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1. Yum Lures YDG521 Dinger Fishing

Yum Lures YDG521 Dinger Fishing

The country of origin is the United States. The package is 1.25 inches in height. The package is 5 inches in length. The package is 1.25 inches in width.

Brand: Yum Lures

👤It's a color scheme that the bass really like and I like to let it set on the bottom for a while. When that starts to get ripped up, switch it to wacky.

👤This is one of the best lures I have ever used. My son gave me a pack and I put it in my box and thanked him, but I was still wondering how the lure could catch anything. It looks like a cheap cigar, one very, very slow day after I tried almost everything in my box but the can opener. It was hot and bright by this time. In the next dozen casts, I caught six or eight fish. Slow or dead stick it. They will pick it up. It is a wacky rig when it gets beat up. Since that day, this lure has been my first choice. Sixty-four years ago, I started fishing on the St. John's River in Florida. I wish this lure had been around then.

👤I ran out of senko baits while exploring some new honey holes. I tried these because my bait shop was out. Same results. These baits are not rocket science once you have the mold. A great bait at a good price.

👤I bought these in the orange color because they look like the ones John from Creek Fishing Adventures uses in his videos. They look like Cheetos puffs. I don't know why a bass would think these were food, but they do. I've only taken them fishing once, but I caught half a dozen good-sized spotted bass with them already using a Texas rig. These work well.

👤I will attach a picture and say they are soft plastic. I have concluded that these things do not hold up for more than one fish, after having fished them for a long time. If you rig in Texas, they will rip at the top. You can get a wacky rig after a Texas rig, but they don't hold up well after 1 fish.

👤They must have changed their formula because 1 fish and the worm is done. Way too hard... I have bags of worms from years ago and they are much softer and last a long time.

👤The best stick bait on the market. It's like action on the drop and hold up well after fish, no need to change them. This color works better in our water clarity than the watermelon reds, can't beat blue/black for dirty water. You can rig 100 different ways.

👤Bass candy! It can be used in shallow clear water on a wacky rig. After letting it flutter through the water column, be patient and use short twitches.

2. Zoom Super Fluke White Pearl

Zoom Super Fluke White Pearl

Product type: fishing hook The water has darts, glides, and knuckleballs in it. Both small and large fish are tempts. Salt isimpregnated to keep fish biting.

Brand: Zoom

👤When fishing new water, I try these first. You can catch them in the water or below it. Very versatile. It's easy to rig with a hook. They love them.

👤It might be the best artificial bait for October-November.

👤I've caught 4 large south bass using this lure. The worm hook or circle hook flutters in the air.

👤Good product will come next time.

👤The ones in the picture don't have the big belly or long tail. The fish in the lakes do not like this shape.

3. Zoom UltraVibe Worm Pack Junebug 7 5 Inch

Zoom UltraVibe Worm Pack Junebug 7 5 Inch

Ultra Vibe's give off a unique tail vibrate to bite. The body and tail are curled. Salt Impregnated bait will make fish hold on for that extra time to get you more hook ups. The country of origin is the United States.

Brand: Zoom Bait

👤After a few years of good experience with the regular size UltraVibe Speed Worms, I began fishing these. When you get a fish large enough to commit, it is on, even though these seem to get less bites and more slaps from smaller bass. It is a good alternative to a frog and swimbait for other people who want to fish shallow, weedy areas. I have only ever fished these on the surface in a constant to burning retrieve to lure morning and afternoon topwater bass strikes and it has worked out well. I rigged these with a pegged 1/16 oz bullet weight on a 5/0 superline hook with 20 lbs mono or 50 lbs braid on heavy baitcasting equipment. When a bass is over 1.5 lbs, it's usually a bass that's no longer than the bait, and these do get attention from bass that are no longer than the bait. If the cover will allow the skin to bury the hook barb, they can be challenging to set the hook. The size of bass should go up if you put your time in with these big baits.

👤Nice action, but haven't brought in any fish yet.

👤Not fishing weather for him until the spring.

👤The best worm for fishing. I caught four fish with the same worm. The Senko from Yamamoto is not as durable as these works are. I used the worm as a swim bait and fished it in a traditional way. Both techniques worked well.

👤Great worm. My brand of choice is Zoom.

👤I bought some of the worms that were normal size. I caught a bass on the normal size and a bass on the magnum. Best of luck, they worked well for me.

4. Zoom Bait Centipede Bait Pack Watermelon

Zoom Bait Centipede Bait Pack Watermelon

China is the country of origin. Highly pressured fish are ideal for bait. The presentation was very subtle. American made bait. Try it with a Shakey Head. Salt Impregnated bait will make fish hold on for more time and give you more hook ups.

Brand: Zoom Bait

👤Over the years, I've caught thousands of bass on these. The Texas rig works well.

👤I like this bait. The bad boys will slay creek and lake bass with a Carolina rig or a drop shot. They are mostly largemouth bass.

👤If you like to fish for bass, we use this product, but I take patience. This brand is what we use. I couldn't find them anywhere else, but it comes in different colors.

👤Soft plastic is the best for bass fishing in most weather conditions.

👤It was bought for a friend who fishes.

👤The bass like to eat worms, so I like this big bag of worms.

👤Considero, porque medio buenas capitalas. A UN BUEN PRECIO.

👤No tuve oportunidad de usarlos.

5. Harmony Fishing Razor Wacky Weedless

Harmony Fishing Razor Wacky Weedless

The package is 1.25 inches in width. The Wacky Weedless Hooks are an excellent way to start fishing. The Wacky Rig has a wacky style. Simply hook your worm/senko through the middle with a Wacky Weedless Hook, or better yet, hook through a Wacky Ring, and you'll be mastering the Wacky Rig in no time. You can cast under docks, into thick cover, and other places that cause your lure to hang-up with wacky Weedless Hooks. The gap has a better hookup ratio. The hook point is turned to keep the fish hooked. Their new wire weed guard is an upgrade from the previous generation of this hook, it now includes a black wire wrap on each hook to prevent the guard wire from unraveling. The Razor Series Hooks are a step above the rest. It is designed for bass fishing baits like Gary Yamamoto Senkos, Z-Man Z-Man, and many more. There are either 10 or 25 packs.

Brand: Harmony Fishing Company

👤These are okay. After a few casts, the threaded part that holds the weedless spring to the hook starts to break. The first two hooks I used were affected. It affects how the senko falls. If you are using the o'ring and whacky rig, stick with a standard 2 or 3/0.

👤I used them for the first time today. The lake I has a lot of lay-down and branches on the shore. I bought these because I was tired of hanging up and breaking off. It's a nice change. Setting the hook is more difficult with these. I figured I had to let the fish take the bait for a bit, then reel in the slack and set the hook hard after many lost fish. Hooks become more expensive every year, so they will save some cash.

👤I bought these because I was tired of breaking off leaders and retying after I was caught in a kayak. The weed guard is thin so not to as much weight to the hook, it works well in cove. Here's the thing. I have noticed that my hookups have decreased a little, not a lot, but enough for me to notice. I have missed more fish than I ever have using an open hook, but I will continue to use them. You may see some missed hookups.

👤I wouldn't use them in areas with a lot of issues. I got 4 hits and 3 fish when I first used them. One hook was pulled. One day, I got a few hits, but missed all of them. You will not be able to drag it through thick cover if you use them. It will bounce off a few branches, but don't expect miracles. You can bend the wire back. The size is my biggest complaint. They should cam in a 2/0 hook. Bigger hooks are better for largemouth.

👤These hooks blew me away. The "weedless spring" was positioned perfectly and functioned beautifully. Excellent and would recommend.

👤I use this hook for fishing. Being a weedless hook, it allows me to fish this style of rig with confidence and not worry about being hung up all the time. The weedless nature of the hook makes it seem like I miss a slightly higher set. I get almost three times the number of strikes because I am able to keep it down in the cover and get every other cast.

👤I am getting a more reliable hookset with the Gamakatsu hooks. For less than the price. The weed guard seems to work better. We'll see how they hold up, but we're very pleased with these hooks.

👤I've found the best weedless hooks. I've thrown these things with a worm in a lot of different places. They rarely get caught. Will they fall apart? Absolutely. After a few fish, they will break apart. They're still the best weedless option.

👤En general, aunque para gusto la curva del anzuelo es demasiado.

👤I haven't used them yet but I can tell they are quality hooks. The weed guard is of good quality. The size 1 was given to me. They are perfect for 5 senkos.

6. Zoom Bait Bait Pack Pumpkin 5 Inch

Zoom Bait Bait Pack Pumpkin 5 Inch

There are either 10 or 25 packs. 10PK5 is a product. 25" GRN pump worm. It is easy and simple to use. The product is made in China. Works great on Alabama rigs. Can be fished on a jig head. Salt impregnated zoom baits make fish hold on for longer to get more hook ups. Works well on Alabama rigs.

Brand: Zoom Bait

👤These plastic baits are easy to use and catch fish with. I find hooking these with a circle octopus hook is the best way to do it. It makes it easier to remove the hook. Sometimes it will get short striked. I will rig it to get the hook further down the body to try and get better hook ups. Hooking it less weed is a must once it starts warming up. For me, the watermelon red, houdini, and watermelon magic are the best colors for the waters I fish for bass, and more visible colors like albino seem to work best for sight hunting fish. When bass fishing these, they will get hit on the first drop. If bass are around, they will come and get it. I can't tell you how many bass I have caught by simply throwing this in the weeds and waiting. I've used this to catch bass. I use all of the flukes. Every one of them catches me a lot of bass, and there is a time and place for them in my fishing season.

👤One of the best bass baits. I will buy these for a long time. My #1 bait is for bass. Bass hold these alot longer than most soft plastics.

👤This is a great bait. I used a drop-shot rig to set this up. The hook is easy to attach to the zoom and durable enough for a few rounds with fish. The white ice or white pearl is my go-to color. It's convenient to shop in your PJs and wait for it to arrive, even though it's cheaper in local store locations.

👤I throw as much as I own. Texas rig, bladed jig head, doesn't matter. Albino was expecting them to be white, but they are not. You can imagine my disappointment because I fish in very clear water. Bad reviews are not aimed at the product, but the misleading photos.

👤Bass candy can be found on 8 to 12lb line weightless on a 3/0-4/0 hook. Absolutely wonderful baits. I recommend Watermelon Red in general, but this Black color is best for low light conditions and darker waters such as overcast days or nights. After a pause, let the fluke do the darting from minimal rod tip movements.

👤I always stick to live bait because I have never had any success with lures. I keep trying. Finally! These are the first fake baits that have worked for me. The day started slow, but as the sun began to set, we were grabbing bass after bass. I soaked my fish oil for a couple days before using them because they have a funny plastic smell. I think that helped make the fish hold them for longer. I got the pearl colored ones.

👤I love fishing. I was away from it for a long time. Remember the banjo? I fish them with a nose hooked circle hook and a split shot if I need it. I carry this size in both smoking and crystal white ice.

7. SANTKOL Plastic Fishing Freshwater Saltwater

SANTKOL Plastic Fishing Freshwater Saltwater

Soft fishing lures are carefully selected after a strict processing process. There are 10 high-quality soft baits and they provide different quantities for different types of baits, so that you can make the maximum using effect of the bait, which can improve the fun of fishing. 50 pieces of Senko Worms, 5 colors, and 30 5-inch Senko Worms, 10 PCS 1/0 10 PCS Jig Fish Hooks are wacky. The weight of the Jig Fish hook is not greater than 8KG, and the weight of the Wacky Hooks is not greater than 3KG. The rubber fishing worms are easy to use. The attractive tail of the lure attracts nearby fish. The Senko worm is irresistible to perch and other fish because of its swimming motion as it falls into the water. Colorful colors. The color of the senko worms can be used to match any waters. There is a lot of sparkling sequins. The brightly colored senko worms are very popular. The fixed point position of the fish hook can be set with the hook grooves. "SANTKOL" worms are softer and more elastic than traditional plastic baits and have fine workmanship. Prepare a big meal for the sea bass when you take them home. If you want to fish bass with 6 fishing methods, you need to have fishing skills. The rig is wacky. The Texas rig is 4. The Carolina rig is 5. Jig head rig. There was no rig for that. When thrown, the plastic worms will sink slowly, and the angler will slowly twitch, jumping, dragging, and falling in the water. Unexpected results will happen to you.

Brand: Santkol

👤The amount you get is a great value. The plastic case they came in was cracked when received, but my son loved them.

👤I tried every color and it didn't work, the fish would bite and spit it out, I don't know what yall did, but these are the worst plastic worms I've ever used. The hooks are made of low quality metal. I wish I could get my money back.

👤The hooks that come with the product are brittle.

8. Zoom Bait Bait Pack Chartruese 4 75 Inch

Zoom Bait Bait Pack Chartruese 4 75 Inch

The package is 1.25 inches in width. The model number is. The package height is less than 1 centimeters. The package length is 7.62 centimeters. The package width is 11.18 centimeters.

Brand: Zoom Bait

👤The baits work as advertised. They catch fish. The large mouth bass pictured was caught on a shaky head jig tied to an 8lb line with a Zoom 4.75" Finesse Worm in watermelon candy color. I was catching similar sized bass every 15 to 20 minutes just running down a 200 yard string of pylons. I'm new to fishing. I didn't ding it because I didn't think it was durable, but I had to change worms for every 2 or 3 fish. I'm not sure if they're right forDurability because they are soft and the fish are grabbing them but, again, I'm pretty new, and I can't imagine them lasting anymore. I'm very happy with the worms and baits.

👤I caught over 70 bass with these worms alone last season. A few lunkers every now and then, a typical size of 2-4 lbs. Green Pumpkin Magin, Green Watermelon Magic, and straight Black are some of the most popular colors. These fail in my lake, which varies between fairly clear and muddy depending on the conditions. I've tried variations of blue and red, but they aren't as reliable in my lake. YMMV. If I am fishing from the banks, I will pitch these at the shoreline from a boat. They should be weedless, weightless, and cast into cover. One revolution of the handle per 3-6 seconds is how long it will take to retrieve. The slower the better. The bass bite on the drop or within a few feet of the shore. My setup is a lightening rod with a test and a hook, either plain offset or extra wide gap. With a light or medium light rod, you can really feel the bite of these things. Good luck, fishing!

👤My go-to worms are these. If I don't get a bite on these in the first 20 minutes on the pond, I go home. It's funny that a big blue gill is like chasing and hitting the yellow tail. I always have a supply of these.

👤The worms catch fish. The finesse worms are my go to bait and have landed more fish than anything else I have tried.

👤You tell this to anyone, I kill you.

👤These are my go to rigs. The bright tail is very flexible and makes for a lot of action.

👤It was a perfect bait for my shakey heads. The color is great. TR has a 1/16 oz bullet weight. It's pretty durable. Good quality without the high price. For a long time, I fished zoom. There were no complaints.

👤I received 3 different packages of this brand and they were well received by my sister's husband.

👤Muy buen seuelo, no tienes a salida a pescar. Cuando la pesca, no quieren picar, un seuelo finesse. There are recomendables.

👤De lo mejor para las Lobinas, en Dic. Nos dio unas capturas con arreglo Waky.

👤Good worm. It sinks well in the water because it is heavily salted. Good for shakey heads and drop shots.

9. Zoom Bait Bait Pack Watermelon 6 Inch

Zoom Bait Bait Pack Watermelon 6 Inch

It's recommended for saltwater fishing. Can be used with other rigs. Not sure what to use? A cross between lizards, Craws, and a worm is called a hog. It can be fished in many ways. Salt Impregnated bait will make fish hold on for that extra time to get you more hook ups. The country of origin is the United States.

Brand: Zoom Bait

👤The beasts had to hammer these bates on a football jig. The biggest catch of the year was the second one, a 3.37 pound large mouth. They are in the water.

👤The larger version of the brush hog is what this is. Excellent product. It doesn't seem to be as productive as the version one size down here in Florida. It's likely to target bigger fish, so it needs to be more patient.

👤These are huge. This isn't your product if you are looking for the smaller size. The bait was fresh. These are eaten by bass in my area. I have to order more.

👤The first time I fished with it, I caught several bass. It can be used with weight or without in shallow water.

👤Can only find the baby brush hog at the big box store. I believe they stopped making the full sized version. These are killers on the Large Mouth bass in my neck of the woods. Love them.

👤I would love to find a pure black one. At certain times, these things work well. Sometimes they want a smaller bait.

👤This is the most successful soft plastic I have ever used. I catch bass that are the same size as 5 lbs. A Texas rig has a light bullet weight. Pumpkin, green, black, and other natural colors are what I like.

👤The brush hog is not that durable, but I love it. The June bug is the favorite color.

10. Zoom Magnum Worm Pack Pumpkin 7 Inch

Zoom Magnum Worm Pack Pumpkin 7 Inch

The Floating Worm is the largest of its kind. A larger version of the worm. Salt is used to make fish hold on for that extra time. The model number is 115-025.

Brand: Zoom Bait

👤I tried the green pumpkin trick worms. I caught a bass on my first cast. I caught 7 bass this morning after fishing for three hours. I missed a few hits. The bass was crazy for these worms. The worm is working very slowly. I watched him hit the worm after catching one in shallow water. The worm was not moving when the bass hit it. It takes very little movement to get their attention. If you work this worm too fast, you will miss some good bites. This product is very good.

👤I've had some good results with a Carolina rig when I've used the magnum trick worms. I like to fish them in 10 feet or so. During the summer, trick worms and Ole monsters don't have as much action and fish don't seem to be scared of them. The best results have been provided by brown, black, and green.

👤I bought more of them at Walmart for $3.48 per bag, the same color and size as before.

👤The worm was great for Carolina rigging. Highly recommend!

👤After the fall bite on a Ned Rig with TRD slowed, I went to a Neko rigged worm and got lots of action during the winter months.

👤The color code 19 is always used by me. They love Largemouth Bass and I have had great success catching them. I usually go with the 6 inch, but this time I got the 7 inch, which was nice for casting. If you are fishing for largeys, you should use these.

👤Good product. There is a lot of fun to fish.

11. Classic All Purpose Plastic Fishing Watermelon

Classic All Purpose Plastic Fishing Watermelon

It isdurable and long lasting. Whether they're feeding or not, this lure catches bass. Even highly pressured fish can't resist the subtle life-like action of soft plastic bait. The hook slot provides better hook-ups. The Dinger can be Texas, Carolina and wacky rigged, weighted or weightless, and catches fish when other lures fail. The classic worm style gets inactive fish to strike.

Brand: Yum Lures

👤The product is false. It appears that this ad has been going on for quite some time after reading the reviews. The pumpkin is green. I was specifically looking for green pumpkin because where I fish, for whatever reason, it makes a huge difference. I am familiar with the brand and the color, so I didn't need to read the reviews. When the seller is lying about their product, we should trust Amazon to step in. We should not have to read the reviews to find out that there is a problem with the seller.

👤The yamamoto version is a great alternative. These work the same and are considerably cheaper, but be careful with colors that are similar. Either the workers don't know the difference or they entered the wrong warehouse. I had an issue with the watermelon red flake being ordered and not the green pumpkin. Amazon has no solution to this problem.

👤Good made-in-the-USA lures. The title is not correct. It says Green Pumpkin. The watermelon is red. We got the latter. The colors are not the same. Attached is a picture.

👤The watermelon red flake is similar to the picture. Do not place an order, second time you think the first was a mistake. Not the case, still watermelon.

👤If you want quality plastic worms, this is the best value. This is a fruit.

👤Save yourself some money by these!

👤They did the job despite being very oily.


What is the best product for fishing zoom worms?

Fishing zoom worms products from Yum Lures. In this article about fishing zoom worms you can see why people choose the product. Zoom and Zoom Bait are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing zoom worms.

What are the best brands for fishing zoom worms?

Yum Lures, Zoom and Zoom Bait are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing zoom worms. Find the detail in this article.

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