Best Zip Off Fishing Pants for Men Quick Dry

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1. Hiking Convertible Lightweight Outdoor Fishing

Hiking Convertible Lightweight Outdoor Fishing

The hiking pants have a classic cargo silhouette with straight leg design for comfortable and loose, which can adapt to the big movements without tearing. Zip-off legs make for an easy change from pants to shorts, suitable in the hot and cool seasons of spring and autumn. The men's cargo pants have multi pockets with hook andloop for your belongings, two slant pockets, two thigh pockets and two back pockets for convenience and efficiency. The Quick Dry Sun Protection pants are made with a fabric that protects against the sun and a technology that keeps you cool and dry. 3D cutting, lightweight fabric for maximum comfort is what Casual pants for men are made of. It's suitable for casual and outdoor wear, such as hiking, travel, fishing, riding, walking, camping, mountaineer, hunt, climb, etc.

Brand: Jessie Kidden

👤Pros Material does not hold water, but I liked them. Well. The material is very light and it is quick to dry, so it is good for you. I will replace the belt with a better one. The fake pockets are the real disappointment with convertible pants.

👤Yesterday I got these. They are light and comfortable. The quality of the belt is questionable at best. The worst thing that can happen is that I have shorts if the leg zippers fail. Something more substantial will probably be replaced with the zip up for the fly. It's right on the money. I've seen reviews where people claim they are a bit baggy. It allows for air flow. Perfect for hot summer days.

👤These pants have good pockets. If two pairs of pants are made of the same materials, there is no reason for them to have different designs. The elastic waist band makes these pants very comfortable to wear around the waist. The front top pockets are deep and cut so that your hands don't fall out when you sit down. There is an extra deep pocket on the right hand side that is just the right size for a pen or pocket knife. My favorite pants are hiking pants.

👤I had a hard time finding the right size. I had to change my size because I thought it was a size 38. I like the pants for most of the time, but the legs are a lot wider from the knee down than I would have liked, could have been straighter or more tapered. I don't know how these will look when I get off the plane. Will know in a couple of weeks how well they are.

👤You can only order waist sizes from the size chart. I ordered a 32 waist. These pants are similar to a 36 waist.

👤These pants have some unusual fitting points. There are small entrances to the main front pockets. It's hard to get a big hand in them. The fit in the crotch is tight even when the waist is not. If you have a skinny build, these pants are fine. You won't look provocative because the inseam on the shorts is long. It's a good thing. The finish and seams are nice. I like the snaps on the pockets since I am tired of the velcro everywhere.

👤The waist and length are a good fit for the baggy legs. The pockets might be a little deeper. I have a phone. It won't fit in the back pockets. They aren't deep enough. It can be found in the 'cargo' pockets on the front leg. The image shows a light color, but it is darker than that. It is a dark navy. I think the belt they come with is useless. It hangs off of me too much. There is a tail hanging down. I will cut it off and burn the end to keep it from unraveling. The seam is strong and sturdy and I don't think there will be any problems with it. I gave it a 7 out of 10. Good value for money but baggy legs.

2. Hiking Convertible Lightweight Breathable Fishing

Hiking Convertible Lightweight Breathable Fishing

The conversion and stretchy are related. The Toomett Convertible Hiking pants have concealed zippers at the knees for an easy change from pants to shorts. The two-section pants can be converted to shorts in a matter of minutes. UV protection and quick dry. The Quick-Dry technology transfers sweat from the skin to the fabric in which it quickly evaporates to keep you cool and dry. The lightweight pants have a tight weave construction cloth with UV absorbent yarns that blocks UV rays to help reduce your exposure to harmful rays. Adaptable anddurable: The elastic waist, relaxed seat and thigh of the cargo pants allow them to fit comfortably while you are sitting or active. The articulated knees and the gusseted crotch combine with the ripstop fabric to ensure maximum freedom of movement outdoors. The hiking pants surface has extra Teflon coating. There are 6 pockets for maximum storage capacity. 2 slash pockets, 2 thigh cargo pockets, 2 hook & loop back pockets, and mesh pocket lining combine for ultimate convenience and breathability. There is a partial elastic waistband with belt loops. The hiking pants have a metal button and a quality zippers. The men's hiking cargo pants are made for a relaxed fit and are suitable for various occasions. It's suitable for all kinds of daily wear and outdoor sports.

Brand: Toomett

👤I like the pants a lot. I just got back from a field test on new gear and am ready to go on the trail. These pants were flying in the air. I am 5'11" and 213 lbs. Carrying an extra 15 lbs has made the build more athletic. I went with a size 36 and it fit perfectly. I've been wearing what I've been told is size wise. If needed, there is some elastic in the waist. Light and comfortable. I wore these up and down the mountain, by the fire, and in the tent because it was humid yesterday. The zip on each leg is very easy to open. The legs come off with no effort. Works as intended. The shorts look good. Even with good use, the pockets should last for awhile. These are highly recommended for their value. The pants were amazing when they were back from hiking the Appalachian. The weather was very warm and the legs of pants were taken off immediately. Came off without a hitch. These pants came out of the muddy trail unscathed. It was dried quick too. These are great!

👤If your child is tall and thin, Scouting pants are great. These are short and slim. They barely hit his ankle. They are fine with shoes.

👤I got this for my neighbor because he likes to wear hiking pants that zip off at the knee, and they fit him perfectly, and he will be ordering another pair of these if anyone else wants them.

👤A pair of very lightweight pants was what I wanted. These are good. They fit well for what they are. It's easy to remove the legs. The legs are carried in two pockets by the thin fabric. The material is what I want. I didn't buy these for their looks, but for their utility, because the belt is too long and not color coordinated.

👤I ordered these for my son. He wore them while hiking and put them on in the afternoon. The legs can't be put back on. The material is very thin. I would like to come back if he didn't wear them once. I wouldn't order again.

👤These pants fit around my husband's waist, but they were too tight around his thighs. I got them for him for Father's Day and unfortunately they are outside of the return window. I think you should not order them as a gift in advance because you may not be able to get them. A bigger size would be too big. They are not a good fit.

👤I got these for my son to wear to summer camp, and they fit perfectly, and kept him comfortable. They are in great shape months later. He loves them!

👤The quality of these pants is not as good as I would have liked, but I am satisfied with the size chart's depiction of the inseam. I decided to remove the necessary stitches, unfold about 1/3 of the fabric, and stitch it back up after I debated whether to return them. I took about an hour. Why a 52" belt for a 34" waist?

3. Adventure Convertible Lightweight Trousers Khaki 32

Adventure Convertible Lightweight Trousers Khaki 32

Taslon fabric for maxium protection against the sun is one of the features of the convertible pant. The men's durable convertible pant has side pockets with hook and loop closure and mesh pocket bags for convenience and efficiency. The men's convertible pant has a partial elastic waist, a gusset detail, and zip-off legs. The pant is made of a classic fit for ultimate comfortability while outside. For casual and outdoor recreation wear, outdoor pants for hiking, skiing, climbing, traveling, camping, mountaineer, fishing.

Brand: Asfixiado

👤Nice pants, but they didn't make me more desirable to women.

👤These pants are really nice. The material is comfortable. It is soft but durable. Before you place your order, make sure you look at the sizing chart. The size numbers are not the same as the inches.

👤These things are comfortable and fit well. They were purchased for a fair that was going to be warm during the day and cold at night. The only issue was that the legs were a bit difficult to get back on the pants. I had to go back a bit with each zip because the zip got caught on the material.

👤Good pants. It was a bit long. The waist is about right. A little sound when walking. The belt is nice, but the belt clip broke on the first day I wore it. Not repairable. You should be prepared to wear your own belt. I hope the problem was not normal. I don't think so. The weakness with these pants is obvious.

👤I got these a few months ago when my pants finally got too threadbare to use after 10 years of hard use. These are good for the price, but noisy and stiff, which hasn't gone away. There are lots of pockets for things. Good pants and I think they'll last a long time, but I'm checking for sales at Patagonia.

👤The button hole was not sewn properly. Mobility was restricted because of the tightness in the thighs. I don't want to see how the proper size fits. I'm 5'8 160 lbs and my thighs aren't big.

👤Great pants. I can't see this lasting more than a few weeks in the brush. They work well if you trade it out for a better belt. Will buy more if everything goes well.

👤I agree with the low ratings about the loose button being small for men, I can re-sew it. I like that they were lightweight and had a partial elastic waist to give me some wiggle room as my weight tends to be unstable and they fit perfect. It's difficult to find something that's just the right length. There is a nice range of colors. I bought a second pair.

4. Columbia Rapid Rivers Graphite 36x32

Columbia Rapid Rivers Graphite 36x32

98% cotton, 2% elastane. Be safe and protected. The Omni-Shade blocks the sun's harmful rays. The UV absorbent yarns block harmful UV rays. There areANDY features. The men's stretch pant has two side pockets to keep smaller items safe. There are adjusted features. The men's stretch pant has a partial elastic waist and a gusset detail.

Brand: Columbia

👤The pants are phenomenal. Light weight but hold up through thick woods. I was stuck on barbed wire when they ripped it. I am an archaeologist and I like to survey through some really bad woods and horrible general conditions. They were able to hold up for two full seasons.

👤I bought a pair at the mall that I loved and have since purchased 2 more from Amazon. I wouldn't rank them with Carhartt, but they wear better and are more sturdy. They don't stretch out while working. They seem to have a double stitch in most places and I have not seen any tears or rips while working in them so far. The only issue I have noticed is that I had to buy a larger size in the waist than all of my other pants. When I tried them on in person, I found out that they fit perfectly with the larger waist.

👤I bought these for my husband. He needed something to wear from office to court to field. The pants are comfortable and durable for field work. Will buy more after buying 2 pairs.

👤I have worn khaki pants for many years. I have found the Columbia pants to be the most durable pants on the market. I wear a 36 waist and always buy a 38 waist from Columbia. They fit perfectly. If you grab them out of the dryer, they will not be warm. Leg pockets are a great way to carry things throughout the day.

👤I have been looking for a jean-style pants that were not skinny fit for a long time. I don't like the look of my pants, they have a tapered look. These are great! They fit well and have not shrunk.

👤These are pants for girls. For guys with no package. I have never been so constrained up front. If you want your junk to show, it is perfect. The crotch is too high.

👤I wear jeans because they are loose, but I can never find pants that fit me. They are usually baggy. These pants are as comfortable as jeans and have the same functions. There are 4 standard pockets and a small accessory pocket on the right. The pants are lightweight and stretch a little in the crotch, hips, thighs and knee areas when bending or crouching. The pockets are deep enough for me to hide a snub nosed revolver in the front pocket. It's deep enough to fit your hands in the pocket. It can fit a 1.5” belt. The top is secured with a button and the zip is high quality. I have used Columbia products for 30 years and I was impressed by the price. The pants were made in Asia. The fit was perfect and I could have shortened it by one inch. I have been pleased with the pants.

👤These pants fit my husband's need for lighter weight pants. The fit is good, although a 33" waist would have been perfect, but don't find that size often, the fabric is thin, yet substantial and is sun proof. The granite color is very nice. Columbia provides affordable well made functional outdoor clothing.

5. Outdoor Convertible Lightweight Fishing Trousers

Outdoor Convertible Lightweight Fishing Trousers

The Quick Dry pants for men are made of nylon. There is Elastane. The sun protection fabric has a rating of pf 50. The men's hiking pants are made of water resistant fabric and Breathable, with a belt included. The men's convertible pants have a straight-leg and make it easy to change from pants to shorts on hot days. Cargo pants for men have a side elastic waist for maximum comfort and multiple pockets for your belongings safety. The nylon cargo pants are ideal for casual and outdoor wear like hiking, fishing,skiing, mountaineer, riding, walking, camping, hunt, climb, etc.

Brand: Linlon

👤One serious flaw brings it down to 1 star. The loops start at the hips. If you carry a lot of weight, the pants will get stuck under the belt. Not a good look or feel. How could this not be missed? Belt loops should start from where the pants meet. See the picture.

👤I don't know if I got unlucky or not. I got these pants and the stitching was so bad that a pocket fell out because the stitching came completely out. I only wore these once and I want a refund or a pair that was put together correctly. These could have been great pants.

👤These pants are not made for men. The top to the bottom is 3.5 inches long. The fabric is terrible. I don't think nylon is that great. They do not feel right for me. To return them, they must be sent back to China by the buyer. They might have been happier if they were $10 a piece. If Amazon took ownership of what they sold here. If I want the cheapest thing China can make, I will go to the Chinese company.

👤I liked the pants. I wore it as part of a Boy Scout uniform.

👤These are great! The nylon material makes noise when you walk. You will not be sneaking up on anyone.

👤I was looking for a new pair of cargo pants. I chose this pair of pants. Don't get me wrong, these work, but there are better pants out there for a lower cost. Positive. They fit well, repel water, and are comfortable to wear. Downside. The belt has a different method of attaching it. The ends need to be aligned correctly. The stick is made of zippers. I don't know how to put it, but if you're in a hurry, be prepared. It might stick. I've never tried the leg zippers, but the fly one keeps sticking. I was hoping this was the last pair of pants I would need. I'll keep shopping.

👤I like the material and the zip-off legs. I realize I'm a short, bulky guy, but the legs are too long. I ordered a second set after I liked it so much. I asked my wife to trim the legs to a better length for me. They look nice. There is a hidden draw-string inside the cuff of each pant leg in the second set. It's easy to keep it snug around the ankle, and it's likely to help keep wood ticks out. The draw string has a small pocket inside each pant leg cuff to hold it, and a spring-loaded tab to hold it tight when you snug it up, so you don't have to tie a knot. When the cuff is snug, the excess string is easy to Contain inside the pant leg. I like them.

👤I usually wear 38x30 or 40x30 These were advertised at 38, but the length seemed to be more like 33 or 34. These come in a single size, just SIZE 38. I walked on the hems and the bottom of the pants leg.

6. Stretch Lightweight Convertible Outdoor Waterproof

Stretch Lightweight Convertible Outdoor Waterproof

Sun protection for hiking women is built-in to provide great protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. The dry fabric sweeps sweat away from your skin. Rip-stop, lightweight, breathable, sun-protective and water-resistant fabric to keep you cool all the time. The pants use ripstop stretch fabric with a triple-stitching built, sturdy and flexible to ensure maximum performance in the field. The nylon zippers and deep enough to securely hold your 5.5 phones, wallet and keys are some of the benefits of cargo summer pants. The capri features roll up around the knee parts to keep it cool when hiking and make the pants hem freely so that it's easy to fit your body well. The hiking pants prevent sweat from sticking to the skin. It has a good sunscreen effect and is characterized by quick-drying breathability. Hiking gear has a elastic waistband. It's made of a slim fit with a soft 4-way stretchy fabric that gives you the freedom to flex. Two slant pockets and one small back pocket provide convenient storage for all your small essentials. There are five zip up pockets for the safe of your mobile phones, wallet, keys, etc. There are two slant pockets, two thigh pockets, and one back pockets. High- performance women's quick dry pants are perfect for all your outdoor movements. Hiking capris pants are suitable for all seasons. Good choice for outdoor sports, exercising, hiking, camping, hunting, fitness, active, cycling, fishing, boating, rock climbing, travelling,Jungle Exploring, running, jogging,Golf and outdoor working. Home wear and lounge wear. Either machine wash or hand wash.

Brand: Toomett

👤I took them because they came too long for my friend who is shorter than me. I bought the size 27 because the size chart said it would work for 5'4-5'5". I wore these pants because I was hiking and I had a lot of crouching, stretching my legs up for climbing, stepping up over big rocks. They were comfortable for all of it, allowing my legs to bend. They did well when I was off- trail. The catclaw slipped off of these. The pants were good enough after several hours of walking through bushes. I needed the belt because they were a little loose around the waist, it was more comfortable to know your hiking pants aren't slipping down as you walk. There is a As for water resistance... I don't think they are water resistant. The first few drops of water were not wet, but they were getting wet the whole way through. The pocket on the leg is terrible. It could be larger with a zip up top to keep stuff in. I kept my phone in it through the whole hike, it didn't pull the pant leg a lot or bounce around. When I put my legs up, the top fell out when I laid back on a rock. There should be a piece of equipment. You can't use the regular hip pockets while hiking because you can't walk comfortably, these need the leg pocket to be bigger.

👤Although they fit very snug, they stretch more than I realized, and after walking around for a while, they became so comfortable that I forgot I was wearing them. I wear a size 2 (26) pants when I weigh over 125 lbs. The design of these is so slim that it is hard to move. I was going to return them for the larger size, but since they were out of stock I decided to try them again. Because I prefer my clothes to fit slim, they will work out well, and size 27 would probably be loose for my small waist. If you prefer a roomier fit, go up one size. Size 26 pants have a front rise. The back is 13 and the shorts are 8. I deducted one point because they don't have the cinch cord at pants hem as promised, you will need to add one to keep out bugs. I wear lavender lotion for that purpose, which is very effective for fleas and biting flies, however, I don't know how effective it is against ticks or mountain mosquitoes in my area. The back pockets are deep enough to hold my S10+ phone and the zip pocket on the leg is deep enough to hold my phone. I had to fold it back up under the hem after I wore it as shorts. The lower leg is easy to remove, however, there is a definite Right-Left leg, so make sure to line up the correct leg when reattaching. The zip tab won't budge until both edges are aligned, so be sure to insert the zip tab completely to the end in line with the attached side. The lower sections of my body will double as a tan screen when I am sunbathing.

7. Columbia Silver Convertible Breathable Protection

Columbia Silver Convertible Breathable Protection

100% Synthetic Fibers. The technology is advanced. The Columbia Silver Ridge convertible pant has a signature UPF 50 fabric for protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays as well as a fabric that pulls water away from you to keep you cool and dry. There areANDY features. The men's convertible pant has a zip-closure security pocket, side pockets with hook and loop closure, and mesh pocket bags for convenience and security. There are adjusted features. The men's convertible pant has a partial elastic waist, a zip-off legs, and a gusset detail.

Brand: Columbia

👤The pants are stretchable. I've hiked with them in 40 degree heat and 120 degree heat in the desert in the Middle East. They absorb 27 times the weight in water of cotton, and are made of a type of fabric called polyester. They will dry very quickly. A couple hours out on a line will dry them. They are warm and do a good job of blocking the wind. When the temperatures are in the upper 40s and lower 50s, they are able to hike. If you're hiking in anything colder than that, you'll want a thicker material. They can remove the humidity in extreme heat. After travelling 200 ft from an air conditioned Bunker across the desert in Qatar, you were completely drenched in sweat. The heat is close to being the maximum that people can endure due to the air's humidity. You would be protected from the sun by the quick drying of the paints. They are light and don't feel uncomfortable in the heat. I have had one of the forward pocket in one of my paints fail due to the stitching, and some of the material is starting to look thread bear, but the durability is pretty good. Cotton underwear will be your down fall if you are doing things on the water, after being dosed by a bow wave, cotton underwear will dry quickly. If you splash down with a bit of fresh water after landing, this fabric will dry out, even if it absorbs salt, which can lead to rash. They are very effective pants to wear. They are very light and do not show any signs of aging. You can pack them in a backpack and they don't weigh much and take up a lot of space. You can put the bottoms in the front pockets if you want to. The belt isn't very fancy, but I haven't had any fail, and I've found they are the ideal size for emergency tourniquets, which I've had to do. It's probably not everyone's list of reasons to buy a belt, but unlike leather and dress belts, this can be used to sync something down. I use it to sync down my backpacking loads when I can't find anything else. The color works well, and unlike everything else, has never produced a stain. That's a nice feature, the dye is permanent, and everything else washes away like engine grease, blood, mustard, dirt. They don't look wet with the color, unlike the lighter versions. They will eventually start to wear like everything else. They fit the bill, from casual dining in the Middle East to formal wear in the US. They don't look out of place on a military base or camping trip. They don't scream "search me for hidden weapons and cans of chewing tobacco" because they are GIs. I think they deserve 4.5 stars, with the only objection being that they were under a bit of load, but I think they did a good job. I choose 5 because I can't choose 4.5 stars.

8. Columbia Backcast Convertible Carbon XXLargex34

Columbia Backcast Convertible Carbon XXLargex34

Improved protection can be achieved with advanced technology. The Columbia Men's Backcast Convertible pants are water and sun resistant and have a UPF 30 rating. The men's convertible pants are lightweight and quick-drying, perfect for fishing off docks or on the beach. The Columbia men's pants are an easy fit and built with multiple features, including a partial elastic waist, an interior mesh brief, and zip-off legs for ultimate comfort.

Brand: Columbia

👤Columbia pocket designs are getting old for me. Put your phone, coin, and chap stick in your pocket and sit down. There is a high chance that these items will come out. I love the material and the fact that they can be used as shorts, but the pockets are so bad, they only work with heavy items like keys, and I don't know if they'd keep your keys in your pocket. Columbia knows how to have pockets for coats, but not pants and shorts. The support is notexistent, but the liner is there. If the pockets were correct, I was going to cut it out. The conversion concept is great, the fabric and color are great, I just don't have any patience with clothing that doesn't function for the most common tasks, I'm sending them back.

👤It's not my favorite Columbia product, it's a little odd fitting in the crotch, and it's one size too small, so I don't wear it often. It did make a difference on those early morning runs to the fishing spot.

👤I found a fishnet underwear unit in the waistband. Just like a pair of swim trunks. It made the fit uncomfortable and I wasn't impressed. They are light, but well made. They will be cool on cooler days and cool on warmer days. I'm struggling with the swim suit design.

👤I bought these pants for a cruise. They were great for wearing off and on the ship. They were right to wear them off the ship and down to the beach. I hit the water after zipping the lower half off. The shirts are a great match and I now have three. They are comfortable and dry quickly. Shop well because Amazon had the best price.

👤When it warms up you can have shorts on when you want to go fishing, I love these pants because they protect my legs from the sun. Personal preference is the only complaint I have. I don't like the built in underwear. I've never met anyone who likes it.

👤The pants are great for hot days. Columbia makes some of the best clothing and these pants are no exception. They are light and do not make you feel bad. The can can be converted to shorts by opening the middle section. I have had these for about 8 months now and they look great.

👤The pants have a lining around the crotch and no zip, that's a little strange. It was very comfortable. Good product!

👤I would wear them all the time. I love the colors I have. It's easy to remove the bottoms and wear shorts.

👤I have talla 33 and ped de 34 and I have extra tallas.

👤Columbia, es totalmente waterproof, tiene proteccin UPF50. Excellent.

👤The sender. Cmodo y liviano. Adecuado y largo un poco de ms.

👤La talla es una correcta ped un 32 x 32.

👤Talla perfecta, la tela es delgada perfecto. Calidad Columbia is located in Columbia.

9. JOMLUN Outdoor Convertible Lightweight Fishing

JOMLUN Outdoor Convertible Lightweight Fishing

Men's hiking climbing pants are suitable for outdoor and indoor activities. Light men's trousers can be used as sports pants. Trekking trousers have a partially elastic waistband and are made of multi-pocket design. The zip-off legs allow the pants to be changed quickly and can be converted to shorts when outdoors. It offers a perfect fit. Pre-shaped knees give freedom of movement. The Youth Quick Dry waterproof trousers are made of quick-drying nylon fabric that quickly absorbs sweat to keep the body dry and comfortable. The fabric protects your skin from the harmful effects of the sun and keeps you cool and dry in the summer. It's perfect for an outdoor excursion because it reduces the risk of cutting through branches and other objects outdoors. The pants have elastic yarn that can be stretched in four different directions. The trousers sit at the waist with the elastic waistband. The trousers are particularly effective on longer tours. For casual and outdoor recreation wear, outdoor pants for hiking, climbing, traveling, off-road, camping, mountaineering, fishing. Before buying, it is recommended to check the size chart.

Brand: Jomlun

👤Do not wear camping gear. If you stand or sit near a campfire, they will melt. The material didn't melt to my leg because I was wearing jeans. They melted in 4 different places.

👤First they're pants, then they're shorts. Or vice versa! After a normal wash cycle, the material is very lightweight and dries very quickly. I have to remind myself not to overload the front pockets. The side and rear pockets probably only have paper or plastic cards. The fit is acceptable at the waist and relatively loose through the leg. If you have to take a big step, you shouldn't have to worry about tearing out the seam because there's plenty of room where the legs meet. The guide hole for the button is small. I see where it could cause issues with longevity by increasing wear and tear on the threading on the button, even though it is not a real problem. The elastic waist band is the other thing. It's not only a matter of personal preference, but the seller mentions this condition in the item description, so it's not possible to dock the item. I think a regular waist band is still the way to go for these, since they are intended to be a more leisure type of clothing item. Fortunately, they come with a thin and flimsy belt for those of us with no hips for the elastic waist band to grab on to. The item was described. It was on time. If necessary, would order again.

👤The comfie pant is perfect for what they are designed for when you figure out the correct size. We loved the zip-off legs. They run one size to small, and are short, so not for tall guys.

👤I wouldn't wear clothes around town if I worked in the heat. The cut around the calves and ankles is very relaxed. There are hidden cords in the cuffs to tighten the ankle. These are very relaxed. It's great for when you don't care about yard work.

👤I ordered these for a camping trip and they were perfect. Being able to attach the pant legs was great because it was chilly in the mornings and evenings. It was easy to zip them off during the day. We were crossing the river and getting wet but the pants dried quickly. They are not very thick but kept me warm. For the price.

👤The fit is roomy and comfortable, the material is light and fast drying, and the wipes off easily. There are some things that are CONS: The pants are billed as men's pants, but the zip is short. Not good for standing up in the men's room. It's difficult to get a wallet in and out of the hip pockets.

👤These pants fit well. They have an elastic waistband so they can stretch if it's snug. The legs zip on and off with no issues. You just have to make sure the material doesn't bunch up. Will be ordering these again. I have a few pairs. They are thin and not recommended for winter or cooler temperatures. It's perfect for warmer temperatures.

10. Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Camel

Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Camel

The technology is advanced. The Columbia Silver Ridge convertible pant has a signature UPF 50 fabric for protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays as well as a fabric that pulls water away from you to keep you cool and dry. There areANDY features. The men's convertible pant has a zip-closure security pocket, side pockets with hook and loop closure, and mesh pocket bags for convenience and security. There are adjusted features. The men's convertible pant has a partial elastic waist, a zip-off legs, and a gusset detail.

Brand: Columbia

👤The pants are great as far as design and function, they are the best pants you can buy. Depending on your build, size is hit and miss. The inconvience of having to reorder and wait for it again was 3 stars. If you are muscular or have a bubble butt, you should have a slimmer cut to your pants. You will have problems. The waist size needed to be a 36. The cut of the bum and upper legs made it uncomfortable to wear a base layer or longer underwear, and I didn't have enough play in the stitching to move around in them as I wanted. If you are a "normal" or "thin" build, these pants should be great. If you consider yourself to be muscular or heavier, you should order a full size up. These pants were not designed for larger men.

👤The pants are very light. They wear well. The material is stretchy. The bottoms zip off. When the bottoms are zip off, it means you're almost wearing capris. Not a good look for a man. The pants are just above the knee. They are perfect for backpacking in the fall and spring, and I think they would be great in the other months of the year. I will be wearing them in the summer since they are light and will give me mosquito protection without being too hot. I originally ordered 34x34 because it is my pant size. I have to get the 36x34. The crotch area was too tight when I squatted because the 34x34 pants were just a little snug. I would suggest getting one waist higher. These pants are still great. I wore these on a four hour hike today and they were very comfortable. I took the pant legs off before I hit the trail. The pants were very comfortable. The right cargo pocket was the only issue I had with them. It had a small piece of Velcro on it, but it didn't stick after I sweated. There is a small issue in my mind. The left pocket has something on it. I'm not sure why the right doesn't. These pants are one thing I like about them. You don't have to guess which one is which because the lower pant legs have an L and an R stamped on them.

👤I wanted to wear these pants. I bought these for backpacking because I knew they were good pants. The Columbia name is usually used for lightweight, breathable fabric. The pants ride below the hip. There are hip-huggers. I wear boxer briefs for most of the exercise I do. There was a large gap where my underwear rode up over the top of the Columbia pants that I wore with my normal backpacking pack. The belt of the pants was cutting into my hip bones. The thicker, padded belt of my pack ended up rubbing against my underwear and bare skin, which resulted in the gory incident. I tried to attach pictures to the review, but Amazon found them inappropriate. I've never seen wounds like this in my years of hiking and backpacking, and I'm pretty sure I'll return these pants. I used duct tape to bandage myself while in the wilderness and continued changing bandages for the next five days. Is it possible that my fellow lovers of the outdoors can tell me if I should order a larger or smaller size? Although they are a bit snug, they fit me just fine and allowed for a full range of movement even with a heavy pack on. I wouldn't have ordered them just to have a nice pair of hiking pants if I were scared to try them again in a backpacking scenario. Any advice is welcome.

11. Outdoor Convertible Lightweight Fishing Trousers

Outdoor Convertible Lightweight Fishing Trousers

Hiking pants for men are made of nylon. There is Elastane. The material is quick dry and has a button. The men have quick dry pants. The pants have a belt. Breathing freely and quick dry, it's water repellence, wear-resisting, and breathe freely. It's possible to change the pants to shorts in the summer and cool off in the spring with this zip off hiking pants men with straight legs. Men's cargo pants have hook&loop for their belongings. The cargo work pants have two high cargo pockets and two low cargo pockets. Fishing pants for men feature with Omni-Shade UPF 50+ Sun Protection, ideal for casual and outdoor recreation wear like hiking,fishing,skiing, mountaineering, riding, walking, camping, hunt, climb, etc.

Brand: Linlon

👤I expect a pair of pants that will last me a long time with my Boy Scouts uniform. There is a The bad: 1. The material is smooth. There are many deep pockets. The pockets are made to make sure things don't fall out. 4. I like zip off pants. 5. The fit is perfect for me. I bought a size 40. There is a The bad: 1. The pockets are stiff and it takes 2 hands to move them, they keep getting stuck on something. The left hand zip pocket on the leg seems to be worse than the back pocket. The legs are easier to remove from what I have found. 2. There is no way to tell which leg is which on the legs. The user has to figure out which leg is which before they can get the legs back on. I think I will be doing that, but you could always label the pull tag with a sharpie. They do not seem to be the same quality as Columbia pants, but they are not the price of Columbia pants either. I got my money's worth, for $30. They have a lot of big pockets, perfect for modern boy scouts. Is it a good idea to recommend it? These are an inexpensive alternative to Columbia or REI pants. They seem to be good quality, even though they are not the same.

👤I ordered four hiking pants. I used the correct size charts to get as close as possible to my normal pant size of 36W x 34L, which resulted in two pairs of 34 L and one pair of M. The length is good. Use the size charts when ordering. These are tight on the hips, which may make it hard to scramble over rocks. Hopefully they will be durable enough to hold up during the hikes that we will be on in the coming weeks. If I remember, I'll try to update. I will keep them for this trip, even though I would probably not order them again.

👤I want my 13 year old to look presentable for official functions. I can understand the shirt, but the pants from BSA are so expensive that my guy will grow out of them before he gets his money's worth. The pants are not skimpy. They are soft for my sensitive guy. They have some elastic in their waist. A boy who only wears track pants and basketball shorts is more comfortable. It's a great price for comfort.

👤I ordered my normal waist size, 36, but they were too snug. They were lightweight, nice looking, and a quality product. I ordered the next size up, a 38 waist, and they arrived within a reasonable time. I tried them on and they fit. If I need more of the same item in a different color, I would order this product again. I like the fact that the cargo pants have a zip up at the knees. Since I wear shorts most of the year, I can put the lower section back on when the weather is cooler. I try to remember to wash the lower section of the shorts in order to keep them the same. Thank you. Dennis Stevens.


What is the best product for zip off fishing pants for men quick dry?

Zip off fishing pants for men quick dry products from Jessie Kidden. In this article about zip off fishing pants for men quick dry you can see why people choose the product. Toomett and Asfixiado are also good brands to look for when you are finding zip off fishing pants for men quick dry.

What are the best brands for zip off fishing pants for men quick dry?

Jessie Kidden, Toomett and Asfixiado are some of the best brands that chosen by people for zip off fishing pants for men quick dry. Find the detail in this article. Columbia, Linlon and Jomlun are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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