Best Surf Fishing Reel

Fishing 28 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Penn Pursuit Spinning Reel 2500

Penn Pursuit Spinning Reel 2500

The bearing system has 4 plus 1 steel. The Ht-100 carbon fibber drag system is long lasting. The body is lightweight and resistant tocorrosion. The superliner is machined and anodized.

Brand: Penn

👤I've used this spinning reel on over 30 fishing trips since purchasing it a year ago. I fish on the Texas gulf coast. The reel has been dunked at least 3 times. It was disassembled and cleaned every time. The reel is still kicking a year later. The best spinning reel is this one. The only cheaper salt is the Shimano Sienna. After the first trip, the reel would probably rust. The Sienna has a felt drag system, thinner bail wire, and is more difficult to service. There are reasons to buy the Pursuit III. One of the cheapest spinning reels on the market. 2. It's cheap enough to loan or treat. 3. It is easy to disassemble for cleaning. 4. Assembly and components are similar to Fierce and Battle models. 4. If you've never disassembled a reel before, it's cheap to learn how to self-service. 5. Carbon drag.

👤I do a lot of jetty fishing and this is the best real for its price, I caught my first pompano at 19 inches and it was blue, it was the best real I have ever caught. I caught the fish in Penn pursuit III.

👤I have many Penn reels from the 70's. I bought it for use in ponds and Streams in NH. Black braided line is the same thickness as 4lb Mono line but has 15lb strength. The Penn I bought was the Pursuit III, 2500 Series, and it was matched with a 1 piece, 6 foot Medium-Light action Berkley "Shock" rod. The braid was small enough to allow me to braid over 300 yds. I like to cut off 6 feet after a tough fishing trip. It's perfect for Truck,Trail/Train Track fishing. 1 spool up lasts me a whole season. I mostly fish Trout and Bass in New England. The reel is very smooth and light. You have to hands down. The first thing I noticed was that it doesn't reverse like cheapo reels, if you try to backpedal, it won't! That is a good thing. If you have any fishing experience, you know the deal, you cast, you reel forward, and the bail rolls back, spitting the line off your reel. This reel solved that. It won't reverse. The locks are tight. This reel does not allow 'Free bail', it does not have a switch or lever. This is stuff for the regular guy. I like that, some don't. It allows you to switch the handle to either side, so you won't be like the guy who fishes upside down. The carbon fiber drag washers are incredible and the reel is very impressive with a 6:2 to reel 1 ratio. No more oil here! It had nice grease on the gears and components and was ready to rock. This is "Braid Friendly", so the spool has a black rubber insert so you can use a basic knot with it, and be done with it. No 'line-slip'. Penn did a nice job. Thank you! Why would you use this reel with Mono? Mono is not up to date. A hair thin braided line is much stronger in relation to size than any other water. It can be used to fish for a whole season. Penn made a great Reel in the under $50 range. I'm ordering a 3000 Series Penn Pursuit 3 reel for a 7' ugly stick to chase big lake trout and bass off the boat this summer, and I love it. Again, I am impressed with Penn.

2. Penn 1403982 Slammer III Spinning

Penn 1403982 Slammer III Spinning

The body is full of metal. The design of the body and the spool is sealed. The Slammer drag system is sealed. The bearing system has 6 steel components.

Brand: Penn

👤A true review could take months of use and this feedback is based on initial assessments. I got mine last week. I want to share some information that is important. It is well built, smooth, and has a lot of drag. It isn't perfect. The elephant is in the room. It is the current version. Penn stated in a forum post that all reels made in September of last year were made with the line roller bearing. The photo shows that mine was manufactured in December of last year, and it is the 7+1 model. When I found out it was the older model, I returned it from my local shop. The code is on the reel after you take off the spool. The pros are 1. All of the brass gear 2 was built well. IPX6 rated, well sealed. There is a 3rd party verification and rating system used here. I don't like the "X" and "Core" ratings of the company. It's just marketing names. 3. I haven't used it in full practice yet, so take that with a grain of salt. Smooth action, but not as good as next to Daiwa. Those are very smooth. The Slammer is geary next to those. Not enough to complain about it. The cons are 1. Everyone complains that you can remove the drag cap and still not go very low. It's odd. I bought a 2 year old one from my local shop, but this one I have from Amazon is better. It feels a little lighter. I'm currently running a 20lb braid and it will likely be fine matched up. The minimum experience was about 1-2 lbs. It feels close, but didn't bother to measure. Value is subjective and personal. I think it's appropriate to jump from the Spinfisher VI to this. You gain 2 extra bearings, a brass main gear and a better handle. If you don't care about the little extra smoothness from more bearings, and the handle isn't important to you, the Spinfisher VI is a better deal. The Slammer's seal is the same as the VI's, according to Tackle Advisors. You could get a Slammer for 1/3rds of the price. I liked the handle so much that I was going to put it on the Spinfisher VI, even though I noticed the extra smoothness of the extra bearings. Even with the current cost of the Spinfisher VI 4500 at $142 and the Slammer handle at $65 on Ebay, that's $207. I got the Slammer III 4500 for $187 on Amazon. That's a no-brainer for me. I think I have a good reel. I think it will work well for my Florida needs. It is a great value.

👤I bought the SlammerIII 4500 because it was on sale and came in 2 or 3 days. I put it on a GSB. It is my go to rod now. The Slammer passes the surf fishing test. It has lots of power for its size and is light and smooth. The cap on that beautiful aluminum knob needs to be Lok-tited. I lost mine while fighting a fish in the rocks. I put the knob on. I'm waiting for the replacement cap from Penn. You can't wait for it to grow back, but it's like having your girlfriend cut off her long hair. You should fish with Blue Lok-tite.

3. Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Saltwater

Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Saltwater

The sealed body and spool design is called IPX5. Ht-100 carbon fiber drag washers. A sealed ball bearing system.

Brand: Penn

👤As far as I'm concerned, there's SaltWATER rated and in the surf rated. If you don't get it in the saltwater, you can use any reel. If you're on a boat and fishing, rinse your reels when you get home and you'll be fine. If you're in the surf, there's a huge difference on how the reels will perform. The Surf has a lot of issues that gum up reels very quickly. When standing in the surf, your reel is going to get battered by saltwater, but there are other elements, such as that very fine "Grit" that's in the surf water, as well as active sand. That is a real reel destroyer. After a day of surf fishing, I had to open up many of my reels. The grease will bind with the grit and cause the reel to fail. I rate saltwater reels as if they were from a boat. The Penn Spinfisher series are surf rated. I've had these reels submerged in the surf water, 20 yards into the surf, where you have to climb your pole to remove tangles with Braid. The Penn reels have been delivered. The drags and reel seem to have been sealed. That doesn't mean to neglect them. After every surf fishing trip, I blow the water off on a jet stream around all the critical areas. I blow them off with an air compressor and sometimes spray a little Silicon on the handle knob and bail bearing. They are good as new. Penn's have offered months of aggressive fishing with little maintenance.

👤I have a size 4500. Everyone knows that this is a reel with a seal against water or sand. The weight of the reel is mentioned in many online reviews. I don't think it's too heavy to throw lures all day. I use the weight of the reel to cast, and this size is smaller than Spinfisher vi. I highly recommend this one to both beginners and veterans.

👤I got a reel that wasn't working. The first time I casted out and caught a fish was when I turned the handle. The gold finish was gone in a 1 by 1 inch section after I took off the spool. I returned the VI because it was faulty from the beginning. Amazon should check returned items before sending them out again.

👤It feels like a solid reel. The shimano ultegras feel very delicate. The reel made a noise when the handle was turned. Penns quality control is not up to par.

👤Great reel. The live liner feature works great for surf fishing. After a strike, start reeling and the normal drag will engage. It's much easier to fight the fish in Battle II than it is in Battle I, where the drag is set light in the sand spike. If a shark or ray strikes, you will be chasing the rod down the beach, and forget to set the live liner. The new Spinfisher VI is sealed, no matter how careful you are, reels get wet at the beach.

4. KastKing Counter Trolling Fishing Baitcasting

KastKing Counter Trolling Fishing Baitcasting

The KastKing Brutus Spincaster style spinning reel has more fishing line capacity than competitive push button reels, which means you can make longer casts, fish for more species in deeper water conditions, and simply have a better fishing experience. It comes pre-spooled with 160 yards of 10lb test KastKing Premium Monofilament fishing line so it is ready to go fishing right out of the box. It's great as a trout fishing reel or bass fishing reel. The ReKon Line Counter Trolling Reel is new from KastKing. ReKon conventional reels are perfect for many species of fish. Both feature a mechanical line counter that can be used to keep your bait in the exact zone that is producing fish over and over. The ReKon baitcasting reels are designed for tough conditions and use the best components. KastKing uses 3 double shielded ball bearings in high stress points and an Instant anti-reverse bearing for trouble-free operation. The main gears and worm shafts are made of brass. The line guide shaft is made of high quality steel. The ReKon Line Counter round casting reels use a smooth, carbon disc drag that delivers 30 lbs of fish stopping power. The function of the line clicker makes it easy to release the planer boards. You can use it as a strike detection system. The ratio is 5.1:1 on the size 10 and 5.3:1 on the size 20. The great line capacity was kept as compact as possible while still giving tons of line capacity to the angler. The size 10 and 20 ReKon cast reels can hold over 250 yards of 20 lbs. mono or about 10 colors of Micro Leadcore line. The handles on the two models are different for a reason. The size 10 ReKon is mostly used for Kokanee, Walleye and Trout, so KastKing included a comfortable double paddle handle with EVA grips. The larger size 20 reel has a single Power Handle with a comfortable round knob that gives more leverage for larger fish and longer retrieves for Salmon, Steelhead, Lake Trout, Striped Bass, or other uses such as a catfish reel that require more fishing line.

Brand: Kastking

👤I was a bit underwhelmed by the quality of the packages after reading reviews and hearing things from a charter captain that swears by these reels. I brought them salmon fishing on lake Superior. The line counters on 2 of the 3 reels malfunctioned and wouldn't count when the line was spooled out. I expected a Chinese knock-off of the Okuma Coldwater and I was told they did it. It was cheaper than both. It got 3 stars because they are inexpensive and can be used to reeling in a medium sized king salmon and a steelhead. We will see how they hold up over time. If you don't need the line counter feature, they might be worth the investment if I can get the counter to work properly.

👤I would rate the reel around a 3.5 and support a 5. I was very pleased with the feel of the reel when I first got it, it fit and finish seemed really good for the money. I needed a line counter so the reel would be useless if I started using it. I contacted the support team via email and they requested a picture or video of the problem. I sent the information to them and they sent me a replacement reel a week after I sent the original one. They were easy to work with. The line counter is working. I have only tested it a few times at my home. I will update my review if things change. If it continues to work after some use. I'll probably buy one more. I like the look and feel of the reel, it feels solid, and I like the placement of everything on it.

👤I have 2 and the reel is nice. Use it for striper fishing, troll planers and have pulled in fish over 30 lbs. The drag on this reel is odd because when I troll it I set it so that if a fish is hooked it can take the line but if you tighten the drag it will not take the line. You would think there is more. If you know how to play a fish, you're good. It takes some getting used to. All and all is a good reel.

👤This thing is great. The 20 series is a big reel. The power handle is not available on the smaller version. The drag and clicker sound good. I have over 1000 ft of 50 lbs. There is not enough room for any more lines on it. It's not possible to ask for more in a line counter reel. Especially at this price.

👤The line counters on both reels don't work at all after 2 uses. 2 were bought for striped bass. Line counter on these reels are unreliable and inaccurate. It might read you only put out 18 feet after putting out 20 feet of line. You pulled in 19 feet instead of 18 when you reel in the same 20 feet line again. The bearings in one of the reels started to feel rough. The drag was the only thing that felt nice on the reel. For the price, I will probably just put out the extra money for a quality reel and get a separate line counter. If you want all of the features for a really low price, the reel is not the worst in the world.

5. Dr Fish Saltwater Graphite Stainless Offshore

Dr Fish Saltwater Graphite Stainless Offshore

There is a standard accessory hole. The body is designed for saltwater. Increased strength, resilience and resistance. Reliable choice for outstanding performance in sea fishing. The drag disc has triple carbon fiber. Powerful enough to fight the beast in the deep. Drag adjustment is precise. The sealed ball bearings give you the smoothest casting and retriving feeling. The best power transmission can be achieved with the type L aluminum power handle and brass pinion gear. The thicker bail wire and aluminum Spool allow your fishing line to lay more evenly on the spool.


👤The drag was completely stripped after three fish were caught on this thing. I loosened the drag and the fish I caught were not crazy fights. I ended up going down one line in the water. I mentioned in my first review that I had learned my lesson, and that I was taking a serious gamble with a budget reel. Penn Spinfishers and Slammers are the reels I will use for surfcasting. If you want one of these, you can dig it out of the trash can I threw it in. My new Penn Slammer III 9500 will be here today, so I'm excited to get something reliable and tough out on the shoreline on my next trip out. --- There is an update. The seller contacted me about my unfortunate experience with the reel. I have some product-focused points to cover after I was able to try it out. It is difficult to get the inner spool to start catching when you put on new line because there is no grip-ring. The majority of the body is made of plastic, so it is more prone to warping than an aluminum body, which will cause issues in the future. I used the reel for the first time on a 12-foot Diawa Beefstick II rod to catch a 5 pound Hardhead Catfish and a small 6 pound Blacktip shark. I wouldn't buy it again, but I am willing to put it through the test of time to see if it works out, since I bought it anyways. --- The reel doesn't have any winding action after several successful rounds of reeling it in, and the mechanism broke after I went to spool it up for a trip tomorrow. I knew I was taking a serious gamble with a cheaper reel. Junk. The picture of the busted washer was added by me. A little more quality at this point would have saved the day.

👤The first three times I used this reel, everything was tight and worked perfectly. It was cast and retrieved clean. I never got to try it on a big fish because the biggest fish I caught was a hardhead catfish. Everything on it is locked up, it was taken out a couple of weeks ago. I'm assuming that it doesn't have a warranty, so I'll pull it apart to see what failed when I have time. I found out after getting it apart that the thing is heavily rusted.

👤I took the surf casting in the ocean off of Ocracoke, NC. It worked well while fishing. See the 2 star review byLori Winner. It was locked up. I wash my salt water equipment every day after use and at the end of the trip I did a special rinse down. The reel froze during the cleaning process. It won't turn now. It seems like the little flipper that allows it to reel in both directions got jammed because it is locked. My son is a fisherman and an engineer so I asked him to take it apart and try to fix it. He cleaned out the gunk but couldn't get it unlocked. The return date is passed because I used it 4 times in September. I hope the manufacturer will replace the reel since it worked fine when it wasn't locked and locked after 20 casts, and I have a new line on the spool.

6. SeaKnight Rapid Saltwater Spinning Reel

SeaKnight Rapid Saltwater Spinning Reel

The bearing system has 6 steel components. The Rapid II fresh and saltwater spinning reel has an anti-corrosive coating. The Rapid II has a thicker main shaft, ball bearings, and carbon fiber drag system to land the largest gamefish. Exquisite craftsmanship employing advanced production technologies and equipped with high quality 10 + 1 shielded steel ball bearings create an amazingly smooth reel. Water and sand can't enter the gears with the Rapid II. The Rapid II is a fast, powerful, durable reel that can be used in both freshwater and saltwater. It's perfect for Bass, Stripers, Walleyes, Catfish, and Northern pike.

Brand: Seaknight

👤I broke on my second use. The line didn't break, but the reel did. The fish was a 4lb Bonito. The reel should not have failed. The shaft is made of plastic.

👤I had it for almost 2 years and it still works. I do a lot of fishing and I am pretty rough on my reels, but I have pulled tons of pike, bass,pickeral,catfish, and still going strong,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Be careful, buyer!

👤The drag didn't work when I first got 6000. If I caught a fish bigger than 2 lbs, it wouldn't reel it in. The carbon fiber disc's were installed in the wrong order after I took it apart. I'm glad I didn't return the reel. Quality control was lacking and I gave 4 stars. If the same thing happens to you, I hope this helps.

👤I ordered 5000 and thought it would be bigger. It works very well, using it in salt water and no problem so far, do wash with fresh water after every use. A bunch of blue fish were caught. The lock of the handle needs to be tightened every now and then, but it's only one issue.

👤The first 2 reviews were deleted because of the 100 character limit. My rating has been upgraded. I have been using this reel for a couple months. My go to salt water rig is my Gator tail. It is smooth as glass. I think of teaming a new one with a St Croix MOJO 9 ft MM Fast. It would be a perfect rig. There is an update... I own two of them. I have changed my fishing rig. I own both reels. Advice. If you aren't a person that can shoot a fishing reel, then you can't. Buy a reel for 150 dollars. If you spend less, you might need some work. I've read negative reviews of this product. If you can't check the drag washer order. It's a common issue with lower priced reels. Don't buy one. I pushed these reels to the point I thought they would break. And still works. The pictures I posted are reel... Correct, it's funny right... You won't get a feel from him at $40. There is an update. I now own 2 Sea Knight 6000 reals. There is a Sea Knight could make 6000 bait runners. The man would be in trouble. Both show zero damage. Work and look different. One smothers more than the other. I keep this reel in my truck 24/7. It works perfect. My opinion is that the best reel on the market is the non bait Runner. Will own Markit, make a bait runner, and so on. G.

👤I only used this reel a few times before it broke and locked up. I had a fish with 100 yards of line out when it happened. It was stuck solid. It would turn but with a lot of resistance after a little tapping and wiggling. I felt a sharp pain. I knew that half the teeth must have come off a gear because it would reel smooth, then slip, reel, then slip. I lost the fish, and I couldn't catch a single fish. I opened it to find that half the teeth had fallen off the main gear. There was no dirt or rust. Everything looked clean. Something inside got jammed. I've bought cheap reels and the worst ones are functional for years. I only had this one for a couple months and it's broken.

7. KastKing III Spinning Fishing 3000

KastKing III Spinning Fishing 3000

There are saltwater and surf fishing rigs for bluefish, redfish, blackfish, salmon, sand bass, catfish, walleye, perch, crappies or any other toothy fishes. The spinning reels look great. They are tough to land trophy fish. The sharky III fishing reels have a high percentage of fiber reinforced graphite. Sharky III spinning reel's triple disc carbon fiber drag, large main shaft, and stronger mesh are some of the features you will love. The Sharky III spinning reels are sealed with a KISS. The sharky III has a unique protection water resistant design. It helps keep dirt out. You will be blown away by the quiet, silky smooth retrieve of the Sharky III. The shark fin braid ready aluminum spool is unique and no longer requires backing line. The Sharky III spinning reel has more features, including 10 + 1 high quality, saltwater rated double shieldedstainless steel ball bearings, instant lock anti-reverse, and more line capacity.

Brand: Kastking

👤I've been fishing for a long time. I have competed at a high level in fishing. I was looking for a basic spinning. I was surprised by the quality of this spinning. I wish I had known about this brand when I was paying three times more for the same quality of gear. It is smooth with a drag system. I would recommend this product to anyone who is interested in trying it out before spending more for a product that doesn't work as well.

👤I liked the reel that I got. Great reverse. Smooth rotation. The braid was used for the great spool. Excellent drag. Sturdy construction. I was excited to use it. There is a I fished less than 5 times. It worked out great. It stopped working correctly. Here is what happened. I took a cast and caught it. The handle wouldn't turn when I took another. Couldn't believe it. I turned the drag switch off, but it wouldn't move the spool forward and back, so the line wouldn't lay correctly. The gears inside must be malfunctioning. The reel should not break so quickly. I hope he could send me a new one. The new one would probably not break. There is a Thanks. ,Drew.

👤It has been holding up well as my surf fishing rod. I rinse it with fresh water after I lube it up because it has a lot of salt water on it. If things go wrong, will update.

👤I like to post reviews of products that are good for the price. I want to encourage customers to buy from companies that offer a good product at a great bargain because I feel like I received a tremendous value. As far as this reel goes. I don't know if I've ever used a spinning reel that was as good as this one. Smooth is what comes to mind. Smooth and balanced is what reeling is. Casting feels smooth. I like to use a nice Cabela's brand reel and put the same line on it. I can expect my cast to get out 15-20 percent farther with the same line, rod and lure. Being a kayak fisherman, this is huge. I can keep my kayak out of areas I am sneaking in on. This leads to more fish. Which is more enjoyable. The drag is smooth. It does not shoot out in spurts. When the fish pulls or when I go too hard on the fish, the drag is smooth. Light line can be broken by fish on the line. The bait casting reel I purchased is also high quality. I would replace my spinning reels with the Sharky III if I needed to because of the price that KastKing offers. Even if I don't need to replace them, I may. This reel is very good.

👤The best bang for your buck is what I will say about this and all the other Kastking products that I have order owned and loved so much. Why are you asking? I pulled my speed demon apart because it cost $65 flat part, but the same metal materials and hardware were the same for a $250+ reel. People save money by only buying the best products and not the tried and true ones. This is all coming from a bass angler that is constantly on Fishbrain representing Kastking products because they are so great and you will tell your friends about it. If not better than your 250+ dollar reels, any reel from kastking is just as good. Lews and my friends. Save your money for bait and bass boat guys, I know I have wasted my money on expensive reels. You can only buy Kastking. I would like to thank Kastking for making my fishing life better. Sincerely J.Matthews.

8. Daiwa BG5000 Saltwater Spinning Reel

Daiwa BG5000 Saltwater Spinning Reel

Black Anodized Machined Aluminum Housing, "Hard Bodyz" Body & Side Cover, and Over-sizedDigigear System." Solid screw-in handle, air rotator, and aluminum abs The line per handle turn is 37.4". The manual return bail has a gear ratio of 5.61:1. The line capacity is not known. J-BRAID: 15/270, 20/270, 30/190. The Infinite Anti-Reverse System has two systems: a4000 and Smaller and a5000 and Larger.

Brand: Daiwa

👤The reel feels smooth and has a lot of power behind it. You will find a lot of praise for this reel if you do a bit of research. It can't be compared at 100 dollars. It feels smooth, steady, and gives you confidence that is required to handle bigger species. I use this for saltwater and freshwater. The Shakespeare elite 7-foot medium was the only thing that I had trouble fitting the reel on to. The Shakespeare's reel seat was too small for the foot of the reel. I switch my leader for trout fishing and surf fishing. When targeting different species, I change my leader from 20lb to 4lb. A 2lb Monkeyfaced prickleback was pulled out of a hole with relative ease. I will buy multiple sizes for different rod setups because I really enjoy and recommend this reel. I have fallen on this reel and banged it up, but it still runs great. Accidents do happen, but I try to take care of my tackle. I put mine with a Shakespeare Elite.

👤So far, so good! These slick reels were used to catch multiple fish and tuna. Solid construction and good looks for a Benjamin? I bought 8 for my charter boat and have not been disappointed yet. I bought 8 bg6500 and 4 bg reels in November of 2016 and have thrown everything away. Good: Drag system, metal construction. The bail roller gets seized in the process. The costs to replace...

👤I was looking for a inshore reel that could double as my cat rod. The reel is one of the smoothest I have ever seen, it fits everything I look for in a good spinning reel. I don't plan on swimming in the ocean with this, partly do to the reel is not sealed, but I'm ok with that. I would not do that with any reel under $600. I opened the reel to see the big a$$ gear. Everyone is happy. Yes. It is too big for the size reel. I found that the grease was enough to coat the inside of the body housing for extra protection against the elements. Daiwas attention to detail is shown by the little touches like that. The reel has 30 braided line on it and it's right out the box. One of the best drags I have ever felt is the smooth silk one. The casting is beautiful, there is no wind knots at all and I have this thing filled right up to the lip of the spool. This thing feels like a winch and it is so easy to use. It almost feels like cheating. The 4000 and smaller models have a reverse switch that I don't like and I don't care for an auto trip bale. The reel is black and gold and I wish they would stop using chrome wire bale wire. It would have looked killer with a thick black aluminum bale. I think the reel is the best in this price range and rivals reels that cost 2x the price are just as good. The only thing I found better was the two BG 4000's. I now have twins. I think I will get the BG 3000 next.

9. Daiwa BG4500 Saltwater Spinning Reel

Daiwa BG4500 Saltwater Spinning Reel

The LS-12000 model has a gear ratio of 3.9:1 and a ball bearing of 13+1BB. Aluminlum line capacity is 17/460,20/360,30/ 260. Before ordering, you should see the image for dimensions. This is for big game fishing. Black Anodized Machined Aluminum Housing, "Hard Bodyz" Body & Side Cover, and Over-sizedDigigear System." Solid screw-in handle, air rotator, and aluminum abs Line per handle turn: 43.1 The manual return bail has a drag max of 22. The line capacity is not known. J-BRAID: 40/340, 50/270, 65/230. The Infinite Anti-Reverse System has two systems: a4000 and Smaller and a5000 and Larger.

Brand: Daiwa

👤I used the first two reels to fish offshore in Florida. We will pitch on site to a few fish. If the fish are large, I have 8000 broom sticks. I have used these two reels on 10' surf rods as well as some bridge and bank fishing, and I am an all around fisherman. The reels are a little big. I would equate these to a Penn Spinfisher plus or minus a tad, since Penn has a stronger drag rating but the line capacity is the same. I use a 7' Ugly Stik Tiger for the Jetty and a 10' Okuma Rockaway for the surf. I just purchased two more of the Ugly Stiks for the boat and will have a total of 6 of these reels, including two for surf fishing. Light pitch rods on the boat are perfect for everyone. I have them lined up with 15# mono and I think there is about 320 yds on there. I tried the new design and it seems to work, after reading some other reviews I put mine up all the way to the edges and it worked. I don't know why it works, but I 888-276-5932s would never have worked before. After a short trial period, I decided to buy a new Daiwa BG with wood handles and Penn spinners for larger and smaller reels, as I had been buying Penn for a while for this size and larger spinners and it was time for some refreshed equipment. This will help you make a decision. I will not revisit this review if they don't impress, I will warn the people. I don't think they will.

👤Daiwa makes great reels and this one is no exception. It paid off during the first fishing trip when you paid $109.00 on Amazon. This reel casted with ease after 40lb braid. It is light and easy to operate. On the first day, I surf fished at South Padre Island and landed a blacktip shark. There were no issues with fifteen to twenty minutes of pure adrenaline. This reel is easy to clean and maintain. I landed a 21" Redfish on the first day after buying a smaller BG3000. The result was the same. You will be happy to choose the BG series of saltwater reels.

👤I used 300 yards of 30lb spiderwire on the 4500. The thing looks like a tank. The football riveted handle knob is found in the larger sizes. The sizes are larger than what you are used to. If you want to match reel size, then you should order a L. The built solid has bearings are similar to those used in dogfight. The handle screws are better than the hexagonal one and it feels balanced.

👤I bought the Diawa BG 4500 from Fisherman's Source and I was disgusted by the fact that the reel is useless and it doesn't work, I assembled the knob and tried to reel it for the first time, but it was smooth. It's boring and it does not spin at all. The bail feels rough and the reel sounds like it has sand on it. Completely dissatisfied. I owe several Diawa BGs, but the 5000 one just isn't working.

10. PENN Surfblaster Longcast Fishing Reels

PENN Surfblaster Longcast Fishing Reels

5 sealed ball bearings. Slow oscillation system. The brake system is fast and smooth. The spool is for long casting distances. The large T-crank knob has added comfort.

Brand: Penn

👤This reel is new to the fish game. Hopefully it will last a few years.

👤It is a great purchase.

👤I haven't used it yet but it looks great.

👤The Rolle ist echt toll. The Verkufer is echt. Zu empfehlen. Ich ist die Rolle gekauft. Also, there are 3 Sterne Abzug.

👤Bgel schliet.

11. Sougayilang Spinning Stainless Saltwater Freshwater

Sougayilang Spinning Stainless Saltwater Freshwater

The saltwater spinning reel makes the best value affordable. It's a must-have for anyone who loves fishing or friends. The most obvious component of the Propulsion Line Management System is the new lip design. Through tens of thousands of casting tests and computer simulations, it has been determined that the new spool lip design provides longer casting distances than a standard lip design, while preventing backlashes and wind knots from forming. Super Steady Oscillation :Sougayilang DYL spinning graphite body enhanced stainless steel shaft, CNC aluminum spool and interchangeable right or left handle, deliver a reliable reel for years of big game fishing. The 4.7:1 gear ratio is designed to help you land the biggest saltwater fish. When landing big ones, the compact self-balanced system rotors provide rock steady retrieve. Heavy duty braid lines can be held by a strong aluminum Spool. All big fish are within expectation to be challenged. It's durable. Provides improved gear lifespan. The pinion gear is supported on both ends with bearings. The gears will be in the same position. The added benefit is that the gear and the shaft are not in contact with each other. This will allow for longer casts with lighter lures. There is a funeral service for Waem. If you have a problem, please contact them first and their customer service will respond to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Sougayilang

👤The first time out, this reel felt great. It was smooth and casted great. It lasted a total of 6 surf fishing trips. After opening it and cleaning it, it still sticks to retrieving even after applying fresh reel grease. Disappointed. Addendum 08/07/21. The company is harassing me. Emailing me every day to remove the review. I was offered $30 to remove something. Some people have had good experiences with this reel, but I didn't.

👤The line was wrapped behind the spool and not over filled. I had to remove the part from the beach. I was frustrated by this time. I made a successful cast and the plastic handle came off in my hand and the little plastic end cap went with the surf. I'm really angry. Put the thing away for a while and try again. It was only after removing half of the line from the spool that it was cast. It is good for that reel looked good. Since I might use it once or twice a year, and the fact that I glue the handle back on, just accept my losses and keep it. There is a REC.

👤This thing is very large. The best reel I've ever purchased is under $100. I'm ready for a real test when the tuna come around, I've ranked a couple of cod and wsb so far and it hasn't flinched. It's a bit heavy to hold for a long time. Maybe I need to work out. It was loaded with kastking 80lb and it didn't live up to it's name. 80lb Daiwa j-braid x8 was reloaded. It's smooth as eggs now.

👤March 6, 2022. My rating was changed to 3. The thing that locks the handle is gone. I uploaded a picture. I don't know if it went loose. I'm trying to contact the seller to find out what I can do. I hope they sell this lock. I am not going to buy this again. My original review is just an update. This is the best reel I have ever purchased. I have used this with my surf fishing before. It was always wet with salt water and I don't see any rust. I am using 80lb braided line.

👤The line can sometimes bird nest behind the spool and have to pull it to clear it.

👤The first try was terrible because I would loosen the line too much, but today we went out with two full rigs and it cast well into the surf. Maybe next time, good casting produced no fish at all. I will let you know how it holds up after I use it for a few months in the salt water, it is shiny and new, and works great.

👤On my first fishing trip, the knob crank knob fell off. The internals are starting to rust after 2 trips. All surf rods should have parts.

👤This is the smooths action I have never seen before. You can turn the handle to reel it in. I have 50 lbs test braid that works very well on it, and the spool can hold a hundred and fifty yards or more. The baby is on a surf rod. I think I will surprise my brother with this.


What is the best product for surf fishing reel?

Surf fishing reel products from Penn. In this article about surf fishing reel you can see why people choose the product. Penn and Penn are also good brands to look for when you are finding surf fishing reel.

What are the best brands for surf fishing reel?

Penn, Penn and Penn are some of the best brands that chosen by people for surf fishing reel. Find the detail in this article. Kastking, and Seaknight are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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