Why Sell On Anything Sportsman


Anything Sportsman. . . It's Not Too Good To Be True, Just 100% FREE

Anythingsportsman.com “THE” 100% FREE direct-to-consumer online marketplace for Anything and everything Sportsman. As sportsman ourselves, we saw a lack of online stores allowing businesses of all sizes a platform to not only sell, but do so while retaining 100% of their profits. You work hard for your dollars, why not keep it all?

Anything Sportsman’s business model is simple: Allow companies of all sizes in the outdoor industry to sell direct to consumer at no cost. It’s crazy, we know, but it's not too good to be true. At Anything Sportsman we cut out the wholesale pricing and markups, this allows us to stick to our business model and vendors to keep profit margins high.

  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Listing Fees
  • No Percentages
  • You Receive All Profits

Simplicity for your Company

At Anything Sportsman, we make things simple for your company. We set up your company's store within Anythingsportsman.com, as well as your products just as they are advertised on your own website and we do it all for free. This is NOT drop shipping. You have your own store page within Anythingsportsman.com and ship your own orders. All payment and order emails go directly to you. All payments are processed through PayPal and go directly into your company's PayPal account immediately following each purchase. YOU are selling YOUR products, we simply list and advertise them throughout our website.

How It works

  • We do all the leg work for you, product setup and account set up. (You Accept Money & Ship Orders)
  • 100% profits to you.
  • “Your Company's” online store (page) within Anything Sportsman with all products, contact information, website URL and social links to get customers connected.
  • Products set up on the website just as they are on your own. (Same price, descriptions, attributes, etc.)
  • Custom shipping methods set how you want. (Real time shipping, tiered shipping, flat rate and free if applicable.)
  • Run any promotions and sales that you run on your own website.
  • No contracts, come and go as you please.

Your Involvement

As we stated above we want to keep things simple for your company. Simplicity is key, which is why the only information needed to get involved are the few things listed below.

  • PayPal email so you can get paid. First and last name associated with the account so PayPal can verify it.
  • Email you want to receive orders to if different than PayPal email address.
  • Business Address, or address products are shipped from.
  • What type of shipping method you would like to use.
  • Business Phone Number.

That’s all. Where else can you sell your entire line of products for such little effort, while also retaining 100% of your profits? Anythingsportsman.com is a marketplace built by sportsmen, for sportsmen. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us directly.

Thank you for considering Anything Sportsman to be your direct-to-consumer, outdoor marketplace.

Adam Hart
Anything Sportsman
Phone: 903-271-0068
Email: [email protected]