Swimbait Rods

Choosing the right swimbait rod starts with the size swimbait your going to throw. If you are a swimbait bass fisherman, you more than likely have an abundance of swimbait lure sizes to choose from. Some may weigh less than an ounce, while others may get up to 8+ ounces. Are you fishing a soft swimbait? Hardbody? Weighted or weightless? These are all factors in deciding which swimbait rod is the right fit for your angling style.

Small/Medium Swimbait Rods

For smaller to medium sized swimbaits, a fast tip and fast action rod is perfect. If you are not looking for a technique specific rod for a small swimbait rod, a worm or jig rod will work fine.

Large Swimbait Rods

Large, hard-body swimbaits require a stiffer rod. Look for long grip, strong backbone and a fast action tip. Since two handed casting is almost a must, these features in a large swimbait rod will make it easier to land bigger bass than normal. Big bait big fish right?

There is a variety of different rods that are perfect for throwing swimbaits, question is which one? Are you fishing a small to medium sized swimbaits? Large swimbaits? Soft or hard-body? Depending on your location and style of fishing, the "perfect" rod for you may differ from another.