Best Fly Fishing Waders

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1. TIDEWE Upgraded Realtree Waterproof Bootfoot

TIDEWE Upgraded Realtree Waterproof Bootfoot

The waterproof boot attachment and taped seams guarantee 100% waterproof reliability. Water intrusion resistance is used to seal out water and dirt on the water. The mesh lining inside the bootfoot wader protects your skin. The mesh lining makes sure that your skin is comfortable and that you have proper air circulation. durable and lightweight. The RUGGED nylon two-ply upper fabric makes it easy to fit into any backpack, making the waders 34% lighter than traditional rubber. The sturdy boots and buckle give you peace of mind that your waders will perform while out in the woods and waters. The H-back web suspenders with durable quick-release buckles, flip-out chest pockets, and top drawcord are user-friendly. They can help you with your drying problem. A phone case is included to protect your belongings. There is a wide application. It is designed to keep you warm and dry when you are outdoors. Please refer to the size chart for the Waders sizes. If you need to wear thick socks or your feet are wide, please choose one size larger.

Brand: Tidewe

👤I ordered the size 14 for my husband because he wears a shoe size 13 when hunting. The waist and chest of the waders were too small. He couldn't sit down after getting them on. They claim to have a 55 inch hipline, but they are not.

👤The fit and comfort were great. It leaked from the beginning. There are small leaks. I would have been seriously wet if I stood in the water for more than a quick cast. Otherwise I liked it. I will return this one, but may order it again when I am ready to use it again.

👤The item was well packaged and arrived quickly. The quality was a bargain. My 14 year old is just 5'4" and 105 lbs. A size 8 mens foot. We were able to adjust them for him. They are used to ride his ATV. The boots fit in a true to size range. The bib to boot connection looked strong. He spent the night at his friend's house after he wore these for a ride in the snow. I don't have feedback yet.

👤Excellent workmanship, good material, and light. The calf is snug so it's better to order a larger size. Comes with a waterproof clear pouch for cell phone or license, belt with hoops, robust straps, and an upside-down hanger to dry.

👤The return process was fast and easy because the order was put in wrong. This seller is a good one. The bibs were what I expected.

👤I am glad I bought these. I haven't had a leak yet, they work great. The fit is okay. It is tight in the crotch according to the other reviews.

👤The waders are terrible. The first time I used them, they leaked and I was in the water for a while. Picked up a dozen decoys. I will never spend my money on them again. They are cheap, but that doesn't matter when you have to buy a different pair.

👤The quality was great and the woman should have bought a size 9. I am a true women's size 8. If I wanted to wear medium/thick socks, they would not fit or be extremely tight.

👤They are flexible and not stiff. They are made to fit. They were perfect for being in the water at the end of October in northern Ontario to remove our boat lift and dock.

👤It was well made for $85. When I got them, they were tested in the lake. Lets see how long it takes to hunt moose.

👤I failed to order the product based on the table of size.

👤They were bought for quading. Good quality material. I have the one pictured that is better than the one pictured.

2. ForEverlast Generation Vulcanized Lightweight YQLJg1009YUsMa

ForEverlast Generation Vulcanized Lightweight YQLJg1009YUsMa

RAYGUARD REEF BOOTS: The support and grip of the Ray-Guard Reef boot will help you navigate the river bottoms. You can stay safe in the unknown terrain. It's durable. The Ray Guard Reef boots have a hard-soled bottom with 4 layers of rubber for superior protection in the water. There is protection against underwater creatures. It is lightweight and comfortable without sacrificing quality. The hook and look cuff closure has a zip to get a secure and personalized fit. The ankle support is great for casting from the deck of the boat. VENTING: There is a vent on the inside sole to help drain excess water from outside of the boot. There is a person named Hyperdiribic. Water resistant materials keep you dry and prevent the spread of water species.

Brand: Foreverlast Inc.

👤It is hard to find a good wading boot in my size. The boots are heavy. I will tell you that you won't fly like Mike. They feel great in the water, which is where I spend most of their time, so weight is not an issue for me. I would like to see them snug around the ankle. I guess that won't be a problem when I put on my waders. I like the boot.

👤I needed a strong pair of shoes to go wading in the rocky, oyster filled salt water and marsh. They exceeded my expectations. They're comfortable and tough. They are better than the boots I was wearing before. I recommend using a kind of socks that goes over your ankle.

👤The Pros: sturdy, seems durable, great lower foot protection, fair price point, warm while wading in cold ocean surf. The lower portion of the foot is the only protected area, the ankle area is made of neoprene, and the size is not accurate. I do a lot of metal detecting in knee deep surf on the west coast and there are a lot of stingrays around me at any given time. I started shining my lamp into the water at night. I use these for keeping my feet warm in the ocean water for hunting, however they are a burden when they start filling up with sand. It is like walking with lead plates on your shoes. The biggest problem has been sand jamming the zipper, making it difficult to take off, so I have to stop occasionally and dump the sand and water out. The price point on these is fair and they do add protection to the lower foot, but they could stand a bit more protection up the side of the foot. I know from an engineering standpoint that sand makes things problematic, but I wonder if there is a system that could double as ankle protection? Hope this was helpful.

👤My son was treated for cancer and developed a blood clotting disorder after he was discharged. He had to go to the hospital when he was young after he was stung with a stingray. One day at the beach, we saw a person who had been stung by a stingray. We decided to buy some protection for my son because we go to Newport Beach a lot. He is an excellent swimmer, but he will not wear these boots as they are too heavy and not good for keeping one afloat if knocked over by a wave. It's possible to bleed to death by a stingray or drown by boots. He didn't want to swim in the ocean. It's :- We were hoping for a good choice, but these boots did not give us one.

👤They were used for wading a river trout fishing. I have a great deal. I had to give them a chance. I will be using these wading boots for a variety of different wading scenarios, hopefully on a reef someday. They are very heavy, but sturdy. I ordered 2 sizes up from my normal shoe size to make room for my stocking foot.

3. Korkers Greenback Wading Kling Black

Korkers Greenback Wading Kling Black

The traction system is called the OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System. Quick Cinch laces provide a secure fit. Fast Drying is achieved by using hydrophobic materials which have faster dry times. Water flows through internal channels and out of ports, quickly removing excess water and weight. Durability is designed with strategically located seam locations to minimize wear.

Brand: Korkers

👤I was between a 5 star and 4 start rating. The boot is lightweight and great price. It's nice that they drain quickly. The felt is good, but not as good as my last pair of boots. They got less sand and gravel in them than my last pair. I haven't tried the rubber soles. I'm looking forward to seeing how they dress after a lot of travel. The construction is not as bombproof as other boots, but that's fine with me because it makes them lighter. The construction is not leathery. I think it's all synthetic construction. My leather Freestone wading boots were stiff as a board and needed to be pre-soaked, but these boots are easier to put on. It's a great selling point to be able to fish in States that have banned felt. Taking the soles off is easy, but I found that putting the soles back on took some doing. Sometimes it was difficult to get the "snaps" on the periphery to click into place, but it was always doable. A plastic lever may be able to help. There is a chance that 1/2 star could be deducted here. I didn't expect the boots to have a replaceable insoles, but it is a nice feature and can be used if you have high arches. I wear a size 8. I ordered a size 8. The fit is correct with the standard neoprene-foot waders. I wouldn't want it to be too snug. If you find "heel lift" annoying, you'll notice that there is a noticeable lift to the heels. The laces were tightened a bit more. It didn't bother me while fishing. There is a chance that 1/2 star could be deducted here.

👤I have done these for 3 years. After every trip, I would clean them. I spent the last 1.5 seasons trying to keep them together. The sold had parted ways. The stitching failed. There were spills on the river. I would suggest them to anyone. I thought they would be great. It's time to go to Simms.

👤The boots fit correctly. Refer to the Korkers website. I have size 10 boots that fit well with stocking foot waders. You only need 1 pair of boots if you can change the sole from felt to rubber. I was surprised by how light they are. They are getting more comfortable as they break in.

👤If you are like me, you should be able to fit this in at a US wide of 10. Nice idea for design, the bottoms click in. But. I'm not sure of a few click in points. The company may need to pay more attention to quality, but these are pretty good. Will update after I get them into a body of water.

👤I bought these for opening day for trout, but I have to buy replacement bottoms because the rubber part of the bottom peeled from the plastic, making them super annoying to walk in, and now I have to buy new bottoms. Big disapointment.

4. Caddis Attractive Breathable Stocking INCLUDE

Caddis Attractive Breathable Stocking INCLUDE

The 2 Tone Taupe stocking foot Breathable waders have double knee's, a new Quad pocket, and attached gravel guards. It works well in all weather conditions to keep you warm and comfortable. CaddisDry technology allows perspiration through, but keeps water out, and they use the highest quality material with a durable Poyester outer. The feet are double taped to make sure they stay dry. The boots should be purchased separately. The family of waders has more adult sizes than any other series. Most body sizes are addressed here. Refer the indications section for help selecting the right size. If you want to make a short stout, subtract 3 from the inseam.

Brand: Caddis Wading Systems

👤I have owned Cabela's $100 breathable waders and other name brands such as FrogTogg Canyon. The FrogTog waders fit like a garbage bag, but for a backup pair they may work well. For an older rounded out fart like me, a little more room is probable better and there is a string stap inside the body of the wader which helps wrap it to your profile. The construction of the wader looks good, but the belt is not. I have been spoiled by previous quality waders that have nice belt loops on the wader. The belt is very poor quality, and these waders are the cheapest I have ever seen. The belt clip is hard to release and will fall apart after a couple uses. This is a safety issue for me and I will probably use a belt off of an older pair of waders. I decided to give this wader a try on the river and will do a follow up review on the results. The initial wader review is useful for those who are looking for a good quality cost effective wader. I would not have chosen this option if I had known of the fit and belt quality.

👤I had to return them. I wanted them to be a little loose because I am only 54. I couldn't get into them because they were so tight. Above my waist. I tried wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but they didn't fit. Caddis, your size charts are way off.

👤I thought I had found a pair of waders that fit my body type. The stocking feet are almost clown sized. I wear a size 11 wides and I bet these would fit a size 17 comfortably. It was almost like clown shoe size. What is happening? I'm going to return them because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to fit them into wading boots. It's almost comical that I can fold the stocking feet back over the front of my feet. Oh, *ugh*

👤The look and feel of these waders is really nice, but they started leaking after about 12 full days of use. I believe the leak is from the crotch where the tape appears to be falling apart. I bought them a year ago, so I can't return them. I used them for a Salmon fishing trip in Michigan for a full 3 days. Over 3 fishing trips in Pennsylvania, about 9 more times. The trips were done over a 3 month period. I thought my leg and crotch were getting wet because of the sweat build up. I went on my annual Salmon trip to Michigan this year and it was wet all 3 days, soaking wet in one leg. It was warm, so I wasn't cold, but it was annoying to have to dry my wader pants and socks after fishing. I got some good use out of them, but I was hoping for at least 3 years or at least have them as a spare. I'm going to stick with Cabelas for now. They took back a pair of waders I bought three years ago and gave me my money back because they were leaking. You can't beat the customer support.

5. Magreel Fishing Waders Hunting Bootfoot

Magreel Fishing Waders Hunting Bootfoot

The dual-layers construction of 70D nylon and PVC makes the waders 35% lighter than traditional fishing waders, which makes it easy to walk in the water and fit into any backpack. It is wear-resistant and comfortable. The boots are resistant to wear and slip. Thickened soles help protect your feet from being scratched by rocks. It can be adjusted according to your height, thanks to the waist belt and chest drawstring. Convenient wearing is offered by the H-back shoulder strap. It is handy to keep your phone, keys, lure and other small items in a front pocket. Strongly waterproof. Well welding techniques and reinforced stitches keep you dry and warm. Before packing, each wader has to test their waders to make sure they are waterproof. The chest waders are specially designed for your adventures.

Brand: Gonex

👤These are what I needed. True to shoe size, waterproof, comfortable and lightweight. The soles of the shoes have a good grip on the lake floor. The boots are thick enough to prevent penetration from rocks or hooks, but flexible enough to allow you to feel what's under your feet. I am very happy with this product.

👤The duck season started in November. The closing time for returning them was October 10. Why does that matter? Because. My husband has been wearing these for the 3rd time. He got wet when he put his feet in the water. The waders are not worth much. We are out of money since we ordered them ahead of time. Don't waste your money.

👤I bought these to go fly fishing and they were some of the cheapest on the market. When you open the package, it smells rubbery. After a couple of weeks, it went away. I'm 215 lbs and these fit me well. I've had them in the water a few times and they have not had any issues. The pocket on the front has enough room for my phone, but it's a little tight. I'm pretty sure skinnier people have more room. Everything feels safe. If you're in cold water, make sure you have pants and thermal underwear. The air between your skin and the waders is insulation. The soles are rubber, not felt or spikes, so there is no issue with pollution. Good grip. These are a good choice if you want to save money. I can't catch any fish, so they might be broken.

👤Very happy! This wader was received an hour ago. The wader was nicely packed in a box and it looked very nice. I put it in the pool and tested it out for about 4 minutes. There was no leak. I am very happy that I chose the right size for this wader and that it is the first one I have ever purchased. The M9 size fits me very well. My build is a male, 5'7", 148 lbs, shoe length:10" and I feel comfortable in it. Hope this helps.

👤Setting it up for the first use is a pain, but after that it's not a problem. I got this for the large above ground pond. All of them are happy with the product and the boots have good traction on the pond surface. Would this hold up in use? It definitely is worth it for the occasional use.

👤A working dad knows the value of a dollar. If you're going to get waders, these are the best buy. Period. I use them all the time. I was concerned about the shoe size. If you need it, they fit perfectly. I don't write reviews but I felt this product deserved one. I was concerned about the size of the front pocket for my pistol. The size for holding my full size glock nine, an extra clip, and my box mod was too small. I have tried and tested these waders up to my stomach and they are completely water proof. One of the best buys on Amazon.

6. Frogg Toggs Breathable Stockingfoot XX Large

Frogg Toggs Breathable Stockingfoot XX Large

The upper is waterproof and protects knees and shins. Water-resistant chest pockets. The large Dura-Span chest pocket has a hook-and-loop closure. The gravel guards have a rubber-coated elastic opening and are non-rusting. The suspender has release buckles. The chest pocket and chest draw cord are locked. Sand and storage bag is lightweight.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤There are two reasons not to buy these waders. Number 1 is that they are very low quality and the neoprene feet seams go out after a couple uses. If you buy from a seller on Amazon, you void your warranty and the seller won't take them back for a replacement. You can save time and money by buying a nice pair of waders from a store with a return policy.

👤13 months after I bought them, they looked like they were leaking. The warranty lasts for a year. I don't wear them every time I go fishing because I don't get many days of use before they leak. I'm trying to get some goop on the inside seam to see if it helps.

👤These are nice. It fit me perfectly and was comfortable to fish all day. I am 6'2 and 235 lbs. Fleece lined pockets keep your hands warm when it is cold. That is a nice feature to have. The guards that go around your boot are too small and hard to pull down, so if I was looking for something to complain about, I would say that's it. They should be tight. These are so tight that no pebbles can get in. It is a pain to get them around the top of your boot. I have a size 14 wading boots. I am not sure if that would make them any bigger at the top. Good waders and a good price.

👤The medium was ordered based on the chart. I am a 32 and the inseam was fine. The waist and chest were accurate. The bootie size was off. I wear a 9 on the foot size chart. I had a hard time flexing my toes because it was so tight. The quality and construction of the waders was very good. This pair was exchanged for a large.

👤The features are more expensive than other waders. The waders performed well. It was very comfortable and there were no leaks. There are plenty of pockets to go around. There is a The style and colors are modern. Climbers have no problems climbing up and down the river bank. The river has been there for more than 20 hours. Frogg Toggs nailed it!

👤I'm 6'2" and 220 lbs. I ordered l and XL and thought I would fit well. The collar was too small for the size of the XL and the neoprene sock was too tight. It was time to take them off. I sat on the floor and worked them past the ankle with both hands. I haven't used them in the water yet, but I would think after a few uses and pulling them off when wet, the sock is going to rip right of the wader. I didn't bother with the L size.

👤I used to rave about frog togg, but they are not the same. I want to know what happened to frog togg.

👤The waders are good for most of the time. The shoe size is off. I wear a size 9.5. I went with the large size off the chart because it was tight on my feet. Should have bought it. The shoe lace clip pulled off when I put some tension on it. I would return these for a new pair and larger size, but there isn't that option. .

7. Redington BENCHMARK Wading Boots Sticky

Redington BENCHMARK Wading Boots Sticky

All-day comfort is provided by the shock-Absorbing EVA midsole. There is a rubber rand for foot protection. The drainage works to reduce water-log. The lace hooks at the top of the boot are resistant tocorrosion.

Brand: Redington

👤I'm writing this for anyone with extra wide feet that needs a boot. I just received them. I think it's the only pair that fits, and is seen to be fairly comy. I wear a men's 13, 4E, which is the only shoe that fits me perfectly. I used a normal shoe shoe. The stocking foot was perfect. The only thing I would consider buying is this boot, because there is no bunching of material in it. I'm waiting to see if the wader combo will work with the river boot. The boot I bought was the size 14.

👤I have used these boots 4 times for duck hunting. They have been frozen, trodden through brush and tangles, and have been some of the most comfortable wading boots I've worn. If your waders are also true to size, they will fit really true to size for me.

👤One of the best boots I have ever owned. They are comfortable. Would buy another pair in the future.

👤Good fit, good traction, great value. Redington won. I wish they had a wire dial on them. I could rank them by stars.

👤These worked well for my trip to Alaska and were comfortable all day. I didn't think about my feet. That is a good sign.

👤These are a great deal and very comfortable. I highly recommend.

👤Great shoes. I was looking for a good pair of wading boots, and these are great.

8. Magreel Fishing Waders Hunting Bootfoot

Magreel Fishing Waders Hunting Bootfoot

The dual-layers construction of 70D nylon and PVC makes the waders 35% lighter than traditional fishing waders, which makes it easy to walk in the water and fit into any backpack. It is wear-resistant and comfortable. The boots are resistant to wear and slip. Thickened soles help protect your feet from being scratched by rocks. It can be adjusted according to your height, thanks to the waist belt and chest drawstring. Convenient wearing is offered by the H-back shoulder strap. It is handy to keep your phone, keys, lure and other small items in a front pocket. Strongly waterproof. Well welding techniques and reinforced stitches keep you dry and warm. Before packing, each wader has to test their waders to make sure they are waterproof. The chest waders are specially designed for your adventures.

Brand: Magreel

👤These are very easy to get on. They are comfortable to wear. The size was exactly what I wanted. You just need to put your weight around your waist.

👤Have had no issues with the pair of waders. The boots are very sturdy and have no issues. When you are in the water, the waders aren't insulated so you will cool off in the water. It is similar to standing in the water without getting wet. This isn't a problem for me as I mostly will use in the summer where cooling off will be nice, but that does mean these wouldn't be good for winter. They seem very strong and have not had any issues with leaks. I like the pocket on the front, but be careful not to fully submerge it, I can put my phone or pliers in there. I would recommend these waders, they are great for this price. They had a repair kit in case of tears. It seems to be good. The fit was a little big, but I like the room. When you are in the water, I recommend getting a bigger shoe size than you think is best, because the material on your legs will push if you get a bigger shoe. You will be sure to have enough space. I would recommend them.

👤I received my waders today and they were absolutely amazing. I am 6 feet 2. I was able to fit into the waders. I was fishing in the water with no water inside my waders. Excellent footing. If you want to fish the shores with boat launches closed, this is a must buy.

👤My husband tried on 6 different brands at 4 different stores before I surprised him with these waders. None of the others fit him, and they cost more than he was willing to pay. I took a chance after a good bit of online research. After reading the reviews, I ordered a bigger boot for him. They fit in with a lot of room to bend or squat. They are comfortable. The boots are large, but it is easier to remove and they are good with socks. He tried them out in the water and said they kept him dry. He was a bit chilly, but he plans to wear pajama bottoms when he goes out next. Unless you have waders, wade fishing is too cool to enjoy until about mid-May. For our purpose, these are adequate, but not great for someone fishing in cold water. The material is light, and we don't have rocks or brush to deal with punctures, which makes them lighter. I have only used them once, but they are perfect. If there are problems, will update.

👤I fished for smallmouth in a creek yesterday. I'm very happy for 27 bucks. Don't expect something great for what you're spending, but they do the job. The boots are not comfortable. I felt the rocks in the creek. The deeper you go in the water, the worse the wader's effect is on your body. I guess it's due to the pressure. I'm almost 6 feet tall. I wear a size 14 shoe in Nikes and a 14 in these. I can't wear sweatpants under them because they are tight around the legs. The water was very cold and I was warm. I think it would have been too cold if it was winter because you can't get enough layers to fit under these. I suggest long underwear. I sweated a bit when I walked up the creek. I'm very happy with the money I spent. I feel like I got my money's worth if they last two or three more trips. Don't expect some amazingly comfortable wader's for what you're paying. I don't want to use these for a fishing trip where I'm going to be walking for miles. I would recommend them to a weekend warrior who wants to see what wading is all about. If you enjoy wading, you could always invest in a better quality wader, which I will definitely be doing in the future.

9. HISEA Breathable Stockingfoot Insulated Neoprene

HISEA Breathable Stockingfoot Insulated Neoprene

The Ultralight design gives you a great range of motion and portable experience. Each wader comes with a bag. The waterproof waders combine a lightweight micro denier upper with a 100% waterproof & breathable membrane that locks out water while allowing body hydration to be escaped. 3-ply polyester construction provides incredible wear resistance. The 4.5mm high-density neoprene stocking feet fit feet better for all-day, waterproof comfort. The KeepDry Breathable Stocking-foot Waist Wader has a built-in pocket with waterproof storage and fleece lined pass through pocket for maximum storage. The belt is easy on and off. They want you to be comfortable while fishing or wading your favorite stretch of water. The wader is ready to be shipped. Quality assurance is backed by them.

Brand: Hisea

👤It seems to be well made. Many of the big names have good material and construction. The quality is very good. My only complaint is enough to take away a couple stars. When I put it on and pull up the pants, the waste line falls on my hips. If you want to pull them up, you should be taller in the waste so that they rest higher than your jeans. These are on the hips. If you try to pull them up the crotch, it will be hard. They fit like skinny European jeans.

👤The fit of the foot is similar. They need more loops. They won't stay up, I have the American dad body. Some suspenders attachment points would be great.

👤I have a 34 inch waist and a 32 inch inseam. I wear shoes. I ordered the correct size. The chart says that my foot should be too small for me, but based on the size chart, it's large. The sticker on the packaging and the tag sewn into the waders says large. It turns out that's the size. Large is too large. There's nearly 2 inches of excess bootie length in the pants I'm floating in. I'm pointing at the tip of my big toe in the picture. They are dark grey in color and not green as stated on the product page. It seems like quality is okay. The price is right and the material is a bit more plastic-y than the more expensive ones.

👤It's perfect for my float tube. I took them out without any water coming in.

👤I bought these a month ago and they work well in the small streams and ponds I fish in, as well as being warm. I don't have to buy expensive wading shoes because the neoprene booties fit into a pair of slightly oversized hiking boots. These are a terrific value if they are durable.

👤The waters are comfortable and easy to wear. I am afraid that when fly fishing in the river, they could fill with water and that is very dangerous, I wish they came up higher for deeper holes.

👤The waders are terrible. They began leaking in both legs after a few days of use. The legs are filled with water. The $90 didn't get much quality. There is a lot of junk. It would be great if they reimbursed me or sent me a better pair. Absolutely disappointed.

👤They look good.

10. OXYVAN Neoprene Realtree Bootfoot Waterproof

OXYVAN Neoprene Realtree Bootfoot Waterproof

OXYVAN Fishing Waders with boots are made of 4.5mm neoprene and have excellent insulation properties. The fishing waders have great material, stretch liner and triple-finished seams that are sewn, glue and taped, and they can keep you warm while you are hunting and fishing. OXYVAN hunting waders are easy to put on and take off, and designed to make sure you don't have any obstacles while hunting and fishing. The chest belt has a quick release buckle. Double-layer knee pads have reinforced padding for added protection, and a thickened and flexible shoulder strap helps you release the pressure on it. OXYVAN fishing waders are damage resistant and 100% water proof because of the double-stitched and visible bonded and taped seams. Every waders will go through a serious of tests to make sure there are no problems of quality and leakage. OXYVAN neoprene chest waders have 600 Gram 3M Thinsulate insulation. It is very comfortable and can be worn without socks. The cleated soles provide better slip resistance. The Realtree MAX5 camo helps hide you better, 4.5mm neoprene and 600G rubber boots can trapping and holding body heat to protect you from extremely cold weather, and the chest pocket doubles as a hand warmer.

Brand: Oxyvan

👤This was the best investment I made for a fly fishing trip. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, these waders are a great alternative. The pros are 1. $ 2. I need to be dry for at least 4 hours. The shoulder straps are comfortable. On the rocky boulder river bed, boots have good grips. The material dries fast. My toes are pushing to the tip of my toe, and it's very uncomfortable, so I recommend getting a larger size. I had to add an insole to my boots so I can stand longer. After 8 hours, my clothes start to become damp. I'm not sure if this is going to happen. Maybe I should get the bigger ones. If you don't want the tie to get loose, you need to make a knot. The pocket is too small.

👤These were taken out for duck hunting. The weather was cold, 38f morning to 55f noon. The walk was 1.5 miles and did not get overheated. I was in the blind all day. The boots are ok for the hike and they fit as expected. I would order a bigger boot to make the hike a little more comfortable. I would recommend this for duck hunting. We will see how it does on cold days.

👤These are the first ones I've gotten online, and will be the last. They arrived on time and worked perfectly. I spend a lot of time on his deep water. I'm comfortable doing it now. I came back in the house dry after our property flooded again last week. I recommend these to anyone.

👤The sizing chart was dead on. I wear a shoe size 10 but 9 in this was perfect. I only took it out once but for an hour I was in waist deep water. I didn't get cold. There was good grip on the boots. They were a little sloppy but that is expected. They're comfortable going over rocks. There were no leaks! Stitching and glue look good. The only thing I can say is that the crotch rubs around a little more than I would like. I can't complain because I don't see how to design around that. It is the nature of the material they used. They are easy to misplace. It was a perfect fit with the jacket. It was 32 degrees outside and the sun was not shining. When I stopped moving, I got a chill. You can't beat it for $109. My friend is in the market and I will recommend these to him. I don't know how long it will last but I will update if things change. I was worried about an off brand but they are awesome in my opinion.

👤This is a great product. The material is thicker than I anticipated. I got a size 9 because they fit my feet great, I have a shoe size 9. I got in the water and everything got tighter because of the water displacement. It might be a good idea to get a bigger size than you wear. It can get cold after a while if you wear thick socks. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a cheap pair that is good quality.

11. TideWe Breathable Waterproof Stockingfoot Lightweight

TideWe Breathable Waterproof Stockingfoot Lightweight

Stay dry, cool and comfortable with their waterproof and Breathable. The air light experience in the water is amazing. The TideWe fly fishing waders feature all of the essentials that an angler needs when wading in the river. Wear resistance is guaranteed by the construction. The 4mm neoprene booties are designed to prevent bunching. User in mind always. The fly chest waders have waterproof pockets and a flip-out pocket. Waders has a chest pocket for easy storage. The waist fit can be changed thanks to the elastic belt. The mesh storage bag keeps your waders perfect. The details tell the truth. Without the up-charging, you will get a lot of amazing features, such as a built-in wading belt, good straps, and hand warmer pocket, which are only found in more expensive waders. They believe that they make the best stockingfoot chest waders in the price range. 30-day hassle-free replacement is what you are backed up by. A new product will be sent to you if your waders are found to be faulty. If your waders leak within the first year, they will repair them for free.

Brand: Tidewe

👤I liked the waders at first. I bought my wife a waders. It is very comfortable to wear. There is a leak at the top of that stockingfoot area. It came from my stockingfoot. The water was on my bare skin. In NorCal, I do a lot of surf fishing. I am usually knee to waist deep of water when I surf. I walk miles to spots, move up and down the beach and navigate through waves. I have been in the surf for two months. I expected them to last me at least one season. I love using my waders, so I hope TideWe makes this right.

👤I've seen many pairs of waders. The best waders in this price range are these. Frog Toggs, Cabela's, Caddis and more have been used by me. You can see the difference in the quality. We'll make them because they feel more durable. The belt goes through loops to make it fit better. Most low prices waders have a belt with one or no loops. The front pocket is large and holds a lot of things. They look like upper end waders. Within the first season, the waders in this price range leak. I've been fishing hard in these and they are holding up better. I would recommend them to anyone that needs a great pair of waders. Don't hesitate, get them!

👤For someone who isn't so sure if they will stick with the hobby but want a decent setup, these are good waders for your first season of fly fishing. I was very rough with them, walking through brush with thorns, hiking many miles in them, slipping on rocks, and they held up fine. It was easy to fix the leaks because the flies got caught in them, and they were easy to fix with rubbing alcohol, dark spots and coat the spots with aqua seal. The taped seams on the wader held up well. A small leak was caused by the stocking foot seam tape joint. I think that was from a bad fall late in the season. Nothing could be done with a bit of aqua seal. The front pouch is not water proof so don't put electronics in it if you are wading deep. These waders are leak-free again after a season of extremely hard use. I have invested in a high end wader that costs many times the price of this one, but these will work well as my spare set when even the high end ones eventually leak and need to go in for repairs, having decided that I will continue with fly fishing for the foreseeable future. I wonder if I could have continued using these. With plans to continue hitting the rivers this winter, I decided to play it safe and have a more robust set up. I am happy with this purchase. I think these would work better for someone who is more casual and not as rough on equipment. I had to make some repairs towards the end of my first season, but these waders served me well. It is recommended.


What is the best product for fly fishing waders?

Fly fishing waders products from Tidewe. In this article about fly fishing waders you can see why people choose the product. Foreverlast Inc. and Korkers are also good brands to look for when you are finding fly fishing waders.

What are the best brands for fly fishing waders?

Tidewe, Foreverlast Inc. and Korkers are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fly fishing waders. Find the detail in this article. Caddis Wading Systems, Gonex and Frogg Toggs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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