What Is Anything Sportsman


Anything Sportsman is “THE” direct-to-consumer outdoor marketplace. We have created a truly 100% FREE online marketplace for businesses of all sizes to sell their products and have absolutely no fees associated with it. We don’t care if your Strike King Lures or a startup company pouring or painting baits in your garage, we want to get our products in front of sportsman all over the United States.

We created Anything Sportsman to give the avid sportsman a one-stop-shop for everything hunting, fishing, camping and outdoor related, as well as offer companies in the outdoor industry another avenue to sell their products just as they do on their own websites, while receiving 100% of their profits. When you purchase products from Anything Sportsman, you’re not supporting your favorite brands as you are when you purchase from a Cabelas, Bass Pro, Sheels or Tackle Warehouse, these retailers take anywhere from 30-50% from these companies which in turn drives up the price of the product.

Since Anything Sportsman is a Direct-To-Consumer marketplace, you are buying directly from the vendor / company that produces that product. We do not ship vendors products, this is the reason that we are able to offer this marketplace for free as we do not stock and or ship vendors products. Rest assured that all vendors contact info is on their company page along with all your favorite products they offer, as well as updates newest products, company information and more.

Why Sell With Anything Sportsman?

Effortless. . .

Anything Sportsman takes care of everything, from account setup to product listings, you as a company don’t have to do a thing besides provide us with minimal information that is listed below. We are a tech savy group of sportsmen and can get all the product titles, descriptions, photos, sku numbers etc of your website without you having to life a finger. Excel files and professional photos are welcomed though!

Information needed to set up an Anything Sportsman account.

  • PayPal email so you can get paid. (First and last name associated with the account, so PayPal can verify it.)
  • Email you want to receive orders to if different than PayPal email address.
  • Business Address, or address products are shipped from.
  • Shipping method you prefer. (If Realtime need product weights)
  • Business Phone Number.
  • It’s that simple or effortless if you will.

100% FREE!

  • 100% profits to you.
  • We do all the leg work for you, product setup and account set up. (You Accept Money & Ship Orders)
  • Your companies online store (page) within Anything Sportsman with all products, contact information, website URL and social links to get customers connected.
  • Products set up on the website just as they are on your own. (Same price, descriptions, attributes, Custom shipping methods set however you want. (Real Time, Tiered, Flat Rate, Free)
  • Run any promotions and sales that you run on your own website.
  • No contracts, come and go as you please.

Our goal at Anything Sportsman is simple. Provide outdoor businesses with an effortless way to market and sell their products as well as provide the consumer with the best prices while supporting their favorite brands. We are sportsman, we hunt, we fish and enjoy the outdoors get to know the men behind Anything Sportsman and see what were all about.

Supporting wildlife conservation

At Anything Sportsman we believe in putting back into the outdoors community by supporting multiple different wildlife conservation organizations and groups donating to a variety of fish and wildlife conservation groups.