Best Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

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1. 13 FISHING Freefall Tennessee USAFF RH 27UL

13 FISHING Freefall Tennessee USAFF RH 27UL

There are 3 ball bearings in the line reel. The PC2 construction has a high-vis tip. Alsp Thin Wire. There areReel Band Installation Instructions in the product images.

Brand: 13 Fishing

👤The rod had a single loop that was off center compared to the other three. The reel worked for about half a day before it broke. Something inside it stopped working or broke and the lock on the spool wouldn't stop the line from spinning out of the reel. Cheap plastic in China.

👤The best panfish rod I have ever used. The neon chartreuse colored ones are visible at night, but the tip is not. The clicking sound on the Black Betty reel is not what I like.

👤Ice fishing. The reel raps around the spool.

👤A great combo. Eyes are small for outdoor fishing and love them.

👤The reel works well, the rod is junk caught one fish, and the tip is broken, but they don't have time for that, so they go through another company.

👤Even with small jigs, the feel reel is smooth. There is no spring bobber required.

👤A good pole is over priced but not bad.

👤The eyes on this rod are not even close to lined up horrible quality, and I will not use this rod for another 13 years.

2. Dr Fish 40 Pieces Fishing Complete Backpack

Dr Fish 40 Pieces Fishing Complete Backpack

Fishing guides at Tailored Tackle designed a fishing rod and reel combo that will allow you to fish all the popular fish through the ice. The Dr.Fish Ice Catcher is a kit that will help you increase your chances of success on the ice. The 24” ice fishing rod has a solid blank and comfortable handles. The rod is spinning. Everything is easier to bring crappie, pike and walleyes up on the ice with the 5BB spinning reel. There is an amazing assortment of ice fishing lures. All in a pattern. Two ice bomber, one backpack seat, and a storage box are included in the other key unit. All are selected to help ice fishermen catch more fish on the ice.


👤I haven't fished it yet, but I'm having problems with the reel. There is a tight spot in the reel. It feels like something is warped while reeling in and it makes the action a bit dull. The line is too heavy for my liking. The ice line should be replaced to make up for what is provided in the kit. The rod seems to be in good shape. When I bought it, I didn't know that the handle had been removed, so I'll see how it holds up once I get a decent fish on. The seat and backpack is just as convenient as I hoped, but if you're a normal sized man, I wouldn't recommend using this seat for long. I sit on it in high traction conditions and it flexes a bit. I don't know if I would trust it in ice. There is a Only a few of the lures and jigs are in the picture. I'm not sure how they'll do.

👤I ordered this without the back pack. Every single day is now used. It surpasses my 13 fishing reels. When setting the hook, it has some slight give. The crank turns back a quarter turn and gives a little line, but other than that it is perfect. The rod is very stiff. The tackle works well. 10/10 would buy.

👤I bought the kit for the chair. The whole package was great, the pole can be disassembled and put back down to nothing. Kit is sweet.

👤The quality is worth what you pay for. The backpack straps are for small adults or children, which is the reason I gave it 4 stars. The straps are small for a larger man with a warm jacket. I wear large shirts and small ones with my jacket. It will work for a hunting, but can't be used for ice fishing in winter.

👤This is a great kid for the price and the only reason why I'm giving it three stars is the backpack is only 12 in tall and not very big.

👤After the first use, the tip of the pole snapped off. I can't find contact information for the seller, and only Amazon can do something about it. I wanted to get a replacement part.

👤I used the reel one time and it broke on the first fish, but I am not complaining about all the tackle or the rod and line. I don't recommend buying a reel unless you have another reel to put on the rod.

👤It was worth the price. Grandson liked it.

3. Shakespeare USGXICE30MHCBO Combo 30 Feet Medium Heavy

Shakespeare USGXICE30MHCBO Combo 30 Feet Medium Heavy

If you have a problem, please contact them first and their customer service will solve it for you. The spinning reel is suited for ice applications. The aluminum spool is ported. The Stik blank is ugly. The reel seat has handles. One-piece guides. StikGX2 spinning rods are ugly. A spinning reel with a ball bearing. Ported aluminum is more durable and lighter in weight.

Brand: Shakespeare

👤The ice pole is not the best for the money. The poles are strong and sensitive on the tip so you can see nibbles from fish that are not hungry. I prefer the medium ugly stick ice pole over most other poles because I have caught fish over 5 pounds on it. If you want a light action pole that is strong enough for hitting large fish, but also sensitivity, I would refer you to this pole. Good luck fishing!

👤This is a supplement to my ice fishing poles. The middle of the road pole is light enough to hook crappies and heavy enough to drag up lake trout without being complained about. I caught a bunch of stocked trout in Maryland and caught a few keeper lake trout in northern New York. You will be in good shape for whatever bites if you pool it with a premium 6 pound fluoro line.

👤I've used ugly sticks for years on the mighty saginaw bay and have never had a failure. I troll with them just as I buy them from walmart. The Shakespeare reels hold up draggin crawler harnesses and ddhj's with 2oz bottom bouncers. The rods and reels held up well after being pulled in many large fish. This will be my first stick on the ice. I'm expecting the same results. The gx2 arrived ahead of schedule and was in perfect condition. I'm looking forward to hitting the ice this year, and I'm confident that this rod and reel combo will work just as well as my $100 st Croix! I was very happy and satisfied with the item and seller.

👤The ice combo is one of the best for the price. It works well and is smooth. I have lifted the trout out of the hole as high as I please without questioning the durability of it. It is sensitive enough to feel some bites from perch. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a durable ice combo.

👤It works well for my 4 year old. He caught his first fish.

👤The pole is awesome. I brought in a redfish on this pole. The casting is a fishing pole. I would recommend everyone to have fun with the big fish on the little rod.

👤I ordered a replacement rod after the top of the rod snapped. The replacement rod arrived today. The top of the replacement rod was snapped and I didn't have to take the packaging off. I was disappointed. It would have made it easier for me, but I guess that won't happen.

👤My first few years of ice fishing, I used homemade jigging rods. The ice rod offers sensitivity and action, but neither was offered. I use ugly sticks for other types of fishing. They are an amazing combo of value, quality, and longevity. This combo continues the trend. The reel is good for money. The rod has a soft tip. The construction is as strong as my other sticks. I think it's the best price for ice fishing.

4. Heatwave Ice Combo 24 L

Heatwave Ice Combo 24 L

A durable fiberglass blank. There are guides with polished inserts. The body reel and the Rotor are lightweight. The handle knob is shaped differently.

Brand: 13 Fishing

👤This rod and reel is great for $20 I want to be clear about that. This combo is a good choice for beginners with a light budget. I think a few minor improvements would be worth $30. I only use the tip guide for panfish because it is a bit square on the edge. I like the other bass pro combo more than this one. It has a nicer drag. I think this rod has a good value as a light, panfish, jig and a crawler rod, for $20 for your kid or yourself. I upgraded to a rod with guide inserts and a bit of a smoother drag after using this for a week.

👤This is a great combo. They fish very well and have good quality. 13 Fishing should install the rubber bands for the reel seat in the factory. If they did, I would pay more for this combo. They are crazy. I'm using zip ties if I buy more of these rods. The rubbers are not worth the pain.

👤The rod is great for 19$ fiberglass blank, moderate slow action, soft tip, and great for a jawjacker. The medium is light. The reel is junk. The rod is worth it if you are looking for a spare. Just go up. First time? I use a medium frabill for small lakers, but this 13 medium is really a Ml.

👤The reel is held on the pole and I don't like it. The reel is held on by four heavy duty rubber bands. Getting the bands stretched on is annoying. The reel handle wouldn't spin freely when I switched it to the other side. It is a good combo for the money.

👤They attach the rod and reel with rings. At least mine did. You want to get at the water when you buy this cheap. This will do that well. A better reel would benefit this rod combo. The drag is not very good and the plastic spool is not very good.

👤Light rod/reel. A $10 dollar rod and a $10 dollar reel are the best for the price. The castration rings are easy to slide on to secure the reel. The drag isn't great but it's better than the one I had when I was a kid and I caught a lot of fish with it. It stays that way when it gets cold. It's great if you put a spring bobber on it.

👤Put a spring bobber on it. I have caught a lot of fish with this set up.

👤If Amazon customer service is so bad that it drags the review down, I would give the product a 5 star rating.

👤The reel was bent and they provided rings to hold it in the rod. Did not see that in the pictures. This combo is not worth having with you, I love 13 fishing and huge supporter of them.

5. Zebco 33L602M 10C NS4 Spincast

Zebco 33L602M 10C NS4 Spincast

It's the best gift to give to a family member for Christmas. Do you want to buy a single rod or reel? You can search the ASIN: B07FT29RJS or B07YFP8KV3. The Zebco 33 spincast combo is easy to use. The patented no-tangle design reel comes pre-spooled with 10-pound Zebco Cajun line, so you can hit the water with it. The reel that taught America to fish makes fishing easy. EXPERTLY DESIGNED: The 33 combo combines classic design and modern performance to make fishing unforgettable. The combo is easy to use and has a custom-matched fiberglass rod to help you reel in the big ones. All day long. The EVA rod handle provides hours of comfort for the anglers. Its moderate-fast action and medium power is ideal for targeting a wide variety of species from panfish, trout, bass, catfish and more and is designed to hold a 6-14-pound line weight. The spincast reel is constructed with all-metal gears and a 3.6:1 gear ratio for a silky-smooth retrieve. The changeable right- or left-hand retrieve reel has a MicroFine dial-adjustable drag and QuickSet anti-reverse to stop your handle from moving backwards and create a solid hookset in the mouth of a fish.

Brand: Zebco

👤One can't count the number of fish landed by the Zebco 33. This version was a good choice for my wife. The drag adjustment is easy to use and has a short learning curve. My wife doesn't want to become a master angler, she just wants to go to our farm pond and catch fish. A reel, a hook, and a land. She landed a small panfish and a large catfish. I have more to clean when she catches more fish than I do, and I have to endure the teasing I get when she catches the biggest fish. My gear is safe from broken tips. I don't care if I ever catch a fish because it provides her joy and happiness, because this allows us to have some enjoyable time together. It is her pole. After raising 5 children, it is important for her to have things like this that the boys don't want to borrow and she can regale them with her stories of the "big fish" and not the despair of how many broke her line.

👤I've been fishing for a long time. My girlfriend is new to fishing. The rod snapped in half while reeling in a small mouth bass. I have never seen a rod like this before and I think it was a bad rod. She used this for the fourth time and it broke in half after about 3-4 hours of use.

👤It's great for what it is. I am an avid fisherman, but I also fish for bass with Conventional gear, so my standards are a bit high, and I can't recommend this enough.

👤We bought this for our new daughter in law. We wanted her to have her own fishing equipment. The pole and reel are of good quality. She has caught several fish on it and is happy with the rod and reel combo. You should replace the line on the reel you buy. You don't know what kind it is or how old it is.

👤I have used the reels and rods for a long time. This reel is not good. It won't cast more than 6 feet after I change the line. I will never buy another one. Don't waste your time and money on this. It's sad to see a company make inferior products that are cheap.

👤I bought this for my sister because she loves fishing. She loves fishing. Since I gave her the rod and reel, it has been a cherished possession. She says the rod is very strong and easy to use. Sister approved!

👤The replacements arrived this weekend and are complete. Our small lake has fishing reels and poles. The review has been raised to 5 stars. The original review was ordered. One for my wife and one for my daughter. The top half of the poles were missing when I opened the box. I double checked the box and didn't find anything. I will update my review once I receive 2 complete rod and reels.

6. PLUSINNO Fishing Telescopic Saltwater Freshwater

PLUSINNO Fishing Telescopic Saltwater Freshwater

Warm Prompt: Only include one fishing rod and a fishing reel. Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass makes your fishing pole hard and durable. The EVA Fore grip is for comfort. The telescopic fishing rod is portable and convenient to carry around. Medium power. Power drive gears have high strength. A long body with a large spool and large line capacity is also available. The line capacity is 0.25/200. The model is HA 3000. It's the best gift to give to a family member for Christmas. Do you want to buy a single rod or reel? You can search the ASIN: B07FT29RJS or B07YFP8KV3.

Brand: Plusinno

👤Product claimed to have 12+1 ball bearings, but as soon as you open the reel, you won't find a single one. They are marketing their own specifications from high end reels. If you are an avid fisherman, you will know this is a junk rod and reel combo, however, if you are not, you will be unhappy. They don't believe the hype, but they have a lot of reviews. This thing is junk. This shouldn't happen because the rod gets stuck and snaps easily. The products that are #1 in the category for manipulated reviews need to be monitored by Amazon. The product is top rated because of it's reviews. It's cheap so that they can give them away for free in exchange for a review, but this will hurt buyer confidence.

👤This rig is awesome! I walk along the James River on my way home from work and wanted to see if I could catch dinner along the way. The setup is easy to fit into my backpack. Day Two was yesterday, April 20th. I struck out on Day One, but I wasn't surprised that the James is in flood right now. I was surprised to pull a 28 inch, 11 pound Channel Cat from the floods the next day. There is a monster in my tub. I had to hand my pole to a passerby and jump in the river to get it out of the river after it fought me for ten minutes. Didn't have a net. Guess what I'm buying today? The pole and reel performed well. I would buy them again. Please note. The picture shows a rod, ring and bag for robbery. That's why it's so cheap. I did not receive a discount or free merchandise to write this review. My bait was a small piece of hotdog about the size of my thumbnail, smeared in Magic 11-12 catfish bait and hung from a small bobber about six feet from the riverbank.

👤I own a lot of high end gear. There are rods and reels. I wanted a light and inexpensive product and Plussino makes quality products so I thought why not... I can always return it in the right way. I was so impressed when I saw this out of the box. Compared to my $500 set ups, this is up there as far as quality is concerned. I can throw this in a back pack and be able to hike in difficult places now that I have my rods. I could put 3 of these in a back pack with my tackle. I have yet to fish with this set up, but I can tell you that it is going to change the way I pack and carry things. If you fish like I do, you know the smaller stuff better. You can see how serious I am about fishing by looking at my photo. I will follow up after I catch some fish.

👤Was a decent rod for the money collapse. What are you expecting for the price combination rod reel? The drag is not what it claimed, but it was satisfied with the tests and was able to catch a fish. The seller of the pole didn't want a new reel, but the reel was fine. The pole had a warranty on it. The setup was decent but leery with snap and the service didn't want anything to do with the warranty. You may want to spend a bit more on a travel rod.

7. 13 Fishing Whiteout 20 5in WOC205L

13 Fishing Whiteout 20 5in WOC205L

The 7BBReel has instant anti-reverse. The aluminum Spool has a fat bail design. There is a solid toray blank.

Brand: 13 Fishing

👤The rod combo snapped in half and the handle was missing. The reel handle was done before the box was even opened. Don't waste time. You can buy your rods at a store.

👤If I didn't have to glue the rod back on, I would have given 5 stars. I've spun better Shakespeare's than returning for a nice rod, reel, and I didn't think it was worth it.

👤Been waiting for the delivery and opened the box. It feels great.

👤It's hard to find a 16" rod for sight fishing. I'm so happy with this little beauty that I might buy another one. A quality combo that will last a long time.

8. 13 Fishing SND25QT LH Snitch Decent

13 Fishing SND25QT LH Snitch Decent

5 ball bearings made of steel. The construction has soft touch finish. The guides have a Flex-Core tip.

Brand: 13 Fishing

👤The rod was good for the price. I fish for whitefish and perch with small jigs. The rod is great for using small jigs. The smallest amount of ice build up on the line makes the eye holes inoperable.

👤I like the rod for pan fish, but the reel is just as good.

👤The reel we received is the right side, the reel pictured is the left side. There is nothing in the description or order choice that shows which side the retrieval is on.

👤I was hesitant to order a rod and reel for fishing. It worked like a dream after he fished it for an hour and a half. The tip is light and can indicate when a fish hits your jig. My go to rod is the first out of the bucket.

👤When I received the order, the reel was a right hand retrieve reel, not the left hand that was in the part number and description. The stiff base and sensitive tip of the twitch rods are great for lighter lures and jigs.

👤I own the best panfish rod. These reels are very sensitive.

👤I haven't fished with it yet, but the action is nice, the reel is alright, and the guides are awful crooked, but if the fish aren't biting it's all I'll be able to see

9. 13 FISHING Thermo Medium TIC3 28M

13 FISHING Thermo Medium TIC3 28M

A durable fiberglass blank. There are guides with polished inserts. The 2BBReel has instant anti-reverse. The body reel and the Rotor are lightweight.

Brand: 13 Fishing

👤The quality of the out of box was great. I think 13 fishing is a good brand to have, as all of my ice fishing rods/reels are 13 fishing. I'm not sure of this brand anymore. The reel's reverse does not work. The reel is not usable so I have a rod. I'm not sure about buying a combo online. I need a new reel.

👤Great rod and reel! The reel works well and Rod seems very sensitive. After using the pole for a couple of weeks, I think the anti reverse broke in and worked just fine. I would recommend others to buy from me again.

👤This rod has a good feel and is solid. The combo is great. It worked well after being used multiple times in extremely cold weather. I'm definitely going to buy another one.

👤It's definitely a step up from the cheapie ice rod. It was used about a dozen times. It has landed multiple good size trout with 20 lbs braid on it. There was no wear or icing from the braided line.

👤The rod is not too stiff or soft. The drag is ok but not great. Overall nice combo.

👤It was made in China. It's ok for a kid or occasional fisherman, but it's stiff and the reel is Chinese. Spend a little more for quality.

👤The reel was broken when I got it, but the rod is great. It was used for parts for a broken reel.

10. Tailored Tackle Fishing Multi Species Bluegill

Tailored Tackle Fishing Multi Species Bluegill

The wire guides are from the ALPS. The versatile multispecies rod design is great for Walleye, perch, Trout, Bluegill and Sunfish. The line rating of 3-6 lbs and extra fast rod action are indicators of extremely sensitive bites. Size 20 ice fishing reel has 5 ball bearing knobs and is ice temp tested. The Carbon Fiber Rod Blank and Base are secure to keep the Rod Tip and Guides safe. Fishing guides at Tailored Tackle designed a fishing rod and reel combo that will allow you to fish all the popular fish through the ice.

Brand: Tailored Tackle

👤I am not an experienced ice fisher, so take this with a grain of salt. The rod worked well for most of the day. I was trying to let the fish bite the bait and not feel the line drag. I loosened it too much. I fell into the ice hole after the top came off when I was leaning over it. A good rod was the only thing that wasn't. Would buy it again. The book that came with it was a good source of information for the first time ice fisher.

👤I used some of the stuff for fall fishing and have been successful. My children started fishing on ice poles and have caught fish like crappie, blue gill, and pan fish. I have purchased tailored tackle such as the trout, bass, and deep sea fishing kits. I used the kits to get my kids started. The shore fishing kit works for cats. If you don't know what to do with a tailored tackle kit, I highly recommend it.

👤I wanted to give my dad a gift that would allow him to fish different species, since I go for everything. I was a little skeptical at first since I'm pretty bias towards my brands, but I'm getting used to it now. I had to get him something that was affordable. I was surprised by the performance of the ice rod, it can switch between panfish and walleye, and still get what you need in terms of sensitivity and back bone from both. The reel feels like a pfleuger. Dad iced the biggest crappie he's ever landed.

👤The rod is well built and I like it. The reel is a cheap and useless story based on the terrible drag system. The lack of a good drag will most likely work well at pulling Bluegills out of a hole with 6 pound line but 3 or 4 pound line and a need to play the fish will be a problem.

👤I'm very excited to find one that I can fish a couple different species with. I haven't had a chance to use it yet as the ice isn't here, but the reel is very smooth, tested out the drag and it's solid. Rod is looking to land a few fish on the tip this season. We will see how the lures pair with this rod after we buy their ice tackle kit.

👤When I realized that most of the fishing my brothers and I do was coming to an end, I was a bit sad. I found this! I'm going to give this to my brother for Christmas and I'm sure he'll be able to extend our weekend fishing through winter. This piece holds up to the standard trout and bass kits I ordered earlier this year. Quality gear is perfect for beginners like myself and my brother. Can't wait to learn how to catch fish.

👤The ice fishing lures are great. The ice combo they make requires the ice kit to go with it. I had a great time fishing with my cousins this summer. They are trying out some ice fishing gear. Jigs and lures are similar to the ones I have fished before. I like a foam float when I am on the ice, but I am ok with a regular slip bobber. Maybe it will work better. I will probably bite off some of the larger ones for a smaller profile because they look like they are going to be lively. I recommend this kit for people who are just getting started and looking for an easy way to get their ice fishing tackle squared away.

11. 13 FISHING Thermo Tactical TIC4 19UL

13 FISHING Thermo Tactical TIC4 19UL

A durable fiberglass blank. There are guides with polished inserts. The 2BBReel has instant anti-reverse.

Brand: 13 Fishing

👤The anti-reverse was faulty, but I had to try it myself. It didn't work on my reel. The anti-reverse is a deal breaker, but it seems to be a great rod for cramped spaces or kids. Send it back for a refund.

👤I don't understand how it was pasted. The line hoops are not on. The video shows how off they are. I tried moving the reel over on the rod, but there was only one place the reel would hold onto the rod and it was in this position.

👤Good budget ice fishing rod combo.


What is the best product for ice fishing rod and reel combo?

Ice fishing rod and reel combo products from 13 Fishing. In this article about ice fishing rod and reel combo you can see why people choose the product. and Shakespeare are also good brands to look for when you are finding ice fishing rod and reel combo.

What are the best brands for ice fishing rod and reel combo?

13 Fishing, and Shakespeare are some of the best brands that chosen by people for ice fishing rod and reel combo. Find the detail in this article. 13 Fishing, Zebco and Plusinno are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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