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1. Yellowstone Fly Goods Indicator Floats

Yellowstone Fly Goods Indicator Floats

One simple product works great for all species, it's great with the trout magnet and all other similar size lures or bait. The floats only take seconds to apply. Multiple floats can be applied. There are 24 floats in a pack. The color is also available in Lime Green, Fluorescent Yellow, Pink, and White/Glow.

Brand: Wapsi Fly

👤I've always been skeptical about these and had backups. I twisted the foam football indicators on correctly after losing too many. I pinched one of these and it lasted all day. I broke my rod at the end of the day and had to throw it out, which was sad. If I know I'll have a consistent setup all day, foam indicators are a great option. When you have small, hard to see dries, these are great. The buggers are hard to see in some water, and I'm a man named Griffith's Gnat. You should never miss a strike if you pinch one of these on.

👤I rarely use indicators but last month I was on the western slope of the grand tetons and despite having crystal clear water the Cutthroat blended in. I couldn't see their shadows. I kept missing fish or reacting to the smallest change around my fly. I popped on one of the pink indicators and had one of my best days on the water. It's perfect for nymphos. If it's a 18-22 midge, you could use a dropper. I wrote this review because last weekend I tried it again in a national forest in West Virginia with stained water and a large brookie rose, and I was so happy I did it! There isn't a hook on it. I didn't catch the fish. It's possible that this little guy may serve as a stimulator in the dark. They don't last long. If you want to change the height, you should replace it with a new one. I don't think they have a downside. This guy is applying to adjust the height on a dropper rig. If the depth changes, you can use a guy behind your fly to adjust the dropper depth. It's convenient! Slowly, I'm starting to embrace fly fishing with a bobber.

👤These are a good size to fit into a shirt or fishing vest. When I tried them for the first time, I didn't think they were very durable or well-suited to stick to. If you run out of airlocks or Thingamabobers, they might be a good back up. I'll keep them in the bag for a back up, but they aren't my first choice for a strike indicator.

👤The strike indicators were bought on an impulse. It's expensive for what they are. They are fly fishing strike indicators, so they rip off.

👤They're easy to use and throw away, but when you've already worked your flies, I don't like putting on indicators. I wish it was cheaper for them.

👤Some don't stick because they aren't cut right. After a few casts, the color sticker comes off. Not recommended.

👤These are difficult to beat. I've tried other things, but always come back to this.

👤The application is easy to use. It works well. It's a little pricey in this day and age of manufacturing. Depending on fishing conditions, I use these on the fly line for about 6 feet from my leader.

2. Zealand Strike Indicator Combo Pack

Zealand Strike Indicator Combo Pack

You can give the bank fishing ground holder to your father, friends, family, relatives or people who love fishing on Father's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, birthday, or any other day. It was a perfect presentation to catch more fish. Casts are like a dry fly. The nymph can be placed in the Strike Zone. Don't lose that trophy, Knotless doesn't weaken the line. ROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Brand: Strike

👤Tubes are small. You can't use a lot of the wool in order to squeeze it into the tube. This product works. If you need a big strike indicator, I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤I should have read the reviews before ordering. This doesn't work well with larger nymph setups. It is a great setup and I am still keeping it. This could be adapted to hold more wool with larger tubing.

👤I have found an excellent indicator so far. The kit has enough for all of the fishermen in the family to have float indicators. It is difficult to rig larger clumps of wool for bigger indicators in rough water, which is the only problem I have found thus far. I think there is a larger tubing that would work better, but haven't ordered it yet. This is a great kit.

👤It works well for fly fishing. Adding to line via tool works as expected. I would strongly recommend against connecting the tool to a lanyard as it will fall off without warning.

👤These work well but have lighter presentations. I use them at dusk in shady areas where it may be difficult to identify a strike. Anything heavy will drag it under, but it won't hurt the fish. I followed a fish that was playing with my nymph. I landed a rainbow after it took the nymph. If you're looking for a nice un-intrusive indicator that will leave you with a natural presentation, then pick this up!

👤I only buy fish accessories that allow me to catch more fish, not to make me look cool. You can greatly increase success by buying these and improving your presentation.

👤I like the strike indicators. I feel like they allow you to be very delicate in fishing. I can see them on the topwater. I reached out to them and they responded within a few hours and answered all my questions. Overall very pleased and will continue to purchase from them.

👤If you can maintain a drag-free drift, it works well. I think the white works best with trout that are wary. It takes a lot of trial and error to find the right amount of wool for the tube. I don't recommend this tube for heavy flies or for using multiple split-shot because it only holds enough wool to suspend 888-282-0465.

👤On the first trip out, the strike indicater tool fell off my vest zinger and was lost. It wasn't a great idea to pinch a piece of triangle wire. There is a A good quality key ring for a clip is ideal for future production and sales. I never got to use it because it looked like a good product.

👤I am looking forward to trying the New Zealand strike indicator for the first time and I have been provided with some information.

👤I wanted to use a different indicator. I am really happy with this product. Great price too!

👤It works great, but it's expensive.

3. AIRFLO New Lock Strike Indicators

AIRFLO New Lock Strike Indicators

No need for an extra rod or reel. Lighter, more efficient casting and delivery. 25% more weight is put on the water. The neutral colored post is less visible to fish, and the lighter weight lands softer on the water. Better strike detection has a sensitivity. No more leaks, dents, holes, cracks or pops! It's easier to see the leader slot when attaching. When you hit yourself in the back of the head with a forward cast, it hurts more. There are 3 packets.

Brand: Airflo

👤The real airlock bobber is better than the fake one. The package that comes with the screw lock is great for storing floats and leaders. These are easier to cast and weigh less than the original. It is highly recommended for nymph fishing for small trout. The 1/2” holds about 2 sizes of beadhead.

👤I tried Amazon because it was hard to find in the local stores. It was perfect.

👤These eyes are old and easy to see.

👤It's easy to see and hook. Sometimes tippet hooks over indicator.

4. Fly Fishing Place Trout Assortment

Fly Fishing Place Trout Assortment

The scent and flavor of bait is tasted by fish. New! The San Juan Worm assortment is now available in 14 hooks. The trout fly pattern mimics aquatic worms. Excellent dropper nymph fly, beaded for getting deep in the water column quickly. There are 12 flies, 3 each of four patterns. It's essential for fly fishing.

Brand: The Fly Fishing Place

👤The Ausable was fished in Michigan. I have everything in my fly box that is native to Michigan. I have floated, jigged, and fished with above sinker all summer long, on this fly, for about 3 hours a day. There was no fish. I would like to try other colors. Possibly. The product is great. Will be getting more of that.

👤I have had good luck with these. When fishing is slow, they are my go to. They hold up well and seem to get a good bite.

👤The weight is perfect for trout and panfish.

👤Excellent quality, very happy with the worms. They were used for the work like a champ.

👤Outstanding. A monster trout was caught with them.

👤We use these to increase our selection when fishing for trout in Utah. It's best to bounce them off of the bottom.

👤After a day in the water, the paint fell apart and the beads were torn off.

👤They look good. Hopefully they catch some fish.

5. Rio Fly Fishing Shorty Leader

Rio Fly Fishing Shorty Leader

ROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION. The Rio Euro Nymph Leader is packaged with each line. The fly line is super sensitive. The thin welded loop on each end of the line is deliberately made short so that it can be added to the front end of a regular fly line. The idea is that when they come to a run, they can use their regular trout line and nymph line and start fishing. No need for an extra rod or reel.

Brand: Rio Fly Fishing

👤I bought a Rio Gold line because I didn't want to buy a euro nymph line and miss out on other types of fishing. I can now throw dry rigs. I attach a euro leader when a nymphing situation is optimal. The best of both worlds.

👤My first euro nymphing line. The leader is doing a great job. It's definitely a bonus to have that in there. The euro line is very nice, but I wish it was a little more supple, because it keeps its coil after being straightened multiple times.

👤Being versatile is good. It can be a bit frustrating to add and remove it. I caught a bunch of brookies on my last trip and I had to carry a extra spool because I couldn't go back and forth between drys and euro.

6. Westwater Products Thingamabobber Strike Indicator

Westwater Products Thingamabobber Strike Indicator

ROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION. Thingamabobber Strike Indicator is 1/3 inch. Fly fishing.

Brand: Westwater

👤You have the choice of a solid location or free moving. The two smallest sizes are too small. Anything but the lightest of weights will pull it under. They are moved by any current or wind. It's difficult to tell if the water has waves or not. You have to wait until the thing goes under and doesn't come back up. They would be good bobbers/floats if it wasn't for the size. I will let you know how the larger sizes work for me. They are constructed well. There is a Denille.

👤These are hard to find in stores, but we are happy we ordered them from Amazon. They work well. They work for perch and bluegill fishing near the shore. We use them with our rod.

👤I'm going to go with something else. It slides down the line after a few casts if you follow their instructions.

👤I did not read the instructions. These do not have flags. Great indicators are still there.

👤The only improvement for this fine strike indicator would be to remove the burr that forms in the plastic around the grommet. It can be difficult on the mono. Real Thingamabobber's have less of an issue with this than the cheaper knock offs. Get the real Thingambobber.

👤I nymphed on a river in southwest Washington recently and they worked very well. They don't affect your casting, are easy to see, and the indicator helps to read water and depth.

7. Fly Crate Assortment Stoneflies Parachutes

Fly Crate Assortment Stoneflies Parachutes

It's a great fishing gift. Over 2 years of testing each fly against "smart trout" went into hand-selecting each dry fly, nymph, and streamer pattern in this assortment. Premium gloves. Every year they get a lot of emails asking what fly to recommend. They've answered that exact question with their favorites and go-to flies in one kit. This 40-fly assortment featuring 19 different premium patterns in varying sizes and colors has proven to catch trout time and time again in a variety of streams, rivers, and lakes. They have a 100% money-back guarantee. Every fly is carefully selected to hatch the most common insect hatch from stonefly, mayfly, and many more. A mini pocket guide for on-the-water learning is included in one of their recent fly fishing magazine issues. Eco-friendly packaging is assembled in Colorado, USA, with recycled materials. Their containers are made from bottles that have been thrown away. The majority of their packaging comes from United States companies and small businesses. American owned. The Fly Crate is based out of Colorado and works with Project Healing Waters, Inc. to raise funds for disabled USA veterans.

Brand: The Fly Crate

👤I will revisit review after I use them. Wondering if they can improve my casting skills.

👤I bought it for my doctor, who retired before I could give it to him. I had to return it. I do not fish.

👤Quality flies. On my first day with these, I pulled in a few fish, despite the fact that I had not caught a single fish.

👤Colorado bound flies will be tested. Pictures will be sent. Well done. Thank you.

8. Skylety Fishing Spinner Pompano Indicators

Skylety Fishing Spinner Pompano Indicators

It's a great gift for fly fishermen. There are 60 pieces of fishing floats with bullet shapes of 3 different sizes, designed with orange white with dots, green yellow red with dots, and blue white with dots pattern, a sufficient number can be shared with your friends to meet your daily fishing needs. The fishing floats are made of quality foam material and fluorescent paint, which is lightweight and durable, not easy to break. The bright color of the fish makes it easy for you to track it. There is a hole in the center of the fishing float. The core design of float can prevent the fishing line from breaking, so that the fishing line can pass through the hole, which can be placed on the fishing line above the hook to help you catch more fish. You can make your own equipment, which is ideal for fishing on the beach, pier, and jetty, bringing more convenience to you. The bullet-shaped fishing floats are easy and funny to make, which can be used as useful gifts for fishing enthusiasts, providing them with a relaxing and happy fishing experience.

Brand: Skylety

👤The product floats like a dream.

👤The floats are the same as in the tackle store. I didn't want the colors I wanted, but a cheap can of spray paint and custom floats are what you get.

9. Leland 164900 Maurice Trout Fishing Equipment

Leland 164900 Maurice Trout Fishing Equipment

Fishing lines can be up to.028 diameter. Slot allows for easy on and easy off without cutting line or removing your lure. It's easy to adjust. Remove the float to adjust depth. Small is the perfect size to drift small lures or bait. Works great for all types of people. It works great with the trout magnet. Detractors small hits. The smallest hit is detected.

Brand: Trout Magnet

👤These are small floats. The package is small to give perspective. I wanted small floats for when I need to add one for panfish or trout fishing. The peg is perfect for my application where I want a set hold point that is quickly adjusted and can be used without retying. That is the real advantage here. You can adjust the depth with the peg without retying, so it won't cause a problem with your line. If I need to set this too deep, I would use a bobber with a thread stop. These are a great value for the price I paid. It's better suited to applications where your depth is less than 5 feet.

👤I thought they were the Panfish floats. They work well. The smaller size allows me to carry more in my tackle box, and the 3 color choices are nice for different lighting conditions. They are not the most durable things in the world. It's not heartbreaking to lose one or have to replace a worn one. The price on these can be as high as $16. Time your purchase accordingly.

👤Very large! The only thing I had to do was look at the last photo, which shows the guys holding the fish and the bobber, and it looks much larger than what you're going to get. These are smaller than I thought. I'll still try them out, they are cheap, so not a big loss. I still feel like I was deceived. People know what they are getting when they see an actual size.

👤Ghostech indicators, Thingamabobers, jamstops, and other indicators all cause the line to kink. If you drop one of the small nuts or screws that hold the indicator on the line, it's gone. I don't like spending a lot of money on cheap plastic that will get lost, broken and dropped, and only getting one extra bit, even though they come with one extra screw or nut. Enter Trout Magnet. The indicator that your line goes through has a slit. No twisting or bending. Then you take one of the many posts they supply and put it through the hole in the top until it holds up. If you need to adjust the depth, you just have to push the post up enough to slide the indicator up or down, and you are set. The indicators work well. The package has a lot of indicators and posts to use. I am a fan and convert if it turns out that they are dangerously radioactive or that they discourage fish from biting. This pack should last for several seasons. Highly recommended for fly fishing indicator.

👤I have a Panfish Magnet kit and these are perfect for it. I have a lot of small lead lures that work. Since it's so smooth and fine, regular mono or flouro line works best, but I'm cautious because they don't work on Nanofil line. Since I have lost two of my four, I always check the float after casting. I have been using it as a slip float.

10. SF Indicators Mdgicators Self Adhesive Accessories

SF Indicators Mdgicators Self Adhesive Accessories

Lighter, more efficient casting and delivery. 25% more weight is put on the water. The neutral colored post is less visible to fish, and the lighter weight lands softer on the water. Better strike detection has a sensitivity. No more leaks, dents, holes, cracks or pops! It's easier to see the leader slot when attaching. When you hit yourself in the back of the head with a forward cast, it hurts more. There are 3 packets. High Quality: Made of premium EVA material, lightweight and easy to use, floats well without twisting or tangling lines, won't hurt the leader. They land softly and you can use two of them in tandem to create a line in your indicator to determine the angle and position of your flies. Orange is effective in both low and strong light conditions, and you'll never lose where you're at and shouldn't ever miss a strike if you pinch one of these on. The small package is a handy size to carry in a shirt or fishing vest pocket. It is very easy to take and store. It's best for shallow water with lighter and smaller nymphs.

Brand: Sf

👤Just what I needed. I am happy I bought them.

👤It's sticky so it stays in place, but not so much that it damages the line when you take it off.

👤The product is better than the plastic indicators.

11. WHYHKJ Indicators Fishing Accessory Fluorescent

WHYHKJ Indicators Fishing Accessory Fluorescent

The strike indicator is 1/2 inch. Fly fishing. The fishing bobber is made of foam and it will not sink your hook. It is a perfect indicator for fly fishing. The Fishing Bobber is easy to use and has a quick adjustment of line depth done by sliding the indicator up and down the fishing line. The Fishing Bobber has a stable performance, even the most subtle grabs in use the tag will remind you, don't miss any chance to catch fish. Will not damage the leader line.

Brand: Whyhkj

👤These were what I needed. The foam floats over the line.

👤The rubber piece breaks. So far, 6 out of 10 have broken. It's not worth the hassle to come back. I will not purchase again. The green color comes off on your hands. This was not a good purchase.

👤They work as a strike indicator, but fall off when casting.

👤It's used for fly fishing. These are larger than other floats. The chartreuse color is a type of paint that rubs off in your hands and into the water. No idea if it is toxic. These are made in China.

👤I should have listened to the other reviews. The strike indicators were rendered useless because the rubber tubing was cut too short. Do not recommend.

👤It's easy to see and works well.

👤They do what they need to do and float well.


What is the best product for strike indicators fly fishing?

Strike indicators fly fishing products from Wapsi Fly. In this article about strike indicators fly fishing you can see why people choose the product. Strike and Airflo are also good brands to look for when you are finding strike indicators fly fishing.

What are the best brands for strike indicators fly fishing?

Wapsi Fly, Strike and Airflo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for strike indicators fly fishing. Find the detail in this article. The Fly Fishing Place, Rio Fly Fishing and Westwater are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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