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1. Zebco Spincast Fiberglass Quickset Anti Reverse

Zebco Spincast Fiberglass Quickset Anti Reverse

There areReel Band Installation Instructions in the product images. Moderate action and medium power make it easier to catch light and medium species such as panfish, trout, walleye, and bass. EXPERTLY CRAFTED MATERIALS. The durable fiberglass rod blank construction and ultra-tough dial-adjustable drag provide smooth cast and retrieves, while the EVA handle reduces discomfort and ensures a sure-grip. When reeling in a fish, the QuickSet anti-reverse reel stops your handle from moving backwards and creates a solid hookset in the mouth of the fish. It has a patented no-tangle design and comes pre-spooled with a 6-pound line. Construction of a super structure. Premium all-metal gears, a 2.6:1 gear ratio, and dual-ceramic pick-up pins make every fishing experience a memorable one. Since 1949, people have been invited to explore the outdoors. For a period of one year from the date of original retail purchase against defects in workmanship and/or materials, Zebco products are warranted.

Brand: Zebco

👤I bought this after seeing many positive videos on the internet. I used it and my nephew tried it for the first time. The rod is strong, can handle larger fish, and it is very cheap. The fishing line is the worst I have ever seen, and it has no drag. The kids hated it as the line kept getting tangled. I used a cheap mono 6lb that I had in my tackle bag to pool it. This made a huge difference. They started to catch more bluegills and put a smile on their faces. If there was a need, the money would be worth it again. I wish they would either put on a better line or not at all and make a small improvement to the reel drag.

👤The push button pin cast reels are always being tangled and I got sick of it. I decided to try them out after the kids caught a decent walleye on accident while fishing for bluegill and I removed the junk 6lb line from both of them. The biggest catch of the day was a 32lb flathead cat. I think I'm going to replace the Barbie and spider man poles with better ones, upgrade all the kids poles, and add extras for ice fishing for northern and walleye. I will take them if you send them to me, the anti reverse switch is small and makes it hard to use, but I don't like it. I'm not taking a star away for it.

👤A great combo. For fishers of all ages. I bought this for a kayak trip and it's small, so if I spilled on the kayak and lost it, I'd only have a 15 dollar setup. I braided it with 10lb spiderwire braid line. There was a lot of memory in the included line. It's probably from them being shelfed. Don't let that stop you from liking this bad boy. The reel is noisy and not smooth, it's only a 1 ball bearing. I've already caught fish with it and it spins fine. Casting from a two and a half foot rod is not as bad as you might think. Even though the reel is still worth what you're spending, the drag on it is strong so I will upgrade to a better reel. If you're considering buying this and not sure... Just buy it. It's a lot of fun ripping a bass or catfish out of the water when your friend is using a setup that is over twice the price. I like it so much that I've started carrying it over my stick.

👤The rod is amazing. I have no problems with the 12 lbs of fluro I put in. I bring this with me to work whenever I get a break and have caught more fish with this rod than any other rod I have. Would highly recommend to anyone.

👤My 13 year old son was the first to fish and he was a total disappointment. I threw the line into the garbage after I got fed up with it being in the spool for so long. Unless you want a toy, don't waste your money.

2. MTM Ice Fishing Rod Box

MTM Ice Fishing Rod Box

Ported aluminum is more durable and lighter in weight. The dimensions are 36 x 10.2 x 5.2. It holds up to eight rods with space for tackle and tip ups. The foam padding holds the rods. A large handle. Strong snapping latches are made in the USA.

Brand: Mtm

👤I used a generic bag for my ice fishing trip and thought a hard case would be better. I cracked a rod tip when I tried to close it. Stuff falls out when foam isn't secured. Only 2 rods can be held without major modifications. It feels cheap with thin plastic, crappy foam, and small tackle boxes included. After snapping my rod tip, I was angry and bought an Eagle claw case for $50 at Fleet Farm.

👤I tried this out for my ice rods and am buying a different case. It is a good case. The foam core holds the rod in place but there is no support for the handles so the reel comes loose. I tried to add straps to hold the reels down, but it didn't work out. If you use inline reels, they all end up sideways because they are not deep enough for the reel to fit vertically. If you use the old Schooley rods or only spinning reels, it may work, but I am abandoning mine in favor of a different model with more depth and a better way to secure rods in place.

👤Just in time for a trip, I purchased this as a gift. The box was missing a hinge pin and black locks. I didn't reorder it because it had to be returned and given the chance to use it.

👤The item is advertised. I haven't field tested it yet. It will be put through its paces in the near future and see some use. The box and clips will hold up in cold weather, but only at this time. I think a soft case with Velcro is a better option and I will go back to it. Hard plastic on Ice is hard to control and manage, and it's more reliable if you have durable zippers. The item may be more problematic than it is worth.

👤It works. I think it's better than my other soft Cabela's rod case, but it's still not a perfect solution to Ice rod storage. Not sure if there is one. It's a better option for the portable sled fish house because it's more compact than other hard sided Ice rod cases.

👤I was able to get a number of items in the case. The case will close if you position the reels correctly. Who wants to take the combo apart every time and put it back together? If you are creative, it is still usable. It was a good case for the money.

👤The case is made of plastic. It's similar to the kinds of cases you get with a power tool. There is enough room for four rods with attached reels and a little gear inside. The trips from the truck to the ice house can be cut down if you have a single case that can hold multiple rods. I don't like the foam inserts that are supposed to hold the rods in the case. The inserts would be good if I carried detached rods. They were not able to hold my rods with attached reels. The weight of the reels can cause the foam to detach, making opening the case a clumsy experience. I could have glue the foam pieces to the case. I did not choose to do that. I replaced the foam with egg shell foam because I needed it the most. I think it should work better for me. There will be less room between the rods, that's the sacrifice I'm making with this system.

3. KastKing Konvert Hardwater Graphite Different

KastKing Konvert Hardwater Graphite Different

Strong snapping latches are made in the USA. The new KastKing Konvert Hardwater Ice Rods areConvertible because you get two different ice rods in one. Each rod has a handle with a 2 pc reel seat and two different tip sections. There are two actions, one is a Medium action and the other is a Medium light action. You will always be prepared for the perfect presentation. The new, KastKing Konvert Hardwater Ice rods are made using a light and sensitive, 100%IM6 Graphite Blank. This material is used in both the Medium and Medium Light tip sections. They are powerful for solid hook sets and sensitive to light bites. Everything in ice fishing is in one rod. The Konvert's chartreuse green strike tips are highly visible and will give you more subtle bites if you are fishing in a dark ice shelter or outside in bright sun. The lightest bites are transmitted with this contrasting color. All other rods seem obsolete once you use their strike tips. Konvert Twin Tip Ice rods are 27” long when assembled but can be packed down to 17” for easy travel or storage. It's easy to fit into packs, ice sleds, and ice huts. When it is time to put things away, they take up less space. The handle is under 12” and the tips are 16” long. You get 3 in each set. A clear plastic travel/storage tube is included to hold the handle and both tips to make sure you are safe with your ice rod. You can use it to store the second tip. The travel tube is 17” long and 1 12” in diameter making it easy to keep your rods safe.

Brand: Kastking

👤I was shopping for a versatile rod for general purpose ice fishing and found this one with switchable tips. The construction seems really good for the price. The interchangeable tips were useful for different fishing applications. The rod feels good in your hands. The bright tips will make it easier to see tiny bites against the white ice or dark water in your hole. The feedback received at the base of the rod is very noticeable because the light action tip is almost like a wet noodle. I haven't had a chance to take it out on the ice yet, but I'm sure it will work. The included storage tube is a nice addition to my bucket to keep the rod safe and to give me a place to keep the other tip when I'm not using it. The o-rings and bands that hold the reel were too tight. I dipped them in boiling water to help them stretch over my reel's mounting foot.

👤The ice fishing rod is cool. The glass rod I ordered came with two different tips. The Med. tip has great action. The Med. The lieutenant's tip was also good. The action was as expected from a Med. A rod. I used a small reel from an Ultra Lt. rod. The rubber bands hold the reel. It makes assembly easy. I used my float tube in the deep waters of the local lake. We can't really use it to Ice Fish. The rod held up great after I got a bite. The fish comes off after about 10 seconds. I only got that day. The rod held up better than I anticipated. I would definitely recommend it.

👤A nice value rod, but is a bit lighter than ML. I tried it out for the first time today and caught a ton of small bluegills. The option was only tried. A very sensitive tip. It worked well as a glass noodle rod. I want to know how it's power is when I hook into it. I got this on an awesome sale and I am not complaining. I wish it had a hook keeper. It would be convenient to have one above the handle.

👤It was once again knocked out of the park by KastKing. The M in the Glass is the only one I've used so far. Both preformed perfectly. The tips are sensitive to small bites. The rods were put with the 500 reel. I have not hooked into anything big like bass, pike, or walleye. I'm sure they have the strength to land them. Can't wait to see what else they come up with.

👤The Oring bands that come with the rods are too small, so I wouldn't give them a full five stars. I barely got the first one over the end of the cork and it was so tight that I couldn't put the reel under it. The rod is very nice. We had a chance to use them this weekend on our first ice fishing trip of the year.

4. 13 Fishing SN2 20 Hookset Backbone

13 Fishing SN2 20 Hookset Backbone

The guides are made of steel. The handle has high grade cork.

Brand: 13 Fishing

👤It seems like an ok rod, but Amazon sent it in a plain box. The rod was damaged beyond use when opened. Had it not been damaged, I would have been happy with it.

👤I haven't tried it yet, but it seems to work well. I tried it out for three days. It worked out great. Panfish bites are well detected.

👤Nice rod for ice fishing. I caught a bass that weighed 4 pounds and didn't have any issues with the rod.

👤Rod has great sensitivity, could feel light bites, and could fight bigger fish, but the second eye from tip was damaged. The rod was very much like it was before it was damaged, but it didn't have time to bite the fish.

👤A great ice fishing rod. It's perfect for any type of panfish with enough strength and bend to set the hook. It's a plus if you're lightweight.

👤The snatch is amazing. I have six of them.

👤After using a cheap Walmart rod for the first time, the material at the end of the rod has a better quality than the crooked one that came with the line guides.

👤I have two already and will be buying another one.

👤I ordered this rod to be used with another. The broken pieces were not in the box. They had to exchange. If it was usable, it would have been 5 stars, as the other one I already own is an excellent panfish rod.

5. 13 Fishing SND29QT LH Snitch Decent

13 Fishing SND29QT LH Snitch Decent

5 ball bearings made of steel. The construction has soft touch finish. The guides have a Flex-Core tip.

Brand: 13 Fishing

👤The rod was good for the price. I fish for whitefish and perch with small jigs. The rod is great for using small jigs. The smallest amount of ice build up on the line makes the eye holes inoperable.

👤I like the rod for pan fish, but the reel is just as good.

👤The reel we received is the right side, the reel pictured is the left side. There is nothing in the description or order choice that shows which side the retrieval is on.

👤I was hesitant to order a rod and reel for fishing. It worked like a dream after he fished it for an hour and a half. The tip is light and can indicate when a fish hits your jig. My go to rod is the first out of the bucket.

👤When I received the order, the reel was a right hand retrieve reel, not the left hand that was in the part number and description. The stiff base and sensitive tip of the twitch rods are great for lighter lures and jigs.

👤I own the best panfish rod. These reels are very sensitive.

👤I haven't fished with it yet, but the action is nice, the reel is alright, and the guides are awful crooked, but if the fish aren't biting it's all I'll be able to see

6. Dr Fish 40 Pieces Fishing Complete Backpack

Dr Fish 40 Pieces Fishing Complete Backpack

Fishing guides at Tailored Tackle designed a fishing rod and reel combo that will allow you to fish all the popular fish through the ice. The Dr.Fish Ice Catcher is a kit that will help you increase your chances of success on the ice. The 24” ice fishing rod has a solid blank and comfortable handles. The rod is spinning. Everything is easier to bring crappie, pike and walleyes up on the ice with the 5BB spinning reel. There is an amazing assortment of ice fishing lures. All in a pattern. Two ice bomber, one backpack seat, and a storage box are included in the other key unit. All are selected to help ice fishermen catch more fish on the ice.


👤I haven't fished it yet, but I'm having problems with the reel. There is a tight spot in the reel. It feels like something is warped while reeling in and it makes the action a bit dull. The line is too heavy for my liking. The ice line should be replaced to make up for what is provided in the kit. The rod seems to be in good shape. When I bought it, I didn't know that the handle had been removed, so I'll see how it holds up once I get a decent fish on. The seat and backpack is just as convenient as I hoped, but if you're a normal sized man, I wouldn't recommend using this seat for long. I sit on it in high traction conditions and it flexes a bit. I don't know if I would trust it in ice. There is a Only a few of the lures and jigs are in the picture. I'm not sure how they'll do.

👤I ordered this without the back pack. Every single day is now used. It surpasses my 13 fishing reels. When setting the hook, it has some slight give. The crank turns back a quarter turn and gives a little line, but other than that it is perfect. The rod is very stiff. The tackle works well. 10/10 would buy.

👤I bought the kit for the chair. The whole package was great, the pole can be disassembled and put back down to nothing. Kit is sweet.

👤The quality is worth what you pay for. The backpack straps are for small adults or children, which is the reason I gave it 4 stars. The straps are small for a larger man with a warm jacket. I wear large shirts and small ones with my jacket. It will work for a hunting, but can't be used for ice fishing in winter.

👤This is a great kid for the price and the only reason why I'm giving it three stars is the backpack is only 12 in tall and not very big.

👤After the first use, the tip of the pole snapped off. I can't find contact information for the seller, and only Amazon can do something about it. I wanted to get a replacement part.

👤I used the reel one time and it broke on the first fish, but I am not complaining about all the tackle or the rod and line. I don't recommend buying a reel unless you have another reel to put on the rod.

👤It was worth the price. Grandson liked it.

7. 13 FISHING Radioactive Pickle Combo

13 FISHING Radioactive Pickle Combo

There are 3 ball bearings in the line reel. The PC2 has a high-vis tip. The wire guides are from the ALPS.

Brand: 13 Fishing

👤This is not an original pickle. My father broke my sled. I bought this one as a replacement. The original had rubber rings to hold the reel to the rod handle. It feels like you are in heaven. It allowed you to compensate for the weight of the reel by positioning it so that you could line it up perfectly with the eyelets. The flat rod tip was always horizontal. This model has a traditional plastic reel seat that feels awkward and has less sensitivity in your hand, because some people complained about having to put the rings on. The reel seat position does not line up with the eyelets and the weight of the twists reel the rod I. They added a line keeper above the spool that helps keep the jig from dropping in cold wind. I was not mad at my father because of the accident, but I was very disappointed that someone tried to improve the rod after it was replaced. It was a bad day. The rod and reel are still good but the features are not.

👤The husband was excited for the rod. The rod was twisted and the eyelits were not in line with it. I think the pole would be put together correctly, but it works ok for ice fishing.

👤I ice fish at least once a week. I like the rod and reel. This beats a spinning reel for panfish. I have yet to get a birds nest, but the line guard on the reel is great. Completely eliminated line twist. People say the drag is bad. It works well, but is silent. I used it on a few 14 + inch bass on a 2lb test line and it was fine. I don't recommend setting this rod down on the ice. If it gets wet, it will freeze up and be a pain. I'll probably buy another one just so I can have a different jig on it, or my wife can use it.

👤I'm giving a review based on his experience, so I bought it for him. I bought one, but it wasn't green. It almost acts as blacklight at night in blue LEDs. It's perfect for night fishing. The green light is really bright. It is sensitive. It's perfect for salmon fishing. If you used to flip bale, the reel is easy to use. Negative. When you drop the lure too fast, the reel will let out too fast and you'll have a hard time catching it. If you hit the bottom, the reel will keep going. The closed reel is challenging. The extra handle is great for a 5 gallon bucket. I lost a few fish because I accidentally hit the bail release when I tried to grab the rod, but my man hasn't had this issue. I love my pole. I have to remember not to set that level. Negative. It doesn't have a place to tie a loop for tipups. You could run something thin through the last part of the line. My man said it might be too flexible for the jack jacker, but I think it performs better if it is stiffer. Older poles are used in the tipups. It's fun to catch big fish. It's great to have to fine tune the tightness, harder to set while reeling in a fish like the older flip bail poles.

8. Bullnose Products Sensitive Slightest Straight Line

Bullnose Products Sensitive Slightest Straight Line

The guides have a Flex-Core tip. It is important that you know when the fish is interested in your bait. The rocking motion is very sensitive to fish bites. Simply place the clip on the metal frame and slide it onto your rod. This item is manufactured to ensure you have a stress-free fishing experience. It is made of heavy duty steel metal and is used for ice fishing. Big Red is a smaller version of the original blue tip down-tip up. The plastic clip is made to fit a rod handle. The frame is 9” long and 4.5” wide. A must for the avid ice fisherman that is tired of holding their fishing rod by hand and trying to guess when the fish is about to bite. Depending on your location, you may be able to have multiple fishing holes. It is convenient to set up one per hole if you purchase multiple original blues. The original blue frame and rod clip are included. The fishing rod is not included. The frame collapses down for convenience. Simply unfold the frame and secure the clip on the rod handle when ready to use. You can place the rod with the clip on the frame.

Brand: Bullnose Products

👤It does work,balancing the ice jig rod/reel combo to catch crappie, and is sensitive enough to see your minnow move. The rubber that holds the rod is not made from cold weather formula rubber. It worked well in my house. The rod wouldn't hold it's position when the rubber clamp lost its tension on the ice. I made it work by holding it tight. I see that rubber clamp failing rather quickly. The frame works.

👤These things work well. I have owned a lot of tip downs over the years and this one is very easy to operate. They work great for set lines when fishing from crappies and walleyes. When folded, the blue ones will be flat. Will be adding more soon.

👤I was curious after watching the video. The most subtle bite can be easily detected by this product. It proved to be worth it on the first day. I will add a second before next season. It's a bit pricey but it's built like a brick house so I get it.

👤Holds pole well, jigs in the wind, and stores well in my ice shanty.

👤They work well, but are smaller than expected.

👤It's perfect for setting up on ice. It folds up and stores nicely. It's a lot easier to manage in cold weather when you have a simple scoop and they don't trip.

👤It's easy to travel with a snow machine. Aldo's bite was very accurate.

9. 13 Fishing Whiteout 20 5in WOC205L

13 Fishing Whiteout 20 5in WOC205L

The 7BBReel has instant anti-reverse. The aluminum Spool has a fat bail design. There is a solid toray blank.

Brand: 13 Fishing

👤The rod combo snapped in half and the handle was missing. The reel handle was done before the box was even opened. Don't waste time. You can buy your rods at a store.

👤If I didn't have to glue the rod back on, I would have given 5 stars. I've spun better Shakespeare's than returning for a nice rod, reel, and I didn't think it was worth it.

👤Been waiting for the delivery and opened the box. It feels great.

👤It's hard to find a 16" rod for sight fishing. I'm so happy with this little beauty that I might buy another one. A quality combo that will last a long time.

10. Shakespeare USGXICE28MCBO Combo 28 Inches Medium

Shakespeare USGXICE28MCBO Combo 28 Inches Medium

Since 1949, people have been invited to explore the outdoors. For a period of one year from the date of original retail purchase against defects in workmanship and/or materials, Zebco products are warranted. The spinning reel is suited for ice applications. The aluminum spool is ported. The Stik blank is ugly. The reel seat has handles. One-piece guides. StikGX2 spinning rods are ugly. A spinning reel with a ball bearing. Ported aluminum is more durable and lighter in weight.

Brand: Shakespeare

👤The ice pole is not the best for the money. The poles are strong and sensitive on the tip so you can see nibbles from fish that are not hungry. I prefer the medium ugly stick ice pole over most other poles because I have caught fish over 5 pounds on it. If you want a light action pole that is strong enough for hitting large fish, but also sensitivity, I would refer you to this pole. Good luck fishing!

👤This is a supplement to my ice fishing poles. The middle of the road pole is light enough to hook crappies and heavy enough to drag up lake trout without being complained about. I caught a bunch of stocked trout in Maryland and caught a few keeper lake trout in northern New York. You will be in good shape for whatever bites if you pool it with a premium 6 pound fluoro line.

👤I've used ugly sticks for years on the mighty saginaw bay and have never had a failure. I troll with them just as I buy them from walmart. The Shakespeare reels hold up draggin crawler harnesses and ddhj's with 2oz bottom bouncers. The rods and reels held up well after being pulled in many large fish. This will be my first stick on the ice. I'm expecting the same results. The gx2 arrived ahead of schedule and was in perfect condition. I'm looking forward to hitting the ice this year, and I'm confident that this rod and reel combo will work just as well as my $100 st Croix! I was very happy and satisfied with the item and seller.

👤The ice combo is one of the best for the price. It works well and is smooth. I have lifted the trout out of the hole as high as I please without questioning the durability of it. It is sensitive enough to feel some bites from perch. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a durable ice combo.

👤It works well for my 4 year old. He caught his first fish.

👤The pole is awesome. I brought in a redfish on this pole. The casting is a fishing pole. I would recommend everyone to have fun with the big fish on the little rod.

👤I ordered a replacement rod after the top of the rod snapped. The replacement rod arrived today. The top of the replacement rod was snapped and I didn't have to take the packaging off. I was disappointed. It would have made it easier for me, but I guess that won't happen.

👤My first few years of ice fishing, I used homemade jigging rods. The ice rod offers sensitivity and action, but neither was offered. I use ugly sticks for other types of fishing. They are an amazing combo of value, quality, and longevity. This combo continues the trend. The reel is good for money. The rod has a soft tip. The construction is as strong as my other sticks. I think it's the best price for ice fishing.

11. Goture Portable Sections Fishing Visibility

Goture Portable Sections Fishing Visibility

Two different tip sections are needed for ice fishing. One is Medium and the other is Heavy. They are made of carbon fibre blank and fiberglass blank and they will hold up well in the cold weather. The bright green bite detection tip makes it easy to see a bite even in low light. The green tip section can be used to detect the subtle bite on ice fishing in dark ice huts or on a bad day. Outfitted with a guide and ceramic inserts, it is rust-proof and smooth. Premium ceramic inserts help to minimize friction by transferring the line's vibration through the guide to the rod and to your hands. Premium cork handles will quickly warm your hands as your body heat increases, allowing you to easily feel the movement of the fish. The reel seat is lightweight and durable. The ice fishing rods are easy to carry and transport. The ice fishing poles take up less space than your backpack, ice sleds, and ice huts. You can put ice fishing away in your garage or home during the off-season.

Brand: Goture

👤I took it kayak fishing after getting it a few days ago. There was a sheepshead and a small dog caught. The fish was handled well. This rod is great for big fish. It is a 2 piece and comes with a fiberglass and carbon tip. You can feel the bites with the carbon tip. It was very similar to using my snitch noodle rod. The fiberglass tip gives it more strength for handling larger fish. I fish 3-4 times a week and the rods are nice. Highly recommended!

👤I have been using this rod and Goture reel as a second setup. It has been a great rod. I can set the pole up to handle panfish or pike with two different tips. It's a great price and I love it.

👤Pole, line and lures were great. I dropped the line in the water and caught a fish. The company was more than happy to accommodate me for the price change and delay in shipping, which wasn't their fault. They were easy to talk to and crystal came back to me. Crystal, thank you again!

👤I bought this rod for perch. It has two rod tips and a lighter one. It has a good back. The reel seat is better than the retainers.

👤Have not fished it. Impression is good. Quality build. 2 exchangeable tips with diff action is a plus. The 1 piece rod is not as strong as the one piece rod. Happy so far, 4 stars for now.

👤The lighter tip broke when I was spooling, but the other tip seems ok, but I only have one tip like I bought.

👤Looks good waiting for ice.

👤They will freeze up if the tip is bigger.


What is the best product for ice fishing pole?

Ice fishing pole products from Zebco. In this article about ice fishing pole you can see why people choose the product. Mtm and Kastking are also good brands to look for when you are finding ice fishing pole.

What are the best brands for ice fishing pole?

Zebco, Mtm and Kastking are some of the best brands that chosen by people for ice fishing pole. Find the detail in this article. 13 Fishing, 13 Fishing and are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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