Best Samsfx Fly Fishing Knot Tying Tools Quick Knot Tool

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1. SAMSFX Fishing Accessories Backpack Assortment

SAMSFX Fishing Accessories Backpack Assortment

The 7 in 1 kit included a quick knot tool, 2pcs retractors, line cutter, jig cleaner and coiled lanyard. The fishing forceps have a self locking handle and a curved tip. The fishing knot tying tool has a nail knot fork, line clipper, eyelet cleaner, hook sharpener, and D-ring. Jig eye tool cleans excess paint out of jig head. The zinger has a built-in spring and nylon cord.

Brand: Samsfx

👤How do I open the instrument? I need some tools. I can't afford another pair. The rubber seemed to be getting in the way easily. Thank you so much. The other items are not important to me. We love fishing. There are many uses for forceps.

👤The tools are perfect for the vest. It makes net and tools easy to access. Excellent quality. The net magnet is strong. It was great on my Colorado trout trip in October 2020.

👤This gets the job done. I go fishing in the mountains often. Brown and rainbow trout can be fished with forceps. The rubber grips are nice. Until you have access to a line cutter, you don't know how useful it is.

👤One of the retractors broke after 4 trips out on the river. The cord is separated from the base. It seems like the glue is cheap.

👤The bolts seem to be ok. The tweezers are hard to use. I had to cut away some of the black rubber covering to be able to use them.

👤The tools work as advertised.

👤A kit para todo tipo de pesca ligera.

👤The clippers are one of the good things. The pliers are useless, you need two hands to open and shred flies. Overall wouldn't buy again.

👤Quality isn't good. The lines needed a lot of pressure to be cut after the initial snip.

👤It seems ok. China will see how it fairs in a few months.

👤It was perfect and suited the purpose. I put it on my vest. It is a good buy.

2. SAMSFX Fishing Lengthen Retractor Carabiner

SAMSFX Fishing Lengthen Retractor Carabiner

The package has aBite Indicator. 2 sets quick knot tying tool combo, 2 pieces fishing line clippers, 2 pieces fishing zinger retractors and user manual. 4 in 1 design consolidates gear into one easy to use fast knot tyer. A multi-functional fishing mono line nipper, stealthy black rust-resistant finish body and red dipped rubber grip. Hook hone, mono line snips, hook eye cleaner and nail knot tool are included in the fishing line clipper. Come with a smooth and stylish logo. And. The nylon cord has a 1.5 ounce retraction force.

Brand: Samsfx

👤I thought this would be a great tool for trout fishing. The test line was barely cut. It was easier to cut with my cheap swiss army scissors. The tool got in the way of the line being tried. It was difficult to have one tool that I could use. The eye hole pin is too close and can only be used on specific types of hooks. The bar to hold the hook after tying is the only nice thing. I have trouble seeing and thought it would help with tying the line. It may be good for other types of fishing.

👤It started to oxidize after being handled while fishing. It's too small to easily tie knots on hooks and swivels and it's too loose to be well made. I use a lot of circle hooks and it is easier to snell the hook by hand than using a tool. The clippers are good.

👤My Dad likes this! He has to use his reading glasses a lot to tie his lines but this tool helped him out. A great gift for a dad who fishes.

👤The only reason I bought this tool was the nail knot jig. It makes good quality knots. I haven't found a knot that holds better when the braid and flouro/mono are combined. It has been used for hundreds of years. I use a nail knot in one form 99 percent of the time. I've pulled cats from the bottom and never had a pull out, but the nippers do have a problem with braid. Everything else is fine.

👤I didn't know how to use it.

👤I keep dropping them in the water. When you're using tiny hooks for trout, these make tying knots easy. You just hold the hook and twist it a bunch of times. It cuts up to 10 lbs line with ease, but it's better to use bigger pliers for bigger line. I will use it later on for fly fishing. One of the most important aspects is that it feels well made.

👤The drawings printed on a tiny card make no sense, so if you want to call them instructions, you should. I saw that the item and packaging were made in China. The instructions are not understandable. I no longer buy things made in China. Amazon should be more forthcoming with us about this.

👤The clip that holds the tool is the only thing worth anything. I can tie better knots with this tool.

👤I have watched the Y.T videos on how to use this tool. I think I understand how it works, but I can't find the right tool to make the perfect knot. I need a simple knot. When you try to copy the demos from Y.T., it will be a complete mess. You end up with a messed up bird's nest. I think it is because I want to create a knot on a small hook in trout fishing. The tool is designed for larger hooks. The line clipper is garbage. It doesn't spring back into place. Oh humbug. I think it will shine in tying two strings together for fly fishing. That is a positive. I have no idea how to use the hook sharpener, but I like it. I would not recommend it again. It comes with very little instruction. You have to go online to learn how to use it. If you ask me, it's a bad buy.

3. SAMSFX Fishing Clippers Nipper Retractor

SAMSFX Fishing Clippers Nipper Retractor

It is easy to attach a zinger to your vest and keep it handy. The easy to use knot tool has a retractable zinger, nylon cord and 1.5 ounces of force. The copper rivet on the nipper is rust-proof and has a lifetime of use. The 4 in 1 design consolidates the nipper into a useful tie knot tool. SAMSFX has a nipper that features mono line clippers, hook sharpener, jig eye cleaner, and quick nail knot tying tool. Only for cutting fishing mono line, tying hook or lure knots, and clearing hook eyes.

Brand: Samsfx

👤Every time, the ZINGER is easy to open. I pulled it and let it go back over 100 times to see if I could get the spring to fail or the string to knot up. There were no problems at all. I can say that it is a needle tip. It works well to get the paint out of the eyes. I wasn't sure if I liked them because they didn't cut braid at all, but I figured out a trick. You just squeeze down tight where you want to trim your braid and then pull the line and it will cut cleanly with very little fraying. Make sure you keep the pressure tight. I was able to cut 20, 30 and 50 pound braids of different brands without any problems. trimming mono and fluorocarbon is not a problem. The tool is called the KNOT tool. If you don't know how to use the tool, you can search for "tie-fast knot tool" and find lots of videos showing you how to use it. It makes it very easy to tie a nail knot. I will use it to tie a nail knot. braid to a mono or fluro leader A nail knot is similar to a blood knot, but stronger. I used the tool and clippers to trim the tag ends off the braid. If you want to have a really long leader, you need a small knot that can be easily pulled through the eyes of your rod. I trimmed them with the tool so that you could see how clean they are. This little tool and zinger combo is recommended by me. It is cheaper than the Tie-fast knot tool alone. I received a discount or free sample in exchange for my honest opinion. I don't have to give a positive review and I don't have to review any products. If I find any problems with this item in the future, I will update this review. If this review was helpful to you, please click "yes" and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

👤I would have liked to have seen a tour like this sooner. I have been fishing my whole life and these things have made it a lot easier to tie knots. These are easy to use and there are lots of videos showing how to tie different knots on different types of lures, flies, and hooks. I should have gone with the ones that were more expensive. I had to twist them to get them to cut the line because they seemed dolled up. I was able to use them multiple times since the retractable clip made it easy to access whenever I needed them. I plan to keep them as a part of my tackle and buy some of the more expensive ones in the future to see if they cut better. I wish I'd bought the clips that have a thumb rest on them. I am pleased with the money I spent and am able to make accommodations for their use. It's worth the price if you're not sure you'll like them. If you end up liking them, you will probably want to buy the upgraded version.

4. Fishing Organizer Wrapped Accessories Multicolor 69mm

Fishing Organizer Wrapped Accessories Multicolor 69mm

Line weight: 10-20lb; lure weight: 1/3oz; 4 guides. The inner hole allows it to fit for tippet or leader wraps holder. It is made from floating high density foam and floats on water. It's a great solution to keep your fishing rigs squared away. The end of the line leader can be held by aremovable insert. You can use the tippet holder to keep it.

Brand: Samsfx

👤I've tried many styles of line/leader holders. These are the best hooks for 4 - 14. They are easy to use and don't get tangled. I was worried about using the push pins when I ordered them. They are great. You don't set them down. The way I do it is by pulling the point of the hook into the foam and then wrapping the line around it. When I get to the ring or loop at the end of the leader, I grab the pushpin and put it through the loop. The reverse is to remove. Pull the pin and put it in the foam and then you can use your line. My barbed hooks don't damage the foam. They might not be the best for leaders.

👤Absolutely love them. A coworker used something similar to store his earphones. I thought it would be great if I could find something similar. I found these foam rings. I used a razor blade to cut around the circumference. Pushed the hooks in from the outside and wound the leader around the slit. The slit holds my line. Plano 3600 boxes fit my kayak storage area perfectly. My gear is well organized and I won't pinch a leader in the lid of the box. Now to catch Kokanee. The manufacturer could add a slit for holding the line. It would save time.

👤These are perfect for my pulley rigs and other types of rigs. It's perfect for holding my hooks. I put ten in a small coffee container. They fit in these perfectly. They are made from some typa material. I think these will last a long time. Better than I anticipated.

👤I like fishing with Tenkara gear. These are large enough to hold an 11' to 13' braided line. These are the perfect line holders to collapse the Tenkara rod and move through the thickest brush while relocating to the next hole to fish. It is easy to locate pre-rigged lines with different flies. Less time when changing flies.

👤I bought these to manage my tenkara lines. These are easy to use and a good price for tenkara lines. There are 2 sizes, 45mm and 69mm. You need a 12mm hold in the middle to slide your tenkara rod. The linenor leader has aremovable insert.

👤I use this product to store flies on the spools. It's easier to change flies while in the stream if I use a loop to loop connection. It's not easy to tie a fly on because of my aging eyesight.

👤There are nice tipper holders for Tenkara rigs. I like these. The traditional blue plastic holders are much lighter in diameter. I will be getting more of these.

👤If the grooves were cut deeper, these would be great.

👤I assumed that they were all the same size in the pack, but they are all small and that means the line will loop up if stored on them for a long time.

👤The tippet holders are one of the best additions to my Fly kit. They allow me to get the leaders and tippets ready. I know what I have because I write the length and weight on the foam. The only thing I wanted was a snip in them for the line, but I've already done it myself and Threaded an overhanging line through the wedge element.

5. SAMSFX Aluminum Saltwater Fishing Retractor

SAMSFX Aluminum Saltwater Fishing Retractor

Carry the hook with your eyes closed if you pull out the hook quickly. The material that is used for corrosion resistance. The aluminum body has excellent resistance tocorrosion. The fishing tackle is rust and oxidation free. The jaws can open the ring and remove hooks. The line cutting machines are bleeding. The replaceable tungsten carbide cutter is very sharp and can cut tough braided fishing line, mono, fluorocarbon, the heaviest mono leader,fly fishing line and backing line. Line up the pliers to get a smooth and clean cut. The jaws can be used to grab and remove fish hooks. The small hook at the top of the jaws can help you open the split rings. The jaws have split lead and single barrel crimping positions. SAMSFX pliers have a lock switch that keeps them open and close with one hand. When the fish tongs are not used for a long time, locking the pliers can be dangerous. A custom molded sheath with belt clip and steel wire coiled lanyard is included to keep this handy tool within easy reach and security. Everyone can tie their own tackle with a professional knot with the help of the fishing knot tying tool and zinger retractors kit.

Brand: Samsfx

👤It's easy to puncture a hole in anything you sit on. The first surface I sat on had good fabric. Not sure if the leather would have done as well. I like the open bottom design, but a full holster would be more practical. The pliers are very good. It was a nice feel in my hand. Great design and look. The quick knot tying tool was also given to me. The cutter is very slick for mono, but not so much for braided. The set had a lanyard for each tool. The pliers lanyard has a great design. Not a lot to rust or corrode. The quick knot tool lanyard is okay, but the connector latch is flimsy and can bend, which caused it to fail once already. It is possible to bend it back for a quick fix, but it could eventually cause the tool to go missing. Great tandem and value. Five stars for the pliers, three for the quick knot and zero for the holster.

👤The knot tying and tag clipping tool is just ok. It can only cut mono, but you can only use it for tying braid. If you want to braid up to 300lb, you have to have 6lb to 300lb braid and can't cut it cleanly with a tool. The pliers are great. This is a 5 star product. The pliers have little nippers on them. I have not tried cutting big wire. They are very comfortable as well. I will probably buy another set of pliers. The jaws and cutter are replaceable. If they sell replacements. You don't have to worry about them getting rusty.

👤When I was in the boat, the needlenose pliers I had in my tackle box just couldn't do everything I needed to do. This kit is great. There are lots of little additions that make it work. It has a lanyard and clip to make sure you don't accidentally drop it. The strongest braided line is cut, it opens up the smallest rings. Definitely recommend! Pick your favorite color. Hit HELPFUL to let Amazon know you liked the review. Thanks for the feedback.

👤When using larger hooks, pliers did what they expected. The jaws never lined up properly when the pliers were tightened. The frame cracked and broke when I tried to bend it back. The pliers were upset for a week.

👤The pliers and holster are comfortable. Looks great and feels durable. I clip the pliers to my belt loop when I wear my cargo pant belt. I'm a 5'2 woman walking around the Seattle fishing pier with a red device in my hand and everyone is looking at it. I can see the smile behind the mask as they think, where can I get one of these? The only complaint I have is the clipper. I use braided lines and they don't cut very well. I'm not sure if anyone else has experience with this or if I just received a bad clipper. It does not do a clean cut and has an ugly tail. If you are reading this review, please send me a better clipper and review the quality of your clipper for cutting braided lines because the Dollar Tree nail cutter does a better job. It does an O.K. job.

6. SAYVVON Stainless Non Slip Resistant Retractable

SAYVVON Stainless Non Slip Resistant Retractable

It's great for skiis, poles, extension cords, hoses, ropes, and more. The anti-Corrosion material is high quality. The Jaw and the Pliers Body are made of high-quality STAINLESS STEEL with a tough Teflon coating. The strength of bending is three times that of aluminum pliers. The sea water environment is very harsh. The handle is wrapped in high-quality wear- resistant rubber material, and is easy to work with, even when the hands are wet. The Jaw Lengthened Design can be used to upgrade multiple functions. In One. Functions such as thread trimming, hook, loop opening, lead pressing, bottle opening, fish mouth clip, etc. The Fishing Needle-Nose Pliers are easy to carry and open with one hand. It is equipped with a telescopic lanyard and a protective sheath to prevent accidental loss. The accessibility and accessibility of this convenient tool should always be maintained. There is safety. This Pliers is a perfect fishing gift for men, fishermen, boyfriends, dads and husbands. And Christmas.

Brand: Sayvvon

👤The jaws will twist and release the grip on the hook when you grab it. The price is cheap. It shows.

👤Garbage never had a pair of garbage fishing pliers like these.

👤The mechanism for locking pliers is a difficult task when a fish is bouncing up and down on the deck, and the first time I used them plastic grips fell off. I threw them into the lake.

👤It was very good. It's a little bit small.

👤The weight and size are in balance. You should recommend it.

👤It's perfect to carry when fishing. It was easy to use.

7. SAMSFX Fishing Holders Organizer Bunngee

SAMSFX Fishing Holders Organizer Bunngee

8 pieces in a pack are used for fishing rod ties. The bungee rope can be used to tie the fishing rod. 2mm foam padding protects your fishing pole. Before stretching suits for 3-6 sets or more of fishing rod, you should be in a medium size 7.8" / 20CM. A variety of colored packaging to meet your preferences. The colors are more likely to be found if they are dropped in the water.

Brand: Samsfx

👤The plastic cam sliders and shock cord are pricey. Would have been more expensive to buy components at the outdoor shop. I shop at Amazon for convenience. There was no opinion on the color coding on the cam locks.

👤The product would be highly recommended by me.

👤I thought it would be smaller. Way to big. It was my fault that I didn't read the description. Still works, just need to cut.

👤Just as described.

👤Work hard. Does the job well. It was used to hold fishing rods together.

👤These are great for storing fishing rods.

8. Stainless Including Clippers Sharpener Retractor

Stainless Including Clippers Sharpener Retractor

The Hook-Eze is impervious to all weather conditions and saltwater and is manufactured from high quality virgin virgin UV stabilizer and virgin steel. Fly line quick knotting tool includes a quick knotter, fly line clippers, hook sharpener, hook eye needle, and D-ring for easy connection. It is easy to tie a fishing knot, clip the fishing line, and clean the hook eye. It is durable and will not rust. Fly line clippers are made with rubber grips and are easy to handle with gloves or wet hands. 3 sets with 4 in 1 fishing quick knot tying tool and Retractable Zinger are 888-739-5110 ReTRACTABLE ZINGER: The maximum stretchable length of nylon cord is 60CM.

Brand: Hibd

👤The 3 tools are all fine, but the Silver Body with Red Grips is not. The Rivet holding the file line holder to the tool is so tight that I couldn't even move my PC. The file can probably be used without having to move much, but the line holder is nowhere close to the 180 position to be used. I am hesitant to force it into position if I get it there once, I think the odds are it will break eventually. All is good if this one could be replaced. I couldn't find a "contact seller" place. I'm using this mode.

👤This was a great purchase for the price.

👤My favorite tool for fishing. It works as advertised. The seller sent it on time.

👤The clippers lose their edge very quickly.

👤My sons didn't think of using them, but now they use them all the time.

👤I like the easy to use items that I need to get my line hooked and in the water. As I age, it becomes more difficult to tie the hook on. The price is also great. Three made for gift giving.


9. SAMSFX Quick Fishing Pliers Camouflage

SAMSFX Quick Fishing Pliers Camouflage

The bait knife set is indispensable for fishing enthusiasts. It can be put into your travel equipment, backpack, fishing gear bag, boating accessory box, and camping equipment. The shape and length of the knife are perfect. They accept returns if you are dissatisfied. It's great for saltwater or freshwater, it's durable and titanium plated. Fishing pliers have a spring loaded handle, built in side knife and saw blade tools. The split ring opener makes hook changes quick, and nose pliers can hold objects firmly. You can come with a fishing nipper that works as a knot tying tool, line cutter, hook sharpener and jig eye cleaner. The lanyard and sheath fit in the belt loop to keep the combo safe.

Brand: Samsfx

👤The knot tool would only be given a 1 if the pliers were given a 5. If I could have bought the pliers for $8-9, I would give a 5 but the knot tool is a total waste of money. I can see that the pliers will last a long time. Hook removal, crimping, and split ring opener are some of the functions they serve. I can carry less weight. The lanyard and sheath are cheap and I won't be using either of them. The knot tool is garbage. The end for knot tying is too short, the line clippers are too stiff, and the hook sharpener is too coarse to use on small hooks.

👤A set of fishing pliers. It's always good to have more nippers. The sheath is my only complaint. It doesn't seem like it will hold up for long. The pliers fit very snug in the sheath and the nipper clip is not compatible with the holstered pliers. I put them on my vest. The tool works well. Some electronic equipment was fixed by me.

👤The pliers are well built. It was nice to know where they were when they were fishing. I was not happy with the sheath. It was difficult to get the pliers back into the sheath. It was more difficult to get the pliers back in because the sheath was light and crumpled.

👤It is more likely for a teen ager than a full grown man, but good craftsmanship.

👤This tool is what I needed. It does a lot of things that are useful to a fisherman. I think these pliers will last a long time. The nippers, knot tool, and sharpener are bonuses.

👤I would have returned if I remembered to ship it out in time. I was very excited for my boyfriend to use.

👤The handles are very smooth and slippery, but they could be improved.

👤It's ideal for my needs. A bit of kit is included in my travel tackle.

👤Can't go wrong for the money, the line clipper won't cut strong lines easily above 12lb.

10. SAMSFX Fishing Clippers Nipper Retractable

SAMSFX Fishing Clippers Nipper Retractable

There is a new style retractable tether cord and force. Fishing clippers are not recommended for braided line. A multi function, nail knot tier, knot picker, hook eye cleaner, hook hone, hook file, and hook sharpener. Attaching them to your fly fishing vest or lanyard is convenient and quick. The net weight is about 8.5g/pc and comes with a fishing zinger. The Zinger-Net weight is about 16g/PC, Line Nipper is 65mm x 10mm, with a nylon cord.

Brand: Samsfx

👤I am concerned with the flimsy looking spring spool, but everything else seems to be well made, I am happy with it!

👤For fine tippets, but has difficulty with heavy monofilament.

11. SAMSFX Fishing Quick Remover Handle

SAMSFX Fishing Quick Remover Handle

The electric hook tier fishing can tie knots in 30 seconds. 3 in 1 fishing multitool has loop tyer, quick knotting tool and hook removal. A quick knot tying tool can help you tie fishing knots. For hair rigs or hook lengths, loop tyer is used. The hook disgorger is made of steel and is great for removing hooks from small mouth fishes. You can hang the carabiner clip on your fly vest or backpack.

Brand: Samsfx

👤If you use a #8 hook or smaller, this hook removal tool will work very well. It won't fit over larger hook eyes. It works for me but you need to decide if it will work for you.

👤It's been good so far, and I've used it a few times on the boat, it makes knots and loops a breeze, and it's quick to tie. What did I do there? It's a good thing. The mini nail knot tier is awesome. It's made of plastic, but it looks very well made. Poor instructions! I'm guessing the stone material is on the side of the video. Is that for hooks or doing your nails?

👤The hook sharpener was in the bottom of the bag. They did not attempt to glue it in. The D ring loop broke. The hook removal hooks on everything. The whole thing is small.

👤Picked this up for the wife as she is getting into fishing and thought it was a no-brainer to get her a fishing pole. Works as described. It works perfectly in her fishing kit.

👤The tool helped tie up hardware. It was easier to tie the knots.

👤If the line is over 20 lbs mono it won't work.

👤Hook removal doesn't work. Nice idea. They need to post a video of how to use it on a pan fish. Tie thing works well.

👤It won't fit over the eye of a #6 aberdeen hook if the opening is small. This product is worthless.

👤I was unsure at first but the loop tyer has won me over. A good fishing tool.

👤The loop tyer and nail knot part of the tool is good, but the disgorger is useless for hooks below a size 8.

👤I am hilft ungemein und I am denke. Man is kaum. Allerdings ist man damit es so klappt wie es soll. Is the man damit Knoten? Winter is when the Finger mal is so wollen.

👤E un attrezzo polivante in quanto fare diverse funzioni.


What is the best product for samsfx fly fishing knot tying tools quick knot tool?

Samsfx fly fishing knot tying tools quick knot tool products from Samsfx. In this article about samsfx fly fishing knot tying tools quick knot tool you can see why people choose the product. Samsfx and Samsfx are also good brands to look for when you are finding samsfx fly fishing knot tying tools quick knot tool.

What are the best brands for samsfx fly fishing knot tying tools quick knot tool?

Samsfx, Samsfx and Samsfx are some of the best brands that chosen by people for samsfx fly fishing knot tying tools quick knot tool. Find the detail in this article. Samsfx, Samsfx and Sayvvon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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