Shipping Cost Calculations

Buyers expect to pay a fair price for shipping. Figuring out what to charge customers is easy when you pre-pack your item and determine your shipping costs.

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Anything Sportsman Shipping Rates

Anything Sportsman's default shipping rate is set to $7.00 under the assumption that your product will fit in the Small "If It Fits It Ships" USPS Flat Rate Shipping Box. As a seller you are responsible for setting the per product shipping rate if it does not fit this criteria. This is just a suggestion for shipping. Shipping is paid for by the buyer.

Flat Rate USPS Boxes

Using Flat Rate USPS Boxes is one of the easiest ways to simplify shipping for you and your buyer. With Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes, you know exactly how much domestic shipping costs will be no matter what your item weighs. On top of that, you know approximately when your item will arrive, also the tracking and pickup are absolutely free. You can even have the empty boxes delivered to your doorstep by your mailman, free of charge.

You can order your flat rate boxes and have them delivered free of charge on and start shipping fast and easy.

Compete With Shipping Costs

It’s important to offer competitive pricing to your shoppers. Many people sell similar items on eBay, and in cases where the item you’re selling is not unique, offering a good price on shipping will keep you competitive. Buyers consider the total cost of an item including the shipping cost when making a purchase.

Research what shipping charges are for similar items and make sure your item has fair shipping rates. Lower shipping charges will also attract buyers with better prices than your competition.