octopus Hook Fishing Beak Circle Hooks Freshwater Red Black 100 50 Pack 2 Black Size 50 Pack

The XFishman Octopus Hook is easy to use. The strong hook has perfect penetration and holding capacity. The hook has a reversed hook point. Sea Bass, Snapper, reef fish, and other species in the wrasse family are targets. It's great for baiting with Pilchards. The up-turned eye makes it ideal for a straight presentation of the bait. The methods used in creating XFISHman hooks are so superior that they're called PREMIUM GRADE. Only the most premium grade of high carbon steel is used. The metal can weaken the hook if it is blemished. The Octopus hook is a must have for any fisherman. It's easy to use for all levels of experience to catch a variety of predator fish.

Brand: Xfishman

👤The seller contacted me and said that they would be contacting the factory engineer to investigate the reason. They seem to want to improve the product, so I'm not sure if this means they will get better.

👤The hooks were bought based on price. I tried to bend the shank with some tying pliers, but it didn't snap. It had resistance on the bend and took some effort for a hook of this size. (red) Not as sharp as the Gamakatsu hooks. I will see if they work in the spring. It's time for tips to be tune up.

👤Fishing hooks do their job and you can't go wrong with them. They were a little dull for my liking. I just made them sharper. They work well.

👤Size 10 and 8 were ordered. All size 8. The bag was labeled as 10 but it was 8. Even if some were odd sizes and the loop on one hook was not complete, it looks like good strong hooks. It was worth the purchase because of the price for all the good hooks.

👤I'll be buying these hooks again after catching 10 on the same 2 hooks with outstanding hook placement. Using 1 and 3.

👤TheysAID Circle is not. Just J Hooks.

👤Even though I was crunched by ling cod, the hooks I used helped up.

3. Ka Bar Backpacker Caster Lightweight Fishing

Ka Bar Backpacker Caster Lightweight Fishing

This reel is ideal for heavy species such as bass, catfish, and striper. Omega Pro will set a new gold standard for angling achievement. The KA-BAR Backpack Kaster is made from Ultramid and weighs 0.25 lbs. It is made up of three main components. The handle is inspired by the KA-BAR USMC Fighting/Utility Knife and has a hollow storage compartment for extra line and lures. A plastic device is included to secure your fishing line in place when not in use, and the head of the Kaster is where you attach your line. The KA-BAR backpack has a fishing line. 90 yrds is 10 lbs. It's perfect for camping, hiking, or any other survival kit. Made in the USA.

Brand: Ka-bar

👤I found this while looking at the website. I am familiar with the classic design of the wood hobo reel and have been eye balling some designs for a while. It is made of a very tough material and it won't crack or split like wood when exposed to heat and humidity. This is a solid backup fishing system. It can take some abuse but still floats. My friends were as a kid. I used to scrounge up items at the local fishing waters and make something out of them. We spent a lot of time in the summer catching bugs and fishing for bluegill, bass, crappie, perch, and even a few catfish out of the lakes and ponds within the bicycle range. I didn't catch any monster fish on my first trip out. I had a blast and it brought back my summer memories. I'm considering a challenge to see how big of a fish I can land on this thing. If you're not familiar with this type of fishing, it can be a little difficult, and it's easy for the fish to break your line. When you hook a fish, it's important to keep your line free of tangles. I posted a video on the internet showing a little of how it works and what to expect on my first trip out. The backpack kaster field test is on the channel. If you are going after a large fish with a heavy line, keep in mind the direction the line winds on the top, it's unlikely that you'll end up with a large fish on the reel. There are some specifications. The line clip and 3.7oz without weighs in at 4.2oz, which includes 50yds of 10lb spiderwire braided line. If you plan on storing this away in a bug out bag or survival pack, braided line will not coil and bunch up over time like mono filament will. At the widest point, the length is just under 2 inches. The inner compartment is about 4 1/2 feet deep and has a different shape at the bottom. There is an O ring in the compartment. There is enough room for a decent emergency fishing kit in the picture I show. Take care of your lines.

👤When I saw this item, I thought I'd give it a try because I was skeptical about buying a micro fishing rod. I was looking for something like this to add to my survival pack and not worry about it getting damaged. It helped me catch a decent catfish.

👤I love it, can't wait for a large fish on this, put a razor blade, split shot,mini bic,hooks,jigs, in the handle, and then wrapped the handle in 550 cord. The mini survival kit is perfect.

👤I am really impressed with this kaster. I expected subpar materials and a cheap item that would snap because of the hollow handle. I was reminded of why Kabar has been around for so long when I took this guy out of its packaging. The unit is strong. It feels like you could bash a shark over the head with a tool. It is heavy for what it is and it is solid. The guy is not breaking anytime soon. I accidentally dropped it on concrete and it didn't scratch him. When I bought that tactical spork, I should have known better. It's fifteen dollars. It is made in the USA. The backpack fishing system has a 5 star rating and is a great deal. I will update it after I use it properly. You can always trust kabar to make a great product.

4. Pieces Silver Fishing Retail Carrying

Pieces Silver Fishing Retail Carrying

30 pieces per pack. Simple and practical design, trusted for reliability and strength, is what the PerfECT ASSORTMENT FISHING HOOKS are. These fishing hooks are very nice. There are hooks that are small enough to be used for ice fishing and panfish. The strong barbed hook allows deeper penetration, keeping the fish firmly planted when it tries to make last-minute run or jump. The fishing hooks have good fish holding ability. It's easy to use fishing gear. It is made of high quality carbon steel. Fit for water. The carrying box is easy to use. The package weight is 100g. Hooks for small fish. It works well for small game fish. There are trout crappie perch. There are different sizes of fishing hooks. There are different sizes available. Also, note: They are used for freshwater fishing. Please make sure that the sizes are correct. You will get 500 hooks in 1 box. It's a good case for traveling. MULTIPLE FISHING APPLICATION. There are 10 little boxes with fifty in them. The fishing tackle is wonderful. Due to human count, sometimes there are quantity error of 1-2 pieces. If you have a problem, you can contact their customer support.

Brand: Bass_season

👤For the record. These are small hooks. They are supposed to be just like that. They work well for catching small bluegill and panfish. It is a great bait for larger fish. They are strong. The hooks are perfect for small fish.

👤This is a good deal. I will use this box a lot. It's a perfect case for traveling. I will be able to fit it in my tackle box. It will be easy to find the right size for the fish because they are all separated.

👤I bought these for my husband. These were a lot smaller than I had anticipated. The smallest hook is not much larger than the biggest one. Unless you are fishing for small fish, I wouldn't recommend getting these. My husband is able to use theses hooks because he does a lot of different fishing.

👤Unless you're 800-273-3217 The other half are not what I use. The pics are not the right size. The 5 sizes that I can't use are so small that you can only get a 2lb test. Garbage!

👤Micro hooks are bigger than your fingernails. The viewable size of the pictures is smaller than the case is.

👤I was looking for hooks that were awesome. These will work if you are looking for something for bluegill.

👤My son was excited to have a lot of different things.

5. QualyQualy Fishing Salmon Fishhook Stainless

QualyQualy Fishing Salmon Fishhook Stainless

The in-line circle fishhooks are great for fishing in freshwater and saltwater. Simple and practical design, trusted for reliability, durability and strength. These hooks are really nice. There are hooks that are small enough to be used for ice fishing and panfish. The sharp barbed hook point allows deeper penetration, keeping the fish firmly planted when it tries to make last-minute run or jump. There are 10 small boxes with different sizes of hooks, so you will have plenty to choose from. The fishing tool is very useful. Due to human count, sometimes there are quantity error of 1-2 pieces. The length is 0.551in. The width is 7.5mm. It is made of high quality carbon steel, with high strength and corrosion resistance, application for freshwater and saltwater, comes with a carrying box for easy storage. The package weight is Approx.118g. There is a package included. You will get 500 hooks in a box. Size X Quatity: #6 X 80PCS, #7 X 80PCS, #8X60PCS, #9X60PCS, 10X60PCS, 11X40PCS, 12X40PCS, 13X35PCS, 14X25PCS, 15X20PCS. This is a notice. They are used for freshwater fishing. Please make sure that the sizes are correct.

Brand: Qualyqualy

👤I didn't thread the fishing line through the hook loops so they wouldn't be usable if the loops are partially closed. The hooks came without loops. There were five hooks that were missing. Here's the breakdown of the hooks that I received: size, note if any, missing two hooks, one hook without a loop, and more.

👤I have lost more opportunities than I have gotten this year. They aren't a good value.

👤There are 10 different sizes of hooks in this set of hooks. The sizes would be able to catch fish. The hooks are in a nice little plastic case and are labeled on the case. I'm happy with the value and now have a nice set of hooks.

👤Great all size. The material is high quality.

👤Fishing! The product is good for money. Really like the case.

👤The box is a bit flimsy. It was used for fishing.

👤The price for these hooks is not very high. My son and I are both avid fishers and can catch rock bass and sun fish. We lose a lot of hooks in the rocks and weeds. It's great to replace hooks at a reasonable price. I caught a bass and held it on one of the hooks.

👤I gusto mucho el surtido de los tamaos de anzuelos.

👤Mi es pescador, conocedor, los ped para el.

👤My son got it for fishing stuff that was crazy. My son uses the hooks all the time, but I can't comment because I never used them.

👤I don't need to jerk the rod to set the hooks with these hooks on my line. Strong and sharp. Will definitely buy more.

6. UCEC Different Freshwater Fishhook Fishing

UCEC Different Freshwater Fishhook Fishing

There is a package included. You will get 500 hooks in a box. Size X Quatity: #6 X 80PCS, #7 X 80PCS, #8X60PCS, #9X60PCS, 10X60PCS, 11X40PCS, 12X40PCS, 13X35PCS, 14X25PCS, 15X20PCS. This is a notice. They are used for freshwater fishing. Please make sure that the sizes are correct. It's made out of high carbon steel and has good strength and resistance to rust. Special barb hooks design make the fishing hooks sharp for less mortality rate. Black or gold. The hooks are from 1 cm to 2.5 cm. There are 10 sizes available. Size 3-7 is 60pcs, Size 8-12 is 40pcs. 500 pieces in a box. The barbed hook point has been mechanically-sharpened. When fishing with low visibility, bright colors give you an edge.

Brand: Ucec

👤There are a bunch of hooks. I haven't gone fishing yet. It's exactly what they said they'd be, so it's not surprising that people are surprised at the size. The box is numbered 3 through 12 for the sizes, but they have them backwards, which is a complaint I have. The product photo is wrong as well. It's not a huge deal, but still a pain in the butt whether I take them out and re-slot them, or try to count backwards when I pull hooks. I'm not sure if most fishermen look at the numbers and can tell from the hook, but I'm still new at it.

👤These are very small. You could use the biggest one you have to catch gold fish in a half gallon aquarium. Will be coming back... The description said they were larger than they are.

👤The hook assortment is great, but they are small. They held up to catfish and largemouth really well.

👤The hooks should be moved to the correct location in the box.

👤The hooks were mixed between sizes because the plastic container was broken. Poor quality and incorrect quantity received. Will not buy again.

👤I like short chain gold hooks. They are difficult to remove. You don't want to. Any fish.

👤Do not think Gary gave these hooks to the stars. They will be sent back because they are poorly made. Buy something else.

👤Me gust, trae de todos son para pescar, pero todava no lo he usado porque son para pescar in Cuba.

7. Goture Saltwater Fishing Vertical Flatfall

Goture Saltwater Fishing Vertical Flatfall

Goture lead vertical Jigs have a weight of 2.28oz and a body length of 6.5in. One pack of 1 pieces. The hook is made of carbon steel. The wire is thick and resistant to the toughest conditions. The saltwater jigs with fluorescent design on the back will glow in the dark, great for dark water and low-light conditions. The multi-layer coating with UV reactive is proven to pull fish in from a distance. The Full Lead Stream-line Body is easy to work. A balanced all-in-one design for casual, speed, slow jigging presentation underwater. It's brilliant for a wide range of fish species, such as trout, tunas, blue fin, yellow fin, kingfish, cobia, amberjacks, jacks, bonito, and groupers.

Brand: Goture

👤Just received it in the mail. I haven't tested it out yet but will soon. It feels solid and looks good. The pink paint looks great. It was very detailed and shiny. It glows bright if you test it out. The split rings are something I don't like about the lures. The assist hook had no shrink wrap around the eye of the hook, so I swapped it out. I had to add another assist hook. It seems like a solid jig. I wish they had a heavier jig. It would be nice to make 200 to 250g. I will post an update review once I get it for bluefin.

👤I caught a blue fin tuna with a pink lure. You have to change out the hooks and rings for bluefin. If you are going for bluefin, you must change out the rings and hook. I was fishing on a boat. On the smaller size, bluefin r is usually on the day. The setup was 100 lbs. Almost got it. This was about 200 lbs. I pulled the hook out of its mouth. Must use a big hook. Nothing less than 6. All my lure was changed out with 6 to 9/0 J hooks. Assist hooks should be added. The knife jigs were killing it. Good luck!

👤It was worth every penny. People on the boat were using more expensive jigs, but they kept asking what they were, because I kept getting hooked up. I wish the glow would last longer in Texas, where we drop at night at big rigs for tuna. I have to get more because I lost 7 jugs.

👤I love this jig. The only jig that caught two 60 pound tuna was bought by me. The jig got hammered and the paint was scratched. Its worth it!

👤This is a great jig for offshore and inshore speed jigging, it has enough weight on a slim profile to cut through tough currents. I can't give a more detailed review because it got caught on a crab pot or something my first trip out with it.

👤The sea bass seem to like them. The orange color works great for me.

👤I used these jigs on a trip. Several amberjacks were hooked by me. The assist hooks were not durable. The assist hooks for the jigs I used were bent at the end of the trip. You should change the hooks if you buy these jigs.

👤There were a few yellowfin tuna caught in NJ. The problem is that the hooks are not strong enough. The left jig is a nomad streaker. You can see the difference in the hook thickness. The hook was bent and I lost the fish because it was a bigger fish. The Goture Lead version of the jigs are a bit shorter and thicker than the tuna jigs, but they have the same hooks. They will catch fish, but you might lose a trophy fish.

8. Deesoo Premium Fishhooks Fishing Plastic

Deesoo Premium Fishhooks Fishing Plastic

2 barbs design can increase your chances of catching. The equipment for fishing is made of high carbon steel. There are 10 different specifications of fishing hooks, 50g-7000g weight fish are suitable. It is not easy to spit the fish out after eating it. The baitholder hooks are more likely to eat hooks than long-handled hooks. Smoking explosion hooks are made using fishing hooks and are a special function.

Brand: Deesoo

👤I have been using larger hooks for inshore fishing. Strong and sharp out of the box. I might test the largest size on a boat, but don't expect any issues with anything under 12#. It's sufficient for anything inshore to save a lot of money over name brands.

👤I only used a few of these hooks. 500 hooks for 10 bucks is what I mean. They are sharp for what I was catching.

👤These hooks will work out great if you put them into very small hooks.

👤The hooks were packaged in a separate container according to their size.

👤I can't use these hooks for anything I fish for. I could not put leader material through the eye. Even on the largest hooks. I think they took pictures of the hooks in a baby's hand to make them look bigger.

👤I was always asked if I had any smaller hooks, as I was looking for some smaller hooks for my tackle Bo's. "How small do you need?" is all I ask now.

👤I wouldn't be able to catch a minnow with these hooks because they are so small. These should be sent back asap.

👤They should not advertise large hooks. Maybe they don't know what a hook is. There is a tiny hook for minnows. That is what they are selling. We use a 12/0 for swordfish and sharks.

9. HOOK EZE Fishing Knot Tying Tool

HOOK EZE Fishing Knot Tying Tool

The 10-, 5-, and 1-year residential factory warranty for heat exchanger, labor, and parts are guaranteed to last. Hooks of a Standard 10/0 hook can be fitted with the fishing knot and safe hook cover. Hook-Eze can be used to attach lures or other rigs including a small variety of flies. Everyone can tie their own knot. It's easy to lose a fish from a faulty knot. It's ideal for cold weather conditions, numb fingers, and other disabilities to the hands. It's a great addition to any tackle box. A TWIST top bottle opener is included. It's easy to join Line to Line or Leader. The braided line is used to lead to Monofilament. The HookEze is an awesome Bimini Twist tool that can be tied using only 2 hands and a HookEze. Travel safe, use Hook-Eze to cover the hooks attached to the pole, so you can safely transport your fishing poles while fully rigged. No more damage to your car, boat or caravan. Avoid injuries to your passengers or pets. The Hook-Eze is impervious to all weather conditions and saltwater.

Brand: Hook-eze

👤My hands shake when I have what is called Essential Tremors. It is difficult to tie hooks and other items to my fishing line. I wanted to see if it would help. I have to train my hands and fingers to use it. I was able to tie several snells and swivels in about 6-7 minutes, but it would take me a long time to tie one snelled hook without it. If you have shaky hands, I recommend this tool for ease of tying tackle. I recommend it to anyone who wants to try a unique tool.

👤For someone with larger fingers and dim eyesight, I need all of the help I can get, and I was skeptical of trying this, but I have to admit it does work. You can see how to operate it in the video instructions that are included with the picture view of the item on Amazon.

👤A good one. Great product. Shipping took a week with Prime and 2 days with AMZ. I like that Hook-Eze made it larger to fit 1/0- 10/0 hooks. They were not compatible with the smaller size model. Many of my Fisherman buddies have already bought this model and I would recommend it to them. If not for the inaccurate Shipping ETA and the Unnecessary Bottle Twist accessory, I would get 5 stars. I hope they make a Hook-Eze for Treble Hooks, in place of the Bottle Cap Twist off. Keep them lines tight!

👤I saw an ad for a product that made it easier to apply hooks and remove strings. Why not try it? I'm not disappointed. It's so easy and convenient that it almost feels like cheating. It also has the added benefit of enclosing the hook and attaching it to the pole so that there is no way to accidentally hook your car seat, clothing, or self anymore. It was a nice set. I know that my money has been spent and I will be buying more.

👤This is the best design yet. I have tried other brands and found them lacking. There is no need for a real learning curve. I encourage you to make another one from the same material. I would triple the cost of it. I like to fish for bass, lake trout and salmon. It's difficult to use equipment. Let me know if you decide to try it.

👤I bought this item because I have arthritis in my thumb and it hurts when I twist it in certain directions. A good knot is tied with that thumb. The tool that I use to get the proper twists to knot a good knot is very useful. I am able to knots faster and better than before. The device is difficult to open, but I was able to open it by taking a small fingernail file and filing down the small locking tab. It's a little pricey, but very useful for me. I struggle with other applications so I could use a larger rectangular device.

10. Fishing Hooks Freshwater Hook Assortment

Fishing Hooks Freshwater Hook Assortment

The Octopus hook is a must have for any fisherman. It's easy to use for all levels of experience to catch a variety of predator fish. 300 fishing hooks are used for fishing and fresh water. Are you always looking for the right hooks for fishing? The variety pack is great for many different types of fish. Work as trout hooks, panfish hooks, walleye hooks, perch hooks, northern hooks, bass fish hooks, crappie hooks, tackle hooks, fishing hooks bluegill and sunfish hooks. There are 30 perfect sizes of fishing hooks. There are fishing hooks in size 6 and number 6. These are not cheap fishing hooks and you need to fill your hooks box. The perfect trout fishing hook kit includes fiahing hook, hook for fishing, freshwater fishing hooks, assorted hooks fishing fish hook bluegill, fishing hooks for freshwater, trout hooks assortment, pair with fishing pliers, fishing hats, fishing and bobbers to fil. The fishing hook is made of strong carbon steel and is perfect for small fishing. Fishing line hooks are used to catch fish. These will make it easier to catch fish. These hooks will let you catch fish quickly if you use fishing tackle. Great hooks for fishing. Work great as a fishing hook variety pack, lake fishing hooks, freshwater fish hooks, big hooks fishing, connect the hooks with fishing s. A perfect addition to your fishing bag is a fishing trip. When you are not sure what fish you will be catching, this fishing hook set 300 pack is great to have. You can get a variety of fishing hooks. Fishing hook assortment pack, fishing hook set, fishing hook pack, fishing hook pack, fishing hook set, fishing hook pack, fishing hook pack, fishing hook pack, fishing hook pack, fishing hook pack, fishing hook pack, fishing hook pack, fishing hook pack, fishing hook pack, fishing The fish hook variety pack is designed to work on multiple sizes of fish, and is perfect for fishing bulk, fishing hooks for any fishing trip.

Brand: Big Worm Fishing

👤These hooks are so sharp that they can be used for pan fishing or bass fishing. The best hooks for catfish fishing are the ones that slide in the jaw of the fish and don't come out until you remove the hook.

👤When people leave reviews saying they are weak and not sharp, they are referring to expensive hooks. These hooks are perfect for pan fish and largemouth bass. Unless you're fishing for sharks or krakens, you won't have a problem bending these. Reviews on Amazon are too critical. The first hook size is small for small fish to catch bait. You can use them to catch bass when the sizes go up. I won't need to buy hooks for probably 2 years because of the good price and product.

👤The number six worked well this weekend catching bluegill. I will try the bigger hooks with bigger fish. I liked the bang for the buck with these.

👤Fantastic. Definitely will catch some big ones.

👤The starter kit is perfect. You can try out different combinations of hook sizes.

👤I will need all the hooks over the next few years. Excellent quality.

👤They are good hooks and do a good job when I put them away wet. It's good for trout, bass, and cat fish.

👤Bon sauf un peux trop petit pour la sorte de pche. Is it possible to say that it's a pas?

👤I use them a lot and they are awesome. I like to go fishing.

11. UCEC Fishing 100pcs Saltwater Freshwater

UCEC Fishing 100pcs Saltwater Freshwater

The Z-lock shoulder bend works to hold a variety of soft plastic baits in place. The worm hook is the perfect choice for rigging king-size worms for big bass. The UCEC big bass hook is made from Quality 2X-strong High-carbon Steel with chemically sharpened needle points and Black Chrome finish, it is sturdy and can effectively prevent corrosion. The hook can be easily embedded in a natural configuration if worms of different sizes are used. The chance of fish throwing the hook is reduced by wide bend. Fit for various plastic bait applications, such as Carolina rig, Texas rig, stoopid rig, Senkos, Craws beaver baits, and weightless. 20 pieces of each for size #1, 1/0, 2/0, and 3/0, and 10 pieces of each for 4/0, 5/0. 100 boxes in total. There are 6 different sizes in a portable plastic box.

Brand: Ucec

👤I decided to try it out after being hesitant to purchase. The box has #1, 1/0-5/0. The barb is bigger, the eyelet is shorter, and the thickness of the 888-270-6611 The bass I caught had a broken jaw trying to get the hook out. It was nearly impossible without breaking his jaw, so I used pliers to bend in the barb. It's unbelievable. See the pictures.

👤I'm not sure how these have good reviews. I lost two bass from the line when the bass jumped out of the water because the eyelets are not closed all the way. I watched it happen in the boat three times, but didn't realize it. They showed rust after one use. Total waste of money. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤They were thought to be true wide gap hooks. The bend of the hooks is too aggressive for my needs and they appear to be good quality hooks. It will be nice to have an emergency back up.

👤The price for what looks to be solid quality hooks is great. I have not had any issues with them hooking fish. I carry a cheap hook sharpener in my tackle bag for the times a hook gets a little dull but I haven't needed it yet. I can spend any money saved on those increasingly expensive rod/reels if I use a great price hooks.

👤This is what I was looking for. Product is in a plastic container and hook sizes are labeled. Hooks for fishing senkos and other soft plastics. Will buy again.

👤The hooks are very good for their price, but they are not as sharp as the major brands. If you're worried about using them out of the box, give them a few passes with a hook sharpener.

👤The box could be a little bigger for the hooks on each compartment. If you want to sell a smaller quantity to fit better on the plastic box, look for a hook because of easy overflow. They look good, but haven't tried on the water.

👤The products seem to be very strong and have good points. The hooks are kept in place nicely by the organizers. I have yet to use the hooks, but I believe this purchase will be a great value. I think I will order another one for my tackle box.

👤Quality, sharpness and gaps are perfect, but I haven't used them yet. Highly recommended.

👤Hooks came 3 days earlier than expected. Can't wait to use them.

👤Beaucoup d'hameons de qualités!


What is the best product for fishing yoyo hooks?

Fishing yoyo hooks products from Ruguo. In this article about fishing yoyo hooks you can see why people choose the product. Xfishman and Ka-bar are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing yoyo hooks.

What are the best brands for fishing yoyo hooks?

Ruguo, Xfishman and Ka-bar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing yoyo hooks. Find the detail in this article. Bass_season, Qualyqualy and Ucec are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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