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1. KASENTEX Alternative Comforter Reversible Hypoallergenic

KASENTEX Alternative Comforter Reversible Hypoallergenic

100% brushed microfiber with hydrophilic fiberfill. Twin/SINGLE, FULL/QUEEN, and KING sizes are available. The comforter is made with down-alternative fiber and is soft and luxurious. Four-hole high hydrophilic fiber filling technology traps the air and warms it up. Special 3D hollow staple down alternative fiber provides strength and resilience. The comforter is made of unique foam that floats in water and makes it very comfortable to sleep in. The Box Stitched design is elegant and looks great, but it also helps evenly distribute the fiberfill and prevents shifting for maximum durability. The comforter is machine washable and easy to maintain. It retains the fluffiness of the comforter. Do not Bleach, do not Iron, do not Wring Dry, and do not Tumble Dry. The package is vacuum sealed to protect it from dust and the like. They recommend a quick fluff to revive the original loft. Customer satisfaction comes with a comforter set. They aim to deliver the best products in the market and take customers as their top priority.

Brand: Kasentex

👤Don't go by bad reviews. This bed set is amazing. There is a BUY THIS if you are looking for the best comforter for the cheapest price. You will not be disappointed. I plan on buying more. I know that doesn't make sense but you will understand if you buy it, it is so soft and light at the same time. The shams are very soft and the color was right on. I washed it and dried it before I put it on my bed and it did great in the washer. I am in love with this comforter. It feels like I am sleeping in clouds if you order it.

👤Wanted something large and soft for winter. Even though I own a queen sized bed, I was happy to purchase the king size. Exactly what I was expecting.

👤When my toddler decided he wanted his own comforter, I bought it for myself. Even though it only had a few reviews, I went with it. The queen size I bought was more like an oversized queen than a regular queen size. Which is a positive thing. Even though I bought it because of the pictures, I am not disappointed with the colors. I let it air out for about two hours and then washed it. It was washed and dried. It is a very light comforter that is warm for sleeping. Oh and it is very soft.

👤I think this will be perfect. I opened it a week later because I didn't want to go to the laundromat to fluff it in the dryer, and it puffed up on its own. The material is soft but not slippery, and it's not like the microfibers that make them impossible to move into position. I think the size is perfect, a full box. I like to pull my covers up high, so there would be some overhang on each side. I am replacing a comforter, but it still has more coverage. Can't wait to sleep in the weight tonight. I think it's less purple in person than it is in the seller's pictures, but I still like it. I'm happy with the neutral color. I put on lavender colored flannel sheets and a couple throw pillows so that you can see the purple shades near it. I haven't used the shams yet. The show side is light gray and the insert side is dark. There is an update. I changed it to: I found a stitching flaw after I submitted my review. I'm afraid that if I try to fix it, it might not come out right. I'm afraid that it would get worse when I have to wash it. I will return it for an exchange once I get it back up. I hope I get a flawless one because I love it. There is a flaw in the picture I added. I had to delay the opening for a few days, but I still have time to return and exchange it. The stitching flaw was removed from the original review. There were no flaws on the replacement item. There are 2 new pics. The pillows from the local store looked pretty. The color of them is grey. I think this comforter shade is neutral, but if you like the look of it in the seller's photos, you should get it. You can pair it with purple accents to make it look more purple. If you don't want purple, I think you'll be happy, just use your accents in a different direction. I would buy this again in any color, because of the luxurious feel. Warm but not hot, perfect weight and cozy. It will be perfect in the air conditioner weather and I'm betting it will be all season.

2. Donna Sharp Full Queen Bedding

Donna Sharp Full Queen Bedding

The full/queen quilt set has a 90" x 90" quilt and 2 standard pillow shams. The quilt is compatible with full size beds and is also compatible with a tree pattern. This set has a microfiber cover and a polyester fill. Their bedding is perfect for any cabin. On a gentle cycle, machine wash cold. It should be dry. Do not use bleach.

Brand: Donna Sharp

👤I think this is more of a coverlet than a quilt as the stitching is very basic and the fabric looks patchwork. It is thinner than a typical quilt, but living in Florida makes it a selling point. The blue is grey in person, which is a good thing, as it makes the colors easier to work with in a room, even though the pictures lead you to believe that this is red, white and blue. The fabric is supposed to be microfiber, but it doesn't feel like a microfiber, because it is a higher quality material. If your mattress is thicker than 14 inches, it will not cover the sides of the bed. It is exactly what my husband and I were looking for. An alternative to traditional quilts.

👤This is a lightweight quilt. I was not sure of the color because it looked navy blue in the photos. It's not blue at all, it's grays and red and cream. My husband liked it. To address some of the other reviews. It is a diamond quilted whole fabric quilt. There is a I washed it and it came out clean. I don't recommend washing in a standard machine because I have a agitation-less washer.

👤I was disappointed that the seam was low quality and the corner was already coming apart as I pulled it out of the packaging. I expected better for almost $80. Will patch the corner and hope it stays that way.

👤I ordered a king size for our bed and I'm happy I did. The platform bed has an extra deep mattress on top. I wanted it to hang on the sides. The Shams is also a zip-up. The pattern is bold and colorful. It was nice and light. Not very thick. Absolutely perfect.

👤The spread is perfect, great quality and workmanship. The lighter colors make my bedroom brighter. I ordered a king because I wanted a spread instead of a skirt. If you are on the fence about a purchase, this is the one you should go for. It's a good thing. The animals are standing on their heads. It's funny.

👤A flannel quilt has always been the bedspread in our cabin. The bedspread was always in the wash and took forever to dry with 2 cats and 1 dog. The cover is the perfect solution. It doesn't take forever to clean, and it retains the cabin feel we want. We don't need to push it aside at night because it's lightweight. I expect we will put a heavier blanket under it so our bedding is still protected from our pets, since we will see what happens with the wintertime temperatures. The design of the cover looks great with our decor. I was happy to find this and it was a reasonable price.

👤It was bought as a cover up for warmth. Perfect thickness, not too heavy or bulky. The king size bed has the right amount of overhang on each side. Standard size pillow shams were added to the perk.

3. Bedsure Queen Sheets Ruffled Embossed

Bedsure Queen Sheets Ruffled Embossed

Machine wash is done with cold water, line dry or tumble dry on low heat. This sheet set has a ruffled hem on the pillowcase and a simple design. The Bedsure sheet set makes a bedroom stylish. Bedsure microfiber sheets are soft to the touch and lightweight, making them the sweetest of dreams. Compared with linen or cotton, it is easy to wash. A fitted sheet hugs the mattress up to 16 inches deep, keeping it from shifting. The pillowcase has an envelope design that prevents pillows from escaping. Flat sheet is a barrier between you and the blanket or comforter, which will ensure your comfort while you sleep. Bed sheets can be used as a thin blanket on warmer nights. Machine wash frequently. Use the gentlest setting on your washing machine. Do not use chlorine bleach. The Bedsure Queen Size Sheet Set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases.

Brand: Bedsure

👤The first two pictures are of a pillow case and the last two are of a sheet. There are grease marks on the pillow case. I found it the same way when I looked at the secondary one. The fitted sheet is in good shape. I wash my sheets first. I saw the Spocks when I was making the bed. The sheets were returned and the "New" label was stuck on the plastic which was easy to open and seal back. Is the problem with Bedsure? When an item comes down a few dollars, I made sure to click BUY AS NEW, even though it was a refurbished item. Someone is at fault.

👤I love these sheets. I used to own a cheap pair from Walmart but bought a set from target for $50. Both sets did not wash well. Every week I was there. I needed a sturdy set. These are a must have. The ruffle was an added bonus but I would buy again even without it. They stay on the bed.

👤I bought this for my daughter's bed and she liked the fabric so I put it on her bed before I could wash it. I thought it would be fine until she found bed bugs.

👤The sheets have deep pockets so the fitted sheet won't pop up. The sheets are soft and the right size. I was happy with my purchase and the price was good.

👤When someone uses purple, I want them to use it to its fullest potential in the most glamour's and Complementary ways. This sheet set has a bright purple color with light purple lighting. The vendor came in a timely manner and they were free of defects and odors. I am praying the color holds up when I wash them. I am a cheap diva and this product price and customer served me well. I have accidentally dried the sheets and washed them, but they are good to go and feel good the next day, so I cold wash them and hang them up. Lay down with peaceful dreams and add some fabric air spray.

👤I bought this set for my queen. The comfort and softness were great. After being clumped on the bed for hours waiting to be folded, it was washed up nicely. The texture on the trim is nice. It makes the sheets look more expensive. Will order more.

👤I ordered the sheets to complete our bed because I loved their pillow cases so much. These are soft and beautiful. I am happy with their customer service. They are kind and responsive.

👤These sheets did what I expected of them. I like them a lot.

👤The sheets were teal, but they began to "pill" in the area you sleep in after the second wash. I'm going to try a sweater defuzzer on them, which I shouldn't have to, but I don't think it will solve the problem, they will continue to pill. Don't bother ordering the cover as it won't be close to the sheet color. I was annoyed when I had to pay a minimum of $25.00 to return the cover because I was so disappointed with the color. They won't cover the return shipping for their own error, and they wouldn't respond to my message, so I was extremely unimpressed. I will not order from this company again. I ordered the cover before I realized the sheets were pilled.

4. Soul Lane Lightweight Pre Washed All Season

Soul Lane Lightweight Pre Washed All Season

The wilderness-inspired quail set has two functions: CHARACTER and CHARM. This handsome quilt set with its outdoor print is a perfect addition to add a rustic touch to your bedroom, guest room or cabin, as well as look great on the back of a leather sofa in a family room or home office. It is reversed to a solid beige for additional décor options. The patchwork quilt set makes a perfect gift because it features the great outdoors in rich shades of brown and blue. It's a great birthday gift, anniversary gift, or surprise for a Man Cave. Wrap yourself in a microfiber fabric that is soft and comfortable. The quilt set is made of microfiber and has a durable fill that will keep you warm all year long. The quilt set can be washed in cold water. It will retain its beauty wash after it is washed. The quilt set is perfect for a twin bed in a child's room or a farmhouse-inspired master suite. Twin with one sham, Queen with two shams, and King with two shams are the choices.

Brand: Soul & Lane

👤I ordered a bigger size so it would hang better on my queen. The coverlet is long and wide. You need to order the correct size. I put it on my mattress.

👤It's a pretty quilt. Father's day is a gift for my dad. There are great images on it. My dad will like the fish and duck. There was a yellow stain on the bottom of the quilt. It's okay, but not sure why it came that way.

👤It is very thin. Don't expect to get warm in the winter. It had an unpleasant smell that lingered for several days. It is a show quilt in our guest room. You get what you pay for.

👤My son's nursery needs to be updated to a "big boy" room. The quilt was a bit lighter than I wanted but we liked it. Also washed well.

👤These are in our new bunk beds. They are double-sided in case we want a different look. Would buy again.

👤It was very well made. The colors in the photo don't reflect the actual colors. I have an extra thick bed and bought a king for her. It was perfect. Queen would have used dust ruffle.

👤I absolutely adore this. I have a camp called CAMP BEAR BOTTOM, which is themed on BEARS. This fits in well with our layout. I would recommend anyone.

👤I like it very much. The couch love seat cover is a great value.

👤Dommage mon got. I'm reu car, it fades. J'ai quand mme aménagé la pice.

👤The bedding colors are nice and the pics are beautiful. I like it.

👤Resbalosa y suumando a eso, una colcha de PESIMA calidad. Se tuvo a la producto. No lo recomiendo!

👤I have a queen bed. I bought a king size quilt to hang. I like it. It was a good choice. The product is of good quality. It is light weight and what I was looking for.

👤Aunque se ve a un poco delegada la tela.

5. Lush Decor Quilt Reversible Design Full Queen Blue

Lush Decor Quilt Reversible Design Full Queen Blue

A cotton/poly blend filling is perfectly weighted, all season quilt. The bedding set for a cottage, beach house or traditional style decor is the Lush Décor Coastal Reef quilt. There are two quilts in one, one with a seashell, feather and seahorse pattern on one side and a coral background on the other. The 7 piece queen quilt set has a quilt that is 92 x 88 inches. 2 shams (20 x 26 inches), 2 pillow cases (20” x 26” + 1” flange), an oblong decorative pillow (12 x 18 inches) and a square "Beach Life" pillow (16 x 16 inches) are all included. The quilt and shams are easy to care for and safe to wash. Clean pillows.

Brand: Lush Decor

👤Don't read any of the negative reviews. I was hesitant about ordering it, but I did it anyways. I don't think it's any better. Especially for the price. I have a deep mattress and the colors are amazing. It is very high quality. Not too heavy but not too light. It's actually perfect.

👤I ordered it to be put in one of the bedrooms. I wanted something that was beachy without being tacky, but not so light that I could easily throw it in the washing machine, but not so cheap. This has fit the bill.

👤The lightweight comforters are nice to have because they are not big and bulky. It is possible to change it.

👤Light weight, looks really nice. I ordered a bigger size to get more coverage on the sides of the bed.

👤I like the new quilt set. I live in Florida and it looks great in the master bedroom. I would love it to come with a bed skirt. I'm having a hard time finding the right color. White looks terrible. I ordered coral and turquoise. I hope they match. The quality and price are great.

👤The quilt feels like quality material. The colors are the same as shown. The drop on the sides is too short. I bought a queen size quilt and it is not that thick of a mattress. I can't speak for it because I haven't washed it yet. I would buy it again and recommend it. Love the colors. I've had a lot of nice things to say.

👤I bought this product because I thought the seahorses and starfish were outlined in either black or gray, but the color is brown and not what I wanted. I liked the colors, but it was lightweight for spring, summer and fall use, and it didn't feel soft as I wanted. The wrong size was shipped full/queen, which made it difficult to fit on my bed. I returned it because I wanted to give it back.

👤This set will make a room look and feel great. I put it in my RV. It is beautiful. Highly recommended. I added extra pillows and bought cases and pillows to add to the bed. It's perfect with their pillows.

👤No me, los colores gustos, lo devolv.

👤Me encant por ser ligera.

6. Madison Park Essentials Alternative Comforter

Madison Park Essentials Alternative Comforter

Parkston comforter set with matching sham is a popular style of modern cabin lifestyle of plaid design. 3M Scotchgard helps keep you dry and comfortable. The sham completes the look. You can add a casual country charm to your bedroom and wake up to a new advanture every day. Better sleep. They offer a really soft high cover that will keep you dry and comfortable. Their comforter set will help you sleep by making you feel warm at night. All season. This is all the comfort you need. Their comforter will stay dry and warm with the right amount of down alternative fill and brushed microfiber cover. How big? The comforter set is 86"W x 90"L and the standard sham is 20"W x 26"L. It will last if you wash it cold and dry it on low heat. And no lecturing. Front loading washers are recommended.

Brand: Madison Park Essentials

👤I am very happy with my purchase of this set for my son's bed. The material is really nice and the queen fits his bed perfectly.

👤The product is great and the price is great. I bought two sets for my son. He is a warm sleeping man, and as warm as it was jumping under, it let him breathe as the night wore on. He was lying there just as cozy as when I tucked him in, so I didn't wake up sweating or kicking it off. It is easy to wash. I put it in the dryer for the first time and it came out looking new.

👤The product is great, but it runs small. I read it was small. I ordered a King comforter for our bed. It fits like a queen comforter. I only gave it 4 stars because of that. It looks like flannel. The reverse side is gray. My son loves it.

👤It is a great value for the price. Warm for the weight of the material. It is recommended. The comforter is warm for the weight of the material, no additional comforters are needed. The comforter works well under an air conditioner.

👤I ordered a size up after reading the reviews. The King fits perfectly in our standard Queen bed. There is enough for my husband and I to share and it drapes over the sides of the bed. I think the size is off. We would have been fighting over the covers during the night if we had gotten the Queen. Good quality, cheap, and warm. We live in Colorado and it's just now starting to cool down at night and this has been enough for me, but I know I will need another blanket. This is the only 3-piece set we've seen that is at a reasonable price. Order up if you get this. If you live in a place where the lows are usually in the low 50's, this can be your all- winter blanket. Colder places will need another blanket, but we got this more for looks than function, and it is a lovely comforter.

👤Great comforter! They hold up well. The boys are still in the "pee the bed at night" stage. They are holding up well despite the constant washing. They are not heavy so they dry very quickly. They have been through the washer and dryer many times and they look new. I will put a light blanket on their bed in late fall because it's perfect for summer and it's also a good blanket for winter.

👤Great comforter! It's easy to move around when you're comfortable in bed. It was easy to wash the comforter, it didn't hold a ton of water like my previous comforter, and it was gentle on the blanket and the washing machine. If you like this type of pattern, it fits a California king mattress. It comes with two pillow cases that are made for the extra-long pillows. The price was great. Highly recommended.

7. Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert

Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert

The comforter insert is 88 inches wide and 88 inches long. Box style fighting. The comforter has piped edges with an elegant style box stitching that prevents the fill from shifting. Soft material with an alternative filling provides a comfortable feel. The four corner tabs make it easy to put on a comforter and secure it in place. Machine wash is done with cold water, line dry or tumble dry on low heat.

Brand: Utopia Bedding

👤This blanket is great. I almost didn't buy it because of the chick review where she said it was really thin and dollar store quality. That is not true. Once you get it, you should wash it. It will be a little flat at first, it has been sealed and vacummed. I was worried that it would fall apart if I washed it. I have an old crappy washing machine that does not do that and I put it on gentle cold. Washed fine and then I set the heat to low. My blanket was so soft. My boyfriend and I both love it. You can get a king size blanket for 33 dollars. Would definitely recommend. It makes my bed feel very plush. I like to lay in it and pretend I'm in a cloud, the other is to show it as thick as a chapstick with its soft fluff.

👤My girlfriend and I have gone through a few cheap comforters. They never impressed us because we never gave much thought to them. I have fond memories of when I was a child using a down comforter. I had moved out and gotten my own comforter, so I hadn't experienced the warmth and comfort that I had experienced now. This has been in the back of my mind ever since. I wasn't sure if I wanted to give that kind of money for a blanket and also have to dry clean it. We don't want to support an industry in which the down feathers from geese are taken from them and that's not something we wanted to support. We started looking into the down alternative. The first thing that made me question these products was their price. I was raised with the belief that you get what you pay for and I was weary when looking at these products. I always compare products and read the reviews before buying something. I decided to take a chance on this one as it seemed to be the highest rated by customers and I liked what I saw in the images provided by the customer. I wasn't too worried if I didn't like it because the price was low. My girlfriend confirmed that it was very flat out when it arrived, as was expected. It appeared to be fluffed by the time I got home. The material is soft and comfortable on your skin and I was pleasantly surprised at the thickness. It is a light blanket, similar to a down blanket. I only slept with it one night. It kept me warm. The temperatures in Wisconsin this week have ranged from -10 over night to single digits during the day. I had been using 2 blankets before getting this one, and sometimes I would wake up in the night feeling cold. It was a pleasant surprise to stay warm with this blanket alone. I think that the material used in the shell may have something to do with the fact that this doesn't remind me of my down blanket. You're not going to be able to recreate a down blanket that isn't using down. If you're looking for something that feels like down and won't be satisfied otherwise, this might not be for you. If you are looking for a good quality, warm, fluffy and affordable blanket that will give you that "cloud" like feeling, I think you would be really happy with this blanket. I can't comment on the longevity of this blanket, but I am hoping that it will hold up over time. Our cats fell in love with it, it is their favorite spot to nap.

8. Mixinni Vintage Closure Pattern Bedding

Mixinni Vintage Closure Pattern Bedding

There are Pillow Shams (20"x26") and auvet cover. The set includes auvet cover and pillow shams. Do not bleach the machine wash in cold water. It is possible to build a comfortable bed for your family and get a good night's rest. This floral pattern duvet cover set is a great gift for weddings, birthdays, holidays and more. The garden flower duvet cover with hidden zipper closure and corner ties make it easy and efficient to fix and protect it from staining. Whether you are buying a set for your bedroom, guest room, vacation home or anywhere else, you should choose it. It's going to be a great choice. Please contact them if you have a question, they will do their best to assist you.

Brand: Mixinni

👤See the video. It is not a high end elegant look for this price and the birds look comical, so I had to take the soft color off. My opinion. Hope this helps!

👤I have nothing but good things to say about this company. I expected this to arrive two weeks ago, after I ordered it a month ago. I noticed it stopped while I was tracking it. I contacted the company and they said that the wrong address was on the label. They asked if I wanted to get a full refund or if they should send it again. I fell in love with the design and asked for it to be re-shipped. They kept me updated on when it would be ready to ship out and then sent me an email when it was done. They were very kind when we communicated. I washed it on a gentle cycle and dry it. It came out soft and shiny. It has a zip up enclosure and ties to tie it all together. The stitching looks great. I was worried about the pillow shams because I read that they were not a normal sham, but when I put them on, I noticed they had buttons. I think the buttons add a cute touch, but I am not sure if they are meant to be seen. I am very happy with this cover. It adds warmth to my room. I will definitely order from this company again because of the amazing customer service.

👤Pottery Barn has excellent quality bedding. Since the inside of the duvet cover has loops to attach to the comforter, I decided to take a chance on the value. The set was packaged nicely and arrived in one day. The pattern is beyond my expectations and the quality is excellent. Look at the pictures. Don't you just want to sleep?

👤The comforter is beautiful, but not the best quality, I only washed it twice and it is starting to warp. I mean everywhere. I'm not sure if they all do this or if I got a faulty item. I wouldn't buy again, not at all worth the money.

👤The cover is not quite navy and is more of a denim tone. It was washed up in the most beautiful way, and we used it as shams on our King pillows because it was so nice, and it went with our other colors in our bedroom. The cover is dark enough to keep it from being washed every three days. He is cute. We put a super thin cotton quilt in there, and as others reviewed it, it added a nice weight to it without the sweat factor of the summertime, so if there are any bad things, I will update the review.

👤Here is the good! The colors are pretty and it is very soft. The blue backround is very pretty. The product is less than perfect because of two elements. The shams are only pillow cases and the pattern on the shams don't line up with the sam. The repeat of the pattern is not aligned when you are looking straight at the bed. I have white pillows in front of them, but they might be a deal-breaker for some.

9. Erosebridal Equipment Comforter Microfiber Decorative

Erosebridal Equipment Comforter Microfiber Decorative

The microfiber is 100% high. This Modern 3D Print Bedding Set is made of 100% High Polyester Microfiber and is Breathable and Durable. The set does not include a comforter or a Duvet cover. Zip up the covers, turn them inside out, or use laundry bags before washing to protect the Zipper. The Material is Machine Washable and Do Not Bleach. The Bedding Collection is printed by Reactive Dyeing, and is vibrant in color and no fade issue. It's good for sensitive skin. It's easy to put a Duvet cover on a comforter. These novelty decorative 3 piece bedding set make your bedroom stylish, chic and great match with any home décor. This Modern 3D printing Bedding Quilt/Bedspread is perfect for your own bedroom, guest room, living room, but also a great birthday Christmas New Year gift idea for Boys Girls Teens Women Men Child Boyfriend Adults.

Brand: Erosebridal

👤I bought this for the look, not the comfort. The picture on the duvet is blurry and cheapens the look. The pillowcases have great pictures. I would think someone would know how to make a better look on the duvet.

👤The colors are vivid and the photo on the blanket appears to be high resolution. It's pretty soft. It's very thin, but it's a cover. You're supposed to add your own comforter insert. I thought it was a bit pricey for just being a cover, but when I got it it was just beautiful and really brings my son's room together! I would definitely order from them again. It feels great. I haven't washed the cover yet, so I'm not sure how it will hold up to washing.

👤The pattern doesn't line up right. TheTERN needs to be smaller. I own a king size bed. The decor is thrown off by the white side of the duvet. It is all wrong. I was going to return it. I am going to order a different one because it is a hassle to put on.

👤I was expecting a comforter that wasn't a case, but maybe it was my mistake to not read the full description. It worked out better in the end. I put it on top of my other comforter to keep it clean. It is nice to not have to wash everything every day. I have 2 white cats and their fur is everywhere. It is good for summer when it is hot. I would love to get others.

👤The print has a white back. The white back makes it look cheap. The comforter doesn't fill up enough to look great. Had I been able to use it, I would have returned it. I didn't use it in time to return by the deadline. Good for a child.

👤I bought this for my dad. He was very excited about the design. I didn't know something like this existed. The print is good and the material is soft. I think he will have this for a while. I will be sure to get it from here when he needs a replacement.

👤It's so misleading. It's just a sheet with a zip up. It gives the impression that it's a soft fluffy comforter. It's not worth 50 plus shipping. People should be sued for false advertising.

👤I bought this mistake. I thought it was cute when I got it. Don't waste your money. I washed it inside out. It fell apart. There are no instructions for care. Common sense tells you that you are cold and delicate. Still fell apart.

👤This is a beautiful set for anyone interested in medieval/dragons. Since it's a duvet cover, it's not geared for warmth. I got it today. I don't know if it will provide more warmth. It's a very soft material with bright colors. I can't give you any information on how it washes. After the first wash, I could add this information. The cover set is beautiful. There are 2 pillow covers. I would recommend it to anyone who loves dragons.

10. Madison Park Comforter Microsuede Decorative

Madison Park Comforter Microsuede Decorative

Product features The pieced microsuede is used for the comforter to give it a soft feel while the pieces add texture and color. The pillows have a mix of leaf print. The bed in a bag comforter set is made of superior quality fabric that is more durable and breathable. The package includes a comforter of 90x90", 3 pillows, and a bedskirt of 60x80 and 15. The bed in a bag is transitional and classic. It is easy to wash the machine. It was tumble dry.

Brand: Madison Park

👤Most things arrive and are described, so I don't often write reviews. This comforter set is better than I expected, and it's even better for the price. It's light for summer and very soft. It fits my California King bed. I can't tell you how many comforter sets I've bought that claim to fit a CalKing. In the past, I've had to pull a comforter to one side so that the side you see when you walk in the room is not as bad as the side you don't see. This comforter is perfect.

👤This is the second set I have purchased. It's wonderful! I don't know what the magic is, but this comforter keeps you cool when it's cold and warm when it's warm. The set is well-made and looks good. What you get for the price is unbeatable. I need a third bed to buy another set.

👤It took a long time for it to arrive. The comforter ripped at the seams after I followed the washing instructions. It says you can wash the comforter.

👤This set is wonderful! It was soft. The pillows were cute and not broken in the package. The product is very well made and you won't be disappointed.

👤I was fourth on the comforter set. I will let you know. I bought the same set for my mom a few years ago. This set is a lot heavier. I got for myself. Living in Texas. This is not a problem. Negative reviews held me back. Maybe I was fortunate. But. It is perfect. There were no rips. There were no odors. The package was not wrinkled. I ordered a California king because I have a king size bed. I have 12 inches on each side.

👤I wanted to rate this higher but I was expecting a better price. The box was damaged when it was received. The sellers are likely to blame the shippers. It is soft and the colors are nice. The stitching is terrible. The burgundy section has random stitching done with white thread. They are not straight. I'm guessing they ran out of burgundy thread because the tan portion used tan stitching. They aren't at least stitched straight. It makes the look look cheap. The pillows were nice. It's a good weight. The item is overpriced for the quality, but it looks nice on a bed.

👤I had to give it a rating in order to post it. There is a This is the worst craftsmanship I have seen. Words cannot describe how disappointed I am. Wrinkles are permanent because of the crooked seams throughout the comforter and pillows. This is not nice to look at. I regret buying this item.

👤It was better than expected. Light and warm. This was a hit because I had a million to pick from. Normally when a guy picks this sort of thing, it would be better if he kept the box. In this case, it went on the bed and it looks great. Not sure if it will last, but not much under the dog, but for the price. It is warm but light and breathes. I bought a king for a queen bed.

11. Andency Comforter Pillowcases Microfiber Alternative

Andency Comforter Pillowcases Microfiber Alternative

Quality and care details are important. The machine wash is cold and tumble dry. The Global Organic Textile Standard is certified by GOTS, an international association focused on textile safety and sustainable production. The bedding set comes with a comforter and pillowcases. You don't have to worry about extra cover anymore, which can save you time. Buying each item separately costs more money, but you can get a bedding set in one package. The Buffalo check plaid comforter set is lively and stylish. The light gray plaid comforter is suitable for all ages. The plaid comforter set is a classic. The Andency plaid comforter set queen size includes one comforter and two pillow cases. The comforter set can be used as a stand-alone comforter or as a duvet insert. This gray plaid comforter set is made from high-quality microfiber, which gives you the ultimate soft and cozy touch feeling, keeps you comfortable all through the night for a good and sound sleep. The microfiber comforter can be used all season. The gift choice is good. Choice as a Birthday Gift or Holiday Gift to your loved ones. Microfiber comforter set is easy to care for, it is machine washed in cold water, gentle cycle, tumble dry on low or dry naturally, do not bleach.

Brand: Andency

👤I am very impressed with this comforter. I took a chance on this because it had no reviews, but my daughter loved it so I ordered it for her. It was soft right out of the package. It is warm, but not heavy. It is comfortable. I love it! My daughter loves it. This comforter is unbeatable.

👤I was a little worried about buying this for my daughter since there were no reviews. I was happy that it did not have a strange smell when it was removed from the vacuum packaging, it is very soft and just the right amount of weight. It was washed and dried. The measurements are way off. The queen should have been 90x90 The measure was 80x77. The actual measure is 90x88. She likes the comforter to drape over the sides of her bed and a queen is usually the best option. It is not as thick as the picture makes it look, so it will be easier to lay over your bed linens. I was happy with the purchase, but I would like to make a note of the size issue.

👤This item is pretty. It doesn't stink when you remove it from the bag. It does run small, but only issues found were loose threads. I always order a king comforter for my bed because it's a queen bed. I ordered this in a king and it fit like a queen. Go up a size no matter what your bed size is.

👤I don't write reviews because I am usually satisfied. This is the most unattractive piece of junk I have ever seen. It was inexpensive and looked nothing like a picture. It was supposed to be buffalo plaid. It is red black and purple. Is that what it is? The squares that should be shaded are Barney Plum. It's shiny and slippery like a sleeping bag. It should not be sold. Shame on you.

👤I love this comforter. My daughter wanted to change her room. It is so soft and fluffy. It seems to have been made well. I washed and dried it according to the directions. The price is also great. I recommend!

👤My granddaughter loves her comforter. The drapes had to match.

👤I love the comforter! When I got them, I put them in the dryer with a wet wash cloth. They are soft and warm. They are light in weight.

👤The comforter is pretty nice. I don't like heavy blankets as I run hot when I sleep, but this is lightweight and still keeps you warm. When it arrived, it was a bit rough. I washed it and it was a bit softer. It seems to get softer with every wash. It will be perfect with a few more. It takes a bit of patience to get thewrinkle out. After being in the dryer, it still had some wrinkling. I don't see my bedroom, but if you notice, take it into account.

👤The quality of this item is better than expected. The stitching was average. I wouldn't recommend at the advertised price.


What is the best product for queen comforter set fishing design?

Queen comforter set fishing design products from Kasentex. In this article about queen comforter set fishing design you can see why people choose the product. Donna Sharp and Bedsure are also good brands to look for when you are finding queen comforter set fishing design.

What are the best brands for queen comforter set fishing design?

Kasentex, Donna Sharp and Bedsure are some of the best brands that chosen by people for queen comforter set fishing design. Find the detail in this article. Soul & Lane, Lush Decor and Madison Park Essentials are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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