Rod And Gun Photography


The Man Behind The Lens

Rod & Gun Photography is a premier photography company focused mainly on wildlife and outdoor photography. Justin Maresh is the owner and photographer behind the lens. Based in College Station, Texas, he works full-time as a Sales Representative for Milwaukee Power Tools and part-time as a Land Specialist/Agent for No Fences Land Company. When he's not working he's either hunting or fishing but no matter where he is his camera stays strapped to his back. Growing up hunting and fishing, Justin was always fascinated by nature and wanted to capture the memories and different things he saw. From sunrises and fog rising off the water to two bucks mid-rut with antlers locked up, there's always something worth having the camera out for.

Official Anything Sportsman Photographer - Rod And Gun Photography

Rod and Gun Photographer, Justin Maresh, is not just the official photographer for Anything Sportsman, he’s part of the family. Besides his great work and natural eye for exceptional photography, he is someone who shares our passion for the outdoors, hunting and fishing just as much as us. With his keen eye and knack for getting the perfect shot, he’s ideal for our company or anyone else who is looking for a premier photographer.

Make sure to check out Rod and Gun Photography work throughout the site, as well as their premium prints offered up for sale on their Anything Sportsman store page.

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