Best Ice Fishing Reel

Fishing 10 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Eagle Claw Line Fishing Black

Eagle Claw Line Fishing Black

The mechanical structure of the fishing reel is made of brass gears and 8+1 bearings. The pursuit of quality is passed on to the Piscifun ICX Carbon. The inline reel is perfect for targeting winter slabs. Teflon drag. The tension adjustment button is free. The line capacity is 1/670, 4/190, 6/ 120.

Brand: Eagle Claw

👤I used this reel with 4lb mono and it worked well. No problem with handling trout with a pole. The drag and freespool work. When the line was iced, Reel never bothered me. Eagle Claw is a respected brand and there are cheaper inline reels available. I'm liking it so far.

👤The reel is great for the price. Line twist is notexistent. The smallest lures can get down fast with the free spool feature. The drop rate drag on the free spool allows for a slower drop rate with heavier jigs and spoons. The reel has a 2.6:1 gear ratio and a smooth star drag system, so it can tackle the larger game fish. The star drag is a little tricky to adjust on the fly, so I only gave this reel 4 stars. I set it for medium drag for average fish, then palm the spool on larger fish, which seems to work out well. A couple of my fishing friends have already purchased this reel. Pick one up, you'll be happy about it.

👤I need some ice now, but this ice fishing reel is awesome. I'll probably have to buy more before the winter ends, but I'm waiting for some ice to put this one to the test. It looks and feels great right now, and it's ready to go. The drag adjusts like my bait casting reels with the free spool feature, and it has a tension adjustment knob. This will be fun to fish with this winter. The anti-reverse will help set the hook.

👤I own two of these reels. They complement my ice blue super light rods. The response was amazing. The braking system allows you to slowly drop your jigs, which is crucial for catching panfish through the ice. The reel is comfortable and the gear ratio makes reeling in fish easy. The star drag is very nice. I will keep buying these reels. The value is great.

👤I've only used this reel a few times, but it's my first inline reel. It seems to work. There were no instructions on how to switch from left to right hand. I was able to find a video that showed the process, but it was not as easy as the video shows. The free spool has a drag adjustement. If you use it, you will get backlash like a baitcast reel. I like this reel.

👤I took a chance on the reel. It has been a disappointment after fishing for a month. The line is coming from the reel and getting wrapped around the handle. Either design is poor or cheap. Don't waste your money.

👤After you engage reel the gears slip and on setting hook reel spins will try 1 more, you have purchased three of these 2 of the reels.

👤I'm sold on this type of reel and these do the job well for a low price.

👤It's good for light baits and it's easy to tangle in the wind.

👤It doesn't fit on my rod. I own fenwick aetos. It's pretty disapointing.

2. KastKing Royale Legend Fishing Spinning

KastKing Royale Legend Fishing Spinning

Monofilament line capacity is measured in millimetres. The KastKing Royale Legend II Ice Fishing Reels are a size 500 spinning reel with an outdoors-ready, durable, non-rusting reinforced graphite body and rotor, a tough anodized aluminum spool, and an extra long reel foot stem for more distance between the reel. The KastKing Royale Legend II Ice spinning reels have a smooth cranking feel thanks to the 5+1 shielded steel ball bearings and precision cut zinc alloy main gears. Smooth operation and reduced wear for long gear life can be achieved with the combination of alloys. A 5.1:1 gear ratio and 22 IPT of the ample machined Graphite handle add to a great ice fishing trip. The fish areTILE. The KastKing Royale Legend II size 500 ice fishing reel has a weight of only 5.8 ounces, making it an ideal option as a bait fishing reel, ultra-light spinning reel, or kids fishing reel. Even though it's only a small ice fishing reel, it holds more than enough fishing line for ice fishing. A mono is 4lb/75yds, 6lb/65yds, 8lb/50yds, and a braided line is 15lb/75yds. Light up your ice fishing hut. Oh yeah. Yes! The Royale Legend II spinning reels have a high gloss finish that reduces icing and sheds water. Even in the dark ice hut, three ultra-bright colors will stand out. Pair the brilliant colors with the Konvert ice fishing rods. You can use different fishing lines and bait combinations. It's easy to know what ice fishing combo is catching fish.

Brand: Kastking

👤I have been fishing for 30 years. Throughout my years of fishing, I have fished in large tournaments. I've bought expensive and cheap gear. This reel seems to be mid-level gear. I was not sure what to expect when I ordered this because it was hard to base a lot of information on reviews. Some people have never felt a $300.00 reel. If you only occasionally fish, you shouldn't know what it's like. I like the way this reel feels. I joined their fan page and am looking at some of their higher end stuff. I will use this reel for a few more months to see if it lasts, but so far I am very satisfied with it. Hopefully we will have a company that is competitive.

👤The reel is great at this price point. Wow! The best reel at the $30 range on the market is one of the 6 Kastking reels that I have. I got a coupon for $24 and picked the 2000 size, so I bought another today. It caught a few fish on it after it was fished, and it works perfectly. Quiet. It was so cute. It works great! Strong, but lightweight. They are large for the size rating, but not heavy. It was blown away! Great job.

👤The product was very professional. I have no bad things to say about this company. They pay attention to the details all the way down to the packaging, giving you all the information you need to maintain your reel. The rubber handle piece on the reel is awesome and I love the feel of it. Thanks for being a reliable manufacturer that delivers on its promises.

👤I'm concerned about the drag loosens itself, it looks good, but it's not smooth enough for the price point. I missed the fish after I set the hook and drag. The drag was not tight. Hmm. Maybe that was on me. When I tried to lure a fish with a jig, the drag let out again. It loosened again. During the short ice fishing trip today, this continued over and over. Did catch 4 trout, but missed a few bites. Keep an eye on the drag setting. I will keep the reel, but will crank the drag tighter. I use a 4# to 5# test for trout on ice.

👤This is the first time kayaking. It looks like the reels are very smooth. I spent the day on the water. It was amazing catching several fish and drag work perfect. When casting the bail would close on its own, there were a couple things I want to share. I have the only concern. I'm waiting to see what happens. It has different shapes on it. I'm worried about the amount of saltwater that would go through these cutouts. I fish in the Lagoon frequently. I'm sure you know how to use saltwater tuff. Looking forward to seeing how it holds up. I'm happy with it. I thought I would take a chance because it's probably not a saltwater reel.

3. KastKing Zephyr Spinning Fishing Powerful

KastKing Zephyr Spinning Fishing Powerful

The KastKing Zephyr 500 Spinning Reels are a high-level design light weight fishing reel for trout/panfish/ice and other finesse fishing applications in freshwater. The light gentle breeze of the name, zephyr, lives up to it. The 500 size is a perfect fishing reel for ice fishing. The carbon fiber drag on the spinning reels is very smooth. Along with the body cover and rotor, there is an oversized main shaft, brass gear, and double shielded ball bearings in key locations that don't quit in a battle with trophy fish. The braided fishing line is ready to be used on the KastKing Zephyr fishing reels. You do not need to add backing to your fishing line. The paint scheme on the spinning reels isgloss and flat black, with strategic cutouts added to keep the weight down and maintain a tactical look. A black knob is added to the package. The value of a KastKing reel exceeds the cost if it is thoroughly tested in a state-of-the-art engineering lab. The best combination of light weight, strength, and durability is what the designers of KastKing look for. It is part of the philosophy.

Brand: Kastking

👤I've received a baitcast reel and landing net from Kastking in the past and so far, I'm happy with what I've received. I was hesitant to try them because they are not one of the more well known brands, but they are affordable in comparison. I received the reel free in exchange for an unbiased review. I've been lucky with spinning reels so far. I've never had a bad one from any manufacturer. The Shakespeare reels have handles that never really tightened down, and the Okuma reels have handles that never tightened down. I got for ice fishing. The drag on the 3000 is pretty heavy, but I don't know how to verify it. Everything seems tight so far. There's no wiggle in the handle or spool. I took it out the day after I received it to try it out and caught a small bass, a couple rainbows and an 18lb mirror carp. I lined it with 15lb braid and held the entire 150 yard spool. I wanted to compare this to the two other fishing rods that I've been using for a while, the Penn Fierce 3 and the Quantum Throttle 2, and it seems like it's on par with both of them at $20 less. I will update my review if there is a manufacturing defect. The only thing that has improved so far is the bail. If it rotates to the stopping point with the bail open, you have to either close it by hand or use a wrench. If you start spinning the handle before it rotates on it's own, it closes without a problem.

👤I like this reel. The 2000 size is small. I would have loved to try the 3000 or 4000 reel. The reel is built to last. It is ready to be braided. The reel is light and stealthy. A powerful 22 lbs of carbon fiber drag can be delivered by the KastKing spinning reels. Along with a glass fiber infused nylon material body, body cover and rotor, an oversized brass main shaft, brass pinion gear, and double shieldedstainless steel ball bearings in key locations that don't quit in a battle with trophy fish. You don't need to add a fishing line backing to use the braided fishing line on the KastKing Zephyr reels.

👤I am giving this one a 5 star rating. I would call it a 4 if compared to all reels. An amazing reel for the money. I am comparing against a Bass Pro Megacast, a Daiwa Crossfire, and a Mitchell Avocet. It is comparable to the PT Accurist, which cost me more than twice the price. The Revo Inshore is better than the other ones. I have no doubts in grabbing the Kastking. I use it for bass fishing, and will take it with me to trout fishing in Colorado. It is a great reel for the price. I wouldn't say I'm a Kastking fan. I have a Whitemax reel that I like and a Valiant Eagle reel that I think is ok. Each product is evaluated on its merits. The Whitemax is a steal. I would look at a different reel. Anyway, like I say... If you need a great spinning reel, buy the Zephyr without hesitation.

4. 13 Fishing D2 7 LH Descent Reel

13 Fishing D2 7 LH Descent Reel

The value of a KastKing reel exceeds the cost if it is thoroughly tested in a state-of-the-art engineering lab. The best combination of light weight, strength, and durability is what the designers of KastKing look for. It is part of the philosophy. The constructions have soft touch finish. 5 ball bearings. Dead Stick Spool Clicker. Drag Star Drag Adjustment.

Brand: 13 Fishing

👤The reels are comfortable in the hand. I put these on my ice rods. They are a great addition to my collection. There is a caveat to this that is a little bit of a problem. If you palm the reel while ice fishing the heat from your hand combined with the cold outdoors can cause condensation in the reel. I have had this condensation inside the reel on a few occasions. The reel will free-spool if the anti-reverse stops working. When this happens, I put the rod in the roof of my shanty to warm it up and the condensation will clear in a few minutes.

👤The inline reels have a long way to go before they are used by serious fisherman. The idea of an inline reel has its merits for many applications and species of fish, and the handle and cranking gears seem smooth enough for the price point. If you can't keep up with a fish turning direction and swimming towards you, the 2.7:1 gear ration is not a good idea. Several smaller lake trout do this, and I had a 34" one. My spinning reels help me keep up. I couldn't keep up with the inline reel. The drag system is where this reel fails. The drag is terrible. It was just awful. When set at moderate or light drag levels, the star drag may auto-loosen. You can use your money on a spinning reel.

👤I tried to like it. I was never able to find my rhythm. It's not for me. That is what being said... There is nothing wrong with this reel. I'm used to it. I let a few of my friends try it. One of them was able to use it. I let him have it. He uses it a lot. It still gets five stars because of that.

👤I ordered a box of the reel. It said it works the same as before. Someone bought it, broke it, and then sent it back to Amazon, who put a sticker on it, and sent it back as new. If you're going to sell something with damaged packaging, it should be tested. I have to send it back and then order another one. It's ridiculous by Amazon. The reel seems decent, but the spool doesn't turn, as it looks like someone broke it, tried to take it apart, and now there's loose screws inside.

👤The reel feels a tad bit chintzy for the price. I'm new to the in-line concept for a reel, but I think a good product. The had you reel with is what left hand reel means.

👤I have been using this reel for two days now and it is a nice reel. I don't like that you can change the fall rate. I try to adjust it and it stays the same. If I were in the market for one, I would buy it again because it is a decent reel.

👤All of the functions seem to work. The drag doesn't seem to hold up very well. I have a pan fish rod with this set up on it. It isn't the end of the world. I can set the drag as tight as the wheel will allow, and still pull out a 3lb fluorocarbon line.

5. Lews Fishing MC1 Crappie Package

Lews Fishing MC1 Crappie Package

The package contains a kite reel. The country of origin is the United States. 3 Inches is the package height of the product. The package is 9 inches in length. The package is 6 inches in width.

Brand: Lew's

👤These little crappie reels are simple to use. I use them on all of my jigging rigs. The reel was ruined when I tried to remove the line from it. I don't know why the center reel post broke from the plastic housing. These reels are simple to use and lightweight. I have been using these rigs for two years. I didn't think I needed to change reel types because of the failure.

👤This is a small reel. I bought it as a replacement for a homemade survival fishing kit. I didn't get it or the other parts to go after citation fish, but to collect some meat. It is a great fit for that need.

👤I check Amazon for pricing when I shop at my local outdoor store. I needed a pair of Amazon ones for my planer boards. I had to take 1 star away because running the boards is new to me and not easy. I was happy with my purchase.

👤These are perfect for jigging poles. Pull out the line for your fishing depth. Setting the drag for bigger crappie allows for changing depths easily and reeling in a fish with a line. It's very lightweight, which makes it easier on my shoulders and arms.

👤If you are looking for a quick fishing option without the hassle of carrying a full pole, this is the product for you.

👤I bought it for the bait that would hold up.

👤It can work. Kind of. There is no drag system, instead there is a star shaped knob on the side that tightens the reels ability to turn. It was cheap. I wouldn't buy again.

👤I should have looked at the reel more closely. There was no mention of how big the spool was in the description. I thought it was 3, but it is only 2. There is no way to stop the wheel from going out. The only way is to set the drag so tight that it doesn't move and then to hard to reel in. It looks like a $2.00 reel. "Crappie" is the name that says it all.

6. Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel Size

Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel Size

Summer/Centron's attractive, brilliant finish and its high strength two color anodized aluminum spool, with a power launch lip for longer casts and holds more line than competitor's models that sell for much more, areDURABLE/ATTRACTIVE FINISH. A multi-disc oiled felt drag system. The anti-reverse roller bearing has a quick set. Machine cut brass gear. The aluminum is 2-tone anodized. Monofilament line capacity is measured in millimetres.

Brand: Okuma

👤I ordered a C-40 after being very happy with my C-30. I gave it to my son for his birthday, but he didn't need it. After a few weeks, it turns out that the line is not good. I know they can make a good spinning reel most of the time, and nobody's perfect, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing. My fault was that I didn't test it within the time frame. I called Okuma Customer Service to see if they could help me replace C-40. No one picked up after 32 minutes. It's minus two or three stars for total apathy and rudeness towards the customer. I will never buy anything from Okuma again.

👤I used the Okuma ultra lite rod for trout fishing. I was surprised by the size of the reel. I am used to their sizes (500, 1000, 2500, etc.). The systems other manufacturers use give you an idea of the size. I was expecting a similar size to the one advertised as 10. I was surprised that the Okuma 10 was almost the same size as the 500 size Shimano. I decided to give it a try after nearly returning it, and was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked with the Okuma rod, and the reel, but so far I'm quite satisfied. If you are looking for a 1000 size reel, you will be disappointed because this is a very small reel, and totally suitable for the rod I purchased.

👤The reel I used for fishing in Nags Head, NC and the Chesapeake Bay in MD did a great job. The reel was light, smooth, and just as impressive as advertised, and it was out of the box. The Fiblink 2 piece 10 foot surf rod is a great rod for the money, and was mostly used with this. The rod and reel were light and comfortable to fish with, even though this was a "surf setup." I caught over 50 pan sized spots, croaker, white perch, striper, and shad and the reel performed admirably. 888-282-0465 It was noticeable when retrieving 50-75 yards of line as it became tiring pulling in fish when the bite got hot. There is a The main thing I didn't like was the reel foot, so I wouldn't have given a 5 star review. I noticed a lot of flexing when I was with several different rods. It wasn't noticeable when I was fishing for smaller fish, but when I was fighting it it was obvious. The drag performed well, but the reel had too much power to muscle the skate in close enough to cut my line, but all of the flexing was a turnoff. I've hooked into skates many times with reels of lesser quality, but I don't remember the flex being so noticeable. I like using this reel and would give it 5 stars for catching medium to small fish. The Penn Fierce 2 is currently a better purchase for the extra$15-$20, but an all aluminum body and faster gear ratio would make this an absolute stud that would rival it. It's probably a tie when compared to the Kast King Sharky 2 in terms of smoothness, construction, and price.

7. Eagle Claw Line Ice Reel

Eagle Claw Line Ice Reel

Light up your ice fishing hut. Oh yeah. Yes! The Royale Legend II spinning reels have a high gloss finish that reduces icing and sheds water. Even in the dark ice hut, three ultra-bright colors will stand out. Pair the brilliant colors with the Konvert ice fishing rods. You can use different fishing lines and bait combinations. It's easy to know what ice fishing combo is catching fish. The finish of the carbon pattern. Teflon drag. The tension adjustment is free. The line capacity is 1/670, 4/190, 6/ 120.

Brand: Eagle Claw

👤This is a good inline reel. I bought one for my son. It does exactly what it should. I haven't dropped anything lighter than a 1/16 oz jig. It definitely drops that with ease. We will be using them in the South vertical jigging with lures from 1/16th ounce to 1/2 ounce and it has enough free fall tension adjustment to work well with anything in that range. If you don't get the tension set right before dropping a heavy lure, it can backlash. It's easy to master but takes a bit of practice. There are no issues with the memory of the baitcast reel and the twisting that occurs when using a spinning reel. This can't replace either of those reels for casting but it is better for vertical jigging than other types of reels. It's a great deal on a good reel for the small investment.

👤I bought this item after doing a lot of research on in-line reels. I couldn't pass it up because of the price. After only a few uses, here are some issues I came across. The plastic guard for the reel broke when used frequently, it seems like some of the more important parts are made from cheaper products. 2. When I held the rod with my hand, the spool rubbed against my palm, making the retrieval not as smooth. It would have been better if they had a guard over this. 3. The button to free the line is coming off. I will be getting a better built in-line reel for next ice season that will alleviate the issues.

👤The reel could use a better design. To avoid a lot of line coming out of the side of the reel, you need to keep the free spool setting snug. Since I fish shallow water, these reels may work well. I wouldn't depend on the free spool design for deep water fishing.

👤Put this on my 13' long crappie dabbling rods to reach out and do vertical presentation into brush and trees. Fantastic reels for this purpose. It's much better than spinning reels as you can push the release button and it will let the lure drop slowly to desired depth and then you can re-engage the reel to put the lure in front of the fish. Lift your catch out of the brush with your long rod. A must have for this type of presentation. Will work on fly rods for crappie fishing.

👤My brother in law talked me into buying one of these. What a great reel. I loved it. It is very easy to switch from left to right hand. I let my son try it on our last trip, but he never got it back the rest of the day. We don't have to fight over it since I ordered another one. I have tried many inline reels and this one is very affordable. Don't hesitate to try one. You will not be disappointed.

👤I have never had an in-line reel, but it was interesting to see what it was like. The materials are of high quality and feel expensive. It's difficult to set the tension in the reel when the line goes out when a lure is dropped. The reduced line twist is a highlight. The way the line goes onto the spool does not distribute back and forth for full coverage as a typical style retriever does, but it does not seem to be a problem. It was a good purchase.

8. KastKing Centron Spinning Reels Size

KastKing Centron Spinning Reels Size

The fishing jigs are made of lead and high carbon steel. The package includes 26 ice fishing lures, 6 different kinds of fishing jigs, and a plastic box. Great fishing equipment to catch fish. The great value is low on price. At any level, the best value is offered by the KastKing Summer/Centron. The summer fishing reel turns any fisherman into a pro. A computer balancing system and narrow frame design combine for light weight. If you love fishing and want to give a gift that1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 The Superior Drag System of the KastKing Summer/Centron spinning reel has stopping power up to 17 LBs. It has a hardened metal main shaft, perfect mesh drive gear, and precision machined pinion gear for fish fighting power. Summer/Centron's nine quality ball bearings and one instant stop one-way anti-reverse bearing give it ultra-smooth performance. Summer/Centron's attractive, brilliant finish and its high strength two color anodized aluminum spool, with a power launch lip for longer casts and holds more line than competitor's models that sell for much more, areDURABLE/ATTRACTIVE FINISH.

Brand: Kastking

👤This is my second centron reel. I liked the 2000 model so I thought I would try the micro version. I have a presidential and a couple of shimano reels. They are very good quality reels and aren't top of the line. The centron reels feel the same. They feel just as smooth as if they cast as good. I'm not saying these are the best reels ever made, but they are the absolute best reel you can buy for under $50. The drag knob and drag linkage feel a little flimsy, but they are the only possible points that are not lasting as long as my other reels. I ran into a school of hybrid bass the other day and caught several 5lb fish with no problems on the 2000 reel, and I think they can catch big fish. I have a 12lb braid and 10lb fluro leader. This is a good reel for the money. You can't go wrong here. Thank you for reading.

👤I got this in 3000 to replace my old one, and I have been happy with it. It's not perfect, but it's close to being like those $200+ reels. The biggest problem I had with my old reel was that the bail never snaps closed on hard casts. When the drag is pulled, it clicks like a $250 Penn reel. I caught 2 large mouth bass and a shoal bass within 10 minutes. The 2nd large mouth was a shade under 8 pounds, fought like crazy, and didn't seem to bother this reel at all. I've been impressed with both the KastKing brand and the Florocarbon line so far, and I've tried both of them. It seems not to twist the line at all, which is a huge problem on many other reels. Looks great! Quiet when reeling. There was no bail closing snap-back. It doesn't seem to twist the line like other spin cast reels. The brands are almost as smooth as the high-dollar ones. It feels expensive. The crank handle is small for someone with large hands. I've never heard of this brand before I saw it on Amazon. I really liked this brand. It feels better than many $100 reels and almost as good as a $200 reel, so there's no way you can beat this for the money. One year later, my favorite reel is still there. I've used the Centron in both freshwater and saltwater over the course of the year. The Centron is still perfect. The Summer still has zero slop and works great, but the drag no longer clicks, so let's look at it's price, the way I've treated it, and the environment. It's the best price for it's quality. I have never cleaned it. This reel is the only thing that can destroy everything. I just bought some reel grease and hope it brings the drag click back. I'll update if it doesn't. 5 stars is still 5 stars. The Summer's drag click is broken. The piece that makes the drag click was twisted and the tip was broken. I don't know what made the piece break. It lasted over a year and a half and was a 12 hour fishing trip in the Florida Salt Water. About 1800 hours of abuse. Not bad. It's unfortunate that the part that broke was not affected by rust, but it went out like a champ on a 38 inch Snook.

9. 13 FISHING Freefall Fishing Retrieve

13 FISHING Freefall Fishing Retrieve

When fighting big fish under the ice and in cold elements, the High-Performance Reel has 7+ high-quality shieldedstainless steel bearings with instant anti-reverse and antifreeze lubricant. The FreeFall Trigger System can be used. The FreeFall performance window is open. The frame is made of graphite. The instant stop is anti-reverse.

Brand: 13 Fishing

👤The clam reel has a smooth release, but after messing with the drag and dial that puts pressure on the reel, I had several birds nest form. The reel housing is wrapped around the central shaft as the line slips between it and the spool. I have not had an issue with the less expensive inline reels I have purchased. I've found that reels with wider spools seem to have less issues. I was expecting this reel to perform well since it is so expensive. I will try it again to make sure it isn't a mistake, but I won't buy anymore of these.

👤I have been ice fishing for 50 years. I bought a second after the first day. My son bought an eagle claw and complains about the location of the reel. EASE OF USE. The Trigger is out of the way so you can use one hand to operate it. All other reels have a separate drag wheel. It has speed drop control. I'm most likely to buy 2 more before the year ends. On a given day, I have 6 jig rods. No more Line Spin! When on top of a school, get down 2-4 times faster than a spinning rod.

👤After years of not ice fishing, I decided to update my gear. The design and technology of this reel is very different from the top of the line ice fishing reels of the past. The ability to free fall is what sold me on this reel. The fit and finish on this real is top notch and the ergonomics are perfect. Can't wait to get this reel in the ice.

👤I love this reel. I decided to give the inline thing a chance, even though I wasn't sure if I would like it. Pros: easy to use keeps line straighter depth adjustments are simple one handed affair with the Trigger Cons: a bit pricey and printed on the housing is not very durable It would be unbeatable if the price was a little bit lower or they included a machined aluminum spool.

👤It needs a hole in the spool to tie the line to. It was hard to put line on it. The line was slipping.

👤If you don't control the free fall, it will take you down.

👤I will try to use the broken reel. I have an ice fishing trip that I want to attend so I don't have time to send it back. Disappointed.

👤Awesome! Haven't got to use it yet. July. I gave it a try off the boat to see how it works and I am hooked! I will purchase this reel again.

👤It's hard to tie line on to start, other than that awesome so far, smooth and works well, but I love this reel.

👤A nice reel. You need to get used to the automatic drop.

👤I wasn't expecting much plastic for the price. The reel works as intended. The plastic parts for the reel are sad. If there was less plastic, I would buy another one.

10. Piscifun ICX Precision Inline Reel

Piscifun ICX Precision Inline Reel

Drag Star Drag Adjustment. Freespool Trigger The FreeSpooltrigger allows hard water fishermen to drop down beneath the ice quickly once they locate their target fish. The system will re-engage to maximize your effectiveness. The Piscifun ICX Precision Ice Reel has a high strength aluminum alloy body which makes it strong and durable in the harsh winter elements. The Carbon Fiber Drag is smooth and powerful. The Piscifun ICX Precision ice fishing reel comes in two different colors, so you can pair it with your favorite ice rod. The aluminum Spool is made from CNC aluminum. The Water Resistant aluminum spool design stops water from entering the inner part of the reel, it also allows for efficient line management and even line lay, which can make fish wary. When fighting big fish under the ice and in cold elements, the High-Performance Reel has 7+ high-quality shieldedstainless steel bearings with instant anti-reverse and antifreeze lubricant.

Brand: Piscifun

👤The inline fishing reel feels very responsive and solid to the touch. The drop of the line is very good and the reel handle is nice. It feels similar to my ghost free fall, but with better material. I feel more confident with this reel if it drops on the ice and I don't have to worry about it breaking like I do with my ghost free fall reel. The reel is smaller than the ghost free fall. The reel on the rod feels good in my hand, but I wish my hand could hold the reel completely without having to worry about my hand grabbing the reel. I am excited to get this out on the ice this ice season and start ripping lips with it. I put it with my heritage rod. I am planning on using a rod and reel combo to target fish. I am hoping that the reel will hold up and I will be able to land some fish. After I use it in it's element, I will update again. Hopefully, in the future, Piscifun will make ice rods to pair up with the ice reel. I will see how the reel holds up when I get the ice, but I would recommend it to you just from the first impression.

👤The small size did not like the free fall Trigger. There was no braking system for the run. L couldn't find one. Returned it. This would be a great reel with some brake.

👤I think bringing in a jumbo perch for $10 is not a problem. I have to bring line in by hand even more times because the spool pops off multiple times. I have used this reel for a long time and it is a perfect rig, but I have lost a few fish. You are better off getting a low end 13 fishing in line than this rig.

👤The reel is small. Maybe not for bluegill and sunfish. Only if they are shallow. It seems to be well made. I'm going to try it.

👤The reel is great for money. I use it with my ice rod. It is made of metal and has a plastic lever. The free fall feature works perfectly. If you're using this outside, I recommend lubricating it with a thinner reel oil because I noticed it dropped slower when the reel was cold. The drop lever is close to the line, but I never found myself getting caught up in the line when using it. The drag is easy to use. The reel is smaller than I thought, but it doesn't affect its performance. I am very happy with it and my wife loves using it and I want to buy her a one.

👤The reel is too close to the free spooltrigger. One of those things that leaves you scratching your head is the quality of production. One can modify to work better. It is a pretty big flaw.

👤I was waiting on the review and tried to like it, but it was very disappointing. The reel backlashed and made fishing miserable at times, trying to fix a backlash in cold weather. The reel has a release that drops instead of a button, but there's nothing to control how fast the reel spins, which causes backlash when it's windy. The cheapest eagle claw inline reel has a piece of rubber to help prevent backlash.

11. Piscifun Fishing Magnetic Free Spool Trigger

Piscifun Fishing Magnetic Free Spool Trigger

The instant stop is anti-reverse. Magnetic brakes are used to adjust the speed of fishing line decline. The drag force is formed by magnets. Lighter and stronger. The frame of the ICX Carbon ice fishing reel is made of carbon fiber, which looses weight and increases sensitivity. In the harsh winter environment, it's important that there's toughness and durability. The Trigger is dual-mode. 2 different adjustments can be made to the inline ice fishing reel. Pull the lever for a pool. To lock in free-spool mode, simply push thetrigger forward. The ICX Carbon inline ice fishing reel is lighter, stronger and has an aggressive aesthetic design. The mechanical structure of the fishing reel is made of brass gears and 8+1 bearings. The pursuit of quality is passed on to the Piscifun ICX Carbon. The inline reel is perfect for targeting winter slabs.

Brand: Piscifun

👤I am a big fan of the picifun carbon X reels and thought I would give it a try. I have Betty free falls, and the freefall XL, but I thought I would give this reel a try. When I got it out of the box, I didn't like it but I could make it work, my first complaint was that it was too far away to reach in a pencil grip. Since the reel is open on the back, I don't have a pencil grip on my hand. I decided to try something different. The Trigger is not great, but it is sloppy and not terrible. The drag was 11 lbs, which it could be, but my problem is the drag doesn't get loose enough. It's still too tight, even loosened all the way. I wanted to like it. I decided to pay full price for the black Betty freefall.

👤I love the reel so far. The other two baitcasters that I have tried have preformed better than my name brand reels and I have loved them. I own a better inline ice fishing reel than the one I paid twice as much for. The way the Trigger functions is out of the way. It's the best of both worlds with the vrs button. If I had to pick out flaws or ways to improve them, I would size it up to 1/3. I will update when I put it through more tests. Update. After using this reel for a few months, I love it even more. It's become my go to ice fishing reel and I can jig with 1/2 ounce lures on it, even though the magnetic break is not strong enough to allow you to make short casts. You have to pay attention. I have caught lake trout up to 12 pounds on this reel. I have used it for perch and rainbows, and no problem sending 1/16 oz jigs down. If I didn't use it for heavy lures, I would probably remove a couple of the magnets to send the smaller stuff down faster. Some of the reviews said the Trigger was sloppy. It was quickly resolved by cleaning out the grease they put on it. My friend and I have a rod to match the reel. I think it's a perfect pair. The rod is 42in long.

👤I don't live in an area where there are frozen lakes, so I don't use these for ice fishing. I use them for crappie jigging. The small spinning reel has an advantage over the dropping and jigging jigs. I like jigging with this type of reel more than a spinning reel because they don't twist line as often. If you need to cast the jig, this won't do it. This is not my first inline reel. I used JDM Japanese Shimano inline reels for years before they were used in the US. The inline reels do not have a long stem. They are more like a fly reel. The inline reels I have are not compatible with drag systems or anti-reverse bearing. Finger pressure is the drag while fishing and you must use it. The Japanese use them for fishing. The quality is second to none and they are fun to use. The lower end reels cost around $300. If you set the hook without thumb pressure on the reel, you won't have a mess on your hands, like with my Japanese inline reels. I was surprised to see how small it is. It's easy to use and if you're thinking of a reel to drop small jigs vertically, I highly recommend this little reel. It works as expected, has a decent drag system and good build quality. The Black Betty inline reel has a better build quality than these but is more expensive. I think the Piscifun ICX Carbon is a better choice when it comes to building quality. I'll probably be getting one or more of Piscifun's smaller ICX Precision models as well. It's hard to tell by the pictures, but they appear to be a little bit smaller than the ICX Carbon model.


What is the best product for ice fishing reel?

Ice fishing reel products from Eagle Claw. In this article about ice fishing reel you can see why people choose the product. Kastking and Kastking are also good brands to look for when you are finding ice fishing reel.

What are the best brands for ice fishing reel?

Eagle Claw, Kastking and Kastking are some of the best brands that chosen by people for ice fishing reel. Find the detail in this article. 13 Fishing, Lew's and Okuma are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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