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Anything Sportsman offers a variety of new and used hunting gear for all your hunting needs. Search a variety of vendors offering new and used hunting gear at great prices. Have something that you want to sell? Not a problem, simply create a free account on Anything Sportsman in minutes, and list all of your new and used hunting gear for free. When you sell on, you sell 100% for FREE, we do NOT take any percentages of your sales.

We understand that there isn't a whole lot of profit margins in used hunting gear and other miscellaneous hunting equipment under $5.00, but this hunting equipment is still essential to the hunt. Which is why we don't take a percentage on those items. Of course PayPal is going to still take their fee, but that's unavoidable. So if you make your own hunting gear, custom turkey calls or any hunting gear and equipment for that matter, bring it on, we won't nickle and dime you! Sell however many, and as much new / used hunting gear and other outdoor gear you want 100% free, it doesn't matter to us.

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1. Sign Up & create your own store / page in minutes.
2. List your products (No Monthly Fees, Listing Fees or Percentages PERIOD).
3. Sell used fishing gear or hunting gear.
4. 100% profits to you.
5. Buyer Protection

Anything Sportsman was created to be an online outdoor market place, geared 100% towards new and used hunting gear, used fishing products and anything else that the avid hunter or angler could possibly need. Anything Sportsman was created because of the lack thereof for a outdoor online marketplace to sell used hunting gear, that wasn't filled with ads, was easy to navigate, actually functioned like it should and didn't completely kill your sales when it came to "membership fees" and "listing fees", which by the way, don't exist here. We are avid Sportsman, who love the outdoors and what it has to offer just as much as the next guy. If you have any questions or just want to BS about hunting, fishing gear or anything outdoors, shoot us an email at [email protected] or give us a ring at 903-271-0068 and let us help grow your outdoor empire and show the world just how innovative and kick ass your hunting equipment and other outdoor products truly are.

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Check out the Triple Tease! The call designed with you in mind! With 3 unique striking surfaces you can achieve nearly any sound that this clever bird can produce! From purring to putting, from a cackling to a long distance locating, the Triple Tease has you covered! The Triple Tease comes with two Strikers. (1. Cherry)- and (1. Walnut)- each with different grains, and the ability to produce different tones. The Triple Tease also comes with the Team Function instructions, where you and a hunting partner can double up and strike simultaneously, thus producing the sound of two different hens, trust me, this will drive that Hen'd up Tom CRAZY, he won't be able to resist not 1 but 2 lovely ladies! When you combine this product with our Three Striker Pack, it gives you the ability to produce the sound of 15 different hens!

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FAN COLLECTOR decided they needed a small compact call for pockets in Turkey vests and young hunters! So the FCC TWO SISTERS was born! The FCC TWO SISTERS is a two slated call with Two Strikers ( Cherry and Hickory ) This is a sweet little call with great soft sounds and as always with FCC Calls, will reach out there if needed. With the two strikers of different woods the TWO SISTERS has four different hens on it! Give her a try and GOOD HUNTING!!

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Cover Scent Kit - L&M Custom Scents

Complete Cover Scent Kit includes; 8 Oz Cover Scent Spray, 8 Oz Scent Shampoo, 1 Bar of Glycerin Soap and 1 8 Oz Scent Eliminator Spray. 7 different scents include fresh dirt, apple, Apple & Acorn, cedar, pine tree, vanilla and after the hunt

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Made with 2 pieces of high quality glass fitted into an amber plastic pot.
This call not only looks good but sounds great!
Comes with a hickory striker which gives you great sounding high end notes.
Each call is tuned to its striker before its shipped to you!
PERFECT for those windy days!
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The next step up from our 3-Reed Cutter.
Cut through the wind on those windy days!
Made with a black .003 latex reed on top and three .2500 latex reeds on the bottom.
Create loud, raspy yelps to reach out and touch him.
Excite him with crisp, loud cutting!
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This enclosed reed design makes great sounding screams of a cottontail rabbit in distress. By blowing softly into the call you get a solid true tone of a soft rabbit distress. By blowing hard into the call you get a loud death scream of a cottontail rabbit. The wide inner dimensions of our enclosed reed hand calls makes it not only easy to use, but is designed to be less likely to freeze or lock up on you when you are out in the field. Giving you great sounding calls without the hassle of other hand calls.

  • Easy to blow
  • Great for beginner or pro
  • Cottontail true tone distress
  • Death Screams of Cottontail
  • Can be blown loud or soft
Red River Calls
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