Best Zoom Baits for Bass Fishing

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1. Classic All Purpose Plastic Fishing Watermelon

Classic All Purpose Plastic Fishing Watermelon

It isdurable and long lasting. Whether they're feeding or not, this lure catches bass. Even highly pressured fish can't resist the subtle life-like action of soft plastic bait. The hook slot provides better hook-ups. The Dinger can be Texas, Carolina and wacky rigged, weighted or weightless, and catches fish when other lures fail. The classic worm style gets inactive fish to strike.

Brand: Yum Lures

👤The product is false. It appears that this ad has been going on for quite some time after reading the reviews. The pumpkin is green. I was specifically looking for green pumpkin because where I fish, for whatever reason, it makes a huge difference. I am familiar with the brand and the color, so I didn't need to read the reviews. When the seller is lying about their product, we should trust Amazon to step in. We should not have to read the reviews to find out that there is a problem with the seller.

👤The yamamoto version is a great alternative. These work the same and are considerably cheaper, but be careful with colors that are similar. Either the workers don't know the difference or they entered the wrong warehouse. I had an issue with the watermelon red flake being ordered and not the green pumpkin. Amazon has no solution to this problem.

👤Good made-in-the-USA lures. The title is not correct. It says Green Pumpkin. The watermelon is red. We got the latter. The colors are not the same. Attached is a picture.

👤The watermelon red flake is similar to the picture. Do not place an order, second time you think the first was a mistake. Not the case, still watermelon.

👤If you want quality plastic worms, this is the best value. This is a fruit.

👤Save yourself some money by these!

👤They did the job despite being very oily.

2. Berkley PBBPW7 PLC PowerBait Power Worms

Berkley PBBPW7 PLC PowerBait Power Worms

For more than two-and-a-half decades, Culprit has been a proven leader. On the fall, the ribbon tail design swims with twitches and short hops. The texture is irresistible to fish. It's ideal for fishing your favorite lakes, rivers and streams.

Brand: Berkley

👤Berkley was tried and true. Good job, Berkley. These are reliable and will last. They have given me a good deal without having to go to Walmart or Bass Pro. I go fishing with my husband. I reached him how to fish again. These keep on going.

👤The action in this plastic is insane. You better hold on as well. suttles twitch and drop to catch any method used. It is durable, but not indestructible. After 5 fish ranging was destroyed, just reached into the pack and was ready for more. Every bag has value.

👤They are two different things. Sometimes the green tail comes off. Bass love them and you can swim or rig them.

👤It was worth the money. Excellent quality.

👤I like the early delivery. The product was as I expected.

3. Harmony Fishing Company Spinners Hitchhikers

Harmony Fishing Company Spinners Hitchhikers

The country of origin is the United States. The 7 pack includes spinner blade, ball bearing swivel, screw-lock hitchhiker, trailer hook tubing, and a bag. Adds flash and action to soft plastics, senkos, soft stickbaits, worms, swimbaits, and more to increase strikes on tough days or stained water. Smooth running ball bearings allow your blade to spin freely even when barely moving the bait. The screw-lock hitch can be screwed directly into soft plastic baits, such as Yamamoto Senkos, Strike King Heroz, and all other soft plastic senkos, worms, craws, and chunks. The trailer hook tubing can be slipped onto virtually any hook. It was manufactured by the fishing company.

Brand: Harmony Fishing Company

👤I posted a video of how to assemble them. I haven't tried these yet. Will try them for large mouth and small mouth in the next week or so. I'll post my reviews after that.

👤When the tail gets bitten off, I will use them on gulp. The corkscrew does not have blades attached to it. The small size of the corkscrew made it difficult for reviewers to get it onto the split ring. I put it on the corkscrew and kept turning it until I snapped it in. If you can't see the ring, you should use a magnifying glass.

👤The blades are stamped cheaply. To get good spin out of them, I had to file them down. If you want to use this product on the water, I don't recommend it. They are not made out of steel. They are plated.

👤I enjoyed fishing large mouth bass. The tail spinner and a 3/32 oz splitshot work great in both shallow and 12 ft water. The fish hit the ground.

👤I tried these because I wasn't getting any bites in the dingy water. A largemouth bass took my first cast with the tail spinner attached to a Senko worm. It was a great day on the water. I recommend them to people who need a different presentation.

👤You don't need split ring pliers to put these together. You just screw the ring on the spinner onto the spiral thread and presto, you have a spinner. It took about a minute to put it all together.

👤Absolutely met expectations. I like it. It's great for grabbing the attention in clear water or top water, and I like to add it to my lures.

👤It's a pain to put it on the spinner because the screw doesn't come on it.

4. Yum Lures YLZ604 Lizard Fishing

Yum Lures YLZ604 Lizard Fishing

The thin ribbon tail of the YUM lizard makes it swim. It is a soft texture that ensures solid hookset and color reproduction. That is a bait that will catch. A long curly tail pushes a lot of water. Even when fished in cold water, the plastic is soft and supple.

Brand: Yum Lures

👤These are great with cheese. Don't cook too much.

👤Not a bad lizard but not great. It has very little action, legs don't kick and tail doesn't wiggle, but it will catch fish and lizards, and is a must have for the spring time. Good for budget fishers.

👤The bass is near me. I switched to this because I was not getting any luck with senko. Two hits in a row! Junebug is the best way to savesay

👤Another person selling. These lizards pooped up when you searched for them. I bought them and don't want them. I don't like sellers using key words in their searches.

👤These lizards caught a largemouth bass. They are a good lure.

👤I haven't used em but they look cool. Fast shipment.

👤The baits work well to catch bass in Florida lakes and ponds. No issues at all.

👤I caught a fish when I threw it in the water.

5. Culprit C720 48 Original 2 Inch 18 Pack

Culprit C720 48 Original 2 Inch 18 Pack

The country of origin is the United States. The tail moves in the water. Natural action attracts fish. Measures 7 inches. For more than two-and-a-half decades, Culprit has been a proven leader.

Brand: Culprit

👤I was not expecting it to be this long, but I was told by my brothers that it was. I am in Alabama. Definitely correct!

👤I love this worm. It's perfect for bass fishing.

👤Lifelike action. Hold up well. The worms are great for bass fishing.

👤There is a lot of action with these worms.

👤The purple worm is always counted on.

👤I received my Junebug worms. The package only has 18 worms, not 20. The Junebug color has been a great culprit worm for me this season. I would give the worm 5 stars, but only 3 for the wrong description. There is a lot of tail action at slow speeds.

6. Yum Lures YCRB302 Fishing Watermelon

Yum Lures YCRB302 Fishing Watermelon

The package width is 11.18 centimeters. The soft plastic bait is designed with three-dimensional features. The hollow body and soft texture make it look like a fleeing crawfish. Also makes a great crappie bait when big Slabs are in the water. The country of origin is the United States.

Brand: Yum Lures

👤They look like a good crawdad. I bet they'd fool a fish. Even though I boiled it for a long time, it never got red or cooked. I figured it had to be done after 2 hours. I butter dunked it and started with the head because it didn't change color. It was the worst food I have ever eaten. It just tasted like a tar off a truck, even with more spices and butter. I don't think you should eat on these. I threw it in the river and saw 4 catfish fighting over the tastin. Let them have things.

👤The best plastic for crawfish is on the market. They were rigged in many different ways. I like Texas rigged with a 3/0 low profile worm hook and I will add a picture of what they look like. When nothing else is working, I catch fish with a 3rd cast. If you want lazy fish or aggressive hit, skip it through the beds. They love this lure for catching bass.

👤The bait is slow to fish over the bottom and it riles up small and largemouth bass. I've been hitting pike and tiger musky on this bait on the Mohawk River in upstate New York. I put a jig in the crawbug and hide the head so it looks like a real crawdad when I retrieve it. The key is low and slow. It's a real bait. The person is TK

👤There are two sizes of these baits. This is the smaller one, and I catch a lot of fish with this size. I prefer the larger one. I have to use a little weight to cast them because they are smaller and lighter. I was impressed with their performance, but they tend to get torn up after a few fish. What more could you expect from a plastic bait?

👤40% of the time it gets hit, it's on the water surface, 40% on the way down through the water column, and 10% on the bottom light twitching. Have had a lot of bass chase it and hit it on the reel in at or near the surface. I don't use scent on it.

👤Cute size party favors are in the decor for the party. Dawn needs to wash off the oil first. I put a little magnet in some of the fishing poles I gave them. Will buy again if it's in the largest size to try them. They are soft plastic and wiggle right. Even E6000 glue or a glue gun will adhere them to paper.

👤I use it as a trailer for my small jigs and chatterbaits. I usually cut a few segments to make it shorter. Tough and won't lose their claws like other craws on the market. You will be very happy with the purchase, it is great for your money.

👤These are the most realistic craws you can find. I have caught channel cats on these craws. The largest Smallmouth I have ever hooked was caught by me. The hook came out, but not because of the YUM. I use a weighted style hook. The ones with the weight on the hook are not a jig head. The craw does not roll over.

7. Zoom UltraVibe Worm Pack Watermelon 5 75 Inch

Zoom UltraVibe Worm Pack Watermelon 5 75 Inch

The ribbed body feels realistic. The tail of the fish has unique characteristics. Salt Impregnated bait will make fish hold on for that extra time to get you more hook ups. The country of origin is the United States.

Brand: Zoom Bait

👤I have fished these baits many times in my career as a bass fisherman, in all types of conditions and cover. I think these baits are worth what they are worth. They work well in many situations and are more versatile than they appear. I assume the majority of Florida bass fisherman use Ultra-Vibe Speed Worms frequently if they have some in their tackle. The baits are made from quality plastic with a good salt content, distinguishable coloring and flake, and consistency in mold and appendages. The best baits to use are topwater or on a Texas rig, but you can also use a weightless stick-bait. Many, many bass were caught using a variety of methods. If you like experimental rigs, you can even do that. My favorite way to fish these topwater is with a 1/16 oz black bullet weight with a tail flap that is oriented up on a 3/0-4/0 hook and a steady retrieve. I like these on a pegged 1/2 oz with the tail either way on a 3/0-4/0 hook, or even a retrieve. Bass fishing tips can be taken with a grain of salt. I think these baits increase your chances of catching bass in an area that you know there are bass to be caught. I don't think five stars is enough in my experience in Florida.

👤The best plastic worm you can buy. The Texas rig has been my best success. After casting, hop it back.

👤I use this lure with my baitcaster. It works and moves well. It looks like a major brand of lures. A nice large mouth bass was caught on this. 5 stars!

👤It is a good deal to order just one package. The price triples if you try to get more than on. buyer beware

👤The worm works well if the tail stays on.

👤It was delivered to my door step, but it was paid a little more than the outdoor shop. The zoom speed worms are great for bass fishing.

👤This plastic is great for trailer hooks. Good material.

8. Sougayilang Fishing Hooks Carbon Plastic

Sougayilang Fishing Hooks Carbon Plastic

The fishing set comes with a side by side tackle box, it's the best gift for fisherman and beginner, it's special for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Father's Day, and so on. Let's enjoy the outdoor fishing holiday, it's a wonderful family activity. 50 PCS fishinghooks are made from high carbon steel. It's a great choice for saltwater and freshwater fishing. 50PCS/lot, 10CS each for size 1# 2# 1/0# 2/0# 3/0# in a Reusable Plastic Box. The Various Size and Mini Box Size can fit in a backpack. Tzoxal worm fishing hooks allow you to travel to your favorite fishing spot and enjoy fishing whenever and wherever you want. The sharper barbed hook point allows deeper penetration, keeping the fish firmly planted when it tries to jump. They do their best to give their customers the best products. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Sougayilang

👤Excellent quality and good sizes for large panfish. Even catfish. Hooks are very sharp, will bend if you have a 30 pound braid and pull slowly, and the bend that happens allows the hook to still be usable, which is an incredible addition to the already great value. It's a personal preference, but I'd love to see one hook size larger or made to replace the smallest one. The 40 pound buffalo carp was able to hold the big fish after a 3 minute battle with a 30 pound braid. The drag on the reel broke, but overall, extremely impressed and will buy again.

👤My husband ran out of old snell hooks that his father bought him years ago. He went and bought some hooks and lures. He was surprised to find them to be larger than he had expected. The hooks are in a nice plastic case. There are 50 pieces of each hook. His old snell hooks were thin and broke less often than they should, which meant that when he did catch something, the hooks would break trying to get them out of the fish's mouth. He was only able to bend one of the hooks with a lot of effort because they were made of hard carbon steel. He feels more confident when fishing with hooks that won't break when he catches fish, and he seems to be pleased with these.

👤These may be good for something. The largest size hook is too small for a self respecting bass fisherman. These would be easy to swallow and would kill the fish. I got burned because of price and style.

👤I like the fact that you can get 50 hooks for less than $10, because I fish in a place of rocks and weeds and go to the weights regularly. I use smaller hooks for fishing in the spring. I read about the sharpness of the hooks. The hooks are sharp right out of the package. I will take these and spend 10 seconds sharpening them when I put them on.

👤These hooks are strong. They are sharp. The barb is so large that it is difficult to remove the hook from the fish's mouth. The fish is not likely to come off on the retrieve. Something to think about.

👤For the price, these are not completely terrible hooks. I have a picture of some hooks. I have two hooks, one on the left and one on the right. The Sougayiland hook is like a 6 out of 10 for sharpness, if the Gamakatsu hook is a 10 out of 10 for sharpness. The eagle claw hook is an 8 out of 10, but it's a different hook. The wire gauge of the hook is very thick. I'm not a fan of that. I lost a couple of fish when I couldn't set the hook properly, but I usually have no problem setting the hook. I'm a little disappointed. The reviews were made to appear better than they really are because of the sharpness of the hook.

9. SANTKOL Plastic Fishing Freshwater Saltwater

SANTKOL Plastic Fishing Freshwater Saltwater

Soft fishing lures are carefully selected after a strict processing process. There are 10 high-quality soft baits and they provide different quantities for different types of baits, so that you can make the maximum using effect of the bait, which can improve the fun of fishing. 50 pieces of Senko Worms, 5 colors, and 30 5-inch Senko Worms, 10 PCS 1/0 10 PCS Jig Fish Hooks are wacky. The weight of the Jig Fish hook is not greater than 8KG, and the weight of the Wacky Hooks is not greater than 3KG. The rubber fishing worms are easy to use. The attractive tail of the lure attracts nearby fish. The Senko worm is irresistible to perch and other fish because of its swimming motion as it falls into the water. Colorful colors. The color of the senko worms can be used to match any waters. There is a lot of sparkling sequins. The brightly colored senko worms are very popular. The fixed point position of the fish hook can be set with the hook grooves. "SANTKOL" worms are softer and more elastic than traditional plastic baits and have fine workmanship. Prepare a big meal for the sea bass when you take them home. If you want to fish bass with 6 fishing methods, you need to have fishing skills. The rig is wacky. The Texas rig is 4. The Carolina rig is 5. Jig head rig. There was no rig for that. When thrown, the plastic worms will sink slowly, and the angler will slowly twitch, jumping, dragging, and falling in the water. Unexpected results will happen to you.

Brand: Santkol

👤The amount you get is a great value. The plastic case they came in was cracked when received, but my son loved them.

👤I tried every color and it didn't work, the fish would bite and spit it out, I don't know what yall did, but these are the worst plastic worms I've ever used. The hooks are made of low quality metal. I wish I could get my money back.

👤The hooks that come with the product are brittle.

10. Ned Rig Baits Kit 35 Piece Crawfish Bass Soft Plastic Fishing Lures Finesse Shroom Head

Ned Rig Baits Kit 35 Piece Crawfish Bass Soft Plastic Fishing Lures Finesse Shroom Head

There are 10 of the most effective colors and 2 sizes. The Xfishman Ned Rig Kit has everything you need to learn how to fish Ned Rig. It's good for bass, but also effective for panfish and trout. You'll find five 1/10-oz. of all classic-color XFISHman Ned Kit Rig inside this money-saving assortment. Finesse Mushroom Jighead is 1/6 of an ounce. Finesse Mushroom Jighead and 25 pieces of Ned Crawfish. It's the best imitation for Ned Rig applications. The claws float at rest, mimicking the natural defensive posture of a crayfish, and theucked-under tail and flat belly creates gliding action preferred by finesse enthusiasts. The Ned Jig Head was built to give your Ned rig optimal performance and maximum action.

Brand: Xfishman

👤These are small. The soft plastic craws move well in the water. It was one of my favorite baits. hope to use them more.

👤On a trip to Powell last year, this neds worked well. Several largemouth, smallmouth, walleye, and stripers were caught. The plastic is too soft and after a few fish it breaks and has to be replaced.

👤It was not clear on the size of the baits.

👤It's not a big deal that the hooks have weed guards. The price, variety of colors, and the fact that you can technically use whatever ned heads you want make these a good value. The weather has prevented me from going so I haven't caught any fish yet. These will catch fish.

👤The hooks are perfect size. The plastic crawdad is very realistic.

👤Can't wait to try these baits in one of my favorite lakes, I'm sure they'll catch the bass I'm after!

👤Each craw has two different colors on top and bottom. These will be great for smallmouth and largies.

👤There is a great variety of hooks and colors. I am confident that the lures will catch plenty of fish.

11. Zoom Bait Bait Pack Chartruese 5 Inch

Zoom Bait Bait Pack Chartruese 5 Inch

100% satisfaction guarantee The fishing baits are manufactured by TRUSCEND. Customer service and product quality are their responsibility. Don't buy counterfeits from third-party sellers. They will reply to your questions in 12 hours. The package is 16.764 cm long. The package width is 11.684 cm. The package is 1.016 cm high. Product type: fishing hook

Brand: Zoom Bait

👤These plastic baits are easy to use and catch fish with. I find hooking these with a circle octopus hook is the best way to do it. It makes it easier to remove the hook. Sometimes it will get short striked. I will rig it to get the hook further down the body to try and get better hook ups. Hooking it less weed is a must once it starts warming up. For me, the watermelon red, houdini, and watermelon magic are the best colors for the waters I fish for bass, and more visible colors like albino seem to work best for sight hunting fish. When bass fishing these, they will get hit on the first drop. If bass are around, they will come and get it. I can't tell you how many bass I have caught by simply throwing this in the weeds and waiting. I've used this to catch bass. I use all of the flukes. Every one of them catches me a lot of bass, and there is a time and place for them in my fishing season.

👤One of the best bass baits. I will buy these for a long time. My #1 bait is for bass. Bass hold these alot longer than most soft plastics.

👤This is a great bait. I used a drop-shot rig to set this up. The hook is easy to attach to the zoom and durable enough for a few rounds with fish. The white ice or white pearl is my go-to color. It's convenient to shop in your PJs and wait for it to arrive, even though it's cheaper in local store locations.

👤I throw as much as I own. Texas rig, bladed jig head, doesn't matter. Albino was expecting them to be white, but they are not. You can imagine my disappointment because I fish in very clear water. Bad reviews are not aimed at the product, but the misleading photos.

👤Bass candy can be found on 8 to 12lb line weightless on a 3/0-4/0 hook. Absolutely wonderful baits. I recommend Watermelon Red in general, but this Black color is best for low light conditions and darker waters such as overcast days or nights. After a pause, let the fluke do the darting from minimal rod tip movements.

👤I always stick to live bait because I have never had any success with lures. I keep trying. Finally! These are the first fake baits that have worked for me. The day started slow, but as the sun began to set, we were grabbing bass after bass. I soaked my fish oil for a couple days before using them because they have a funny plastic smell. I think that helped make the fish hold them for longer. I got the pearl colored ones.

👤I love fishing. I was away from it for a long time. Remember the banjo? I fish them with a nose hooked circle hook and a split shot if I need it. I carry this size in both smoking and crystal white ice.


What is the best product for zoom baits for bass fishing?

Zoom baits for bass fishing products from Yum Lures. In this article about zoom baits for bass fishing you can see why people choose the product. Berkley and Harmony Fishing Company are also good brands to look for when you are finding zoom baits for bass fishing.

What are the best brands for zoom baits for bass fishing?

Yum Lures, Berkley and Harmony Fishing Company are some of the best brands that chosen by people for zoom baits for bass fishing. Find the detail in this article. Culprit, Zoom Bait and Sougayilang are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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