Crankbait Rods

For the majority of crankbait fisherman, a rod with a moderate taper will work fine. Crankbait rods with a taper have more "back bone" at the lower end of the rod, giving the tip of rod a little more play. There are a variety of aspects that go in to deciding which crankbait rod is right for you, especially when buying one of the custom rods above.

Crankbait Rod Features To Consider

Rod Length: A typical crankbait rod will range anywhere from 6′6″ to 8′ in length, which one works best for you is up to you.

Lure Weight: Crankbaits come in a variation of sizes, from 1/4 ounce to 1+ ounces. Again, it depends on your style of fishing and what you prefer. PH Custom Lures Flat P Crankbait is a great choice for a lighter crank.

Line Weight: Line size will be different according to your fishing situation, a typical line weight for throwing crankbaits is between 6 and 30 pound test. The lighter the line, the farther the cast. The heavier the line, makes it a little more forgiving around structure.

Rod Action: Rod actions can vary depending on the angler, but you can't go wrong with a moderate to fast action rod.

There is a variety of different rods that are perfect for throwing crankbaits, question is which one? Are you fishing a shallow water crankbait? Deep diving crankbait? Salt or freshwater? Depending on your location and style of fishing, the "perfect" rod for you may differ from another.