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Yoyo 6 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Yoyito Aluminum Pocket Travel Fishing

Yoyito Aluminum Pocket Travel Fishing

The product is a fishing reel. The reel is aircraft grade. All weather finish. It's ultra compact and fits in your pocket. There is a case with PAL webbing for the MOLLE attachment. There is a pocket for accessories in the case.

Brand: Yoyito

👤It's definitely not the cheapest, but the quality of the reel and the pouch are definitely worth the price, I've got over 100 rod and reels, like 20 different Cuban yoyos, a couple hobo handlines, pen fishing rods, and more. It's the only fishing accessory that fits in my pocket. This one is comfortable. It is the only thing I will have on me. It makes the price worth it. If a travel fishing device can't travel, what's the point?

👤This product is very nice. It was designed and made in the USA. That means something to me. Rather pay more for a USA made product. I have some 30lb test mono on it, but may trade for braided in the future. I want to keep it in my pack. We've hiked into the high country before where we saw fish jumping or swimming by the shore. We wish we had a pole with us. The Yoyito will allow me to get a hook and bait into the water. I've seen videos of people using it. Have not used it yet, but did some practice casts. It will work well on piers. Try and make a wrist lanyard out of the 550 cord. I hate to see my Yoyito disappear into the water after a nice hit.

👤The Yoyito is a small piece of fishing gear. My son became obsessed with handline fishing. I started using it because he is way young for it. We go fishing a few times a month. If my son had his way, it would be daily. The cast is easy to understand. You think the retrieve is easy. You definitely won't be using spinner baits. It is very well made and fits in my hand. Get the one with line and hooks with the extra money. It has been fun trying to catch a fish with it. When I land my first fish, I will be hook. Happy fishing!

👤A small reel. There are no moving parts that break or malfunction. If you have large hands, that could be an issue. It is small enough to hold a lot of line. I put a lot of line on it. Once you get used to it, it casts smoothly. It was like a spinning reel with all of the excess removed. A good piece of equipment.

👤This thing is beautiful. It's much nicer than wrapping your line around an old beer can. Once set up to your liking, it travels fully rigged and ready to go in it's own pouch. If you spot a promising fishing hole while driving, you can toss it in your glovebox and be ready. Your wife will not mind waiting in the car. Her brother's funeral isn't over for an hour. The family will understand. When you gotta fish, you gotta fish! Be happy if you get one.

👤There was a previous video of this product. Liked it. A simple packable fishing system works well to get the line and bait into the water. It works well for tight spots where a rod and reel are impractical. Practice to learn how to use.

2. Challenge 50140 Yo Yo Hand Reel

Challenge 50140 Yo Yo Hand Reel

The package includes a squiddies flip reel hand fishing reel, 165 feet of line, 1 hook, and a swivel clip. There is a pre-tied clip on the Tackle ready to fish in under a minute. The package is 16.764 cm long. The package width is 16.764 cm. The package is 5.88 cm high. The product is a fishing reel.

Brand: Challenge

👤Picked up a pair of mono for my planer set up. I drilled a couple of holes in the sides for the snap swivels. You don't need to be exact because there is one side with a rubber band. I would rather have a snap on each end so that I can swap it for a larger one if I need it.

👤The reels were made in the USA. If you have large hands, 6” is a good size for these reels. I would like to see the label on the hand side of the reel, instead of the face where the line goes. The glue and label did not come off easily.

👤Does what it says! It worked great when it was caught with a couple of sunglasses. I will use it this summer. I love casting with it. Everyone loves these, I got a total of 4 of them to give my nephews.

👤Good quality. It's nice and small. It's small enough for my children's hands.

👤This was used for bait fishing. It was perfect.

👤I ordered a hand reel to use on my lure retriever. It's easier on the hands to untangle the line. The bungee tie was used to keep the line on.

👤I bring them on motorcycle trips if I want to take a break and find a little stream.

3. Mechanical Fishers Yo Fishing Package

Mechanical Fishers Yo Fishing Package

The product is a fishing reel. The Flat Trigger mechanism is very sensitive. The frame is made of galvanized steel. Pre-Spooled with 12 to 18' of Test nylon line. The tension of the spring.

Brand: Yo Yo Reel

👤The yoyo reels are great for fishing. I have caught many fish and turtles with these. I recommend tying a large knot at the end of the rope so that your fish doesn't get pulled out of the water overnight. Adding a steal leader with a hook makes it easier to detach the fish from the reel. One tip would be to use a steel leader to attach it to whatever you anchor it to, rather than using the little rope ties they provide. It makes for a simpler setting and gives you a better idea of what you're going to get with it.

👤I keep these in my bag as a survival tool. They seem to be made in the U.S., and will do the job of catching fish while leaving me time to do other things. There was no instructions included. The yo yo's didn't come with enough line to hang from tree limbs, so be sure to keep some bank line handy. Overall, happy with the purchase.

👤This product is for you. It's definitely not safe to packaged or sealed up. A mess! Instructions were used on the paper.

👤I tied one up on a tree limb next to where I was fishing and didn't expect to catch a fish, but I did and it was on the limb. I didn't catch anything this day, but the yoyo works well, turtles seem to set it off without hooking, so watch out for those.

👤I haven't seen these since I was a kid. I ran across them. I have caught a lot of fish with them.

👤It's so cool. It's a must for a get home bag. I put one in every family member's backpack.

👤The product is good. These were bought for a food acquisition. It works well. It is definitely worth the cost.

👤It is easy to apply to a fishing rod, just add a lead and a hook.

4. Herdez Rigged 2 Inch Fishing Accessory

Herdez Rigged 2 Inch Fishing Accessory

The pouch has a MOLLE attachment and two inside pockets. The yoyo is ready to go. HRRIG is a manufacturer.

Brand: Herdez

👤I purchased this item from Amazon for just 15 dollars. I was expecting more for what I got since the retail price was over $60. It was ordered to be an alternative to keeping a fishing pole in the trunk. Think of a wheel with a fishing line attached. A similar Yo-Yo reel could be made with materials at hand. I went to the local Cuban grocery to see if they had any experience with it, but they had no idea what it was. They claim it is worth $58. The hook is a medium size. Adding items that are not used in fishing will make it a usable fishing kit. It is acceptable since it was bought on a whim. The fishing pole was used on a hot day and got a lot of laughs. If the fish were more plentiful or hungry, it would have been successful. It is not an alternative to a fishing pole.

👤It was made to small and dainty. I wish I'd bought another brand because she's and plastic flashing are so old. But one from somewhere else. You will be disappointed if you buy this.

5. Mechanical Fishers Automatic Fishing Reels

Mechanical Fishers Automatic Fishing Reels

The pouch has a MOLLE attachment and two inside pockets. The Flat Trigger mechanism is very sensitive. The frame is made of galvanized steel. Pre-Spooled with 12 to 18' of Test nylon line. The tension of the spring.

Brand: Yo Yo Automatic Fishing Reels

👤I have only good things to say about this product. It has been tested many times by people who have caught more fish with them than I have time to. Some people complain that they are not strong enough in spring tension. There are some good videos on the web that show how to set the tension on mechanical fishermen in a few seconds. The only negative thing about this product is that some States in the USA do not allow their use in public fishing areas. If you're a first time user who wants to do a lot of fishing with these, you should check the laws in your area first, they are often obscure or hidden from plain review on regulatory websites. I had to dig to find out if they were legal. If you are a prepper and plan on using these only, don't give a hoot about the game warden in places where they are banned, it is still a good investment. A couple polluted fish isn't worth the fine.

👤I paid a premium for these yo-yos thinking I'd get the older style with wiretrigger. As an advertisement. Not so. I got the ones with a flat bar triggering because I saved a few dollars.

👤The yo-yo traps that I received were not wire-trigger ones. They're cheap and I don't mind having extras, but I ordered the wire ones because I wanted to compare them to the flat ones.

👤These are small traps that I love. They are easy to tune and can be set to be light or heavy.

👤I bought these to complement my survival gear. I like to be able to do other things without being tied down watching fishing gear because I can set them up to catch fish. If you place them in a good location, they will catch fish for you. They are verstail and can be used in a bad situation.

👤Great for camping or survival. Throw these in your bag to get started. If you are not jug fishing or have a boat, make sure you have a lot of fishing line. Thetrigger is more sensitive on these.

👤It was fun to work with. There are many options.

👤The little things work as advertised. They will last a long time with very little care. Fishing and trapping are very easy to do. Everyone should have a coulple of these.

6. Squiddies Flip Cuban Fishing Tackle

Squiddies Flip Cuban Fishing Tackle

The flip reel by Squiddies is a hand fishing revolution. The fishing reel is designed to be used by newcomers and experts alike. It's a great gift for kids, but also a great choice for advanced fishers who want to be fishing fast and without the hassle of packing tons of gear. Innovative design. The Cuban yoyo and hand fishing reel are now available in the 21st century. The reel has a comfortable grip and floats, it has a safe storage slot for the hook. The flip reel can be used for convenient storage. You can have a group of people fishing in a few minutes. Their reel is designed to be used right out of the box with a sturdy hook and sinker. To get started, flip the reel and tie a loop at the end of the line. bait the hook with the tackle. The hook can be dropped off on the side of a boat. To cast, wet the reel before each cast and point the reel in the direction of the cast. There are online videos. Practice makes perfect. Attach the hook to the safe storage slot when finished. The reel can be flipped for quick, safe and compact storage. The package includes a squiddies flip reel hand fishing reel, 165 feet of line, 1 hook, and a swivel clip. There is a pre-tied clip on the Tackle ready to fish in under a minute.

Brand: Squiddies

👤I took this product to a lake near high Sierra to try it out before I included it with my usual gear. Even though it looks like it could be done, casting any distance off the shore line was not going to happen straight off the reel. The silicone is too sticky to allow a smooth feeding of line. I stretched my arms out and put a pile of line at my feet before tossing my line in. I was able to get the line out a comparable distance to a normal rod because of the heavy weight used to cast. The trout liked my hooks and power bait that day. I believe this would work better in small streams and creeks where you can see the fish taking the bait and setting the hook because the weight is so heavy. The pack ability and size are close to none. The cover on my pack allows me to keep one setup ready to go, so I don't have to worry about the hooks. There is a I will have to update this review once I try in a creek or stream.

👤It has flaps to hold the line and rigging in place while it is packed away. The silicone rubber flaps catch the line. It is better when it is wet, but you need to keep getting it wet. It's frustrating to have to keep wet and have the gasket snap it back to you. If you want a good cast, you have to take all the line out and let it lay on the bank. It is easy to hold on to the large spool, which is better for winding back up than a hobo line. Maybe with a lighter rig than what it comes with, it can uncoil the reel. I have only used it in the medium setup.

👤The person who wrote the add for this thing is not a fisherman. It needs a lot of improvement as well. The flip band is on the other side. The line cutter works well, but is on the wrong side. The line is dragged bad by the grippy like silicone. You should cast out the other side with a harder plastic ring, but it is steep and there is a cutter in the way. The product video only shows a ten year old using it to drop a hand line three feet down beside the dock. The thing is convenient, but not for someone trying to catch fish. You could get them with a net. I bought this because it protects the line. It needs a lot of work to be ready for my backpack or survival bag. It won't say what line is on it. I'll replace that first before I hook it.

👤The concept is flawed. I love the design, quality materials, that it packs down small and the fold-over feature for storage, but every attempt to cast is met with the line and hook flinging back at me. The light texture of the bell doesn't seem to help, as the water beads right off the rubber/Silicone, and wetting the bell as outlined by the directions doesn't do any good. I've used yo-yo reels before without any problems. It's a great idea that needs refining. If you're just looking to drop the line over the side of a boat, bridge, or dock, this will work for you, but don't count on casting. I want to like it but can't recommend it as this point, so I'm hoping for a version 2.0 that fixes it.

7. KastKing Crixus Baitcasting Reel Version

KastKing Crixus Baitcasting Reel Version

Provide you with useful fishing tackle and bring more convenience to anglers. Fishing gifts for people who love fishing. It's suitable for freshwater lakes, rivers, saltwater fishing, etc. A fishing reel with a low profile. The Dark Star version of the Crixus baitcasting reels are designed for exceptional value and performance. Don't be fooled by its low price. A Crixus casting reel costs twice as much as a fishing reel. Although only 7.3 ounces, the gladiator name is as strong as ever. Crixus DarkStar is a beautiful black with hi-tech blue features that will look great on any rod you own. Tournament components are proven to work. Heavy duty brass main and pinion gears deliver long life, higher speeds and low noise. The Crixus baitcast reel has a 7.2:1 gear ratio. It has a larger fishing line capacity. The lightweight aluminum handle is slip resistant and has all day fishing comfort. The Carbon Disc Drag is a great fishing reel. Performance and value can be found in the baitcasting fishing reels. Each reel has a smooth and powerful disc drag system. The fish stopped drag power. The drag knob is lightweight and allows you to use lighter fishing line. The Crixus Dark Star baitcaster reels are equipped with 7 ball bearings and an anti-reverse bearing. The Crixus cast reel uses a magnetic braking system that has 8 magnets, so you can spend more time fishing if you want to. Long, controlled casts with baits of all sizes are now yours. You can trust that the new KastKing Crixus baitcasting reel will be ready to go at a moment's notice. It is the goal of KastKing to build trouble free casting reels that will deliver hassle free performance year after year. The Crixus baitcasting fishing reel is affordable and will provide a level of performance never achieved before. You deserve a fishing reel that is priced for the crowd.

Brand: Kastking

👤This reel is amazing. I've had all of the products from KastKing. I bought this on a whim and used it with a Favorite 6'8" fast "white bird" rod on 15 lbs braid. It's a dream setup. I have a $350 Lew's Pro-Ti SLP reel and it is the smoothest reel I have ever used. I was throwing a chatterbait 75 feet. It took no time for setup and I was responsible for the backlash I received for the technique I was using. I caught over 20 bass and a catfish using it. The catfish put the drag to the test but the reel just ate it all. You will be happy to buy this reel. I've used every KastKing product and it has been great. I'm going to support a quality company like this and buy more of their stuff. I bought another one for father's day. The best reel I've ever used.

👤I'm a kayak bass fisherman who usually launches with 5 rods on board. I'm not a gearhead and it seems rare in fishing. I'm sure there's no shortage of people who will tell me that a Daiwa baitcasting reel is worth $250, but for me, it's about good value for the price, and that's why I'm a fan of KastKing. I have a mortgage and two teenagers to feed. In a matter of months, this baitcaster became my favorite in the arsenal. During a tournament, I lost Torque to the reel and it wouldn't retrieve the line. I dropped the brake cover in the water after trying to fix it during the tournament. I ended the tournament with one less rod after cursing at the ducks and geese. Two emails and a phone call later, they replaced the entire reel. They paid for the cost of shipping my reel back to them. I was already a loyal customer and their amazing customer service made me a lifelong customer. If you ever go fishing at New Hogan Lake in California, please let me know if you hook into a KastKing brake cover because it's still there at the bottom of the lake.

👤My other baitcaster is the Royale Legend. I'm still impressed with the value that Kastking provides. The new U-Spool design shape has a built in tie off so you can tie braid directly to the spool without fear of slipping. If you have smaller hands, the reel closer to the rod makes palming more comfortable. If you happen to fish both fresh and salt, the Crixus is very versatile because it has the saltwater rated bearings. The number of bearings in theEEL was listed by Kastking. There are 7 bears in the reel. The Royale Legend is listed as an 11+1 bearing reel, however 6 of those bearings are in two handle paddles. The Royale Legend is a 4+1 bearing reel.

👤The reel clicks so you know how many adjustments you make. The build is sturdy and smooth. Loving it! It is one of the best quality kastking products.

8. Challenge 50153 Hand Reel 9 Inch

Challenge 50153 Hand Reel 9 Inch

A black finish. Comes ready to have the line added. A Cuban reel is also known as a Yo-Yo.

Brand: Challenge

👤I got my first yoyo a couple of weeks ago. The bucket is called the Gator Bucket. I decided to try other brands after getting some more. I ordered all of them in the same order. The 9 came today, not all at the same time. It took forever. The box can hold six or more. The part where the line goes has stickers on it. The Gator bucket is larger. The walls are smaller and the width is smaller at the bottom of the line channel. It probably has less line capacity than that. I have 200' of braided seine twine on the Gator that has room for mono on top of it. I don't think I'll get half that. The hand feels better with the bucket in it. It fills my hands up well, while this one is small. There are little finger undulations on the inner grip ring. I don't like that. They are not really pokey. This one looks like the Gator Bucket, but it is not. Get the bucket or not.

👤I hold over 100' of paracord. I was looking for something to help with line control for the paracord attached to the anchor for my kayak and this was perfect. I made a single knot so the cord wouldn't pull out after I drilled a hold through the bottom. The end of the paracord is attached to the kayak and the rest of the cord is wrapped around the reel. It is easy to hand reel the cord back in and store it when needed.

👤These are easy to use. YOu hold them in one hand and control the other. It's better to tilt it to let the string off during a cast. You have total control without gears. It's cheap and doesn't require a rod. It's easy to take the car. I don't get tangles. I would not fly fish with it. After some practice runs, kids do well with it. Everyone in the family can fish with my set.

👤This reel is not very good. The parts of the mold that were used to make it are not perfect. The result is many prominent seams and sharp bits of thin plastic flashing that seeped between the cracks during manufacture. It can be made functional with a piece of sandpaper and some work, as others have said, but it won't hold up if used as delivered, and it will tangle the line wound on it. It's not a 9-inch reel. It's a little more than 8.25. The line is wrapped around it in a diameter of 7.25" That is a reasonable size, but it is not 9.

👤I will not be using this for fishing. I pull the fish up from over 100 feet down. They have to be lowered to below 60 feet before they can swim. I have a release mechanism but it is difficult to remove the rig on my pole, attach the mechanism, hook the fish and lower it, and then replant my rig. The mechanism under my kayak's seat can be used to release one fish while lowering my line to catch a legal sized replacement. This is not flimsy. I could notch it to hold it. It functions just as I imagined it to.

9. Mechanical Fishers Fishing Reels Trigger

Mechanical Fishers Fishing Reels Trigger

A Cuban reel is also known as a Yo-Yo. The Trigger mechanism is very sensitive. The frame is made of galvanized steel. Pre-Spooled with 12 to 18' of Test nylon line. The tension of the spring.

Brand: Yo Yo Reel

👤I bought yos in March. The new springs were reviewed. I was impressed that they wouldn't rust. The older style spring version can get some rust on the springs, but it will last a lifetime. I decided to go with the best. The mechanical fisher has a spring. I ordered 30 for myself and 30 for my brother. They arrived quickly. I noticed that some of the yos were not recoiling. The instructions that came with them gave instructions on how to fix it. I followed the instructions. I felt the tension recoil as I pulled it out. The older style had a smooth play. I took them out to use. Some were pinched again and had to be adjusted to work properly. I only set out a few and they worked well, but some were pinched and needed to be fixed. This was annoying because I realized that all of the new yos will have to be adjusted at some point. They stayed wet for 3 days because it rained on them. Wow. They aren't water safe. The yos got a white stain on the spring that was not rust. The yo started acting up after it was a bit gummy. I am writing about the new springs. They may never rust, but they appear to have quality control issues. The main purpose of the yo is to set the hook and catch a fish. Depending on the type of fish you are targeting, it needs to be possible to do this with different depths and hook sets. The spring does a poor job. It sets the hook very hard if you want to pull out 5 ft of line. It's fine for catfish, but if you adjust it for crappie it won't pull the crappie all the way up before it stopps and you lose the fish. If you adjust it to pull it all the way to the top of the water it will rip the hook out. You don't have the ability to adjust for your fishing needs this spring. It fails at times and pinches. It is very frustrating. I paid for a quality product, but it wasn't what I got. The quality of the cheaper ones of years past is not what my brother said about the 30 I gave him. The hole that you put your line through to hand is small and limits what line you can use. I gave it one star for the speed it arrived and the instructions on how to fix it when it pinches. I gave it another star because I think the new flattrigger is more sensitive.

👤I bought these twice and set them out for 24 catfish. Anything larger than 1 lbs will be tired out fighting on the hook unless it can throw the hook. The spot without the end of the line is a set spot. The hole to the left is where you clip in the large barrel clip to attach the parachute cord. I set mine at a 6 foot length for catfish to extend the spring to its fullest and hand winding up until I have a 6 foot length, this increases the spring pull. White perch have less tension. Have used these to catch hundreds of fish.

10. Lews Fishing MC1 Crappie Package

Lews Fishing MC1 Crappie Package

The package contains a kite reel. The country of origin is the United States. 3 Inches is the package height of the product. The package is 9 inches in length. The package is 6 inches in width.

Brand: Lew's

👤These little crappie reels are simple to use. I use them on all of my jigging rigs. The reel was ruined when I tried to remove the line from it. I don't know why the center reel post broke from the plastic housing. These reels are simple to use and lightweight. I have been using these rigs for two years. I didn't think I needed to change reel types because of the failure.

👤This is a small reel. I bought it as a replacement for a homemade survival fishing kit. I didn't get it or the other parts to go after citation fish, but to collect some meat. It is a great fit for that need.

👤I check Amazon for pricing when I shop at my local outdoor store. I needed a pair of Amazon ones for my planer boards. I had to take 1 star away because running the boards is new to me and not easy. I was happy with my purchase.

👤These are perfect for jigging poles. Pull out the line for your fishing depth. Setting the drag for bigger crappie allows for changing depths easily and reeling in a fish with a line. It's very lightweight, which makes it easier on my shoulders and arms.

👤If you are looking for a quick fishing option without the hassle of carrying a full pole, this is the product for you.

👤I bought it for the bait that would hold up.

👤It can work. Kind of. There is no drag system, instead there is a star shaped knob on the side that tightens the reels ability to turn. It was cheap. I wouldn't buy again.

👤I should have looked at the reel more closely. There was no mention of how big the spool was in the description. I thought it was 3, but it is only 2. There is no way to stop the wheel from going out. The only way is to set the drag so tight that it doesn't move and then to hard to reel in. It looks like a $2.00 reel. "Crappie" is the name that says it all.

11. Mechanical Fishers Fishing Package Trigger

Mechanical Fishers Fishing Package Trigger

It's perfect for camping, hiking, or any other survival kit. Made in the USA. The Trigger mechanism is very sensitive. The frame is made of galvanized steel. Pre-Spooled with 12 to 18' of Test nylon line. The tension of the spring.

Brand: Yo Yo Reel

👤The reviewers who haven't had a chance to use these yet, they look like they will work. Please don't review a fish till you have caught it. Quality control issues and some that don't have the best spring/reel action are some of the issues I have used these for. Maybe this can be solved by putting your own line on them. You can't beat the ability to catch fish when you are doing other things around camp, and these traps do that. We've had many dinners thanks to these and they are well worth the price. I wish there was a more expensive version. I buy a few more every year because these don't last very long.

👤These things work well but it is not easy to use. They are very easy to bait up and toss in the water, but it is difficult to set the 'trigger' to catch fish. A trout or hungry bass will hit hard enough to set the trap, but a catfish or a carp will tease the bait right off the hook. It is up to you to figure it out. I have had my bait stolen many times before figuring out how to set thetrigger correctly. These things work. I recommend this product, but take some time to figure them out.

👤This didn't have any instructions for use and didn't have any packaging. The description and picture offered in the ad were not what these were. These were thrown into an Amazon box without any instructions for use. This was disappointing. When the product showed a package with instructions on the Amazon ad, why should I have to do research on how they work? This is ridiculous. I'm very unhappy with the seller, if you don't provide what I thought I was getting, at least have the decency to include an instruction page. I don't know how to set them, so I can't review whether or not they work.

👤The reels work as they should. I've tested them a lot. They work as they should if they are taken in the field. I received them quickly and at a fair price. I am very happy. I like to go out on survival trips. I need to catch dinner while working on other things. Fantastic purchase!

👤I bought these fishing yoyos for my husband. He took them on a fishing trip with his dad and cousin. They liked them, but they had to be careful because it would be easy for the line to be tripped. I would recommend them.

👤After catching a fish, I threw them in my bag and found they were rusted. I should have hung them to dry before packing them away.

👤These work well. Imagine all the things you can do in a survival situation. These guys are fishing for you. Set snares, build your shelter, gather firewood. You can also fish the coast with them. Tie them off with a rope across the bay or cove. You're fishing open waters!


What is the best product for fishing yoyo reel?

Fishing yoyo reel products from Yoyito. In this article about fishing yoyo reel you can see why people choose the product. Challenge and Yo Yo Reel are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing yoyo reel.

What are the best brands for fishing yoyo reel?

Yoyito, Challenge and Yo Yo Reel are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing yoyo reel. Find the detail in this article. Herdez, Yo Yo Automatic Fishing Reels and Squiddies are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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