Best Surf Fishing Rod

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1. Goture Spinning Portable Sections Lightweight

Goture Spinning Portable Sections Lightweight

There are different sizes and lengths for freshwater bass trout fishing. Strong and assertive are two words. The best balance among rod sensitivity, strength and power was achieved with the 30-ton carbon matrix. The seat has a grip. All-day comfort is provided by the split grips on the reel seats. The design of the 4 piece rod makes it easy to carry. The rod is very light and feels balanced in your hand. The guides are perfect for virtually friction-free line flow and maximum casting performance. If you use their fishing rod for the first time and it breaks, they are willing to give you a free replacement or one year warranty.

Brand: Goture

👤I wanted a pack rod that was easy for me to take when I go salmon fishing. You have to go off the trail to get to the fish. This rod has been useful for this purpose. It is lightweight and easy to assemble and comes with a hard carry case to protect it as I go through the woods. I have taken it out twice and each time it has worked well. I can feel my eggs bumping on the bottom when I drift them. The uses of this rod are pretty wide and you can pair it with a reel. I will take pictures of the fish I catch. The rod is still kicking two years later. I broke the plastic screw on the reel seat but customer service sent me a new one. I was good to go. It has been great this year for fishing for pink salmon. Highly recommended.

👤This is the rod I use for fishing off the beach. I caught a 30 inch snook without a problem. The 8' rod was matched with a Diawa BG3000 with 30lb braid and 25lb flurocarbine leader. The setup was perfect. The rod has a sensitive tip and lots of backbone. While fishing for mangrove snappers I caught a 70lb stingray and the rod held its own like a champ, even after the ray spooled my reel in less than 3 minutes. If you want an affordable travel rod that performs well, buy the 8' 4 piece. The guys at Goture are great and I've been to see them a few times. I've had rods that cost three times as much as twigs. I'll recommend these rods to anyone who wants a reliable rod for their trip. Happy customer!

👤It broke on my first test of the drag. I've done this test many times. I was surprised at the strength of this rod. It's possible that I got a dud, but I'm on a once in a couple decades trip. The damage has been done. The eyes on this rod are small, which is odd for a rod designed to be adequate in salt water. These eyes are not suited for that kind of fishing application. Maybe braid would work, but I have doubts. There is a The eyes on my rod caused the 10lb mono on my reel to cut. I pulled the line out of the reel drag and it was fine, but when I pulled the rod through it, it snapped like it was being cut. I couldn't see why it was happening, but it was happening every time. I repreated it about a dozen times. Unless you have time to test the rod before you take it, I don't recommend it. It could be a big disappointment. I will not keep my rod because of the other two design problems, but if I get a dud, it might be a decent rod.

👤The rod was able to lift a jug of water after being put through a test. I swung it around to see if the connection would come loose. The vacuum seal is created by the joints. It can be difficult to take part in this.

2. PLUSINNO Fishing Combos Carbon Telescopic

PLUSINNO Fishing Combos Carbon Telescopic

Warm Prompt: Fishing rod +reel + fishing reel. The Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod are constructed with high density carbon fiber reinforced with fiberglass for strength and elasticity, and the guides with ceramic inserts for casting accuracy and dissipating heat more efficiently. The HA 3000 fishing reel has a machine cut handle. The Rod Import has a line capacity of 0.25/200 and a gear ratio of 5.1. Light weight and portable, can be used in a car trunk, boat or backpack. You can travel to your favorite fishing spot with fishing rod and reel combo. Wherever you want. It's the best gift to give to a family member for Christmas. Do you want to buy a single rod or reel? You can search the ASIN: B07Y2ZDVWD or B07YFP8KV3.

Brand: Plusinno

👤The initial "out of the box" as well as a full day usage heavy usage are what this is based on. I was thinking about buying a telescopic rod that I could use to travel up and down the river or even on a plane without spending a fortune on storage. I was pleasantly surprised by this combo. The rod can collapse to 16 inches in a Travel Mode and is in the box. The guides are very thick and sturdy and the rod is strong. That is a great feature to have when travelling. The wire-like guides on other rods are prone to bending and affecting fishing technique. My only suggestion is to limit the amount of metal used. It could be prone to rust over time. The reel was the biggest surprise. It was made of metal and not plastic, which is what you want. It felt good in my hands and I was able to handle drag well. It can hold up to 12 liters of line. The reel was very smooth and comfortable compared to what I was expecting. I was able to do field tests after taking the combo out. We probably made about 200-225 casts using various spinners, grubs and powerbait. The rod/reel made it through 300 years of moderate bush and still felt smooth on the retrievals. The combo of the rod and reel was of high value for the price point, and one could easily pair it with another rod to preference. I think Plussino could make their reels 888-282-0465 to lock in consumer branding. - This is an ideal fishing set up for the traveler and the fisherman to target panfish, small bass or medium sized trout. Good luck with your purchase, hope this helps you!

👤This is not the first rod I have bought, but it is definitely the most solid. The rod and reel seem very well made and solid, and I haven't had a chance to use it yet. The feature that lets you gold down the handle on the reel makes it much easier to carry in a bag or backpack. Solid bail wire and smooth feel. I will update my review after I have fished with it. I did some fishing today and even though the bite was not great, I was able to get a feel for this combo. I liked the reel a lot. It was smooth, the drag adjusted easily, and it cast well. The thick bail wire and the button that folds the reel handle is what I like the most. I had to pull to get the line end out of the line keeper, which was made of plastic, but that is a minor thing. The rod wasn't my favorite. It was very soft, and it felt like a lighter action than I expected. It needs at least one more guide. The section tended to rotate a lot, so I was adjusting the eyes constantly, so I don't think it was user error. The skeleton design and the aluminum reel seat made me love it. I still think this combo is great, for the price and the convenience. It is small enough to fit in a backpack and will catch fish. You will probably wish the rod had more strength.

3. Okuma TU 1002 80 Tundra Combo Medium

Okuma TU 1002 80 Tundra Combo Medium

Since 1949, people have been invited to explore the outdoors. For a period of one year from the date of original retail purchase against defects in workmanship and/or materials, Zebco products are warranted. 1BB ball bearing drive is smooth. It is resistant tocorrosion. A multi-disc oiled-felt drag system. The glass fiber rod is blank. The guide inserts are ceramic. The foam fore and rear grips are comfortable. A spinning reel holds 260 yards and 25 lbs of test.

Brand: Okuma Fishing

👤I am very impressed with this rod. It is a great deal. The reel is not broken. The reel was strung with 20 or 25 lbs. test mono. I used it to catch fish, including a shark. I have fished my entire life. Due to lack of boat access, I had to change my fishing style. This pole was what I was looking for. It is stiff enough to rough the fish away from the pilings and long enough to afford long casting. I wish it was available in a conventional bait casting configuration, but it is. The reel should last me about a year with propper maintenance, which is cool since I expected to replace it immediately, but I didn't. That should show you how impressed I am. This is the perfect combo for fishing on the beach or pier. I caught a 4ft. blacktip off of Tybee Island Pier. I had a hard time with it. The rod weight and diameter were a problem. The configuration of the rod makes it difficult to contol. I have to change my rating.

👤I took the baby apart to see what was under the hood. Less things to get rusty from the salty ocean is a result of mostly plastic. After I added a half pound of oil and spent about an hour fishing it out of the deep confines of gears and Jelly, the clip to hold the reverse switch was plopped out. I was able to get the clip back with the help of the tweezers. I don't think the manufacturer wanted their customers to tinker with the insides. I slapped it on this pile after I rigged her up. I'm pretty sure my cast went at least 12 nautical miles, so I felt like uncle Riko. My first surf setup was rad.

👤It is a nice inexpensive combo, but it won't make for a lot of fun for a person who is new to surf fishing. You will be happier in the long-term if you spend 3-4 times more money for a better setup. The combo is easy to maintain. I sometimes lubricate the reel, but sometimes don't rinse the dried salt and sand off for a few days, because it still functions perfectly and looks almost new. The rod is stiff, which negates the fun factor, and it is tough as nails, not a mar on it after many uses. Sometimes, this combo will be on a best of list for surf rods, but don't believe everything you read in reviews. Reviewers tend to exaggerate their strengths and link to Amazon. The best-of lists were never used in the surf. I would only recommend this setup for people who go surf fishing a few times a year. It is tiring to use bottom rigs.

👤Its not a very good reel. The 10' and 15' versions of these rods were purchased by me. There is a The spinning reel broke after the first use. The third piece of the 15' rod was discolored. The rods are too heavy for 40lb line rods. The 15' is not comfortable to cast with. It casts a 10' rod using a pendelum swing. I look like a douche at the beach. You need a fighting belt to hold the giant rod. This leads to more problems with these rods. The rods are too thick. It's not compatible with a fighting belt or a sand spike rod holder. I have heavy rod holders that can't hold the fat fishing rods. This thing has no sensitivity to action. It's like fishing with a broom stick. The reel that came in the combo is worse than the build quality. I used the reel for the first time. An oncoming wave wet my reel as I was casting. The water and sand got into the gears. I tried to fix it at home, but it wasn't worth it. The components are too cheap to be put back together. The rods are not new. I tried to take care of the rods, but the line guides started falling off. I noticed that the line guide on each rod was missing. A quality surf rod should cost more. The Penn Prevail 11' rod is trash compared to the other surf rods. The other surf rods are very thin. It is more expensive to buy cheap rods than it is to buy a quality one. These rods are not productive fishing tools in the long run. The whole point of fishing is to have fun and catch fish. These rods are bad for fishing.

4. Fiblink 4 Piece Casting Fishing Portable

Fiblink 4 Piece Casting Fishing Portable

The signal in water can be enlarged using 30T Japanese carbon fiber blank. Carbon fiber reinforced material can be used for improved performance. The high-quality guides are made from steel and ceramic and have aviods line stuck in them, which makes them more smooth and reduces the chance of it getting stuck in your hand. The guides are perfectly aligned along the bottom of the blank which is straight and true. The non slip rubber shrink tube handle has a tip over butt connection for maximum strength and durability. The hood transitions above and below. The wheel seat with a hood transitions above and below the reel seat. The cork grip is high quality and comfortable. One year warranty and full money back guarantee are offered. If there is anything wrong with the Fishing Rod, you can contact the seller. A cost-effective pole is presented by the perfect combination of performance and data calculation.

Brand: Fiblink

👤It was put with a Komodo SS for trophy blue cats and bull black drum. The Sufix Titanium line with (?oz) cut bait is putting some heat on it. The rod and guides can pull my hook out of the snags, but not if you want longevity. I abuse it the way SALVAGEDATA had a rod or guide failure by now. Guide inserts can hold up to 40 lbs of braid. It seems like a good value. It was well made.

👤I wanted to give a review on this rod because there seems to be a lot of differing opinions on it. I don't usually write reviews. I am employed in a quality department so I can identify defects. I received the rod in a cardboard box and the pieces were inside the nylon sleeve in the attached pictures. I inspected each piece of the rod and didn't find any cracking or anything. The tip piece appears to have some leftover glue/ephedrine on it. Not detrimental to performance. I expect to see this at this price point. The quality and finish of this rod is very good. It has good weight towards the end and light towards the tip. I plan on throwing a 2oz weight with the Daiwa reel I put on it. I will change this review once I use this rod on the beach. I have been pleased with workmanship and packaging.

👤The surf rod arrived a day earlier than expected. I was concerned about the break down after reading some of the reviews. The box it came in was pristine and undamaged. I opened it and found no packaging at all. The rod was wrapped in a nice bag. I looked at each section carefully for damage and it looked great. It's very sturdy and awesome. I'm happy that it's so light, it will be easier to handle. I took the rod to the beach on Saturday and it was fantastic. It's very light and easy to cast. I had a lighter rod than my 11 ft surf rod because I forgot to bring my rod holder. The rod is very accurate and it casts way out there. I hit my target on every cast. I am very pleased with the Fiblink 15ft surf rod and hope it lasts as long as my other surf rods.

👤My front door was opened this morning. I carefully inspected each piece of four as I assembled the rod after opening the box. I am eager to try it out and get it set up. My former surf caster was a 12' ugly Stik. I want to see if this rod can hold up to the abuse I put it through. I only gave four stars because I haven't put it to work yet. Will update with pics and a response. I am satisfied with the product and recommend it. To continue.

👤A well constructed rod was bought for a trip to the islands and was going to try it out on the northeast shoreline. With the right reel and casting line, I was able to get 300yds with a 3 ounce weight. The sections fit together well. It comes with a flexible case.

5. Fishing Holder Lengths Resistant Made🗽

Fishing Holder Lengths Resistant Made%F0%9F%97%BD

If you use their fishing rod for the first time and it breaks, they are willing to give you a free replacement or one year warranty. The impact and UV resistant PVC have a highgloss finish. Not your home improvement store. Tides Fishing Company makes the USA made PVC. The Flared Top is made of rubber and has a fishing pole in great shape. The pole holder has great security. There are 2 colors and 3 heights. You will get the perfect fishing rod holder. Tides gets $1 for every product sold. The company is owned by a small family and a veteran.

Brand: Tides Fishing Company

👤It is a very strong piece of material. I like that it has anotch for the reel to sit in with a protective lip. Not much more to say.

👤I am in the surf 4-5 days a week fishing for big drum, sharks, and other fish. The cheap pvc holders have been on sale for $5 for the last few months. The rubber rod holder at the top of this is very helpful in keeping my reel from getting scratched, as it is thicker and stronger than the pvc that is used to make it. I will definitely be buying more for my other rods. The little sand flea logo is very cool and it comes in black.

👤It was very heavy duty and made well. He was heavier than some of the light weights. Will buy more when they are available.

👤The larger size of the rubber mallet has been used for years by heavy duty PVC great.

👤It is a very strong piece of material. I like that it has anotch for the reel to sit in with a protective lip. Not much more to say.

👤I was surprised that the product was not just a piece of plastic. It is a top professional surf fishers rod holder. You can put any of your expensive rods into this rod holder. This avid surf fisher has 5 stars.

👤I've been using these rod holders for a couple of years now and they are hands down the best rod holders I've ever had. These are well worth the money because of the cut out for the reel and thickness of the PVC. The 3 foot and 4 foot models place your line/rod high up so that waves aren't a factor when fishing. They are made in the USA by a Veteran owned company. You can use a rubber mallet to get the rod holders super secure in the sand. Love my sand fleas. Thanks so much!

6. Sougayilang Fishing Rod Telescopic Ultralight

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Telescopic Ultralight

There are five different lengths of Longitude Surf Rods. Longitude has the right rod for you, whether you are looking for a more compact surf rod, or a long rod to really launch your baits from the shoreline. The Sougayilang Telescoping Travel Spinning Fishing Rods are made of high density carbon fiber and glass for great power and sensitivity. It's Light Weight and Perfectly Balanced. A great gift for their fisherman! The Exquisite Reel Seat is made of machined aluminum for years of worry free fishing. Three point welded steel guides with ceramic inserts are saltwater approved and provide power control. Light weight and portable, can be used in a car trunk, boat Hatch or backpack. You can travel to your favorite fishing spot with the Sougayilang telescopic rods. Wherever you want. There are different sizes and lengths for freshwater bass trout fishing.

Brand: Sougayilang

👤I ordered this as a replacement for the one I bought. The first one broke after I hooked onto a large drum, but the rod broke and the fish got away. I ordered this one because I thought it was due to the size of the fish and the high drag setting. The same thing happened again, but this time with a smaller fish, which I landed despite the rod breaking above the reel. Do not waste your money on this because I bought it solely because of its portability.

👤The sellers page has no way to get a refund, so I thought I should warn others before they buy this rod. I wanted to fish from a jet ski and the telescopic rod is easy to carry. The rod looks nice and has a nice finish, but it's not strong enough for fish under 1 pound. The rod broke after about 15 seconds of playing the fish, after the first ever fish on this rod, which was a small snook of albout 4lb. The fish is small in the second photo. You can see the tip next to it. The second segment is where it broke, and if the sections were more flexible, it would handle a bigger fish, but it is too stiff and thin near the tip. The third photo was taken after I peeled away the fibers to see if I could see anything suspicious, but it just looked like regular laminate, and just too stiff and weak. I would have settled for a refund, but they don't give refunds after 30 days, and there is no way to request one on their page.

👤I was able to put it back on after I sanded down the end and drilled out the eyelet. I put a little bit of epoxy around each one. The rod is small and easy to extend, it stays in my vehicle. The rail seat is flimsy. The lure was stuck on a weed when the eyelet came off. The bag that it comes in is not very strong. I made a separate video on how to improve the bag with nylon loops. There is a If you are going to take this on a hike or leave in your car for a quick trip.

👤The rods are getting great reviews. I purchased a 7.87' rod. I bought a 5.91' rod a day later after I was so impressed with it. I was worried about the quality of a telescopic rod, but these are fantastic. The sections are loose until you pull them all the way out, so they give you a nice cap to hold them down when not in use. I bought both rods for ease of traveling and packing, but I can see they will become my go-to rods for most of the time. The cover was unexpected and appreciated. Highly recommended.

👤I'm out of warranty because I didn't test this product until today. The rod was working well. It's light weight and collapsible, I could easily put it in a bug out bag. Nothing goes into the bag without testing. I had a reel and rod in need of testing, my friend called me to go fishing. My friend discovered that the reel has four broken teeth on the main gear, which is why he is going to try to replace it. I picked up a Pflueger President spinning reel to replace the broken reel after we ran over to Wally world. This should have given me pause, but testing must go on. The President was over loaded with 10 lbs. Go to the pier to test monofilament. I was able to get the hook in the water three times after dealing with tangles. Not five or six times. When I thought I had a bite, I lost bait, and then caught it again. The seaweed was about five pounds. I feel a change in the rod and hear a cracking sound while seaweed is half-way to the pier. I saw my rod bend to a 90 degree angle and then tear itself apart. The result is the same. As my friend cried and laughed at me, I took the President off the rod and put it in the garbage. I'll be looking for another rod, but it won't be from Sougayilang. The main issue with the rod is a manufacturing defect. The carbon fiber has been treated with fiberglass. Shear forces are what are encountered in fishing, not end force forces which the current layout of the rod is better suited to handle. Read this as: bendy rod bad and pokey rod good.

7. Zebco 33L602M 10C NS4 Spincast

Zebco 33L602M 10C NS4 Spincast

It's the best gift to give to a family member for Christmas. Do you want to buy a single rod or reel? You can search the ASIN: B07FT29RJS or B07YFP8KV3. The Zebco 33 spincast combo is easy to use. The patented no-tangle design reel comes pre-spooled with 10-pound Zebco Cajun line, so you can hit the water with it. The reel that taught America to fish makes fishing easy. EXPERTLY DESIGNED: The 33 combo combines classic design and modern performance to make fishing unforgettable. The combo is easy to use and has a custom-matched fiberglass rod to help you reel in the big ones. All day long. The EVA rod handle provides hours of comfort for the anglers. Its moderate-fast action and medium power is ideal for targeting a wide variety of species from panfish, trout, bass, catfish and more and is designed to hold a 6-14-pound line weight. The spincast reel is constructed with all-metal gears and a 3.6:1 gear ratio for a silky-smooth retrieve. The changeable right- or left-hand retrieve reel has a MicroFine dial-adjustable drag and QuickSet anti-reverse to stop your handle from moving backwards and create a solid hookset in the mouth of a fish.

Brand: Zebco

👤One can't count the number of fish landed by the Zebco 33. This version was a good choice for my wife. The drag adjustment is easy to use and has a short learning curve. My wife doesn't want to become a master angler, she just wants to go to our farm pond and catch fish. A reel, a hook, and a land. She landed a small panfish and a large catfish. I have more to clean when she catches more fish than I do, and I have to endure the teasing I get when she catches the biggest fish. My gear is safe from broken tips. I don't care if I ever catch a fish because it provides her joy and happiness, because this allows us to have some enjoyable time together. It is her pole. After raising 5 children, it is important for her to have things like this that the boys don't want to borrow and she can regale them with her stories of the "big fish" and not the despair of how many broke her line.

👤I've been fishing for a long time. My girlfriend is new to fishing. The rod snapped in half while reeling in a small mouth bass. I have never seen a rod like this before and I think it was a bad rod. She used this for the fourth time and it broke in half after about 3-4 hours of use.

👤It's great for what it is. I am an avid fisherman, but I also fish for bass with Conventional gear, so my standards are a bit high, and I can't recommend this enough.

👤We bought this for our new daughter in law. We wanted her to have her own fishing equipment. The pole and reel are of good quality. She has caught several fish on it and is happy with the rod and reel combo. You should replace the line on the reel you buy. You don't know what kind it is or how old it is.

👤I have used the reels and rods for a long time. This reel is not good. It won't cast more than 6 feet after I change the line. I will never buy another one. Don't waste your time and money on this. It's sad to see a company make inferior products that are cheap.

👤I bought this for my sister because she loves fishing. She loves fishing. Since I gave her the rod and reel, it has been a cherished possession. She says the rod is very strong and easy to use. Sister approved!

👤The replacements arrived this weekend and are complete. Our small lake has fishing reels and poles. The review has been raised to 5 stars. The original review was ordered. One for my wife and one for my daughter. The top half of the poles were missing when I opened the box. I double checked the box and didn't find anything. I will update my review once I receive 2 complete rod and reels.

8. Okuma Longitude Graphite Large Silver

Okuma Longitude Graphite Large Silver

One year warranty against any defects! If you have a problem with the Fiblink Fishing Rod, you can contact the seller. Money back for damage that is not artificial. The Longitude Surf Rods are built with comfort in mind. The back bone and a sensitive blank make it feel like the lightest of bites. Premium quality components are built to endure harsh conditions and all day fishing. braid compatible guide inserts and double footed guide frames keep your line running straight. The butt section of the Longitude Surf Rods are wrapped in premium cork for a non-slip fore and rear grip feel for all day casting. As you cast and wind down big fish, the hooded reel seat keeps your reel in place. There are five different lengths of Longitude Surf Rods. Longitude has the right rod for you, whether you are looking for a more compact surf rod, or a long rod to really launch your baits from the shoreline.

Brand: Okuma Fishing

👤I decided to try surfcasting with my conventional reel that has been used on boats for a long time. I needed a casting rod that would allow me to gain some distance. The Okuma Longitude rod model # LC-C-1202H-1 was purchased by me. It seemed to be of decent quality when it arrived, but it was a little stiff in the tip. I took it to an empty road and a park to try it out. The cast went well. There was no backlash and decent distance. The rod snapped below the 3rd guide on the second cast. I was using a 5 oz sinker and the rod was rated for lures from 3 - 8 oz. I was across the street from my house and didn't have to travel to the beach just to find a broken rod. I've been an advocate of Okuma for a long time. This is not a characteristic of their products.

👤The rod snapped in half on the first hookup. The boat crew member did the pumping with the snapped end, and I did the reeling. The rod is rated for 20lb-40lb line. The snap happened 1ft away from the joint. A manufacturing flaw is obvious. I love the okuma reels, but this is one POS rod. If you want a fish that has no fight in it, stay away. If you want to set the record straight, contact Okuma and I will be happy to exchange the snapped rod for a new one. Okuma provided a free warranty exchange.

👤This rod does a great job. It's seriously. The Striper was tested on the Cape Cod Canal. The first two times out the rod caught a few schoolies. The third time, the rod snapped below the 3rd eyelet while reeling in a cow. The Cape Cod canal is a great place to fish, but the rocks are slippery and the current is strong. I landed a fish. A 48” keeper. I will never buy another Okuma product. It's typical. Initially, it was a well made product. It is popular, demand inceases and then pressure for margin, so you hire differently, because after all need to ship faster... Last month the average customer review fell from a +4 to a - 3.5. The people are honest. I am very proud to be the owner of a St. Croix.

👤I never had an Okuma before so I thought I would give the brand a try, the blank is nice, the grip is nice and the build quality is a total fail at the eyelets. I returned the first one because it had a crack at the first eyelet on the handle portion of the pole and it should not have had any critical failure points on arrival. Pole 2 came and I think they just resent me the same pole, as they compared the cracks to the picture of the first one to the replacement it was cracked in, but had also sustained additional damage in shipping and now had 2 more broken eyelets. I am keeping it as I can strip it to a blank and repair it as a custom build, but I'm technically paying double the price I should be for a custom pole. The damage is minimal and fixable, but extremely disappointed and I will do everything in my power to draw attention to the quality of the product and badmouth okuma for the test of my existence due to such a monumental mess up in the quality and customer service return.

9. UglyStik USSP602M30CB Shakespeare USSP602M Spinning

UglyStik USSP602M30CB Shakespeare USSP602M Spinning

The Venterior Portable Fish Finder has a 2-year warranty. They will respond to any issue of the fish finder within 24 hours. The spinning rod is ugly. 3 ball bearings, one-way clutch and instant anti-reverse bearing are included. The double anodized aluminum spool has a bail wire. The compression bail springs increase reel life span. 2 piece rod construction. 140/6lb mono cap; 4 bearings.

Brand: Ugly Stik

👤This monster was caught on a rod and reel combo. I had a lot of spiderwire braid on it. Over the last 2 years, I have caught several bass on this combo, ranging from 1 to 8 lbs.

👤The combo seems to be good. I love the rod. The casting distance of light weight lures has increased by about 10 - 15 feet with this rod, compared to the light action rod I had been using. I am disappointed with the reel. It works well, no problem with line snarls or backlashes, and it is smooth. I would like to see a provision for reversing the bail when changing lures. I am used to my other spinning reel. Good value for the money. This rod arrived on time. The first combo I got, the rod was not straight. No problem with return either. I'm happy with it.

👤It's the best on the market. I bought several "High End" name brand rods and reels and none of them last or get the job done like my ugly sticks. I own 10 of them and have not failed to catch either Big Bash or Big Albertha.

👤Don't buy this cheap junk. This combo is double the price of what I found elsewhere, but the reel broke before I could even cast it, which is a shame because I've always used the same combo. I called the customer support line and was on hold for nearly 30 minutes, I told her about what happened and she acted as if she didn't listen to me. Wow! I've never treated someone that way when they had an issue. Save your money and buy something that won't break on you. Buy from a company that cares about their customers. The reel came apart while I was tying the lure on, and the line guide was gone, so I went to cast when I noticed the line guide was gone. The screw fell out. The reel sits on the rod with gaps, it looks like it wasn't made to pair with this rod. How did they approve that combo? It's unbelievable. I'm going to have to find a box large enough to hold this junk back in, then I'm going to have to go to the store and get my refund in 2 weeks. What about my fishing line? It's a lesson learned not to buy cheap fishing gear. I'll be carrying a Penn reel.

👤I ordered a medium 2 piece to take with me on the trip. My rods are 7' one piece and most of my gear is heavier for saltwater. I needed a lighter rig for the smaller freshwater fish and a 2 piece to fit in the car. It worked out well. The rod is strong. It was in the back of an SUV for 10 hours. Also had many hours of fishing. The reel does a good job. I would definitely recommend it. There was an update on 12/31/ 2020. I have owned this rod for several months and fished with it many times. It is a good setup. The reel does a good job. A 2lb Bass was the biggest fish I've caught. The lightweight rod makes fighting the smaller freshwater fish fun. It's a good setup for the price.

10. Fiblink Spinning Fishing Graphite Portable

Fiblink Spinning Fishing Graphite Portable

Carbon-fiber technology decreases weight and increases rigidity. It is for improved performance action and increased sensitivity. The rod is made of solid carbon fiber and has a specific action for fishing. High Performance is made more smooth with a mix of steel and guide that makes it more comfortable to cast and less likely to get stuck. The guides are perfectly aligned along the bottom of the blank which is straight and true. The Shrink Tube Handle is non slip and has a rear grip. The machined hood transitions above and below have a tip over butt connection. The Extreme Exposure reel seat has a plastic wheel seat with a hood. Line weight: 10-20lb; lure weight: 1/3oz; 4 guides.

Brand: Fiblink

👤The 9ft 3-piece version was purchased. I needed something small that would fit in my car truck. The 9ft 3-piece rod is perfect. The action is moving quickly. I agree with everyone that the fit of the rods is tight, after reading previous reviews. I had to file the rod ends down to make it fit better in the openings. After every use, be sure to clean the rod with fresh water. You will experience a "gritty" feel when you reassemble the rod if not. The line guides are in perfect alignment. The seat was fitted with a reel with a SuperPower Braid. The included bag is not large enough to hold the reel. The bag has 3 slots for the individual rod piece and is sized to the size of the guides. I casted from a small amount. The storage is compact. The fish hits have a better feel. The ferule guides must be sanded/filed down for proper fit before the first assembly. Ceramic guide inserts are not braid friendly. It will wear down very quickly with braided line casting. I had to file the guides after a few hundred casts. Storage bag ties are just ribbons. It would be great if it was possible to cinch the bag with velcro straps. The soft ceramic guide inserts are four stars. A fishing rod has this component. There is an update on 11/16/2019 1. I have changed the reels and line. The rod went through PowerPro Braid and Diawa J-Braid. The ceramic guide inserts are no longer wearing out because of the smooth J-Braid line. The braid line was too abrasive. 2. I tried to fit a Penn Battle II 8000 to see if it would fit a large reel. Result doesn't fit. 3. I'm looking forward to buying another rod. The rating has been updated to 5-stars.

👤The bottom of the middle section was too thick to fit in the base section and the rod was useless without further work. If they shipped this rod, they must have terrible quality control. There's no excuse for the fact that they shipped it in the condition they did, even though it's a good rod, and I had to go to a hardware store to finish it myself. I don't trust their quality control so I won't buy from them again.

👤I really like this rod. There is only one issue that has been mentioned in other reviews. The rod has been disassembled. The best thing to do is sand the Male fitting pieces before assembly. We saved you the hassle and headaches of trying to twist the rod because we were afraid it would break. The rod is stiff enough to not bend against the waves but strong enough to strike even the smallest guys.

👤You get what you pay for, and that's what I lost. The first time I used the rod for surf fishing, it was not attached to a string and the insert had a sharp edge which cut the fishing line. uselessGuides were cheap and came from shipping. The top section of the three piece rod was very loose and when you wiggle it you can feel it bouncing around inside the ferrul.

11. Sougayilang Spinning 2 Pieces Saltwater Offshore

Sougayilang Spinning 2 Pieces Saltwater Offshore

Carbon and glass fiber reinforced material are used in sensitive and solid construction. Solid glass fiber blank has incredible pulling power, strong and structural enhanced solid glass fiber construction, maximizes strength while maintaining sensitivity. The high-quality guides are made from steel and ceramic and have aviods line stuck in them, which makes them more smooth and reduces the chance of it getting stuck on the rod. The combination of strength and flexibility is made possible by accurate data calculation. The butt section of the Surf Rods are wrapped in premium EVA for a non-slip fore and rear grip feel for all day casting. As you cast and wind down on big fish, the reel seat keeps your reel in place. Theitude surf poles are available in four different lengths. As a fashion player, the most popular camouflage pattern is a must-have.

Brand: Sougayilang

👤The metal cap on the end of the rod extension pops off, exposing the materials. This was the first time we put the rod together. This product has never undergone attention to detail or qa and it would be caught and resolved right away as it is clearly a failure in process. I don't know if they are just jamming the aluminum blanks on with the dripping epoxy on the end, but that seems to be the method that the manufacturer chose.

👤My brother has done well with the rod I have given him. I will buy another one for myself. He had caught a lot of fish on this rod. The rod is sturdy and stiff, but it works well for our needs. I use it in salt water. We have only used it a few times, so I can't speak for its dependability.

👤The rod is strong and has nice action. The eyes, joint, reel seat, and resin remain to be seen, and the longevity of those is questionable. I use it with a large 6000 series reel. I will update if that changes.

👤It is more sturdy than it looks. I thought I'd try it before I returned. I was glad I did. I wouldn't recommend it for big cats. This works great if you need something sturdy to target things in a strong current.

👤The size of the fishing pole made me want to use it from freshwater to saltwater. Can be used for large fish. It is easy to pack up and take with you. I bought four of them.

👤It seems to be a sturdy fishing pole. Time will tell. That seems to be built well.

👤It's not stiff enough and it needs more back bone.

👤The Rod is very sensitive due to it's length.


What is the best product for surf fishing rod?

Surf fishing rod products from Goture. In this article about surf fishing rod you can see why people choose the product. Plusinno and Okuma Fishing are also good brands to look for when you are finding surf fishing rod.

What are the best brands for surf fishing rod?

Goture, Plusinno and Okuma Fishing are some of the best brands that chosen by people for surf fishing rod. Find the detail in this article. Fiblink, Tides Fishing Company and Sougayilang are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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