Best Pocket Reel Camping Survival Emergency Bug Out Bag Fishing Kit

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1. REDCAMP Camping Cookware Backpacking Lightweight

REDCAMP Camping Cookware Backpacking Lightweight

You won't find a better mylar tent anywhere. It is guaranteed. They donate a percentage of profits to help protect the wild places they love. The REDCAMP camping cookware set is so lightweight that you barely feel the weight within the pack on your back, and it takes up little space. It's easy to clean the REDCAMP anodized aluminum pot and frying pan. Before heating, please add food or water. Save money is the best price. The mini camping pots and pans set has a Frying Pan with a thickness of 1.57" and a Medium Anodized Aluminum Pot with a thickness of 2.95". You can put the camping cookware kit in your pack or hang it in your backpack. The pack is 6.4"x 6.4" and 16.2"x16.2" 1 Set is what you need to solve everything. Don't run the cookware set through the dishwasher. Only hand wash. REDCAMP has a 100% money back guarantee. They will give you a satisfying solution if any piece is broken.

Brand: Redcamp

👤It seems to be of good quality and I appreciate all that it has. Is it Sponge? I cut mine in half to get more use out of it, because the pots are small. Having more emergency tools is great. I decided to use the extra space by rolling up some toilet paper without the cardboard tube, packing it in Ziplock, and putting it inside the kit. It was much quieter. I have an extra TP in my bag. Thank you, big fan!

👤I used this for the first time. I was worried that the plastic would not be durable and that it would melt if I used it on a camping stove. It was not an issue. The plastic handles were really nice, they don't transmit the heat, so you don't need a mitt or rag to take it off the camping stove. It may seem like a small thing, but I can tell you that it was a pleasant find. The handles seem impervious to the heat, if that changes, I'll update the review.

👤I've been a camper for 50 years. I've had many cook sets over the years, some better than others. I beat them very hard. There is a I've been using a mixed bag of the old pots for years and it was time for a change. I was looking for a set of pots that were appropriate for camping. The pots are small enough to be used alone on my bicycle trips. It's a perfect size for car camping with a group of friends if you add the 3rd larger pot. They're light, compact and have folding handles on the pots, which eliminates the need to carry and lose a pot grip. There is a The rest of the set includes the plastic bowls and 2 small plates. It was perfect. Good design. Excellent execution. Life is good.

👤The product has been used and they didn't try to clean it. It didn't have all the parts. The customer experience was terrible. My son opened something for Christmas.

👤I was expecting the pots to be a bit bigger, they're really cool for backpacking and camping.

👤It was a gift for my dad and I went to look through it. I bought the expensive one because it was missing pieaces. The spoon fork or knife had the bottom part. There were no plates. I give this place a one star and will never come back to this bussiness. Amazon fixed the issue for me.

👤I bought this for my vehicle's emergency kit. It is light and sturdy. Can't beat the price and Prime shipping. I bought the same kit and it fits the travel fold up stove. I have a family of 5 and this set will hold enough food to feed them all. Can't wait to put it in my car kit.

👤Love it. It has been used on camps and hikes. The bracelet has a firestarter. The handles have not melted in the fire. 5 stars. The packs are small and light.

2. Verifygear Emergency Professional Equipment Adventures

Verifygear Emergency Professional Equipment Adventures

The total weight is less than 1 pound, which will not increase the burden for long-distance travel, and outdoor activities become easy, reduce your travel backpack weight now. There are 12 types of survival tools that will meet your needs. The professional emergency survival kit has a large-capacity waterproof box that can hold 22 pieces of emergency survival equipment and emergency supplies, designed for camping, hiking, hunting and mountain biking adventure trips, to meet any medical or emergency needs. Tactical flashlight, tactical pen, bracelet, compass, tactical knife, fishing equipment set, etc., are made of high-quality material, making them more durable and safe, making your camping, wilderness survival or hiking trips easier and more. A large-capacity waterproof case can meet the storage needs of all emergency supplies, do not worry about losing it. A lightweight backpack can be placed anywhere in cars, ATVs, yachts, ships, bicycles, motorcycles, etc. This first aid survival gear and equipment set is great for many people. It is an idea for a car, ship, bicycles, motorcycles, workplace, travel, shooting, hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, cycling, outdoor sports, wilderness adventure and other activities. The 22 in 1 wild adventure emergency survival equipment kit is a great gift for you because it will allow you to camp, explore, and travel worry-free. It's a great gift for a lot of people. Enjoy a more relaxed and safe adventure with it.

Brand: Verifygear

👤The size of the tools and features is not impressive. The whole kit looks to be about 4 x 6. If you compare the size of the multi-tool to the size of the case, you will see what I mean. In an emergency, I wouldn't turn it down. If I had other options, I wouldn't bet my life on it. It's a good idea to put one in the trunk of the car. I was contacted by customer service. They were helpful and concerned with my opinions of their products. I was not expecting that. It was a pleasant surprise. The issue has been resolved.

👤Let down and be dissatisfied! The storage box isn't large enough to hold all of the tools. The box is cheap and doesn't stay closed. The items in the box were cheap. There is a The wire saw and flint were disappointing. spoon multitool, pocket knife and compass were the highest quality items in the box.

👤If someone gets this as a gift and doesn't know what they're getting, they'll have to research to find out. It's assumed that you already know what tools are for and how to use them. The fishing spear is too blunt for a fishing spear and the knife is sturdy and sharp. The rest of the kit is flimsy and prone to breaking. You should make a list of everything that comes in the kit, then write it down. Unless you buy something to store it in, the pen doesn't have a cap and you can't store it without impaling yourself or getting ink on everything. I received one as a gift from my family after buying one by accident.

👤I bought this bag for my husband. He always wanted our family to be ready for anything, but his heart has become even more desperate for equipment to survive. I wanted to surprise him, even though he mentioned a survival kit. I decided on this after reading a lot of comments. He liked it very much and was surprised by the solidity of the whole outfit. He said the knife was strong. He said it looked at the boxes he needed. Everything is on the list. The cloak was purple. It's good because purple is my favorite color. It's a big deal.

👤The kit has some useful bits, but the knife is garbage. It will not lock into open position. Most objects are light and not strong. I knew what I was getting. I have nice knives.

👤I don't know whatthickness means when they ask for comments in the review, so I can't help there. The case's latches are very flimsy and ridiculous to try to open. If you cram everything back in, it will fall out when you open it, so I will need to get a different case. The flashlight has no battery and I'm not sure what size battery it takes as the space for the battery looks to be very odd. I wish I had continued to look at the items.

3. YLINSHA Backpack Suitable Saltwater Freshwater

YLINSHA Backpack Suitable Saltwater Freshwater

A portable box protects equipment from rust and is convenient to carry. A great gift for a fisherman. The product is equipped with fishing pliers hook removal, fish grippers, and more, so you can save money for shopping. A multi-purpose fishing chest bag is a bag that can be used for many things. It's suitable for fishing, hunting and outdoor riding. The fishing backpacks have a weight of 8oz. 7L or so is the volume. Multiple internal pockets and three external compartments, one front pocket, one main pocket, one padded back pocket, compact enough to keep your necessities organized. It is the best gift for a father and his fishing partner. Two clips on the two sides make it switch between left or right hand, which will suit your body shape. The magic sticker on the back pocket can hold the strap. If you are not satisfied with the fishing bag, please contact them for a refund.

Brand: Ylinsha

👤I bought the trial to have separate bags. I didn't want to spend a lot if I didn't like having multiple bags. Initial quality was very good. The storage set up is very nice. This is comfortable to wear and gives you all the opportunities to clip ons. I have two of the large MFC Poly cases with insert pages and it comfortably holds several fly boxed. This is a no-brainer for the money. The tools that come with this are not high quality, but I didn't expect them to be. The others are in a box and I am using pliers. The hook removal may be useful but I don't really need it. The grippers do not feel like they can be depended on. The bag is worth the price and the tools are free. This pack is comfortable. The biggest negative is that the quality of the zippers is not as good as big name brands. I wasn't expecting that to happen. If you need the bag to be waterproof, you may be disappointed.

👤The price is good, but the zippers are not great. The bargain is amazing. It worked great on a few fishing trips, but I had to add some oil to the tools. The 4x2 patch area makes it unique.

👤The little bag is great. I like fly fishing mountain streams and this bag holds nearly everything I have in my fly vest, as well as plenty of area's to clip or hang items. We ordered the wife's purse because she likes it so much. It seems well built.

👤I love it, but it's a little small and it's had to find storage boxes for either tall or wide. I love that it works for me on my fishing kayak, I don't have to move much to get to my stuff, it's right in front of me. So. Yes. It works well for kayak fishing. J.Richardson is a person.

👤I bought this for fly fishing and found it useful. It allows me to clear out my truck console of stuff. It's easy to grab things when exiting a vehicle. The pouch has a lot of storage pockets.

👤The area around a large lake or stream is where you want to cover. This is a great fishing back pack if you want to place your lures in a medium sized carrying case. The accessories are a plus.

👤If you know what you need and don't want to carry a lot of stuff, it's a great backpack.

👤The backpack is made of high quality material. It will hold up well walking through the woods to the fishin' hole. I like to carry a tackle with me so I have plenty of room to hold a beer.

👤Muy prctico is ideal.

4. Best Glide ASE Survival Fishing

Best Glide ASE Survival Fishing

Birthday and Farther's Day are ideal for a special gift for yourself, family, friends, father, son. Enjoy a safe and relaxed adventure with it. The Zip Lock Bag is made in the U.S.A. and has a desiccant for absorption of water. It's the perfect size for your survival kit. A full list of items includes a variety of flies, flies, hooks, leaders, salmon eggs or crappie nibbles, split shot, fishing line, and bobbers. It was designed by survivalists and fishermen. Minor changes can sometimes be applied.

Brand: Best Glide Ase

👤I bought this for a homeless person. He tells me that it is his favorite backpack item. It makes me happy.

👤If you tried to buy everything in this little package, you would spend more money because you would have to buy it in bulk. If you have a lot of fishing equipment, you can put this together quickly and save yourself money. I like that it is a small package that is already put together, so I can replace my much heavier emergency fishing kit that I never take anyways, because I'm always removing stuff to save weight on my multi day backpacking trips. I have something to work with that won't add weight if something happens on these trips. I moved my emergency fishing kit to my day pack because hikers are more likely to get in trouble on day trips than on night trips.

👤I was very impressed with the kit. I expected it to be a bit cheap, but I wasn't sure if it would serve its purpose. The 6 mil zip pouch it comes in is a high quality part of the kit. No Altoids tin is necessary. It's only 12lb line with 4 - 8 hooks, so it's designed to catch small fish in an emergency situation. The Jigs and Fly should work well for many uses. There is a Desiccant Pack, bobber, split-shot, and round bait. For those who want to try lightweight wilderness survival.

👤This thing could save a life. You won't catch a whale with it. You could catch enough fish to live. It's a small package that fits in my hand. The outer plastic bag is heavy duty. The contents are what they are described to be. You could use this little kit without a pole all day if you wanted, but you would need a big stick to use as a fishing pole. I will order one of these for each of our family member's bags as a survival component of my bugout bag. A+!

👤I give these to my sons and their girlfriends as christmas gifts, and I have a few of these. Will do the job if needed. All in a small bag.

👤I bought this to use. I don't like to fish. I might get the urge. They wrote a thank you letter. I would definitely recommend it.

👤My husband is an avid hunter and wanted a small fishing pack to keep in his bag. This was perfect. It can fit in almost any compartment. It came in a bag that was sealable. If you need to make an emergency fishing trip, it has all you need. The paper was very detailed and arrived quickly.

👤I have a fishing capability for my survival bag, and it fits perfectly. I think it will do what it's supposed to, even though I haven't used it. I think it's a good addition to an emergency kit.

5. Stanford Outdoor Supply Fishing Survival

Stanford Outdoor Supply Fishing Survival

There is an outdoor survival kit. The OGT Fishing and Hunting Kit is a must have for any hiker, hunter, or outdoor enthusiast. When food supply is low, this kit is needed to help you survive and thrive. The tactical gear and accessories from this kit can be carried in a waterproof bag. The kit will be used for hiking or bug-out bags. There is a kit included. 6 slingshot bullets, 6 screw eyes, 2 floats, 4 jig heads, 1 slingshot band, 4 - 4” zip ties, 20' snare wire, 5 safety pins, and 100 L screws are included. DIMENSIONS The kit can fit in a cargo pocket and is 8.25 inches high. You can find a survival information sheet to help you on your hunting and fishing adventures. High quality products. Off Grid Tools has the latest and greatest outdoor tools that are functional, versatile, high quality, and innovative. During long adventures hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping, put survival in the palm of your hand.

Brand: Off Grid Tools

👤This kit has everything you'd need to fish in an emergency situation or replace items in a standard kit. I haven't used it yet, but I will open it and go through it. It comes with a small instruction manual on how to set up a fishing pole with it in the event you find yourself outdoors in a survival situation. The kit is easy to put in your bag.

👤It seems like everything is in order. The kit is nice. The pliers are working. I'll be carrying a Leatherman squirt here soon. Not a fan of yo yo reels when you just throw the line in the water. The kit was bought for the rest of the items.

👤The emergency fishing and trapping kit is awesome. I immediately bought another one for my brother. The package is limited by your knowledge and imagination on how to use it. Excellent kit for a good price. I like the automatic reel.

👤There were 127 pieces with fishing and hunting items. The items came with about 30.

👤I thought it would be a garbage fishing/hunting kit. The fishing gear is excellent, but the sling shot band may or may not break, yet. This is what I was looking for in a pocket fishing gear kit and I will be able to fit in a cargo pocket. This will make a great addition to any B.O.B.

👤Everything is needed for a reasonable haul, perfect for any pack.

👤I bought it new at Walmart for 30 dollars and it has missing items, but I'm not complaining.

👤I like B.O.S.S. stuff. It was refreshing to be able to un-pack and repack over and over again. Thanks for thinking about it.

6. OFF GRID TOOLS Fishing Survival

OFF GRID TOOLS Fishing Survival

Before using, check the local laws. There is an outdoor fishing kit. The OGT Fishing & Hunting Mini Kit is a small kit that can be used in a pinch to satisfy your next meal. It is perfect for any hiker, hunter, or outdoor enthusiast. The tactical gear and accessories from this kit can be carried in a waterproof bag. The kit will be used for hiking or bug-out bags. There is a kit included. The kit comes with 100 yds. test line, 20' 50-lb test line, 1.5” foam float, 10 weights, 15 hooks, 2 jig heads, 5 swivels, 2 artificial lures, 2 salmon eggs, and 1 folding multi-tool. DIMENSIONS The cargo pocket size is 8.25 inches and can fit in a small bag. Being portable and ready to go, it is the perfect tool to assist you on your hunting and fishing adventures. High quality products. Off Grid Tools has the latest and greatest outdoor tools that are functional, versatile, high quality, and innovative. During long adventures hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping, put survival in the palm of your hand.

Brand: Off Grid Tools

👤I bought this kit for my bag. Everything you need to catch fish is in this package. The items in this kit seem to be of good quality. This would make a great gift for a person who is a survivalist. A nice kid. Just to put your trunk in an emergency.

👤It's light, compact and has what you need to catch a fish while backpacking. There is a At a great price too. I'm very satisfied with it and just what I needed for backpacking. I don't usually go fishing while backpacking, but I am happy to know that I have that option with this kit.

👤Cute! Everything is needed. It's small enough to not take up too much space in the bag. The packaging is well made. It will last a while. I will be buying more of this.

👤It's perfect to put in your emergency car kit. It's a good idea to throw in a bag for the scouts. I like it.

👤There is a fishing kit.

👤The little kit was good with my fishing tool.

👤I bought this because it came with everything I needed to make a portable fishing kit. Looks decent.

7. Lifesaving Flashlights Wilderness Adventures Preparedness

Lifesaving Flashlights Wilderness Adventures Preparedness

Money back guarantee. They want to keep each customer happy. If you are not satisfied, they will give you a full refund. The kit contains 12 essential tools that a survivalist or outdoor enthusiast would need in a portable sturdy case. It's a must to have survival gear for hiking or outdoor adventures. The compact kit has a hard plastic case that protects all the tools in it from rust and decay. Natural disaster preparation for earthquake, hurricanes, snow storms, and survival kit for camping, hiking, climbing, adventures, survival and emergency situations are some of the things that are included in the outdoor survival kit. In case of emergency or natural disasters, you could put in a car or truck. It's also an important and practical gear to help develop your children's ability to survive, and it's a gift for lover. The total weight is less than 1 pound, which will not increase the burden for long-distance travel, and outdoor activities become easy, reduce your travel backpack weight now. There are 12 types of survival tools that will meet your needs.

Brand: Alritz

👤Here's the deal... The product was in good condition when it arrived. I'm surprised by two things. I'm surprised that this survival kit comes with so much gear and tools in a small case, and a draw string bag inside a rugged plastic storage case. The kit came with all of the items listed by the seller, and they all exceeded my expectations at this price point. I was expecting some useful items and cheap junk. I found them to be useful and decent quality. The saws and knives are in good working order. The compass was dead on when I checked it against my app. You need a spare battery for the mini flashlight, but I'd give you two light sources and a spare battery. The flashlight can help you see and be seen as it has strobe, flood, and zoom functions. The fire starter works. The credit card tool comes in a protective sleeve and is versatile and sharp. Some of the negative reviews surprised me. This is an emergency survival kit and not intended for continuous use. Maybe some buyers received a bad item, but that was not my experience. I think it's worth every penny. I put everything back together and didn't have a problem. You have it.

👤The survival kit was a great pickup and all the items inside were great for the price. The kit has a metal credit card thing, a pocket knife, a tactical pen, a whistle, light, compass, band aids, rescue blanket, hand saw and carrying case. I haven't used the blanket. I can support the other products. The pen is light and heavy, it writes well, the whistle is loud, the card fits in my wallet, and the light is small. I was surprised at how bright that thing is, the hand saw cuts well and while there are better alternatives it will definitely do and the pocket knife is light and cuts well. The case is subpar but the carrying case should be able to hold everything and more. It is a great pickup and I would recommend it.

👤It has a bandaid. It's important that you have it first time you open the knife. The second time as well, and each time after that. Pull open the blade and hold in the locking spring at the same time, as you put your thumb in the path of the opening blade. There are no other ways to hold it.

👤A young friend received this item as a gift. The compass didn't work from the beginning, but most of the components seem fine. If the pen didn't write, that's not bad. That's not the worse thing if the flashlight malfunctioned. Someone can get in trouble if a compass doesn't work. The item should have been of good quality. There is a The kit was okay. You will need to upgrade the compass if you purchase this kit. I couldn't give my friend a bad compass.

👤I got a kit for my car. If I were ever stranded, I would need an emergency kit. This is great to have if there is an emergency. It has a lot of different tools and accessories. There were broken bits of plastic in the side of the box. I couldn't find where the plastic pieces came from when I looked closely at the box. There were no signs of damage. The top brace is a bit difficult to close, but the case is prettydurable. There was nothing broken from it. Everything can be stored inside the kit. There are no pockets for your information. It's pretty much everything inside. There is no big bag for everything, they are all wrapped in plastic and some are in mesh bags. The blanket should be kept in the wrap as it would be the most difficult to store. It's only needed in an emergency. The saw and pocket knife are very sharp and will cut through anything. The compass is pretty accurate, but do not hold a magnet up to it. The fire starter is easy to use. There aren't a lot of bandaids. I only saw six bandaids and they are not big. They are for small cuts. It has two flash lights. One is a bright one that runs on an AA battery and the other is a small one that runs on an AA battery. The flash light can either be focused or wide. The flash light is small. If you need a whistle, there is one. If you are looking for first aid more, this is not the kit for you. This product gives me all the tools I need, and I think it's great.

8. Toughest Ultralight Emergency Year Round Protection

Toughest Ultralight Emergency Year Round Protection

The guide to develop your mindset, skills, and gear is a pro active learning tool. It makes a great gift. The Digital Details can be scanned with the QR code. The DDITW Survival Tent is the toughest wilderness emergency tent on Earth, it is compact and light enough to fit two adults. Mylar is waterproof and reflects up to 90% of body heat for year-round protection against cold, wet, or hot weather. It's your words, not ours, that's what "ABSOLUTE" means. The extra-thick HeatFlex mylar is more flexible and tear resistant than the ordinary space blanket mylar. This tent is made of paracord and reinforced tape and can be used outdoors. The balance of weight and durability is only 8.5 ounces. Simply run the paracord through the tent and tie it up between the trees. Climb in using rocks or gear. If there is no trees around, the mylar tube tent can be used as an emergency sleeping bag. Emergency shelters are cheap and flimsy for one time use. They tested and designed every detail of the shelter to make sure it was reliable. In your car, survival kit, first aid kit, bug out bag, zombie survival kit, nuclear survival kit, earthquake kit, and backpacks, there are emergency tents. You won't find a better mylar tent anywhere. It is guaranteed. They donate a percentage of profits to help protect the wild places they love.

Brand: Don't Die In The Woods

👤It started raining when I used this as a last resort. The tent is just an emergency blanket. Parachord became a reflective carpet after it was ripped out by the wind. I was bitter about it. This brand will never be used again. Sad. I was excited to have it on me. I need to look at better options.

👤The package is big and comes with Parachord. I don't think this tent is the toughest survival tent. The material is made from cheap plastic. It feels like wrapping paper in your hands. The tent is so thin that winds could blow it away from Kansas. The material is very thin. It is possible to keep water out or block the sun, but it is also possible to use it in a storm or a day with wind gusts. I bought it because it was on a lightening deal. I would use this as a last resort. Walmart has a small Coleman tent.

👤Initial thoughts are that the product is a one or two time use product. The Mylar space blanket is orange on one side. I am not sure if it would hold up in a storm or rough ground.

👤Imagine a very thin blanket. There is only a cheap camo print on one side. I don't think it would last the hike out in my pack if it was being used as a tarp.

👤I'm a little disappointed in this. The tent is just a mylar triangle. It's probably more durable than the average, but it's still rather flimsy for an emergency tent. There is no way to put it on the bottom. The photos are all photoshopped so they show it all nice and rigid with two happy faces smiling out of it. It sits on the ground. If you find two trees, you can stretch the single rope between, but if you have no wind, you'll be fine. Don't know. I was expecting more from it. If it saves your life in a pinch, it will do.

👤This was bought to keep gear dry. There was no way to stake corners down.

👤After a storm held us up while we were on the wrong side of a ridge walk, we needed this one night. We decided to sleep for a few hours after we descended. The head and foot section were taut with my trekking poles. The silver one on the right in my picture would have looked like that. It was wide enough for me and my dog. It would have been very tight if it had been 2 people. It is lightweight and durable. I folded it up and put it back in the pouch, but it probably only has one more use in it.

👤I bought one for my boyfriend and one for another couple who enjoy hiking. We take it with us on every hike to be safe. Yeah, ya know. We don't die in the woods. It's a great addition to a survival kit.

9. Survival Equipment Emergency Christmas Stocking

Survival Equipment Emergency Christmas Stocking

If you have any doubts or trouble, you are welcome to contact them by email at any time, they promise to give you a satisfied resolution within 12 hours. There are top gadgets gifts for men. A new fun accessory for men is their dad. A nice gift for a man or a boy who is interested in adventure or scouting. It's a multi-tool kit that's perfect for your car, backpack, office, ship. There must be at least 20 in 1 emergency survival gear kits. The multi-purpose survival gear kits have everything you need in case of an emergency. It's perfect for people who love hiking, hunting, wilderness survival, etc. A great gift idea is for an outdoor adventurer. There are ideas for Xmas gifts. Birthday gifts for men, best gifts for man women, father best friend brother hunter and who has everything. Stocking stuffers, fishing gift hunting accessories, and other gifts for teen boys scouts or family who are interested in adventure. Customer service is what it is. They know these cool stuff are unique for Christmas gifts for men, dad Christmas gifts, and gifts for teenage boys, so no matter what problems you have, they'll try their best to solve them.

Brand: Eiliks

👤This would be a nice little kit. Not a survival at all. Has a couple good features but would hate to die on this one.

👤The package arrived two days later than expected but luckily it was on time. Birthday gift. The package and case is nice, but there is no Guide to explain some of the things. Most things are obvious, but it would be nice if there was an explanation. Disappointed.

👤My husband had a star on his birthday. I don't blame him for unpacking each item with oohs and ahs, like it came out of a bag after a party. This kit is awesome. The price for the two-dozen or so items inside seems reasonable. There are so many stars.

👤The kids had a great time opening this one, it had many discussion worthy pieces.

👤I liked the package but it was smaller than I expected.

10. Best Glide ASE Survival Fishing

Best Glide ASE Survival Fishing

The fire starter necklace is perfect for hunting, camping, fishing, mountaineering, trekking, hiking, backpacking and even boating adventures. It's not a mints box with hinges, it's a weather/water resistant tin container that has a rubber seal inside and a vinyl tape seal outside. Includes a variety of fishing gear, including a spoon, bobbers, and a tube of salmon eggs or crappie nibbles. The survival fishing kit has instructions and stickers. Below is a full list of contents. The Best Glide ASE Personal Survival Kit holder was designed to fit the Best Glide ASE Survival Fishing Kit Standard Version as well as other Best Glide ASE kits.

Brand: Best Glide Ase

👤A great little fishing kit! I haven't fished with it yet, but everything is good here. Some survival kits have fishing line and a hook. That is fine and all, but this is thorough for a small kit. Fishing is one of the most effective ways to get food in the wild, if you are a fan of survival shows. I bought the Best Glide Military Scout Kit for some other essentials, but I am very happy with the things they packed into it! I would rather have this than a fishing kit in a survival pack.

👤The kit does not have a caster to act as a rod and reel. The Ka-Bar Kaster is required to go with this kit.

👤I used to buy a few of these at a time from bestglide, in order to build my own mini fishing kits, which are hard to find separately, in small round plastic, transparent waterproof capsule... I combine these with my own items, such as a braided line on a thread spool, mini compass, and a bunch more, and it's now available on Amazon, with the prime membership, I get it delivered quicker and pay less than via bg. There's no big deal, changes include: a slightly different spoon lure, a different mini float, and a third one complete with hook, sinker. I'm curious to find out if there were only 2 lines before. Overall, it's an excellent kit, in fact best one I know of, even if you just want to buy it and keep it for emergency use, it's a good one. It would cost you a lot more to buy all items separately, and it has items unavailable/put together such as the ready to fish 'line-hook-sinkers-bobber' combo, et al, which I keep and include in my larger fishing kits.

👤The nice holder is not included in the product pictures. Shame supplier. Shame on Amazon.

👤You need to eat in an emergency. A small fishing kit is one of the things you must have in your emergency kit. This one has everything you need and can fit in your pocket. This one has everything you need to catch a fish, I've had a few other and I've always had to add more to them.

👤It's in my shirt pocket on the dirt bike ride. We took a break at the stream. I pulled the kit out for a test. If you want to supplement it a little, there is a little more room in the tin for a few more jigs or hooks. The tin is also nice. It's a must for anyone putting together a survival bag.

👤I keep it in my bag in case. I think it has everything I need.

👤You never know when you need hooks or fishing line. In case of an emergency, I got two of these and combined them into one set.

11. Weyland Outdoors Survival Gear Emergency

Weyland Outdoors Survival Gear Emergency

Comes in a bag that is strong. Their Survival Kits are the only ones that include Full Tang Fixed Blade Tactical Knives which are far superior to folding knives and practically indestructible. Their knife has a Tanto tip, gut hook, partial serration, and a pointed breaker butt end. A full of survival tools are in the emergency survival kit. The standard 5 Cs of survival are met. Adding an outdoor survival kit to your Bugout Bag, Bug Out Kits or general survival bag is quick and easy with the Great Bug Out Bag Survival Kit. You'll have the essentials for any situation if you have the Tactical Kit in your backpack. You never know when you'll run into trouble on the road or on the trail, so this Survival Box is a great kit to keep in your car or pack. A great small gift idea is their Tactical Survival Kit, which comes in a nice box and makes a great gift for men or women who love the outdoors. They are also a great Zombie Survival Kit that is ready for the apocalypse.

Brand: Weyland

👤The best survival kit. Here is the reason. The knife was included. It is the center of the show. The knife is $30 and I love it more than my knife. The Weyland knife has a better shape. The Gut Hook is a great tool for hunting. Not a hunter? It cuts cordage with ease. You will not break this knife because it is full tang. Can split it or hammer it through wood. The grip is better than my own. It is easy to hold and has a lot of weight. The kit is well thought out. The saw with the handles is of the highest quality. It has a signal mirror and a fire starter. The fire starter has a flint in it. The sparker/flint works well and has cotton to start a fire. The light is very bright and it feels good. The multi tool has a lot of weight to it, so you are not going to break it or strip it as a cutting device. A screw in pin can be used as an anchor. And has different sizes. You could use the pin as a fishing line anchor. The compass has some quality weight and works well. A compass is not a tin one. There is enough room in the case to add a few items. Like additional fire starter, poncho, alcohol swabs, bandages, water purification tablets, fishing line/rubber worm hook/bobber/anchor. The case is well-made and has a number of screws to hold it down. This case can be carried in a backpack or purse. I keep this kit in my car. If you only use the knife and keep the kit as a bonus, this is a great kit to buy. It is a great gift for an outdoors person.

👤Even with a new battery, the Flashlight is weak. Does not pay attention. I replaced it with a small flashlight. Second, Saw, can cut but is not rugged. I put the saw in the case instead of the one that was included because I have a good saw. The third one seems fine. I need to make a leather case for it, but it's nice. The tool is too small to be useful for most tasks. I don't think anyone should try to use it for blade functions because of the risk of injury. The signal mirror is adequate. It would be better if they made this a scuplture for starting fires. The glassbreaker/fire starter is too small for gripping well. While ferro rod is thin and can spark a fire with it, my $5 ferro rod from a local store creates more sparks with less effort. Cotton is too small. A cotton ball will burn for 25 - 30 seconds. The cotton is less than a tenth the size of a regular cotton ball. Good luck with that. The fire-striker. It's too small, especially in cold weather, when the hands don't grip well, and you need to keep gloves on. The whistle is not very loud. I have a hearing problem. My wife doesn't like the sound of the whistle blowing when I blow it from across the room. We used to call them space blankets. The best part of the kit is only useful if you know how to use it. The knife is big and heavy. I'm already making a leather sheath since I have never been impressed with this type of material for any tool that might actually see frequent usage. Guthook is completely unnecessary. The tapered spine makes batoning more difficult as it will chew through the batons quickly. My $6 knife from a local discount store holds a sharp edge. The blade requires breaks from work to be resharpened. Not impressed with the edge at all. Either serrate the entire edge or make it full-plain. The serrations are only one inch in length. Don't tell me about cutting cordage because a sharp-plain edge will do a better job than serrations. If I need to turn levers, the slot through the face of the blade is usable. It's a good idea to Gimp all full tang knives. The website for the kit has an instruction book that they sell for $7.99. You have to give out your email in order for them to send it. I haven't received it yet. I've replaced many of the items in the survival kit with better ones because I'm not impressed with the kit. I received this as a gift and will not complain about it.


What is the best product for pocket reel camping survival emergency bug out bag fishing kit?

Pocket reel camping survival emergency bug out bag fishing kit products from Redcamp. In this article about pocket reel camping survival emergency bug out bag fishing kit you can see why people choose the product. Verifygear and Ylinsha are also good brands to look for when you are finding pocket reel camping survival emergency bug out bag fishing kit.

What are the best brands for pocket reel camping survival emergency bug out bag fishing kit?

Redcamp, Verifygear and Ylinsha are some of the best brands that chosen by people for pocket reel camping survival emergency bug out bag fishing kit. Find the detail in this article. Best Glide Ase, Off Grid Tools and Off Grid Tools are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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