Best Xbox 360 Games Hunting and Fishing

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1. Cabelas Hunting Expeditions Xbox 360 Microsoft

Cabelas Hunting Expeditions Xbox 360 Microsoft

A brand new box. The product has all relevant accessories.

Brand: Activision

👤The Cd was flawless but could not work.

👤It was easy to get used to the game. On a rainy day, I like to be doing other things and playing video games is not something I play much.

👤My grandson asked for this last year, and he loves it! His friends enjoy it too.

👤My husband received this for Christmas and he really likes it. He and our son have been playing with it.

👤My kids enjoy playing this game. I bought it for them. It was a good value for the price and it had a lot of different hunting situations.

👤My husband is not a fan of video games, but he enjoys the challenge and realistic views in the game. Father and his boys have a lot of fun.

👤Graphics and game lags are not the best.

👤I like this version of Cabelas better than the previous version, it's more realistic, and I have more games to play.

👤The item is described and shipped quickly.

2. Bass Pro Shops Hunt Xbox 360

Bass Pro Shops Hunt Xbox 360

Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt is a hunting game. The thrill of the hunt will be experienced by using all their hunting gear, including calls, decoys, scent eliminators, ATV's and more. In 10 of North America's most famous hunting spots, players kill their prey. Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt is fun for both hunters and players. The game has authentic Bass Pro Shops hunting gear. There are different weapons to choose from. The Bass Pro Shops King of bucks are incredible, record-sized deer with typical and non-typical racks, and can be found all over the world. Each region has a legendary animal that has been roaming the area for many seasons escaping hunters and creating folk tales and local lore.

Brand: Psyclone Games

👤It was a gift for someone that loved hunting and they played it for hours. Good purchase.

👤This is a good hunting game for the Xbox.

👤This is the same as you. Are they really hunting?

👤Grandson really likes this game.

👤My grandson loves playing. It was hard to get away from him. It is very real.

👤If you love hunting, you'll love this game. It's similar to cabelas games they make for the PS2.

👤Je l'ai acheté pour la XBOX 360 and la nintendo Wii.

3. Bass Shops Fishing World Xbox One

Bass Shops Fishing World Xbox One

Work your way up to be an elite fisherman. There are 8 US locations to fish. You can see your lure action with an underwater camera. 500 fish species, authentic rods, reels, baits and lures.

Brand: Planet Entertainment

👤The game is fun for both young and old. The controller feed back was realistic. There are a lot of lakes and fish. The graphics were very realistic. It's a must buy for anyone who fishes.

👤This game can be played as real as possible.

👤If you enjoy fishing, this is a fun game to play. The controls are a little difficult.

👤Great game! .... The controller feels like it's on the water.

👤This is the best fishing game I have ever played. The game play is amazing and the controller vibrates as you wind in the line, it is very realistic. It is so realistic that you have to know where the big bass are to catch them.

4. Cabelas Outdoor Adventure 2010 Xbox 360

Cabelas Outdoor Adventure 2010 Xbox 360

Big game, small game, turkey, upland birds, waterfowl, and trophy fish species have broken records. You will be able to hunt realistic animals with advanced artificial intelligence. There are more than 50 hunting and fishing adventures in North America. You can create your own trophy buck. Enhance your hunting and fishing skills with guided hunting and fishing adventures.

Brand: Activision

👤The game is pretty fun but the guide tells you everything you need to know. I would like to hunt on my own. I don't like the bullet cam when you kill your target by shooting him in one of the vitals. It would have been nice to jump over the small logs or blades of grass. The fishing in the game is a little tacky. It is still enjoyable. Hope this helps.

👤I would play Cabelas Big Game Hunter on the PC for hours. As a child, I played several versions of it. They were all about the same and this outdoor adventure seems to go along with them. The game is not great, but not horrible. Since we have got it, we have only played it once, which I think adds to the fact that it is great. You follow your guide and shoot animals or fish. Very basic and entertaining. I don't think I'll buy another cabelas game. You have played them all after playing one.

👤This is the worst game I have ever played. I wanted a shooting game. The trek through the woods is boring. You get to shoot at something every half hour. Navigating is a nightmare since you are not given any idea of where you are going and only the sound of a guide saying "over here" Everyone was very disappointed when I bought it as a gift. I don't know why xbox can't produce a good shooting game.

👤The box message came up. No information has to be returned.

5. Deer Hunter Reloaded Xbox One Standard

Deer Hunter Reloaded Xbox One Standard

Deer Hunter: Reloaded is a hunting simulation game based on the #1 hunting franchise in the world. Track and hunt trophy big game animals such as Whitetail, Mule and Sitka Deer, Big Horn and Dall Sheep, and much more. Become a master hunter by embarking on epic guided hunts. Life-like hunting scenarios as well as reactive animal levels are progressive in realistic environments. There are daily and weekly challenges. The Canadian Region has a bonus content.

Brand: Game Mill

👤The game was not very good. It's hard to figure out where to go. I would request a refund if I had not bought it. The game is limited and stupid. The call of the hunter. The absolute best open world hunting game is available for PC, Xbox, or PS4.

👤I bought this for my brother as a gift and I was very pleased with the price and ease of purchase. There were no complaints here.

👤I was wrong to think that this game would be an upgraded version of the original. This is junk. Don't spend your money on this.

👤The grandson is always playing this game.

👤Stick to the paths. The gun is not easy to move and it's difficult to put the crosshairs in a specific place. They couldn't get the game to play down, which is incredibly frustrating. There are a lot of glitch where the same deer will run around in a circle. I wish I could come back.

👤Good game for someone starting out.

👤Lots of action and great service.

6. Charging Controller Compatible Microsoft Controllers

Charging Controller Compatible Microsoft Controllers

Take on your friends in a head to head game. The length of their cords is 6 feet. The wireless controller is not included. You should never run out of battery when you are about to score. The wire core is made of high quality wire and it is safe and durable. The heads of the copper pins are easy to fit in and won't fall out of your device. Flexible and tangle free, the housing is made of Premium PVC. Plug and play is lightweight and easy to use, it's ideal for use at home or in the office. You can give the product as a gift to your family, friends, classmates and anyone you want. If you have any issues with this product, please contact them by Amazon message, they will give you a solution at first sight. The content is X cable.

Brand: Xahpower

👤This cable is incredibly cheap and does not fit in the charging port of all the controllers I tested. I ordered this because I wanted to test the controllers that I take in for trade, but the cable doesn't fit in the charging port and won't connect to my computer for testing, nor will it charge the controllers either with how it connects Total waste of time and money.

👤I had an issue with my old wireless controller, it would blink twice and then turn off. I tried a number of remedies, including the console being unplugged and the batteries being replaced. Nothing worked. I realized it could be a broken solder joint. I decided to get the cheap cable before buying a reflow iron. It worked. It worked without batteries.

👤I bought these to use my regular controllers without the need for batteries. They don't plug in all the way or light up when plugged in, but they are plugged in enough to not be loose or intermittent connecting. It's worth it.

👤Thanks for the fast shipping. The cord works.

👤It's a good product for a good price. I wish the length of the cord was longer. That's a small thing. The controller battery pack was coming loose with the smallest touch. I can play wired with this cord.

👤La calidad de material.

👤Does not fit snug but works.

7. Deadliest Catch Alaskan Storm Xbox 360

Deadliest Catch Alaskan Storm Xbox 360

Career mode is realistic and challenging. The hard core of the Bering Sea life includes participation in United States Coast Guard search & rescue missions. There are fun challenges, including crab boat races. 5 authentic crab boats. Josh and Jake Harris are real fishermen.

Brand: Greenwave

👤This is a good simulation of the show. Casual fishing fans or casual fans of the show should probably avoid this game, but for hardcore fans it is as close to a simulation as you can get. In this game, you are the captain, you choose your boat, name it, choose your crew, purchase fuel, decide how many pots and how much bait to load, and set strings. Repairs and upgrades on your vessel and the moral and fatigue of your crew are some of the things you have to manage. You do it all, and Captain Sig is there to help you along the way, giving you helpful tips via in-game videos. This is a simulation, not an arcade game, so a lot of people will probably be put off by this, but I am a huge fan of the show and someone who loves being on the water and fishing, I love this game. I wish the graphics could have been better, the character animations could have been better, and the texture in the game is not very detailed. I feel fortunate to have it at all so I'm not going to complain about the game being 5 stars easy.

👤It's a cool game. I like the animation, the realistic seas, and the icepack issues. It's buggy! The PC version was better than the other versions. I don't recall any bugs on that. I finished the first red crab season with no problems, but the crew can't pull pots because of the opilio season. It looks like I'll have to start over. I am not happy about that.

👤I was very excited for this game. This is the worst video game. Everything was on point.

👤I broke down and ordered Alaskan storm on Amazon. I'm a huge fan of the game, but after reading the reviews, I was a little hesitant to order it. After going through the training and starting my career, I have noticed that this game is what I wanted. I don't feel like I'm playing in an arcade. The graphics are not great, and the crew doesn't chatter away the whole time. What did everyone expect? This is a relationship. This is the closest you can get. I will get to steer a crab boat through the king or opi season. What do you think about people complaining about not being able to speed up time as much as they want? This isn't a video game. This is an honest look at what you would experience in real life. This isn't TV because setting pots takes time. You can't change it in real life. The season is long in real life. This is the place to look for a serious look at a crab fishing simulation game. I love the game, but maybe it's me. The King season had just ended when I started playing last night. It takes a little time to complete a season. If you're a big fan of Deadliest Catch, this may be worth your time.

8. Cabelas Big Game Hunter 2012 Xbox

Cabelas Big Game Hunter 2012 Xbox

The animal movement gives you clues about what will happen next. Natural and Dynamic weather. The shooting galleries have targets.

Brand: Activision

👤We have spent hours playing this game with the kids and it is a great game. It's not fun being outside, but it's great on a rainy day or evening at home.

👤It was cheap and the disc had no scratches.

👤Graphics are good. This game is easy to play. To anyone who likes to hunt, but not kill an animal.

👤Didn't care for graphics or how the game was outlined.

9. TheHunter Call Wild 2019 Xbox One

TheHunter Call Wild 2019 Xbox One

You can explore a vast open world. By foot or ATV. Different species have different challenges. Become a hunter. The hunt should be designed. The Hunter Club and Hunting Experiences are relevant to you. Bragging rights can be earned.

Brand: Thq

👤I should have read the listing better, but I didn't realize it was the UK version. I'm trying to use install DLC but it's not compatible and I can't use it. It was very frustrating. If you want to add DLC, make sure you get a US version.

👤Don't buy it until you read this first. This version will not allow any additional DLC from the store. The only way to get dlc from ps store is to buy the original game and pay for it. They are double dipping. You can either pay for the original game or the updated game at full price, but you won't get dlc. It's a shame, it's a good game.

👤My son will never know if he can play this game because we don't have internet or wi-fi in our house. The product description on Amazon doesn't mention the need for internet in order to play the game. That is not true. This was a Christmas gift for my son, so it's disappointing. There was $40 worth of nothing.

👤The game is amazing. I can't describe the game. It's more fun than sitting in a stand for hours and always updating maps and animals. If you want to travel, use the ATV at a camp, it takes a while to walk across the map. I would recommend it as a gift.

👤My son is a big fan of this game. He is a huge outdoors kid. This is the best game I have ever bought. I don't play games, but I watch him track animals and ask him what gun he will need to kill an animal. You can also shoot a crossbow at animals. This is the most realistic hunting game out there. If your kid loves hunting, he will love this game.

👤I bought this game for my son. He bought a bundle of add-ons through the PS store after he downloaded the game. The add-ons wouldn't work after being paid for and downloaded. We spent over an hour on the phone with PS tech support and realized the add-ons were not compatible with the US version of the game. I think it's Canada. He can't be competitive with the game because he can't purchase add-ons. It was very disappointing.

👤I bought this thinking it was a US region game, but it was a UK version. The game plays well. My account is US and the game is UK, so I can't use DLC with this version. Make sure you get your region if you think you might want DLC.

👤I didn't realize it was an international purchase so returning it was more of a hassle than it was worth.

👤The developers promised they would do something about the issues with the game, but they haven't done anything yet. I've had enough and uninstall it. I'm sure there will be many more, be aware of the issues.

👤If you value your spare time, don't buy this. You won't have any after installing this game. I haven't played a game since buying this over 3 months ago. When you play the best hunting game I have ever played, it takes very little time, this edition comes with quite a few DLC packages but not all, I assume at the time of release this probably did include every pack but this game is evolving all the time. The wolves work in a pack and surround you before attacking.

10. Hunting Simulator 2 Xb1 Xbox One

Hunting Simulator 2 Xb1 Xbox One

There are over 36 different animals of all sizes located in their natural habitats, and you can hunt in one of 3 major regions. Introducing a brand-new hunting Dog mechanic to assist you on your hunt; command your dog to track, freeze, follow and more. Use all licensed gear from top hunting brands around the world and personalize your player with 65 different weapons, 13 special items, and 87 apparel options.

Brand: Maximum Games

👤The one thing I didn't like about this was that you had to buy a license to kill whatever animal you wanted to kill, but it didn't say that in the description.

👤The first got boring.

👤The game is fun for beginners. Ethics, weapon selection and wildlife/trophy identification are taught. My son is a hunter.

👤The game is a joke. Won't allow you to bag your animals. You get fined if you shoot more than 3 times. The animals are not licensed if you have a license. Don't spend your money.

👤The case does not fully close due to the damage. The game works well. I've played theHunter: Call of the Wild before and it's a great game.

👤I bought this for my husband and he loves it.

👤I gave it to my grand son because it was complicated for a new player.

👤My son loves playing this game.


11. Cabelas Big Game Hunter Hunts Xbox

Cabelas Big Game Hunter Hunts Xbox

cabelas biggame prohunts 888-666-1846

Brand: Activision

👤There are warnings here that are true. There is a serious bug in this game that will affect you all. The company knows about it, but decided not to do anything. When you try to load this game on your XBOX, you will be prompted to choose the storage device. That's when the death freeze happens. You can't do anything about the lock on the box, but you can turn it off manually. It won't help if you clear your memory cache. This is the only game that freezes out like this. Unless you want to start the game over from scratch, there is nothing you can do. Who knows how far you'll go before it gets cold again? When it hit me, I was over 98% completed. It's pretty frustrating. The complaints were ignored. There was a big surprise. Do you think it's me? Nope. If you do an internet search, you'll see how many people who have played this game have the same problem.

👤This game is right on the money, as a long time Cabelas game player and real life hunter. I think it is the best hunting game for sale. When you hit an animal with an x-ray, you can see the inside of the animal. The hunts are enjoyable but still challenging. I think it's cool that celebrity hunters act as guides in the cut scenes. There are 10 species of game animals that you can hunt, and a few that are just in the game to hunt for fun. There are a few things I don't like about the game. I wish they would have put more effort into the non-game species. They don't run away from you if they walk or run in a triangle. They did not put the effort into hunting them like they did with the regular game animals. The weapons you can use is the next thing. The weapons include,.223 bolt action,.223 semi- auto,.270 bolt action, 7mm mag bolt action,.30-06 semi- auto,.338 mag bolt action, and a recurve bow. I wish they had included a Muzzleloader. The guns are boring because you can shoot the animal at 200 yards and it will die on the spot, so I use the bows when I can for more of a challenge. Allowing you to replay the hunts is the last thing I wish they would have done differently. There are a few flaws in this game. I enjoy playing on a rainy day.

👤This is a great game. It's easy to understand the animals movements in response to yours, but at times it's difficult. The tips and tricks used in this game are the same as in real life. The animals seem to be in the same area over and over again. Once you play it a few times, you know where to go, when to call, and when they will turn broadside. A very good game.

👤They could care less if their games froze and caused more video agony.

👤I am very upset that my game console works just fine, even though it froze again after I bought the second one. Do that my hole life? I am 44 years old. I am very disappointed. I thought maybe I did something. No after the second time. All of my games and consoles work well. I know it's the product. I wrote a letter of complaint for the first time. For a crappy product. The game reminds me of home in the green mountains. Grew up fishing. Each time I bought it, I loved it. It lasts for 10 hours. ? I was very disappointed.


What is the best product for xbox 360 games hunting and fishing?

Xbox 360 games hunting and fishing products from Activision. In this article about xbox 360 games hunting and fishing you can see why people choose the product. Psyclone Games and Planet Entertainment are also good brands to look for when you are finding xbox 360 games hunting and fishing.

What are the best brands for xbox 360 games hunting and fishing?

Activision, Psyclone Games and Planet Entertainment are some of the best brands that chosen by people for xbox 360 games hunting and fishing. Find the detail in this article. Activision, Game Mill and Xahpower are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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